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1651. Give Rebekah LeVauney a record deal!!!

Sign this petition if you think Rebekah should get a record deal!!

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1652. Bring Back Fat Pizza to SBS!!

SBS cancelled Fat Pizza. Don't let em do it. Sign this petition and bring Fat Pizza back!!

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1653. Save the show "Lizzie McGuire"

This petition is made to save the show Lizzie McGuire. Lizzie McGuire is one of America's top-rated children's shows. It is going to end because of a 65-episode policy of Disney Channel. Sign this petition to try to save Lizzie McGuire!

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1654. Dissatisfaction with VZ Avenue high speed service

Petition by Harbor point residents about the slow and unreliable DSL service we are receiving.

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1655. Sop the exploitation of Child Labor

Hi, my petition is to stop Child Labor, particularly in developing countries, because many people are dieing. Children cannot work for fourteen hours non-stop. They only get paid a little if lucky and some children don't even get paid. Most children are trying to pay off loans that their parents own to others. Please sign my petition so I can show everyone that all of you agree to my thought. Thank You For Your Time And Support.

Please help all the children and stop child labor. Please sign the petetion.

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1656. Fire Grady Little

This is a petition to gather support for Boston Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein to decline the 2004 option on manager Grady Little. Signatories of this petition are Red Sox fans who wish to lend their voice to the growing chorus pointing out that Grady Little is unfit to manage a major league baseball club.

The ALCS Game 7 fiasco is only the crowning moment on two years of inept managing, especially with the pitching staff. The Red Sox fans below are sick and tired of it and admonish Theo to do the right thing and let Grady walk away. There are many better options out there and we have faith in Theo to find us a true winner.

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1657. Westlife To STRIP TEASE On The New Tour

Ok Girlys and Blokeys...
As the new Westlife tour is coming and some of us have experienced how much of a good show Westlife have given us for the past three tours... What would we like to see this coming tour...
Does WESTLIFE STRIPPING sound good to you... Well it does to me and to alot of other girlys and blokeys out there...

So to just request or suggest or maybe just support this petition that WESTLIFE should STRIP TEASE on the next tour just sign this petition and get the word about and keep your fingers crossed (",) (",) Oh what a night it would be (",)

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1658. Free ATF Sliman

Free Sliman!

I think Sliman should be un-grounded. School is very very important, and I think grades should be set to a high priority, 7 months for a sentence is a long time. So far this year he has demonstrated that he can pull straight A's and that he does want to do well in school. I petition that as long as he keeps his grades at all A's he get parolled for limited gaming until the end of the semester.


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1659. Westlife come to The USA for a tour

Time for a Westlife tour, being able to actually go to one.

This petition is to try and get Westlife to do concerts in the US. So please sign this petition. Thanks.

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1660. Pastor Jim Reunion

Pastor Jim broke up in July of 2001, right before making it big. This petition is to try to get the band to do one more show in their hometown for the thousands of fans that they left wanting more.

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1661. Humber College Food Services

For years now Humber students have enjoyed the food prepaired on campus, however, the price of it has skyrocked to the point where students can't afford to eat let alone pay for tuition, book, residence, and many other "fees" we must endure. If you "The Students" feel that the price of food should be lowered I urdge you to sign this petition.

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1662. S.P.E.W.

Dear Hogwarts Headmistress,
We want to start a S.P.E.W. club at +++Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry+++ as we think that house elves should be paid. We would like to make a deal with you, that once we have 30 signatures on this petition we may start a S.P.E.W. club. Please pay the poor little house elves.
Hermione Granger and those who have signed this.

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1663. Lower the prices on domains!

Thousands of people around the world want a domain for their website. The only thing stopping them is the price! The cheapest price is around $5.99 a month! That equals to $71.88 dollars a year! A lot of people don't have that much, and it only gets worse! Sign this petition to try and lower prices!

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1664. Make Pirating Music Legal!!!

It is now illegal in the united states to pirate (download) music for free. This petition is to try and make it legal again!

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1665. Off Topic Petition

This petition will be to hopefully bring back the necessary Off Topic forum to the game maker community.

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1666. Improve OC Transpo

Since moving into the Ottawa/Carelton area eight years ago I have been forced to take the bus as an safe and healthy fashion but find the service substandard. This Petition is to go to OC Transpo in Ottawa to help them understand that their riders are not pleased with the constant bus delays, early arrivals, threats of strikes, and rate increases without some compensation.

Please be kind and sign this petition so that we can let OC Transpo know in one unified voice we are tired of their service standards set so low, and let them know that a powerful union cannot stand against the voice of a community any longer.

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1667. Stop Bear Dancing And Animal Tesing

This petiton will hopefully stop cruelty to animals such as animal testing and bear dancing and animal abuse.

Ever had to sit in the same spot for days on end? Well bears have, they are chained up with no food, no water and are made to dance for entertainment. It needs to be stopped. Please sign the petition as this does really needs to stop. Also this petition will be stopping animal testing which is sick and horrific.

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1668. Removal Of Anonymous_Digit

Removing Anonymous_Digit and his bots FOREVER.

We, the undersigned , members of Yahoo Help Chat:1, :2 and :3 ,and those seeking help, hereby request the removal of the individual known as Anonymous_Digit(with various dates behind it)and his bot programs from Yahoo. He has on more then one occasion broken the Terms Of Service of Yahoo and yet Yahoo Inc, in all its wisdom has allowed him to do so, and continues to do so. Due to his antics, many people seeking help, are unable to receive valuable help. If this petition is not effective enough to draw Yahoo Inc's attention, we will have no choice but to resort to legal action.

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1669. Project1: skatepark for Elk Grove petition

This petition originated 10/02/03 at 11:00 AM and was started to build a skatepark for both bikes and skateboards so kids have something to look forward to and an activity for afterschool instead of getting involved in drugs and gangs, also to prevent further vandilization of city landmarks by skateboards bikes and rollerbaldes.

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1670. Leave St Helens House for training Adults and put your registry office in the Old Police Building

It is beyond belief that the St Helens House buidings are under threat of change of use. The concept of helping people who are less able to work or disabled in any way was founded in Derby at this address and has a good reputation of success helping those who help themselves advance or ready themselves for re-introduction into the workforce in Derby.

This will be a disasterous loss if the changes proposed by my Council take place in April 2004 and it is also preposterous that those working or training there had no idea, until it was let slip during a radio Derby broadcast. This building is also steeped in historical value and I challenge them that it is illegal to change the use of a listed building after it has received a preservation order. I beg the people of Derby to sign my petition to save this wonderfull historical building in its present form and use.

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1671. Should Dan Hibiki Be Allowed To Visit Pussyrack oopps I mean Shadrack?

This petition was made because Shadrack refuses to meet me.

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1672. Changes to the Offside Wide Rule

In Ottawa Valley Cricket season 2003 we the players have been subjected to an interpretation of the One Day Iternational (ODI) ruling regarding Wide Deliveries. Currently the ODI ruling states:

25. LAW 25 - WIDE BALL

25.1 Law 25.1 - Judging a Wide

Law 25 shall apply with the following addition to Law 25.1:

Umpires are instructed to apply very strict and consistent interpretation in regard to this Law in order to prevent negative bowling wide of the wicket.

Any offside or legside delivery which in the opinion of the umpire does not give the batsman a reasonable opportunity to score shall be called a wide.

A penalty of one run for a wide shall be scored. This penalty shall stand in addition to any other runs which are scored or awarded. All runs, which are run or result from a wide ball, which is not a no ball, shall be scored wide balls.

OVCC in the attempt to implement the ODI rule concerning Wide Deliveries and their consistent interpretation have instructed the umpires to utilize the offside line which currently exists 24 inches from the middle stump.
It is this interpreation which contradicts the intent of the MCC Law 25 regarding Wide Balls. MCC Law 25 states:

Law 25 (Wide ball)
1. Judging a Wide
(a) If the bowler bowls a ball, not being a No ball, the umpire shall adjudge it a Wide if, according to the definition in (b) below, in his opinion the ball passes wide of the striker where he is standing and would also have passed wide of him standing in a normal guard position.

(b) The ball will be considered as passing wide of the striker unless it is sufficiently within his reach for him to be able to hit it with his bat by means of a normal cricket stroke.

The contradiction occurs because a batsmen at normal stance, ie. Middle Stump can reasonably reach a ball with his bat 24 inches out of middle stump. Considering bats are more than 24 inches long and without considering the arm length of the batsmen, a ball is easily reachable at normal stance.

It is thus that we petition OVCC in their attempt to keep a consistent interpretation of MCC Law 25 (Wide Ball) and ODI ruline 25.1 move the Offside line to 30 inches from middle stump. This will be 6 inches further to the offside from it's current postion.

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1673. Petition to get Date listed included on Petitions at

Petitions here do not include the date they were listed. It's hard to tell if a petition is still worth signing. Example. I saw a petition asking for X-Men: Evolution to return to WB. WB is currently airing a new seasion on Saterday Mornings. Either this person did not know this, or posted it when the pervious season quit airing reruns to show some new stuff for ratings untill the new fall season came around.

Without a date the petition was created you cant always tell these things.

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1674. No Confidence in the PA SSHE System Administration!

This petition is an opportunity for the students of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania to express their feelings of 'No Confidence' in the administration currently running the State System of Higher Education of Pennsylvania.

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1675. Kim wants to go back to Arizona

Kim wants to go back to Arizona, please help her do so by siging this petition....

This petition is to get kim back "home".. so she can hang out with her friends and other really cool people and the many hott guys , such as the x-journeys guy, who reside there!!

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1676. Mentally challanged civil-human rights

Mentally challanged girl's civil rights to see family.

Bonnie Ditmyer is a 26 yr old mentally challanged girl. She is not allowed to see her halfbrother and halfsister even though she wants to. We are taking this petition to the American Civil Liberties Union to force her guardian into letting Bonnie see them.

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1677. Save Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana, a community in Romania, needs the support of Canadians. Gabriel Resources of Toronto plans to develop Europe's largest open-cast mine in the Rosia Montana area of Romania. This gold mining project is illegal and immoral and has met with strong resistance because it will force people to leave their homes without their consent, irreversibly destroy a beautiful 1600 hectare area, and threaten the environment with a vast cyanide lake. Yet, Canadian money is keeping the project alive.

The petition below expresses solidarity with the Save Rosia Montana Campaign. The signatures will be presented to the people of Rosia Montana on Oct. 11, 2003 during a ceremony in the village when supporters complete a solidarity march of 130 km. The petition will also be forwarded to the Canadian government, to say that Canadians do not want to be associated with this type of development abroad and to demand that the government withdraw support of this project.

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1678. Get rid of John Howard

For a long time now, we have had John Howard as Australia's Prime Minister. During this time, we have been involved in a war the country did not agree with, we have had the GST (good and services tax) come in, and the list of levys and extra taxes are rising with each day we have John Howard in power.

Mr Howard does not listen to the people, and anyone who wastes taxpayers money and does not make decisions according to what the people want for their country should not be running it.

Please sign this petition, so we can have a Prime Minister who will look after the common good of the country, and so we can have a better Australia for the future.

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MSN are closing down all uncontrolled chat rooms on 14th October this year. all controlled chat rooms that will be available will cost per month. We don't want this to happen. This petition will be sent to MSN to show them how serious we are about keeping our chat rooms open.

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1680. Variance of Side yard Setback - 3717 West San Juan Street Tampa, FL 33629

Petition to approve side yard setback variance from seven to four feet for addition at 3717 West San Juan Street Tampa, FL 33629.

I am aware of the variance request at the address listed above. I have reveiwed the proposed site, floor, and architechural plan for the property. I support the design plan and feel it has no negative impacts to my property and preserves the architechural integrity of the existing structure and the Virginia Park Neighborhood..

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