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Call to the RCMP to take over Ontario Liberals Investigations if Kathleen Wynne won't call you in

Petition published by Fighting for our Rights on Sep 26, 2015

We, the undersigned, call for Kathleen Wynne to call upon the RCMP to takeover the ongoing investigations on the Ontario Liberal Government. If she refuses to do so, Ontarians want the RCMP to step in and do a thorough investigation on all their dealings since... more

Rename Burlington St. to Nikola Tesla Expressway

Petition published by Mike Popovic on Sep 08, 2015

I support the initiative to rename the upper portion of "Burlington Street", in Hamilton, Ontario, to "Nikola Tesla Expressway". Tesla was a genius who changed the world, and influenced the industrialisation of Hamilton a century ago, specifically around... more

Stop additional water from entering the Qu'Appelle River chain

Petition published by Colleen Stinson on Aug 19, 2015

We, the undersigned, call on the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan to take all measures necessary to stop the channeling or natural run-off of additional saline or fresh water into Last Mountain Lake until all environmental impacts can thoroughly be studied and... more

Make the Redhill Valley Parkway safe

Petition published by Rebecca on Aug 02, 2015

We demand the City of Hamilton make the Redhill Valley Parkway safe.

We want streets lights installed, guardrails down the median, signs... more

PRISM for Hall of Fame

Petition published by Nik on Aug 01, 2015

We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian Music Hall of Fame to finally recognize and honour PRISM for their significant contributions to not only the Canadian Music Industry but to music lovers around the world.... more

Bring back Ron MacLean as The Hockey Night in Canada Host

Petition published by Blair Robinson on Jul 23, 2015

This petition is to bring back Ron MacLean as the main host of Hockey Night in Canada and to remove George Stroumboulopoulos from being our national sport Hockey Night in Canada host. In our opinion George has NO hockey background nor the knowledge about the game in... more

Save Carmanah Valley

Petition published by william parks on Jun 09, 2015

Petition Against the Destruction of Carmanah "Walbran" Valley.

We, the undersigned, call on the BC Government to put a stop to the destructive logging of this Old Growth rain forest in Carmanah... more

Stop Fentanyl killing Canadians

Petition published by Let's Do It Ourselves on Jun 06, 2015

Due to the devastation caused by the easy availability of pill presses in Canada; our country has become a centre for the manufacture of deadly drugs like Fentanyl. In the United States, the sale of pill presses is regulated.... more

I Support Dogs On The Gimli Boardwalk

Petition published by Jason Beck on Jun 04, 2015

We, the undersigned, believe dog owners should be allowed to walk their dogs on a leash on the Gimli boardwalk and the grass behind it, and call on the RM of Gimli Council to revoke the bylaw banning dogs from the boardwalk area... more

Preschool/Afterschool Care at BES

Petition published by Bowser Elementary School PAC on Jun 02, 2015

Please join with us by signing this petition asking the School district to work collaboratively with the school to find the space needed which will allow preschool/after school care to continue in our... more