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1651. ~Get Jamie Spears off of all that~

Sign this petition to show how much you think Jamie Spears is a bad actress and she should be kicked off all that. In the end we will truly know how many Jamie haters there are please sign this!

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1652. Bringing Back Hillian

This petition is to bring back,or try to bring back Hillian. Please sign my petition in support and hope that Hillian shall return one day!

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1653. We Want MC E.N.D. at the next Hulla!!

I created this petition on behalf of the ravers that will attend and have attended a hullabaloo event before. Being that Hullabaloo gets worldwide recognition as one of the biggest happy hardcore events in the world, i see it as a good opportunity to get the name of a great performer out. E.N.D. is one of North America's fastest rising stars in the world of hardcore, in both MCing and DJing, and we would like to see him on the stage rockin' the mic at the next hullabaloo!

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1654. FSI Marketing Scams

The signing of this petition is in benefit to future and former patrons associated/or affiliated with FSI, Fire Specialist, Inc. Fire Safety Specialist, Inc, or Fire Secure, Inc.

This document is being signed by former Trainees, Managers, Regional Managers, and officers up to the Vice Presidents position. Also any vendor or realator formerly associated with FSI. This document will be presented to the FTC, BBB,IRS, Attorney General, TWC, and State Fire Marshalls office.

This document will be used for the purpose of all persons formerly affiliated with FSI to voice your support of abolishing the current and future business practices of FSI.

Anyone that invested any monies or time with FSI, please feel free to sign this petition. Your signature would be appreciated.

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1655. Abolishment of Fire Safety Related Multimarketing Scams

This is a petition to ban and put all Fire Safety multilevel marketing schemes related to FSI, Fire Secure, Inc., Fire Specialist, Inc., or Fire Safety Specialist, Inc.

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1656. Ban fox-hunting

Please sign this petition to help us ban fox hunting. It is not necessary, foxes regulaate their own population so we dont have to. Foxes only scavange dead animals they do not kill livestock.

I have created this petition after researching fox hunting for a college presentation.

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1657. Petition for speed humps on Elderberry Drive, Austin Texas

Elderberry Drive in Austin, Texas, has a very long history of speeding vehicles at all times of the day and night. This area is a residential street with a very large number of small children and Adults. The children of the area uses this street as thier safe haven.

Elderberry residents have also been the victims of randoms drive-by shootings. Their vehicles have had their windows shot out. We believe that the installation of speed humps will greatly deter traffic through our neighborhood and help return a feeling of security and a peace of mind to the families in the area.

Please take a moment to sign this petition via email. Pass it along to the other residents in the neighborhood.

Thank You for supporting these improvements to our neighborhood.

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1658. Spread the word about - Bush !!!!

If we the people count, Prove it. Sign this petition and my others.

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1660. Ban Dolphin Tuna

This petition was started on July 25th, 2003. I started it after reading something about dolphins being killed for tuna. Animals have rights, that includes Dolphins. Yes, I see that fish are still being killed for tuna, but the only way to stop making dolphin tuna is to stop making tuna all together.

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1661. Unfreeze My Neopets Account!

I lost 2.7 million Neopoints..A fire pb and loads of rare Items..They accused me of scamming and I never did!!! EVER!!!! I really hate the neopets team..They are hard as stone. :( I emailed neopets and they emailed back an auto machine message and never unfroze my account!!!!! Its sick...I dont like them at all! Plz help by donating or trying to get my account unfrozen if you like! :):( The account name was whozat116...My new account is Lost_Girlisious Please Sign Petition!!!!!

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1662. Save S Club 7!

ABC Family has taken a hit television show , S Club 7, off their schedule, and refuses to put it back on. Disney channel does not allow ideas to be accepted from their viewers, so now Nickelodeon is one of our last resorts. Many viewers across many countries are very disappointed about not being able to watch their favourite television show anymore, so we've decided to stand against it. This petition is available to veiwers everywhere.

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1663. Gob Down Under

This year in June, Gob came dow under with the gorgeous Avril Lavigne. While lots of people went to see Avril's show (like moi), i think a lot of people personally fell in love with the Gobsters themselves.

Gob has recently cancelled a tour & will be doing the "MTV Campus Invasion" tour then visiting Japan again.

Since this year,good ole' Aussie land was on the list after Japan.. will they do it again?

*fingers crossed*

I created this petition on behalf of a nation of Gob supporters- new & old.. after all.. we do love them :)

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1664. Rubbish bins in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes needs rubber/plastic wheelie bins, to keep out animals and wasps. To limit the spread of rubbish around our gardens. For health and safty standards.

We need the trash collectors to be able and willing to empty the rubbish bins without problems.

On July 22nd I was stung by a wasp, due to the rubbish collectors failed to pick up my rubbish on the 15th of July. IF my partner had been stung that would have caused a instant reaction and possiable death due to he is highly allergic. I phoned the rubbish collectors company numberous times between the 15th and the 22nd with out answers. PLEASE sign this petition. Thank You.

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1665. Ban the Auctioning Of Dogs on


"On Friday 25th July 2003, less than 24 hours after this petition was started, Trade Me agreed to stop the practice of auctioning of not just dogs but also cats, birds and horses. They have also sought the advice of the SPCA on how to make their site more animal friendly an encourage responsible ownership. Thank you to everyone who supported this petition. It worked a lot faster than we were expecting and just shows what people can do when they band together.
Thank you again."

This Online Petition has been set up to try to discourage the New Zealand based buy, sell, trade and exchange internet site Trade Me ( from allowing the auctioning off of DOGS on their NZ based Auction Site. We feel very strongly about dogs being auctioned off and would like as much support as we can get to try and convince Trade Me that this is not the way of responsible dog ownership. Dogs are our much beloved family pets and there are far more suitable ways of selling your dog or puppy to the best possible home through advertising and lots of contact with the prospective owners rather than as an auction. We are concerned that once the reserve price is met on these auctions, the seller is legally obliged to go through with the sale, and therefore has no say on whether the home is suitable or not.
Please sign our petition and support the stopping of dog auctions on Trade Me.

Thankyou, Joanne, Maree and Jan.

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This petition is to save the show rerourni kenshin on toonami. this is a show about a wandering samuri who protects the innocent. this show is a good one. plz help me!

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1667. Petition for Better Roads & Drainage in the City of Saint Hedwig

The city has not used enough of the bond money to improve the roads in our city. We continue to have delays in getting the work done. The water drainage is unacceptable.

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1668. Wrongful Accusions of Accounts being Frozen by the Neopets Team

For everybody that has worked hard on their accounts and been accused of doing something bad, like cheating or scamming, but they didn't do it. This is a petition to theneopetsteam telling them that we should at least get a fully detailed case of what we did or did not do. We should have evidence and maybe even a little trial. Is Neopets becoming a communist? I say Yes!

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1669. Keep the THE DOWNLO

Much Music has announced that they will no longer be showing THE DOWNLO. This is because there's "no audience" for underground hip hop. Canada needs a program to show great underground canadian and international hip hop. I call on all canadian hip hop heads to sign this petition!

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1670. Help Lee get a Cowboy Bebop Art Box

Anime on DVD is running a contest to give away several Art boxes for the quality anime series Cowboy Bebop. This is a petition to try to let Lee P. Bailey receive one of these boxes to properly house and proudly display his set of DVDs.

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1671. Kellam High's Boys and Girls Surf Team

This petition is for all who are in support of Kellam High School creating, founding and sponsoring a co-ed surfing team.

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1672. Stop Davy Crocket

This petition is to help cure the mental anguish that has effected the multitude of Half Life: Day of Defeat players. Davy Crocket has ruined the playing experience for hundreds of potentialally great players in the DoD community. Davy Crocket has hacked, and cheated his way to the top without thinking of the torment he would later put the community through. Help stop the madness by taking away Davy Crocket's internet access and computer access until the age of 80.

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1673. Springfield Twnsp. Zoning Change

This petition is to let the community of Springfield Twnsp. speak their part on a zoning change, which many people do not know about.

This petition is to let you, the community, know about a zoning change that may take place. It will also allow you to express your feelings on the issue. For those of you who do not wish this change to take place please sign. Thank you for your time.

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1674. Big Brother - Get Lisa Back In

Please sign this petition to get Big Brother's Lisa back in to spice up the house yet again. Can you imagine the others faces when they see Lisa back?

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1675. Building Codes

This is a petition concerning the Building Codes and Restrictions set forth by Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association.

Policy Page C-3 of the Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association states that each portable building or mobile home brought into the addition must first have a photo submitted to the Association for approval. By moving in the mobile home on Mariner Court that appears to have been torn down once, it has and will continue to bring our property value down and our insurance rates up since most homeowner's insurance companies take note of the properties surrounding your home. Please sign this petition to have the mobile home removed.

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1676. Keep Jason Kidd in New Jersey!

I am creating this petition to try and show Jason Kidd that us Nets fans really care and want him to stay, please take only a little time to sign it.

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1677. Mod Tools for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

This petition is supposed to show if the community of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost is interested in creating mods, maps/levels, etc. for the game and hence if GSC Game World should release mod-tools.

Mit dieser Petition soll gezeigt werden, ob bei der S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost Community Interesse besteht, Mods, Maps/Levels, etc. zu entwickeln und ob GSC Game World Mod-Tools veröffentlichen soll.

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1678. Yes to Truck in driveway

The petition is to allow raymond mucci to park his work truck in his driveway at home.

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1679. Let Nintendo have CD's and DVD's in years to come

Nintendo will probably Never make CD's and DVD's , that's because no one even gives a care !!! Well now is the time , because Nintendo will be old soon , and will be unpopular soon. Unless this petition passes.
So let Nintendo fans and supporters please sign this petition , for the good of the company.

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1680. Save the Everlades Outpost Wildlife Refuge

A petition to the Mayor of Miami Dade county to provide funding. For the Everlades Outpost Wildlife rehabilitaion center and refuge.

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