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31. Support Raise The Bar

The music group "Raise the Bar" was created by Mick Quinn – musician/singer and qualified working special Ed teacher, to provide a social network and creative outlet for youth with differing abilities and their families.

"Raise the Bar" perform a range of popular songs, with members participating at their own individual level . It is very interactive – whether by singing, percussive beat and rhythm, dancing or simply quiet enjoyment. The focus of the group being - teamwork, fun and socialisation.

Concerts/social nights are held every 2 months at the same venue. This is a wonderful opportunity for group members to perform in front of family, friends and other community groups. Parents get to unwind, have a few drinks and enjoy a range of local entertainment including the successes of their son or daughter, as well as socializing with other families in their community.

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32. Martin Linenko Jr. - Requesting Release from Segregation at Fairbanks Correctional Facility

This is Nicole Smith, fiancee of Martin Linenko Jr, aka Yae Neech. Martin has never been a threat to the Fairbanks community, where he was born and raised and has strived to only become a better man and father to his family.

Since a young child he's been well known to the members of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, participated in sports (mostly football), and spent summers doing construction jobs.

Several years back he decided to try his hand in the music business by starting a legit music label...recording music, making & selling instrumentals, collaborating with industry artists on tracks, as well as coordinating live performances here in the Fairbanks area.

The Law assumes that Martin is a threat (an expression of intention to inflict evil, injury or damage) to our community. If you know him at all, you would know that this is NOT in his character. His family and I have created a PETITION appealing to authority with RESPECT to his cause. In support of "Yae Neech" we are asking that you PLEASE take a moment of your time to SIGN THIS PETITION for him.


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33. Save Australia's Indigenous Languages

One third of the NT population are indigenous and hold the linguistic future of Australia’s Indigenous Languages in their hearts and minds. But cannot alone control of the policies of assimilation to English only imposed on them promoting the death of our 50,000 year old Indigenous language heritage.

Linguistic diversity is part of the diversity of life and the loss of these languages threatens the cultural traditions and the fabric of local knowledge linguistic and biological diversity, making the world more fragile, more vulnerable, with less to hope for in the future.

Article 14.1 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, to which Australia is a signatory, says:

“Indigenous peoples have the right to establish and control their educational systems and institutions providing education in their own languages, in a manner appropriate to their cultural methods of teaching and learning.”

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34. Disclose products NOT MADE IN AMERICA




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35. Soft Play Barn at Cobbs Farm Shop

Soft Play Barn

Please Sign Our Petition!

Earlier this year we were refused permission to build a new soft play barn at Cobbs.

This was despite a huge effort (and cost) in preparation of the application and indeed full support from the parish council. Reasons for refusal were, in our opinion vague at best, but having addressed them best we can we are having another go!

This facility will enable us to further still provide a safe and educational learning environment for children throughout the year as well as giving us some additional and much needed space to create a relaxed environment for parents and children.

It is our intention to provide food and drink but those of you used to the usual “pizza and chips” offer at existing “soft play centres” need not worry—our focus will continue to be on wholesome grub!

Please support us by signing this petition so that, should we encounter more issues with our application, we can further demonstrate support for a facility such as this!

Thank you!

Cobbs Farm Shop & Kitchen
Bath Road
RG17 0SP

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36. Get KRA to tour in the USA

KRA is an incredible Japanese Rock band mixing punk, indie rock, and funk all into an incredible milkshake. They move and play with such technical ingenuity and passion.

We need to see bands like this supported so they can go country hopping. This broadens our horizons as a country and stimulates the spread of culture on both ends. And the music rocks, need I say more?

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37. KeepKardashians

In response to the petition to ban the Kardashian show and business ventures, this petition is to show Kardashian support. If you do not like the Kardashians or find them entertaining then you do not have to watch them. Parents should be monitoring what their children are watching.

There are worse things in the world than what the Kardashian sisters do, that you will not be able to protect your children from. If your children are watching the show you could use the Kardashian mistakes as gateways to engage your children into conversations that may normally be uncomfortable and take advantage of the opportunity to teach a lesson. Even if you are not a fan of the show please sign this petition. They have worked hard to earn the fame that they have and should not lose everything because people dislike them.

If you do not support them do not purchase their products or watch their show. If your accomplishments were taken away everytime you made a mistake or offended somebody... How much would you have right now?

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38. Mauritians for Palestine

Dear Mauritians

In view of the proposal for Palestine to obtain membership in the United Nations and hence be fully recognized as an independent state, we are circulating this petition to every Mauritians, be it the young as well as the elder people. We do, hereby, humbly request you to fill in your required details and by the beginning of next week; we will send it to the US Embassy of Mauritius, with a letter attached.

We wish to inform you that we are not affiliated to any political parties. We are doing this solely because these people are living as strangers in their own land. Our aim is to create awareness and despite being far from them, we are doing what we can for them. The way they are being treated is really inhuman when in fact, they are human beings like anyone of us and they have their rights as free people.

We take this opportunity to thank you all very much in anticipation for your participation.

Century Welfare Association Youth Wing

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39. Bring Yumiko☆ back in Ameba Pico

this petition is to promote that Yumiko☆ didn't cheat on the virtual world game: Ameba Pico virtual World

Ameba Pico Virtual World banned some users because they are said to have cheated in the game by getting extra rooms without paying.

but the truth is that, Yumiko☆'s account got hacked and the hacker tried to claim the account as his own and used cheats for some benefits

Yumiko☆ got her account back with her account with 380 ameba golds(currency in the game) left. Evidence of the hacker's usage of the account. There are also five new rooms in her account, which was done by an illegal action.

Which i'm saying is that the illegal rooms are not done by Yumiko☆ herself. Therefore it's a wrong thing to ban her account because it is not her fault.

Yumiko☆ used real money in this game so it's very important that she shouldn't get banned for a false alarm.

probably the best way is just to remove the added rooms and let her play the game the way she used to.

We hope to get the Game's Administrator's attention and do a quick response. Thank you.

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40. Stop cuts to Med's

GPs need to stop cutting medication for those who need it on a daily basis to cope with everyday life. Too many people who are not ill and are in fact "drug addicts" are relying on prescription drug's to bring them off illegal drugs. This needs to be addressed asap.

There are people with real problem's and are being took off medication they need it is not fair and will cause more suicide's -- FACT it is happening now please support this!

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41. Petition for Lifeline's Plea for Hornsby Council Support

A significant number of Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury’s face-to-face counselling and support services are at risk of closure due to Lifeline’s own crisis struggle for financial viability and sustainability. Wendy Carver, Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury’s CEO, said “It would be an absolute tragedy if any of Lifeline’s services ceased to operate and stopped being able to provide support to people in need in our own local community.”

Lifeline has therefore reached out to Hornsby Council for assistance. Lifeline’s hope is that Hornsby Council will be able to provide them with a Council owned retail property at a subsidised rent which will assure financial survival of their multiple counselling and community services from revenue raised through the selling of high quality second hand clothing, books, brick a brac and furniture. This will ensure residents of Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai are able to continue to receive the support they deserve and need.

For over 40 years Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury, based at Gordon, has been providing a wide range of counselling and community service to residents of the North side of Sydney with some services having between 40-50% of clients residing in the Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai Municipalities.

For more information on our services visit our website

Please support Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury by signing this petition.

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42. Support "What Happens When" to obtain a Liquor License

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN (WHW) requests your support, and the support of the residents of Community Board 2, in obtaining an On-Premise Liquor License for a restaurant located at 25 Cleveland Place between Spring and Kenmare. Without the liquor license, WHW will most likely desist.

The temporary restaurant installation has been scheduled to last for a duration of nine months with a menu that changes completely every month along with the decor, music and drinks program (liquor license permitting of course). Michelin-starred chef John Fraser of Dovetail is in charge of the menu along with his creative team, which includes interior designer Elle Kunnos de Voss of The Metrics and brand designer Emilie Baltz.

The focus of the installation is to explore the definition of what a restaurant can be, both as a dining experience and a creative process. Although temporary in nature, WHW is not a "pop-up" restaurant and does have ties to the community. For example, WHW hosts a Monday night dining series called What Happens When Women Take Over, recognizing and collaborating with female chefs, pastry chefs and sommeliers who have influenced the dining landscape. 20% of the Monday evening's net sales are donated to a charitable organization of the chef's choice.

WHW is a restaurant project that will continue to be a good neighbor, respectful of the community in which it operates while also contributing to the nexus of creative activity that SoHo is known to represent.

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43. Review administration of donation of Mr. Petros I. Tsiros to the Church of Cyprus

In 1984 Petros I. Tsiros passed away after making the biggest ever donation to the Church of Cyprus, a property donation believed to be worth by today’s value, of well over One Billion Euros (600 Million Cypriot Pounds), with the express written condition that the Church of Cyprus should use the profits from the sale and development of that land, for public charitable causes and every time such funds were used to announce that they originated from Petros I. Tsiros donation fund.

After thirty five or so years and hundreds of millions of proceeds from that donation, the people of Cyprus are still anxiously waiting for the first of such announcements and the handling of the donation has remained an enigma to many.

For more info please view the blog

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44. Rare Disorders Support from Canadian Political Parties

Rare disorders affect about 1 in 12 persons, or 2.7 million Canadians. These people are Canada’s most vulnerable citizens and need your support. We are requesting that the political parties of Canada answer the following three questions on rare diseases in Canada.

Your name will be sent along with this petition to the political parties of Canada.

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45. Save Our Fields - Charterhouse Residents Association

If you do not know the background to this battle or would like a recap, please click on the following link, Keri-Anne's Facebook notes, which will take you to a Facebook page that has the original preamble. You can also get more in depth information from Dave's Facebook notes and up-to-date information from Charterhouse Fields Facebook page and our You Tube channel:

Latest from the Charterhouse Residents' Association Leaflet

You may have heard or read reports about the result of the campaign to Save Charterhouse Fields. We thought we should keep you informed.
The Council have granted the lease of part of the fields to Blue Coat school.
Does this mean we have lost?

  • No! *They had to add in to the lease the rights of residents to use and access the land.
    Our rights are clearly stated.

  • *Also, all the northern half of the fields will now be registered as 'Public Open Space'.

  • *The school and council have declared there is no intention to fence off any fields.

So, the lease talks of our rights and the council say they agree with dual use of the fields by both the school and the community.

BUT ... Those concessions we won from the Council are not legally guaranteed, indeed parts of the lease contradict our rights. It is helpful to Coventry citizens that our rights are stated, but we cannot be confident that in the longer run those rights will be legally protected.

That's why at a recent packed meeting the residents' group unanimously agreed to continue to support Councillor Dave Nellist's application for the fields to be made a Village Green. That way, public rights to the land would be established in law.

In summary, Charterhouse Fields was public land left to and bought for the citizens of Coventry. We have not yet won full legal rights to the land because of the resistance of Coventry council, a council that is supposed to be there to represent us! But we are much further ahead in terms of our rights of use than we were in April when the council decided to give the land to the school.


The school say if we win Village Green status, they won't be able to use the fields. But this is not so.
We residents have never disagreed with dual use by both ourselves and the school.
Currently we believe we should refrain from using areas in use by pupils for lessons. If Village Green status is won, we will give the same agreement to the school as applies currently, organising restraint of our use, certainly until the school's future use of the old allotments is determined, and beyond if agreed.
All a Village Green would mean is our long term legal rights to the area are established.

So we continue to urge residents to use common sense and not use areas pupils are using for lessons and keep the fields clean. We should continue to show responsibility and coexist with the school.

Thank you! Can we thank you deeply for all the brilliant support from the neighbourhood for the campaign to keep the fields public. If we and Councillor Nellist hadn't reacted so quickly in March/April it could have been very different. The council told us there was nothing we could do, that if we resisted we may lose more of the fields. The marvellous campaign proved all their arguments wrong.

We forced a U-turn on the council. But it was through gritted teeth that they conceded points to us.
They refused to even consider our hard earned evidence at the recent council meeting. That is why the campaign must go on. We cannot let down our guard.

Best wishes, Charterhouse Residents' Association.

So, if you live in Coventry or have lived in Coventry and have used the fields at some point, then we may like to speak to you about using your comments in order to support our legal campaign. Also, if there is any support you would like to give the campaign, then please drop us an email on and we will be in touch.

To reiterate the last preamble:
"Now is the time for us to unite against the powerful few in order to protect what is ours. Today, it's the Charterhouse Fields the Council are willing to sign away, but tomorrow it could be YOUR Open Space.
Together, we can win!"

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46. Justice & Support For Child Abuse Victims

Child abusers get such small sentences in the UK and their victims along with their parents/carers get no or minimal support. This needs to change.

Please help us make a stand and change the law so that abusers get longer sentences and victims get more help along with their families on how to cope post abuse.

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47. Self-injury support

No Secrets currently provide peer-support to those affected by self-injury. We are a voluntary group and non of our volunteers are paid for their time.

We provide training to local professionals around self-injury however it seems that accident and emergency and other medical staff think that this is not relevant to them.

ANYBODY can be affected by self-injury, and if you are working in healthcare of any kind you should be appropriately trained to deal with self-injury.

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48. Get Tupac an Hollywood Star

I love Tupac and his work he provided the world thru music and on the big-screen, so my aim is to get enough signatures for Hollywood to at least acknowledge his work by giving him an Hollywood star.

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49. Make Nutrition & Fitness Related Program Costs a Tax Deduction

Currently health care costs make up the majority of the budget. Recently statistics say that 43% of these costs are avoidable. We believe that the number 1 reason is because Government continues to put their money into paying this ever rising bill instead of providing programs and education necessary for people to learn how to become healthy!

The age group 20-39 is currently the most in active in history. Child obesity has tripled in the past 20 years. The life expectancy of our children is not as long as our own, again another first! This only stops if government gives the people the tools!

Private medical plans cover certain costs however they limit this coverage to an amount that does not give the long term support that some people need. Also they do not cover many programs that will offer that support and education.

Government should offer a tax credit or deduction to approved programs so more Canadians can access quality help and education!

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50. Change for Ontario Disability Support Program polices and directives and the ODSP Act

Certain Policy directives in the Ontario Disability Support program and Certain Legislation under the ODSP act actually do not support people as the program title suggests, but in fact punishes people and keeps them in poverty.

It also discriminates against single benefit units with no dependants.

Workers, Managers and Offices across the province of Ontario, all have different interpretations of the directives and act.

Workers' mistakes cause undue financial and emotional hardship on clients.

Their is also no accountability.

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51. Save Fife Classroom Assistants

Classroom Assistants and Clerical Staff were called to a meeting today with their Head teachers today (9th February 2011) and we were advised that we should be aware of the next set of job cuts to come from Fife Council. We were told to expect cuts in our hours, and a possibility of redundancies.

So once again education is being hit hard. First the playground supervisors, now lollipop men/women, classroom assistants and clerical staff but, who is it that is going to suffer? Not the powers that be at Fife Council who are making all these decisions but the children. Do the people who make these decisions have any idea how a school is run and just how much support staff are required to run the school effectively? Have they come in and shadowed a classroom assistant to see what their role entails?

Gone are the days of cleaning out paint pots. I personally feel we make a huge difference in schools. Why not ask the Head teachers and the teachers to see how they would feel if they lost the support of their classroom assistant. I also urge parents to question this decision because it's their children who will not be getting the extra support that some of them may require to keep them on task. We don't want to go back years ago when children just slipped through the net because there was not enough staff to support the needs of the school.

We work with children of all abilities including the same children that a Pupil  Support 2 works with (who are on a higher grade) but I do it because that is what the needs of my school are and at the end of the day we are there to support the teacher and the pupils. 

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52. Save 'People First Lambeth'

Just got back from a Partnership Board meeting with Jim Dickson, Cabinet Minister for Health and Well Being and councillor in Lambeth to discuss the cuts. The council's budget has been cut by 10% yet they have cut People First, Lambeths only advocacy service for people with Learning Difficulties by 90% meaning they have to close down. They will basically confined to becoming prisoners in their own home, with fear of mockery on the streets and no access to training, to advocacy or most importantly to them, no social life.

Dickson had no excuse for cutting them other than "someone had to go" and avoided all questions about what will happen to people with learning difficulties once it is abolished in March. An organisation costing around only 70k a year to run, which pays for itself thousands of times over every year.

Please sign this petition to keep 'People First' going and let's save an organisation which is a saviour to others. Without it, we are condemning these people to a life of solitary confinement! Don't let the council do this!

For more info, view a few short films here to understand why this cause is so important, or scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign the petition:

Thank you for your time.

Gary and Mark

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53. Save Our Service - Blackburn Womens Aid

Blackburn Darwen and District Womens Aid supports people who have experienced domestic abuse through a range of specialist services; refuge, safety planning, risk management, outreach, group programmes, counselling, training, therapeutic interventions to name but a few.

We have recently found out we have lost funding for the services, this will mean thousands of women and children will no longer have this vital support following the devastating experience of domestic abuse.

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54. Urine Test For Child Support

Our Goal is to demand for a change in Child Support Laws, Guidelines, and create a Child Support Law that will ensure that children are not raised by a drug addicted or drug abusing parent.

Child Support Laws and Guidelines currently vary from state to state with each state having different branches of the Government establishing the child support guidelines. We would like to establish a law that will pertain to every state and mandate that both parents are drug tested to ensure neither parent is using or abusing drugs.

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55. Protect Devon Homelessness Services from dangerous cuts

Devon County Council receives a government grant (called Supporting People) to support vulnerable people. This includes helping to prevent homelessness, as well as helping homeless people get off the streets and have a better future.

This grant has only been cut by around 12%, but DCC intends to cut services supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness (mostly run by local charities) by up to 40%! This is extraordinary disproportionate and against instructions by government Ministers.

Vulnerable people WILL lose their homes as a result of these cuts, which take effect in April 2011. Young people WILL be forced to stay in abusive and unsafe situations because there will be nowhere else to go. Supported housing projects helping people get back on their feet WILL be closed or dramatically cut back their services.

This will create untold human misery to people whose lives are already difficult enough.

But even if you have no heart, these cuts make no economic sense. If homeless people are deprived of housing and support, their lives will become more chaotic. Crime will go up. Antisocial behaviour will go up. Drug and alcohol misuse will go up. Mental health problems and hospitalisations will go up. A&E admissions will go up. More people will be in prison.

The list of consequences of these badly thought out plans goes on, and every one creates problems for the wider community and extra costs to the taxpayer. These cuts will COST money, lots of money, not save it.

All this will happen unless we, the voting public, make our views known. So join this cause, and let's tell DCC councillors what their voters think.

1.These are difficult times. But, as DCC's leader has said, we have to protect the most vulnerable at this time. This includes those at risk of homelessness

2.£1 spent on housing support saves over £2 in the long run through reduced crime and antisocial behaviour and improved physical and mental health

3.Central Government has only cut Devon's funding by 12%. It is grossly unfair to target homeless people with cuts of up to 40%

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56. Support Islamia School Expansion

Islamia Primary School is hoping to build a new two-storey school on part of its existing site, to provide 21st century education and learning opportunities for its pupils. The current school was built over one hundred years ago and the buildings no longer meet pupil or teacher needs. Islamia Primary is also an extremely popular and over-subscribed school, on average receiving ten applications for every place available, and it urgently needs to expand to cater for the current pupils on roll and to meet the growing demand for places across the borough.

Islamia Primary School’s site has always been used for educational purposes. The school itself was founded in 1983 by Dr Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens). In 1989, it moved to its present site at 129 Salusbury Road. Nine years later, it became the first Muslim school in England to be awarded grant maintained status, which meant that the vast majority of the school's funding came from central government. The following year it opted to become a voluntary aided school, in 2007 the school took on an additional 138 pupils, following the closure of The Avenue School in Brondesbury Park. The main site at Salusbury Road is also shared with an independent Muslim girl's secondary school, which occupies the entire first and second floor of the buildings, and parts of the ground floor. This school is not part of the re-development proposal. The rebuild is needed as the existing buildings are leaky, not energy efficient, not compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and are spread out on many different levels, with stepped access and no lift. The proposed new building will provide easy access for all pupils and adults, including those with visual and hearing impairments and those with special educational needs (SEN), including speech, language and communication difficulties, and severe learning disabilities. The proposed new school will provide these pupils with a dedicated room and space for educational psychologists, speech and language therapists and school nurses to come in and offer support. In general all the facilities at the site are inadequate for a modern school.

The new school plan is to build a new, modern and inspirational school, which will meet the needs of current and future generations of pupils. The building will reflect the school's faith and its ethos and will allow improved links with the local community, by opening its facilities at set times out of school hours. For example, by providing space for adult education, health and fitness and a canteen, which can be used by parents.

There will also be:
Fourteen new classrooms, a dedicated children's library, a specialist teaching room for SEN, an enlarged roof-top play area, a dedicated prayer area, landscaped areas and additional outdoor learning spaces for all children , a children's gym.

From September 2011 new pupils attending Islamia Primary School will have to live within the catchment area of the school, which will mean significantly less pupils travelling in from outside the borough. Currently 40 per cent of pupils come in from neighbouring boroughs.

The school is urgently fundraising for this development.

Key questions

Contact for questions and queries
For all questions on the proposed scheme please email

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57. Support for a National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking in CANADA

It is quintessential that Canada have a National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. According to the US Department of State’s 2008 Trafficking in Persons Report, Canada is a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking.

The RCMP estimates that 600-800 persons are trafficked into Canada annually, predominantly for sexual purposes, and that an additional 1,500-2,200 persons are trafficked through Canada into the United States.

Women, children, and men have been identified as victims of trafficking in Canada according to the US Department of State’s 2006 Trafficking in Persons Report.

While there is no reliable data on the number of persons trafficked within Canada, Aboriginal women are disproportionately affected according to the 2007 Report of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women.

Girls as young as 12 are trafficked in Canada for sexual purposes according to Criminal Intelligence Service Canada’s 2008 Strategic Intelligence Brief, Organized Crime and Domestic Trafficking in Persons in Canada.

As stated by a leading anti-human trafficking voice, MP Joy Smith:

"The complex and clandestine nature of trafficking in persons and the rapidly increasing occurrence of this crime demands a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach that draws together the existing frameworks, stakeholders, and agencies. I am convinced a Canadian National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking would address the challenges raised by implementing an integrated, targeted response to human trafficking. Such an approach would include benchmarks and measurable targets to ensure that continued progress is made."

Please sign the petition to ensure that Canada takes a comprehensive and national stance to combat human trafficking!

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58. Yes to High Speed 2, People in favour of the proposed UK high speed rail link

The planned HS2 rail link aims to bring high speed rail to the North of the UK which will usher in a new era of rail travel by slashing journey times from the North to London and by increasing capacity on the UK's crowded transport corridors.

There is however a growing coalition of protesters against the route mainly from areas that may be effected. The aim of this petition is to redress the balance and show the UK government that there is support for the project from across the country.

A high speed rail network will help to boost the economy of the North and Midlands of the UK and as a result will have lasting benefits throughout the country for decades to come.

An added benefit of the quicker journey times from the North to the South will mean that people will have more of a desire to switch from air and road transport to rail which will reduce the amount of CO2 produced by the travelling public. HS2 will also free up rail freight paths from the WCML meaning that heavily polluting lorries can be taken off of the road further reducing the UK's transport CO2 emissions.

The West Coast Main Line which is the busiest mixed use line in Europe is already close to capacity and commuters already face standing for long periods on packed trains. HS2 will ease overcrowding and secure rail capacity for decades to come.

The British public should be in no doubt that High Speed 2 is needed, an overcrowded and inefficient rail system would have massive negative impacts on the economy of the UK for decades to come. We can not afford not to build HS2.

By signing the petition you are proving to the government that there is indeed support for the project and that people understand it's national importance for the future.

If you are undecided or simply want to find out more about hs2 you can find out much more by visiting the Yes To HS2 web site

Facebook "Yes To HS2: People in support of high speed rail to the north".

Contact YesToHS2 for further details by e-mailing

You can also follow the Yes To HS2 campaign on twitter.

Chris Howe.


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59. Support the Library Bond Referendum

The Support the Library Bond Referendum Coalition was formed by private citizens and members of the libraries' Friends groups to garner support for the upcoming referendum vote on Nov. 2 (and in early voting prior to that date). We believe that the Central Library and Clemmons and Kernersville branches are in disrepair and overcrowded, and need to be replaced or substantially renovated.

We also believe that there are a number of additional branches in the Forsyth County Library system (that are also included in the referendum) that need repairs and renovations as well.

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60. Make it law to report hitting or running over a cat whilst driving

I believe if you hit a cat whilst driving you should at the very least call the police, local council animal control or local vet and stay until they arrive if the cat is injured or even dead.

It would help us pet owners to know for certain what has happened to our beloved pets instead of wondering and worrying for years.

Cats are not feral if they live among a family who love them very much.

Most responsible owners have their cat micro chipped, which allows whoever has been informed about the injured/dead cat to notify the owners, also many cats have collars on with name, phone number or address .

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