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1. Create Recycling Stations that Accept All Recycables

The ultimate receiver of our garbage that is not recycled is our oceans. ABC news recently aired a segment on sea creatures and birds being affected by the ingesting of plastics.

I am a consumer of plastics and see a great need in recycling of all plastics that are created/manufactured and a need to begin the manufacturing of packaging materials that are nature friendly and biodegradable.

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2. Stop Plastic Pollution

We go through 380 billion plastic bags a year. An estimated 5.2% get recycled; in landfills, they could last 1,000 years. Bags are made from oil, and our bag habit costs us 1.6 billion gallons of oil each year. That last statistic, and its link to global warming, is starting to drive change.

The new bags are expensive--they cost between 5 and 10 cents apiece, while plastic costs between 1 and 4 cents. But the big downside to these bags is that they decompose only in a commercial composting facility, which most cities don't have. Within the dry confines of a landfill, compostable bags will act just like plastic, And they don't decompose in ocean water, creating a giant toilet that doesn't flush.

Target bags list 10 ideas for reuse, letting the company lean green by asking customers to do their bit for the earth. Among the suggestions: "tiny trash-can liner" (#1), kitty-litter liner (#8), and tomorrow's lunch bag (#9). There are no incentives to reduce bag use, though; the bags suggest that you're cool if you reuse them.

That's not recycling and how many people actually read the bags?

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3. "Bring Your Own Bag Everyday" Campaign for all Local Retailers

NEA started the Bring Your Own Bag Day (BYOBD) since 2007. It started with every first Wednesday of the month to the current every Wednesday of the week. Most Singaporeans try to avoid patronizing participating supermarkets on Wednesday which defeat the purpose of BYOB or Stop the Wastage of Plastic Bags campaign.

Upon my last trip to GuaugZhou (广洲) I noticed the locals Bring Your Own Bag campaign is as successful as Korea. Most of the retail outlets do not provide carrier unless with a fee. I see all citizens with recycle bags whenever they are out to shop. I was not spared too. Regardless of buying of groceries, apparels or even books almost everything it’s Bring Your Own Bag.

Can we Singapore move towards this direction? I love Singapore, I love the Earth, and I love the planet we are in. I am sure I am not alone. May we help to keep the beautiful earth we are in and preserve it as much as possible for our next and future generations?
Did You Know...?
• More than 2.5 billion plastic bags are used every year in Singapore.
• Almost half of these bags are given away unnecessary such as customers asked for more than required.
• Plastic bags suffocate, disable and kill thousands of marine mammals and sea birds worldwide each year. When the animal dies and decays, the plastic bag is free again to repeat the deadly cycle.
• It only takes less than a week for an average Singapore family to accumulate 50 plastic bags.
• Most of these recyclable plastic bags are often thrown away without being recycled.
• Plastic bags thrown away as litter, dirty our public places, rivers and canals, and may even clog up drains, and this would lead to stagnant water and mosquito breeding.
• By using reusable bags during our shopping trips, we will use fewer plastic bags and help to conserve the earth's resources.
• We can help to put an end to this earth destruction.
• Say "NO" to plastic bags now!
• Say "YES" to less waste, haze and global warming.

What Price Have We Paid? We pay a big price for using plastic bags extensively – from the devastation they cause to our uniquely island environment, to the financial cost to the retail sector of supplying plastic bags to customers…the price we pay for using plastic bags really adds up.
Plastic bags are a serious threat to our environment and natural resources they take up to 1000 years to break down.

Plastic bags are responsible for blocking drains and harming our wildlife - both marine and land-based animals. Plastic bags are often mistaken as food by marine mammals. 100,000 marine mammals die yearly by eating plastic bags. These animals suffer a painful death, the plastic wraps around their intestines or they choke to death. We Murdered Them with plastic! And we are murdering our future generations too!

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4. Mandate biodegradable plastic bags for consumers

This petition is to voice frustration and anger by the general public concerning the lack of availability of biodegradable plastic garbage bags and other plastic containers for purchase in major grocery and retail chains throughout the world.

Knowing that the pollution caused by these plastics is an ever growing threat to the health of the planet and the worlds oceans and wildlife.

Recently there were several stories reported in the news about a debris field of plastic garbage in the Pacific Ocean which is now the size of the state of Texas!!!!

This is unacceptable and is horrendous environmental tragedy.

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