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1. Help Us Fight To Make The South Hook Of Folly Beach County Park A Private Clothing Optional Area

South Carolina dose not have any nude or clothing optional beach areas and really needs one. South Carolina's Nudity Laws are as follows:



SECTION 16-15-130. Indecent exposure; breastfeeding.

(A)(1) It is unlawful for a person to wilfully, maliciously, and indecently expose his person in a public place, on property of others, or to the view of any person on a street or highway.

(2) This subsection does not apply to a woman who breastfeeds her own child in a public place, on property of others, to the view of any person on a street or highway, or any other place where a woman and her child are authorized to be.

(B) A person who violates the provisions of subsection (A)(1) is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined in the discretion of the court or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

We need to work to repeal these laws and strengthen the naturist movement for years to come.

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2. Legalize underage picture sexting

In all countries that have child pornography laws there is a inhumanity that happens. While the child pornography laws were made to stop pedophiles from exposing little kids to other pedophiles & the world, lawmakers at the time never thought about what to do to minors caught sharing nude pictures of themselves so they just decided to put them in with the notorious child pornographers & molesters we fear today.

Whether you're a pedophile running a child porn industry or a horny teen sending your girlfriend / boyfriend a picture of your genitals both will be held to the same level & both will get labeled as child pornographers & sex offenders.

Sex offenders are the most hated type of people on Earth. Both the police arresting them & the prisoners despise of sex offenders & will mistreat them to the full extent.

So if a teen is arrested for picture sexting it is very likely the police officer arresting them will mistreat them to the full extent. If the prisoners that teen is staying with find out about their crime they most likely will get raped & beaten more than the average prisoner. Is this really what we want our children to go through? Do you really wanna see your child get locked behind bars just for a picture they sent of their body?

If you support my movement to legalize sexting & don't have much spare time then skip the next articles. If you support legalizing sexting & have time then read the below stuff to reinforce your views. If you support keeping it illegal then you really need to read the following stuff. Here are the arguments supporters of these laws use to defend these inhumanities with & why their arguments do not justify these inhumanities:

"It is to prevent them from losing their job in the future. If their boss sees those pictures do you think they're gonna approve of that?"

1st of all how is their boss gonna get a hold of a picture their employee privately sent when they were 16? If their boss would be willing to fire their hard working & loyal employee for pictures they took when they were kids then that boss doesn't deserve to have any employees or a business. If their boss does fire them for taking nude pictures of themselves when they were kids that should apply as a lawsuit. & last of all this is just another reason to get rid of these laws. Does putting kids in prison for many years & getting put on the sex offender registry help their chance of getting a job at all?

"Do you think sending nude pictures while you're underage is gonna help your chances of getting into college?"

Same stuff as above. What someone did privately in their personal time when they were kids should not affect whether someone gets into a college or not. Are you gonna reject a perfectly qualified 18 or 20 year old from going to your college just because they took a picture of their genitals when they were 14? Also the only way a boss or college person could get a hold of pictures like that is if they're spread on the internet. Well that's when it should be a crime, not when those pictures stay between the 2 partners.

"They should be mistreated, put in prison for years, & get labeled as a sex offender because they 'shouldn't' be doing that"

I could go on & on about what people 'shouldn't be doing. People 'shouldn't' smoke tobacco but does the government come in & arrest every adult who does? People 'shouldn't' get married to someone who's 10 years older than them but does the government come in on that? Good looking women 'shouldn't' be in a relationship with a fat ugly man but does the government come in there? So you think that kids shouldn't be picture sexting, you think that justifies putting them in prison for many years? If I didn't know better I'd say you're the same people saying kids shouldn't have sex till they're out of college & married. Well hate to be the bearer of bad news, your fantasy of having a anti-sexual society in which teens are completely abstinent isn't gonna ever happen, not unless we turn completely totalitarian & castrate all the guys & circumcise all the girls.

If you support these laws you might as well support female circumcision & male castration. I don't see why any supporters of these laws would be against it. Actually I think in some ways female circumcision & male castration might be more humane than getting the punishment for child porn, cause the pain of circumcision is temporarily even though there are permanent effects later, but at least they won't have the worst kind of label someone can have. So yes if you support these laws the way they are you might as well sign a petition to legalize female circumcision & male castration. Female circumcision & male castration would be a lot more effective against teen sexting & underage sex than these laws cause then the teens wouldn't ever get horny. As long as we teens have hormones we're gonna rebel.

Now on with the arguments.

"You know what the answer to this problem is? Just don't sext while you're underage & you won't get in all this trouble".

Well unfortunately that's not gonna happen. We teens have something called hormones, something that drives us to showing off our horny genitals. Maybe if we didn't have all these laws against public nudity or had more places that allowed nudity this wouldn't be as big of a problem. Or maybe if parents would allow kids to meet each other in person then kids wouldn't need to sext long distance. We are not gonna become completely abstinent just because you want us to. Unless you castrate & circumcise us that's not gonna happen.

Here is how the IDEAL child pornography laws are: To shorten this article I'll say that basically the only changes in the child pornography laws will be that if a minor & their sexting partner within 4 years of age are somehow caught with those pictures & they keep it between themselves it will be legal & if a minor posts nude pictures of themselves on the internet then that will be the responsibility of the site they posted them on, not the police.

There needs to be gray areas with child pornography, not have them completely black & white. We need to turn these blanket laws into net laws.

So if you have a heart please sign this petition & help put an end to these inhuman arrests. You can also help by debating with supporters of these laws about it & spreading awareness about it.

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3. Stop Topless hairdressers

Salon on Oxford Street Sydney, is providing haircuts by topless women. They must be" qualified and hot." This salon was developed by men for men.

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4. Outlaw All Internet Porn And Scrap .xxx Domain

Ubiquitous, explicit internet porn is a never ending spam issue on forums and in emails, it degrades women and reiterates a young man's frustration, making him more dangerous and/or disinterested in human beauty outside the sexual realm. If someone started posting pornographic pictures through your letterbox, you'd call the police, wouldn't you? Yet, internet porn companies are allowed to roam the web freely, spamming our emails and forums.

The internet is a kind of collective consciousness and so we should respect it as such. If we are going to treat it as one mind, then it should be a respectful mind, not polluted with explicit liberties. This online public sexual freedom that's been granted has noticeably made people more sexual in the real public environment, when it is not welcome.

Many of us who feel an intimate relationship is unlikely to be realised make it a priority to disassociate ourselves from sexual content so as not to intimidate ourselves, hence why many who are celibate become monks, isolated from mainstream society. It is thus immoral and unfair that those who take sexual relationships for granted be allowed to display and distribute their experiences publicly as if to say any other person "should" expect to take it for granted also.

Furthermore, portraying a false majority vote that there is a real need for limitless and ubiquitous, free, explicit internet porn is highly detrimental to an individual's ability to believe that there is a spiritual alternative to one's sexual frustration. Removing internet porn would reverse this misleading portrayal and in turn encourage spiritual growth.

Internet porn doesn't prevent rape, it encourages it. It spreads hate, jealousy, racism and all kinds of incitement. Furthermore, not only do the government themselves claim that pedophilia is on the rise as a result, but even leaving content online in order to catch a pedophile means you need to generate fresh content as bait and the idea of any content remaining online, even for that purpose, is not a healthy thought. It's an unethical waste of space.

The more and more society becomes hooked on porn, the harder we will find to tune into our spiritual veins and experience the true beauty and freedom found in love.

Many single individuals have expressed concern that they had no porn addiction or interest prior to the internet and that the recent ease of access to ubiquitous free porn has enticed their addiction.

Furthermore, since 'sex' is the most searched keyword on the web, where 25% of total search engine requests are porn-related, and 70% of those searches during the working day, then whilst ubiquitous porn is merely one click away, the more likely society will become unable to harness its inner ability to seek the spiritual, since the spiritual requires gradual kindling, whereas porn is an easy, but detrimental distraction.

Internet porn is child abuse regardless of the porn's content since it is wrong to put any sexual content within easy reach, sight or even hearing of a child. The moment a child touches his mouse, he thinks of all the other people in the world and what they do when they touch theirs. The situation is no different to having an orgy in your lounge whilst your child is forced to listen at the door. In turn the government are representing themselves to children in a sexual manner.

According to government technology advisors, it is impossible to completely censor out porn to protect children and that Internet porn is something we must learn to live with instead. Yet even if this were the case, shouldn't Internet porn then, as an industry, be made entirely illegal? Hence this petition is a call for law reform.

In our opinion we should return to the days of mail order films and top shelf magazines, making the web a porn free zone and in turn making the background to our daily lives free of pollutive thought.

We shouldn't have this huge cloud hanging over our web - it's very bad news.

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Miley is not a slut or whore. Why does every1 think that she is a bad role model just because of a few unruly pictures?

Vanessa Hudges got off easily, and she was completely NUDE! Miley doesn't have any nude pixtures and people hate her 10x more than Vanessa. Why is this happening?

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6. Ban BBS Lolita Porn on AOL

America Online confines its customers' usage of the internet within terms but many ordinary rights of Americans are ignored when online with AOL.

I am shocked to see AOL's lack of censorship regarding illegal pornographic content which is seemingly freely broadcast and received by AOL. There is a loophole child pornographers seem to be exploiting on the internet. I have inadvertantly discovered this and reported it to authorities with no results. The code word for underage pornography is "Lolita" in all venues I have witnessed.

These sites, allmost all having some connection to .BBS webhosting, as opposed to the more common .COM seem to be a big problem to me. If these sites do not get seen, they cannot be shut down. PASS THIS MESSAGE TO ANYONE WITH KIDS ! ! !

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7. Verification of the right to engage in naked outdoor activities

Update: December 30, 2005

Although this petition was submitted to the appropriate EEC department (of petitions) on 2005-12-29, with a total of over 589 signatures, you may still sign as an ongoing declaration of intent - see for more info.


Verification of the right to engage in naked outdoor activities.

Although technically legal in most countries in Europe, people engaging in naked outdoor activities are often taken to task by the police and/or the justice (?) system itself. Let me say that again: simply being naked in a public place is not a priori illegal, but it is treated as such by many. There are many cases where people will even be prosecuted under a law with the suitably vague title of 'behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace', which might cover any number of circumstances. Another typical catch-all alternative is 'indecent exposure', which is equally guaranteed to have different meanings depending on context.

Nudism is a belief system, built around the basic tenet that people of all ages, races and creed, have a right to be naked and to engage in peaceful activity with no regard to their shape, size, colour or wealth. Additionally, nudism believes that clothes are not a necessary prerequisite of the human condition, but an add-on. This is in direct contrast to the media passion for using the naked form for commercial gain and the repeated implied suggestion, to the majority of the population, that there is something to be ashamed of in their own body by the inevitably one-sided comparison, and which therefore should be covered up in socio-economic labeling textiles.

The saying: "Clothes maketh the man" is a truism which it is possible to challenge. This petition is saying it should not be necessary to cover your body with cloth to be approved of by society, and that society should explictly allow different belief systems to coexist in the same (open air) sphere and not be permanently stuck in a bucket of textile prejudice.

Modern nudism is about people engaging in naked activities, around the world,
as both a personal statement of freedom and as a stand against the pervasive and dubious use of the naked body in (all forms of) the media.

These people are, or are learning to be, proud of their naked bodies and are celebrating this natural freedom by being naked in nature. Modern nudism is bringing the naked out of the closet, out from behind closed, secretive places and special camps, to the great outdoors. This petition has been amended to include a mention of the intention that being naked outdoors is expected to be at a suitable distance from population centres. This petition is aimed at hills, mountains, lakes, seas, forests, woods, fields, etc. - outdoors.

Being naked is not illegal, although many people continue to think it is. This petition is aimed at securing the explicit written confirmation of the right to be naked in the outdoor environment, and to engage in healthy and harmless, sports and activities, without interference, obstruction, discrimination or harassment. This petition is urging all people to canvas their representatives on behalf of their right to be naked outdoors, and for those representatives to act on this petition and to amend the legal system appropriately, both in their own countries and at the European Union level.

Article II-70 of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, (Freedom of thought, conscience and religion), due to have been ratified in 2005 may have confirmed this. Again, this would have been an interpretation, and not an absolute recognition of the situation, which is why it is still deemed important that this existing right should be explicitly enshrined in the European Treaty.

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