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  • Massive Expansion at UCSF: Don't break the promise at Parnassus

    Don't let UCSF break its promise and rush through a MASSIVE EXPANSION of its UCSF Parnassus campus as soon as…

    Signatures: 903

  • Rescind Richard Halliday's Unlawful Article 15

    Sign this petition to Rescind Richard's Article 15 and Defer All present Article 15s at Fort Bliss until investigated.  Help…

    Signatures: 193

  • STOP the Mail In VOTE!

    WhyWould.com Launches Petition Against Mail In Voting WhyWould.com is the alternative to censured news. Now is the time for all…

    Signatures: 2

  • Designate PVT Richard Halliday as a Missing Soldier

    Since 22 August 2020, PVT Halliday has been labeled as a criminal, a “DESERTER”, without proof or evidence. He is…

    Signatures: 1,137


    To the Honorable President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled: We the undersigned signatories in the event of…

  • Save our Doctor

    Dr. Martha Lauster has supported this community and truly loves the people here in Plentywood. She treats every person that…

  • Vaccine for Law Abiding Citizens before Prisoners

    Who will get vaccinated first Everyone who lives in Canada will have access to a safe, effective and free COVID-19…

    Signatures: 6

  • ZBA: Please get Safe Harbor for Belmont

    Dear neighbors, In response to the hostile 40B development proposal for 91 Beatrice Circle, a few neighbors who are lawyers…

    Signatures: 798


    The United Nations was established in 1945 to promote international peace and security and to facilitate cooperation among nations in…

    Signatures: 1

  • Facebook Ban MLM Promotion!

    TikTok recently banned the promoting of multi level marketing companies, along with Pyramid schemes and PONZI schemes. We ask that…

    Signatures: 1


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I've been told that the problem has been raised and that things have been set in motion. Results won't be immediate but they are working on fixing the problem. Thanks everyone who signed. Great website and structure. Laura Vuilleumier - Feb 28 2017
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