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1651. No Confidence in the PA SSHE System Administration!

This petition is an opportunity for the students of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania to express their feelings of 'No Confidence' in the administration currently running the State System of Higher Education of Pennsylvania.

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1652. Kim wants to go back to Arizona

Kim wants to go back to Arizona, please help her do so by siging this petition....

This petition is to get kim back "home".. so she can hang out with her friends and other really cool people and the many hott guys , such as the x-journeys guy, who reside there!!

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1653. Mentally challanged civil-human rights

Mentally challanged girl's civil rights to see family.

Bonnie Ditmyer is a 26 yr old mentally challanged girl. She is not allowed to see her halfbrother and halfsister even though she wants to. We are taking this petition to the American Civil Liberties Union to force her guardian into letting Bonnie see them.

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1654. Save Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana, a community in Romania, needs the support of Canadians. Gabriel Resources of Toronto plans to develop Europe's largest open-cast mine in the Rosia Montana area of Romania. This gold mining project is illegal and immoral and has met with strong resistance because it will force people to leave their homes without their consent, irreversibly destroy a beautiful 1600 hectare area, and threaten the environment with a vast cyanide lake. Yet, Canadian money is keeping the project alive.

The petition below expresses solidarity with the Save Rosia Montana Campaign. The signatures will be presented to the people of Rosia Montana on Oct. 11, 2003 during a ceremony in the village when supporters complete a solidarity march of 130 km. The petition will also be forwarded to the Canadian government, to say that Canadians do not want to be associated with this type of development abroad and to demand that the government withdraw support of this project.

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1655. Get rid of John Howard

For a long time now, we have had John Howard as Australia's Prime Minister. During this time, we have been involved in a war the country did not agree with, we have had the GST (good and services tax) come in, and the list of levys and extra taxes are rising with each day we have John Howard in power.

Mr Howard does not listen to the people, and anyone who wastes taxpayers money and does not make decisions according to what the people want for their country should not be running it.

Please sign this petition, so we can have a Prime Minister who will look after the common good of the country, and so we can have a better Australia for the future.

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MSN are closing down all uncontrolled chat rooms on 14th October this year. all controlled chat rooms that will be available will cost per month. We don't want this to happen. This petition will be sent to MSN to show them how serious we are about keeping our chat rooms open.

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1657. Variance of Side yard Setback - 3717 West San Juan Street Tampa, FL 33629

Petition to approve side yard setback variance from seven to four feet for addition at 3717 West San Juan Street Tampa, FL 33629.

I am aware of the variance request at the address listed above. I have reveiwed the proposed site, floor, and architechural plan for the property. I support the design plan and feel it has no negative impacts to my property and preserves the architechural integrity of the existing structure and the Virginia Park Neighborhood..

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1658. Resident's Only Parking on Bourbon Street

This petition is being written to request that Resident Only Parking signs be installed on Bourbon Street from Washington Street to Strawberry Lane.

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1659. ~*AJ McLean Online Fan Petition*~

This is a fan petition for AJ McLean fans to sign and show their love for the sweetest, sexiest and most talented man alive! It's also to help keep the AJ McLean Pride flowing!

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1660. Next Hurricane Name

This is a petition to name the next hurricane HURRICANE ICKMAR. In my opinion, Ickmar is a very agressive, destructive name. Completely suitable for a hurricane. It's hurricaney! If you think that Ickmar is a bad name for a hurricane, then you are stupid, ugly, brain-damaged, and you probably use drugs. Vote Ickmar! I assume that in order for this petition to have any sort of effect on anything at all, we will need somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 million signatures. With that in mind, get all of your to sign. That should cover it. Ickmar!

And to my homie-g-brethren on the West Coast: even though you are completely left out in the fact that you do not get hurricanes, this petition is not East-Coast-biased. I leave no one out! And to my central-United-States fellows. You don't even HAVE oceans, but I did not forget you! And to everyone else in every other place. You must still sign this! Unlike the U.S. presidential elections, your vote actually counts!

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1661. Deport George Bush and His Cabinet from the USA

George Bush has, for the past 3 years, been a criminal to the justice of the world. He has murdered the innocent, struck poverty into the poor, and inflicted his evil poison into the rest of the world for far too long. This petition desires to abolish his powers and force him to leave the country for he is nothing but the scum of the universe.

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1662. Boycott The Music Industry of the USA

This is a petition to boycott the Music Industries of America for the actions they have been taking these past years and recently.

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1663. Child Discipline

Greetings! Atlanta, GA The House of Prayer Rev. Arthur Allen, Jr.
Our pastor has been arrested along with members of our church for upholding the word of God. Proverbs 13:24, 24:13-14 specifically command Christians to discipline our children in ways that they will learn the differences between right and wrong. Because of the proposed government (worldly) ways of disciplining our children, we feel that our society has deteriorated. This is because our government has decided that we no longer need God in government!

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1664. Get Kathryn Harby-Williams onto the board of Netball Australia

This petition is to get Kathryn Harby-Williams onto the board of Netball Australia.

Netball Australia is in desperate need of new blood and Kathryn would be a great addition to the organisation. Please sign in support.

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1665. Wind Power/solar power

This petition is for Canadians who want to see our country switch to clean engery sources. So that we will not use sources that pollute or destroy our natural resources.

So if you care about Canada and its future well being please spread the word of this petition. And put pressure on the Canadian government to switch to "clean energy".

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1666. Abolish mandatory defined contribution enrollment

This petition is directed at any person who after hearing the petition's goals and objectives, wishes to support our cause. This petition aims to stop the mandatory 7.5 percent gross deduction from a Georgia (hourly rate state employee) and change it over to a voluntary plan.

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1667. Save Hulk Hogan In Smackdown:Here Comes The Pain

This is first one!

As most of us heard Hulk Hogan has been removed fom the new Smackdown Game Here Comes The Pain now im sure most of us are very angry about that so if your a hulkamaniac sign this petition to save Hulk Hogan.

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1668. Wb Popstars on DVD

This petition is to ask the WB to put season 1 of Popstars onto DVD.

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1669. Get rid of school uniforms

Most of the students at HHS hate the school uniform policy, that's why i'm typing up this petition, hopefully the school board will review all of the names that are signed.

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1670. Woodfield Pond Petition

This petition is to start a movement in the Woodfield neighborhood to close the dam on the pond.

Petition the Home Owners Association president and board members to close the dam on the Woodfield pond.

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1671. Youth Judge for Canadian Idol 2

Getting a youth judge on the television show for canadian idol 2.

This Petition is for all those "Canadian Idol fans", which believe that next year on "Canadian Idol 2" there should be a YOUTH Judge. The following Petition will be sent to "CTV" if given enough Signatures. Thank you for your support and for your participation!

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1672. Reinstate Parks and Recreation Funding in Pittsburgh

Due to critical financial problems within the city budget, Mayor Tom Murphy has been forced to cut funding for the Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation Department. Without funding, there will be no Great Race, no Light-Up Night, no Fourth of July at the Point, as well as many other celebrated Pittsburgh events.

In short, there will be a lot less to do around Pittsburgh during the year. Please sign the petition to aid in the reinstitution of these events.

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1673. Stop bitching about who ever has the magic

Stop bitching about who has the magic.

You Should all sign this petition because arent we all tired of people bitching about who has the magic? i know i am... i really dont care who has the magic... although.. i do feel only a Magician or Mr meeyagi should have the magic... its only right.. please sign this petition so we can put an end to the bitching over who has the magic... thank you

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1674. Stop Writing Contest Scams!, Illiad Press, the International Library of Poetry. . . most people have heard these names, and in a negative context. What most people don't know is that these organizations are run by the same people, and they all are out to get money off of you!

I would like to close down and the other writing-related contest scams out there on the internet. Thousands of serious writers share their work with these organizations each year, are told their work is the best thing since Robert Frost, and asked to purchase books, plaques, CD's and do-dad's of their printed poems! For more info on this, I urge you to see the webpage below, then sign this petition so everyone knows how many people want these scams to end!

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1675. Make the GOF movie longer and save it from complete humiliation

Warner Bros. has decided to make the Goblet of Fire into a 2.5 hour movie. This is outrageous and will totally ruin our beloved movie series. This is a petition to prevent the above from happening.

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1676. Circle Jerks Australian Tour

Legendary LA Hard-Core band the Circle Jerks have reformed and are touring accross America with GBH playing their original songs. Let's try to get them to come Australia! Sign the petition then send it to all your Circle Jerk loving friends and just maybe we'll see this awesome band on our shores sometime in the future.

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1677. ClubsNSW Axe The Tax

A petition against NSW Treasurer Egan's proposed increase in Poker Machine Tax.

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1678. Unban Josef von A

Last month, one the Divadom's ( ) most BELOVED posters was banned. His name: Josef von A. The Divadom administrators, who left jjlover's diva board because HE did not listen to HIS posters, now refuse to listen to THEIR posters as they plead for Josef von A's return.

While the Divadom administrators were able to ignore the fact that Josef von A became moderator on jjlover's board only to defect from him, they REFUSE to forget Josef's characteristic rebelliousness after he allowed mimeno9 to tinker with the Divadom's board settings—settings just WAITING to be updated ANYWAY. Of course, it WAS Josef von A who suggested that Ricardo create his own board. It was ALSO Josef von A who suggested that ALL FIVE divas receive fair and equal representation. It was EVEN Josef von A who suggested that the other admins—PAPAYOKE, MLIYL, and Helena—represent their divas.

In order to give the Divadom posters a place to express their opinions without suppression, this petition has been created. Those who sign it should be Divadom posters with the wish that the Divadom's administrative staff will UNBAN Josef von A and allow him to post at the Divadom again. How THEY handle the matter after they receive this petition will expose their TRUE focus on their POSTERS' interests.

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1679. Michael Bryan Lebow for Governor of CA

Petition to run in the California recall election.

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1680. Petition to Canadian Government concerning the late Ms. Kazemi

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

We the undersigned, as the Iranian community of Canada and U.S. would like to express our thanks for your government's efforts in the case of Canadian journalist who was murdered in Iran, the Late Ms. Kazemi. We would like to remind your Excellency that it is greatly important for the Iranian community all across the world that the truth is known about the circumstances surrounding the arrest, torture and murder of Canadian journalist Ms. Kazemi in the hands of Islamic Republic officials. It is needless to say that Ms. Kazemi's case is just an example of what the government of Iran feels entitled to do to its current or former citizens.

Your Excellency, we demand the full protection of our rights under Canadian as well as International laws. The government of Iran must not be allowed to violate the basic human rights of its citizens, let alone the citizens of other countries and Canada. The international community and the Canadian government must make it clear to the government of the Islamic republic that they will not be allowed to get away with these violations.

Your Excellency, we demand that your government cut all ties with the Islamic republic should the government of Iran continue to refuse to send the body of Ms. Kazemi back to Canada for a fair and transparent investigation and continues to violate the rights of Iranian citizens. We would also like to express our full trust in the Canadian Criminal Courts and system. We would also like to express our support and appreciation of the Canadian Law enforcement in Vancouver British Colombia and let you know that the Iranian community resent the shameless allegations of the Islamic republic officials with regards to the tragic accident in Vancouver B.C.

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