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Protest to Get the FB Group "Cancer Is Funny Because People Die" Shut Down!

Petition published by Mell Bolland on Apr 14, 2016

Please sign this petition to help get the group "Cancer is funny because people die" shut down!

There is nothing funny about people with cancer dying and we need to... more

Review holding policy of court case dogs in Laurens county

Petition published by Deborah Watkins on Apr 10, 2016

We the undersigned are requesting David Stumbo Eight Judicial Circuit Solicitor and Sheriff Ricky Chastain to take action NOW on the pit fighting dog case in Laurens County.... more

Release Florence Hartmann Petition

Petition published by Release Florence Hartmann on Mar 25, 2016


Šokirani viješću o hapšenju gospođe Florence Hartmann,... more

Send Well Deserving Arjun Adapalli to Super Singer Season 5 Finals

Petition published by Arjun Adapalli Fans on Mar 05, 2016

We, Arjun Adapalli fans, request Vijay TV's Airtel Super Singer 5 programme to respect Viewer's votes and send Deserving Arjun to participate in Super Singer... more

Indira Gandhi Campaign for Justice

Petition published by Indira Gandhi Campaign For Justice on Feb 29, 2016

In the spirit of justice, religious freedom and respect for the dignity of children, kindly sign this petition in support of Indira Gandhi’s pursuit of her rights under the law, and to call for those in Government to implement the relevant law or policy to... more

Induct Marty Stuart into the Country Music Hall of Fame

Petition published by Chris Schimmel on Feb 23, 2016

Go ahead and sign this petition to get Marty Stuart inducted into the Country Music Hall of... more

Garth Brooks Please Write Your Memoirs

Petition published by Michelle McGolden on Feb 18, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on you Garth Brooks to give us an invaluable gift: your story and in-depth... more

Conserve the Giza Pyramids

Petition published by Mahmoud rashad on Feb 05, 2016

This petition aims to:

Ban the following workers and services from the site permanently;... more

Demand CBS apologizes and reports fairly

Petition published by Rabbi Avraham Daniel Fried on Feb 03, 2016

CBS News, enough is enough!

Issue a public apology on the front page and make a pledge to report honestly from here on... more

Stop Kanye from killing Bowie again!

Petition published by Mike Janidlo on Jan 20, 2016

We, the below signed, call on Kanye West to abandon his thoughts of a David Bowie tribute cover... more