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Keep lottery products out of Coles and Safeway / Woolworths

Petition published by Mark Fletcher on Feb 09, 2007

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the State Government of Victoria to ensure that lottery ticket and scratchie games are sold only in independent small businesses in Victoria to protect jobs and to ensure these tickets are sold by well trained... more

Tarragindi skatepark

Petition published by Blake on Feb 09, 2007

This petition is calling upon upon the Brisbane City Council or even the Queensland State Government, to build a skatepark capable for BMX riders, preferably that over skatboarders. As tarragindi is a big BMX community.... more


Petition published by carly on Feb 08, 2007

Why would people want to cruely hurt animals? Is it for fun? or maybe its for their own sickning pleasure? In the news everyday we hear about animals cruely being killed and tortured for no aparent reason. Buring, dismembering and stabbing are just some of the cruel... more

Keep Melbourne pretty

Petition published by KeepMelbournePretty on Feb 08, 2007

We, the undersigned, call upon the Australian government to make a pledge and take control of the global warming issues by signing the Kyoto Protocol... more

Re-Legalise Semi auto .22s & semi-auto/pump shotguns in Australia

Petition published by Andrew La Vista on Feb 07, 2007

We, the undersigned, say bring back Semi automatic .22 caliber rifles and semi automatic/pump action shotguns in Australia - for use by safe, responsible law abiding Sporting... more

Save Optus Oval

Petition published by Glenn Logan on Feb 02, 2007

I urge all Carlton Supporters and AFL Fans to sign this Petition. Optus is an absolute Fantastic Venue.

Save Optus... more

Free David Hicks

Petition published by susan on Feb 01, 2007

We, the undesigned, call on America and John Howard to return David Hicks to Australia for... more

Save The Mexican Wave

Petition published by matjnewton on Feb 01, 2007

We, Australian cricket fans, call on Cricket Australia to:

1. Lift their ban on the Mexican Wave.... more

Say No to the Western Australian Goverment

Petition published by crazylady on Jan 29, 2007

We, the undersigned, are opposed to the trial of daylight savings to be three years, as made by Law by the West Australian Government. We are the voters and our rights are that we have a say on what is happening in our State.... more

Extra peak train services for the Upfield Line

Petition published by Justin on Jan 29, 2007

The Upfield train line needs extra peak services, so we the undersigned petition for more peak hour... more