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121. Stop cruel chicken slaughter

This petition was created on june 14, 2005. It is supposed to help show people how cruel and cold hearted kfc is.

Chickens raised for KFC are taken away from their families and stuffed into sheds with tens of thousands of other birds. (Think of how scared you'd be if you were locked inside a crowded room with thousands of people you didn't know!) The birds aren't allowed any fresh air or sunshine, and they can barely move (each chicken has to make do with a space smaller than one sheet of notebook paper).

Once they're fattened up, the birds are thrown into tiny crates and trucked to the slaughterhouse. Some chickens fall off the trucks and are left to die alongside the road. The frightened birds who make it to the slaughterhouse are killed when they are just 6 weeks old—still babies!

Chickens are probably the most abused animals on the face of the planet. They suffer any number of cruelties, including being left by the hundreds of thousands to starve to death, having their sensitive beaks seared off with hot blades, being crammed 11 birds to a tiny cage along with the decomposing corpses of other chickens, and dying in huge numbers from long journeys in extreme weather conditions.

Basically, any and all abuse is allowable when it comes to chickens, who are, in fact, remarkable animals with distinct personalities and intelligence that, if allowed to develop, is as advanced as that of cats and dogs. Most importantly, they feel pain, just as we do.Animals Routinely Sliced Open and Scalded While Still Conscious.

At slaughter, chickens are dumped from cages like so many rubber balls and then SNAPPED by their weakened and sometimes broken legs into metal shackles before their heads are passed through an electrically charged water bath that immobilizes them but often does not render them unconscious.

The workers who hang the animals must work so quickly (assembly-line style) that animals are frequently injured. When the water "baths" are set below the level required to kill them, as they often are, the animals (unless they have died from stress and abuse before they're even shackled) are alive, conscious, and bleeding to death after their throats are slit, and they enter the scalding tank ( scalding hot water for feather removal) still conscious.

Many of them flap about and thus miss both the immobilization bath and the automated and manual (human) neck-slicers and are still completely conscious when they are scalded to death.

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122. The Treatment of Dogs and Cats in Korea

The Treatment of Dogs and Cats in Korea.

Should the brutal treatment and death of a dog or cat concern us more than if the same were done to a cow, or a sheep, or a chicken. It shouldn't, but animals that the "Western world" looks upon as companion animals are treated very differently in Korea.

Many Koreans still believe that if one eats dog meat from dogs that have been tortured to death, it will make them more sexually active. The marketing of dog meat as a health food was initiated and perpetuated by the dog meat dealers to keep their billion dollar businesses going. The rationale behind savagely beating a dog to death lies in the primitiveness that when a dog is beaten they produce high levels of adrenaline hence the selling of their meat as a kind of "natural" viagra for impotence and vitality!

This adrenaline rush is achieved by hanging dogs from ropes on trees and leaving them to slowly strangle to death, and then while still alive, their fur is blowtorched off.

Cats do not hold any position of affection in Korean society. They are not eaten as dogs are but many attempts have been made to eradicate them, not by humane methods, but rather by beating the animals to death in sacks or, in some cases, boiling them alive in large pressure cookers to supply the insatiable demand for another "herbal" remedy - although clearly animals do not fall into this category.

The Korean government does not enforce its animal welfare laws so people make an assumption that farming dogs, slaughtering them and selling their meat is legal. It is not. The sale and cooking of dogs is illegal under Korea's food and sanitation laws.

Imagine being thrown into a cage full of other dogs. A cage so small there's no room to move and let alone stand. A cage so cramped there is no way you can get water or food .. assuming it was even provided to you. One day you are transported in the cage to a dog market.. your last journey, although you don't realise it.

You're pulled out of the cage by a rope tied around your neck and then held by that rope and beaten over and over again on the head with a metal're bruised, bleeding and concussed. you have no idea what fate has in store for see a man approaching with a long stick..he jabs it into your side, you a feel a wave of electricity surge through your body. you're jabbed over and over again until your last grasps of air are extinguished from your body..

The dead, limp carcass of the dog is then transported again by motorcycle to the processing factory where eager purchasers look out for what they'll put on their dinner table tonight.

The lifeless body is dragged out of the cage and dumped into a huge pot of boiling water amongst other helpless dogs who have received the same fate. The pot is a machine with a fast whirlpool action that spins round and round to remove the fur off the tortured dog.

Once the fur has been removed (a delicacy in itself), the dog is scorched using a blowtorch. The process is now finally complete. The dog now, bearing little resemblance to anything other than a slab of meat is transported back to the shop...

Now, imagine being thrown into sack, pounded against the ground and thrown into a pot of boiling water - trying to scramble out of a pain that singes your body, only to be pushed back under water until you finally lose consciousness.

The pot is a large pressure cooker used to liquefy cats to produce a tonic unfoundedly believed to cure rheumatism and a variety of other ailments.

Now stop imagining. This is not fiction. This is real. What you have just read happened to over 2,600,000 dogs and cats in Korea last year...and if nothing is done, it will happen to over 2,600,000 dogs and cats in Korean again this year.

In fact, the torturing you've just imagined is only a fraction of the cruelty that occurs to dogs and cats in Korea. Cultural myth dictates that dog and cat meat/soups are cures for various ailments and that the more adrenalin you can circulate through an animal's body during its last moments of life ie through making the death a more painful and gruesome one, makes the meat 'taste better'. This encourages dog farmers to enhance the suffering of the dogs...a killing that is devoid of any humanity.

Korean culture as with many other Asian cultures embraces the condemning practice of slaughtering animals for their own consumption, regardless of how the animal suffers in the process. The distinction between the killings in the East and the killings in the West is that the West follow stricter guidelines as to the method of slaughtering and are more heavily regulated by Animal Welfare Laws.

In 1984, the Korean Ministry of Health did outlaw the sale of dog meat, however has done very little, if anything to enforce a law that was only introduced to satisfy the public outcry at the time.

We need to do something to raise the awareness of people living in these countries to a level where they think twice about the validity of their traditions and the means adopted to satisfy them. We need to challenge the way that Koreans currently view their companion animals and force the government to take a more proactive stance against these cruel death sentences.

Source: Korea Animal Protection Society (KAPS)

Please write a letter to the Korean government officials below to take a more active stance in fulfilling their governmental responsibilities in enforcing a law they have already introduced and thereby prosecute people who sell and slaughter cats and dogs for human consumption.

Korea is holding the World Cup next year and will therefore suffer greatly if they are seen to be treating their companion animals without humanity or regard for their welfare. We HAVE to put pressure on the Korean government to clean up their act now or else face international condemnation when the spotlight's on them during the World Cup. For the 2,600,000 plus dogs and cats in Korea awaiting their fate on death row.we owe it to them to put pen to paper and give up 5 minutes of our time to make a difference in this world.

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123. Opposition to rate increase by Skyline Water Company

I am writing concerning the rate increase proposed by Dave Travers (i.e. Skyline Water Company). We as a community do not feel this increase is warrented. 16 years ago the water bill was $16.00 monthly, now with the addition of meters we all pay a minimum of $30.00 and some of us pay as much as $80.00 a month. For my bill this equates to almost a 400% increase over 16 years.

For years we have been told that the rate increases were going to be used for improvements to the existing well and or well house, to date none of us have seen any of these improvements. Mr. Travers has been called repeatedly by myself and my neighbors because of water that sometimes has dirt in it and has an oily film. Mr. Travers solution is always to flush the line outside the residence. This flushing of the lines only clears the water up for a brief period, eventually the dirt and oil return.

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124. Ban Cigarettes in the USA!

Alright I know we have all herd this before but honestly, we need to look at the facts here. Every 8 seconds someone dies of tobacco! And next time it could be you! Or someone in your family!

Almost 50,000 people a year die from second hand smoke alone! Just second hand! Just from being in the same room with someone who smokes.

Tobacco companies are making products that kill their customers! Their product(s) kill 440,000 of there buyers a year and 1,200 a day!

But why should this be surprising? Cigarettes zalready have about 700 chemicals in them alone! 69 of these chemicals are even known to cause cancer! Just to name a few chemicals:benzene, carbon monoxide, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide and polonium 210 (which is a radioactive chemical).

Ever heard of urea? the dictionary defines urea as: A water-soluble compound, CO(NH2)2, that is the major nitrogenous end product of protein metabolism and is the chief nitrogenous component of the urine in mammals and other organisms. Also called carbamide.

Some tobacco companies even add urea to their cigarettes.

"In 1990, 72 million bottles of a popular mineral water were voluntarily recalled because of small traces of benzene. The smoke from one pack of unfiltered cigarettes has as much benzene as 169 bottles of the contaminated water."

I beleive the most shocking quote of all is "How do infants avoid secondhand smoke? "At some point they begin to crawl." -- Tobacco Executive 1996"

Smoking also causes 445 new cases of lung cancer everyday.

Now think about this...We supposedly live in the "Best country of All" but if we're so great..why does out governement allow people to sell things that will kill us?

Please Join the fight for a Smoke Free World.

*all information and quotes from*

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125. Cleaner more ozone friendly energy sources

I know that it is very much need that we start taking more action to help save our ozone layer if we dont do something about this we will have global warming on our hands and everyone will be dead. I propose that we start using more ozone friendly resourses as power instead of fossil fuel. These resourses could include wind power, water power, clean electric power but it sould not be limited to these three. I really think we NEED to do this because if we dont then global warming will kill us all.

I want to live to see many more days without having to worry about this and i think that we sould really start thinking about the big picture: Can we go on doing what we are doing and not have this happen in the possible near future. I hope you take this as seriously as I do because I want are children to have a future.

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126. End the Embargo against Cuba!

For more than 45 years, this illegal and immoral policy has achieved the sole function of harming hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, by preventing ready access to food, medicine and other essential goods.

Not only does the embargo indiscriminately punish the Cuban people by:

* Barring the delivery of the newest, most effective medicines, medical equipment, and medical information;
* Discouraging foreign companies from sending goods to Cuban ports;
* Blocking the shipment of water treatment equipment that prevents the spread of water-borne disease;
* Causing life-threatening nutritional deficiencies in pregnant women and children.

The embargo also stifles individual American freedoms and the free exchange of values and ideas by:

* Denying our right to free travel;
* Refusing all visits to extended family in Cuba;
* Forbidding more than one visit every three years to a close family member in Cuba (even if sick or dying);
* Prohibiting the free exchange of values and ideas;
* Restricting the exchange of students and scholars;
* Forbidding professionals from academic, scientific and cultural conferences sponsored by U.S. or Cuban institutions.

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127. Petition to reverse water rate increase approved by the Crestline OH. City Council

Should the people of Crestline have to pay the expense of bringing jobs to Crestline by making it more inviting at our expense? The passed water bill brings only wealth to the parties that passed the bill!

An annexation should carry the expense of both planned parties Crestline and Galion. If the construction of an industrial park is going to bring the need of emergency funding, let the businesses that are involved pay the bill.

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128. 12 lot subdivision at 111 Exeter Road Hampton, NH.

Delvin Arnold has purchased the property at 111 Exeter Road Hampton, NH. Mr. Arnold is proposing to have a 12 lot Subdivision in the now wooded area, which also has other issues. Those issues being the Water Table, Environment, Wildlife, & intrusion on the abutters. At the meeting on Feb. 2, 2005, Planning Board member Tom Gillick stated that the objective of the meeting was to review the design of the proposed Subdivision only. Many residents concerned about the proposed development attended the meeting to voice all their concerns, which are all viable.

We the citizens believe that the area is mostly wetlands which is already an ongoing issue currently that the Town of Hampton has yet to rectify. The water table rises in an area on Bourn Ave. that has residents outraged. We work very hard at keeping our property well maintained & the water issue is an ongoing battle. Water is currently being pumped through exposed PVC piping from the excess water and some days it may take hours for the water to dissapate. The traffic that goes down Bourn Ave. causes the water to almost go up to residents front doors.

Tom Gillick describes the situation as "temporary". I have lived on Bourn Ave. for almost 3 yrs and I have never seen the situation addressed appropriately. The residents that already have water problems in their basements will only become worse and extremely costly. There is also the Wildlife issue & Environmental Protection that residents would like to see.

The area is overdeveloped as it is & by forcing out the Wildlife, there is potential for more accidents & also the risk of the animals finding refuge in residents homes. I am a firm believer of protection of Wildlife, the land is currently their home and most of the residents do not want to see that destroyed.

These are all the concerns of the residents of Hampton, NH. that will utlimately be affected by this proposed development.

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129. Change the name of our planet from Earth, to Water.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been calling our planet earth. Only now do some of us relize how inaccurate this is.

There is actually more water on earth than actual earth. This is why we think that the name of our planet should be changed.

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130. Investigate high water bills in Itasca Texas

For several months many residents of Itasca, Texas have noticed a unexplainable rise in their water bills. When the question is brought up to the city councle nothing is done, nor will they put forth any effort into finding out the cause for the increase on the amount the city is charging for the water services.

Instead they go out of their way to insist that the bills are accurate even when presented with evidence to show otherwise.

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131. Stop Alaska Salmon Stream Pollution!

Overview: Governor Murkowski and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) have proposed new rules to increase pollution in Alaska's wild salmon streams. Currently, state law rightly prohibits "mixing zones" in salmon spawning areas. The Governor's proposal will rollback these safeguards, and allow mining, sewage, oil and gas and other pollution to be dumped into our fish streams. The deadline for comments is September 10, 2004.

The Problem: A "mixing zone" is an area in a waterbody where pollution levels exceed water quality standards designed to protect people and fish. Normally, a pollution discharge must meet water quality standards at the end of the discharge pipe. When the discharge is too polluted to meet such standards, regulators often employ mixing zones - which are simply loopholes that allow compliance to be measured downstream, after the polluted discharge has dispersed in the receiving water. Mixing zones adopt the long-discounted notion that dilution is the solution to pollution, and in practice, they create sacrifice zones where water and habitat quality fail to meet the fish protection goals of the Clean Water Act.

The Solution: Speak Out! Let the Governor and ADEC know you oppose increased pollution in Alaska's renowned salmon streams (see talking points below):

Ernesta Ballard, Commissioner
Alaska Dept. of Env. Conservation
410 Willoughby Avenue, Suite 303
Juneau, AK 99801-1795
ph: (907) 465-5066; fx: (907) 465-5070

Governor Frank Murkowski
State of Alaska
Box 110001
Juneau, AK 99811
ph: 907.465.3500 fx: 465.3532

Attend a Public Hearing!!! ADEC will hold public hearings (see schedule below) and we need people to come out in force to reject this short-sighted proposal:

Fairbanks , August 24 from 4-6 p.m. - 119 N Cushman Street, Suite 101 .
Anchorage , August 25 from 4-6 p.m. - 716 W. 4 th Ave, Suite 200 .
Juneau , August 26 from 4-6 p.m.- Terry Miller Building , Suite 111

Send a Letter to the Editor!

Letters to the Editor
Anchorage Daily News
P.O. Box 149001
Anchorage, AK 99514

For more information, contact:
Cook Inlet Keeper (Anchorage Office): 907.929.9371
Alaska Center for the Environment: 907.274.3621



· Alaska Law Rightly Prohibits Mixing Zones in Salmon Streams. Alaska law currently prohibits mixing zones in salmon streams because mixing zones allow pollution at levels above state standards designed to protect fish. The state says it is simply conducting "housekeeping" to make permit decisions easier for industry and agencies; the fact is that the new rule will allow toxic pollution discharges in Alaska salmon streams where none occur now. Polluting industries have lobbied for years for this loophole, and now, the Murkowski Administration is set to reward them with yet another way to foist pollution treatment costs onto everyday Alaskans.

· Polluting Salmon Streams Will Hurt Fish Marketing Efforts. In response to the global glut of farmed salmon, the Alaska salmon industry is successfully branding and marketing wild, fresh and clean Alaska salmon to consumers who demand quality seafood. If the Administration adopts the proposed rules, farmed fish vendors will have a powerful to undermine Alaska salmon sales. Furthermore, salmon marketing and certification entities - such as the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Kenai Wild, Copper River Red Salmon and the Marine Stewardship Council - may be forced to amend their salmon quality specifications and grades to reflect fish taken from waters with heightened pollution from mixing zones.

· The Murkowski Administration Is Gutting Fish Habitat Protections. The Murkowski Administration has embraced an extreme anti-salmon agenda since taking office. At the start of his term, the Governor effectively silenced the biologists in the Alaska Department of Fish & Game's Habitat Division, by moving them to the resource development agency - the Department of Natural Resources. Soon after, he and his supporters gutted the primary state law which protects salmon habitat in coastal watersheds - the Alaska Coastal Management Program - by effectively removing citizens and local governments from decisions affecting coastal salmon habitat. The Murkowski Administration has also pressed hard to allow pesticide and herbicide spraying around salmon streams. Together, these sweeping changes herald disturbing rollbacks to common sense protections for our wild salmon and the people and communities they support.

· More Pollution Threatens Fisheries Health & Consumer Safety. The State of Alaska does not regularly sample and test salmon for toxic pollution. Research from the Exxon Valdex oil spills has proved that low levels of hydrocarbons - as low as one part per billion - can harm fish eggs and smolt. Furthermore, many Native and subsistence consumers eat large quantities of salmon, and toxins in the fish can bioaccumulate in human fat cells, leading to health concerns (especially for vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women and children). As a result, the current proposal to allow more pollution in salmon streams adopts a "head in the sand" approach to fisheries health and consumer safety.

· The Comment Period Falls During Prime Fishing Season. The Murkowski Administration chose to wait until the middle of the fishing and subsistence seasons to open a 45 day comment period - when those people who would be most affected by the proposed rule are unavailable. As a result, the comment period should be extended until October 31, to allow stakeholders a realistic opportunity to weigh-in on this important proposal.

For more information, contact:

Cook Inlet Keeper (Anchorage Office): 907.929.9371
Alaska Center for the Environment: 907.274.3621

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132. Stop Industrial Farming - It Hurts the World

Industrial farming (also know as "agribusiness") is an agricultural method used to mass-produce crops. But instead of feeding the hungry world, these corporations cause more starvation. They compete against smaller farms and force the farmers out of business, which means they can no longer feed their local community or even themselves.

Agribusinesses use millions of pounds of pesticides annually, which then pollute water sources, injure humans, kill aquatic life, and damage topsoil.

When you buy wheat products at the grocery store, do you think about where it came from? Neither did I - at least until I did some research. Most of the produce we buy is grown on industrial farms, a farming method where only one crop is grown over hundreds of acres of land (causing depletion of soil nutrients and decreased biodiversity). Industrial farms use 70% of potable water consumed, but also pollute other water sources. A branch of industrial farming is called "factory farming" where animals are kept in confinement. When pigs bite each other's tails because they've "gone mad" from not being able to perform natural behaviors, they have their tails cut off- without anesthetics. When disease is found among a few chickens on an industrial farm, they chuck all of them into a chipper. It grinds them up while they are still alive. Please examine the pictures of the confined pigs and the sow who is feeding her piglets but who cannot move at all. Should animals be treated this way?

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133. Fight Against Cruelty to Animals at Emperor Valley Zoo

I recently visited the Emperor Valley Zoo and it was more like the Valley of Death than an actual zoo. I was saddened by this situation and ever since I have been trying to see what can be done.

Emperor Valley Zoo - Zoo or Animal Graveyard? I have not been to the zoo for years and was expecting to see huge roaring lions, playful monkeys, dears and all the other unusual animals. As I wondered around the zoo, I got more than what I expected, the adrenalin rushed to my head my heart started pounding and my body became frigid with shock, not did I only get to meet the animals but their valley of death. These animals are not only kept there for the viewing pleasure of the public, but also to be tortured, mistreated, harmed, abused and neglected! My eyes were suddenly filled with tears, trying to picture myself in these poor animals places, and it hurts, just thinking about it. The animals just like every other human being has feelings too. It makes you question, why have a zoo, why have zookeepers, why display pain to the public and most important of all why have a Minister of Environmental issues. Does any of this make sense? Does our country only consist of people? All those that are part of the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago should walk with their heads down in shame, because they have to be mentally sick to have the heart to ill-treat animals. You would have to be a HATER!

I have visited several countries and it's so nice to see how wholesome their environment is, almost makes you want to stay, and then I begin to think about driving through the streets of our islands as I am then escorted by stray dogs, dead dogs, vagrants and much more. Oh how proud I am of my country and my government. A government is put in place to take charge of the country and I do believe that it includes caring for all environmental matters and a lot of this begins at the zoo. The government thinks that they are making the every attempt to get rid of crime, but they themselves along with those that are involved with the environment department fail to realize that they are criminals too! They are individuals that do not see animal cruelty as a problem.

There should be animal cruelty laws, are there? If you look at the channel 39 on cable (Animal Planet), there is a program especially dedicated to deal with animal brutality, they literally arrest and press charges against people who can’t look out for animals. They take the animals away from them and carry them to an animal hospital, where they are treated with care and then carried away to homes where they can be loved.

Can you actually tell me you go to the zoo and enjoy looking at sick animals? I have seen with my own eyes animals that are meant to live an aquatic life, live without water and if there is water, it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for months, since the moss seems to enjoy it more than the animals. It took me five minutes to find the dears, which were all cuddled up in a corner of their water-less den lying on the not so freshly cut grass looking as though they were on the verge of death. As for the three lions or maybe just two with one looking like a corpse, at least that is what it looked like, were trapped with an already eaten, but rottening bone. So very few lions we have, wonder if these strong, as they are known to be, creatures have the strength to even mate. Yes, it’s that bad, unbelievable but true. The visitors of the zoo on the other hand and the zookeepers I must add, had to enjoy a great deal of the foul smell, coming from the monkey’s cages. From what I gathered, this zoo will eventually be an “Animal’s Cemetery” Animals need to be nurtured, meaning to take care of, for those that don’t know. I just had to give the meaning of that word, because a lot of us really do not know.

This is not only a letter of complaint, but a plead to please fill these animal’s bowls with water, cut the grass, give them a need to run around in their dens, swim in their ponds, feed them, clean their homes, this has been their homes for quite some time, shower them love and attention, give them life and a chance to create a life. I would also like everyone to know that I am not stopping here; I am going to continue pleading until all this comes to a stop, by gathering those that are willing to help fight against this terrible situation, by addressing the Minister of Environment and others associated and I urge you to do your part to bring this to an end.

Fighting Against Animal Cruelty,

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134. Water Extension & Upgrade for residents of Eatontown Road

Water Extension and Upgrade! Our well water is unfit to drink or cook with. When they removed the coal off the landin this area it affected the quailty of our water supply. We also would like to have the water lines upgraded so that the residents that do have water would have better pressure.

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135. Rainwater Tank installation Rebate

For the last few years drought conditions have been experienced in division 4 of the nanango Shire. A pipeline has been constructed, with the assistance of a generous grant from the Federal government, to construct a pipeline between Tarong energy's feeder line the town's catchment area at Boobir Dam. While this is much appreciated, the increasing impost placed upon those residents connected to the reticulated town water supply is stilla financial burden to many, and there is a general desitre to minimise the need to draw from this resource.
Recent heavy rains have been very welcome, especially as water restrictions are still in place. However, it is a tragic loss of a valuable and irreplaceable resource to see thousands of litres of this precious rain water being lost from roofs and down gutters.

Brisbane City Council and many other forward thinking administrations across this county have implemented cash rebate schemes, thus assisting residents to install rain water tanks, as outlined in the attached document,which has been gleaned from various civil and state government information sheets.

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137. Run city water into Northward s/d!!!

All residents of Northward s/d are on wells, and we have no fire hydrant close enough to help us if there is a fire.

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138. Stop Bear Dancing And Animal Tesing

This petiton will hopefully stop cruelty to animals such as animal testing and bear dancing and animal abuse.

Ever had to sit in the same spot for days on end? Well bears have, they are chained up with no food, no water and are made to dance for entertainment. It needs to be stopped. Please sign the petition as this does really needs to stop. Also this petition will be stopping animal testing which is sick and horrific.

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139. Bring our Troops Home!

I don't know if you guys realize but some of our troops that went over to Iraq have yet to return to their homes. The ones that are still overseas are mostly the ones that were the first to go over there in the beginning. The rest of our soldiers have been brought home but yet these guys are kept over there. You would think that since they were among those to go over their in the beginning they would get to come home first. But no this isn't the case. In fact they aren't even getting all the thinks that they need to stayt healthy such as food and water. Thats right... now joke about this they aren't getting what they need.

Please help me to get these men and women back home. They miss their families and they aren't even getting treated with respect. They enlisted and trained for this war to protect us. But yet they aren't getting what they need to even be healthy. While we are sitting at home enjoying out hamburgers and french fries they can't even get a simple sip of water. If we continue to treat these heros in such as a way that even the poorest people here aren't treated who will we have nexxt time if we have to go to war. No one wants to be treated this way there fore no one will enlist. God Bless their souls!

Please I'm asking you help me to brings our heros home...

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140. Plains Township or Borough

For 15 yrs we lived in fear of flooding from backyard pond, only to be laughed at, told it will be looked into! Not to mention the fear of west nile because no one looks into it to spay. We are too worried and tried of fighting for this, when someone else could come along and bank up his property and makes the water higher for us, We are considering legal action.

Also, for the amount of taxes we pay, we need our two roads paved. Can't afford car maintance every year. We also are tried of being told we are on the list. Unacceptable anymore! Things must get fixed The Right Way and now!

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141. Petition for Better Roads & Drainage in the City of Saint Hedwig

The city has not used enough of the bond money to improve the roads in our city. We continue to have delays in getting the work done. The water drainage is unacceptable.

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142. Building Codes

This is a petition concerning the Building Codes and Restrictions set forth by Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association.

Policy Page C-3 of the Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association states that each portable building or mobile home brought into the addition must first have a photo submitted to the Association for approval. By moving in the mobile home on Mariner Court that appears to have been torn down once, it has and will continue to bring our property value down and our insurance rates up since most homeowner's insurance companies take note of the properties surrounding your home. Please sign this petition to have the mobile home removed.

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143. Boycott & Recall "KItchen Witchery"

I have started this petition, due to the fact that the vast majority of the recipes contained within this "book" come from (or are barely alterations of) Cunningham's work, and the "secret" to "always stir clockwise" also comes directly from Cunningham's "The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews" in which he also gives advice on "buying, storing & blending essential oils" as a trained aromatherapist. What can also be found in this book, verbatum, are Cunningham's "Tables for Magickal Substitution", and several recipes from from Laurie Cabot's work, among others. One such glaring example was what Marilyn titles "Organic Love Potions". She states: "Combine any 3 of the following ingrednients in 1 cup of water: apples, cloves, cinnamon, lovage-root powder, yarrow flowers, strawberry oil, patchouli Oil, or musk oil." This exact recipe can be found in Laurie Cabot's book "Power Of The Witch", thusly (published more than a decade prior), "A bewitching, organic, perfume starts with herbs and spices. Simmer any three of the following ingredients in a cup or two of spring water with a tablespoon of sea salt: apples, cloves, cinnamon, lovage-root powder, yarrow flowers, strawberry oil, patchouli Oil, or musk oil." And, no credit is given to any of the authors for their own creative genius. In fact, Marilyn doesn't include the use of sea salt in her publication, which isn't wise by any means, due to the fact that Laurie adds sea salt to her water-based potions as a preservative!

So, as unkind as it may sound, this is a work of pure plagiarism. In fact, I owned my copy for a total of 15 minutes. Until I gave this book a closer look. Needless to say, I returned it for a prompt refund, stating exactly why, to the management. I also saw many of the Farrar's recipes included, as well. In another of Cunningham's books, he lists a variety of ingredients associated with each directional wind, like lavender, for the East Wind, as an example. Well, this very table was also included in Marilyn's big orange book, for goodness sake! So, I certainly wouldn't waste almost $30 for other authors' work, when they are not given credit. Especially when I happen to own the originals, anyway (which are oftimes touted as "classics").

Cunningham's famous "Table of magickal substitutions" is also included! What's more, whereas Cunningham detailed how one might go about choosing a substitution, Mariylyn does not, leaving the reader to pick at them will-nilly without a real grasp at why! And, this author calls herself a "Wiccan HPs"??? I am at a loss for words, here, I'm afraid. I am very disappointed. In fact, I kindy E-Mailed the publisher (as well as several Pagan owned/operated businesses who were selling this book) to make them aware of what I'd personally wittnessed. None of them so much as offered me the decency of a reply.

According to the US Copyright Office, "Mere listings of ingredients as in recipes, formulas, compounds or prescriptions are not subject to copyright protection. However, where a recipe or formula is accompanied by substantial literary expression in the form of an explanation or directions, or when there is a combination of recipes, as in a cookbook, there may be a basis for copyright protection." Which, of course, means that Marilyn is in violation of Copyright infringment, most likely! And, like another reviewer for Amazon.Com, I am equally surprised that a reputable firm such as Weiser would allow such a thing to slip by them.

So, I am personally E-Mailing the authors' publisher with regards to this book, such as Llewellyn and Pheonix Publications and Laurie Cabot's publisher. If you would like to see these authors credited for their works, and recieve the money due to them and their publisher, I strongly suggest that you adopt similar actions!

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144. NO Chains for Dogs

Many dogs are forced to endure a life of neglect, isolation and terrible extreme temperatures. Their entire life they are commited to be chained, roped or otherwise tethered outdoors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, an existence of despair, often , without benefit of adequate shelter.

Barely given enough food or water, they are tied and forgotten. Tell the congressmen and women of this Commonwealth that you want a change dog laws to ban this terrible practice. Make it an enforceable crime for dog owners to "tie 'em and forget 'em". Thank you.

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My family and I have resided in Parker Island aka "Palm Haven Estates" located off County Rd 29, Lake Placid, FL, for 11 years. The best thing about the purchasing our home and land was for the "QUALITY OF THE GREATEST WATER AROUND". We have had the best drinking and cooking water here, until the beginning of 2003. Our water has been tainted due to the fact of excessive pumping from "Heartland Waters". This water is being pumped from my families backyard, the traffic of all hours is unbearable. Especially to those of us whom are waken from sleep due to the noise.

I have children that go to school everyday tired from a lack of sleep, I myself am a mason by trade and need sleep too. I noticed sand in the bottom of our glasses, and my fish tanks as well as my pool, which also brings on an uncontrolable amount of algea build up. I also notice in the bottom of a cup this am, of 03/11/2003 some type of grit and greenish colored substance. Which took bleach to remove the stain. I have never in the 11 years I have lived here needed bleach for my clothes (which are starting to yellow). Much less needed bleach for my dishes. Please don't forget about our personal cleansing I myself have finicky skin and even the softest soap such as Dove, Lever 2000 is rough on my skin. I feel that yes my neighbors are suffering from the same problems. This pumping is causing a road attached to my propety aka "Coots Road" to cave in. (Which the residents have chosen to claim as theirs and fenced it off). They are also dumping some type of fluid into the canal (county maintained) which is also attached TO MY LAND, which is discoloring the water. Keep in mind my children love to fish and do so in this now putrid canal. Which is being ruined by "Heartland Water" excessive pumping. I personally am going to be at a loss of a safe environment if this pumping continues. PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION AND SAVE "PARKER ISLAND"

Thank You Shara Michaelsen

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146. JNRU needs to lower water bills before everyone in the community moves out

We the community of Country Squire Lakes want JNRU water Company to lower their bills or we would like a new water company to take over. Our community can not afford these water bills. More and more families are being forced out of this community because they can't afford the water bills. Soon we will have no community to come home to.

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147. Heartland Water Co. [Excessive Pumping ]

Heartland Water Company has been pumping water 24hrs a day since approximately January 15,2003.[location county road 29] They have had a continuous flow of Semi Tankers at least one leaving every hour on the hour. Beside the noise factor in the middle of the night and day, we have to give thought to the amount of water being pulled out of our water supply. On Febuary 4, 2003 I experienced sand in my drinking water. I have spoken to a few neighbors they had also found some particles in their water, other neighbors were more worried about their future. What would happen in the future if they keep taking that much water out of our supply? Will WE Be Buying Water or Digging a New WELL!!!!

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148. Stop the Navy from Using Marine Life

Sources say the Navy decided to acknowledge the experiment, at least in part, because the sea lions were making so much noise in their pens at Bahrain harbor, home of the Navy's largest facility in the Persian Gulf.
Sea lions are not native to those waters and typically bark loudly when excited. There was no way their presence, officials decided, could be kept secret. No final decision has been made on whether the sea lions will stay.

The animals — along with dolphins and a beluga whale or two — are trained as part of the Navy's Marine Mammal Program in San Diego. They are trained to hunt for mines, to locate objects lost in deep water and to provide harbor security.

Intelligence officials have warned repeatedly about the threat of terrorists using divers to blow up ships. That's what both the sea lions and the dolphins are trained to deal with, among other things.

Working with human handlers, the sea lions are trained to locate unexpected swimming intruders, to snap a locking clamp on an arm or leg, then leave.

The clamp is connected to a rope and signal buoy that humans with guns would then reel up, presumably pulling up a human on the other end. In theory, the animals would not be hurt. Their contact with a potential terrorist — who would presumably be surprised — would last only an instant as they briefly made contact.

Eric Jensen, a veterinarian with the Navy program said: "When you study the animals and you come to realize what they can do in their own environment, the aquatic environment, it's no surprise that we have not been able to build a machine that can do what they do."

Sea Lions, Unlike Dolphins, Can Battle the Elements

Why sea lions?

During the Persian Gulf War and several times after, the Navy used specially trained dolphins to pull harbor guard duty. But their handlers discovered as the weather heated up and the water got warmer in the Gulf, the dolphins became sluggish and far less effective.

Officials say sea lions do not appear to be bothered as much by rising water temperature and they have one other advantage. Unlike a dolphin, a sea lion could continue chasing an enemy — if it came to that — onto dry land.

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149. Save the lions left high and dry at Sattur, TamilNadu, South India

Four lions are left high and dry by a circus company at Sattur, TamilNadu, South India. This incident has appeared in local newspapers. No action has been taken for the past four months. The lions are living in small cages. They don't get enough water and food and they are semi starved condition. If left so in the summer months, they would definitely die. Please take immediate steps to leave the lions in a national park or a zoo.
B.Harinathan, VIII
I.Bibul, VIII
S.S.Vignesh V
Boopathy, VIII
Muthuraja, VIII
MAthan, V
Nature Club Of YRTV MAT. HR. SEC. SCHOOL, SIVAKASI, TamilNadu, South India.
Pin - 626 123

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150. Water the Cows!!

The cows of barbados are tied up all day in the fields with no acess to any water at all. They go thirsty all day. I asked a man here if the cows get water and he said, "If it rains." Please stop this!

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