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Save our naturalized garden / Sauvons notre jardin ecologique

Petition published by Peter Graham on Jun 22, 2016

Whereas, the environments we inhabit and construct in turn have a constitutive effect on the people we become, and

Vue que les environnements dans lesquels nous vivons nous... more

Stop demonizing ads targeting groups of people funded by tax dollars

Petition published by Tea Bubbles on Jun 21, 2016

Toronto a city that boasts multiculturalism has launched anti-Islamophobic ad campaign on TTC bus shelters which depicts Caucasians and non-Muslims as the perpetrators against Muslims. This unfair depiction of non-Muslims is divisive and does not serve the... more

Place Doctors to Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

Petition published by stephanie boutilier on Jun 07, 2016

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who want our health care system to improve. We are requesting that Family Physicians open practices to provide health care services to the needed residents of Glace Bay.... more

YOUR Metis Land Claim Settlement

Petition published by William F Guiboche on Jun 05, 2016

Who is going to represent YOU Non Manitoba Metis and Manitoba Metis who are not a part of the Manitoba Metis Federation, in the coming Red River Metis Land Claim Settlement?... more

Save the Cedar Island Marina Fuel Pumps

Petition published by adowling on Jun 03, 2016

We, the undersigned residents of Kingsville, and supporters of the Cedar Island Marina wish to express our concerns to the Town of Kingsville regarding the fuel pumps.... more

Expedite the Arrival of Syrian Refugees into Canada

Petition published by Mark Lewis on Jun 01, 2016

We the undersigned urge you to take steps to expedite the processing of Syrian refugees.

Thank you for hearing our... more

Autism Friendly Viewings in Movie Theatres

Petition published by Amanda Kincade on May 27, 2016

We the undersigned hereby affirm that we would like to show our support for Empire Theatres to start the use of Autism friendly viewings for children's movies.... more

Create an off-leash dog park within Orchard Community Park in Burlington

Petition published by Nebojsa Jovanovic on May 19, 2016

The purpose of this petition is to gather signatures from residents who support the creation of an fenced off-leash dog park within Orchard Community Park in Burlington.... more

Signs and Life Rings Added to Wasaga Beach

Petition published by Gwilanne Parker on May 16, 2016

Mayor Brian Smith Of Wasaga Beach
Town Council of Wasaga Beach
John Fisher, Ontario Parks... more

Child and Youth Mental Health Matters

Petition published by Simryn Parmar on May 07, 2016

"I am calling on government to further invest in youth mental health. Specifically, I support making mental health-related services, treatment and support available to all children and youth as soon as they need it, not just to those whose families can afford to pay for... more