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Re-Development of 227 Mackay St. - Bringing life back to a forgotten house

Petition published by Adam Crain on Jul 13, 2017

All that being said we are looking for support from the local community for this project to present to the cities Planning Department and to the city council.
We are looking for input on both the design and demolition options.... more


Petition published by Save the Greenwood Golf Course Committee on Jul 07, 2017

We the undersigned call on the Wing Commander, 14 Wing Greenwood to retract the decision to close the Greenwood Golf Club at the end of the 2017 season and to provide at least one season for the Save the Greenwood Golf Course Committee to improve the operation of the... more

Quiet the Barking Dogs at Spencer's Abbott Café

Petition published by Spencer Avenue Dog Problem on Jul 05, 2017

The Abbott café has, for many years, attracted a colourful and diverse customer base from Parkdale, including many dog owners and walkers, which occasionally make noise. However, when the incredibly loud minority has been asked to respect their neighbours' right to... more

Keep the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum in Port Hope

Petition published by Canadian Fire Fighters Museum on Jul 05, 2017

As a resident of The Municipality of Port Hope, I urge the Mayor and Council of the Municipality, to support the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum (CFFM), in securing a new location in Port Hope.... more

Cancel military display at Penticton Peach Festival

Petition published by Ad Hoc Penticton Peace Committee on Jun 26, 2017

We the undersigned support the Open Letter to the organizers and sponsor of the Penticton Peach Festival military demonstration and call for cancellation of this component of the... more

Rename Calgary Airport “Calgary Ken & Pat Taylor International Airport”

Petition published by Barb Amsden on Jun 21, 2017

We, the undersigned, ask the Calgary Airport Authority and all three levels of government to work together as a Canada 150 project to rename the Calgary Airport, the “Calgary Ken & Pat Taylor International Airport” to serve as a lasting reminder of what made... more

Save 21 Withrow Ave

Petition published by City View Community Association on Jun 20, 2017

We the undersigned, call on Rick Chiarelli and the City of Ottawa to acquire the property and heritage home at 21 Withrow Ave. This property would then be used by City View and surrounding communities. It would be a great cultural/historic centre. It would... more

Mental Health/ Addiction Treatment Facility for Cape Breton

Petition published by A Town That Cares on Jun 15, 2017

We, the citizens of Cape Breton, call on the Premier of Nova Scotia/ Steven McNeil, Health Minister Randy Delorey and the NSHA Mental Health/ Addictions to understand that our residents are requesting your immediate attention to the issues of mental health and... more

Tiny Homes (Built out of shipping containers and/or on wheels) should be legal, when built to code and when on their OWN lot!

Petition published by Tiny Tin Town on Jun 14, 2017

We, the undersigned, demand Municipalities respect our Canadian Affordable Housing Act and stop refusing Tiny Homes and/or Tiny Home Villages from being built on their OWN respective land... more

STOP the use of Animals in Circuses

Petition published by Simran Sandal on Jun 12, 2017

The practice of enslaving animals and teaching them tricks implies that the animals’ own lives hold no inherent value in their own right. Please sign this petition to stop the use of animals in entertainment. We can make a difference in our lives by informing... more