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Celebrate "Darwin Day" in Australia

Petition published by karl kach on Jul 01, 2008

We the undersigned call on the Australia Federal Parliament to recognize Darwin Day, Feb 12, as an official public holiday.... more

Animals in Australian state forests need protection from motorbikes

Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 30, 2008

We, the undersigned, urge the DSE of Victoria, to ensure that the wildlife of Mt Disappointment will not be further endangered and to cancel the introduction of 2 unloading areas for trail bikes.... more

Save the World Class Australian Opera Studios

Petition published by Blair Metcalf on Jun 30, 2008

I, the undersigned, urge you, Peter Garrett, Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, to please help fund this amazing and valuable project in Western Australia before it closes down due to lack of... more

Save St George/BankSA from the Westpac Merger!

Petition published by FSU on Jun 30, 2008

To: The Honorable Wayne Swan MP, Australian Treasurer

We the below signed oppose the proposed takeover of St George / Bank SA by Westpac. We do not believe that the takeover will be for the... more

TRIPTYCH Development - A Blight on Southbank

Petition published by Abe Nezamian on Jun 29, 2008

TRIPTYCH Development:

Neighbouring residents, businesses and involved parties oppose the proposed development for the following reasons:... more

Youth and Climate Change: Time for ACTION

Petition published by Samantha Dole on Jun 26, 2008

We, the undersigned are motivated in the fight against Climate Change.

We insist on the implementation of weekly recycling, public recycling... more

Get Telstra to sell the iPhone in Australia

Petition published by The Tri Tech on Jun 26, 2008

We, the undersigned, call on Telstra Corporation & Apple Corporation to negotiate a deal in which would allow Telstra to sell and operate the 3G iPhone on their network in... more

Let Our Goverment School Students Learn

Petition published by Karl Krause on Jun 25, 2008

We believe:

• Indonesian language learning in our state schools is suffering dramatically through reduced motivation in both students and... more

Review Childcare Fee Hikes

Petition published by Rebecca Michael on Jun 24, 2008

We the undersigned protest against the unreasonably high childcare fee increases implemented by many childcare providers and call for the Federal Government to implement a system whereby fee increases must be approved by a government body such as the... more

Save Our Country Hospitals

Petition published by Elizabeth Calvert on Jun 24, 2008

The Petition of the undersigned Residents of South Australia has been raised to call on the Government to withdraw the Country Health Care Plan published on the
6 June 2008.... more