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Brave Frontier RPG - Alt Artwork

Petition published by Neith on Jun 17, 2017

We, the players, would like to see Alternate Art Styles be introduced to Brave Frontier... more

Felicia for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Petition published by Nekomata on Jun 15, 2017

We, the undersigned, wish for the Darkstalkers Character Felicia to have a spot in the Marvel vs Capcom roster. This will be a very appreciated offer that you would fulfill if you decide to place her in the fighting game, even if it's downloadable... more

100,000 signatures to boycott Hollywood celebs!

Petition published by Petition to Cancel or Ban Modern Family on Jun 14, 2017

We the People of this great country of the USA are calling for the all the patriots and anybody that believes in the American dream that nobody can take that away from us. We won't bow down to your evil agenda. We are the true patriots of this country and we will fight... more

Llamado a Senadores y Representantes en la Cámara: Apoyen las escuelas públicas Montessori de Puerto Rico

Petition published by Instituto Nueva Escuela on Jun 12, 2017

Comisión de Hacienda
Senado y Cámara de Representantes
Gobierno de Puerto Rico... more

Bring back 'Sonny with a Chance' with a Season 3!

Petition published by Alexis Taylor on Jun 12, 2017

Since 'Sonny with a Chance (SWAC)' ended abruptly in 2011, fans have been waiting for a new season to be renewed to bring back the 'So Random' humour and the 'Channy' feels. After 6 years of waiting, we finally have decided to petition for the new season and let Disney... more

Support for the KR2 Worldtour Flight.

Petition published by colin hales on Jun 11, 2017

We the undersigned acknowledge Colin Hales's KR2 Worldtour, We believe in the benefits of his flights and fully support his quest to continue on around the world until he is safely home. We recommend to any person, pilot, engineer, agency or authority involved in his... more

Save Swords Karate Club

Petition published by Swords Karate Club on Jun 09, 2017

Action petitioned for:

We, the undersigned, are asking that Fingal County Council treat Swords Karate Club with the same Parity of Esteem as they have given... more

Facebook change policy

Petition published by Md saiful on Jun 09, 2017

Please vote for fb to review their policy regarding user name & make fb more user friendly. There is memory in people account especially after many years using fb. Its a long journey. There is no live customer service & no body to contact for... more

See the CW Revive Friday the 13th for small screen fans

Petition published by forabloodygoodcause on Jun 09, 2017

We, the collective fans are calling on the CW to follow through with plans established months ago. That plan was to bring Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th to the CW,. The ultimate goal is to terrify fans, and with series' like Supernatural already walking the fine... more

We WANT an HD Remaster for the Mass Effect trilogy

Petition published by Khyree on Jun 08, 2017

Obviously Bioware has stated that they'd like to move onto the future, and they're making big bucks doing so, but why not give the FANS what THEY WANT?... more