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91. Petition To Renovate For A Safer Living Environment

This petition is created upon request by tenants residing at Willowick Gardens. This petition is also to be used as formal notification by tenants for the sole purpose and intent of informing said Organization of usafe and unsatisfactory living conditions.

Due to uncontrollable weather conditions, our Apartment Complex has been left in a state of needed repair. Below is a list of said repairs that must be addressed immediately.

1.) Parking lot on East side of complex is damaged beyond repair and temporarily closed to traffic until further notice.

2.) Drainage system does not work well enough to prevent damages from small amounts of rain. We have had several displaced tenants due to flood and water damage.

3.) Apartments that have flooded and been vacated are left open and unattended, allowing children access to unsafe materials and properties.

4.) Maintanence work orders are going unfilled due to lack of hired help.

5.) The childrens play area, recently removed due to severe injury, is no longer available for children of tenants to play on.

6.) As promised by Online website located at:, the fitness rooms are in need of repair and contain only one working device in each room.

7.) As promised by website, Saunas are available, however have not been repaired and are unusable by tenants.

8.) Scheduled repairs and maintanence orders are not followed through, for example, scheduled carpet cleans and scheduled pest control appointments.

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92. Complaint for 1040 Burr Ave.

Requesting action be taken to improve conditin of property at 1040 Burr Ave. Grandview Hts, Ohio 43212.

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93. Abolish Portage County Proposal for Campground

Town of Dewey resident and/or taxpayers who do not believe the Portage County proposed campground would be in the best interest of the Town of Dewey residents nor nearby property owners.

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94. Keep Texas' Ten Commandments

Texas' capitol building grounds in Austin has a monument depicting the Ten Commandments on it -- on public property.

The Supreme Court will "rule" whether or not this is legal or not (more than likely, if Alabama & Roy Moore are a reminder, it will be "illegal"), so I've come up with an idea: students and concerned citizens who cherish our republican form of government who live in and around Ellis County, Texas (Waxahachie-county seat) must band together to fight for our U.S. Constitutional rights of free speech and the free exercise thereof.

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that prohibits a state from displaying a Ten Commandments monument, just as there is not a restriction barring construction workers from having portable bathrooms in public.

This petition serves as a voice for those who believe that this is a free speech issue.

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95. 12 lot subdivision at 111 Exeter Road Hampton, NH.

Delvin Arnold has purchased the property at 111 Exeter Road Hampton, NH. Mr. Arnold is proposing to have a 12 lot Subdivision in the now wooded area, which also has other issues. Those issues being the Water Table, Environment, Wildlife, & intrusion on the abutters. At the meeting on Feb. 2, 2005, Planning Board member Tom Gillick stated that the objective of the meeting was to review the design of the proposed Subdivision only. Many residents concerned about the proposed development attended the meeting to voice all their concerns, which are all viable.

We the citizens believe that the area is mostly wetlands which is already an ongoing issue currently that the Town of Hampton has yet to rectify. The water table rises in an area on Bourn Ave. that has residents outraged. We work very hard at keeping our property well maintained & the water issue is an ongoing battle. Water is currently being pumped through exposed PVC piping from the excess water and some days it may take hours for the water to dissapate. The traffic that goes down Bourn Ave. causes the water to almost go up to residents front doors.

Tom Gillick describes the situation as "temporary". I have lived on Bourn Ave. for almost 3 yrs and I have never seen the situation addressed appropriately. The residents that already have water problems in their basements will only become worse and extremely costly. There is also the Wildlife issue & Environmental Protection that residents would like to see.

The area is overdeveloped as it is & by forcing out the Wildlife, there is potential for more accidents & also the risk of the animals finding refuge in residents homes. I am a firm believer of protection of Wildlife, the land is currently their home and most of the residents do not want to see that destroyed.

These are all the concerns of the residents of Hampton, NH. that will utlimately be affected by this proposed development.

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96. More Government Paid Skateparks

January 20, 2005

This petition asks for the government to fund skateparks so skaters will stop "vandalizing" people's property.

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97. Belmont Station Assigned Parking Issue

Sequoia Management Company recently repaved the parking areas of Belmont Station. In doing so, the parking space numbering was also removed and never replaced. It has now become impossible to tell where the assigned and visitor spaces are now located. Visitors now have no idea where to park (at no fault of their own) and have been parking in what was assigned parking spaces. Because there are no markings on the paved areas, property owners are unable to ticket or tow vehicles and have lost the use of their own spaces, 2 of which are included in the sale of each ungaraged townhome.

Property owners who purchase townhomes with garages don't have this problem because they have a garage and a driveway; plus VISITOR parking if need be. Garaged townhomes are sold with NO assigned parking because of this, which is how it should be.

Unfortunately, the property owners of the garaged townhomes feel that they are also entitled to assigned parking spaces - which would give them 4 parking spaces plus visitor parking!

It is being argued that they don't use the garage for parking but rather for storage. That is the property owner decision and property owners of the ungaraged townhomes should not lose parking because of this.

In conclusion, the policy should remain as is - townhomes with garages should continue to have the use of visitor parking only - they should NOT be assigned 2 additional reserved parking spaces - this takes away from the parking for the property owners without the garage/driveway.

This petition is for the benefit of the property owners of UNGARAGED townhomes that are in jeopardy of losing much needed parking.

Please keep the parking policy as is and repaint our numbers in the assigned parking areas as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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98. Stop hunting on the Rhodes property.

To: Onslow county officals.

There are houses and children all boarding the Rhodes property. The use of guns in this area is a danger to everyone in it.

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99. Allow Flagpole Memorial in Lyons City

A flagpole memorial should be allowed to be placed on city property. Private donations will be used to build the project.

We the undersigned are requesting that the city allow us to erect the memorial on the property.

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100. Create a public skatepark in the City of Alhambra

A skatepark is needed in the City of Alhambra to keep kids safe and to keep property damage low.

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101. To vacate the alley at sec 33, block 16 of the original platt of Ontario

The petition to be considered is to vacate an ally way at said location. The ally borders the property of Todd and Christine Ferguson, Jeff Mobley and Basil Wallace. The ally runs east and west through the center of said block. This ally is now and has been unusable due to a pole barn built on property that Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson recently purchased.

Closing this ally was never an issue because all owners knew that it was unusable. Now we all would like to improve and modify our property, now it is an issue that needs to be resolved.

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102. Keep Con Gusto Open

The owners of Con Gusto Cafe are asking the City of Hood River to extend their permitted business closing hours from 9:00 pm to 11:00 p.m. Originally the owners had not anticited as popular a dinner crowd and would like to continue operating as a full service cafe offering breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dinner operations have become crucial for the financial operations of Con Gusto. Your support of this change is needed.

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103. Stop the Rezoning of the Creekview Neighborhood!

Stop the Rezoning of the Creekview Neighborhood.

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104. Stop the degradation of Lakeline Villas

Lakeline Villas sold to United Dominion. Since the onset of this change, the quality of the property has diminished, the management is unfriendly and rude, the gates remain open and there is a lot of non-resident traffic on the property as well as in the pool.

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105. Compensation for Residential property damage by Air Traffic over our city by the Airlines community

We the Citizens of Inkster Michigan seek the support and leadership of our City Government to advocate for funding from the Metro Airport Community to replace windows, roofs and all siding of our homes. We are requesting this because as you know The Airline industry has a plane flying over our city every minute. It is creating structural damage to our homes, vehicles and disrupting our sense of peace as a community.

We want accountability from our Elected City Officials and we are demanding that they seek compensation for All damages outlined in this petition. Make no mistake your neighboring cities Westland, Wayne, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights and Romulus have all had similar petition drives which lead to the control over the frequency of flights over their cities and Secondly, monetary compensation for all damages to their property by the Airline Industry.

As a result of Quality leadership in those cities, the residents of those cities were able and are able to get new doors, windows, roofs, insulation and more. We are seeking compensation for our damages. We need the unified support of all residents in this city to come together and support this petition drive. You can do your part by signing this petition.

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106. Remove eyesore on NewHope Road, Rutherford

We the people are signing this petition to get something done about the nuisanse on NewHope Road. The residents of this property are not tending to it. The yard is completely growed up and is very concerning. It has the potential to house snakes in the summer months, wasps, and other animals. It is believed that if the property was maintained or abolished that the ditches would drain better and wouldn't cause flooding.

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107. Rescind Resolution No. 2003-12-04 Street Improvement in Ada, MN

Petition for Referendum of Resolution No. 2003-12-04
Resolution No. 2003-12-04 is the adoption of special assessments levied against property owners in the city of Ada, totaling $860,089.74,
for Street Improvement District 2003-1.

To Shelly Kappes, Ada City Clerk:
We the undersigned, citizens and qualified voters of the city of Ada, respectfully order that Resolution No. 2003-12-04, adopted by the city council on December 2, 2003, at the regular city council meeting, be repealed in its entirety by the city council. If this resolution is not thereafter entirely repealed, it shall be placed on the ballot at the next election, or at a special election called for that purpose, as the council determines. If a majority of the voters voting thereon votes against the resolution, it shall be considered repealed upon certification of the election results.

Signers Oath: I affirm that I know the contents and purpose of this petition and that I signed this petition only once and of my own free will.
All information must be filled in by person (s) signing the petition unless disability prevents the person (s) from doing so.
All information on this petition is subject to public inspection.
As required by city charter, Chapter 5, sec. 5.02., this petition for referendum is sponsored by the five following voters:
Timothy E. Wagner 104 4th Street East Rolland Carpenter - 204 7th Street East Sue Merkens - 607 Lily Lane
Joyce Schlagel- 701 East 3rd Avenue Shirley Riley

A resolution, passed by the city of Ada, MN has imposed an unfair and unneeded assessment against most of the property owners of the city, for street maintance, totaling $860,000.00.

It is the intention of this petition to rescind this resolution, and force the council to take the funds necessary to pay for this project from the designated budget.

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108. We want to feed the deer

The Department of Natural Resources has stopped the public from feeding the deer unless you have a permit and fall with in the guidelines.

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109. Restrict Constitutional Rights to U.S. Citizens Only

The United States is being attacked economically by people who are here illegally. Under present law, they benefit from the provision of public services without contributing through the payment of taxes. They generally earn money working at jobs that are "off the books", obtain free medical services in hospital emergency rooms, drive vehicles without licenses or insurance, send their children to schools that they do not support through property taxes, and commit criminal offenses that are costly to our judicial system.

A resricted set of rights should be created for illegal aliens. Not only would a narrower set of rights aid in reducing costs to the tax payer, but it would permit us to better assist our fellow Americans who need assistance.

Restricted rights would also aid in the processing of suspected terrorists who were not U.S. citizens.

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110. Big Canoe Message Board

A well thought out and worded message was posted on the Big Canoe POA Message board. The poster was in short told that his opinion did not count because he, himself, was not a property owner.

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111. Lack of Security at Mark Wrinkler Center

The United States Military makes up the majority of tentants living in apartments in the Mark Wrinkler Center. Over Half the tentants have had theft to private property or some sort of damage to their vehicle. Soldiers pay to much money each month to live in a area that doesn't have any type of security after the sun goes down.

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112. Island Club Membership

The current residents of the PGA Villages in Port St. Lucie, FL purchased their homes knowing there was no club membership requirement. Now the developer is building a recreation club and all residents will be expected to pay for the maintenance. We, the undersigned, feel this should be made a membership club whereby the residents who want to use this club will the ones who pay for the maintenance.

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113. Variance of Side yard Setback - 3717 West San Juan Street Tampa, FL 33629

Petition to approve side yard setback variance from seven to four feet for addition at 3717 West San Juan Street Tampa, FL 33629.

I am aware of the variance request at the address listed above. I have reveiwed the proposed site, floor, and architechural plan for the property. I support the design plan and feel it has no negative impacts to my property and preserves the architechural integrity of the existing structure and the Virginia Park Neighborhood..

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114. Complaint against Darral Atwood

If you agree Mr. Atwood has been violating your civil rights by constant harassment and threatening to you or members of your job force and selective warnings, letters, suspension and termination, and you request he be immedately removed from his current job position and the property, sign below.

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115. No Mobile Homes at Hideout

In October 2002, a 76ft mobile home was placed on Hideout lot 1875. This is in direct violation of the Hideout protective covenants, rules and regulations, and building codes.

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116. Building Codes

This is a petition concerning the Building Codes and Restrictions set forth by Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association.

Policy Page C-3 of the Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association states that each portable building or mobile home brought into the addition must first have a photo submitted to the Association for approval. By moving in the mobile home on Mariner Court that appears to have been torn down once, it has and will continue to bring our property value down and our insurance rates up since most homeowner's insurance companies take note of the properties surrounding your home. Please sign this petition to have the mobile home removed.

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117. Amend smoking rules at Dresser Rand

As for Anti smoking rules, We request amendment to change smoking rules to allow smoking outdoors on company property during breaks and before and after workday.

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118. Ban Aerobatic Stunt Flying at Iowa County Airport

Spring of 2003, aerobatic stunt flying began at the Iowa County gave permission to two pilots to perform stunt flying maneuvers without prior notice to or input from area taxpaying residents.

The area in which these aerobatic stunts are performed is very populated and creates an unacceptable level of noise and disturbance to the nearby residences, farms and valuable livestock.

The noise level these maneuvers create make outdoor activties impossible. Even normal conversation cannot be held INSIDE some of the closer homes due to the noise level. A few residents work nights and sleep during the day. These peoples sleep and all the area residents live's are being unacceptably disrrupted.

This type of flying also poses a threat to life and property in the likely event of a crash.The pilots have been instructed to stay within a restricted area over the airport. On several occasions these pilots have goneOn June 19, 2003 at 1:00 p.m. there will be a meeting of the Iowa County Airport Commission at the Iowa County Airport. Mr. Gerald Dorsheid, one of three Airport Commission members, has agreed to add our concerns to the meeting agenda.

We wish to express our concerns in regards to the aerobatics that are being performed at very low altitudes over many residences near the Iowa Count Airport.

We live on County Road QQ, one mile east of the airport. We have many long established and new neighbors. We ALL strongly object to the "stunt" flying that has begun at the airport this spring. Our main objections are to the safety hazard and the extreme noise it creates.

One of the stunts the pilot performs is flying the aircraft straight up in the air, stalls the engine, flips the plane and spirals back down towards the earth and when it is a few hundred feet above the earth the engine is started again, creating a thunderous noise. A representative from the FAA informed us the noise level that is created by performing this stunt is very close to breaking the sound barrier.

Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the pilot performed these stunt flying maneuvers for several hours each day, stopping only to refuel. When this is happening, we have to close our windows and even then it is difficult to hold a normal conversation in our own homes. In order to get any peace we have to actually leave our homes that we are paying ever-increasing property taxes on. Those very taxes pay for the airport, it's commission and the manager's salary and yet as long as this type of flying is allowed our property value will decrease.

With the amount of accidental crashes with single engine aircraft that occur during normal flights, the likelihood of a crash from this type of maneuver is tenfold. This area is simply too populated for such maneuvers to be allowed by the Airport Commission. In addition to the numerous residences there are several farms with livestock that are being "spooked" by this severe noise putting the handlers in jeopardy and running off valuable pounds of meat.

Several complaints have been filed with the Iowa County Sheriff Department, the FAA, the Flight Standards Commission and the Airport Manager. We have been advised the Airport Commission is who we need to address our concerns to in order to resolve this dangerous and extremely disturbing activity. We, the property owners and residents are in the process of generating a petition against this type of flying at this airport and will carry signatures of all who object. We will then present it to the Airport Commission on June 19th. We would like to invite everyone who would like to express their concerns to this meeting. We also invite a reporter from this newspaper to attend to obtain additional information that will be presented.

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119. Yes to Temporary Wind Tower

The signatures below are in favor of placing a temporary wind testing tower on the property of Vance E. Grabelsek on Stoltz Road in Harpersfield TWP.

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120. Proposed City Mobile Home Ordinance, Wakita, Oklahoma

Upgrade of existing ordinances at Wakita, Oklahoma!

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