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Support "Comfort Women" motion in Australian House of Representatives

Petition published by FCWA on Aug 12, 2008

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
Prime Minister of Australia
Suite MG 8
Parliament House... more

Please don't trade Alan Didak!

Petition published by Shannyn on Aug 08, 2008

We, the undersigned, call on the Collingwood Football Club and it's administrators, to seriously consider NOT trading Alan Didak for the 2009 season.... more

Approval of the Naremburn Child Care Centre

Petition published by scott on Aug 08, 2008

Please sign our form to help support the approval by Willoughby Council of the Naremburn Child Care... more

Sanitarium Workers for a Fair Go

Petition published by Sanitarium Workers on Aug 07, 2008

We call on Sanitarium Management to honor the Forward with Fairness Policy in the Rudd Labor Government's IR Legislation in fairly negotiating a union agreement with our chosen representatives.... more

Bring Something With Numbers To Homebake 2008!

Petition published by Terryanne on Aug 06, 2008

We Demand That Something With Numbers Be Added To The 2008 Homebake... more

Great Barrier Reef: STOP Desalinisation Outfall and Envionmentally Unsustainable Infrastructure

Petition published by Agnes1770COD on Aug 06, 2008

To: The Honourable Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland.

The petition of residents of the State of Queensland draws to the... more

Bring CABAL Online to Oceania (Australia)

Petition published by Michael O'Brien on Aug 06, 2008

Help bring this exciting new Free-to-Play MMO to the Oceania (Australia) region. All we need is enough attention, and a regional license purchase for our region, and we can bring Australia a step closer to being recognized as a worth while market for video and... more

Stop the Solar Rip-off

Petition published by Mark_Parnell_Greens_MLC on Aug 03, 2008

We, the undersigned, call on all energy retailers in South Australia to pay a fair price for the electricity they receive from households with solar panels.... more

Samboy Atomic Tomato Resurrection

Petition published by Caitlin on Aug 03, 2008

We, the undersigned, call on Snacks Brands Australia (more specifically Arnotts) to end this five year madness and revive Samboy Atomic Tomato chips for our children and our childrens' children and our childrens childrens children and so on. This has... more

Breast cancer gene should not be patentable

Petition published by Sean van Buggenum on Jul 31, 2008

We, the undersigned, ask the Australian government that the laws regarding the patenting of genetic information be clarified/modified so that they better protect the people they would most affect.... more