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1. NO to Roosh V and rape in Singapore

Fort Canning, Singapore is currently listed as one of the locations for an 'International Meet Up Day' organised by pro-rape advocate Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V. He is behind a blog called Return of Kings, which is catered towards "heterosexual, masculine men" who believe "men should be masculine and women should be feminine".

According to the blog, some principal tenets include men opting out of monogamy and reproduction if there are no incentives to engage in them. Another is of the belief that a woman's value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty, while that of a man's depends on his resources, intellect, and character.

Valizadeh wrote an article in 2015 calling for rape to be legalized on private property as a means to “defeat rape culture”. He wrote, "I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds. If rape becomes legal under my proposal, a girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone".

The group has been said to be hostile towards men of colour despite the website claiming that the meeting “is for straight men of all races”. The Roosh V following has also been known to be “racist and xenophobic”.

The meet up is to take place this Saturday (February 6) in a private location so as to avoid cancellation. The meet up location has not been moved as of yet and is still at Fort Canning Park underneath the big arch. URL is provided here:

URL for the AsiaOne article about the event:

[Edit] The February 6 meet up has been cancelled. However, as this meet up was part of an even larger global 'International Meet Up Day', the group may try something similar again in the future. It must be made known that it is not just the 'Meet Up' that we are against but rather the ideals that Daryush Valizadeh and his followers represent. This lets it be known that such attitudes will not be welcome here and hence, action must be taken against their group.

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2. Stop Disrespecting Girls

A case was registered against the suspects at a Police station for raping a teenager girl and later on throwing her help less in the hotel's room. Where later her parents were called to pick her up.

This news wasn't spread nation wide because the people who raped the girl belonged from a political party and they had power over the police sector.

The Fact is this that there are a lot of such things going in our country Pakistan where girls and women are always suppressed to do things they don't want to. Now We want Our Government to make rules where women can stand side by side to men and can have secure future. This is our Request to the Government to make further more rules in this section so we can make our environment safe of People.

For Further news:

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3. Reinforce the death penalty in the US

The United States has one of the highest crime rates in the world because of our loose penalties.

Singapore kills murderers and they have the lowest crime rate in the world.

Open up your eyes my fellow citizens.

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4. Petition to Recall Governor Walker

It is our hope that Governor Walker would be willing to discuss the introduction of foreign refugees with the following:
State Representative
Local Officials
Alaska based military
Alaska law enforcement
General public.

We would like Governor Walker to hear our concerns in a public forum. We would like to hear from Governor Walker about:
The Vetting process.
Financial ramifications of government assistance and relocation expenses for refugees.

If Governor Walker is unwilling to discuss this issue with his fellow Alaskans, then we will regretfully proceed with the Petition of Recall.

This is a Recall Petition for Governor Bill Walker.
Sec. 15.45.510. Grounds for recall are as follows:
Negligence of duties

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5. Federal Crimes For Rapists And Acts of Domestic Violence

As a survivor of both rape and domestic violence I am here to try to make a difference for future generations.

I hope that basketball players, NFL players and abusers in general will no longer be able to get by treating others like property or a rag doll to be abused on national television.

Also, that rapists will be held responsible for their hideous crimes against humans. Currently, very few rapists ever get reported let alone caught. And the stats for domestic violence are much the same. If or when domestic violence ever gets reported it is very unlikely that the offender will ever spend time in jail for beating someone who sometimes is only half their size.

Thank you!

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6. Saudi Arabia MUST Rescind Sentence Of 200 Lashes, Six Months In Prison For Rape Victim!

A woman who was violently gang raped in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail after being found guilty of indecency and talk to the media.

The 19-year-old was in a car with a student friend when two men got into the vehicle and drove them to a secluded area. She says she was raped by seven men, three of whom also attacked her friend.

The Shia Muslim woman had initially been sentenced to 90 lashes after being convicted of violating the Kingdom's religious diktats on segregation of the sexes.

After the sentences were handed down following the rape in 2006, the woman was sentenced to 90 lashes; however her lawyer appealed to the Saudi General Court. It then doubled her sentence. At the same time, they also doubled the prison sentences for the seven men convicted of raping her, according to Saudi news outlets.

Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem, who defended the woman, reached out to the media after the sentences were handed down. The court has since banned him from further defending the woman, confiscating his license and summoning him to a disciplinary hearing later this month.

Saudi Arabia defended the controversial decision to punish the victim, saying that she was at fault for being out without a male family member, something which was met with international outcry.

"The Ministry of Justice welcomes constructive criticism, away from emotions," it said in a statement.

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7. Street lights, increased CCTV, and increased Police presence in Bullamoor Park, Northallerton

A decision was made by North Yorkshire County Council to dim the street lights through Bullamoor park, and turn some off completey in other areas of Northallerton at midnight. All in an effort to save money. Leaving the large area which is used by many people as a throughway, in almost complete darkness.

On Sunday the 19th of October at 9:15pm 2014. A woman was pulled to the ground and her bag taken. She was left with a black eye and very shaken from the ordeal.

In the early hours of Tuesday the 17th of February 2015. A man in his 20s was sexually assaulted by 2 men. (Investigation ongoing).

And although not in Bullamoor Park, in August 2014 a young girl was raped by two young men Beside the club Amadeus. In a very poorly lit alleyway used by people when leaving the club.

These incidents highlight the urgent need for increased street lighting in certain areas of Northallerton, an increase and more suitable positioning of CCTV and a more prominent police presence in the town.

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8. Save the Child Orphans of War

There are over 5 million orphans in Iraq alone! This statistic is over 3years old!

The recent persecution of minorities by ISIS has led to a new wave of refugees into Turkey. It is estimated that of the 500,000+ refugees there are at least 10,000 orphans!

If they can escape further persecution then they face a desperate existence, With no one to care for them!

The Spanish government have already agreed to save 100 children from this tragedy partnering with World in Harmony and have the procedures in place to extract these children.

Ireland must do something to concrete to answer this tragedy, especially now that a way has been made.

The reason I’m getting involved is I’m a father myself and I can’t imagine how anyone would ignore my kids if I were gone!

Ireland, is the country it is, based on what is important to us as individuals! I know we are a nation of decent people who at the end of the day want the right thing to be done!

This is our chance to be the Schindlers of our age!

Please sign so that as a nation we can do something great!

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9. Punish those who traffic and use prostitutes, but help prostitutes get medical help

Prostitution has been an on-going and growing problem in the United States and around the world. In a few countries like, Sweden, Iceland and Norway, they use the Swedish model.

In this model the offenders who buy sex are punished and the ones who are sold are treated with the necessary medical treatment. As the numbers show, the rate of trafficked victims has lowered a staggering amount.

The United States should be a part of this model.

We, as Americans, should provide victims of human trafficking with a place to go and the necessary medical needs. The johns and pimps should be the ones who get a sentence or a harsh punishment. They are the ones who are responsible for these people getting sold and raped 25 or more times each day.

America should care for those who don't have a voice.

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10. Stop the raping and honor killing in India and Pakistan

There are too many cases now of barbarian acts against girls and women in India & Pakistan.

We need to stop the raping and honor killing in India and Pakistan!

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11. Allow Women Healthcare After Being Attacked

In March of 2014, a law has become effective in Michigan that has banned insurance coverage for abortions in private health plans unless the client purchases a separate rider.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, eight states have passed laws similar to this but only two have made these separate riders available. This also increases the cost of an abortion, which now ranges anywhere between $300-$10,000.

These laws send a message to any victim that it is essentially their fault - that they should have anticipated their attack and its aftermath.

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12. Condemning Brutal Attack on Political Prisoners of Notorious Evin Prison in Iran

On the morning of 17 April Ministry of Intelligence officials, along with about 100 guards dressed in riot gear reportedly entered Section 350 of Evin Prison, possibly to conduct a search…At least four of the injured prisoners have been transferred to a hospital outside of the prison."

Dozens of prisoners were transferred from the ward to solitary confinement. A number of prisoners in the ward have gone on hunger strike. Families of political prisoners protested the attack and have since gathered outside Evin prison to demand answers.

Such mistreatment of defenceless prisoners is indicative of the desperation and erratic hate the Iranian regime has directed towards dissidents. These acts illustrate the desperate state of a dying regime that cannot tolerate any form of dissent or resistance, including from those living in the dungeons of its most notorious prisons.

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13. Stop Genocide on White South Africans

Black-on-White attacks in South Africa:

In 7 Days. 20 Attacks. 27 Victims. 3 Women Raped. 7 People shot. 6 People Murdered.

9 April: Leon Pretorius (50) and his wife Phylis (49) were attacked at their place of business in Bloemspruit. Leon was shot twice. He is in hospital.

9 April: An Elderly man was attacked and murdered in his home in Dinwiddi. He was stabbed and his neck was broken.

9 April: An elderly couple was attacked, assaulted, tied up and robbed in Helderkruin.

10 April: A Family was attacked in their home in the Featherbrooke Estate. The mother and daughter were assaulted and the father was shot. He is recovering in hospital.

10 April: A 27-year-old woman was attacked by 4 black men. She was abducted and raped.

10 April: 'A 58-year old woman was attacked and raped at the Anstey's Beach Guest House in Brighton Beach.

10 April: The Lombaard couple was attacked on their farm in Tulbach. They were able to defend themselves and the attackers fled.

11 April: Lazlo (87) and Carol Bercsenyi were attacked in Bon Accord. They were hacked with axes. Lazlow died from his injuries.

12 April: Jaap Pretorius (52) is in a critical condition after an attacked on him and his fiancé in Bloemfontein. He was shot in the head.

12 April: A 62-year-old man was attacked in his holiday home in St. Francis. He was assaulted, tied up and robbed.

12 April: Vicus Botha (63) was assaulted in front of his home in Pietermaritzburg. He was badly beaten and died from his injuries.

13 April: A 48-year-old woman and her husband were attacked by 4 black men in their home in Benoni. The woman was raped by the attackers in front of her husband.

14 April: Kobus Nieuwoudt (41) was attacked, assaulted and shot in Ontdekkerspark.

15 April: Rina Hough (65) was stabbed to death at her home in Senekal.

15 April: Bart Klopper (63) was attacked and assaulted at his farm in Edeville. He sustained serious head injuries.

15 April: Johan Nel and his 13-year-old son were attacked and assaulted on their farm in Wolmaransstad by 6 black men armed with CZ88 pistols.

15 April: Frik Bodenstein (58) was attacked on his farm in Witbank. He was hacked with machetes and is recovering in hospital.

16 April: Johan Bornman and his wife were attacked in their farm in Vredefort. Johan was shot in his face and shoulder and is in hospital.

16 April: W/O Steven Britz (44) was shot dead at the Klapmuts Police Station.

17 April: Hannes Duvenhage (68) shot dead in Ermelo.

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14. Stop instituionalised stigma towards abuse

The issue of domestic abuse and the subsequent forced removal of children from the victim is reinforcing the abuse. Institutions that exist to help the victims such as the Social Services, Police and Judicial System are failing victims because of the sigma attached to being a victim of abuse.

The most common complaint from victims is one of feeling punished for being a victim rather than feeling empowered. The amount of hoops a victim has to jump thru in order to get her children back whilst her every move is scrutinised by social workers who have not received adequate training o recognise the dynamics of abuse is shocking.

No other institution could operate a viable service like this so hen why is the Social services being allowed to continue to abuse and misuse its powers and continue to remove children from mothers when their focus should be directed towards helping the mothers and children break that cycle.

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15. Give anonymity to people accused of rape until found guilty

Why should not people accused of rape be afforded the same anonymity as their accusers until they are found guilty.

Look at some of the high profile cases in the press of late where they endure a year or so of hell before they are found 'not guilty' and the accusers are invisible.

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16. Stop Rape in South Africa and Bring Back the Death Penalty!

144 people are raped every day. Somewhere we all have to start standing together and draw a line somewhere! It could be your wife, sister, mother or daughter next.


Lets stop talking and lets do something!

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17. Overturn Abortion insurance law in Michigan

A new law has been passed in the state of michigan requires women to purchase additional insurance for elective abortions including in cases of rape or incest.

The law states that health care insurance will no longer cover abortions in this case even if it is a danger to a womens emotional/mental and physical health.

Each women should have the right to chose how she deals with an unwanted pregnancy.

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18. Woman Brutally Tortured and Left to Die - Moist Eyes Awaits Justice

On 22nd November, 2013 she boarded a vehicle to pick her 6 year daughter up from the school. Four men present in the vehicle attempted to rape her. The initial news that surfaced suggested that she was raped. However, the autopsy report counters this claim.

Despite this fact, the condition in which her body was found suggests that there might have been attempts to gang rape her. The brutes, having failed to succeed in their evil desire, brutally tortured the girl and inflicted severe injuries on her head and neck. She was finally thrown out of the running vehicle merely 100 metres away from the nearest police station. Everything happened in broad daylight.

There seems to be inefficiencies in the police investigation. The vehicle where the crime was reportedly committed has still not been located. The incident happened in a small district town of Lakhimpur in Assam and a few such vehicles operate in the area. There is crucial forensic evidence in the vehicle and delays in locating it risks the evidence being destroyed. It has been more than 10 days now and no credible arrests have been made.

The Assam Police is coming out with various possibilities of murder and accident to cover up for its gross failure to make any credible arrests and locate the vehicle. They have also resorted to Character Assassination based on the statement of a person that was arrested and then later released. It can only be hoped that the Assam Police has not forced the person to confess having illicit relationship with the deceased. Assam has witnessed quite a number of such incidents in the past. The repeated failure of the government to deliver justice in the wake of the elections ahead seem to put the police under tremendous pressure to make the case look like an accident or a murder. The possibility of a political puppet investigation cannot be ruled out. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted by the government seems to be running a puppet show.

Even if it was a planned murder, it is imperative that the culprits are apprehended. The fact that her injuries were very horrendous cannot be ignored and such a horrific crime cannot be tolerated. Failure to nab the culprits will simply mean encouragement to other anti social elements.

The incident was widely covered by press and media.
Below are a few links:

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19. Prevent Zimbabwean Women from being forced to stop bathing, shave their heads and become 'unattractive' for the sake of reducing HIV

"A Zimbabwean Politician says women should be forced to bathe less and shave off their hair to make them less attractive to men and help curb the spread of HIV."

This is one of the latest statements made by Senator Morgan Femai, who is trying to implement new laws that will compel women to make themselves less attractive in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Please sign this petition to help save the lives, humiliation, safety and sanity of these poor women that will be subject to horrific acts of cruelty. It is this kind of bizarre and disgusting opinion that is contributing to the discrimination of women, by inflicting blame and punishment on them by naming them the cause of HIV.

In a region where HIV and Aids are so rife, I fear such uneducated and preposterous remarks will put the lives of women at risk, possibly contributing to more rapes and violence as women are stigmatized to be the cause of such devastating diseases.

Please help act now before allowing time for anything to come by this.

I thank you for your time and contribution - Help Today, you could save a life!

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20. Stop the release of Robert John Fardon

Robert John Fardon has a criminal history with convictions for property, dishonesty and firearm offences, but is notorious because of his sexual offending. When 18, in 1966, Fardon pleaded guilty to attempted carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 10 years and was placed on a bond. In 1980, he pleaded guilty to raping and indecently dealing with a 12-year-old girl and wounding her 15-year-old sister. He was sentenced to 13 years' jail.

Fardon was released on parole after serving eight years of that sentence, but within 20 days of being released he committed offences of rape and sodomy. On June 30, 1989, he was convicted after a trial and sentenced to 14 years on those charges. While in prison Fardon fell in love with child killer Valmae Fay Beck. Prison records show that in 1998 Fardon asked a pastor if he could buy an engagement ring for Beck through mail order. Beck was serving a life sentence for the 1987 rape and murder of Noosa schoolgirl Sian Kingi.

In 2003, Fardon was the first person detained indefinitely past his release date under Queensland's Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003. In 2006, he was released under a strict supervision order but was breached when charged with rape in 2008 and was returned to jail. He was convicted of the rape and sentenced to 10 years' jail. CONVICTED sex offender Robert John Fardon again faces release into the community under a strict supervision order.

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21. Scrap the parole system in Australia completely: Life sentences for serious crimes

As seen with recent attacks by parolees, and especially highlighted by the murder of Jill Meagher in Melbourne on 22 September 2012, the idea of paroling offenders has clearly been a disaster. Re-offenders are making a mockery of rehabilitation programs and are using their "success" with them to afford an early release, only to wreak havoc once more.

I hereby call for an end to the parole system completely.

Politicians may baulk at the expense of extra prisons but have no problem wasting billions on useless endeavours uncalled for by the public. At least spending such sums on something that will help the safety of the community will not be spent in vain.

Further, neither parole nor rehabilitation as they stand are protecting the public from the worst crimes in our society. A proper and just sentence of life with no parole for murder, rape and other heinous acts is the only way to protect innocent civilians from those beyond rehabilitation and/or redemption.

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22. Add the word "Rape" to mature language filter

I and other women have been accosted and degraded many times in trade and in groups of all kinds by threats from players about rape.

I am a mother and an avid player 5 years now and pay money each month. I only want the word added to the mature language filter.

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23. Public Inquiry into Yarl's Wood IRC

Shut Down Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre.

End systematic abuse – including sexual abuse - & the denial of human rights.

We Demand a Full Public Inquiry into Yarl's Wood IRC

Women detainees and ex-detainees have been coming forward to speak out about the abuse they suffered and witnessed, and to demand redress. The racist and sexist regime, of legal, psychological and physical abuse which women frequently describe as mental torture at Yarl's Wood, has been covered up for far too long. The women imprisoned in Yarl’s Wood are systematically set up for abuse by the fact that they are treated as liars, who must prove themselves truthful whilst being detained indefinitely.

By law the ‘burden of proof’ in the asylum & immigration system means they are guilty until proven innocent. The women in Yarl’s Wood have between them successfully escaped every kind of abuse and violence that women commonly face around the world – rape, sexual abuse, forced marriage, Female Genital Mutilation, trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse, anti-gay persecution. It is known that violence against women and girls is common worldwide. Yet their claims are routinely disbelieved, and their credibility attacked. Is it any surprise that they be targeted for sexual abuse by guards in detention? The sexual abuse and its cover-up that was publicly exposed by The Observer (14/09/13) are the inevitable products of this regime.

The public exposure of sexual abuse has come about because of the strength of a detainee who refused to be silent. There are many more ready to follow.

Enough is enough. Abuse in Yarl's Wood is not merely the result of a few bad guards; it is the result of a system and is the Government's responsibility.

1. We demand that Yarl's Wood detention centre is SHUT DOWN

2. A full Public Inquiry into the sexual and other forms of abuse at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre.

3. Present and former detainees and their supporters must have the choice to give evidence in public.

4. EVERY aspect of the system that makes the sexual abuse possible must be exposed to public scrutiny. Nothing less is acceptable.

5. Present and former Yarl's Wood detainees MUST NOT BE DEPORTED. They are ALL potential witnesses.

6. There must be NO reprisals or discrimination against anyone giving evidence

Women of Yarls Wood Speak Out from Movement for Justice on Vimeo.

(Endorsements so far, please msg to add your name):

Yarl's Wood Movement for Justice Group
Leeds MFJ Group
Manchester MFJ Group
Lee Jasper (Co Chair of BARAC and National Black Members Officer for Respect Party UK)
Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts (BARAC)
NCADC National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
Virtual Migrants
Hands Off Somalia
Justice for Women
Women Asylum Seekers Together (Manchester)
RAPAR (Refugee & Asylum Seeker Participatory Action Research)
John McDonnell MP
South Yorkshire Migration & Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG)
Women Seeking Sanctuary Advocacy Group Wales


See more articles here:

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24. Justice for Girls & Women who are survivors of Rape

What should be the punishment for rapists according to your views in India?

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25. Guyanese say no to rape and pedophilia! We don’t want R Kelly and Onyan & Burning Flames for Jamzone 2013!

Sexual violence is rampant in Guyana. Every year, in community after community, hundreds of Guyanese women and children suffer from rape, abuse, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and other forms of gender based violence. Adding to this tragedy is the fact that in the vast majority of cases, the victims of these heinous crimes do not receive any justice; for example, in 2011 only one rapist was successfully prosecuted.

While there are a variety of factors that contribute to this epidemic of sexual violence, the influence of music and entertainment on shaping societal values and attitudes cannot be discredited.

Individuals who shamelessly abuse children and songs that advocate violence against women help to create a culture where rape, exploitation of children, and violence are seen as ‘normal’. This is not entertaining; as a matter of fact, it’s extremely disturbing. This is not our culture, nor the kind of society we want to live in.

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26. Transfer military rape cases to civilian courts

There is little accountability in the military for sexual assaults. When people are found guilty they are often only given a slap on the wrist.

Very few accusations of rape in the military receive the proper attention and the problem is only getting worse.

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27. Pledge to Speak Up Against Gender-Based Violence in India

There are more than 600 million women in India who are exposed to rape, dowry death and sexual harassment every day. 18, 359 rape cases were registered in India in the first three quarters of 2012; a woman is raped every 20 minutes in India.

Another form of gender-based violence is the killing of baby girls and female foetuses, causing India to lose 3 million girls since 2001.

Due to the patriarchal culture rooted deeply within this nation, women are treated as second class citizens or even worse, as possessions. These women suffer in silence because their cries are falling on deaf ears.

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28. Team Up Against Sexual Assault

In the wake of several high profile sexual assault cases that highlight how school officials, coaches and community members are willing to turn a blind eye when crimes are committed by those involved in their local sports team, we ask that the Commissioners of Pro-Sports leagues take on a Zero Tolerance policy towards players and teams that are involved in such crimes. Any player involved in any such crime is banned from pro-leagues for life.

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On Friday the 15th of March 2013, a Swiss girl was raped by several (possibly 7 or 8) Indian men, while her boyfriend was tied to a tree. This act of violence is not standing alone.

Through the past years, there have been many acts of (group) rapes in India. Rape is a direct violation against the human rights, and therefore it should be strictly prohibited.

The Indian government is not taking enough action against it. That’s why the rapes still continue. Therefore the United Nations should make sure the Indian government is going to take action.

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30. Death Sentence for Anene Booysens rapists

"Impose the harshest sentences on such crimes, as part of a concerted campaign to end this scourge in our society," said Zuma in a statement.

Anene Booysen (17) was found by security guards at a construction site in Bredasdorp on the weekend. She was gang-raped and mutilated, and later died of her injuries in hospital. Reuters reported that she had been cut "from her stomach to her genitals". Zuma described the crime as shocking, cruel, and inhumane. "It has no place in our country. We must never allow ourselves to get used to these acts of base criminality to our women and children." Booysen reportedly identified her attackers before she died at Tygerberg Hospital on Saturday evening.

Doctor describes brutality

Die Burger reported on Thursday on the brutality of her injuries as described by the doctor who treated her. He said that he felt it necessary for the public to know the extent of her attackers' cruelty. He described in detail how her torso was ripped open, after which one of the attackers stuck his hand in her and ripped out her intestines. "She lost a large portion of her intestines. That is why she didn't survive," The doctor said. Another source confirmed the doctor's description. The source said that police who appeared on the scene had to pick up Booysen's intestines which were strewn around her. They were covered in sand.


Her 22-year-old ex-boyfriend, Johnathan Davids, was arrested in connection with the crime. According to a source Boosyen and Davids were childhood friends and visited each other's parents' houses. Davids appeared in the Bredasdorp Magistrate's Court on Tuesday on charges of rape and murder. He will appear again on February 12. A second man, aged 21, was arrested in Bredasdorp on Wednesday night.

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) said it was satisfied with the progress police had made so far. "The arrest of two men in connection with this vicious crime should serve as a lesson to rapists and murderers whose aim is to infect our societies with despicable evil," said Popcru spokeswoman Theto Mahlakoana. The union called on society to stand up against crime and share any information related to the incident with police.


Various other organisations and unions also condemned the crime. The Congress of the People (Cope) said the brutality of the Booysen attack, allegedly committed by those she knew, was not only shocking but an act of depravity. "Cope is horrified South Africa has unfortunately and regrettably become the rape capital of the world," said Cope MP Beryl Ferguson. She said this also proved that the department of women, children and people with disabilities, police, and communities had failed to curb this crime. "It is also deeply disturbing that neither of the departments seems to have any clue nor even a workable programme to ensure that women in South Africa are protected from rape," she said. Government expressed shock and outrage at the crime. "They must face the full wrath of the law… those who molest and abuse children have no place in a democratic South Africa," said Government Communication and Information System acting CEO Phumla Williams. – Sapa

Extract from: Mail and Guardian 7th February 2013. 14:46

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