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61. Conflict Resolution Through Literature And Culture

We the undersigned call on the United Nations to promote:


This organization founded in 1999, creates bridges of Culture, understanding and peace. It promotes Conflict Resolution through Literature and Culture, and it publishes a daily IFLAC DIGEST NEWSLETTER on the Internet to spread the Culture of Peace. Its major project for 2011 is the PCTVI : the founding and development of a Middle East PEACE CULTURE TV AND INTERNET.


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62. Petition to promote PLANETARY EDUCATION

Our petition for THE PLANETARY EDUCATION requests the UNITED NATIONS to oblige all member states to implement an education which will further in equal manner the development of human reason and the awakening of human consciousness on a scientific basis.

The foundation of planetary education is Einstein’s cosmic religiousness and his vision of a timeless universe. In recent decades science has come to the point where the difference between material and spiritual has all but disappeared. The fundamental energy of the Universe, out of which everything is made, is consciousness, which is the energy of the quantum vacuum.

The evolution of life on planet Earth is an universal process, developing towards consciousness. The development of human reason has reached its peak, but the next step of human evolution is the discovery of consciousness by each individual of the emerging planetary civilization. God is universe itself, and we, human beings, are part of it. The age of beliefs is history. Now, human beings are ready to know the Truth.

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63. Free Hadi Abedi Bakhoda, a very ill political prisoner!

Hadi Abedi Bakhoda is a political prisoner of the 1980s on charges of supporting the main Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). He was tortured and shot by the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), when arrested.

His spinal cord was damaged in such a way that he now cannot walk and is in a wheelchair since the incident. The shooting also damaged other organs including his kidneys and his bladder that had failed totally. Since then, he suffers from debilitating physical complications as a result of his injuries. Abedi Bakhoda's wife and Mehri Javan Mahjub (a former prisoner) were arrested and sent to Lakan Prison. His brother, Hormoz, was executed by the Iranian regime on similar charges.

Branch One of the Revolutionary Court condemned Hadi Abedi-Bakhoda for two years imprisonment in 2009 (he then was transferred to the Lakan prison in Rasht in Nov 2009) even if he was not capable of imprisonment due because of his severe physical infirmities. The coroner's office, prison clinic and other health institutes confirmed this fact at the time and also demanded his release but the Intelligence Ministry and the Revolutionary Court have never paid attention to his conditions, therefore, he was transferred to prison.

Hadi Abedi-Bakhoda is sent to hospital only when his conditions become very critical, but ultimately because of his fragile health, they are forced to give him sick-leave.

According to Human Rights Activists in Iran, on Monday May 23, 2011, the Revolutionary Court of Rasht (Branch One) summoned Hadi Abedi-Bakhoda to notify him that the lash ruling against him would have been carried out despite his health conditions (his bladder was not functioning properly and he was suffering from a severe kidney disorder) and did not even consider the fact that he was in a wheelchair: he then received 51 lashes for the alleged crime of not reporting to the Lakan prison in Rasht on time when he was hospitalized during a sick-leave.

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64. Investigate USA-Pakistan Relations

For ten years now there have been acts of war being waged on the citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan. These acts are being carried out by the their own military and also the military of the United States. Their own government along with the United States and other UN allies are agreeing to continue military operations. Operations which are violating the liberties of those native people living in what has been deemed a war zone.

Now it's time they rethink their strategies. Human rights, liberty and justice need to be upheld. The conditions are becoming exceedingly desperate for these people. The area is destabilizing more and more the longer we wait. This will continue to put the youth at further risk and those who are vulnerable will become exploited or radicalized. Even though both governments claim they are doing what they can to combat this, little has been seen in the way of progress.

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65. Sign the Peace Vow for 2011

Be the Change while fostering foster peace so that it radiates throughout the entirety of the Middle East.

The commitment to Dream Big for Peace was adopted by many of the friends and readers of Maria Khalife’s newsletters last year. Many readers of this newspaper and fans of the local media were among those who took the vow, lived a year of peace, and offered many suggestions for creating lasting peace.

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66. Support Palestine

Everything begun on 29th of November in 1947 and still this time. Unfortunately, children still breathe the air there that smells of blood. Palestine or Israel, Israel or Palestine?

Nobody still really knows who is right and who is to blame, one thing is clear - to stop this madness. It seems that this war - eternal! We believe that every country deserves to be independent, and Palestine, is not out of question. It seems that everything is difficult. Yes, but we should at least try to change something. Let’s take 20,000 votes and UN will here us.

Let us not be indifferent. We are part of this world and we came to do something. I do not think that somebody likes most things are still resolved in this way- act of violence. Let us try to save Palestine. We need your help!

Periods of the conflict

On the historical timeline, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict has had seven distinct phases:

Late 19th century-1917: The period of the Ottoman Empire rule in Palestine in which the Arabs in The Ottoman Palestine saw themselves as part of the overall Arab territories which were under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. During that period, the disputes were on the basis of religious background and not on national background.

1917-1948: The period of the British Mandate of Palestine, in which both parties were under British rule and under a single political entity, called Palestine in English. During this period significant Jewish immigration from Europe altered the demographic balance. The term "The Israeli–Palestinian conflict" was not used, and instead the conflict was referred to as "the Jewish-Arab conflict over the Land of Palestine" (by the Arab population and the British population), "the Jewish-Arab conflict over Erez-Israel" (by the Jewish population).

1948-1967: The period between the declaration of the State of Israel and the Six-Day War in which the parties resided in three separate political entities: The State of Israel, the Gaza Strip which was controlled by Egypt and the West Bank which was annexed to Jordan.

1967: The Six-Day War: Border clashes between Syria and Israel
First Day: Combined air attacks on all fronts by Israel in early morning destroy two-thirds of Arab aircraft.
Second Day: Paratroops move from Ammunition Hill to Mt. Scopus (Jerusalem).
Third Day: Old City liberated, the West Bank is controlled, and Israeli military government is established.
Fourth Day: Israel reaches Suez Canal.
Fifth Day: Battles continue, mostly up north.
Sixth Day: Cease fire proclaimed, Israel controls Golan Heights and demilitarizes Jerusalem area.

1967-1993: The period between the Six-Day War and the Oslo Accords, in which the conflicted parties reside in the areas addressed by the UN Partition Plan that were under the control of the State of Israel.

1993-2000: The period between the Oslo Accords and the Second Intifada, in which Israel existed alongside the semi-sovereign political autonomy - the Palestinian Authority.

2000–2005: The period between the beginning of the Second Intifada up until 2005, in which Israel returned to perform arresting operations in Area A zones in the West Bank.

2005–Present: The period after Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. The withdrawal led to the strengthening of Hamas, which in 2006 won an election, then took control over the Gaza Strip.

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67. We Want You Out of Afghanistan!

Time to listen to the people of Afghanistan!

Arrange a call for the Global Day of Listening to Afghans, December 19 2010, email:

And sign here to support this petition.

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68. Unite Against The HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Africa

The 30th of November has been declared by the Center for African Affairs and Global Peace as an African AIDS Day. This is particularly significant in the sense that the World AIDS Day is on the 1st of December-the reason for this choice is to remind the world of the urgency and the priority that the devastating AIDS situation in Africa needs.

While we stand with the rest of the world to support the World’s AIDS Day we also want the world to remember that Africa bears the brunt of this pandemic more than any other region on earth. In the light of this explanation the first day being the 30th of November is the African AIDS Day and the second day being the 1st of December is the World AIDS Day. YOU can certainly give this region the urgent attention it deserves by declaring the 30th of November as African AIDS Day and so it will be forever and ever.

Help us to address the tsunami of Africa, help us to address the 9/11 of Africa, help us to address the cold hand of Africa’s holocaust, help us to stop the killing, the maiming, the wailing and mourning that this pandemic has unleashed on Africa.

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69. A Petition Against Four More Years of War

We object to the United States proposal for Afghanistan being presented this week to NATO ministers.

It is not a peace plan. It is a plan for four more years of combat by US and NATO forces.

It is not a plan for US or Western troop withdrawals but for further occupation. It is a proposal to gradually lessen Western casualties and lessen Western visibility while transitioning to Western-financed, Western-armed, and Western-advised Afghan army combat in a civil conflict. It is a plan for long-term Western military bases.

It is not a plan to stop al Qaeda or terrorists from attacking Western targets. There are virtually no al Qaeda left in Afghanistan. The most recent terrorist attacks on America have been inspired by our deepening wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In seeking to save our military reputation, we all but assure future threats against Western targets. CIA officials even describe Yemen’s al Qaeda cell as more dangerous than al Qaeda in Pakistan. [NYT, Oct. 18, 2010]

It pre-empts the Administration’s own proposal for a full “review” of Afghan policy in December. The timing instead is aimed at shoring up a faltering Western alliance.

The central proposal--to increase the scale of the Afghan army and police in order to prop up a corrupt Kabul regime--will never work without a parallel cease-fire, deep institutional reform, enforceable human rights, and peace-keeping arrangements with leadership by neutral countries.

The current expenditure of over $100 billion American dollars per year for Afghanistan could be spent on medical care for 15 million veterans, or 15 million college scholarships, or 1.8 million new teachers, or 72 million installations of renewable energy for American homes.

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70. Halt the hanging of Mohammad Reza Haddadi, convicted at age 15!

We are urgently calling on the Iranian authorities to halt the imminent execution of Mohammad Reza Haddadi, who could face death by hanging any of these following days for a murder he allegedly committed when he was 15 years old.

Mohammad Reza Haddadi was sentenced to death in 2004 for the murder of Mohammad Bagher. He confessed the killing initially but during the trial he retracted it and said he’d made it because his two co-accused would have given his family money if he had done so. Mohammad then denied having taken part in the murder, and there are reports of his co-defendants supporting his claims of innocence and withdrawing their testimony implicating him in murder.

Mohammad Reza Haddadi’s family was told by judicial officials (04-07-2010) that they should arrange a last visit to their son before his execution already organized for the day after at Adelabad prison in the city of Shiraz.

Despite this, his death sentence was confirmed by Iran's Supreme Court in July 2005. Since then, his execution has been scheduled several times.

This repeated threat of imminent execution hanging over Mohammad Reza Haddadi, is no less than a form of torture. The threat of execution must be lifted now, once and for all.

Mohammad Reza Haddadi must not be executed for a murder that he is alleged to have committed when only 15 years old.

The execution of juvenile offenders is prohibited under international law, including Article 6(5) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Iran is a state party.

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71. Support Peace in Sudan

Peace talks between the southern rebels and the government made substantial progress in 2003 and early 2004, although skirmishes in parts of the south have reportedly continued. The two sides have agreed that, following a final peace treaty, southern Sudan will enjoy autonomy for six years, and after the expiration of that period, the people of southern Sudan will be able to vote in a referendum on independence.

Furthermore, oil revenues will be divided equally between the government and rebels during the six-year interim period. The ability or willingness of the government to fulfil these promises has been questioned by some observers, however, and the status of three central and eastern provinces was a point of contention in the negotiations.

Some observers wondered whether hard line elements in the north would allow the treaty to proceed.

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72. Stop the war in Mexico

Please visit all the information is there.

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73. Declare Babri Mosque a peace zone!!

The Babri Mosque (Hindi: बाबरी मस्जिद, Urdu: بابری مسجد), Babri Masjid or Mosque of Babur was a mosque in Ayodhya, a city in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh, on Ramkot Hill ("Rama's fort"). It was destroyed in 1992 when a political rally developed into a riot involving 150,000 people, despite a commitment to the Indian Supreme Court by the rally organisers that the mosque would not be harmed. More than 2000 people were killed in ensuing riots in many major Indian cities including Mumbai and Delhi.

2000 people were killed, many others injured. I want that we stop fighting over trivial issues issues, and start working on other pivotal things, like terrorism, hunger.

Peace is what the common man wants, and peace is what we should get.

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74. A Posthumous Knighthood for George Harrison

George Harrison has contributed so much to the world of music, film and charity, including The concert For Banladesh.

Why has he gone unnoticed for so long? He was one of the most influential people of the last half of the 20th century and I feel that is about time that he was recognised for all the good that he has given worldwide.

A Posthumous Knighthood for George Harrison !!!

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75. End the Wars and Occupations of the Middle East


1. the financial resources available for use by governments at the local, county, state and federal levels in the United States are limited, and

2. an inordinate level of military expenditure is being made by the U.S. federal government for warfare in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and

3. the people of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois are collectively paying or becoming indebted for approximately X million dollars per year of their limited financial resources for such warfare which supplies no identified public benefits, and

4. this warfare creates great and unnecessary harm to the people of the nations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and to U.S. military personnel and their families, and

5. the money spent on war is needed here at home, on jobs, education, health care, infrastructure repair, and other human needs.

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76. Defend WikiLeaks – End the Secret Wars

We believe that WikiLeaks (founded by Julian Assange) and those whistleblowers who declassify documents in a time of secret war should be welcomed as defenders of democracy, not demonized as criminals.

We support their First Amendment rights and welcome their continued disobedience in response to a long train of official deception.

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77. Restore Democracy - End the War

Demand a peace process now.

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78. Intention for the Well Being of ALL

To my friends and global family,

It is time to join together to declare a new vision for our world. My intention is to have ten million people add their signature and energy to help transform human consciousness.

If you feel moved to help in this endeavor, please share the following declaration with others.

Thank you.

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79. Bring Back Death Penalty In South Africa!

For the past fifteen years there has been a RAPID increase in murder, rape and all other incredibly savage acts and crime in general. South Africa is currently NUMBER ONE on in the world for murder, rape and all crime and therefore earned the name "CRIME CAPITAL OF THE WORLD".

More then THREE THOUSAND FARMERS have been murdered since 1994 and nearly more then 50 South Africans are murdered PER DAY! A BIG portion of that are CHILDREN that were RAPED TO DEATH!

These SAVAGES are seldom caught and only a few gets captured and convicted. Most of these murderers actually prefer being in jail. They receive clean beds, three meals and free education if they so desire.

This becomes another burden on the taxpayer. With other words the law-abiding citizens of South Africa actually are then the ones getting punished for the murderer 's heinous acts! More then 600 South Africans have actually successfully gained refugee status in other countries! HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS South Africans have already fled the country in fear of their lives! This resulted in the ultimate "Brain Drain" of the country.

Instead of keeping the LAW-ABIDING, EDUCATED citizens of South Africa IN the country, the Lack of the South African Government's involvement and lack of proper punishment has secured South Africa 's first place as a MURDER/RAPE/CRIME - CAPITAL IN THE WORLD!

I am of the strong opinion that Capital Punishment for murder should be reintroduced to South Africa! Amnesty International states that the Death Penalty 'violates the right of the life as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.' The question - What about the lives and rights of the victims? Were they not entitled to the Right of Life and Prohibition of Torture?

The person that takes the life savagely of another should no longer benefit from the protections afforded under any legislation. The failure of the government to actually ensure the citizens of South Africa a safer country is no longer expectable.

A Jail term is no longer a deterrent. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY IN SOUTH AFRICA! PLEASE VISIT our pages on FACEBOOK -


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80. Build The Cook County Peace Officers' Memorial In Cermak Woods

The Cook County Peace Officers Memorial has been in the planning stage for over nine years now without any progress.

We now need to apply pressure to those Cook County Commissioners and help educate the residents of cook county in seeing that the memorial becomes a reality.

We need to remember those 675 Peace Officers that gave their lives all while in the line of duty. This includes federal. state, county, area and city of Chicago officers.

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81. One Cyprus

Cyprus is a small country and a member of the EU. Two fifths of the island are populated by over 50,000 Turkish troops which is the basis of the division on the Island. Over the last 5 to 10 years all the Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been working hard and unceasingly to show the world they are one people and wish to live together in peace and harmony.

However until a few months ago very little news of this has reached the media in the outside world. Now, in a changing world we see the EU, America and the UN speaking out in favor of Cypriot unification. Ban Ki-moon (Secretary General UN) said; "As I walked down Ledra street people from both communities began chanting- 'Solution NOW Solution NOW!'"

In addition, in the EU Parliament a resolution was passed on the 10th February, calling on Turkey to immediately begin withdrawing her troops from North Cyprus, to give back the closed part of Famagusta to the Republic of Cyprus and to address the issue of over 200,000 settlers form mainland Turkey who have been moved into North Cyprus. We feel that time is running out for a solution and to echo the voices of all the hopeful Cypriots; "The time for a solution is NOW!"

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82. Guns should be limited to people with jobs that require guns

Guns are dangerous and endanger the lives of many children. Save a life, limit guns.

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83. Support Ravism

We're here to make Ravism a recognised religion!

I know a lot of you will have already signed for this years ago, but something technical went wrong with the petition so its been re-started :)

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84. Support a Woodstock National Holiday

As an original Woodstock Survivor who sat in the mud with 500,000 brothers and sisters the weekend of August 15, 16, 17, 1969 I witnessed first hand the love , the sharing, and the sacrifice of those that attended. A half million people were galvanized in the mud together. Here the seeds of brotherhood and compassion were sown which healed this Nation.

It's time for us to return to these core values once more. a National Holiday will help us focus on what this histroric event has come to symbolize.

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85. GAZA World Leaders Unite for a Leading Eco-Sustainable Community and Peaceful Resolutions

United we stand. We do make a difference. We vote for truth, love, and honest reasoning. Current Issues affecting the children and people of Gaza (just to name a few) :

- Water Contamination, Nitrate levels in some areas 300x's the world health organisation's recommended levels!

- A 12yr old child in Gaza average hight and weight the same as an 8yr old child in West Bank.

- the blockading of education materials, text books, essential items of daily living, building materials, this includes being able to rebuild those that were damaged or distroyed during 2009 Assault: 15 of Gaza's 27 Hospitals; 29 Ambulances; 41 Primary health care centers; 280 schools and kindergartens; 11,135 homes; 700 businesses...

- Denial of civil liberties;

- Please if you are from Gaza and feel there is more you would like to be said... (or Palestine\Israel\Somewhere else in the world)... please write me: and I will make sure your voice and visions are heard when I send off the petitions and in any meetings with the powers of be...

subtotal of paper signs sofar... 864: Bulgaria 4;Spain 5; Argentina 1; Turkey 156; Finland 1; Canada 9; Korea 19; China 7; Germany3; Ireland1; france19; USA 12; NZ 1; India12; Italy 149; Iraq 2; UK 12; netherlands 2; Greece 150; Slovakia 1; Mexico 1; Brazil 2; Belgium 2; Tunisia 2; Morocco 6; Africa 4; Cyprus 3; Copenhagan 1; Swizeland 3; Slovinia 15; Lebanon 1; Romania 4; Montenegro 1; Syria 2; Malaysia 7; Serbia 1; Albania 2; Poland3; Japan 4; Israel 10; Pakistan 20; Ukraine 1; Afganistan 7; Egypt 20 (+100 who were too scared of Gov); Denmark 2; Sweden 2; Australia 167 + 500 peace love messages (95% from my community here: WESTEND)

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86. Stop the rebel group Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and arrest its leader Joseph Kony

Petition for the protection of those affected by the rebel group Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the arrest of its leader Joseph Kony

The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) is a rebel group originally from Uganda and formed over two decades ago to oppose the Ugandan government. Now the group has lost political focus and have turned into Africa's most lethal 'killing machine'. They are destabalizing the entire Central African region.

The LRA have spread to South Sudan, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo. Atrocities include child abductions for the purpose of creating child soldiers and sex slaves, raping and killing and horrendous mutilations to instil fear on local civilians.

The LRA leader Jospeph Kony was given a Warrant of Arrest in 2005 by the International Criminal Court. He is still at large.

Currently the Ugandan army is receiving limited international support and it is the only official army aiming to end the LRA's tyranny.

International awareness needs to be raised on this issue. We therefore want the UK government to set an example for the international community by raising the issue of the LRA with other nations and to show support to governments of the region affected by LRA violence.

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87. Bike4Peace

Global climate change, a threat to human survival, is primarily caused by automotive exhaust.

Wars are being fought with devastating effect over the control of petroleum resources mostly consumed by automobiles.

Cars kill hundreds of thousands through accidents and pollution of air, water, and soil. They are also primary components of noise and light pollution. Driving a car is particularly damaging to the health of the driver, but impacts everyone around negatively.

Cars are an unnecessary expense, costing the average driver over half of their income. More than half the cost of driving is subsidized through government maintenance of infrastructure and cleanup. Not only do cars drive you to work, they drive up taxes.

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88. Michael Jackson is in heaven

To all those non believers and haters of Michael jackson who say he is in well you know where, i have one thing to say, Judge not lest you be judged.

In his lifetime, Michael Gave and did not stop giving, to over 35 different charities, he also as the book of James read Visited orphans and gave to aids and cancer patients in the children's hospital often in secret as matthew 6 says to do all your charitable deeds in secret

MJ did not openly promote his Charity for self gain
and all of these good deeds and the music he gave us which was always clean, compared to what is out there today get swept away when the tabloids jump all over the lies and allegations of him, saying the most hurtful things that anyone who has seen an interview or watch him live on stage would be able to tell you is utter trash, he was innocent and he loved god and Jesus very much.

Whether you believe in Jesus or not, please sign as a fan who believes Michael is not hurting or alone anymore.

Peace in the lord our god

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89. Afghanistan - A Petition to Take Action Against the War

An escalation of troops to Afghanistan is pending.

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90. Daisaku Ikeda Nobel Prize

Daisaku ikeda, Peace builder in the world.

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