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Bring Condom Vending Machines to Westisle

Petition published by patrick W on Mar 01, 2006

We, the undersigned, wish for the Western School Board to install condom vending machines at Westisle Composite High School in order to promote a state of sexual health among sexually active... more

Residential mixed-use development in Olde Towne and West Tefft Street

Petition published by Kim Johnson on Mar 01, 2006

I support residential over comercial mixed-use developments in the comercial corridor of Olde Towne and West Tefft Street in accordance with the Olde Towne Nipomo Design and Circulation, which is part of the General Plan Ammendment of San Luis... more

Keep Teens Safe at Haven House

Petition published by Wendy Repo on Feb 21, 2006

The Haven House has helped many homeless and at risk youth.

We, the undersigned, petition to keep Haven House open and demand we get proper funding to do... more

Support Our New House

Petition published by LMNHS on Feb 14, 2006

We, the undersigned, call for completing the new Little Mountain Neighbourhood House (LMNH) facility, so it can continue to meet and serve the vital needs of its new and established residents, across the full age spectrum and varying diversities.... more

Beaconsfield Property Tax Increase

Petition published by Peter Garred on Feb 14, 2006

As citizens of Beaconsfield, we demand a significant reduction to the current property tax rate.

Nous insistons que le taux soit... more

Time To Rescue Tigers

Petition published by Gillian Penny on Feb 12, 2006

We cannot imagine a world without these beautiful cats. What will become of them? Do they really deserve getting killed just because of greedy people? We support the TTRT... more

Fight for School Drop Off Zoning at King Edward Public School

Petition published by L Anderson on Feb 01, 2006

Sign for School Drop off Zoning at King Edward Public... more

Give the Opening to Edmonton!

Petition published by Sergio Teixeira on Jan 31, 2006

We, the undersigned, petition the Canadian Soccer Association to award Edmonton the opening game of the 2007 World Youth Soccer Championship.... more

MYOB for Canada

Petition published by Caroline Moisan on Jan 25, 2006

PETITION (2006) for CANADIAN USERS of MYOB. Let's work together and try to get our MYOB support/upgrade... more

Stop Horse Slaughter In Canada

Petition published by Shaunna on Jan 20, 2006

If you want to stop horse Slaughter in Canada please sign your name... more