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1. Make ShawnAccess an App

This is a petition that will be heard by Shawn's record so that ShawnAccess can be made into an app.

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2. My Chemical Romance reunion 2019+!

My Chemical Romance (often abbreviated as MCR) was an American rock band from New Jersey, formed in 2001. The band consisted of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, bassist Mikey Way and keyboardist James Dewees. Shortly after forming, the band signed to Eyeball Records and released their debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002.

They signed with Reprise Records the next year and released their major label debut Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in 2004; the album was a commercial success, and was awarded platinum status a little over a year later.

A fan on the internet has noted some very interesting changes to the My Chemical Romance Official Website. According to the post, things on the site such as bio updates and suspicious hyperlinks referencing an upcoming tour have all been altered on the site. Check out the post – see for yourself.

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3. 5sos come to Nigeria , Africa

You guys would not believe how unlucky we are, like no-one ever comes here (Nigeria) the only place stars go to in Africa, is South Africa which sucks cause they have fans in Nigeria too. You guys don't know how much I have cried because when they are in South Africa , they are so close yet so far and it is really painful . for 3+ years now , been anticipating to meet them.


Even if its just for a week or 2 days. I just want to experience that feeling of meeting your idols, just to say thank you for everything they've done for me and our amazing fandom. If you sign this petition, you will be giving me the support to meet them.


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4. Bring the ear buds back to Pine Forest High School

The principal has made more rules for the High school, I understand for during classes not to have them because education comes first.

I at least want them to allow them back for the commons or during lunches, that's when they took mine.

Music for me is a stress relief and wearing ear buds is better than blaring the music through the school or having others look at you badly for it.

How do you feel about the removal of the ear buds?

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5. Bring Joe Walsh to Fort Wayne!

It has been rumored that Joe Walsh is going to be playing in Fort Wayne in the near future, however, as far as I know there has not been a date set.

It is my dream to have him come to Fort Wayne and I really want to encourage this show to happen!

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6. Get The Video Diaries Back

Did you enjoy One Direction's video diaries? We miss them so much so we tought that it was necessary let them know it.

We are a strong fandom and we can do everything.

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7. Petition for Mike Davis to Make a Tutorial

Because in the music community, especially in the gospel music community, there are literally hundreds of thousands of church musicians that rely upon their ability to play the organ or piano in such a way that they are in accordance with the contemporary styles of this era! Meaning, it is essential to learn the current array of chord voicings!

Mike Davis, a renowned and gifted musician from the State of Connecticut has the right ability and chord voicing vocabulary that is so prevalent for today's musician! His videos are extremely popular throughout the country and featured on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc! This petition would perhaps coax him into providing us with some sort of video tutorial that would inspire, educate and bless, if you will so many of us who really want to learn!

Mike Davis is extremely gifted and has found the right combination of chord voicings that would grace the music ministries throughout this country and the world!

In short, he has the goods, and would love for him to share it with us! This, coming from an accomplished musician myself, with a published music instruction manual no less! So, I can sincerely vouch for the validity of this proposed petition!

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8. Cefnogi Llanffest / Supporting Llanffest

Helpwch alleogi Llanffest i parhau a tyfu!

Help Llanffest continue and thrive!

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9. Save The World School of Rock and The 7 C's

People and passion vs power and money.

Sandy and Aldie have poured their passion, love and conviction into the creation and development of the 7 C's Foundation.

Mike Cilliers is leading a breakaway group to take the dream away from the originators. This breakaway group does not have the passion or the commitment to the 7 C's to even apply them! In fact, one of the first things they have removed is communication and they continue to do so.

The goal of this petition is simply to get the rock school tutors, the trustees, Mike and Lee to get together and discuss about the best way for the 7 C's to move forward, bearing in mind the events that occurred at the last board meeting.

To avoid distortion of the facts from both parties, we wish the meeting to be recorded on video.

If the petition brings this goal about then it can be considered a success.

Please, please sign, otherwise Sandy and Aldie are going to lose their dream.

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10. Bring Back American Idol

It has come to my attention that Fox has cancelled American Idol, its most popular show and the highlight of my year since age 10.

I believe that Fox is making a big mistake.

American Idol is one of the first TV talent competitions in the USA and deserves to continue on the air.

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11. Change MTV back to a music channel or change the name

MTV stands for Music Television. In 1981, MTV launched showing predominantly music videos, music related news, and other music related programming. This format remained until the early 90's when, "The Real World" and other programming not related to music began to emerge.

This non-music programming has completely devoured the MTV programming schedule.

I recently reviewed currently daily ramming schedules to find that not one moment was devoted to music.

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BTS are going to have a tour in the US and they've chosen 4 lovations; NYC, CHICAGO, DALLAS and LA. However, there are a lot of kpop and BTS fans in Colorado and we would like our own TRB concert.

Also, other fans from our surrounding states would appreciate it if they had a closer choice considering Colorado is in the middle so it's easier for those fans who are also in the central states.

Please help CO armys get the chance to see their favorite idols.

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13. Bring Google Fiber to Augusta

For too long we have been held back by the monolpoly of Comcast and their sub-par performance and customer service. Unscheduled outages, low speed peak traffic hours, and overpriced internet are a thing of the past. Google Fiber is launching, and they are coming out fast.

We deserve internet speeds that can support our ever growing technological lives. Many people pay $70 to $80 for internet speeds that are promised to reach "up to 50 Mbps", but those speeds are far and few between and intermittent at best. Google Fiber is $100/month and can take care of all of your home networking needs. Your television streaming eliminates the need for cable or satellite services.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone services eliminate the need for ATT, Comcast, and other telephone providers. With Google Fiber, all of those needs are not only satisfied, but the expectations are well exceded. With speeds of 1 Gbps (that's 1000 Mbps; more than 20x's faster than the fastest internet you can purchase today) for only $100, you can eliminate the need for those other bills.

It becomes infinitly easier to stream your television shows, surf the web, download music, upload pictures, and more. That 1 Gbps speed is not only the download speed, but it is the upload speed as well. Compare that to the 15 Mbps that you may be getting now, and it becomes clear that this is a technology that we need in the this rapidly expanding economy. Sign the petition, and lets get the internet speeds and freedom that we deserve.

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14. Creating a Lasting Tribute to Oscar Hammerstein

Grandson Will Hammerstein wants to preserve Oscar Hammerstein's home in Bucks County to become a living arts center.

Article and link to Academy Awards tribute to Hammerstein's work

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15. Save The Goddess of Love

For the Love of Music.
For the love of our community.

The Goddess of Love has stood strong for 8 years and Reigns high above any other virtual Music space in Second Life. We would love the opportunity to keep this wonderful club, which many call 'home', open and serving the vast community it reaches around the world, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Each of us has our own individual memories of being at 'GOL' and we want the club open so we can go forward and continue making new ones.

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16. Save live music at the pub

This petition is to raise objections to the proposed development of the land next to The Pub, Lancaster. The proposed development will include domestic residences.

If these are built the surrounding area, which includes The Pub will be re-classed as a residential area. This means that anyone living in these flats will be able to complain about any excessive noise in the area and this could very well mean an end to what we all love - live music at The Pub.

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17. Keep Michael Jackson in the R&R Hall of Fame

It has been confirmed that Michael Jackson is going to be removed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on January 24, 2015.

This is not only upsetting to his many fans, but also unnecessary.

The King of Pop belongs in the Hall of Fame as a historic icon of music.

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18. Real Music - I think we're entitled

In a recent video released on Dec. 10,2014 at

It is clear that musicians for many, many years have been not only enhancing their voices mechanically with auto-tune, but lip-syncing at live performances because they do not truly possess the voice people have paid to see.

Petition that this should be considered fraud in the future.

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What was Zouk like before all this chanting started? Zouk was like a second home to many EDM lovers. But what happened?

The chanting on the dancefloor is getting way out of hand to the extent where it's louder than the music playing.

Has anyone ever spared a thought for the deejays who are trying their best to bring to you the latest hits and yet all the crowd does is to start chanting at every single drop?

Does anyone know how frustrated and helpless they feel? Dont let the deejays lose hope in deejaying in Zouk. Beat the chanting crowd and bring back the way Zouk was before all this chanting started.

Chanting crowds dont go well with brilliant music and in fact it puts the brilliant music to waste. Whatever happened to non chanting crowds and brilliant music?

Has that all been lost in Zouk's final years?

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‘The Jam, The Mix, The Gig’ (The JMG) is a Music and Mental Health Program.

We are a "CREATIVE ARTS" Program for the survivors of Mental Health problems.

The JMG is Funded by The SA Government through SA Mental Health Service.

And we are recognized by "Regional Arts Australia (RAA)" Publication (from the Kalgoorlie – Boulder 2014 Conference) ‘Belonging’ as one of Australia's "GREAT ART STORIES" (click download PDF) Page 35 ‘Port Pirie and Mental Health Project’

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21. Take That Tour 2015 to Russia and Belarus

Поклонники ТАКЕ ТНАТ долго ждут эту замечательную группу в наши страны. И мы хотим в будущем туре увидеть их в Москве и Минске.

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22. Stop loud all night parties disrupting peace on the Knysna Lagoon

Stop loud all night parties disrupting peace on the Knysna Lagoon by enforcing existing municipal laws.

The Knysna Lagoon is a spectacular and peaceful place where many people live and enjoy holidays. It is a big tourist attraction and has been declared a blue flag estuary. However, there is an element which is disturbing the peace beyond reason and causing much unhappiness amongst residents of Knysna.

During weekends the peace is shattered for 3 days and nights straight as parties are held at a park in the middle of many residential areas.

The people play loud booming music constantly and refuse to pay any attention to the municipal laws signposted around the park. They also do not consider how their behavior affects the residents of knysna who live in the area.

We would like to enforce the law of no loud music, no drinking and driving as these people have races in their cars after consuming alcohol. There are children at these parties.

We would also like to have a shut down time which is reasonable for not only the residents peace, but for the safety reasons in general.

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23. Mortal Kombat: Bass Wars

I started this projects for fun, just re-creating the character selection menu and messing around with it. Then all of a sudden this idea hit me and I decided to see how far will this go.

The original plan was creating a fighting game on the same engine as Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) and replacing stages, characters, add some new features as “Create a Character” where players will be able to create themselves. Instead of usual MK charecters, fighters will be different producers from Bass genres such as Dubstep, Trap, DNB, Neurofunk and others.

There will be 8 playable characters since the beginning of the game: Goldie, Downlink, Eskmo, Skism, Bare, Skrillex, Baauer and Protohype. As you proceed with the game, you will be unlocking 18 others: Excision, Datsik, Cyber Downlink (Destroid), Cyber Excision (Destroid), Calyx, Teebee, RL Grime, Antiserum, Getter, D-Jahsta, Sub Focus, Netsky, DaVip, Hucci, DJ Fresh, UZ, Benga and Skream. Maybe even some DLC characters but I haven’t figured it all out just yet. Slowly but surely I was getting it all together, posting screenshots and just having this fantasy that this game is real, was even seeing it in my dreams for some days.

When I shared it with people, they also started believing that it’s real and I was getting some pretty good feedback about the project and people were actually acting if I am actually going to release the game.

Sadly, I am not a game designer. This is just a concept and an idea for a pretty original and good game. So, I’ve decided to start a petition in order to send it to NetherRealm and just hope it reaches them, so they will pick up my idea and start working on making this dream a reality. Not just for myself, but for all those people who love Bass music and for the producers.

See the concept/project here:

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24. Reunite original Buckingham Nicks members

Buckingham Nicks is the debut and sole studio album by the American rock duo Buckingham Nicks. Produced by Keith Olsen, the album was released in September 1973 by Polydor Records. Buckingham Nicks is notable as an early commercial collaboration between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, both of whom later joined Fleetwood Mac. The album was a commercial failure on its original release, and despite the duo's subsequent success, it has yet to be commercially re-mastered or re-released on any format since 1973. The rights are now with the former couple as the original company Anthem (not the Canadian label of Rush fame) has long since become defunct.

- From Wikipedia

As a fan and friend of Gary Hodges, I, along with many BN fans would absolutely enjoy a global tour and re-mastered release of the original "Buckingham Nicks" Polydor record. It's been talked about but there's never any real answer whether or not this will happen but WE sure would LOVE to see these songs up close and personal.

- Kym Larsen

Main performers:

Lindsey Buckingham – guitar, percussion, vocals
Stevie Nicks – vocals

Additional personnel:

Ronnie Tutt – drums
Jim Keltner – drums
Jerry Scheff – bass guitar
Gary Hodges – drums, percussion overdubs
Monty Stark – synthesizer
Peggy Sandvig – keyboards
Jorge Calderón – percussion
Waddy Wachtel – additional guitar on "Lola (My Love)"
Richard Hallagan – string arrangement

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25. Bring CHRISTINA GRIMMIE to Cebu [Ayala Center Cebu]

Christina Victoria Grimmie,, known on YouTube as zeldaxlove64, is an American phenomenal singer/songwriter known for her covers of hit songs by renowned artists is coming to the Philippines and is doing 3 shows at the Ayala Malls in Manila.

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26. Bring Shane Filan's "You And Me" Asia Tour to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This petition is created for all Malaysian Filaners to convince concert organiser(s) and Universal Music Malaysia that we want Shane Filan in concert, here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A 'Filaner' refers to being a loyal Shane Filan fan (former frontman of Westlife).

Shane Filan has recently announced all his concert dates for 2014. This includes a handful of countries in Asia consisting of China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Sadly, Malaysia and Singapore is not listed.

We believe there is still a chance to add Kuala Lumpur into his schedule as there are a couple of free dates available such as 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th September.

We, the Malaysian Filaners, have high hopes in getting our idol to perform at a full concert here in Malaysia.

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27. "Faith" Song to be played on Light-FM

Aelto is a dance music producer and Aylin Aloski is a talented vocalist, both from Melbourne Australia.

Our goal is to create dance music to make a difference. Light FM actively promotes music with a positive message and inspiring vocals. We believe our new track "Faith" fits this criteria - and is better influential to listeners rather than rubbish on other stations.

Please sign this petition for Light FM to feature this single live on their station.

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28. Allow Disabled Access to The Borderline, London

There is currently no disabled access by wheelchair users. There is a service lift, used by the bands performing at the venue, but access is not allowed for disabled users. Access by a service lift is available at other venues in London. At The Scala, you are literally carried up the back stairs in your chair to the stage area.

If the bands are happy for me to share their lift, and I am happy to do so, why do The Borderline say no?

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29. Help sign WYO for a distribution deal!

We the people, simply want to hear more music with a relatable and positive message.

We are tired of hearing arrogant and negative influences on the radio.

We want to hear 'Go Getta' music, for example:

Please sign 'WYO'!
( Singer/ Rapper/ Songwriter/ Producer/ Model/ Actor/ Sound Engineer )

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30. Bill Nye for Farm Fest

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been sharing with us his burning passion for science for decades, and continues to act as a liaison between the scientific community and the bulk of our generation. What better person is there to help lead us into a more environmentally sustainable future.

We need guidance and education, so we can reduce our carbon footprint and slow global warming. So we can build a sustainable agricultural system, away from gmo's and out of the hands of corporations.

Lets petition Bill Nye to come to Farm Fest to educate us on the problems our generation is facing and the new scientific developments that will help lead us into a more sustainable future.

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