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1. Say No to Woodruff Road Rezone

Developers are planning on putting a small grocery store (like an ALDI) on the 5 acre lot (directly behind the the majority of the lots on all streets on the east side of Woodruff Lake).

The lot is currently zoned "POD" (Planned Office District) which is like a single story doctors office, etc. they want to have the property rezoned to "FRD" (Flexible Review District) which would allow something bigger like a grocery store.

The meeting is May 18th at 6pm at Greenville County Square 301 University Ridge. We will have 10 minutes to speak and they suggest having one spokes person but having as many people possible in attendance.

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2. STOP Benchmark from Re-Zoning our Neighborhood

Benchmark Senior Living LLC is proposing to build a 67,000 square foot building on the Appleridge property, a lot that will require a zoning change from its current R-10 residential and C-3 special zoning to RH-S residential health service zoning. The lot in question backs onto a residential neighborhood and is located on Route 25A in Huntington and is opposite the intersection of Washington Drive and Route 25A (East Main Street).

Most of the land is zoned R-10 residential housing and this should be maintained. Any commercial building should be confined to the existing C-3 zoning that is on Route 25A and should be sized in accordance with the space that is available. Changing the existing zoning to accommodate Benchmark's request should not be supported by the Huntington Town Board as it will fundamentally change the character of the neighborhood.

Having an enormous, multi-story building at the entry into Huntington from Centerport will have a major negative impact on the area and potentially damage the environment and the ground water in a location without a sewer system to accommodate the waste from 103 patients and 70 employees. Benchmark plans to build a Sewage Treatment Plant to contain the output of the building's residents and employees. This is a major project and is not in keeping with the neighborhood's current infrastructure.

Benchmark Senior Living LLC should look at alternate sites that have the infrastructure and topography required to handle the large-scale facility they want to build. It should not be shoehorned into a residential neighborhood.

Signing this petition will allow us to gather signatures of citizens who are opposed to the proposed Benchmark development. The entire list will then be presented to the Huntington Town Board: Supervisor Frank Petrone, Councilman Eugene Cook, Councilwoman Susan Berland, Councilwoman Tracey Edwards, and Councilman Mark Cuthbertson.

Thank you for your support.

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3. Help Protect the Shoreland Overlay District and our Neighborhoods

Protecting natural systems and developing a sustainable pattern for future growth is a key goal of The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth. As growth occurs, we must ensure that development is implemented in a way that preserves the beauty and health of our environment and that upholds the laws in place to protect our neighborhoods.

The SH Shoreland Overlay District was established to preserve and enhance the environmental qualities of surface waters and the natural and economic values of shoreland areas within the City. It states, “The maximum height of all structures within the Shoreland Overlay District, except for single- and two-family dwellings, shall be two and one-half (2.5) stories or thirty-five (35) feet, whichever is less.”

A new building proposed for 4353 Upton Ave S is in the Shoreland Overlay District, yet the developer has received a conditional use permit (CUP) to increase the height of the building to 3 stories and over 52 feet! This excessive height would provide elevator access to a rooftop deck and penthouse for tenants, effectively creating a fourth story for private use at the expense of surrounding properties.

This height is not allowed in either the Shoreland Overlay District or in the C1 zoning classification for this property. A building this tall would diminish the Shoreland Overlay District, negatively affect access to light and air of surrounding properties, change the scale and character of the Linden Hills business district, and set a precedent for even taller buildings outside Shoreland Overlay and C1 zoning limits throughout the neighborhood and the City. This type of growth is unsustainable and inconsistent with the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan.

If we allow this excessive height in the Shoreland Overlay District, we erode the protections afforded by our zoning laws and set the stage for even taller buildings to be built, putting even more pressure on the environment and lakes we cherish in Minneapolis. We must take a stand to support the Shoreland Overlay District and other zoning laws, or developments like this one will further stress the environment and incrementally take away what we love about our neighborhoods.

Please sign this petition to support the Shoreland Overlay district by appealing the CUP for the excessive height of the South Upton building.

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4. Don't Overdevelop Denver

Denver and its neighborhoods are undergoing a very rapid transition. Zoning laws dictate what can or can't be built on a given lot. Historic Denver determines what buildings are historically significant and therefore cannot be demolished.

But what about the effect on the city and its neighborhoods when demolition and new development happen at a pace more rapid than the city can keep up with? What about the effects on traffic, crowding, parking, and overall quality of life? When the new zoning code was put into place, it clearly didn't take into account the effects of mass demolition and new construction happening on multiple sites, all at the same time. It also didn't effectively ask for input from the everyday residents of these neighborhoods. The face of our Denver neighborhoods is changing at such a rapid pace that the traffic and quality of life are already deteriorating, renters and homeowners are being pushed out, and yet there is more demolition and development in the works.

Determining the historical significance of a building doesn't take into account the bigger picture. Many current residents of these old Denver neighborhoods chose this area because of the reverence for Denver's history, older structures and character. Many of those structures do not fall under protection from Historic Denver. What will be the impact to a neighborhood when so many structures, historically significant or not, are gone? In many cases houses are not being demolished here and there, one at a time, but rather developers are buying up and leveling entire blocks of houses to make way for luxury housing, replacing a block that had history and character with buildings whose character and design add nothing aesthetically and will soon enough be outdated, much like the many structures which followed a similar trend in the 1960's and 1970's.

The Mayor of Denver and Denver City Council must take a more active role in this process, and include Denver residents as well. It is not enough to say that because the zoning code and historical designation say a block of homes can be demolished and built on, that the demolition and development is therefore inevitable. It is still their job to ensure that the change and development that affect current tax paying citizens happens in a way that ensures it is done responsibly and retains the quality of life that brought us to these neighborhoods in the first place. If demolition and development happen too rapidly, it is a detriment to all. The luxury apartment bandwagon is pushing more and more renters out. Demolitions are forcing many homeowners out of their homes. In addition, too many luxury apartments combined with limited options for home ownership allows less personal investment by individuals and creates a more temporary attitude for the area. Once the market becomes oversaturated, and/or the high cost rents of these "luxury" apartments have excluded enough of the population, there won't be enough renters to fill these buildings. There is a lot of outside money being used for speculation on our neighborhoods. There is no personal investment there.

Secondly, putting too many people in an area whose roads are not built to handle the volume will decrease quality of life for all. One of the many example of this is in the area south of downtown Denver: there are already major traffic bottlenecks in areas along Speer, Broadway, and 6th and 8th Avenues, and it is now pouring over onto side streets that cannot handle the volume. It is not enough to encourage car shares, bike rentals, and a mass transit system that is already struggling. The reality is that in Colorado most people still own and rely on a car to reach parts of Colorado that the alternatives don't, and they need a place to park that car. And to insist that everyone will simply never drive around town if other transportation modes are encouraged is totally unrealistic. The fact is that our current mass transit system is not built to support this.

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5. Protect Our Granite Bay Community

See for more information.

We are the Granite Bay Island Community, a neighborhood to the west of Sierra College Blvd at Old Auburn Rd. We have been enjoying the country setting where we can grow our own produce, raise farm animals, keep horses etc. Recently a development company, Maverick Partners West, has proposed to destroy our rural community by packing 56 units onto only 16 acres, called "The Park at Granite Bay." It is planned to be a gated project of much higher density, despite sharing borders north, south, east and west, with homes on 1 to 4 acres.

The Granite Bay Community Plan is the guide for the growth and development of the community. Among the expressly stated goals of the Plan are the preservation of the rural character of the community, and ensuring that new developments are compatible with their neighbors.


1. Rezoning: Our neighborhood is currently zoned as residential-agricultural, with a 1 acre minimum lot size, resulting in a quiet and spacious neighborhood. The developers of The Park want to change zoning laws and the GB Community Plan in order to cram 56 homes onto 16.3 acres. If this were to happen it would completely alter the character of our neighborhood.

2. Future Developments: This is a game changer. There is still a fair amount of open land in our neighborhood, and if we alter the Granite Bay Community Plan and lose the agricultural zoning, we are potentially opening the door for future developers who would seek to use that land for more high-density housing.

3. Traffic: Sierra College is already a busy and potentially dangerous road. A 56-unit gated community that is only accessible from Sierra College and forces all outgoing traffic to the intersection of Old Auburn Rd is going to have an enormous, and likely dangerous effect on the level of traffic and the number of accidents in this area.

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6. Stop zoning change near Norwegian Hospital in Humboldt Park

This petition will be given to Alderman Roberto Maldonado- Alderman of the 26th Ward.

He is tasked with granting the zoning change that would allow for the development to be built adjacent to Norwegian American Hospital.

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7. Stop Big Box Development in Ballston!

More than 60 people showed up at the last Town of Ballston Planning meeting on May 1, 2014 to protest the application for a 135,000 sq. ft. big box development by Walmart. Residents were alarmed when they discovered that a PUDD (Planned Unit Development District) had been passed by the Town Board in 2011 allowing for such a large store. Residents were under the impression that the site was going to be developed with a grocery store under mixed use zoning that was the result of a hard-fought initiative by community members 10 years ago.

The PUDD approved in 2011 allows big box development, which is in direct opposition to the wishes of the residents of Ballston and the Town of Ballston’s comprehensive plan. Almost ninety percent of the residents of the Town of Ballston said the Town should encourage mixed use development with residential, office and small scale commercial or small scale, neighborhood commercial.

We are concerned about the tremendous impact of such a huge store on traffic, crime, local business and the quality of life of local residents.

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8. Support our city of Crystal Lake

The city of Crystal Lake is taking a stand for us, the taxpayers. The city is saying that district 155 must comply with city zoning ordinances and apply for permits just like every other homeowner & business owner.

This needs to be done before a structure is built. This is a planning stage step that nobody should ignore. The district is blatantly ignoring this and costing taxpayers $$. Please support our city!

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9. Keep Milton Green

The City of Milton is now in the process of undertaking a "Visoning Study" which may also include revisions to longstanding residential Zoning on the Highway 9 corridor.

Such changes in Zoning will have a major impact on quality of life in North Milton and a significant increase in traffic congestion.

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10. Protect Coffee County Landowners

We have been blessed to benefit from a carefully planned zoning code that has allowed our county to grow while still protecting quality of life, property rights, and the environment. Proper planning is one of the under-appreciated things that makes an area a wonderful place to live.

Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case. If local quarry developers successfully change the zoning code to allow heavy industrial facilities, like landfills, rock quarries, and chemical plants to be more easily placed throughout Coffee County, the consequences would be severe. Residents of Hillsboro would be the first to be affected, with a new rock quarry in their back yard, but once the door is open, any industrial developer would find it easy to set up shop anywhere in the county.

That's why we're opposed to the County Commission changing the zoning code at this developer's behest. That's why our county Planning Commission has recommended AGAINST changing the zoning code at this developer's behest. And that's why we know ordinary citizens from across our county oppose changing the zoning code as well.

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11. Nashboro - No More Apartments - Stand Up to Make Your Voice Heard

The neighborhood and community has a vote of no confidence in Vastland's ability to follow through based on their past history of foreclosure and desertion of a project in Nashboro formally known as Glencrest Townhomes located within one quarter mile of the property they are proposing to develop.

PUBLIC HEARING AT THE METRO COUNCIL Meeting, Historic Courthouse off James Robertson Parkway, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2012 AT 6:30 PM.

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12. Give Nathan Duszynski a job for his family

Today is a sad day for the city of Holland, Michigan, particularly for one resident who was trying to help out his family survive. That family-dedicated resident is none other than 13-year-old Nathan Duszynski.

The reason why this petition was made for him is because he and his family are in a shelter after being denied from selling hot dogs from a mobile stand. You see, Nathan was trying to help his family to survive in Holland, Michigan because his mother and father are disabled. He signed up for his own food cart to earn some money. But the moment he started to sell at a local sporting goods store, City Hall shut it down. Now they have two different homes to cope with the parents' different disabilities.

The point is they shut him down because he was not connected to any business, but it was still unfair for him and his family. So, this petition is a rallying cry for signers, not just from Holland, Michigan, but from the entire United States and the world as a whole, to support him in on of these ways:

a) Convince at least one of the brick and mortar businesses to train him for a job within their premises.

b) Start a Kickstarter fundraiser for Nathan Duszynski to help him train to be a businessman and run a great business.

c) Convince City Hall to let him sell his hot dogs in a store and even hire others in hot dogs carts to spread the goods.

If everyone helps out Nathan to earn money legally, we will be a better world of people for all to see.

You can see the story at:

For Kickstarter, go to

Thank you for supporting Nathan Duszynski!

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13. Deny the rezoning of the commercial property at Windgate Ranch's Southeast Corner

The property at the Southeast corner of Windgate Ranch is currently zoned for commercial and Deco Communities, LLC ( is proposing to build a multi-family (8 units per building, 1-2 bedroom/under 1,400 sf) "luxury" condominium complex, Echo at Windgate project 3-GP-2012/3-ZN-2012.

The price point, which has yet to be fully disclosed, looks to be in the mid $200,000 (or lower) price range, approximately ¼ of the investment in homes bordering Windgate. The addition of this residential project will have a negative impact on the quality of life of area residents.

Each Windgate Ranch resident was told that the proposed area was zoned for commercial development and homes were purchased based on that zoning. In order for Deco communities to continue with their proposed plan, they need to have the area rezoned from commercial to residential. Area residents are requesting that the City Council and Scottsdale Planning Commission maintain the existing comprehensive plan for Windgate and deny the rezoning request by Deco Communities, LLC, as well as deny the construction of the proposed condominium complex, Echo at Windgate.

We collectively believe that the approval of rezoning for the purposes of the proposed condominium community by Deco Communities, LLC could add risk and negatively impact the volatile home values in Windgate Ranch and adjacent subdivisions. Deco Communities is a new start-up company and to date they do not have experience with a new development, only redevelopment of low-end rehabs. This adds to concern regarding the ongoing financial resources to fully execute a quality product that would fit with Windgate Ranch or its upscale surrounding communities.
Numerous independent real estate appraisers have confirmed that a condominium complex with the given price points would have a significant adverse effect on property values, which have already been hit hard as a result of the recession. It is also likely that they could turn into rentals. In addition, we feel as though the quality of life in Windgate Ranch and the surrounding areas will be negatively affected with increases in density, traffic, noise, and parking that come with residential developments.

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14. REDUCE Food Truck Regulations in West Palm Beach

The City of West Palm Beach, Florida currently restricts all Mobile Food Vendors from operating in a zone they have designated as Downtown (from Palm Beach Lakes Blvd to Okeechobee Blvd and Flagler Dr to Australian Ave).

The City of West Palm Beach also restricts Mobile Food Vendors from operating closer than one block in proximity to each other, without a special event permit. The current cost for a special event permit is, $50 non-refundable application fee and a minimum of $500 per occasion.

The City of West Palm Beach is currently searching for ADDITIONAL regulations to be placed on mobile food vendors. Ideas such as, having all vendors park in a central location for a tourist attraction and restricting proximity to existing businesses are being proposed.

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15. Petition Against Re-Zoning of 20 Fred Varley Drive

Home and condominium builder Tribute whose mission is to create communities is seeking to change the zoning status at 20 Fred Varley Drive Unionville, Ontario.

This area is zoned “General Commercial” and Tribute is seeking to change the By-law to permit a “mixed-use Residential Commercial development” at 20 Fred Varley Drive which is just immediately west of Main Street.

Their most recent plan involves more than 100 primarily 2 bedroom residential units with at least 2 parking spots per unit for a total of 288 spots with some extra for the small commercial component.

This small historical unique area of Unionville bordering on the heritage district is already heavily populated with significant traffic present on the roads.

The addition of more residents will lead to excessive traffic congestion. Within 200 m of this proposal is an elementary school and seniors care facility and the resultant traffic issues will lead to compromises in safety for both populations not to mention the irate of other citizens living in the area and tourists to the heritage district.

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16. O'Fallon, Illinois - Save Misty Valley & Glenview Addition (Main St.) from Re-Development

Update 9/30/11: CONFIRMED, Paragraphs 4(a) and (b) on pages 3-4 of the proposed Annexation Agreement spell out the complete commercial development of all current homes in the triangle formed by I-64, Green Mount, and U.S.Route 50.

If the Annexation agreement passes, affected residents WILL LOSE THEIR HOMES... Eventually. Paste this link into your browser to see Paras. 4(a) and (b) on pages 3-4:

DO WE REALLY NEED *TWO* NEW HOSPITALS WITHIN A MILE OF EACH OTHER ON THE SHILOH/O'FALLON I-64 CORRIDOR??? Belleville Memorial is already building a 2nd Campus in Shiloh, see here:

Original Text of background of this petition posted 9/28/11:
The City of O'Fallon Planning Commission is conducting a public hearing on October 11, 2011 at 6:00pm to review a recently filed Petition to re-designate our neighborhood to be part of a "Medical Campus Sub-Area Plan" in a proposed Amendment to the City's 2006 Comprehensive Plan.

This petition goes along with St. Elizabeth's Hospital's petition to re-zone the adjoining 108.79 vacant farm acres to the east and south of our neighborhood in preparation of constructing a new hospital and medical office complex.



But WORSE, imagine being forced from your home in a few years WITHOUT CHOICE, being paid a "fair" market value-- as decided by someone else-- then seeing your house Bull-dozed in the name of Economic Development.

It's called Eminent Domain.... and re-designating our homes' land under the city's Comprehensive Plan *could* be the first step towards it.

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17. Stop 1180 Countrystone!

A builder has purchased the land at 1180 Countrystone in Kitchener Ontario. They are proposing a 29 unit Cluster-Townhome complex in a R-4 residential neighbourhood.

We STRONGLY disagree with this proposal.

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18. Let everyone enjoy the Steele Mansion

The Steele Mansion is being reconstructed after nearly being razed. It has been approved to be used as multi-family housing (apartments). There are 15 units.

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19. Save a Natural Heritage Area: Deny Aydan Court Rezoning

A developer is proposing 90 condominiums on Highway 54 east of Meadowmont in a state-designated Significant Natural Heritage Area and adjacent to the Upper Little Creek Wildlife Impoundment.

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20. Stop the Rezoning of 406 N Spring Street McMinnville, TN.

406 North Spring Street Should Not Be Rezoned.

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21. No Midway in Heron Park!

Midway Family Fun Park plans to relocate to 2477 Kaladar Avenue, in Ottawa’s Heron Park neighbourhood. This could result in up to 500 patrons and 150 cars at peak times. There is a possibility of outdoor go-karts in the future. Midway operated go-karts at their previous location.

The west side of Kaladar Avenue is currently zoned residential. The east side, zoned light industrial, allows for amusement parks like Midway. Representatives from city staff and Council have said this zoning arrangement is outdated.

Zoning is presently under review as part of the Bank Street Community Design Plan, scheduled for completion in November 2011. However, Midway’s move could occur as early as this Spring.

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22. Stop Zoning in the U.S.

We shouldn't have zoning. They always call the United States the "Land Of Opportunity" but if they won't let us build what we want where we want, that isn't much opportunity is it? Outlawing zoning in the USA would satisfy a lot of people, including me. We should be able to build what we want where we want because:

a) more jobs, less unemployment
b) satisfaction
c) more space in a city

and much more! Please sign today.

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23. Zoning relief at 32 Glenayr Road

The owner of the property at 32 Glenayr Road is seeking to replace the existing home with a new home generally as provided in the image above. As can be seen in the image, the home will feature an architectural style and design characteristics which are similar to other newly constructed homes in the neighbourhood.

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24. Opposition to the LISD Attendance Boundaries Committee's Proposal

We are opposed to the recommendation to rezone NBCDs 1825, 1830, and 1860 from Henry Middle School to Middle School #8.

Our Concerns:

1. The committee states that the new feeder pattern recommendations were based upon the proximity of neighborhoods to MS #8 and the need to keep students within walking distance at their neighborhood campuses. However, Avery Ranch students who live in Austin will travel 6.5 miles, passing Henry Middle School in Cedar Park, to MS #8 in Leander. At the same time, students who are within walking distance of Cedar Park MS will be bused 4-5 miles across a major intersection to Henry MS.

2. Avery Ranch was not represented on the Attendance Boundary Committee.

3. Additional bus routes will need to be established in Avery Ranch, because our middle school and high school students will no longer be able to share buses. This will present more hazardous road conditions and result in an additional cost to a district that already has one of the highest tax rates in the area.

4. Bus rides that are already an hour long will be even longer for our students.

5. Traffic safety is a concern with the additional 9 miles of travel a day on the highly congested Parmer Lane. The risk will increase with additional traffic resulting from the development of Schlitterbahn and new homes and businesses.

6. Avery Ranch will experience a decline in property values due to the loss of a middle school in our community.

7. Volunteerism and involvement by Avery Ranch parents will decline due to the distance to the school.

8. A strong sense of community cohesiveness is critical to the success of schools and communities. It is difficult to maintain a sense of community when our schools are well outside of our community boundaries.

9. The distance between Vista Ridge HS and MS #8 and the rush hour traffic in the late afternoon will make it difficult for parents who have children at both schools who attend after-school activities to arrange transportation for their children.

10. Once Vista Ridge HS is over capacity, will Avery Ranch students again be redirected to a school outside of our community?

11. Is this move what is best for our kids, our families, and our community?

A long-term plan to keep LISD students in schools within their communities is overdue and necessary. The current system of planning for each instance of overcrowding or additional capacity is resulting in unreasonable boundaries and the fragmentation of communities.

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25. Say NO to the proposed site plan and location of Lowe's at 1500 N. Croatan Hwy in Kill Devil Hills

Lowe's home improvement has proposed to erect a 159,054 square foot mega store at 1500 N. Croatan Hwy adjacent to Landing Drive and First Street in Kill Devil Hills, NC. This site is approximately 1500 ft from property of the historic Wright Brothers National Memorial.

The plan includes an addition of at least 3.5 feet of fill to achieve a 10.5 foot elevation above sea level on the 12.8 acre lot which may potentially flood the surrounding neighborhood and the park despite any swales, retention areas, and piping meant to divert storm water. A stop light would also be added at US 158 and Landing Drive.

Zoning variances are being requested for the following issues: to allow only 409 parking spaces instead of the required 795 for a business this size, 38 foot light poles, planting fewer trees than required along US 158.

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26. Support Beekeeping in Boise

Boise Zoning enforcement has declared that beekeeping on vacant lots in Boise is not an allowed use.

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27. Say NO to further development on Mountshannon Drive

Richcraft is proposing to develop 210 low rise apartment units distributed in 12 buildings with shared surface parking with 288 spaces on Mountshannon Drive in the green space immediately beside St. Lukes elementary school in Barrhaven.

In signing this petition you are showing your concern with the lack of public consultation prior to this point, especially considering prior consultation for development of less units was met with such anger by the residents of our community.

(Note: To see a copy of all realated documents, please type 'Mountshannon' at the following link:

Public Meeting to be held: May 6th 2010, Walter Baker Centre Food Court (2nd floor), Open House 6:30-7pm, Meeting 7pm +).

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28. Stop Rezoning in Harmony Ridge

The City of Cottleville Planning and Zoning Commission is conducting a public hearing on April 7, 2010 at 7:00pm to review a request from Twin Eagles, LLC to rezone Lots M7 through M11 of "The Courtyards at Harmony Ridge" and the Future Development Parcel on plat “The Lofts at Harmony Ridge, a Condominium” recorded under PB 45 PG 303 for use as multi-family residential development and commercial development.

If approved, this will allow Twin Eagles, LLC to build a multi-story apartment/condo complex in the same area as the courtyards, adjacent to current homeowners.

This land was intended for courtyard homes, not a multi-story building, and goes against everything we were told this community would be when we bought our homes. Rezoning this land would have an immensely negative effect on the quality of life in the neighborhood.

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29. Stop Zone Change for SOM

Yale is seeking a zone change to allow the construction of a new facility for its School of Organization and Management. The building, designed by Sir Norman Foster, is grossly out of place in its context, New Haven's historic Whitney Avenue. The gargantuan building accedes the current zoning regulations in its height, side yard set backs and lot coverage ratios, and can only be built if the New Haven Board of Aldermen grant a zone change.

The City of New Haven's judgement that this incongruous design "sets significant standards for any subsequent development in this neighborhood" means that this development could have profound impacts throughout the Whitney Avenue area.

The project entails destroying all the existing buildings and trees, changing the natural landscape with major cut and fill excavation, converting open space on Whitney Avenue into an enclosed and private courtyard. The project adds a dangerous curb cut for cars to drop-off passengers. And it fails to fulfill Yale's own goal for enhanced and safe pathways for bikes and pedestrians on its north side.

NEWS LINKS:,0,1382356.story
Hartford Courant, December 13, 2009
Wrong Way On Whitney Avenue
Yale's Gargantuan School Of Management Building Would Be Out Of Place
The New Haven Register, February 5, 2010
BEACH: ‘Zealous few’ resist Yale’s use of bulldozer in the name of progress
By Randall Beach, Register Columnist

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30. Reject the Proposed Zone Variance on Tortuoso Way (Bel-Air)

ECP Acquisitions, LLC ("ECP") is the owner of eight vacant lots totaling approximately 10.3 acres on Tortuoso Way, just opposite the entrance to the Bel-Air Hotel.

ECP is seeking a variance from the City of Los Angeles Hillside Ordinance to permit construction of "41 retaining walls ranging in height from 10 to 50 feet" and totaling "5,048 linear feet" on lots which it proposes to develop "simultaneously with retaining walls that cross individual lot lines."

In its Zone Variance Application, ECP concedes that "the number and height of the walls" required to develop the site in accordance with its plans would "exceed the limits allowed by the Hillside Ordinance," which currently permits only 2 retaining walls of 10 feet in height on each of the eight lots.

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