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Provision of a playground on Royal Parade

Petition published by Caroline Allen on Nov 09, 2006

We, the undersigned, are requesting the our local government make provision for a playground on Royal... more

Give Veronica Mars a better viewing time

Petition published by Vanessa on Nov 09, 2006

We, the undersigned, call on Channel Ten to review their management of the Television program Veronica Mars and provide Veronica Mars with a earlier time slot, so that the Australian fans and viewers of Veronica mars may have a better opportunity to watch the program.... more

Media Coverage of Youth Football in Australia

Petition published by Anthony Pang on Nov 07, 2006

We, the undersigned, call for a broadcast and better coverage of our football youths, this includes the broadcast of youth tournaments and various tours by our youth teams.... more

No More Wedgedale

Petition published by Sonia Bishop on Nov 07, 2006

Let us, as an informed television watching society, petition for the removal of The Wedge (aired by Channel 10) from the airways.

We need to bin this ridiculous and unfunny show. I have not yet... more

Stop Medic Street Speedsters

Petition published by Elaine Johansen on Nov 06, 2006

We, the undersigned, oppose speeding in Medic Street. We propose speed humps, specially placed, to slow cars down and protect the safety of the children and the elderly patrons of Medic... more

Reinstatement of Sky Sports News

Petition published by Sean Wootton on Nov 04, 2006

We, the undersigned call on the reinstatement of Sky Sports News on Fox Sports News as soon as... more

Save The Glass House

Petition published by Sarah on Nov 04, 2006

Calling all Fans please help to save The Glass... more

Changing Rooms For Surfers Paradise Beach Queensland

Petition published by Bruce McLean on Nov 04, 2006

We, the undersigned, petition the GCCC to construct public changing / dressing rooms with toilets at Surfers Paradise beach, near tower 34 as soon as... more

Get Tourettes On the BDO 2007!!!

Petition published by Metzy on Nov 03, 2006

To BDO Organisers,

Tourettes have had a successful run over the last couple of years, and are currently tearing up the stages of Europe, supporting Rose... more

NRL to kick off with Brisbane Double Header

Petition published by Rob Holden on Nov 02, 2006

We, the undersigned, will support the NRL staging a 6:30pm and 8:30pm double header to open the season at Suncorp Stadium. Brisbane Broncos vs Nth Qld Cowboys and Gold Coast Titans vs Saint George Illawarra Dragons. We will attend if it is... more