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Ban the sale of Plastic Bags in the Peel Region

Petition published by Jaskirat Gill on Jan 07, 2016

We, the undersigned, support the LASS leadership students' initiative to get plastic bags banned in the Peel Region and urge major corporations such as Walmart and Loblaws operating in the region to not use plastic bags.... more

Secure Garry Point Park as the Natural Jewel We Cherish!

Petition published by Secure Garry Point Park as the natural jewel we cherish! on Dec 10, 2015

We the people of Richmond have endured the visually offensive and disruptive steel pilings, located at the southwest edge of Garry Point Park, for over 5 years.... more

Allow Disabled Kelowna Man to have Disability Parking on His Own Property

Petition published by ANN PENROSE on Dec 06, 2015

We, the undersigned are concerned citizens who urge the City of Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran and Council to ELIMINATE their Kelowna Variance Bylaw and allow the applicant his, ACCESSABLE DISABILITY PARKING SPOT for his Disability Side load Van in the Specific area... more

Protect Gull Lake MB from Gravel pit development

Petition published by Kyle Nixdorf on Nov 28, 2015

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Manitoba to stop this gravel pit development until government can come to a decision based on evidence provided, and OR a COMPLETE environmental impact study has been completed to further investigate the environmental risk to... more

Support Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Petition published by Aboriginal/Native Women of the 21st Century on Nov 23, 2015

Please sign our petition and let’s send a message to Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau that we will not stand for inequality, inequity, social injustice, oppressive practices, discrimination of human rights, and disregard for human life. Together we stand Divided we... more

Crosswalks save lives! Remembering Jamie Hayes.

Petition published by Laura Hayes on Oct 30, 2015

We in the city of Toronto need to make a change.

We need to take the steps to make our city the safest it can be for our children, and our loved ones. Crosswalks at bus stops between... more

Save the Endangered Wild Atlantic Salmon of the Avon River, NS

Petition published by James Burgess on Oct 12, 2015

THEREFORE, prior to any construction of the # 101 Highway Bridge over the Avon River, we ask the Minister of Fisheries to please call for the restoration of ‘proper’ fish passageway at the Avon River causeway (Windsor, NS), which in turn will allow recovery to our... more

Canada welcomes Iraqi Christians & Yazidi Refugees

Petition published by Basil Potros on Oct 02, 2015

We Iraqi-Canadian minorities Christians, Yazidis & Mandaeans and our supporters call on the Canadian government to bring our families, our relatives and our friends, to bring our people to safety.... more

Call to the RCMP to take over Ontario Liberals Investigations if Kathleen Wynne won't call you in

Petition published by Fighting for our Rights on Sep 26, 2015

We, the undersigned, call for Kathleen Wynne to call upon the RCMP to takeover the ongoing investigations on the Ontario Liberal Government. If she refuses to do so, Ontarians want the RCMP to step in and do a thorough investigation on all their dealings since... more

Rename Burlington St. to Nikola Tesla Expressway

Petition published by Mike Popovic on Sep 08, 2015

I support the initiative to rename the upper portion of "Burlington Street", in Hamilton, Ontario, to "Nikola Tesla Expressway". Tesla was a genius who changed the world, and influenced the industrialisation of Hamilton a century ago, specifically around... more