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More new characters for Nintendo's Super Smash Brose Brawl

Petition published by brandon on Sep 06, 2006

We want the following characters added to super smash brose brawl.

1.ike Fire Elbem... more

James Street sidewalks aren't fit to walk on

Petition published by June on Sep 01, 2006

We, the undersigned, call on the CBRM to help rebuild our sidewalks on James Street in Whitney Pier.

Our seniors need your help. Please note that all the names listed... more

We want Chris brown's concert in toronto!

Petition published by t on Aug 24, 2006

We, the undersigned, want Chris Brown's concert, Toronto to still happen on the schdueled date or sometime later in the... more

Canadian Fathers need help

Petition published by gail adams on Aug 18, 2006

We need the courts to go beyond guidlines and take the whole picture into account, e.g. assest income bills of both sides.... more

Slow down speeders

Petition published by Allisyn Heiberg on Aug 13, 2006

We, the residents of Alderlea St., Duncan, BC, call on the Town hall to put a stop to speeding drivers on our street.... more

Rammstein to Canada

Petition published by Rowan on Aug 11, 2006

Sign this petition if you think that Rammstein should hold a concert somewhere in... more

Save the Straight Up Scuplt & PITB Abs and Back Classes

Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 01, 2006

Save the Straight Up Scuplt & PITB Abs and Back... more

Tool To Play In Halifax

Petition published by Jeff Bonvie on Aug 01, 2006

If you would like to see Tool Perform in halifax PLEASE... more

Stop the Artificial Wetland

Petition published by Jim Copeland on Jul 26, 2006

The undersigned residents of Belmont do not want the creation of an artificial wetland within the village boundaries.

Altered wetlands often have stagnant water, increased nutrient levels... more

Royal Montreal Curling Club Stamp

Petition published by Brian Liscum on Jul 18, 2006

Founded in 1807, The Royal Montreal Curling Club is the oldest sporting club in North America.

We, the undersigned, would like to have The Stamp Advisory Comittee... more