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91. National Memorial Law Enforcement Day

Police Officers daily fight a war on our homeland streets. They need to be duly recognized for their sacrifices and their lives as any other veteran of war. Their battle zone is not foreign lands but just as dangerous and their enemy is just as cunning.

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92. Stop illegal use of the Mental Health Act by police & politicians

Lambeth's Police Consultative Group has admitted that Brixton and Lambeth is the highest percentage of 'mentally ill' patients and prisoners in the world.

The IPCC - Independent Police Complaints Commission have also conceded that the issuance of court warrants and the use of the mental health act in terms of complaints against the police is a significant factor.

Under the UN's auspices, they have agreed that this a gross violation of human rights, and have a working group that addresses this issue.

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93. Government Legislation - Let's ensure police receive training in mental health

For Mental Health Awareness - (

I've been researching the training which police staff - from station reception officers, to police community support officers, to police constables – receive in relation to mental health. I have found out that police currently receive very little training in mental health awareness and recognition.

It is inevitable that police staff will come across a person with mental health issues at some point during there career. Unpublished research undertaken within the Metropolitan Police suggested that 15% of incidents they dealt with on a daily basis were mental health related.

There are many scenarios in which the police may come across a person with a mental health issue. One of which is in the administration of justice. Up to 90% of prisoners have some form of mental health problem (Singleton et al. 1998), This shows how probable it is that the police will come across someone with a mental health problem.

Another scenario is in relation to the Mental Health Act; where an individual is suspected of having a mental health problem and is in need of immediate care or control, the police can use Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 to take the person from a ‘public place’ to a ‘place of safety’ for up to 72 hours. Where the person is not in a public place, the police may use Section 135 of the Mental Health Act to gain access to a person’s home or property by force following the granting of a court warrant.

The IPCC website states that 'Mental Health is a factor in many of the most serious cases of police misconduct investigated by the IPCC'. This is just further evidence of the necessity for police to be trained in mental health.

As police have been given powers, under the Mental Health Act, to assist people who are in mental distress, and inevitably come into frequent contact with people who have mental health problems, I strongly believe that there should be Government legislation to ensure that police are trained to a sufficient standard in mental health so that they can deal with the situation appropriately and effectively.

Upon researching this issue it seems that the solution to this problem could be if legislation ensures that police receive Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). This is well-known and could be a very valuable learning tool for the police. 'The Mental Health First Aid Initiative represents a useful way of delivering training for the Police and allied agencies – police officers, front desk workers, call centre workers, PCSOs and the Crown Prosecution Service – to understand more about mental health issues, to implement procedures and to engage within communities with local agencies more effectively'.

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94. Keep the Flag on our Law Enforcement Officers

The new chief of police in Pine Bluff, Arkansas has ordered that all law enforcement officers remove the United States flag from their uniforms.

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95. Stop Police Brutality / Change our Community

Many low income families end up being pushed by their circumstances into living in bad neighbourhoods, neighbourhoods where there are few jobs and resources, where the schools are crowded and there are few engaging and rewarding activities for children, and where the forces of law treat people like animals.

The inevitable outcome of this is reliance on welfare, underage pregnancy due to the poor education of our youth, drug use, addiction and trafficking, and gang violence.

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96. We condemn the brutal police intervention against the peace demonstration in Silopi, Turkey

The turkish police harshly attacked a peace demonstration organized by the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) in silopi Sirnak on June 3, 2010. Over ten thousand people attended the demonstration.

In addition to dozen of BDP polticians BDP MPs Sevahir Bayindir, Hasip Kaplan, and Hamid Geylani were among the demonstrators.

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97. Powhatan and Goochland concerned citizens opposing firing range

Four outdoor firing ranges planned by the Virginia State Police (VSP), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Department of Game & Inland Fisheries (DGIF) is slated to be developed off Old River Trail, a historic scenic By-Way. The Old River Trail neighborhood is rural with a productive farm sharing the property boundary.

There are 6 residents that are less than 1400 feet from the proposed firing ranges. These firing ranges will NOT be available for public use.

An active church begun by ex-slaves in 1866 and a large sub-division are both less than 2/10 of a mile from the proposed ranges. The range will impact about 600 residents within a 2-mile radius from the firing.

This will also impact those hobbyists who enjoy the tranquility of the James River for recreational purposes. This proposed facility will NOT create any new jobs NOR revenue for the counties. It will however, DECREASE the land value for those in the immediate surrounding areas thus causing a REDUCTION in tax revenues for the counties.

Powhatan and Goochland residents along the river will also be impacted by the noise the proposed firing ranges will emit.

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98. Support Latino Rights against Police Brutality

My fiancee was arrested March 26 2010. He was riding his bike to work, the police stopped him he said i have to go to work. The police man said your not going any where they started to beat him. Another male officer called the ambulance they took him to the hospital he had to have surgery on his eye.. his nose his broken and caved in... one thing i can say is that he never deserved any of this.

He's a wonderful man who has done nothing but help me and my family he never gets in trouble he's a good guy and they are trying to deport him and take him from me. i love him with all of my heart and he loves me and my two children that do not belong to him with all of his heart. I have to no help for this please help me. heres the site to look at his mug shot you can see how bad his face his. and heres his case number too look up his mug shot 893648..

Thank you Laken

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99. Justice For Junior

On May 5th, 2010, Junior Alexander Manon, an 18 year old teenager, more commonly known as, TUBZ, was beaten to death by seven police officers from 31 Division, Toronto, Ontario. Junior's beating was the result of a short chase, that commenced after a "routine" stop in his car. The media has falsified this information by reporting his death as being due to cardiac arrest, despite the fact that, his body was found covered in his blood, he had bruised ribs, black and blue eyes and a broken neck. This information has also been omitted from news reports.

His ultimate cause of death was determined to be a broken neck. Unfortunately stories like this are not uncommon in certain parts of Toronto.

100. Form a Highway Patrol in the UK

As a driving instructor for many years, I see examples of bad driving, dangerous driving, bad obstructive parking, terrible pedestrian activity, lack of consideration, intolerance, impatience, aggressive driving, total ignorance and stupidity amongst some drivers, lack of knowledge of the Highway Code, lack of attention to safety, and downright nastiness towards ourselves (with learners at the wheel) and with others.

I teach people to drive by the rules, as do the driving instructor industry as a whole, and yet, all around us are idiots, criminals, and fools, and no one to bring them to book. There is an absence of police to enforce the rules and laws, already in existence, and all we have is a seemingly useless parking patrol service, which I have been seen to ignore bad parking.

We need to put the servicing of the highway laws back into the hands of the police. We need something with teeth to bring these people into line, for the general safety of others.

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101. Release the Full Sanders Shooting Independent Investigation


"Tell us whether or not this officer used excessive force; thus far we have not gotten a direct answer on that issue." -- Nelson Linder, NAACP-Austin

"Though the KeyPoint report itself urges transparency and accountability when the police use deadly force, the City ironically wants to keep KeyPoint's conclusions secret." -- Fox 7 Austin

Photo of shooting victim.

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102. Stop the loud music that keeps us awake

Since April 2007 we have been kept awake over most weekends, public holidays and long weekends due to loud music coming from Clermont. The music generally continues until 5am the following morning.

We have been reporting these incidents to Metro Police, Emergency Services and SAPS to no avail.
We know that the music is coming from taverns in Clermont yet when Metro Police is phoned to tell them about the problem they deny that the taverns are even open.
We have proved them wrong on many occasions. The music then carries on and our complaints aren’t dealt with,
The taverns reportedly have permits which stipulate conditions but they are not being adhered to.

It is not just the neighbourhood of Cowies Hill being affected but most of Clermont too.
Clermont is notorious for being very dangerous at night and if taverns are allowed to blatantly break the law it will continue to be a dangerous place for all who live there.

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103. Reopen the investigation into the murder of Leanne Holland

As it stands, Leanne Holland's murder is now an unsolved cold case. The purpose of this petition is to force the authorities to reopen the investigation into who really killed Leanne Holland and to begin investigating the initial mishandling of the case by the original investigating team.

Graham Stuart Stafford was jailed for life in 1992 after being found guilty in the Queensland Supreme Court of murdering schoolgirl Leanne Holland.

He was convicted on circumstantial evidence of using a blunt object to bash to death the sister of his then-fiancee at a home in Goodna on September 23, 1991.

Graham spent nearly 15 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was released early in 2005 and on Christmas Eve 2009 had his conviction quashed pending a retrial. On March 26 2010 the Crown said that they would not be proceeding with a retrial.

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104. Save The Bill

After 55 countries buying the rights, 26 seasons and 27 years on the screen, The Bill has been a major flagship show of ITV and has regularly pulled in audiences of at least 3/4 million, despite being repeatedly messed around in the schedules and eventually being relaunched as once a week.

However, Friday 26th March, less than 6 months after the relaunch, saw the countdown to the final sirens for The Bill start after ITV announced that they are to axe it in the Autumn of 2010 without even giving it a year to bed itself in.

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105. Purchase Granville Police Station to Replace Community Land Sold

Granville needed a new Police Station, a site which was zoned Community use was sold to the State Government to build the station (community land cannot be sold). The Community now ask that Parramatta City Council buy the old Police Station in Hutchison Street Granville to replace the community land sold.

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106. PETITION of The Residents of the City of Rutland, VT.

 Repeated pornography issues in & among the Rutland City Police Department.

 Lack of leadership & morale of/in the Rutland City Police Department.

 Lack of action as is required to do “on behalf of the City and betterment of the community,” by the Police Commission.

 Lack of transparency within the City government & offices.

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107. NO to Renewal of the 2012 RCMP Policing Contract in British Columbia

It has become general knowledge that we have as much to fear from RCMPolice as from other gangs of swaggering bullies. RCMP officers are guilty of inflicting prolonged torture on helpless people with repeated use of tazers, pepper spray and fists, as well as dozens of similar abuses and instances of police brutality. Many of these are outlined at with links to many many mainstream news sources.

However, emphasis must be made and remembered that it is the ACCEPTANCE of these many outrages by the rank and file and the RCMP organization itself that makes the situation dangerous and intolerable for us all. This acceptance has become binding precedent in the rewritting of the RCMP rule book and codes of conduct- making reform and oversight meaningless concepts. Inflicting torture by any means is repugnant to Canadians, and we see tazer reform as a weak attempt to skirt the issue of the torture itself having been inflicted, and continuing.

It is the fact that these dozens of instances of shameful behavior are routinely tolerated that necessitates the RCMP being stripped of its powers in British Columbia and replaced by a new provincial force. We citizens must shudder to think how insanely vengeful the RCMP will be when somebody inevitably spits on an officer or gives back some other exactly similar behavior the police have inflicted on citizens.

The RCMP has become the police force our grandfathers fought a war to try to save us from.

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108. Stop Anti Social Behaviour in Moseley Drive, Marston Green

There have been many recent instances of groups of teenagers causing mayhem in Moseley Drive after getting drunk in the park at the bottom of Moseley Drive.

West Midlands Police at Chelmsley Wood Police Station will have a record of the number of times they have either attended incidents or have received telephone reports from residents.

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109. Calling For The Release of Democracy Activist Tran Khai Thanh Thuy

Request the Australian Embassy in VN to call for the release of Ms. Tran Khai Thanh Thuy, a renowned novelist and democracy activist.

Calling For The Release of Democracy Activist Tran Khai Thanh Thuy

NB : We continue to also sign this petition at :

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110. Take action against Police Chief for molesting teenage girl

I have read this incident in BBC News and in several Indian websites. informs about the entire incident how the teenager was molested and committed suicide due to police harassment.

This video shows the interview with victim's father

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111. FOUR HERO on December 1, A National HOLIDAY

Help make Four Hero on December 1, a National Holiday to honor our police, firefighters, and Medical personnel. On December 1, 2009, four police officers were gunned down while having coffee at a Forze coffee shop in Lakewood. Sgt. Mark Renninger and Officers Ronald Owens, Tina Griswold and Greg Richards, were all killed from wounds received to the head, and neck. This tragic event has made an emotional impact on me, so much so that I would like to make their death into something more meaningful.

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112. Please Promote and Support Advocacy for Cynthia Johnson!

I, Cynthia Johnson, am pleading with you all to support me in my continuous quest for advocacy and support. I have been refused constantly after explaining what happened to me. Once anyone hears that the police are involved, I get refused. Please support me!

I am still presently fighting what seems like the battle of my life. It is a battle with the criminal justice system over my being abused by a police officer, who has been lying under oath and is being supported by the local government due to his status as a police officer. I have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees and etc., have lost jobs and been refused jobs, have lost everything except my life and at one point I thought I was going to lose that also. The tangible items mean nothing to me even though I worked most of my life to obtain and maintain them. It's the intangible things that are most valuable to me. It's the things that most people take for granted such as breathing, sleeping peacefully, living without fear, and being happy. I've tried rebuilding and have been continuously struggling to clear my name and to remain out of jail. A jail sentence that could happen because I refuse to plead to probable cause. The police officer is demanding this so that I will not sue him and the city of Newark is attempting to make the same thing happen as well.

GoPetition Friends and Family, I now have seizures from a head injury that occurred while in custody. Evidence has surfaced supporting my claim that the officer arrested me to keep me from contacting Internal Affairs. They then refused to contact EMS to get medical assistance for me after I passed out in their precinct. I LAID ON THAT FLOOR FOR OVER AN HOUR! I was not having seizures before the head injury.

I am trying to make sure that all evidence is allowed to be admitted as evidence into court. My innocence will be proven with the admittance of police phone records from 9/8/08, and police videotape recordings from 9/1/08, 9/2/08, and 9/8/08 from the 4th precinct in Newark, NJ.

I am pleading with you for your assistance to help support and promote advocacy for me. In addition, to help with any donations that you can to help me continue my fight for justice!

Please visit my website:

You may contact me at

Professor Cynthia Johnson, MS/MFT

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113. Volunteers to become National Wildlife Crime Officers

The NWCU (National Wildlife Crime Unit) since operation 3 years ago have reduced their staff from 14 to 9 due to funding and have made only 51 convictions in 2008-2009 which is only 3.3% of the cases they dealt with.

Wildlife crime is on the increase but with only 9 members of staff for the whole of the UK we believe there is no commitment for the protection of our wildlife and its environment.

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114. Any police officer with a criminal record should leave the force

Convicted Police Officers - How can he or she give evidence?

A person who upholds the law cannot be seen to break the law.

Our police image must be improved they must be a pillar of society; the police should be open and transparent.

Should you know in your area how many police officers have criminal records? If you want to find out, you are entitled under the "freedom of information act".

If you are not happy with the answer, get your local MP involved.

Most Police officers do a very difficult job. The one,s with criminal convictions have no place in the Force. They make it difficult for the decent officers to gain the respect they need to assist them in there role as law enforcers.

The paper petition is going well we have over 2000 signatures. In the last month some police officers families have signed because they want the good name of the police improved.

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115. Stop SAPOL excessive revenue raising!!

According to SAPOL statistics nowhere does it say defectable vehicles are the cause of major crashes, yet the top 3 are Speed, Drink driving and inattention.
How does fining someone 221 dollars per defect as well as costs associated with having defects removed fair? It isn't about our safety it is about the government deciding to try and screw us and raise revenue.

Below is what was copied directly from SAPOL's website link below.

What are the causes?

Vehicle speed

* Speed is a major factor in at least 36% of fatal crashes
* The risk of casualty crashes in suburban streets doubles for each 5 km/h above 60 km/h
* 36% of all fatal crashes occur in speed zones of 70 km/h or less
* 33% of serious injury crashes occur on roads with a speed limit of 60 km/h

Drink driving

* In 2008, 36% of people who died had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05% or higher: most had BACs three times the legal limit
* 55% of drivers aged between 16 - 25 years who died had a BAC of 0.05% or higher
* every 0.05% increase (BAC) above zero doubles the risk of crashing

Inattention and complacency

* Inattention is a major factor in 60% of fatal crashes

Drug driving

* In 2008 15% of drivers and riders tested positive to drugs
* Legal or illegal drugs including amphetamine substances, cannabis and some prescription drugs can affect driver skills and attitudes

Seat belts

* In 2008 39% of vehicle occupants who died were not wearing a seatbelt
* 5% of those seriously injured were not wearing a seatbelt
* Young male drivers in rural areas, rear seat passengers, young children and heavy vehicle drivers are more likely not to wear seatbelts


* Fatigue is a contributing factor in single vehicle crashes on rural roads
* Fatigue is a contributing factor in 16% of fatal crashes
* Fatigue is a significant factor in crashes involving heavy trucks

Data based on 2008 statistics.
Sourced from SAPOL crash data.

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116. Shaukathullah Ghori is Innocent

Shock over arrest of Riyadh-based Indian muezzin in Hyderabad
By Shahid Ali Khan

RIYADH – News of the arrest of a Riyadh-based Indian muezzin on his arrival in the Indian city of Hyderabad, Saturday, has raised many eyebrows here.
Many regular worshippers at a mosque in Al-Wazarat district here where muezzin Shaukatullah Ghouri used to call the faithful to prayer five times a day, and sometimes lead obligatory prayers, were shocked by Indian news reports of Ghouri’s arrest.

Ghouri was arrested at Rajiv Gandhi International (RGI) airport at Shamshabad on the outskirts of Hyderabad upon his arrival from Jeddah. He is said to have left for Hyderabad for his wife’s medical treatment.

Personnel of the Organization for Counter-Terrorist Operations (OCTOPUS) reportedly arrested Ghouri, his wife and their four children soon after they landed at RGI airport.

The muezzin is accused of involvement in a terror attack in Gujarat on Sept. 24, 2002 which left 30 dead and over a 100 injured.

“Shaukatullah and his brother, Farhatullah, are both involved in the Akshardham temple attack,” DNA newspaper quoted a senior Intelligence officer as saying. “Both the brothers were initially trained by Jaish-e-Mohammad after which they worked in Ahmedabad. When their names figured in the list of suspects in the Akshardham attack case in 2002, both fled to Saudi Arabia.” Farhatullah Ghouri is still absconding, the paper said.

However, few among the worshippers at Hai Al-Wazarat Mosque in Riyadh believe the allegations against Ghouri, a Hafizul Qur’an (memorizer of Qur’an), who has been serving at the mosque for the past two decades.
Hussain Al-Wadani, the Saudi imam of Masjid Al-Salwa, where Ghouri worked, felt that Ghouri would be absolved of the charges.
“God willing, Ghouri will come clean because he is an innocent man,” the imam told a group of Indian Muslims at the mosque, trying to ally their concerns over news of the arrest.
Ghouri is a professional muezzin and well known for his good character, voice and skills of recitation of the Qur’an and for the azan (prayer call), one of the Indians in the group told Saudi Gazette, asking not to be identified.

“It seems Ghouri is being framed,” he said. “We have been reading media reports and watching news channels on how the police have been victimizing innocent people, and strangely enough some were even killed in fake encounters.”
The Imam said he would do his best to support Ghouri in whatever paperwork he might require from Riyadh.
Others who frequent the mosque said they would sign a petition for submission to Indian Ambassador M.O.H. Farooq seeking his intervention for the safe release of Ghouri.

Rashid Abdul Qayoom, a regular worshipper at the mosque, said he has know Ghouri since he arrived in Saudi Arabia. “Ghouri is a legal resident of Saudi Arabia. He arrived in Riyadh on a “free visa” sometime in 1989, and since 1991 he has been working as a muezzin at Masjid Al-Salwa, Qayoom said.
Many students of the Qur’an memorization madrasa that Ghouri ran at his house were also shocked by news of the arrest. All of Ghouri’s children are Hafiz (who have memorized the Holy Qur’an).

Ghouri’s neighbor told Saudi Gazette that Ghouri was drawing a monthly salary package of around SR2,100 which was hardly enough for his six-member family’s monthly expenses. “The muezzin sahib very often spoke about financial hardship, particularly when it came to payment of annual housing rent,” the neighbor said. Ghouri managed by running the Qur’an memorization school which has an enrolment of around 20 students, he said.

To travel to India, Ghouri chose to fly Oman Air for its comparatively cheaper fares, the neighbor added, speaking on condition of anonymity.
According to Indian news reports, Ghouri was taken to an undisclosed location where he was interrogated by officials of OCTOPUS and the local police. His wife and children were taken to a farmhouse where their baggage was searched and their passports and some educational certificates were seized. His wife and children were later released.

Ghouri was handed over to the Gujarat police on Sunday morning as a non-bailable arrest warrant is pending against him in the Akshardham case, reports said. – SG

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117. Keep Ocoee 911 Services in Ocoee

The City of Ocoee plans on voting on August 18th at 7:15pm to move Ocoee's 911 services from Ocoee to Apopka. The move would take place no later than October 2009. Many residents foresee and fear problems will arise, including response time, which will suffer. This is what the city's own website says about the Communications department:

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

The Communications Section is the primary coordinating support for the Ocoee Police Department. The Communications Section is the Public Safety Answering Point for all 9-1-1 calls within the City of Ocoee, providing our citizens and visitors with coordination and response for Police, Fire and Medical emergencies.

With highly-trained professional telecommunications officers, a sophisticated Computer Aided Dispatch System and an advance radio communications system, this section provides for all dispatching and status management for all Police units and personnel.

The Communications Section works in close partnership with neighboring municipalities and county agencies to ensure accurate, rapid, and professional public safety services to the citizens of Ocoee.

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118. Protect and Serve

The residents of Deerfield deserve to be treated with respect and dignity by their Police Department. We and our Children should not have to live in Fear of the Police.

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119. Save Malabar Police Station !

The NSW government is considering closing down Malabar Police station on Anzac Parade, without any consultation with the local population.

Malabar Police station is the only police station remaining in the area. It services the communities of La Perouse, Philip Bay, Little Bay, Malabar, Matraville and Chifley, i.e. an area too large to be covered by the Maroubra or Randwick police stations.

This is an area with considerable policing issues; theft, vandalism, car hoons, antisocial behaviour, underage drinking and drug taking in public places are all affecting the community on a daily basis. Bus drivers have been attacked and are feeling unsafe in the area at night; buses are now being followed by security guards to protect them.

It is also an area where the population is on the rise through large property developments at the Prince Henry Hospital and the future development of a large shopping and housing complex, with 81 units, in the centre of Matraville. Philip Bay, Little Bay, Malabar, Matraville, Chifley, South Maroubra and adjoining areas are all more populated and are visited more often than in previous years. La Perouse, Little Bay, Malabar and Yarra Bay receive many visitors at week-ends; our many beaches, clubs and pubs attract a large number of visitors. There are many schools and a large population of elderly people. Despite these facts, the State government wants to reduce the Police presence.

Years ago, Malabar Police station was downgraded and has been functioning since with only one police officer 24/7. In view of the increase in population and visitors to the area, Malabar Police station not only needs to stay in place but should also be returned to its fully manned, operational status.

The Station is important to make the community feel safe, and to act as a deterrent against criminal activities. It gives the elderly and the community at large the reassurance that there is still policing just around the corner. The current preferred mode of policing by police is quick vehicle drive-through. This mode is based on a definite lack of positive connectiveness between the police and the community; this leads to diminished trust in the community and the feeling that the police will not turn up in a timely manner when people need them.

It is a very bad idea to close a police station so close to a major jail (Long Bay Jail) and in an area of strong population growth. Research has shown that close connection and cooperation between police and the community is crucial in preventing and managing crime.



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120. Help Keep Our Neighborhood Clean and Safe

Adams Police Department logs indicate several calls to Crotteau Street for domestic abuse, etc.

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