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361. We support the Angels, especially in Dago

This petition is to show some of us love and support the HELLS ANGELS. We are heartbroken and outraged by the events that have transpired in EL CAJON, CA., this last week. Please sign this to show your support for your local 81 as well as the Angels in DAGO. THANK YOU.

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362. Support the lukemia society

A petition that helps kids with all kinds of disease.

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363. Support The Lakewood School Language Development Program

The Lakewood School Language Developement Program has been a very sucessfull program for the last 25 years. Helping many children with severe language problems overcome their challenges and become confident and productive students. The current School Board has formed a committee to come up with a recommendation to either change or eliminate this program from our school ditrict in order to save money, with the misguided promise that a new format of language development programs will access more children. We, the parents of these children do not want to see this program done away with but expanded in its current proven form if possible.

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364. Support for construct of trafic diversion island on the 1300 blk of S. Washington Street

The completed T-Rex and Light-rail project including a new light rail hub on Louisiana and south Washington street will have immediate impact on auto and pedestrian traffic directly impacting the saftey and quality of life of the residents of the 1300 blk od south Washing street. A perposial has beeb put forth by Robert Dorroh from CDOT to construct a traffic diversion island in the South intersection of S. Washington Street and Louisian to discourage neighboorhood access via South Washington Street. If this diversion were constructed, the only way to access the 1300 blk of S. Washington immediatly South of Louisiana would be from Arkansan on the South or a right turn from eastbound Louisiana. Traffic exiting Washington onto Louisiana would only be able to turn right and proceed eastbound.

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365. Create a "Finding Nemo II"

This petition is for anyone who saw the Disney/Pixar movie "Finding Nemo" and thought it was an excellent family film. If you would enjoy to see a sequel to the movie, continuing where the story left off, please sign! As you may know, Pixar & Disney are very busy right now with movies such as "Cars" & "The Incredibles," both due out in within the next 2 years. Also, "Toy Story III" and "Monsters Inc II" are possible. However, in the meantime, we can gather names in support of a "Finding Nemo" sequel to be done in the future.

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366. We support Ruben!!!

I am tired of everyone Complaning about Ruben and that he cheated. RUBEN DIDN'T CHEAT!!!

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367. We Love Clay!

This is to show our support for our American Idol- Clay Aiken.

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368. support thomasmac4

This is unfair my account thomasmac4 was frozen 2 years ago.:(And its annoying it was my main name and had 800,000np on it.Neopets keeps telling me that I was frozen because of cheating but i didn't.My friend jeff was using progs. to cheat on neopets on my computer when he had the progs. on a disc.And he froze my 2 accounts my bros 3,my sis,cousins,and nextdoorneighbors usernames.If u can sign this petiton we can prove neopets wrong and maybe they'll get a better protection that only freezes the cheater account and not anyone elses ever on the comp. If u sign this and have a petition send me the url for it at I'll sign yours but olny if u sign mine.

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369. Yes to Tourneys in Flipside Social Rooms

This is a petition to rebutt the one to ban Tourney Playing in Uproar/Flipside Social Rooms. The leagues that operate in these rooms do a lot of work to host fun games for players that enjoy. These players also bring new players to Uproar/Flipside and support the playsite a great deal. Also, the tourney playing only takes up a few tables at a time and in no way interfere with non tourney playing.

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370. Support Fairly Oddparents


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371. Stop the BNP and NF in the UK

The British National Party and the National Front have been gaining support recently. We must ally against these thugs in suits. They do not represent the working class. Their policy is similar to that of Hitler, who also claimed to represent the working class, yet stopped the trade unions and took away the workers voice. We must now do something about the Nazis, apathy is the real danger.

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372. Create a new Komintern!

A petition to found a new komintern (comintern) to be run by the communist governments of the world.

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373. Let's keep the Cockrell Hill Police Department

In response to the city's recent proposal to terminate the Cockrell Hill Police Department and replace it with Sheriffs Department, I ask you to please sign this petition showing your support for the Cockrell Hill Police Department already in place. In doing so, you not only show you support, but also show your dissatisfaction.

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374. Keep Silverchair together

Australia is the home of great music. Now, there is threat of one of them breaking up. One of Australia's greatest; Silverchair.

Please sign the petition to show your support of the band!

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375. Support Magnet School in Sumner Co, TN

On March 18, 2003, some members of the Sumner County Board of Education showed a willingness to cut new programs in order to maintain employee salaries and benefits should local revenues fall short of needs. One of these targeted programs was the Merrol N. Hyde Magnet School, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2003. A drawing has already been conducted to select the magnet school students and these selected students were requested to sign a form of intent to attend the magnet school in lieu of their normally zoned school.

This petition is part of a grass-roots effort by concerned citizens of Sumner County to convince the Board that discontinuing plans for the magnet school at this time are an unacceptable risk to those already slated to attend, as well as to the community at large based on the impact to future economic development should the magnet school be delayed.

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376. We support Aimee Allen!!

Aimee Allen fans need to be heard. Aimee Allen is a Female Rock Singer. She is awesome. Right now there is a dispute over her album- if it is going to be released or not. Any true Aimee Allen fans need to support her. Ever since Birds Of Prey, Aimee Allen has become well known to comic fans. Her song Revolution is the best. Help support her. I'm trying to prove that she has more fans than just me.

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377. Clay Aiken = American Idol

Do you want CLAY AIKEN to be the next AMERICAN IDOL? if you do, sign this petition. The petition will be sent to FOX, to show them how much we support Clay, and want him to be the next American Idol. Every signature is important to this petition. So what are you waiting for?? sign the petition!! :o)

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378. Abolish Freedom Fries!

The recent push to change "french fries" to "freedom fries" is not only absurd, it is enfuriating. France is allowed to disagree with the U.S. if it wishes to, and there is absolutely no reason to call them freedom fries. Sign this petition to save french fries from a horrible name change. Show your support for a civilized and intelligent nation by supporting the FRENCH in french fries. Unless of course you are an ignorant redneck or a fascist republican. Republicans need not apply. TO HELL WITH FREEDOM FRIES

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379. Hanson - Can't hide no more


Almost six years have passed since Hanson stepped into our lives. Too few of us have been privileged to see them perform live and still there has not been a "real" European tour. We know this new album is the golden opportunity to make this tour more than just another promise in an interview. This is the time for Hanson to return the love the European fans have continued to show Hanson for the past six years. We're telling them to stop hiding, step out of the shadow and get a tour going - and don't ignore Europe this time around!

We know our work will be rewarded - us fansons have showed sceptics before that we can make a difference - and we will show them again. Sign this petition to show your support to our efforts try to get a European tour.

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380. Support Islington's Community and Voluntary Sector

Islington Council is proposing to save £400,000 by reducing grant support for a wide variety of voluntary organisations across the borough, including Islington Voluntary Action Council. These cuts will seriously damage the voluntary and community sector in Islington.

We the under signed oppose the proposed cuts by Islington Council and urge councillors not to vote for the proposal to cut the voluntary sector.

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My wife and I separate and file for Divorce. I tell the court that I want JOINT PHYSICAL CUSTODY of our children. I know that because of my work, I would not be able to physically have the children 50% of the time but this would allow me some flexibility in seeing the kids. My wife is angry and bitter about the impending divorce so she finds a weapon to use against me. It's called the Family Court System. She tells them that I am a threat to her and/or our children. Then without any evidence or testimony from anyone, she is granted a Restraining Order against me. I am not only NOT allowed to see my own children, I am also ordered to attend weekly Domestic Violence classes for 1 year at a cost of $40 per class. I ask Judge Nancy Pollard of Orange County Family Court, on what grounds is she taking away my rights as a Father and branding me as a violent person. She said that all the evidence she needs is to believe that my wife is actually in fear of me in some way. I told her that that was ridiculous. I said that I would become a criminal just for trying to see my own kids. She told me to shut up or be charged with contempt.
During my 15 years of marriage, there was NEVER any incident of Domestic Violence. I was (and still am) a caring loving Father
who was voted Father of the Year by my Daughters Girl Scout Troop. My kids went to Catholic School and played sports. I was very much involved in their lives even though I work an average of 60 hours per week.
I was granted a MONITORED 2 hour visit every other Saturday by Judge Pollard but I was still ordered
to pay a large amount of Child Support. Even with the meager visitation rights I was given, my wife still "missed" several of the visits until I had to go to the local Police and file a report.
I have no problem paying Child Support. I do have a problem with a court system that plays into a bitter woman's hands and allows her to continue to use our children as weapons. This is tantamount to Child Abuse.
Now we are talking about Parental Alienation Syndrome. She is not only keeping my children from me but she is turning them against me in every way. She will not be happy until they feel the same way about me as she does. This should be a crime!
I know from talking to people and reading a lot that I am not alone here. There are many of you Fathers that are going through similar situations. I feel for you. Something must be done to stop the abuse of the Family Court Systems and give Fathers equal custody and visitation rights!

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382. End the African Food Crisis

I am having the student body at my elementary school sign a petition to send to President Bush in support of ending world hunger.

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383. Supporters Of Clay Aiken

People who support Clay Aiken in his singing career and as the 2003 American Idol.

We support Clay Aiken as the 2003 American Idol. We believe he is the most talented singer on the show and deserves to be the winner. Even if he does not win, we will continue to support his singing career. We have formed this petition to show him how many people support him and his singing career.

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384. House Judiciary Committee vote on SCNT

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, February 12, is
expected to vote on legislation, H.R. 534, by Rep. Dave Weldon (R-FL)
regarding human cloning.

The bill, as currently written, would ban human reproductive cloning, but would also halt promising embryonic stem cell research, because the bill imposes criminal penalties on researchers who use SCNT technology
to produce stem cells for research. The bill applies to privately funded
research as well as publicly funded research.

SCNT involves removing the nucleus of an unfertilized egg cell, replacing it with the material from the nucleus of a "somatic cell" (a skin, heart, or nerve cell, for example), and stimulating this cell to begin
dividing. Once the cell begins dividing, stem cells can be extracted
5-6 days later and used for research.

Most scientists believe that stem cells derived from SCNT could be very important in the development of measures to prevent or treat

Most U.S. House members have supported embryonic stem cell research and want to see its potential benefits maximized. H.R.534's ban on SCNT would mean that researchers would be unable to fully maximize embryonic stem cell research opportunities.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) will offer an amendment to make an exception to the bill to ensure that the penalties in the bill do not apply to the use of SCNT to produce stem cells. However, the bill would continue to ban human reproductive cloning.

Ask the Member to support stem cell research by voting for the Lofgren amendment.

P.S. We also thought you may be interested in the following letter
recently sent by former First Lady Nancy Reagan to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), expressing her opposition to a ban on SCNT to produce stem cells.

Office of Nancy Reagan January 29, 2003
Dear Orrin,
As you may know, Ronnie will observe his ninety second birthday soon. In earlier times, we would have been able to celebrate that day with great joy
and wonderful memories of our life together. Now, while I can draw strength from these memories, I do it alone, as Ronnie struggles in a world
unknown to me or the scientists who devote their lives to Alzheimer's
research. Because of this, I am determined to do what I can to save other families from this pain.
I'm writing, therefore, to offer my support for stem cell research and to
tell you I'm in favor of new legislation to allow the ethical use of
therapeutic cloning. Like you, I support a complete ban on reproductive
cloning. However, I believe that embryonic stem cell research, under
appropriate guidelines, may provide our scientists with many answers
that are now beyond our grasp.
Orrin, there are so many diseases than can be cured, or at least helped,
that we can't turn our back on this. We've lost so much time already. I
can't bear to lose any more.


The Honorable Orrin Hatch
United States Senate
104 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

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385. Petition to Support Affirmative Aciton

A group of law students at the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) have come together to submit a brief in support of the Respondents in the Supreme Court case Grutter vs. Bollinger. This is the case that will decide the fate of affirmative action policies in America.

As students who have endured the negative effects of limited diversity in an educational setting, we feel the need to make our voices heard!

In the brief, we are stressing the direct personal harm that all students face due to limits of Proprotion 209 (the California State Law prohibting the use of race in admission policies).

To show your support, please sign this petition and make your voice heard at the Supreme Court level!

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386. Awareness of RSD (Reflex Sympathtic Dystrophy)

I would like to make everyone aware of a disease/disorder that most people do not even know about unless they are around some one who has it or there are an educated medical professional. Many people are misdiagnosed and are going through terrible times because they might not even know what they have. It is reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), and affects the sympathetic nervous system. It can make people unable to do anything and live every second of every day in terrible pain. The disease can be traced back to the civil war. I myself have had it since was age 11 and that was just when i was finally diagnosed over at Stanford University. Here in my area they wanted to cut my nerves leading to my leg. I ask everyone to do some research and spread the knowlege and get programs and support groups going.

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387. Support for President Bush and Prime Minister Blair

We the undersigned believe:
Iraq is indeed a threat to not only its own people but to the entire world.
Even if the UN inspectors are able to find nothing, after they have left, Iraq will be free to do as they please. Thus the threat will continue into the future. Saddam and his thugs must be removed from power in Iraq, by force if need be. Thus freeing the good people of Iraq of ruthless tyranny. All weapons of mass destruction must be removed from Iraq.

History must not be allowed to repeat itself. War is a grave thing, yet the only thing that some mad men understand. Diplomacy will not work with the unwilling. Nothing that Sadam or his representatives say can be believed.

The League of Nations did not work for the same reasons that the UN is not working now. The time for diplomacy is long past. We must not wait until thousands are killed before we take action.

We the undersigned further support the United States, President Bush,Great Britain, and Prime Minister Blair.
All of the leaders of the free world should unite behind Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair to end this scourge. Now, before it is too late.

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388. Open Public Space at the Old Maple Leaf School Site

In the late 1980's, the Seattle Public schools tore down what was the Maple Leaf elementary school. Since this time, the school district has been deciding what to do with the property.

The Meadowbrook Community Council has approached the public schools, City of Seattle, and other institutions about creating an open space allowing this area to be a recharge acquifer for Thornton Creek.

The Meadowbrook Community Council Open Space Committee would like to see this area remain as open space instead of being developed as housing. This property may be zoned for 18 houses. This will add congestion and traffic to a street that already has issues with traffic.

To support this action, please contact Ron English at Seattle Schools to be put on notice of any votes to occur around this issue. His contact information: or 206-252-0651. If the Seattle Public Schools decides to sell, they should do so by community involvement to chose a seller.

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389. Raise Direct Support Staff (MR/DD) Rates

Direct Support Staff who work with people with developmental disabilities do not recieve adequate compensation for the work they do. They are often asked to work long hours doing very demanding work that affects people's lives. They cannot make a living wage working at just one job. Most are single mothers trying to raise their family and they must take two or more jobs to make ends meet.

Most importantly, the work they do is very important for the people they work with and for society. By paying direct support staff minimum wage or slightly above they and their work is devalued. Caring for other human beings the hardest and most important work in our society. They should be paid accordingly and should recieve a living wage.

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390. We Want Another X-Files Movie!

We x-philes would simply like to show anyone who's paying attention that there are fans very interested in and who would support another movie. Signing this petition doesn't promote any nefarious agenda, it's just to say " I want a movie and I want it now!"

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