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Signs and Life Rings Added to Wasaga Beach

Petition published by Gwilanne Parker on May 16, 2016

Mayor Brian Smith Of Wasaga Beach
Town Council of Wasaga Beach
John Fisher, Ontario Parks... more

Child and Youth Mental Health Matters

Petition published by Simryn Parmar on May 07, 2016

"I am calling on government to further invest in youth mental health. Specifically, I support making mental health-related services, treatment and support available to all children and youth as soon as they need it, not just to those whose families can afford to pay for... more

Save Town of WABANA Library

Petition published by Town of Wabana on May 02, 2016

WHEREUPON the undersigned, your Petitioners, humbly pray and call upon the House of Assembly to Urge Government to reverse this decision effective immediately.... more

Save SCITS (Sarnia Collegiate Institute & Technical School) from closure

Petition published by Save Scits on Apr 17, 2016


The LKDSB has targeted our beloved SCITS for closure at the end of next school year and we encourage the community ( students, alumni,... more

Unfair Translink $5.00 add fare for YVR employees

Petition published by Kevin Spode on Mar 30, 2016

We, the undersigned, are demanding Translink maintains it's original promise they made to all YVR Employees. To keep in place their original plan. Where YVR Employees were exempt to the $5.00 add fare, and to be able purchase the Magenta Compass Card waiving the... more

Stop Porn in Ontario Schools!

Petition published by Parents as First Educators on Feb 22, 2016

To: Liz Sandals, Ontario Minister of Education

Minister Sandals: children across Ontario are accessing pornography in schools.... more

We want Terry Callaghan back on the Q92 Morning show

Petition published by Lise Bertrand on Feb 10, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on Rogers Digital Media Sudbury to re-instate Terry Callaghan to the Q92 Morning... more

Stop the Sale of Energy Drinks to Youth

Petition published by Jeff West on Jan 27, 2016

We, the undersigned, call for Health Canada to eliminate the sale of Energy Drinks to Children under the age of 18.

These Energy drinks should only be sold with proper identification... more

Support Funding For Type 1 Diabetics

Petition published by Jonah Gillard on Jan 25, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the Ontario provincial government of Canada to provide funding for type one diabetics that use insulin injections and pens.... more

Support Avastin Funding in Ontario for treatment of recurrent Platinum sensitive Ovarian Cancer

Petition published by Manjeet Bhullar on Jan 22, 2016

I support the efforts of Manjeet Bhullar and all others similarly afflicted with Platinum Resistant Recurrent Ovarian Cancer, and kindly request that the government of Ontario may please allow the drug Avastin (Bevacizumab), Anti-neoplastic agent, manufactured by... more