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1. STOP L'Allemagne pollue nos enfants

Cette pétition citoyenne européenne demande que les énergies produites par le charbon soit immédiatement interrompue en Allemagne.

Il n'est pas normal d'utiliser une énergie qui pollue nos enfants quand il existe des alternatives accessibles a tous qui émettent 300 fois moins de CO2!

L'organisation de la santé indique que l’aide de combustibles à base de biomasse et de charbon représente un grave risque sanitaire pour plusieurs milliards de personnes.

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2. Bring back weekly trash collection in Manchester by the Sea

Recently our town government has decided to change weekly trash pick up to every other week.

This has created many problems including rodents, foul odor and overflowing trash.

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3. 25 Cent Deposit on every Cigarette Butt

Cigarette butts by the millions are discarded every year on roadways sidewalks and snowbanks that all leads to sewers, rivers, streams and oceans.

Each cigarette butt is fiberglass and takes 70 to 100 years to decompose.

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4. Stop mining at Eersterivier

The Peak Quary has been operating in Eersterivier since 1957 after being relocated from Devils Peak (hence the name).

Lafarge almost doubled its production from 450tph to 750tph in 2008 by modernizing processes and altering production processes. This included a substantial increase in manufactured sand production with newly acquired sand crushers.

The problem is that blasters seldom follow guidelines and it is left to authorities to monitor the activities of mines. Monitoring must be accompanied by enforcement.

The dust generated by the mine must be bedded down using water. The past conduct of the mine indicates that this is not being done.

The only positive that the mine could have on the area is the provision of jobs. The improvements made in 2008 lead to the exact opposite and has resulted in a loss of jobs.

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5. Save public health on roads having vehicle pollution

Respected sir

I am a frequent vehicle rider in and around vijayawada city ​on my​ duty ,in my observation lot of pollution Delivered by vehicles are causing to cancer,lungs infection and allergy etc. Nearly 9000​ autos & buses & old vehicles are plying the city, most of these vehicles are releasing continuously black smock and polluting the roads,​ as well as environment, ​and no authorities are checking pollution ​nor ​conducting special drives to control the pollution.​ Sir kindly​ look in to the matter and arrange to make control the pollution​ and protect the people from polluted air​ as well as Diseases.​

thanking you very much

s.koteswara rao

Ramavarappadu. vja

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6. Stop Coral Reef Destruction

Coral reefs are vitally important for the progression of our society into the future, and for the betterment of all peoples who live near, or is affected by, the sea.

Coral reefs provide us with protection from natural disasters, an abundant and diverse amount of food, and an untold amount of new, life saving drugs unknown to science. And that is only scratching the surface of the beneficial uses of coral reefs to humans. Not only are coral reefs beneficial to humans, but also to the abundant amount of life that this precious ecosystem maintains.

Coral reef ecosystems have the highest biodiversity of all ecosystems in the world; even rainforests do not contain the vast amounts of species that coral reefs house.

Hundreds of thousands of species call this ecosystem home, and many have yet to be discovered. However, this ecosystem is being threatened by climate change and ocean acidification. About 60% of coral reefs are being threatened today, and by 2050 that number is set to increase to 100% of all reefs worldwide.

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7. Save the Great Barrier Reef from Carmichael Coalmines

We are writing as concerned citizens regarding the proposed development of the Carmichael coalmines in the Mackay region, and the risks posed by the Adani mining company in their mission to build the coalmine in the middle of this beautiful Natural Heritage Area.

The development of these mines will have many horrific impacts on the fauna and flora in Australia, our precious water usage, the pollution of our environment, precious indigenous culture and the tourism industry.

These mines will endanger 60 species in the Great Barrier Reef, use 12 billion litres of precious water every year, have an overwhelming contribution to the "carbon" bomb, produce four times the fossil fuels of New Zealand and have countless other negative impacts if Adani mining company goes through with their plans.

More can be read about here:

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8. Stop Pollution from AUTOFEST

AUTOFEST: Stop polluting the capital cities in Australia with smoke from burnouts from tyres.
These burnouts done from showgrounds is pollution.

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9. Arrêtez vitesse excessive sur la D558

Motards enfreignent le code de la route chaque week-end quand en course - ils conduisent sur cette route départementale D558, les panneaux de limitation de vitesse ne sont pas très visibles et sont ignorés.

Vies innocentes seront perdus si rien n'est fait, cette route est bien connu pour les courses de ce week-end, sans contrôle de police.

Motorbikers violate traffic regulations every weekend when racing on the main road D558, the speed limit signs are not very visible and are ignored.

Innocent lives will be lost if nothing is done, this route is well know for racing at the weekend with no police control.

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10. Mahia against the Polution of the Opoutama River

Ray Thompson has been allowed by the HBRC, WDC and Ruawharo Marae Trust board to spray Metsulfuron and Round Up to kill Kaunka forest on his farm.

Ray Thompson intends to cut a drain from the base of the hills where the forest are, behind the Opoutama school to the Opoutama (Waipiata) river to allow for the run off of the toxic waste to flood the Opoutama river and wash out to the ocean, thus causing potentially an environmental disaster, as local Maori and Iwi rely on the ocean there to gather pipi's and kaimoana.

The Waipiata River is a historical river and site to the local hapu and Iwi and should be protected from such abuse. This was not hi lighted by the Ruawharo Marae trust Board members at the time or the Kaumatua of the marae.

During drafting of the resource consent by Ray Thompson correct Iwi consultation did not take place with the local landowners that boarder his farm.

We do not oppose Ray Thompson cutting and burning the bush.

WE DO however oppose the use of Metsulfuron and Round Up to kill the Kaunka forest! We do oppose the flooding of the Waipiata River with toxic waste and the affluence from his intensive farming practices!

We want the HBRC and WDC to stop Ray Thompson from allowing the flooding of toxic waste into the Waipiata river.

We want an independent Govt inquiry to review the processes used during the drafting of the resource consent for Ray Thompson, to see if in fact the policies and procedures were followed in accordance with the Resource Management Act, Te Ture Whenua Act, the Treaty of Waitangi, the HBRC and the WDC.

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11. Shut down the drug factory!

If you build it, they will come! "They" are drug dealers, illegal body shops, chemical dumpers and squatters. Our neighborhood has been blighted with all of these as a result of the 5000sq ft building located at 20155 Thompson Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033.

For years now, the building has played host to a range of criminals - from murky companies hiding assets from the IRS, to crank and meth producers, illegal body shops, people dumping sewage and chemicals into the watershed, to the latest: a large scale illegal growing operation that was dangerously tapped into PGE power lines, and capable of generating millions of dollars per year in drug money.

The legal nightmares associated with the building, and extricating the criminals have proven to be long and drawn out.

The Thompson Road community, and bordering neighborhoods of Gist Road and Skyline Blvd are together in telling the Santa Clara County - SHUT THIS BUILDING DOWN PERMANENTLY! It is a nuisance and danger to our community as a whole, and needs to be condemned to stop this cycle.

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12. Support Compassionate Education

I was just doing good on the Internet (signing petitions, using Goodsearch, etc) when I had a brilliant idea; a new school subject that would be about teaching kids and, possibly, other youngsters as well about helping others.

I have decided to refer to it as "Compassionate Education" or "C.E" and I would like it to include lessons about the following;

1. Animals and being kind to them and how and why we should all help to fight animal cruelty.

2. Poverty and how and why we should help solve it and help ensure that as many poor people as possible have access to enough good water, good food, good education, etc.

3. The environment and why and how we should all work to protect and care for Earth.

4. Prejudice and bullying and why we should all work to help stop (or at least reduce) these things.

5. Genocide and other human rights abuses and why and how we should all work to help prevent this sort of thing from happening and fight against any human rights abuses that may be going on in the world at any one time.

6. Illnesses, such as cancer, and how and why we should all help to prevent them, without the use of animal testing.

Education helped beat bull-baiting. Education helped ban slavery, and education WILL help us to beat other things such as poverty, animal cruelty, human rights abuses, the damage that humans are doing to the planet and serious illnesses.

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13. Stop Open Burning in Sepang Taman Mas Illegal Rubbish Dumpsite

Haze which caused by open burning in the illegal rubbish dumpsite near Sepang Taman Mas is hazardous to health. The strong chemical/plastic smell and smog fill the air around the neighbourhood almost every evening and it has become worst at night.

Haze is an acute problem since we already suffered from forest burning in Indonesia yearly. The open burning in the illegal dumpsite will surely burden the health of the residents. With the boom of young populations around Puchong area, the haze caused by the open burning will cause long-term health issue.

Besides blaming and signing agreement to our neighbour country on stopping forest burning, we should put an end to open burning in our own countries as well.

We should concerned about this because:

1. It is danger to everyone especially to asthma patient.

2. It post long-term health effects of recurrent exposures to haze.

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14. Reduce Marine Sound Pollution

Our planet's oceans have become a very noisy place. Places like New York and LA no longer compare to the noise pollution of our oceans. This increase in noise has caused many hundreds, if not thousands, of marine animals to die from stranding themselves on beaches to dieing from organ failure and bleeding in the brain.

Links for research:

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15. Stop the Industrial Development of Kingsclere Quarry

John Stacey & Son Ltd have applied to construct and operate the disused Kingsclere Lime Quarry on the A339 at Wolverton as an Industrial Waste Recycling Facility & Transfer Loading Station.

If the application is successful, the roads through the local villages could be used as ‘rat runs’ by contractors and their heavy lorries coming to and from Stacey’s site at Tadley. There could be 50 lorries or more coming past houses on these routes every day. The country lanes will not only have to deal with this excessive traffic but will become more dangerous for car users, cyclists, joggers, walkers, horse riders and other road users

Further, there will be movements of 126 lorries or more per day on the A339. This road is already busy and dangerous, and this increased heavy and slow traffic can only add to this danger with lorries turning right across the A339 coming out of the site in order to travel towards Newbury, or right across the A339 going into the site travelling from Basingstoke. Fully laden trucks will also exit the site in the direction of Basingstoke from a standing start up the hill and join the crawler lane forcing other HGVs into the second lane again increasing danger on this section of road.

This quarry site is within the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which confirms that the landscape and scenic beauty of the area has the highlest level of protection from the Government. The statutory purpose of AONBs is to "conserve and enhance" the natural beauty of an environment, which the development of an industrial site will clearly not achieve.

The operation of the site will involve 100,000 tons per year of waste materials from urban and industrial areas being transported into the AONB from outside its boundaries, for the material to be processed within the AONB, and then to be transported out again back to urban and industrial areas. This cannot either enhance or preserve the AONB and whilst the need for recycling is clear, this should be done within an existing industrial environment and not within a protected AONB.

Other major concerns resulting from the application are increased noise from machinery and lorries, dust and other air pollution, light pollution from security and operational lighting and the potential danger to the local water courses from pollution.

Details of the planning application are on The Hampshire County Council website:
The planning application reference is BDB 75928.

Final objections to the application need to be lodged by 16 June 2013.

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16. Reduce our usage of Plastic!

Plastic has become an increasing problem in the US over the past decade. Since 2007, Americans have been using 5 pounds of plastic everyday. All of this plastic waste is overwhelming our earth. In fact, 90% of the ocean floor is covered with plastic.

The Great Garbage Patch, (a floating mass of trash in the Pacific Ocean) is 25% plastic - that's 46,000 pounds of debris. There is so much plastic in the ocean that it outweighs the amount of plankton by 6:1.

Plastic pollution needs to be stopped before it does any more damage to the environment.

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17. Parking Spaces for HOVs and Motorcycles

Traffic and parking is a growing concern for drivers. Drivers are impeded by delays in their routine commutes and spend an uncomfortably long period of time searching for parking spaces at stores and workplaces.

The main cause is solo driving, the act of driving with no accompanying passengers. Solo drivers take up passenger seats and whole parking spaces, amenities that could easily accommodate four or more people at a time.

Also, it is unfair to motorists for one motorcycle to occupy an entire parking space when two can easily fit into one.

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18. We All Are ONE!

Take a stand with us and declare: WE ALL ARE ONE!

When you look at all of the problems facing the world today--environmental exploitation, animal cruelty, hunger, poverty, greed, war--you can see the fundamental problem: a mindset which perceives everything as separate, competing entities.

In the words of noted quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami:

"The ultimate disease--the root disease--is the illusory thinking that we are separate from the Whole. To heal the disease is to realize that we are Whole, that the separation is but an illusion."

The goal of this petition is to heal the world's fragmented mentality through promoting an ethical system based on the belief that everything emanates from One, Supremely Good and Beautiful Source, and, therefore, everything is essentially One.

This simple belief provides a logical basis for the pursuit of love, compassion, and respect, healing the world on a fundamental level.

This belief is so universal and so powerful, it is high time it receives its due honor and support.

So, please, take a stand with us and declare: WE ALL ARE ONE!

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We need to preserve the Loma Alta Creek area and protect it from excessive noise and pollution. Waste Management Inc. (WMI) already has truck services and equipment delivery and offloading at their site next to the creek.

WMI has proposed to expand it to a 24-hour Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) pumping station. The existing operation is already too loud and disturbs the endangered Gnatcatcher habitat and the sensitive Loma Alta Creek area.

It also affects the sleep, health, and quiet enjoyment of residents and negatively impacts home property values, too. With the added, constant operation of massive CNG compressors, the noise will be unbearable!

The hearing is scheduled for March 27th at 5pm at Oceanside City Council, 92054.

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20. Ban the usage of free plastic bags

Single-use bags, both paper and plastic, represent a huge threat to the environment. This threat is not only related to the sheer volume of them ending up in landfill, but also to the resources needed to produce, transport and (occasionally) recycle them, and the emissions resulting from these processes.

Single-use plastic bags are also well known for their interference in ecosystems and the part they play in flood events, where they clog pipes and drains.

Envirosax presents a fashionable and practical solution to the problem of disposable plastic bags (each Envirosax potentially replaces the use of 6,000 bags during its lifetime), so please make a move in the right direction and help to reduce the impact of plastic bag waste worldwide by buying a reusable bag today!

Plastic bag facts

Approx. 380 billion plastic bags are used in the United States every year. That’s more than 1,200 bags per US resident, per year.

Approx. 100 billion of the 380 billion are plastic shopping bags.

An estimated 12 million barrels of oil is required to make that many plastic bags.

Only 1 to 2% of plastic bags in the USA end up getting recycled.

Thousands of marine animals and more than 1 million birds die each year as a result of plastic pollution.
The United Nations Environment Programme estimates that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic litter floating in every square mile of ocean.

Plastic bags are often mistakenly ingested by animals, clogging their intestines which results in death by starvation. Other animals or birds become entangled in plastic bags and drown or can’t fly as a result.
Even when they photo-degrade in landfill, the plastic from single-use bags never goes away, and toxic particles can enter the food chain when they are ingested by unsuspecting animals.

Greenpeace says that at least 267 marine species are known to have suffered from getting entangled in or ingesting marine debris. Nearly 90% of that debris is plastic.

Americans consume more than 10 billion paper bags per year. Approximately 14 million trees are cut down every year for paper bag production.

Most of the pulp used for paper shopping bags is virgin pulp, as it is considered stronger.

Paper production requires hundreds of thousands of gallons of water as well as toxic chemicals like sulphurous acid, which can lead to acid rain and water pollution.

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21. Stop the Beddington Incinerator

LB Sutton currently taking "evidence" on a commercial bid to build an incinerator in Beddington Lane.

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22. A double wall or not at all

From recent reports of ‘Enbridge pipeline spills’ and in consideration of the high level and probability of extreme environmental damage resulting from any crude oil pipeline rupture, it would only make good sense to install a continual monitoring system to guard against any ‘rupture’ condition.

Whereby on ‘system failure’ as an audible alarm sounds the product flow is also stopped immediately from upstream of the protected/monitored portion of the pipeline by the closing of the effected sections’ ‘inlet shut-off valve’, which safely stops all product flow into the ‘protected and monitored’ portion of the line.

See here for more;

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23. Keep Dublin Bay Oil Free - No Oil Rigs in Our Bay

The Save our Seafront Campaign together with Protect Our Coast and a number of local business owners, political representatives and individuals in the Dublin area have come together to oppose the application and possible granting of a foreshore license to drill for oil and gas just 6 km of the coast of Dublin Bay.

The application has gone to Phil Hogan, Minister for Environment who will make a decision in the coming weeks and months. In excess of 350 submissions were made following a well attended public meeting, most of which were opposing the application and calling for a public enquiry. Shockingly, Minister Hogan has not called a Public Enquiry, nor has an Environmental Impact Assessment been undertaken.

The group are deeply concerned about the potential impact to the environment should there be an oil spill or a gas leak. The bay would be contaminated for decades; marine life would be seriously affected including a number of rare species in this special conservation area. In the case of a gas leak, evacuation of homes along the coast would be necessary. Pollution and mess would be an unavoidable consequence of the extraction process itself.

Aside from the environmental and safety issues, the group is opposed to the potential industrialization of Dublin Bay in one of the most beautiful and historic sections of our coastline.

The lack of Public consultation on the issue and the absence of any real benefit to the Irish people is also a major concern for the group. Ireland’s current licensing agreements allows Providence to write off 100% of costs going back 25 years against an already very low tax rate of 25% in the event of a find.

Specialist staff will be brought in from abroad and any resources found will most likely be shipped abroad for refining meaning there will be no guarantee of any jobs for Irish people.

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24. No coal mining in Bacchus Marsh/Moorabool!

A WA company, Mantle Mining, is currently undertaking test drilling in Bacchus Marsh as part of a plan to dig a huge, open-cut coal mine, then dry and export the coal to India. They currently have an Exploration License (EL) which includes Bacchus Marsh and 386 km2 of the surrounding area.

In order for the brown coal to be exported, it must first be dewatered, and Mantle are planning to team up with Melbourne-based coal technology company Exergen to carry out this process.

The exploration phase is also being underwritten by WA micro-finance company Cygnet Capital. Bacchus Marsh locals are mobilising against the project, with the Moorabool Environment Group (MEG) leading the local campaign.

More info about the project is available at Coal Watch.

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25. Christy Clark REDUCE this bleeding of BC taxpayers from $7.5 to $5.7 million/ YEAR

British Columbia Residents are paying $7.5 million in annual loses incurred yearly in diesel generated electricity on Haida Gwaii since this 2006 study was done ($7.5 x 5 years = $37.5 million+ to date compounded);

While the 'h2o4us-DWI' system could save us $1.5 -$1.7 million in generating losses per year.


(Executive Summary)

2.1 DSM

A business case can be made for an aggressive Demand Side Management program for residential buildings in Haida Gwaii, accompanied by an education and information program.

Based on calculations of return on investment and advice from the Working Group, Technical Committee Members and the public, a Demand Side Management program was designed that includes (for approximately $18 million):
1. Energy efficiency audits;
2. Training and capacity building – providing training
to construction tradespersons, on-island retailers
and building inspectors;
3. Education and Awareness – providing energy effi
ciency information;
4. Bulk Purchasing and Product Incentives such as:
a) Lighting Incentives,
b) Appliance Trade-Ins,
c) Hot Water Effi ciency Upgrades,
d) Solar Hot Water System,
e) Programmable Thermostats, and
f) Financial support of existing on-island recycling
program (for appliance replacement).

2.2 Supply

Reducing dependence on diesel generators was clearly identified by residents as a priority. Local renewable resources were highlighted as the preferable technologies. In particular,
• Small hydro,
• Wind, and
• Biomass
were identified as having significant resource potential, sufficient capacity factor and acceptable costs.

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26. Calne A4 - Say "NO MORE"

A public meeting is being held at John Bentley School at 7pm on Thursday 3rd November to discuss the Hills planning application to increase the site at Lower Compton so that it becomes three times as large as it is now and thus triple the sheer amount of lorries on the A4 through Calne and the villages.

It is intended that all recyclables from Wiltshire will be taken there for sorting – then taken away to other parts of the country.

Wiltshire Council’s planning policies have already allocated land at Stanton St Quinton to use for a ‘waste transfer facility’ and not at Lower Compton.

10,000 signatures need to be gathered to show local opinion doesn’t want any further HGV movements.

We need your support to attend the meeting and get as many other people there as possible.

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27. Halte à la vulgarité !

Halte à la vulgarité !

Dans de nombreux pays, la loi exige désormais que les fumeurs fument à l'extérieur afin de ne pas polluer ceux qui ne fument pas ! Dont acte!

Mais les nuisances qui nous polluent sont nombreuses ! Parmi elles : la vulgarité!

Elle est partout ! Dans notre environnement professionnel, à l'école, dans la publicité, l'art, les médias, le show-business. La vulgarité est présente dans toutes les strates de nos sociétés !

Elle est tellement ancrée dans notre société qu’elle en devient banale pour l’ensemble des gens. Si banale quelle est tolérée, acceptée, absorbée et même digérée sans que personne ne s’en offusque.

Ses immondices pénètrent notre conscience, nos coeurs et nos âmes. En grandissant dans cette vulgarité, les gens deviennent à leur tour vulgaire aussi ! C’est ainsi que cela se répand !

Halte à la vulgarité. Halte aux propos choquants, provocants, insanes, triviaux, obscènes, et innauspicieux.

Si vous aussi ne supportez plus cette décadence verbale, écrite, gestuelle, vestimentaire ou soit disante artistique, signez cette pétition : HALTE A LA VULGARITE

Nous voulons que cela cesse, nous voulons de la dignité dès à présent, pour le futur de nos enfants, pour le bien de l’humanité !

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28. Stop The Mascotte Landfill

The Mascotte City Council is hearing a proposal to build a landfill on 250 acres of environmentally sensitive land. The land borders on farms and residential areas.

The proposal has already passed a first reading, and is up for a second vote on October 3rd at the City Council meeting. They are in a rush to pass this to pay for past bad financial decisions, but the numbers don't add up. There are other alternatives to solve the city's financial difficulties, like consolidating services with neighboring towns.

We feel the requested site imposes a severe threat ti the health and welfare of our families, and that approval of such a site and plan is reckless and dangerous action by the commissioners.

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29. Stop the inquiry of a Nuclear Waste Facility in Wawa

Overflowing with rich wildlife, fresh scenic landscapes, and friendly residents, our town is a thing of beauty.

Despite the growing need for new sources of income, this town shouldn't surrender everything it represents in turn for something completely against what we strive for. Although economic recovery is needed in Wawa, a nuclear waste facility certainly should not be the answer.

We believe that no matter what economical impact this plan may contribute to our town, it is does not out way the risks involving storing these highly toxic materials.

We are a town known for its respect towards the environment, and by inquiring into nuclear waste, the municipal council is undermining our values.

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30. Stop LA MetroLink Pollution

See for more background information.

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