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31. Restore WIN TV Canberra produced and presented local news

WIN TV has downgraded its Canberra local news service by not replacing its news and sports anchors. All Canberra local news bulletins are now produced and broadcast from Wollongong by people who may have no links with our city.

The Tuggeranong Community Council believes this will eventually have an impact on the quality of news coverage in the Canberra region.

The TCC fears it will also lead to the closure of the WIN Newsroom in the National Capital with all news production coming from Wollongong.

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32. Don't Axe 'Packed to The Rafters' Yet!

Channel 7 have decided that after 6 seasons, It's time to cancel their hit show 'Packed to the Rafters'.

We, the fans believe that this is a dumb move. We all still love the show and there are plenty of aspects the show hasn't touched upon yet. E.g - Cancer.

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33. Save the Adaptation of Lauren Oliver's Delirium Trilogy

We, the undersigned, are disappointed by FOX Television's decision not to order the Delirium series, based on Lauren Oliver's brilliant trilogy, and ask that the network not allow its outstanding potential to go to waste.

The Delirium novel was a New York Times Bestseller that also reached #4 on the NYT Series List following the release of the final book of the trilogy, Requiem. It was named Best Teen Book and Best YA Novel of 2011 (So Far) by Amazon, on top of Best Fiction nominations from The American Library Association and The Young Adult Library Services Association. The books have also found international acclaim, winning the prestigious Le Grand Prix de L'Imaginaire in France and the Buxtehude Bull in Germany, both in 2012.

More than that, the Delirium trilogy is a beautiful story of love, youth, and the human condition that seamlessly infuses action and politics to create an astonishingly original world. It has a devoted fanbase across the social networks, many of whom have organized or taken part in campaigns to "Spread the Deliria". We did so because we were profoundly touched by the books and thrilled at the prospect of a film or television adaptation.

We respectfully disagree with the decision not to further adapt the series at this time and ask that FOX consider an alternative means of adapting the series or sell the rights to someone who would be willing to give the story another shot, rather than allowing this profound tale to sit idle on the shelves indefinitely.

Delirium and its fandom deserve a worthy adaptation.

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34. Mandate a disclaimer for counter productive "educational" children's shows

Children under 2 years of age gain no cognitive developmental benefits from television, regardless of content. Help us in providing this critical information that will benefit the estimated 148.8 million parents in the United States.

We strive to accomplish this goal by pushing legislation to mandate a disclaimer delivering these findings to the guardians of our future generation. In response to the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendation that children under two should be discouraged from watching television at all, and a study showing that only 6% of parents are aware of that recommendation (while 49% of parents think educational videos like Baby Einstein™ are very important in the intellectual development of children), for the betterment of society, we, the undersigned, are actively demanding that the F.C.C. publicize this information at the beginning of aforementioned programming.

One of the most prominent figures in researching early development and television usage, Dr. Dimitri Christakis confidently says, "The more videos they watched, the fewer words they knew. These babies scored about 10% lower on language skills than infants who had not watched these videos."

With the amount of conclusive evidence on the issue, and the given percentage of ignorance, it is not only in our best interest to educate, but neglectful, and arguably abusive, to sit idly by.

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35. Bring back Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! was a television gem in the true sense of the word.

Not only was it engaging and entertaining, it changed the way that people thought about themselves, their actions, their morals, their fears, and the meaning of it all.

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36. Renew Malibu Country for another season

Malibu Country is an amazing show, though it is likely to be cancelled.

Reba and Lily Tomlin are hilarious and we want this show to be on tv next season.

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37. Brown About Town

After the crowd funding success of short film / pilot 'What a Gun', Dingo Cross Films seeks to continue the adventures of Bernie Brown and her faithful companion Bourke, the talking dog, in a mini series called 'Brown About Town'.

The show will be comedy / fantasy / drama, with familiar plotlines and characters, but a touch of insanity. You’ll never know what Bernie's fantastical mind might conjure up next, anything goes for 'Brown About Town'.

We believe in scope for a six part mini series, with 30 minute episodes, and seek an audience show of support. If you like what we do at Dingo Cross Films, raise your hand for something a little bit different!

To show your further support, please 'like' the Dingo Cross Films page at

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38. Canine Buffet Cooking Show

Our idea is for the show to encompass the a dog food or treat recipe, a segment for skills and tricks they can teach their dogs for fun or for helpfulness, a segment for informational interviews with people such as State Veterinarians (they can talk about the different dog laws in their states), USDA (tips and rules for travelling in and out of the US), Dog Scouts of America (their mission, their beginning and latest news), Service Animal Organizations, Therapy Dog Organizations, American Kennel Club, Dog Obedience Clubs, Agility Clubs, Flyball Groups, Frisbee Groups, Various Town Officials on the dog laws in their towns (beaches, dog parks, etc) and many more to come.

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39. Bring back The Mob Doctor

For many years television shows have been regulated and taken off the air because broadcasting companies have followed the Nielson rating system with only includes the number of people watching a show while it is being broadcasted. Anyone with a DVR or internet streaming knows that these ratings are often off by at least two million viewers or more.

Sign this petition to help bring back the television show The Mob Doctor. This petition will remain open until two months prior to 2013 fall television schedule unless they have announced a renewal by then.

Need a minimum of one million signatures above the end of season rating to have an effect.

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40. Don't Kill The Crew!

Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, Brains... Don't break up the crew!

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41. Bring the focus back on the animals, Animal Planet!

Recently, or perhaps a little longer than that by now, Animal Planet has been taking the focus off of the animals and onto people, using "surprisingly human" as their slogan. In many of these shows, animals have been displaced out of the spot light and become co-stars to humans, which doesn't sound like much of an 'animal planet' to me.

Literally every other channel in existence is about humans, animal planet is suppose to be the one place we can do to, to see something different.

I want the Animal Planet of my childhood back!

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42. Abolish the Electoral College

We need to ABLISH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE! Not because Barack Obama won, but because it has happened 4 other times.

The Electoral College was good back in the day before there was television, radio and social media. People, then, elected others who were more informed to vote for them. This is now out-of-date because of technological advances making almost anyone more informed. This will force canidates to get in front of more rural communities than favoring more urban areas. Everyone else is voted in because of the popular vote; Why not the President!? This makes eveyone's voice count instead of them feeling like it doesn't!


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43. Get Michael Barrymore back on TV

Michael Barrymore was and is one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

Times are tough these days and we need someone to put the smiles back on people's faces.

We need Michael Barrymore back on TV where he belongs.

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44. Stop Malema Television Coverage

The media hype focussed on Julius Malema is detracting the nation from addressing the real problems in South Africa.

The media, and in particular television, ascribes a huge amount of coverage to the actions of Malema to such a point of exclusion of all other key role players with regard to matters of vital importance to the social balance in South Africa. It is of vital importance that a form of balance is introduced and that other leaders may also be heard.

We quote the words of Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula during an SABC radio interview broadcast:
"You can't just go on and on and on, and be going around mobilising funeral gatherings and agitating people to become ungovernable," she said.

She was reacting to Malema's plans to address members of the SA National Defence Force in Lenasia, Johannesburg on Wednesday.

"What are the consequences? I wish I knew. What I do know is that any responsible citizen in South Africa cannot associate him or herself with a person who wants to agitate and mobilise members of the SANDF against the state because they have concerns," said Mapisa-Nqakula. As quoted in

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45. Stop the Blackout of WTHR to Dish Network

Dispatch Broadcasting wants to charge Dish Network a 350%+ price increase to carry their channels! Dish refuses to pass that fee on to their customers so they have declined Dispatch broadcasting's offer and now Dispatch Broadcasting has blacked out WTHR, Indianapolis' NBC affiliate.

Dispatch Broadcasting and WTHR claim that the consumers aren't losing out because we can acquire their signal for free with a digital antenna. This is NOT true as many people, including myself, get every channel but WTHR! They also claim that we can stream it online, and yes we can, but I for one am hearing impaired and there are no captioning options for streaming live TV.

Dispatch Broadcasting is putting greed over providing for their loyal viewers. They may be trying to punish Dish Network, but in the end its only the customers who lose out!

Dispatch Broadcasting runs free over the air channels and wants a huge price increase for a FREE channel! These channels are filled with commercials and advertisement which should MORE than provide enough income for them!

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46. Get Ellen to Dunellen

Dunellen, a small town in New Jersey, was incorporated on October 28, 1887.

Nicknamed the "Railroad Town," Dunellen started as a train stop and grew into the square-mile quintessentially American blue-collar town it is today. Sir Thomas Lipton lived here as a teen, boxer Bob Fitzsimmons walked his pet lion downtown, and resident Christian Schepflin brought the sport of lawn bowling back to America.

Currently, Dunellen is home to a world-class table tennis center run by a former U.S. Olympian, an ice hockey rink frequented by Jersey Devils team members, and one of the first dine-in movie theaters in the country. Although it is one of the smallest towns in NJ, it has a respected school system and numerous championship sports programs. Its annual Halloween parade is one of the oldest, continuous parades in the country.

Dunellen is centrally located in Middlesex County on the borders of Union and Somerset counties. It shares a zip code with Green Brook, home of "Jerseylicious" Gatsby Salon. Dunellen is on the New Jersey Transit Raritan Valley Line and has several bus lines going to NYC.

How did Dunellen get its name? There are several stories. The most accepted is that it was named after Ellen Betts, a family friend of John Taylor Johnston, owner of the Jersey Central Railroad. It is the only town in the United States with this name.

Dunellen is turning 125 on October 28, 2012.

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47. Remove Pakistan's name from ABC show, Last Resort

The "Last Resort" show is about the renegade crew of a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, the fictional USS Colorado (SSBN-753), that defies an order to launch nuclear missiles towards Pakistan, a decision that cost the previous commanding officer his job when he refused to follow similar orders without an explanation or confirmation.

When his replacement also questions the same orders, the vessel is fired upon without warning and the crew are left for dead. Realizing that they have been declared enemies of their own country, they set up camp on the fictional island of Sainte Marina, and declare themselves a sovereign nation with nuclear capability.

At the same time, the crew must find a way to prove their innocence and find out who set them up so that they can return home to America.

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48. Don't Cancel Victorious

If you are a fan of Victorious and her cast of characters then sign this an pass it around show Dan Warp @DanWarp and Nickelodeon TV @NickelodeonTV that this show has fans and we want Victorious back for a 4 season!

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49. Bring back GCB

We believe that GCB is a show that we want to see back on ABC-tv.

It was an enjoyable show.

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50. Nate and Blair Scene(s) for GG final season

GOSSIP GIRL was adapted from the NYTBS series of the same title. One of the main story-lines of the book series was the relationships between Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald and Serena van der Woodsen. However, as many have noticed, the television series shifted its focus to other relationships and pushed the main relationships out of focus.

Nate and Blair's relationship was treated poorly and adapted incorrectly. Each meaningful scene fans of the book series expected to see come to life was tossed aside for a relationship between two characters who hardly spoke to one another in the original series. Are we saying that we want to see them together, romantically, again? No. Well, the Nate/Blair fans would enjoy that, however, that is not where the focus is on the show currently.

Our goal is to get back the meaning of their relationship. You don't forget your first love. Your sweet love. One of your best friends. We want communication between the two that doesn't end in some sort of flat joke. We, out of all the fans, deserve this - seeing as a majority of us waited for the adaption in anticipation. Whether it's in the form of a flashback, or a sweet and serious conversation, we deserve to be tossed a bone in the shows final season.

The show started with the triangle between Blair/Nate/Serena - Nate/Serena still communicate frequently, and there is no reason for Blair and Nate not to talk.

Whether you were a fan of their relationship on the show, in the books or a fan of their friendship, please do consider signing this petition and help us reach out for one final scene.

This petition is not intended to undermine the relationships between Chuck/Blair, Dan/Blair, or any of the current ships, so please take negativity elsewhere.

Here are various ways the Nate/Blair shippers have been "mistreated" (note: it is just a television show, and while we have the novels we would highly appreciate one or two final, lovely and positive scenes between the two):

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51. Do Not Cancel Missing

Missing is a show about Becca Winstone who used to be a trained CIA agent. Now her son, who is 18, goes missing and Becca tries to find him. That means that she will have to revisit her past connecting with old friends. And enemies.

It is a great show to watch because:
-it shows how much your family will do for you;
-it takes place in different countries;
-it is watched by over 7 million people;
-inspires people to become apart of the CIA.

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52. Cyber6: A 2nd Season

Cybersix animated series was produced in 1999 and aired on a few major television stations, such as Teletoon (Canada), Fox Kids (America), Kids Station (Japan), and Telefe (Argentina).

The show was based off the comics "Cybersix"; the show would give a realtime visual of the loved comic. Sadly, the show was not as popular as expected, only producing one season and within that season only thirteen episodes. The show was canceled after it's final epesode and ignored by it's producers for lack of viewers.

We hope that with enough support, we can send a request to the major stations, mainly Teletoon and request another season. However, we need the support of all the Cybersix fans around the world for this request to have any meaning.

Teletoon cannot ignore it's viewers, if they request a show again, we have high hopes they would at least consider.

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53. Renew Southland for a fifth season

Head back to the streets of Los Angeles for the new, explosive season of Southland, the critically acclaimed drama series from Warner Bros. Television and Emmy-winning producer John Wells (ER, The West Wing). Chronicling the lives of LAPD officers and detectives like no other series on television, this powerful, intensely emotional drama stars Michael Cudlitz, Shawn Hatosy, Regina King and Ben McKenzie, along with special guest star Lucy Liu.

Since premiering in 2009, Southland has redefined the police drama with its raw, authentic look at the lives and work of Los Angeles detectives and beat cops. The show centers on four main characters: Officer John Cooper (Cudlitz), a seasoned cop who will have to prove himself again after recovering from surgery; Officer Ben Sherman (McKenzie), who still has much to learn after recently completing his training rotation; Detective Lydia Adams (King), whose unending caseload hits closer to home; and Sammy Bryant (Hatosy), a former detective who decided to go back to being a uniform cop after the traumatic death of his partner.

Shot on location in the streets and neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Southland captures a realistic, natural environment where similar situations can and often do occur in real life. The series was created by Emmy winner Ann Biderman (NYPD Blue, Public Enemies) and is executive-produced by Emmy winners Christopher Chulack (ER, Third Watch) and John Wells. Chulack is also a primary director of the series, while Jonathan Lisco (The District) serves as executive producer and Andrew Stearn (Shameless, The West Wing) is co-executive producer.

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54. Bring Blue Mountain State back to TV

Blue Mountain State, was an amazing television show that ran from January 11th 2010, until it's cancelation in February of 2012. BMS was a football based sitcom that aired on the Spike Television Network.

It was easily the best looking show, was amazingly written, and arguably the greatest sitcom on TV today. Whoever watched the show immediately fell in love with it.

The show was adored by fans all over The United States and Canada. The show became more and more popular reaching a audience of well over 800,000.

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55. Bring Back Star Trek

Star Trek and its many spinoffs provide the greatest science-fiction television has ever known. It's time for another show!!!

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56. Keep Barefoot Rugby League Show on air with Maling Productions

The Barefoot Rugby League Show has been produced by an Indigenous production company Maling Productions. For the last four years the Panel program profiles Rugby League from The NRL NSW Cup, Intrust Super Cup QLD & Grassroots rugby league. Including visits to remote Aboriginal Communities.

Hosted by Indigenous staff members, Brad Cooke & David Peachey with feature stories covered by Paula Maling.

This program has been the most popular program and highest rating program on The National Indigenous Television service for the past four years.

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57. WJJG is For Smart Shows Only

Not only did 2011 see the sudden death of Joe Gentile, but the removal of intelligent programming and music from weekdays (and even parts of the weekend).

It is totally unfair to get rid of Angry White Male, Job Talk, John DiVita's Morning Show, and other programming that made WJJG an amazing radio station.

Mancow should not be on at all. He is incoherent and his show does not belong on a community radio station like WJJG. Michael Savage should be aired in two hours or removed too, and sent back to WIND.

If you believe that WJJG should continue with original programming and music during weekdays, please sign this petition. This is an outrage and we need to keep whatever we have left of special radio stations like WJJG.

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We can no longer support the dumbing down agenda of America. This show exploits not only the Italian youth in America, but alcoholic debauchery, unsafe sex, drug usage, domestic violence and profanity of all kinds. There are no morals or ethics.

Big egos, lack of intelligence, and shallow pursuits are not what this generation or the younger generations should be looking up to or aspiring to be.

Enough is enough of allowing this trash to continue while the Jersey Shore makes millions of dollars, our economy is falling.

Hard working Americans are losing their homes, children are starving, politicians corrupt. We must turn our attentions to more constructive pursuits & causes.

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59. Bring Kim Possible Back On Air!

Kim Possible was Disney's longest running show. After season 4, it was cancelled.

We need you to sign this petition to urge Disney into producing another season. Come on, Kim Possible fans!

Anything is POSSIBLE!

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60. Bringing Back NBC's Las Vegas

Las Vegas was canceled in 2008 due to the writers' strike. Season 5 ended with a cliff hanger that has left fans wondering what has happened.

The show ended with about 8 million viewers (which is what some shows start with now).

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