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Better public transport in Narre Warren

Petition published by Michael on Oct 03, 2006

The public transport in Casey is shocking and needs improving.

Sign this petition for better public transport in Casey.... more

Abolition of term "Aboriginal Style"

Petition published by Creative Economy Pty Ltd on Oct 01, 2006

We the undersigned believe the use of the term "Aboriginal Style" as a means to describe non-authentic or imported Indigenous artefacts, artworks or souvenirs is misleading and deceptive.... more

Import Ban of Aboriginal Products

Petition published by Creative Economy Pty Ltd on Oct 01, 2006

We, the undersigned, support an import ban into Australia of products purporting to be Australian Indigenous or Indigenous style, artefacts, artworks and... more

Compulsory Abortions for Teenagers Under 18

Petition published by rishellz on Sep 27, 2006

What is your opinion on compulsory abortions for teenagers under... more

Aboriginal Volunteers Used and Abused then Discarded

Petition published by Lynne on Sep 26, 2006

We, the duly undersigned, request the Premier of Western Australia to reinstate Piyarli Yardi Aboriginal Corporation as the rightful organisation to manage the future operations of the "Carnarvon Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural... more

Get Jello Biafra here!

Petition published by Anonymous on Sep 24, 2006

We the people of Brisbane are sick of all the lame emo music. They have taken over everything!! Everywhere you go there is an can't even go to a local gig without having to listen the there music.... more

Amateur Radio License Fee Exemption

Petition published by Anonymous on Sep 22, 2006

We, the undersigned, support the exemption from the Annual Amateur Radio License fees, for all serving and ex Defense Forces... more

Help Queensland Health

Petition published by Joanna on Sep 22, 2006

We, the undersigned, call upon the government and immigration to recognise Endoresed Enrolled Nurses as a skilled profession on the skilled occupations... more

Bring Breaking Benjamin to Australia

Petition published by Gail on Sep 18, 2006

We, the undersigned, would love Breaking Benjamin to tour... more

Vets who don't want representation from the current RSL National President

Petition published by Tony White on Sep 14, 2006

We, the undersigned, do not wish the National President of the RSL to represent us verbally or otherwise when speaking as the National President of the... more