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121. Save Queen Mary's Hospital

This petition is for concerned individuals and groups in the community who strongly oppose the closure of Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup. The Secretary of State for Health should abolish any plans to close it.

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122. Please leave Bangalore Alone

About Bangalore

Bangalore's Rs. 22,000 crore (US$ 47.2 billion) economy makes it a major economic centre in India.[27] Indeed, Bangalore is India's fourth largest[28] and fastest growing market. [29] Bangalore's per capita income of Rs. 2.9 lakh (US$ 6,460) is the highest for any Indian city. [28] As of 2001 Bangalore's share of Rs. 1660 crore (US$ 3.7 billion) in Foreign Direct Investment was the 3rd highest for an Indian city.[30]

In the 1940s industrial visionaries such as Sir Mirza Ismail and Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya played an important role in the development of Bangalore's strong manufacturing and industrial base. Bangalore is headquarters to several public manufacturing heavy industries such as Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) and Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT).

In June 1972 the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was established under the Department of Space and headquartered in the city. Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India because of the large number of Information Technology companies located in the city which contribute 38% of India's Rs. 100,000 crore (US$ 22 billion) IT and software export market.[31] Bangalore's IT industry is divided into three main "clusters" — Software Technology Parks of India, Bangalore (STPI); International Technology Park Ltd. (ITPL); and Electronics City. Infosys and Wipro, India's 2nd and 3rd largest software companies, have largest campus in Electronics City. As headquarters to 38% of global SEI-CMM Level 5 Companies, Bangalore's place in the global IT map is prominent.[32]

The growth of Information Technology has presented the city with unique challenges. Ideological clashes between the city's IT moguls, who demand an addressal of the infrastructural problems of the city, and the traditionally bureaucratic state governments, whose electoral base is primarily rural Karnataka's agricultural workers, are aplenty. In July 2004 Wipro CEO Azim Premji threatened to pull his company out of the city, stating, "We do not see the situation (state of Bangalore's infrastructure) improving in the near future".[33]

The Hosur Road, which connects Bangalore to the Electronics City, is a heavily congested road in the city. The road is also part of the National Highway (NH7) and therefore witnesses heavy truck traffic as well.

Biotechnology is a rapidly expanding field in the city. Bangalore accounts for 47% or 127 of the approximately 265 biotechnology companies in India. Biocon, headquartered in Bangalore, is the nation's leading biotechnology company and ranks 16th in the world in revenues. The Bangalore Stock Exchange is the largest in South India.

Chaning the Name

BANGALORE, India, Nov. 2 (UPI) -- Kannada speakers in India's Karnataka state have renamed their capital and IT hub Bangalore as Bengalooru to carry the language's common "u" syllable.

The official name change coincides with the golden jubilee of the founding of southern Karnataka as a state.

State Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy said, "Bangalore and several other cities have Kannada names but they have been anglicized in usage. It has also become a topic of debate. On this happy occasion of the golden jubilee, I am glad to announce the change in names," reports the Press Trust of India.

Ten other cities in the state also were renamed, with some of them taking on the "u" ending monikers. Mysore, the state's second-largest city, became Mysooru, Tumkur Tumakuru, Chikamagalur Chikamagalooru, and Mangalore Mangalooru.

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123. NO! on referendum 1

This petition is to tell Washington voters to vote No on referendum 1.

I am asking you to sign this petition because the state of Washington has gone too far this time.

They want to shut down strip clubs so women can't support there families and to take the only job they can get with decent pay with today's economy.

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124. Vote out College

The electoral college is one of the many compromises written into the t United States Constitution in 1787. The founding fathers devised the electoral college to elect the president but they did not anticipate the emergence of national political parties or a communications network able to bring presidential candidates before the entire electorate.

Providing that the president be chosen indirectly through the “electoral college” rather than directly by the voters in November was one of the founders’ hedges against “popular passion.” In the beginning, the electors had very real powers to work their will. Now, their sole function is to confirm a decision made by the electorate six weeks earlier.

Under the Constitution, each state is authorized to choose electors for president and vice president, the number always being the same as the combined number of U.S. senators and representatives allotted to that state. With 100 senators and 435 representatives in the United States, plus three electors for the District of Columbia provided by the Twenty-third Amendment, the total electoral college vote is 538.

Makeup and operation of the electoral college itself are tightly defined by the Constitution, but the method of choosing electors is left to the states. In the beginning many states did not provide for popular election of the presidential electors. Today, however, electors are chosen by direct popular vote in every state.

When voters vote for president, they are actually voting for the electors pledged to their presidential candidate. (Electors are named by state party organizations. Serving as an elector is considered an honor, a reward for faithful service.)
With the political parties in control of presidential politics, the function of the electoral college has changed drastically. Rather than having individuals seek to become electors and then vote for whomever they please for president, the parties have turned the process upside down by arranging slates of electors, all pledged to support the candidate nominated by the party.

In the earliest days of the electoral college, quite the opposite was true. Electors cast their votes for individual candidates rather than for party slates, with the majority winner being elected president and the runner-up, vice president. This made for some bizarre situations, as in 1796 when the Federalist John Adams, with 71 votes, became president and the Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson, with 68, vice president- roughly equivalent in modern times to an election in which Bush and Dukakis would end up as president and vice president.

In 1800 Jefferson and his running mate, Aaron Burr, each won an identical number of electoral votes, forcing the election into the House of Representatives, which resolved it in Jefferson’s favor. It was to avoid any similar occurrence that the Twelfth Amendment was passed in 1804. This amendment required the electors to cast two separate ballots, one for president and the other for vice president. This is the only constitutional change that has been made in the electoral college system, other than to add three electoral votes for the District of Columbia in 1961.

Presidential and vice presidential candidates of a party run as a team. In most of the states, it is the names of the candidates rather than the names of the electors that appear on the ballot; in the other states, both candidates and electors are identified. The victor in each state is determined by counting the votes for each slate of electors; the slate receiving the most votes (the plurality, not necessarily the majority of the votes cast) is declared the winner.

To be elected to the presidency a candidate must receive an absolute majority (270) of the electoral votes cast. If no candidate receives a majority, the House of Representatives picks the winner from the top three, with each state delegation in the House casting only one vote, regardless of its size. Only two U.S. elections have been decided this way (1800 and 1824).

The vice president is elected at the same time by the same indirect winner-take-all method that chooses the president, but the electors vote separately for the two offices. If no vice presidential candidate receives a majority, the Senate picks the winner from the top two, each senator voting as an individual. The Senate has not made the choice since 1836.

Pro/Con -
Another problem cited by critics is the possibility of “faithless electors” who defect from the candidate to whom they are pledged. Most recently, in 1976, a Republican elector in the state of Washington cast his vote for Ronald Reagan instead of Gerald Ford, the Republican presidential candidate. Earlier, in 1972, a Republican elector in Virginia deserted Nixon to vote for the Libertarian party candidate. And in 1968, Nixon lost another Virginia elector, who bolted to George Wallace.

The main danger of faithless electors is that the candidate who wins the popular vote could wind up one or two votes short of a majority in the electoral college and could lose the election on a technicality. This prospect becomes more probable when there are third-party or independent candidates who could negotiate with electors before they vote.

Those who argue in favor of retaining the present system state that there is too much uncertainty over whether any other method would be an improvement. They point out that many of the complaints about the electoral college apply just as well to the Senate and, to some extent, to the House. They fear that reform could lead to the dismantling of the federal system.

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125. Two options for Sonic Drive-In in Washington State

The reason for my petition is this: I, like many people in Washington State, am tired of seeing commercial after commercial depicting delicious food from Sonic Drive-In, when the closest location is over 300 miles away.

I would have no problem with the commercials if there was a sonic nearby that I could go to. I would have no problem with there being no Sonic near the Seattle area if they wouldn't play commercials on TV in the area teasing me with food I cannot have.

Please Sonic, either build a drive in near me, or stop teasing me with your commercials.

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According to the Briar Oaks Property Management Company, upon installation of the security gates located at the entrance to the community, these gates will only be secured from 7pm until 7am daily, and left open the remainder of each day.

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127. Street Repairs Needed to Leach Street

Leach Street is in a state of disrepair.

It has been over 20 years since this street has been paved. It has numerous cracks and potholes.

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128. Traffic Concerns of Station Hill Residents

The speed limit is 25 miles an hour from NMMC till you leave Fort Kent. I have clocked 10 ton trucks going approximately 38-42 miles per hour.

This is a high pedestrian and children area. This is the normal speed not a few individual trucks or companies.

I am trying to prevent a tragedy before it occurs.

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129. School busses for Windrose Subdivision

Klien School District will not provide bus services to Windrose and SpringBrook Subdivisionand.

In a news letter sent home with our kids on friday 08-18-06, it was stated that the school can not make the decision, They say we have to live 2 miles or more away from the school. We know the school can't make the decision, but the KISD can make the dicision to do school buses in Windrose and Springbrook and the other effected subdivision.

WE called State Representive Peggy Hamric's office (District 126) they said the state does not provide funding for busses within 2 miles radius of the school, but that the district could provide transportation, Kisd wanted to provide services for us they could. I think the district is trying to save money at our childrens expense. TC Jester is in the works for being opened all the tha thru to 2920. This is going to make TC Jester extremely busy, for everybody taking short cuts thru our neighborhoods because the major rodes around us are to conjested. Many years ago, when Benfer was opened KISD did not provide busses to the subdivision within a 2 mile radius. the home owners banned together and started a petition causing KISD to rethink there decision on bussing for Benfer, they know have bus service for there kids in less than a 2 mile redius of the school. We are now asking for the same considerations in Our neighborhoods for our kids.

There is nothing barring the district from providing busses if they chose to. We have 30 sex offenders in our zip code area, We have children who must walk down 2 major roads, one being Alvin A Klien and the other being T.C. Jester. These roads are very busy now, We get alot of traffice from Kuyendahl becouse it is so busy, they come down Alvin A Klien and cut thru Windrose for a short cut to miss traffic. There are too many children to put at risk to walk or ride bikes. Our subdivision is very spread out.

We pay taxes to our schools. We are asking for school bus service for the windrose and surrounding subdivision that will be going to the new school of Benignus in the Windrose subdivision. Thank you.

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130. Essex County NJ CHILDREN

There are alot of children in Essex county that wish they had a place they can go to just to get away from the streets and home life they are forced to live every day.

Maybe they can't talk to their parents, grandparents or whoever raised them... and they just need some one to listen.

I've been listing to these kids for the past 10 years and it's become my passion... with your help my passion and dream will come true.

Thank you

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131. NCLB: Where Did We Leave Them?

August 3, 2006

Thank you very much for visiting our petition.

We must make changes to No Child Left Behind in order to improve the education system for all students.

By signing our petition, you are helping to give a voice to those students who are being "left behind."

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132. Clemency For Stray Dogs and Cats

July 31, 2006

It is hereby requested for the immediate consideration of the future of stray dogs and cats.

With stray dogs and cats' complete concern and welfare considered it is hereby requested for the state of Missouri to mandate for ALL person(s) to be required to be responsible for their pet(s). This to be accomplished by the following:

(1) To list on yearly personal property in each county the total number of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens. For each dog, puppy, cat, kitten spayed/neutered, personal property tax WILL BE EXEMPT. Each dog, puppy, cat, kitten NOT spayed/neutered will be assessed personal property tax of 5 per cent of total personal property.

NOTE: This tax will be placed in a special fund to be used by city pounds/county shelters/humane societies to spay/neuter their strays.

END RESULT - Future strays will not be born to end up alongside country roads to die or to breed with other strays. City Pounds, shelters/humane societies will not be overrun with these unwanted strays.

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133. Westfield Malls - Please Support Breastfeeding Babies!

July 26, 2006

Fox 8 Morning News (Cleveland) aired a story on July 21, 2006 in which a local nursing mother (who wishes to remain anonymous) was refused permission to nurse her baby before paying for her purchases at the Aeropostale store in Great Northern Mall (which is owned by Westfield).

The mall representative who spoke to the reporter indicated that this kind of situation is why they put in the Family Room.

Westfield Corp. owns four area malls in addition to the malls they own in twelve other states and three other countries (the UK, Australia and New Zealand).

Some of those areas have much stronger protections for families who breastfeed in public than Ohio does, especially New York State (where Westfield owns two malls) - there the right to breastfeed is written into the Civil Rights section of the state laws, with specific penalties if violated.

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134. Pet hotels for the U.S.

July 21, 2006

The U.S needs more pet hotels.

Most people don't feel good about leaving their pet in a kennel or with a friend while they go on vacation. Pet hotels could help solve this problem.

There should be at least one in every state but it would be better if there was more. The pets need to have lots of attention and not feel lonely while their "parents" are away.

You don't want to come home and have a sick pet.

So, please sign this petition to put up more pet hotels!!

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135. Stop Sending Prisoners Out Of State In Idaho

July 17, 2006

Idaho prisons are severely overcrowded.

Instead of sending our prisoners out of state and costing taxpayers thousands of dollars we need to reevaluate our sentencing procedures.

Instead of sending people to prison for minor probation and parole violations such as dirty UA we need to look towards rehabilitation instead.

If we released all of the first time parole violators with non-violent crimes, there would be no need to send any of our prisoners out of state.

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136. Abolish all private schools in England and Wales

July 12, 2006

There are many reasons why i believe the abolishing of Private schools would make our society fairer, more cohesive and tolerant.

Firstly, it would make equal opportunities a reality instead of a mere pipe dream envisaged by unrealistic MPs, a third of whom were educated privately themselves (compared to two thirds in the Lords).

A study by academics from London University's Institute of Eduction founfd that Private school puplis are more likely to achieve better qualifications and end upi in high-paying jobs than State School students atudents who were just as bright and from similar backgrounds.

It goes on to report that only 7.6% of the academically able state school students in the study were earning more than £70,000 in their thirties compared to 28.6% who attended private shcools as fee payers

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137. Assam Name Change Issue

This petition is now closed.

July 2, 2006

Assam to Asom what's in a name?

Mr. Chandra Prasad Saikia, ex President of Oxom Xahityo Xobha, proposed, through the Assamese magazine "Gariyoshi" that the name ASSAM is not an indigenous one, and claimed that it is a word coined by the British during the colonial rule for their own convenience and therefore the name ASSAM should be changed.

Without discussing the merits of the suggestion with any official literary organization or any other entity, last February the government of Assam took the decision to change the name of the State from Assam to Asom. This decision was based on the above suggestion. The ruling congress party took this political decision before the assembly election.

This shows that we not only have serious problem in practicing the democratic values in Assam, but it also shows that there are some grave misconceptions even among the educated people in Assam regarding the origins of the names of the state: OXOM and ASSAM. This is rather a very sad and pathetic situation.

Mr. Chandra Prasad Saikia is wrong in his assumption that the word Assam is coined by the British. Local newspapers like Amar Oxom etc are asking for an open debate on the issue. Recently the joint Xahityo Xobha Monso of Assam also took a resolution against the spelling ASOM.

The Tai-Ahom and the Buddhist organizations in Assam are sending petitions to Government of India against the spelling ASOM. Moreover the decision of the Assam Government is still pending and it has not issued any notification to that effect.

No news paper from Assam has actually written any Editorial on the issue worth its name. Respected and prestigious English language news papers like The Assam Tribune and Sentinel, instead of playing a leadership role in the debate for the right spelling of the word ASOM or ASSAM have started using the name Asom.

By this blind adoption, The Assam tribune and Sentinel are trying to make it a fait accompli.

In a democracy there is no room for a hasty decision without any public debate to pass a political resolution. The government of Assam should give the arguments for their proposal to change the name of the State. It seems in Assam those who speak, they don't know, and those who know, they don't speak.

As there are several arguments in defence of the name Assam which existed before the British came to India, the Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters (FASS), we are voicing our strong opposition to the Government of Assam's hasty decision without any public debate to pass a political resolution for the use of the spelling ASOM.

Mr. Chandra Prasad Saikia who initiated the name change has not come forward to defend his contention. The cabinet decision by itself does not become automatic implementation. As the name Assam is enshrined in the Constitution, to change the name requires a Constitutional amendment.

For this reason we from the Friends of Assam and Seven Sisiters (FASS) would like to submit a petition to the to the President of India, Prime Minister, Union Law Minister, Governor and Chief Minister of the State resenting the recent move of the State Government to respell the name of the State as 'Asom' in English.

Please find enclosed the petition we are trying to push through. We know that this change does not necessary affect each one of you and that it may not impact your individual situations but we do hope you will on principle support us in asking the Indian government to react.

In the event that you do support this letter please reply before 99-99-9999
with a yes. We shall then include your name in the petition to the Prime
Minister of India.

Counting on your support.
Rajen Baruah, Huston Texas, USA
Partha Gogoi
Ram Sarangapani
Shantikam Hazarika, Guwahati, India
Wahid Saleh, Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands

On behalf of Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters

PS: If you want to have extra information on this subject, please download two papers written by Rajen Baruah of FASS. The papers may be found at & for more inofrmation contact the author of this petition.

1. On the origins of the names of Oxom and Assam in English. (

2. On the origins of the names of Oxom and Assam (Assamese text). (

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138. BBC's lack of credibility and partiality in reports of Sri Lankan affairs

To: Editors of the BBC

We the Tamils are disheartened and hurt by the BBC's covering of the issues pertaining to the island of Sri Lanka. The issues mentioned below are in response to reports on the website and BBC News 24.

These include but not limited to:

1.Massacre of civilians in a bus using claymore mines, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

The BBC's Sri Lankan correspondent, Dumeethra Luthra reported on the massacre of innocent civilians in a claymore mine attack in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka and the ensuing aerial attacks by the Sri Lankan government on Tamil positions on BBC News 24 (the video link of the same report on the website is titled 'Why air strikes have been resumed' in the article 'S Lanka air force steps up raids').

In this report she states that the LTTE is "the Key candidate" for this atrocity. She fails to mention the Sri Lankan State forces that have been accused by the Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission of extra judicial killings of innocent Tamil civilians in the NE of the island.

As of the 24th of May over 190 Tamil civilians have been killed since the first Geneva talks held on the 22-23 of February 2006. The GOSL (Government of Sri Lanka) has a history of orchestrating violence against the Tamil civilians (1956, 1958, 1977, 1981 and 1983 anti-Tamil riots).

The LTTE for its part has been accused of targeting Government soldiers but has not been accused of targeting innocent civilians.

The LTTE has strongly denied the allegation of the claymore attack on the bus and has nothing to gain from this horrendous and disturbing attack targeting civilians.

•Why doesn't the Sri Lankan correspondent question the motive for the LTTE to have committed this attack?

•Why doesn't the Sri Lankan correspondent assess the beneficiaries of this massacre?

It is the GOSL and/or the elements opposed to peace that benefit from this massacre of innocent civilians.

The Tamils and the LTTE have been further unjustly isolated in the international arena, by the recent proscription of the LTTE as a terrorist group by Canada and the EU. This has emboldened the GOSL to continue the genocide of the Tamils in the hope of subjugating the Tamils abandoned by the international community.

2.Down-playing/Sugar-coating of Government atrocities against innocent Tamil civilians

Initial versions of the report titled "Fresh Sri Lanka clashes kill many" accuses the LTTE of the attack against the Sri Lankan navy and quoted the Sri Lankan Navy accusing the LTTE for the grenade attack on the Mannar church in yesterday's fighting.

The updated version of the same report mentions with ambiguity the Mannar church attack but fails to mention who was involved in the attack.

The reader is left with the impression that the 'non-state' actor (in this case the LTTE) that 'allegedly' initiated the naval attack is responsible for the atrocity on the civilians in the church.

With eyewitness accounts and the presence of an international aid worker, the BBC reports that the Sri Lankan forces attacked the Mannar church in the article titled "Sri Lankan forces 'hit church' ".The report goes on to say that the government denied this but said that the church was "caught in the crossfire". However, it fails to say that the GOSL had initially insisted that it was the work of the LTTE.

Here again the BBC sugar-coats the government atrocity, which was a deliberate NOT 'accidental' attack using a grenade and live gunfire on the 200 or so Tamil civilians seeking refugee in the church. One person was widely reported as killed and many injured.

These sorts of crimes targeting civilians seeking refuge in churches and temples were a common occurrence during the war. The Tamils in the NE are faced with these atrocities even during times of peace with the help of censors of the international media.

3.Tamils from the NE of the island faced with the fear of being victims of state genocide are fleeing in the thousands from the government controlled areas to LTTE controlled areas and to India. The BBC when reporting on the fleeing Tamil civilians refers to the victims as Sri Lankans giving the impression that the Sinhalese are also fleeing. This is NOT true. The people seeking refuge in India and LTTE controlled areas are all Tamil victims.

4.It is also very disheartening to note that the BBC has turned a blind eye to the mass demonstrations, by tens of thousands of Tamils around the globe, against the genocide of Tamils by the Sri Lankan government.

5.It is also very sad to note that articles such as the "Sri Lankan forces 'hit church'" that refers to the Sri Lankan forces' attack on the innocent civilians in the church are only short lived in the South Asia section of the website (It was published at 1:08 GMT on the 18th of June and archived well within 8hrs).

As you have stated in your article titled "Sri Lanka: Truth, bias and the BBC " the news of the Tamil struggle published on the international media especially the BBC (given its presence in Sri Lanka ) are paramount in the midst of FALSE propaganda being issued by the government of Sri Lanka.

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139. Bush, Cheney Impeachment - California Petition

June 16, 2006

California State Assemblymember Paul Koretz introduced Assembly Joint Resolution AJR39 in the state legislature to call for the impeachment of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Passage of this resolution will be determined by a groundswell of support by California residents.

If you are a California resident, please sign the petition today and bring us closer to holding our elected officials accountable for their actions.

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140. Harsher Punishment for Animal Abusers

Deputies uncover dead, neglected animals
By LeAnn Eckroth, Senior Staff Writer

Animal carcasses littered the ground.

Horses were so hungry they were eating their own feces.

Dogs were chained up without food or water.

Authorities discovered the grisly scene this week in rural Grenora and arrested a woman for mistreating animals.

Kim Lester, 41, was released on 10 percent cash to apply toward $2,000 bond Friday on two counts of maltreatment of animals, both Class A misdemeanors.

Lester appeared Friday with her attorney Shane Peterson before Northwest District Judge Gerald Rustad on allegations of mistreatment of numerous horses, livestock and dogs on a farmstead about six miles southwest of Grenora.

According to a report released by the Williams County Sheriff's Office, many of the 84 horses, 50 dogs and 30 birds - turkeys and chickens - were confined to a very small space on the 330 acres of property, and had not received food or water for several days.

Rustad ordered Lester to remove all animals from her property within five days, and to notify law enforcement what is being done with the animals and where they are being placed. She must make arrangements for the animals' proper care.

According Williams County Deputy Verlan Kvande, who headed the investigation, 45 livestock, including horses and cows, were penned into a 50-by-60-foot area, and numerous dogs were staked out throughout the property, chained up without food or water or were confined in small animal carriers in other buildings on the farmstead. The other 40 livestock animals were found in an overgrazed pasture.

"There was one 8-by-10-foot shed with the doors and windows closed that had no ventilation," Kvande said. "It had half a dozen chickens and eight dogs in pet carrier cages. There was a horrendous smell of defecation, urination and chickens. There was no food or water for the dogs. There was some water for the chickens, but it was really moldy .... The smell was overpowering."

After receiving numerous reports about conditions of the farmstead from concerned citizens, authorities investigated and found enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant for the farm site.

"There were complaints of dead animals in the pasture and mistreatment of animals," said Kvande.

Executing the search warrant on Thursday, Williams County Sheriff deputies and North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation agents who investigated the scene reported finding eight horse carcasses and three dog carcasses in a pasture on the property.

Several animals were found to be in a small pen and unable to move around, or placed in small carriers in three structures on the property.

"A veterinarian who accompanied authorities in the investigation confirmed that there was evidence of neglect and malnourishment of the animals, and it was an extended ongoing pattern," said Lt. Earl Innis of the Williams County Sheriff's Office.

Animals also showed signs of possible staff infection, ringworm and sores, said the veterinarian.

Williams County State's Attorney Nicole Foster, who is prosecuting the case, described the farmstead and conditions of the animals a public health hazard.

"The horses were so hungry, they were eating their own feces," said Deputy Verlan Kvande, who headed the probe. "They had automated watering systems, but they had not been turned on."

During the investigation of the property, deputies and law officers tended to the animals, said Innis. They remained on the scene for over three hours.

Lester was also ordered not to board or possess animals while the court case continues, and the court order also includes a search clause of Lester's property that allows authorities to check for other animals.

"To my knowledge, she has made contacts with humane societies around the state to find shelter for the animals," Kvande said.

If convicted, Lester could face a maximum sentence of two years in prison and $4,000 in fines.

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141. Legalize Safe and Sane Fireworks In Massachusetts

June 2, 2006

Legalize all Safe and Sane Fireworks in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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142. New York State Divorce Reform

May 26, 2006

New York State Divorce Reform.

Regressive matrimonial and divorce laws need to be reformed.

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143. Please don't ban the LTTE from EU countries

May 24, 2006

The Foreign Minister of Austria
(The Presidency of EU)
Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Minoritenplatz 8
A-1014 Wien
May 24th, 2006

Her Excellency,

Re: The European Union ban of the LTTE will not yield peace in this troubled nation.

The International Community(IC) and European Union (EU) had failed to put adequate pressure in action on the Sri Lankan leaders to address the legitimate Tamils grievances which was widely accepted by the IC for well over fifty years.

Especially within the last four years of peace process, the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) had the best opportunity to put forward an alternate solution through negotiation with Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). There were number of agreements reached between the negotiating parties.

Instead of implementing those agreements to move forward the peace process towards the permanent peace the State cunningly used the peace time to divide the Tamils and the LTTE and unleashed the worst form of terror against them covertly and overtly.

If EU is to take serious note, any decision arrived in these last four years of peace talks never implemented by the GOSL on the ground. The latest and most deplorable act of the GOSL was failure of the non implementation of IC and EU pushed the Post-Tsunami Operational Management Structure (PTOMS) agreement which was signed between LTTE and GOSL.

The PTOMS agreement merely an aid distribution mechanism to the Tsunami affected Tamil victims. This agreement was also tossed by the state into dust bin but IC or EU was not able to force or penalize the Sri Lankan state for the non implementation of that agreement.

These are the real reasons for the current impasses for the peace process and the upsurge of violence in Sri Lanka. This violence was systematically unleashed by the Sri Lankan state to distract and divert the attentions of the IC and EU.

The Tamils were continuously denied their legitimate rights after the British rule and all form of democratic expressions of the non violent Tamils were dealt with brutal heavy handedly by the Sri Lankan rulers and its forces.

The genocide against the Tamils were systematically unleashed in 1958, 1961, 1974 and 1977 where thousands of thousands Tamil men, women and children were massacred in cold blood and perished in the hands of the terror state of Sri Lanka. Millions of Tamils were forced to displace from their homes and their hard earned properties were destroyed to call the Tamils into submission.

The LTTE was not existed in the time of the above genocides against the Tamils. The sustained state terrorism against their own Tamil citizens only forced the Tamils to defend themselves; the LTTE came into existence to defend the grand agenda of Total annihilation of Tamils from Sri Lanka by the state rulers.

We Tamils are oppressed for well over fifty years by the successive Sri Lankan governments. We should not be victimized and vilified by the International Community when we turn to LTTE to protect us from horrific sustained state terror against us for so long. Tamils used the arms struggle as a last resort to protect themselves from the complete annihilation by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese rulers and its armed forces.

It is the global and moral duty of the International Community including EU to do everything possible to see the true plight of Tamils and help them from total annihilation by the Singhalese rulers in Sri Lanka and
help them to achieve just and fair solution to their longstanding
legitimate struggle.

I urge the Your Excellency, not to yield to the pressure by the Sinhalese leaders to ban the Tigers in EU countries. The EU ban will further strengthen the Sinhalese hardliners' and hawkish rulers' grand agenda of committing genocide against the Tamils by isolating the Tamils and LTTE from the International Community.

Yours truly,
Tamils around the world

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144. Keep Justin Bozeman as wrestling coach for all divisions

May 03, 2006

Coach Bozeman was informed that he will no longer be the wrestling caoch for high school.

Coach Bozeman not only took McCreary Central to State tournament (in which several of the wrestlers placed), he also help make Elementary wrestlers
State Champions.

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145. Bring Ethanol to Louisiana

May 1, 2006

This petition is calling for an effort to bring the alternative fuel E85 ethanol to the state of Louisiana, as there is not one at the present time.

There is currently an alternative fuel availible in this country called E85 ethanol. It is made from corn, a quite renewable resource, and has been proven better for the environment than the fuels that we presently use.

E85 ethanol helps to reduce green house gas and smog-forming emissions and our dependence on petroleum.

E85 also has a positive effect on your vehicle, improving its performance by having a higher octane rating than gasoline. This allows greater horsepower and torque.

Perhaps the most beneficial reason for E85 is the fact that it will support the domestic agriculture industry of the United States because of the availibility of the product of corn and other grains in our own country.

The State of Louisiana presently has NO locations for the purchase of E85 ethanol. We can all make a difference by showing a sincere effort for this cause.

This petition is to show that the citizens of Louisiana care about the energy industry and would appreciate the availibility of E85 in our state.

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146. Shame On The Oregon Vet Board!

April 16, 2006

In October, 2005, The Oregon State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners chose to reduce fines -- from $20,0000 to $500 -- against Lee Anderson.

Mr. Anderson was practising veterinary medicine without a license, and "in the course of attempting to castrate four horses and ponies, severed the penises of two," one of whom had to be euthanized. Yet the State Vet Board chose to reduce fines against this butcher to 1/40th of the proposed amount!!!

Who is Oregon protecting, pets or their unlicensed butchers? Sign this petition as an act of censure against the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

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147. Stop NJ Tax Hikes

March 26, 2006

Governor Corzine has proposed a $30.9 billion state budget that will impose higher taxes and fees on anyone who smokes, drinks alcohol, uses water, drives a car and purchases any merchandise subject to the state sales tax.

Stop NJ Tax Hikes is a statewide coalition of concerned citizens who are fighting to defeat Governor Corzine's budget proposal.

Join the debate and help us defeat these burdensome tax hikes.

Sign the petition today!

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148. Smart Classrooms for East Tennessee State University

March 24, 2006

Hutcheson Hall on East Tennessee State University has been undergoing renovation for the past year.

As the Family and Consumer Sciences Department, we are striving to update our image while providing students with a higher level of education.

Technology is a key factor to providing students with effective learning. Our classrooms are currently out-of-date and need immediate attention.

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149. One Car Tint Law

March 21, 2006

Did you know that in South Australia we have very unique car tinting laws to that of every other state.

On the front side windows, the tint has to be lighter than the back with 70% light transmittance and 35% on the back. This makes for very ugly cars and it also makes it near impossible for people bringing in cars to be registered from interstate, as they have to remove the tint. It also makes it difficult and more expensive to comply with SA law, as most tinters will make it more expensive to use different tints.

Every other state allows 35% tint all over, so why not SA? Let's change this and make it easier and cheaper for people in SA to get car tint, while also making it easier to move from interstate to SA.

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150. Amend Adoption Laws In Florida

March 20, 2006

The State of Florida makes searching for biological families very difficult.

By state law and adoptee is required to petition the courts to open their adoption records. Once the adoption has been finalized the records are sealed. Most of the time they cannot be opened unless for medical reasons and even then it is an uphill battle.

I am petitioning the governor to change that law, because adoptees are entitle to know about their biological families just like everyone else.

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