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Bring Back The Glass House

Petition published by beck on Nov 01, 2006

We, the undersigned, call upon the ABC and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells to pull your finger out and continue showing The Glass House on Wednesday nights. We feel that you need it as a station and we, as viewers need it to properly enjoy our Wednesday... more

Australia should sign the Kyoto agreement

Petition published by Carrie Lewis on Oct 31, 2006

We, the people of Australia, petition the Liberal government to sign the Kyoto agreement to reduce greenhouse emissions and prevent further climate... more

Get rid of daylight saving

Petition published by sharon betts on Oct 28, 2006

We, the undersigned, want the to get rid of daylight... more

Manningham - A better Romilly Park & access to the courts

Petition published by Gary Holzer on Oct 27, 2006

That we as ratepayers of Manningham and Hampstead Gardens demand that the Port Adelaide & Enfield Council;

a.) ensure the current playground, BBQ and grassed area (or lack of)... more

More stores should sell roller blades

Petition published by josh miller on Oct 26, 2006

We, the undersigned, petition all shops that sell skate boards to also stock and sell roller... more

Increase the capacity of the new Football stadium in Melbourne to at least 30,000 seats!

Petition published by Matt Lamsis on Oct 24, 2006

We, the undersigned, call on the State Government of Victoria to increase the seating capacity of the soon to be built rectangular stadium in the Olympic Park precinct to at least 30,000 in order to sufficiently cater for the Football public of... more

Radio For All Australians

Petition published by Ken Hall on Oct 24, 2006


The petition of certain citizens of Australia, namely “Radio for... more

Legalize paintball in Victoria

Petition published by Damian on Oct 24, 2006

We, the undersigned, agree with legalising paintball in... more

SBS should put Neon Genesis: Evangelion on the air

Petition published by Robert on Oct 23, 2006

We, the undersigned, call on SBS to put the anime series Neon Genesis: Evangelion on the... more

Save Our Young Drivers

Petition published by Karen Silvestri on Oct 23, 2006

We, the undersigned, call on the S.A. Government to place a restriction on the type of vechile that Learners and Provisional license holders can drive.... more