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151. Help Save Newham Boxing Club

Please help save our boxing club opened in 1981 by ron chapman & bob galloway and continued by son joey chapman, due to the council putting all there money into the Olympic games has made the council set a new lease and demand a rent £10,000 per year TEN TIMES their current payment......

Joey Chapman's statement "We have Olympic hopefuls John Coyle, Liam Desmond, George Moughton & George Veness. How does it look for there future if the council close us down please help save our club?"

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152. Save the Spiceburger

Walsh Family Foods closed its doors earlier this month with the loss of 50 jobs and a receiver is to be appointed to the business next week. The company, based in the Poppintree industrial estate in Finglas, could no longer sustain heavy losses caused by the weakness of sterling against the euro and tough competition from UK rivals.

The company patented its recipe for spice burgers, but the product’s popularity never really expanded beyond Ireland. It remained the only producer, so future supplies may depend on the ability of a receiver to find new interests to take over the business.

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153. Let's have Unity!!!

Unity Day was born in 1978 on Belmont Plateau and has since become the nation’s largest outdoor radio event. This keystone Philadelphia event celebrates family values, pride, and empowerment. Thirty years and counting. That’s how long WDAS FM’s world famous Unity Day has been going on, making it a part of Philadelphia history now.

WDAS recently announced that "due to the difficult economic times," the station could not produce Unity Day this year. Last week Clear Channel announced that John Rohm, who manages its stations in Pittsburgh, would also be market manager of the Philadelphia cluster, which consists of WDAS, Power 99, Q102, Radio 104.5, Rumba 1480, and My106.1.

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154. Save Leigh Gilded Hollins School

This petition is to save our magnificent and beautiful school, Gilded Hollins Junior & Infant School in Leigh, Lancashire.

Gilded Hollins is the highest scoring non-church school in the entire Borough of Wigan. Despite this, Wigan Council want to close it down.

They propose to merge our School with 3 other schools and locate them all on the same site. Gilded Hollins, Lowton J&I, Lowton High and Golborne High will all share a site with a Health Centre and Library, all of which will be open to the school AND the general public.

The implications of moving a mile to the new site and closing down such an excellent school has far too many implications to list here.

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155. Stop the Development of Black Ash Creek

74+ acres of wooded land called Black Ash Creek is for sale as a future site for development. It is important to save this beautiful ecosystem and have it designated protected parkland.

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156. Save Union Square

The Metro Station Authority threatens to demolish five historic terraces and local businesses on Union Square to make way for the proposed Metro Station. The buildings are heritage listed. They are the heart and soul of the Pyrmont Village.

The past lives and breathes in the present and the future. Buildings and areas should not be pulled down or reconstructed just because it suits the flow of traffic or the use of underground rail systems. Much more needs to be shown to justify the actions of the Authority. Our community has a legitimate and reasonable expectation that the choice of a suitable location will occur with proper consultation and will not be done capriciously or with no concern for relevant matters.

Our Council and the State Government will be judged on how they deal with and value our heritage and its culture. There are other options for the Metro it could be in the Casino complex or on the corner of Union and Pyrmont Streets. If the road was closed between Edward and Pyrmont Streets during construction this important village hub could be left intact.

The best barometer of a society’s character is how it deals with and understands its past and how it uses that knowledge to help it carry on its present tasks, and then to shape its future.

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157. Calling for retained firefighters to remain exempt from EU working directive

At present, many local fire services are provided by retained firefighters who already work in full time jobs, and supplement that employment by giving service to the local community.

By making themselves available at the drop of a hat to attend local emergencies, they are often on call outside of normal work hours.

Although the directive requires employers to make sure that employees do not work more than 48 hours a week but, the Conservative Government secured an ‘opt-out’ in 1993.

However, the European Parliament has now voted that there should be no exception to the working time directive for the UK. Furthermore, the majority of the European Parliament wants any period of ‘on-call’ time, including ‘inactive’ time, to count as working time for the purposes of the directive.

Retained firefighters would be breaching this rule as their combined employment and ‘on call’ time will normally exceed 48 hours. – and subsequently they could be forced to give up this valuable service to the community.

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158. Save our Michael Scofield!

In 2005 "FOX" started to air the series "Prison Break". For a lot of fans "Michael Scofield" became the hero. Besides the audience liked Michael´s relationship with Sara. They even called it "MiSa" for Michael and Sara. All fans hoped for a happy end.

They made videos with Sara and Michael and opened internet pages to talk about "MiSa". But in the series finale the disaster happened. Michael Scofield died.

Now all "MiSa" and Michael-fans are sad and disappointed. So a lot of fans try to save their beloved Michael:

We also wrote to FOX: and to the producers:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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159. Help Save Springfield Shriner's Hospital

On Saturday March 27th, I was reading the paper and it stated "Seven of the twenty two Shriners, including Springfield Ma., may have to close its doors.

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160. Save Erskinville Village from Dance Club DA Number DU/2004/114/A

A Dance Studio/Venue on 18-20 Victoria Street, Erksinville Plan is to operate from 7am to 10pm daily and will impact our quality of life, sleep and play.

What we can look forward to:
Loud Music 365 days a year from 7am to 10pm+
Noise, Noise Noise from the studio sitting above us
Less street parking for residents
Move traffic
Street noise as patrols leave after 10pm
What can we do?
Contact the Council Now

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161. Citizens to Save MAST

Amending section 34-365(a), Code of Ordinances, entitled “Powers and duties of the metropolitan ambulance services trust – Generally” to preclude operation of the ambulance/transport component and special events coverage by the City and requiring MAST to continue providing such services.

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162. Save the Seals - Boycott Canadian Seafood

Every year, on the ice floes of Canada, over 350,000 baby harp seal pups are brutally skinned, many while still alive. Some pups haven't even had their first meal. Yet the Canadian Prime Minister condones this.

Please help save these beauties before it is too late!

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163. Canberra Raiders Keep Terry Campese

Penrith Panthers are attempting to steal one of our greatest talents of all time, Terry Campese. Terry Campese is a local talent and a fantastic five-eighth and he has been playing the role of both halves.

Terry is an integral part of the Canberra Raiders attack. Canberra Raiders chances of winning a premiership will be close to NIL if the Panthers are allowed to procure Campese.

Terry Campese has the capacity to become a life long Raider!

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164. Compulsory Breeders' Licences

With all the Animals that have been abandoned, neglected, abused in the past it is time for people who truly care about them to help put a stop to Puppy mills and irresponsible owners who don’t fix there pets. It's not a small issues anymore, there are a lot of cruel people out there that have these poor animals locked up in feces’ infested little cages for the purpose of breeding these animals for money.

There is no justice for these animals that have to go through this with no medical attention or comfort through the pregnancy, they not only get breed for all the wrong reasons but they are getting breed as much as they can which can not only cause problems with the new puppies arriving but the animals going through the pregnancy is loosing every bit of life each time. These animals need your help, not next week but now.

There is an over abundance of baby animals being given away because the lack of responsible owners who don’t get there pets spayed or neutered. These people need to get stopped to. Please see my Facebook Page for more details

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165. Save Lake Toba

Menyadari bahwa Danau Toba merupakan merupakan aset alam, ciptaan Tuhan yang tidak ternilai harganya bagi bangsa Indonesia dan khususnya bagi masyarakat Sumatera Utara. Danau Toba memiliki nilai ekologi, sosial budaya dan ekonomi bagi kehidupan masyarakat terutama di daerah sekitar Danau Toba. Saat ini Danau Toba mengalami berbagai kemerosotan, baik disebabkan olah faktor alamiah maupun akibat aktifitas yang kurang mengindahkan prinsip pelestarian ekosistem, sehingga pada saat ini terjadi degradasi daya dukung perairan maupun daratan di sekitar kawasan Danau Toba. Hal ini dapat kita lihat antara lain : lahan kritis yang sudah semakin luas; Keramba yang sangat mengganggu dan limbah domestik yang sudah tidak terkendali mencemari air Danau Toba, serta pertumbuhan eceng gondok dan gulma lainnya yang merusak estetika danau.

Berbagai masalah tersebut telah terjadi terhadap kelestarian kawasan Danau Toba, yang semakin hari mengalami penurunan kualitas yakni : kondisi fisik, kualitas air. Kondisi fisik mengalami berbagai permasalahan seperti : perambahan hutan yang tidak terkendali, pola pertanian yang tidak ramah lingkungan. Masyarakat secara sembarangan melakukan galian-galian (Galian – C) untuk mendapat keuntungan sesaat, kurang memikirkan dampak yang ditimbulkan.

Kualitas air Danau Toba yang semula jernih dan bening, kini terganggu akibat pembuangan limbah dari berbagai sumber rumah tangga, limbah pertanian, limbah keramba, termasuk pencemaran dari transportasi air kapal di Danau Toba. Dampak pencemaran ini juga telah menimbulkan permasalahan yang lebih besar dengan munculnya gulma eceng gondok sehingga mengakibatkan rusaknya keindahan alam perairan Danau Toba. Munculnya keramba diberbagai tempat secara umum telah mengakibatkan penurunan nilai estetika perairan kawasan Danau Toba dan penurunan kualitas air perairan Danau Toba.

Kondisi yang terjadi saat ini di kawasan Danau Toba khususnya di kawasan perairan Danau Toba, nyata sudah merugikan perekonomian, baik terhadap penerimaan usaha-usaha kepariwisataan maupun perekonomian masyarakat. Sebaliknya apabila kondisi itu dapat dipulihkan maka diharapkan dapat meningkatkan kunjungan wisatawan ke kawasan Danau Toba, yang dampaknya tentu akan berpengaruh terhadap perekonomian setempat.

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166. Kiwanis Park NOT FOR SALE!

The City of Kitchener targets Kiwanis Park to be declared "surplus land" and sold for development. Jeff Willmer, Interim Director of Planning was quoted in The Record, March 14, 2009 "The development of the sites would create jobs and generate tax revenue." Willmer goes on to say "These pieces of land really are not needed to meet a need, there is no gap in the supply of park land." Pieces of land?

This 'piece of land' is not for sale! This park, this natural haven is for treasuring, for walking, for swimming, for picknicking, for canoeing, for reading, for skiing, for kite flying, for skating, for jogging, for cycling, for birdwatching, for meditating, for playing. for fishing, for me, for you, for everyone but never, ever for sale.

Kiwanis Park is in desperate need of protection now.

Fortunately, Kiwanis Park has a friend in Councillor John Gazzola. Quoted in the same article he states "I am opposed to selling any park land. It makes no sense. You've got to look down the road 100 years from now. Once that park land is gone you are never going to get it back."

Fortunately, Kiwanis Park has a lot of friends, but the Park can't speak for itself. It needs your voice. We have created this petition as a tool to help us raise a clear and strong voice that tells the City of Kitchener that Kiwanis Park is "NOT FOR SALE!"

Please add strength to our petition and assist us to strategize by adding a comment with your signature. Thank you Friend of Kiwanis Park.

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167. In support of John Viverito

John Viverito is a teacher who not only teaches amazing history, but also teaches people how to pay attention to our futures. He is not only a teacher, but a person that has earned his way not through a system, but through the minds of his students.

Any who have had this teacher or met him at any given point can plainly see that this man is something different. His students would all tell you that he has had some sort of positive influence on their lives. Even if your not the best student, by the end of every class you can see this man loves what he does. It would be a shame to see such talent, such devotion go to waste.

Those whom signed this petition can clearly state that Mr. Viverito in some way, has shown positive influence. Don't let a brilliant mind go to waste, this man deserves our help!

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168. Save the Centre for Joint Honours (CJH) - University of Leeds


At a meeting of the Senate on February 4th 2009 at the University of Leeds, the decision to disband the Centre for Joint Honours was put to final vote and passed.

If you value the pastoral, academic, and other general support that the CJH offers you at university, show your support for your joint honours team on this group.

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169. Save The Cats and Dogs!

I've always known about the problems in China, and how they use cats and dogs in there meat. I know that not all Chinese are for this and that many are against it but it isn't enough. Only SOME of the vival things that are happening are: -Cats and dogs are locked up in tight cages, squeezed together. -Live cats and dogs are being cut up (without neutralizes, not that if there were neutralizers it would be okay, its still very wrong) -Cats and dogs are being inhumanly abused and even pets are taken of the street and abused to make Chinese food.

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170. Save Garvald Edinburgh Day Services

Edinburgh Council intends to stop funding people with learning disabilities attending Garvald Edinburgh.

Garvald Edinburgh runs a range of workshops that offer a variety of meaningful work opportunities to around 125 adults with learning disabilities. Garvald Edinburgh is a community of people – members and staff- who support and value each other, and it is the diversity of people and the diversity of their talents and abilities that allows this to happen.

Some members combine working at Garvald Edinburgh with other activities, such as college courses and in some cases, employment. But it is Garvald that gives people the solid base and support to do this. This is evidenced by Scottish Care Commission which gave Garvald Edinburgh the highest possible gradings on all its standards of care when it inspected these services in November 2008. Garvald Edinburgh places high priority on social skills and friendships without which may lead them to living a very sheltered and lonely life. The whole ethos of Garvald Edinburgh is to include rather than exclude and this works by allowing individuals with differing needs to interact and support each other.

Edinburgh Council’s Health and Social Care Department’s intention is to stop funding adults with learning disabilities who go there if they are assessed in the eyes of the council as needing ‘moderate’ or ‘low’ levels of support. This will destroy the outstanding inclusive culture and ethos of Garvald Edinburgh.

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171. Don't Phase Out Latin

Latin has been part of Castilleja's educational foundation since the beginning in 1907. It seems unfair that after middle school and upper school students alike have put much time and effort into this cause that it is being phased out.

Eighth graders will never be able to reach an AP level, sixth graders cannot fill their requirement. But Latin is more than just looking good on college applications, it is the highlight of our day, it is the love of learning, it is the JCL competitions, it is Magister Klopacz.

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172. Save Loretto High School

please help support the people who love loretto high school.

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173. CASH AID to stop 600 to 1000 foreclosures and assist home buyers in your state

FAMILIES ARE LOSING THEIR HOMES at an alarming rate. Our local and state governments are too cash poor to give financial aid and with so much job loss, cities and states are collecting much less tax money from the employed and less sales tax because there is less money to spend with so many people being out of work.

THOSE FEW LEADERS that would ordinarily be inclined to help have no money in their city and state budgets to give to those families that are losing their homes to stop the foreclosures.

THE GOOD NEWS IS “we can help ourselves and others”.

There are MANY CHURCH PASTORS that are among the wealthiest people in the United States. Hundreds of millions of dollars are raised by non profit activity each year, but in many cases much of that money is going to building more buildings for their non profit operations, to purchase jet planes, big houses and to support the lavish lifestyles of the rich heads of those non profit organizations.

The JIM WALK MINISTRIES, founded in 1991, the Oversee of the Embassy of New Jerusalem on line church, has a good record. We are seeking your support in petitioning governors and mayors across the county to permit the raising of one hundred million dollars each year for five years to redistribute all (less operational costs) in non-repayable cash grants to families in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure and to assist home buyers with a non-repayable cash grant to help purchase of a home.

Credit score is not a consideration. Social Security recipients with a related joint purchaser may apply. Early registration is an option.

600 to 1000 grant recipients will be chosen by random selection from accumulated funds of one hundred million dollars within your state of application.

After signing this petition below, please take a tour of our modest web site and leave us a word of support. just click on the web site link above and come walk with us through this storm. God be with us.

Sincerely Yours,
Pastor Jim Walk Sr.

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174. Save the Rainforest!!!

I am trying to save the Rainforest because for all we know the cure for cancer could be in there. And that, my friend, is the #1 disease right now.

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175. Save Sport in School

The government have decided to make cut backs on our education, sport is one of the cut backs.

After christmas sport isn't going to be available to students. We want to try to prevent this so please sign as this will be sent to our local TD who will hopefully help us!!

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176. Save The Planet

The vision of Save The Planet is to contribute towards the creation of a Planetary Peace Culture looking to life and common humanism as the core values for a sustainable society.

During the last few decades, a radical change has occurred in humanity's awareness of itself. In simple terms, we have, over the millennia, translated ourselves from "oneness to aloneness".

The truth is that all life on the planet is connected. This newly acquired state of aloneness and alienation causes considerable discomfort. this initiative attempts to understand what we have become and illuminates our future potential.

Humankind has reached a state of development in which old modes of thinking and behaving threaten to destroy our planet. This is becoming patently obvious to people of all political and religious persuasions. We are living through a global crisis in which only a profound revolution can save us from total self-destruction. Those of us who are dedicated to the preservation of life must play a prominent part in this revolution, which calls for a substantial change in our manner of thinking.

On social, environmental and health fronts we are confronting a critical transition. We are facing the results of an epistemology which focuses on material and rational values, human supremacy and competition for domination. Will this transition be into chaos and destruction or will it be into the new paradigm based on spiritual, ecological connectedness and cooperation.

Save The Planet aims to contribute towards this next great global step - The Final Frontier, acknowledging the common ground of humanity and its connectedness with all life.

Save The Planet is an Initiative which aims to create a global alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace in which we all live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity.

We have come together as concerned Global citizens realizing that with increasing Global population requiring more and more resources with tremendous inequality of distribution our planet is reaching breaking point in terms of economic and ecological crises.

This is having profound social and cultural effects. We require urgent ecological, social, economic and political solutions to problems which affect billions of people if we are to survive sustainably.

Save The Planet calls for spiritual, ecological and holistic world views, derived from perceptions of connectedness and interdependence.
The essence of a sustainable future lies in the quality of the individual and their positive contribution to society. Optimization of health and lifestyle for every person is the key to our future.
Will you register your ownership of the Planet by signing our petition , that we may widely promulgate this message in order to take action to Save The Planet

Save The Planet is dedicated to creating a world model which:
1. FORMULATES a program to save the earth for future generations.

2. RECOGNISES the necessity for global cooperation and awareness to address global problems.

3. HONOURS the basic dignity and wholeness of each person.

4. BRINGS TOGETHER - on a Global and Non-Sectoral Basis the means of making contact with others involved in diverse aspects of global healing and concern for planet Earth through the use of global communications networks.

5. BRINGS TOGETHER PEOPLE FROM COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY who are able to deliver presentations which energise an entire global commercial community to develop "new ways", whereby we can reverse the demise of planet Earth.

6. ADDRESSES the Global Environment Problem directly and implements solutions and aid strategies in ways which governments cannot.

7. PRESENTS NEW TECHNOLOGIES which are environmentally friendly, conserve energy and water and encourage organic and innovatory farming.

8. ENHANCES THE COOPERATIVE EXCHANGE OF INNOVATIVE KNOWLEDGE for the future, where the role of industry is paramount through speakers, representatives, displays, technology and sponsorship.

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177. Allow Goats As Pets

Allow goats and chickens to be kept as pets, permitting they are not roosters. Goats and chickens are a great way to teach kids responsibility, respect, and love for animals. Goats are just like dogs they can be walked and played with and are very loving and gentle.

Goats are less noisy than dogs I know from experience, and cleaner too. Pigs are already accepted in La mesa as pets. Goats and chickens used to be permitted in my neighborhood until it was annexed into the city.

Our chickens are quiet and provide eggs for our family. People should be able to keep a reasonable amount of animals on their private property as long as noise levels are kept within reason and are not a nuisance.

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178. Save Stargate Atlantis

On August 20th, MGM decided that making Stargate Atlantis as a TV wasn't good enough for them and decided to trade on their fans good will to create a "2 hour" movie instead despite high ratings and a show still retaining it's quality.

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179. Bring Back

Late 2007, CBS Interactive, who now own follwing CBSs aquisition of Paramount, fired the staff of the website and have left it to mothball on the internet.

As the official portal of a series boasting 5 live action series, an animated series, 10 feature films and an upcoming movie helmed by JJ Abrams, we feel that this is an unnaceptable way to treat fans of this iconic franchise.

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180. Help Save Forest Hill Conservation Area

No 1 Manor Mount wishes to demolish the back and side of a Victorian dwelling and build a two story extension to the back and a two storey extension to the side to turn a family home into a large block of flats.

This will lie directly beside No 1 1/2 Manor Mount a small Victorian Coach House and cause considerable impact, not only to this house but to the surrounding properties.

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