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61. Save Ghost Whisperer!

We, the loyal fans of the series Ghost Whisperer would like to make our voices heard. We humbly stand by our wish to save this series from being canceled at the conclusion of season 5. It has proved to be among the best in the 2009-2010 season and therefore deserves a chance at returning for season 6. The series is remarkable and well worth watching.

It is our sincerest wish that the series return for season six and get the chance to finish on the terms of its creators and cast instead of the network.

It is our belief that it should be up to those who create the series to say when it should end.

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62. Don't Axe Toonattik

Toonattik has been on our screens since 5th February 2005. Millions of children and families watch the 120 minute programme every Saturday and Sunday morning between 7.25AM - 9.25AM.

If the programme is axed there will be millions of disappointed children all over the UK. As someone who has been watching Toonattik since it began over 5 years ago.

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63. Allow Richard Herring to get his own TV show!

Richard Herring is a comedy institution who has been off the television since 1999 (Give or take a few cameos and panel show appearances) who is now due his own series.

He has found success in the podcasting arena which has enabled thousands of people to (re)discover his talent and led to a show with his podcast partner Andrew Collins on 6music.

Now is the time he should have his own comedy show - he is a genius!

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64. Save National Media Museum TV Studio

The National Media Museum has decided to cut costs and close it's TV studio, effecting students and professionals alike.

Anyone who uses this studio currently has no where else to go, with the only option being to buy an inferior place to make programmes with inferior equipment.

Since Bradford has recently been awarded City of Film, why would the National Media Museum do this to everyone?

These facilities currently draw students to Bradford University which will no doubt mean a decline in interest in Bradford media production courses.

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65. Bring Back Toonami

In September 2008, Cartoon Network made "ONE" of its biggest mistakes ever, they had CANCELED toonami, "ONE" of its best programming blocks, which mainly showed anime and animated shows. I, and many others, were disappointed that this happened and believe it should be fixed immediately.

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66. Get Freddy's Nightmares on Region 1 DVD

Dear Warner Bros. Studios, on behalf of many individuals, I am petitioning to see to it that the televison series Freddy's Nightmares gets a Region 1 DVD release in North America. Even though the Region 2 sales were lackluster in Europe, I assure you that they would be much better in the U.S. and Canada (Especially with the remake on the horizon, renewing interest in the series with fans.).

For awhile now, I have heard other Nightmare fans wish, beg, and pray for this series on Region 1 DVD. I too wish that this would happen very soon.

The following are a few online references that show just how much some die-hard Freddy fans are drooling over the possibilty of seeing Freddy's Nightmares on DVD:

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67. More GORE on G4

DVDuesday seems to be the only time Chris Gore gets to shine on G4. Being a fan, I did a little research and found that Gore has far more to offer the channel if they would just tap into his potential.

This petition is a request to "the powers that be" at G4 to give Chris Gore his own movie-related show.

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68. Review Australian Federal Government Allocation of Tax Dollars to Community Television

Since the early 1980s, media enthusiasts set out to establish what was labelled "Public Television" services. The US, UK and Canada have had their main public television stations, and numerous satellite station affiliates spread out across their countries during this same period and to date.

Denied by the federal government at the time, the local television industry was authorized to create a community access television service for each metro area’s public, but these stations later dropped the “access” from their branding.

It was in 1994, that this third-tier industry in Australia began using commercialism that to date have increasingly encroached with each station, where it has become more stylized like commercial and public television rather than maintaining the philosophical principles of what a community broadcaster should be. On 4 Nov 09, the federal government gave your publicly owned digital spectrum and $2.6 million dollars to launch another commercial-style television network. Did the federal government seek the public’s opinion prior allocating your public ownerships?

Please sign this Petition and let the Australian Federal Government, under Senator Stephen Conroy know that the public should have been consulted on whether or not current community television stations met their philosophical principles as a community broadcaster, and let the public decide their faith and change for a newly designed television service that can live up its principle intentions.

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69. Bring Big Brother back

Big Brother would've been the most entertaining show to some. But to others it brought disgust. However, the majority of people enjoyed it and it was those few people who made it very clear, to everyone, that it was a bad show. Our prime minister, of course, agreed, bring the show and all of it's laughs to stand-still. I am a lover of this show, watching it as a religion almost, my family also enjoyed the show.

Something that should be pointed out is the late-night show of Big Brother. There was a lot of controversy over this, and you know what? Stuff you. If you didn't like the late-night stuff, then don't watch it. Those who complained have ruined it for the rest.

Now, I know this is late; it's almost the end of the year, this being a whole year without the notoriously funny show, Big Brother.

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70. Bring Back Toonami

Do YOU miss Toonami, and want it back? Now's your chance.

Toonami ended last night, September 20th, 2008 after 11 years worth of broadcasting. I have no idea why or how, but it did.

If you're like me, here's what we can do.

Sign this petition, and bring back the old Toonami broadcasts stating that you, the people, want it back! We dearly miss Toonami, so I suggest you help out.

Remember Dragonball Z, YuYu, Kenshin, Thundercats and others?

Remember Tom, and his spaceship crew?

Do YOU remember Toonami: Rising Sun, the Saturday morning cartoon segment which ran from 9AM until 12PM, airing Thundercats, DBZ, and Tenchi?

Do YOU remember Toonami: Midnight Run? That show you used to watch late at night, because nothing else was on?

Do YOU, most importantly, remember coming home from school, turning on the TV and stopping everything else so that you could watch some Toonami? I know I do.


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71. Yes to Eurovision Channel

After 55 years passing in TV, it's time for Eurovision to have its own TV channel! The family Eurovision consists of 6 shows: Eurovision Song Contest; Eurovision Dance Contest; Junior Eurovision Song Contest; Eurovision Talent Contest; Eurovision Young Dancers and Eurovision Young Musicians.

The channel could pass past shows, interviews, video clips, news, live shows (of the 6 contests and national selection shows), etc... It would be good to have a Eurovision Channel, spread all over the world! So, sing this petition, and lets get an Eurovision Channel!

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72. Save All Saints from the axe!

All Saints is one of Australia's highest rating and most successful television dramas and has been incredibly popular in many countries since its debut in February 1998.

Channel 7 recently announced that All Saints will be axed in November, at the end of its 2009 season.

We have a growing Facebook group of 400+ Australian viewers who do not want to see this happen!

Not only is All Saints one of our favourite shows, it is also a source of employment for many talented Australians.

We are sick to death of Americal crime dramas, sitcoms and reality programs and we do not want to see quality Australian dramas such as All Saints replaced with this rubbish!

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73. Get 'Leverage' in the UK

Leverage is a show on TNT in the USA. It has already been given a third season on it's original channel, but it hasn't yet been shipped to the UK.

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74. Bring Back Dick n Dom in Da Bungalow

The programme was shown on bbc 1, bbc 2 and cbbc from 2002-2006, it was banned for "inappropriate content". However children aged 7 and up (cbbs's target audience) should be able to deal with toilets and pants.

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75. Bring Rabbit Ears Productions back on television!!

Rabbit Ears Productions began in 1985 when creators Mark Sottnick and Doris Wilhousky started on their first production, "The Velveteen Rabbit" narrated by Meryl Streep. Since the big sucess of "The Velveteen Rabbit," Rabbit Ears Productions has moved on to create a different array of series for the program including "Storybook Classics" which features famous nursery rhymes, "We All Have Tales," which features famous folktales from all around the world and "American Heroes and Legends," which features famous tall tale characters told in the American tradition, such as "John Henry," "Anne Oakley," and "Davy Crockett."

Rabbit Ears Productions was very well known in the 80's and 90's for letting celebrities narrate the stories and also letting famous musicians to provide the music and well known illustrators to provide the artwork for the stories. Probably one of the most notable stories from this fantastic company were "The Velveteen Rabbit" that was narrated by Meryl Streep and was the first story from Rabbit Ears Productions to be made, "Pecos Bill," that was narrated by Robin Williams and has often been known as one of Rabbit Ears' finest accomplishments, "The Fool and the Flying Ship" that was also narrated by Robin Williams and was the first story introduced in the "We All Have Tales" series and is noted for bring the "WAHT" series to flight, and "Follow the Drinking Gourd" that was narrated by Morgan Freeman and was known as the most dramatic story out of the "American Heroes and Legends" series. Of course, there were other stories from Rabbit Ears Productions that have also become popular with many fans and therefore, Rabbit Ears Productions had been one of the longest running children's programs that uses limited animation as it originally ran for 10 years.

Unfortunately, around the mid 90's Rabbit Ears Radio, which was created after the huge success of Rabbit Ears Productions, was taken off the air and this had lead to Rabbit Ears Productions being put out of production for many years.

However, in 2000, Chris Campbell along with Mark Sottnick, picked up the series and now they created a new company called Rabbit Ears Entertainment, where they sell the audio CDs and books of the stories that were featured in Rabbit Ears Productions in the 80's and 90's.

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76. Save our Michael Scofield!

In 2005 "FOX" started to air the series "Prison Break". For a lot of fans "Michael Scofield" became the hero. Besides the audience liked Michael´s relationship with Sara. They even called it "MiSa" for Michael and Sara. All fans hoped for a happy end.

They made videos with Sara and Michael and opened internet pages to talk about "MiSa". But in the series finale the disaster happened. Michael Scofield died.

Now all "MiSa" and Michael-fans are sad and disappointed. So a lot of fans try to save their beloved Michael:

We also wrote to FOX: and to the producers:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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77. Bring back Junior Eurovision to U.K. Television

Since 2004 we have not entered a contest, which is a young version of the esc, and after the recent proof that we can do well in the contest, maybe we should bring the contest back, even if we do not compete in it, as we missed the win of last year for Georgia with the song bzz.

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78. Gospel Music Channel on Mediacom

The following persons have the opinion that the Gospel Music Channel should be available to the subscribers of Mediacom cable television.

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79. Bring anime back to TV

Currently our anime programming consists of two hours on Mondays from 11 PM to 1 AM (all times Eastern) on Sci Fi, 4 AM Tuesdays on IFC and from 12:30 to 6 AM Saturdays on CN's Adult Swim. Where is the rest we were promised years ago?

Sure we have AniMondays but whtever became of Encore Action's (Starz) AniMidnight anime shows and films? Gone. We used to have anime all night Saturdays and Sundays. Gone. I remember a promise of weekday anime shows from Turner who runs CN. They promised us a return to the old Rurouni Kenshin and InuYasha and Sailor Moon of bygone years but nothing was ever done about it! Anime is so popular now that it would behoove giants like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, etc. to include anime in its lineup. Sponsors would flock to these mogul networks to post ads.

Anime is becoming more and more difficult to find on home videos. Indeed most must be purchased online mainly from Japan. We miss our anime so please help Naruto (see pix) and all his anime friends to come back to us. They have been away far too long! Thank you so much my friends. The Keiman is grateful for your support.

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80. Ask all the TV networks in the United Kingdom show more Genealogical programmes

There are only two family tree programmes on British TV screens at the moment as far as I know - Who do you think you are? on BBC1 with repeats on the satellite channel, Yesterday and occasionally on another satellite channel Watch, and also Do you think you're Royal on Sky 1 and repeats on satellite channel, Sky Real Lives.

BBC Wales has its own programme called Coming Home but this is only available to people who live in Wales or to people with satellite and I believe the Ireland may have its own programme.

I believe that more of this type of programming should be on TV in the UK (not just about celebrities, but about real people too!) because it is one of the biggest hobbies/pastimes/interests not just for people in the UK but worldwide nowadays and is growing and the programmes can help people with their research!

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81. Leave Jonathan Ross Alone!

Jonathon Ross is a great television presenter, a family man and he does good work for comic relief. He's being tormented and bullied by the media for the littlest things he says.

He can't get away with anything. If you don't like the guy don't watch him or listen to him!!!

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82. Improve Cartoon Network Programming

About a year ago a very nice woman had been taken from us, her name was Jennifer Davidson! She was the vice president of programming at Cartoon Network. Unfortunately she died and that means someone else has to take her place. This person happened to be Robert Swartz he had a very good history with the Sci-fi network. Although he has no history with Cartoons.

He also has not lived up to the responsibilities needed for Cartoon Network! Believe me I am not insulting Mr. Swartz. Mr. Swartz is probably having as much bad luck or more from this because he gets paid for what he's doing! Therefore because he has no history with cartoons he should not be running Cartoon Network.

I also feel that its for his sake that he does not run Cartoon Network anymore hes probably having ruff go at it right now! So thank you, and please please sign my petition!

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83. Channel 5 Mac Support

I want Channel five web service Demand Five to stream content in Apple Mac supported content, all the other channels support it so why not them.

DRM is no excuse as was the response to the email I got from the channel.

I have already emailed and spoken to a few people about this and they all feel the same way so lets gets some names and get them to change the five's non apple ways!

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84. Carine Sturgeon should be on British Television!!

Carine "Caz" Sturgeon has always dreamed of hosting her own UK Chat show since she was 3 years old. Carine has not had a easy life but her dream has kept her going.

Her You tube Show "The Caz Sturgeon Show is hilarious (

We think Carine would be perfect on UK television and want to see her host her own weekly chat show!

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85. Bring On The Max Keiser Show, 10.35pm, Friday Nights, BBC One

After Jonathan Ross's evacu-nation of the hotseat, there is a vacancy for a post-watershed, sailing-close-to-the-wind, edgy, zeitgeist-driven programme of music and discussion on BBC One on Friday nights. With added intelligence.

Who better, in these times of financial and economic austerity, than Paris and London emigre from Uncle Sam, MAX KEISER?


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86. 24 Hour Shark Programming on Discovery Shark Week 2009

Contrary to previous years, Shark Week 2008 aired on the Discovery Channel in small night-time blocks.

Many agree the driving factor that made Shark Week so attractive is having interesting programming available at in time during the course of a day.

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87. Abolish The Satellite Home Viewer Extenstion and Reauthorization Act

On December 1, 2006, a federal court judge ordered a permanent injunction against EchoStar (owners of Dish Network) from delievering distant network signals of ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC from New York and Los Angeles. This made customers who lived in rural areas or don't get locals on satellite upset. DirecTV wasn't affected.

We think that the Satellite Home Viewer Extenstion and Reauthorization Act (SHVERA) is unfair and unconstitional. We have dual feeds of Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, but why not ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. In Canada, satellite providers like BellExpressVU and StarChoice offered distant network feeds from the American Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) from either Boston and Seattle, and Canadian TV stations from all over Canada which is included, but why not here in the United States.

We think the federal law that you can't get a another market's locals (i.e. If you lived in Chicago, and wanted to see the Los Angeles stations, but it's against federal law) is totally unfair and unconstitional. It's time the Federal Judge needs to reconsider his permanent injuntion decision and reinstate the distant local feeds (From New York City and Los Angeles) to Dish Network.

Also, write to your congressman, senators, the Federal Communications Commssion, the National Assoication of Broadcasters, or even the President of the United States that the SHVERA law is unfair. It's time that the federal law should be changed for the better.

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88. Bring Back Instant Star!! =] <3

I beleive that Instant Star should be brought back onto the-n. ALOT of people liked it. Not many people are going to watch Queen Bee's or Student Bodies most people wanted to watch all the other good, interesting shows.

This show probably relates to most of the people in a relationship. They like someone but they dont like them back and ect.. But anyway most of us i mean the people who watch The-n liked this show.. I found this show just by flipping through the channels and i got hooked on it... Today i did the samething and Queen Bees was on and it was really boring and uninteresting...

Just PLEASE help us try to bring back Instant Star if i get just enogh people to sigh this we can send it to the people at The-N and mabey they can continue the show =] SO SIGN IT PLEASE =]!!!!!!!!!

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89. Brigitte Stavaruk was unfairly evicted from Big Brother

Tonight Big Brother 2008 - voted off Brigitte Stavaruk Most Popular housemater on Big Brothers Polls - of over 7 weeks.

Brigitte Stavaruk was evicted from the Big Brother house, minutes before Pamela Anderson went into the house.

There have been rumours asking why Rory Ammon wasn't evicted!!!! Is it because they consider the entertainment of Pamela Anderson and Rory to be viable!!!

Rory was voted the least popular housemate on the polls and was sure to go!!!!

Australia has nominated Rory at least 3 times trying to get rid of him, with him being the second most popular to go in percentages in the last eviction.

Why has our most favourite housemate gone? and the least favourite stayed? just because Pamela Anderson has gone in.

Please sign your name if you think Brigitte was unfairly evicted and if you think the voting system was rigged!!!!!!

Please note: Profanity is a violation of the Terms & Conditions of Go Petition. So please refrain from abusive comments. IP Addresses will be monitored.

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90. Release BBC Comedy Drama 'Rescue Me' to DVD

This petition is in the hope that the BBC and Tiger Aspect Productions will release the romantic comedy television drama 'Rescue Me' starring Sally Phillips to DVD, shown on BBC 1 in 2002. This programme may appeal to fans of 'Love Soup', another romantic comedy drama made by the BBC which is on DVD, because of the same genre and for people who did not see the original transmission will finally have an opportunity to see it.

Though the programme may not of received the ratings it aimed for, the programme might still be of interest for people who are fans of the actors/actresses, such as Sally Phillips ('Smack The Pony' & 'Clare in the Community'), Oliver Chris ('Green Wing'), Stewart Wright ('Doc Martin') and James Lance ('I'm Alan Partridge' & 'The Book Group').

So if you are a fan of romantic comedies or of the comedians/comediennes taking part, please do sign up. Thank you.

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