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Save Bells Rapids

Petition published by Bells Rapids Preservation Group on Jul 30, 2008

To the Honourable Speakers and Members of the Legislative Assembley of the Parliament of Western Australia and the Commonwealth Environment Minister:... more

Let's Make Melbourne Cup Day a National Holiday

Petition published by Wade on Jul 30, 2008

We, the undersigned, call on the Commonwealth of Australia to add the Melbourne Cup, on the first Tuesday of November, to our National Public Holiday... more

Bring Back the Budgie Smugglers for Beijing

Petition published by mikey oliver on Jul 24, 2008

We the people of Australian ask Australian athletes to do what is right and not wear the full body swimsuit for Beijing and bring back the one and true budgie smuggler.... more

Support building our leisure centre

Petition published by OurLeisureCentreGroup on Jul 24, 2008

We, the undersigned, support the Council's decision to build the leisure centre and fund it through the sale of the identified lands and urge the new Council to abide by the results of the... more

Right to wear Pink Ribbon shirt

Petition published by Brenda1 on Jul 24, 2008

To get the NSW Women's Bowls Association uniform committee to change outdated uniform laws and allow its women members to wear the Pink Ribbon shirt on social days.... more

Save ABC News Radio StarStuff program

Petition published by SaveStarStuff on Jul 23, 2008

We, the undersigned, call on ABC to continue the weekly broadcast and/or podcast of the program "StarStuff" with the following provisions:... more

Defend your Nursing Award

Petition published by ANF on Jul 21, 2008

Do you wish to remain working under a nursing award? Sign the petition and the ANF will take your views to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.... more

Strengthening Stepfamilies

Petition published by Steve Martin on Jul 20, 2008

we, the undersigned, call on the Rudd Australian Labor Government to:

- develop stepfamily-inclusive family policy;... more

Let cyclists ride on footpaths in NSW

Petition published by Stop The Waste on Jul 19, 2008

We the undersigned call on Eric Roozendaal MLC, NSW Minister for Roads to align the road rules with Queensland and the ACT and permit all cyclists to ride on footpaths in... more

Corporal punishment for paedophiles

Petition published by Lisa Key on Jul 19, 2008

I want the law to be changed so we can have corporal punishment used on criminals convicted in DNA evidenced cases with... more