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1. Governments should support Australian businesses

Recently, Australian company Rossi, lost a contract to supply boots for the Australian Army, to an overseas Company.

It is also believed that the government will get the next order of submarines from Japan, not to made in Adelaide.

Even our last Olympic uniforms were made overseas.

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2. Grant permission for Australian citizen Edwina Evans to work and live in the UK

Edwina Anne Evans was born in Malaysia in 1962 to parents both holding passports listing them as 'British Subjects'. Her father was serving with the Royal Australian Airforce but had previously worked with the RAF as a pilot on the Berlin Airlift.

Edwina has had conflicting advice from the British Immigration Office. A first response was as she was born as a British Subject in a British Colony before 1963 she would qualify for British Citizenship. After sending her Malaysian birth certificate she was then told that as her birth was registered in Penang she didn't qualify as Penang had gained independence from Malaya. This seems to be incorrect as although Penang did try to gain independence it did not succeed and when Malaya gained independence its citizens retained the Citizen of the UK status until 1963.

Edwina has visited the UK many times and would dearly love to be able to work and live here. She wants no access to public funds, just the right to be able to make a living in the country she loves. Edwina is of good character and holds a top security clearance with her employment in Australia.

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3. Demand SOLS Be Removed

We petition the government to work with the Department of Education to remove the SOlS. The State and Federal governments should be the one's in charge of students education. It would also help the economy because then you wouldn't need a "Department of Education".

Under the "No child left behind" Act students have been pressured to only pass SOLS, have had courses on how to pass them and even students scores affect how much (if any) of a pay increase teachers get.

We Demand that SOLS be removed and speak for the overwhelming majority of Americans that want to get rid of SOLS.

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4. Employee Hiring Reform

It's time to end the circle of unemployment for unexperienced people. Everyone has at least once in their life been denied a trivial job due to lack of experience.

It's time for the government to step in and mandate a change whereby employers can no longer refuse someone a job based on their experience unless the job truly requires experience and/or proven skills required to do the job.

For example, being denied a job stocking shelves in a supermarket because you have no experience is ludicrous.

"I can't get a job because I have no experience because I can't get a job." - Thousands of unemployed.

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5. Work for Felons

This Petition is for Non-Violent felons to successfully reintegrate in society as productive citizens of their community.

Stop recidivism and boost the economy.

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6. Support jobs for the future in Cowra

Cowra has just had another large business close, which put 70 people out of work. Many small businesses are struggling, and unemployment has increased.

Local people are very concerned with our future.

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7. Ambassadors, Activists, NGO's and trade experts for a Global AntiCorruption Network

The nazis are coming? journalists and scientists across the globe are targeted after discovering the hazards of chemicals in the air and in our food due to chemtrails from war (bombs) and dirty fuel.

We ask for our human right to live together peacefully with a New World Organization.

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9. Stop McDonald's Employees from Having to Work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The Holidays are days of the year set aside, designated to spend with our friends and loved ones. All year we work hard to support ourselves and our families and we sacrifice our time with them in order to do so.

We look forward to Holidays in order to take a step back and appreciate those in our lives. Yet employees at select McDonald's locations will not receive that time. These McDonald's locations will be remaining open and in business 24 hours on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as well as New Years Eve and New Years Day.

These employees are students, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who will not get to experience the joys of the holidays with their own families because of the greediness of the McDonald's Corporation. Please help those employees, who remain loyal to McDonald's, to be given the Holidays with their families.

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10. PLEASE create a NEW Star Trek TV Series!!!! :)

The WORLD, as you can see... MISSES having a Star Trek SERIES! :)

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11. Petition on the recent changes to Unemployment Insurance eligibility criteria:

Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament Assembled:

We, the undersigned residents of Canada, draw attention of the House to the following:

THAT the government of Canada has recently made changes to the eligibility requirements for unemployment insurance (UI);

THAT these changes have been made behind closed doors without any input from the ordinary Canadian citizens who are affected by such policies and these changes will negatively affect the livelihood of numerous Canadians;

THAT the adopted changes will negatively impact Canadians nation wide, in particular they will impact those Canadians who live in rural areas in which the economy is dependent upon seasonal employment.

We feel that the adopted changes to the unemployment eligibility criteria will force people out of their specialized occupations into unskilled, low wage jobs. In addition, we agree that Canadian individuals will be forced to look for employment at great distances outside their area of residence causing them to incur unreasonable time commitments and travel costs.

Combined, we feel these changes may lead to increased poverty for unemployed individuals as well as the families which they support.

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12. 24 hr Gold Coast KFC

Working years in late night hospitality, Ive become tired of the late night kebab being my main source of energy.

The thousands of us that work during the part of the day/night that everyone else spends either sleeping or partying have been left with very little option for food after work. Kebab's and McDonalds just don't cut it anymore.

We want late night KFC!!

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13. Stop temporary agencies

1 in 10 Canadians in the workforce who are employed are working in what would be considered temporary job.

Between 1989 and 1994, the number of Canadians employed on a temporary basis increased by 21 per cent, from 799,000 to 970,000 workers.

Seventy-five per cent of temporary jobs last less than six months and as a result, many temporary workers are excluded from various legal protections and employee benefits.

Temporary agents are not paid for days away from the job due to sickness, statutory holidays, bereavement or vacation leave, nor are they entitled to severance pay upon termination of their employment.

Employers are not required to pay unemployment insurance premiums or Canada/Quebec Pension Plan premiums on behalf of these workers.

Temporary employment is an important issue with substantial policy implications. Too many workers today are unable to string together enough temporary jobs in a year to provide them with an adequate income or security. Moving from one contract to the next, many individuals are left with only part-time work and irregular hours, and rarely with any of the non-wage benefits like pensions or unemployment insurance.

Clearly the emergence of these new forms of employment has implications for a wide range of policies and programs.

In short, temporary employment in some of its current forms is eroding the economic security of Canadian families.

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14. Let Us Work: Support a Luxury Resort and Casino in Hardeeville, SC

This petition supports the proposed Luxury Resort and Casino in Hardeeville, SC.

We believe this addition would be a perfect fit to the hospitality and tourism atmosphere in the Low Country.

Furthermore we believe the latter proposed would give a much needed economic lift to the surrounding area and provide a good foundation for steady future growth.

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15. Show The Real Unemployment Numbers

Let's finally get the real numbers out there. The administration wants to put out all these fake numbers and say the unemployment rate drops, but fail to mention all the people who ran out of benefits or no longer are looking for work because they can not find any.

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16. UK Disabled Community Against Welfare & Benefit Cuts

The UK Disabled Community needs to send a clear and unequivocal message in one unified voice to call on the Coalition Government to see us all as equal members of society and not treat us as a tool to steal our disability benefits and services to bail out the Country in this time of Financial Crisis.

Can we set a precedence to get 1 million signatures so that the Coalition Government will have no option but to take note of us and not just ignore or deflect our arguments & comments and to stop building this climate of hate against disabled people.

Please leave a question for your Local MP to pose to the Coalition Government, which we will add to the Petition when we deliver it to No.10.

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17. Reduce damage to wildlife in Devon

Picture a beautiful scene of nature and fields providing a home to millions of animals and birds. Imagine that this is also a home and livelihood for farmers and provides jobs for many other people too. There is such a place near where I live and now the Council wish to build a town here called Cranbrook.

Unless I get enough signatures here, they will be building to their original plans, and destroying the homes, jobs and livelihoods of both wildlife and people with bulldozers. While it is far too late to stop the building altogether, it is not too late for the Council to reduce their plans to build here. This would also be dangerous since they plan to build homes and other buildings there on the flood plains.

They say that this is necessary to reduce homelessness and to create jobs, but this is untrue because homelessness can be reduced by turning suitable old buildings into houses and work buildings, as well as reducing the housing costs. How would you like to be a wild animal and have your home destroyed for "economic reasons"?

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18. Bring Back The Tumblr Directory

A lot of us have put so much effort into getting into the directory, and now it has been wasted.

The feature has also been great for new people, as it gives them a good place to find people to follow.

We don’t want tumblr to remove explore, we just want the directory back.

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19. Bring back Work Experience for ALL

I, and the other people who signed this think that everyone should get the chance to have some work experience. Up until last year, forth years at my school got work experience but from now on they will not receive it.

It seems unfair that it has been cut. Work experience should be offered to all so we can learn what a job is like and see if the subjects we have chosen are correct for the subject. if we do not enjoy our time at work experience we might be able to choose different subjects.

This is why I think work experience is very important and should be brought back to ALL.

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20. Eliminate The California At-Will Employment Law

California's "at-will" Employment Law that Several States have adopted, allows Employers to Terminate an Employee with or without notice AND with or without any cause or reason.

We, California Citizens believe this Law proves that TITLE II of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (These Rights are Being Violated) AND that under The 14th Amendment of The United States Constitution for Equal Protection of The Law.

Furthermore, This Provision of Employment Law, upon Termination of an Employee does not authorize the terminated employee to invoke the right to appeal to Employer Superiors in writing.

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21. A Living Wage for Southwark's workers

Cleaners, carers and other people working for Southwark Council contracts are currently paid less than the basic amount you need to get by in London - the London Living Wage. This is currently £7.85 per hour, or about £15,000 a year.

In 2008 the Green Party introduced a policy, supported by the Labour Party, to pay workers the living wage as contracts came up. But it has never been implemented.

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22. Stop welfare fraud in Canada

They have recently cut the E.I. rates 5 weeks, these are people who have worked in some of the most menial jobs in Canada.

People on welfare never have to report anything such as change etc. children shipped off to their grandmother yet they get welfare and free education forever from the government, we pay their tuition fees, they don't even pass their courses or they drop them or don't show up.

Cut off the welfare fraud cases and give it to EI.

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23. Stop the Proposed Changes to ESA

New even harsher plans have been proposed for the Employment and Support Allowance in the UK. These will cause considerably more hardship for already vulnerable and disabled claimants. For more details go to

We successfully fought to stop the termination of the Disability Living Allowance and we can also fight to stop these new ESA proposals. This petition is part of the campaign to prevent these new proposals from passing into law.

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24. Equality for all drivers who need their licence for work

This Petition is for all that have been or may still be effected by the current disruption in services by drive test.

This disruption has effected many of our youth and young adults who need their licence for work as well many other day to day uses.

The government and Union need to realize that drive test should be available to all drivers who need its services for work.

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25. Support the Single Parent Employment Discrimination Act (SPEDA)

A petition to support SPEDA, the Single Parent Employment Discrimination Act to offer Single Parents the same protection offered to other minorities.

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26. Save the American People in a Recession

We are in a recession and bailing out companies with the Americans' tax dollars and it's not working. The Government wants health care reform by hiking up all the taxes which we the American people already pay.

If the average American got this stimulus package it would give them the ability to pay their debt ie, Mortgages, loans, medical and dental expenses, educational expenses. It would allow us the freedom to spend money on insurance for our family's, send our children through college, avoid foreclosures, repo's, the seniors could pay their outstanding medical bills and get out of debt which would regenerate the economy by putting the money back into the lending companies, banks, government and other companies big and small.

We bailed out the Corp Company's now it's time to start back at ground zero with the little people that work at the stores, secretaries, medical offices, teachers, etc. Some even don't have jobs anymore due to this recession and have lost everything they have worked so hard for, we are having to decide weather to feed our children or pay a loan, to pay our car payments or keep a roof over our heads, these are not easy decision but we are having to face them.

I purpose that we get a Financial Stimulus taxed package ranging from $100.000 per single family to $250.000 for a two parent household based on an annual income range from $70.000 or less. We need help now not later. It's time to make a change for the American people.

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27. Give asylum seekers the right to work


Without the right to work, asylum seekers are paralyzed economically, psychologically, intellectually and socially. This leads us to confusion which leads to stress and eventually to extreme forms of depression. It feels like the government has given up on our lives. This has a negative impact on the progression of the nation and giving up on the lives of asylum seekers feels like giving up on the nation.

“My name is Adam and I come from Darfur, Sudan. I would like to tell you about the Brighter Futures’ campaign for asylum seekers to have the right to work. I want to tell you about this because I know what life looks like for people like me who escaped from genocide in Darfur. The Home Office takes too long to decide our cases – and when you know your story is true this is very hard. This means you’re just staying at home, and you get bored with the TV. You can’t work – you see yourself growing up but you can’t do anything with your life. We’d like permission to work for everyone who’s been here for more than six months. If they don’t change this today, tomorrow for me will be too late.” Adam Teneh, 19, from Darfur

Brighter Futures is a self advocacy group for young asylum seekers and refugees, who are campaigning for all young asylum seekers aged 16 and over to have the right to work from six months after arriving in the UK. Brighter Futures is also calling for the Home Office to make it easier for young asylum seekers who do have the right to work to prove this.

We believe asylum seekers should have the right to work because:

• We need financial independence to satisfy our basic needs such as food, shelter, transport and education.
• We can then contribute to the economy through taxes.
• We can then relieve the burden on the benefits system.
• We can then integrate better with our local communities.
• We can change the image of asylum seekers - we want human dignity and respect.
• It enables the Government to reduce social problems such as asylum seekers being exploited by having to work illegally.

Finally, we get to grow financially, intellectually, emotionally and in confidence - as every human being has the right to for a brighter future.

We hope that this petition will compel the government to take a positive policy decision rather than believing the myths about asylum seekers. If the government truly believes in human rights, they must understand that not being able to work feels like the loss of our lives. Understanding the situation and taking into account these issues, we hope you will support our campaign.

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28. Online petition to internationally scrap homework

For a long time homework has taken up the time of school attendees and made them miserable... I believe this should change!

If schools can't teach us in the time we have something is wrong!

Join the revolution!!!

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29. Decriminalize Canada's Laws Against Adult Prostitution

Although prostitution is legal in Canada, many acts relating to prostitution are illegal.

s. 210 of the Criminal Code -- the Bawdy House Law-- makes it illegal for sex workers to work out of an environment that they feel safe in (such as their home, commericial residence, etc), and is punishable by up to 2 years in jail and possible seizure of bank accounts and assets, as well as possible eviction.

s. 212 (1) (j) of the Criminal Code -- under the Procuring Laws -- makes it illegal for a sex worker to use her earnings on rent, child care, care for elderly parents, etc. as this is seen as the person recieving the money as "living on the avails". Furthermore, article (3) of the this section makes it illegal for sex workers to live with anyone (as this would be seen as being "habitually in the company of a prostitute"). If a person is found to be living with a sex worker they can face prison time for up to 10 years.

s. 213 of the Criminal Code, which is used in over 90% of charges relating to prostition, the Communicating for the Purposes of Prostitution makes it an offense to arrange sexual services in public or a public place (i.e. a vehicle, bar, street, cell phone, etc).

Under these laws the only legal way a sex worker can work is to be locked in a room with a stranger. By not allowing sex workers to work from their own environment the government is essentially forcing sex workers to work in dangerous places (like the home of a client who could have weapons in the home, other people hiding, and the sex worker will not know an escape route, or if there are deadbolts locking her inside), this is also the case when sex workers cannot negotiate their services in public, thereby having to wait to be alone with a client before hearing about what he is expecting the two of them to do (which may not be what the sex worker wants to do). Not only that, but the laws make it illegal for sex workers to hire drivers, body guards, receptions, -- people that would make sex work safer as these people could risk being charged with the Bawdy House and/or Procuring laws.

These laws also make it difficult for those involved in sex work to call the police when they are in trouble as in the process of giving a report they may inadvertedly admit to committing a crime (such as working in a bawdy house, or communicating in public), meaning that sex workers are reluctant to report crimes to the police.

These laws have not protected sex workers but, instead of put them in danger, and since laws should be about protection people's lives, and not endangering them, we call on the government of Canada to decriminalize the adult prostitution laws.

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30. "Help Build" America's African Descent Slaves Library (AADSL)

(Former Chattel Slavery) is the beginning of Black History in America. You may think, everything is alright and it's O.K. to go about your business. I must warn you! It's not O.K. There are a few things needed to be done to help establish daily affirmation and to fully address many existing problems of today!

Many people do not know what chattel slavery means. The word chattel is a term used to identify former African Descent Slaves. According to Webster's, the word Chattel means (an item of personal, movable property, a slave)

There are several issues within the system, needing our immediate attention.

For this reason, it is extremely important for you to act now! So ratifying the same, (Former Chattel Slavery) in America, was only part of, an international slave trade.

Between the years 1783 and 1888 The institution of (Chattel Slavery) was largely religious and centered in Great Britain, Western Europe and the U.S.A.

The significance of the panacea Corps Of Chattel Slavery (PCOCS) is to:

1. Complete a Petition Drive to raise a minimum of 25 Million Signatures and Supporters. For questions about the petition please email us at:

2. Establish a new chain of America's African Descent Slaves Library (AADSL) to house all historical information pertaining to Black history as it started in America, Including all history pertaining to African Descent Slaves (From The Beginning Of Captivity, Up To Date With The Most Resent Documented Information.) For questions about (AADSL) please email us at:

3. Create America's National Community Service Employment Educational Programs (ANCSEEP). The programs are to be presented as a preempted pilot Repertoire Of Reparations to be sought in respect for damage due to direct results of former chattel slavery in America!For questions about (ANCSEEP) please email us at:

What is more important and the main reason why these programs are necessary: It was legal according to law makers, to own human being as property therefore damning a people with the title of chattel slavery. This is why (PCOCS) wishes to Right The Wrong Doing Of Former Chattel Slavery. And How? Join the movement and learn more!

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