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Saving our Oceans. Stop the slaughter of Dolphins in Taiji.

Petition published by Robert Groves on Sep 11, 2016

Coastline of England Hand-Cycle challenge 2017

Starting from Brighton pier 8am 28th May - 2017 Finish 29th June 2017 at... more

Implement Uniform Civil Code in India, now!

Petition published by Nang Lucky Gogoi on Sep 07, 2016

Triple Talaq and Polygamy is Medieval.

The Judiciary must declare Triple Talaq - where Muslim men can divorce by simply stating their intention 3 times verbally - as... more

OSV Overcrowding

Petition published by Mark O'Donoghue on Sep 04, 2016

We the undersigned request the south african national parks to implement stricter policy for osv operators.

We would like satellite monitoring of osvs to control overcrowding... more

Free Nazanin Ratcliffe

Petition published by Aran on Sep 03, 2016

Free Nazanin... more

US-based TV Station ESAT should be brought to justice for calling for genocide on Tigreans

Petition published by abrham on Sep 01, 2016

A call for all Ethiopians to sign a petition to show our solidarity with the Innocent Tigrean Civilians and to bring ESAT to Justice and the Attention of the US government.... more

Lucasfilm/Star Wars Story Group: Make Hoggsquattle Canon!

Petition published by Daniel Nelson on Aug 30, 2016

This petition is to request that Pablo Hidalgo, Leland Chee, Rayne Roberts, Carrie Beck, Diana Williams and the rest of the Lucasfilm Star Wars Story Group recognize the character for his contribution to the Star Wars saga and grant this fan favorite and endearingly... more

Give Paul Walker a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

Petition published by Claudia on Aug 29, 2016

The legendary Paul William Walker (aka Brian O'Conner ) deserves a Star on The Hollywood Walk of... more

Residuals for South African Stunt Performers & Actors

Petition published by South African Stunt Performers & Actors on Aug 29, 2016

We the undersigned South African Stunt Performers & Actors request that there is the urgent need to update Contracts and add legitimate... more

Equality and Security for All Facebook Pages

Petition published by Megan Mitchell on Aug 25, 2016

As members of Facebook, we demand that Facebook recognize the contribution and entertainment page creators provide to Social Media. They work very hard on pages, and they deserve the promise of security that their work will not be deleted.... more

Reinstate Jonathan Spyer's Facebook page

Petition published by David Cohen on Aug 15, 2016

In the interests of the free speech that Facebook prides itself on, and out of respect for the first-class scholar and reporter that Jonathan Spyer is, we ask that the decision be reconsidered and the valuable resource he has created be... more