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The Cry of Children with Disabilities in Africa

Petition published by Ronald Sekitoleko on Dec 23, 2016

We the undersigned call up on Africa governments to consider Children with Disabilities by providing Social Services especially Education, health services and economic empowerment to the families of Children with... more

Erik Jorgensen's Law (Veteran Suicide Law)

Petition published by Stephanie Jones on Dec 11, 2016

Regarding missing and in crisis Veterans:
(To include Active Duty Military, EMS, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, and First Responders)... more


Petition published by Chad Piche on Dec 10, 2016

We the Undersigned Call Upon the UNITED NATIONS to help Stop Parental Alienation by Making it a Universal Crime Punishable by Law.... more

Ban Punjabi Songs Glorifying Gun Culture

Petition published by Southall TV on Dec 08, 2016

Please support our call to ban glorification of Guns, Gangs and Alcohol in Punjabi Music and Videos by signing this... more

Change the Super Bowl LI Halftime Entertainment

Petition published by Scott Nelson on Nov 15, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the National Football League to replace Lady Gaga as the headline entertainer for Superbowl... more

Tell Donald Trump we don't want to shut down the US Environmental Protection Agency, “cancel” the Paris Climate Agreement or stop funding clean energy research

Petition published by Joe Ogle on Nov 09, 2016

We, the people who have signed this petition ask you, Donald J. Trump to to continue or increase funding of the US Environmental Protection Agency, follow through with the Paris Climate Agreement and continue funding clean energy... more

Save Leam Lane Amateur Boxing Club

Petition published by Leam Lane Amateur Boxing Club on Nov 04, 2016


Sanitary Towels For Free

Petition published by I.C.A.R.E ORGANISATION on Nov 03, 2016

The girl child who looses her dignity each and every month when she's on her periods because she uses socks, tissues( the one ply provided at local toilets) , papers and old cloths and ends up being a laughing stock amongst her peers. Please consider the % of girls who... more

A GLOBAL PETITION for a Department or Ministry for Peace in Every Government

Petition published by Geoff Holland on Oct 23, 2016

We, the undersigned call on all nations of the world to legislate to establish a Ministry or Department for Peace to achieve the following:
- research, gather, analyse and utilise information and... more

Prosecute Obama for War Crimes in Syria, Libya, Iraq and elsewhere

Petition published by Mathew Joy on Oct 19, 2016

US President Barack Obama should be prosecuted in an international criminal court for war crimes in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other... more