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1. Bring Shane Filan's "You And Me" Asia Tour to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This petition is created for all Malaysian Filaners to convince concert organiser(s) and Universal Music Malaysia that we want Shane Filan in concert, here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A 'Filaner' refers to being a loyal Shane Filan fan (former frontman of Westlife).

Shane Filan has recently announced all his concert dates for 2014. This includes a handful of countries in Asia consisting of China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Sadly, Malaysia and Singapore is not listed.

We believe there is still a chance to add Kuala Lumpur into his schedule as there are a couple of free dates available such as 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th September.

We, the Malaysian Filaners, have high hopes in getting our idol to perform at a full concert here in Malaysia.

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2. "Faith" Song to be played on Light-FM

Aelto is a dance music producer and Aylin Aloski is a talented vocalist, both from Melbourne Australia.

Our goal is to create dance music to make a difference. Light FM actively promotes music with a positive message and inspiring vocals. We believe our new track "Faith" fits this criteria - and is better influential to listeners rather than rubbish on other stations.

Please sign this petition for Light FM to feature this single live on their station.

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3. Allow Disabled Access to The Borderline, London

There is currently no disabled access by wheelchair users. There is a service lift, used by the bands performing at the venue, but access is not allowed for disabled users. Access by a service lift is available at other venues in London. At The Scala, you are literally carried up the back stairs in your chair to the stage area.

If the bands are happy for me to share their lift, and I am happy to do so, why do The Borderline say no?

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4. Help sign WYO for a distribution deal!

We the people, simply want to hear more music with a relatable and positive message.

We are tired of hearing arrogant and negative influences on the radio.

We want to hear 'Go Getta' music, for example:

Please sign 'WYO'!
( Singer/ Rapper/ Songwriter/ Producer/ Model/ Actor/ Sound Engineer )

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5. Bill Nye for Farm Fest

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been sharing with us his burning passion for science for decades, and continues to act as a liaison between the scientific community and the bulk of our generation. What better person is there to help lead us into a more environmentally sustainable future.

We need guidance and education, so we can reduce our carbon footprint and slow global warming. So we can build a sustainable agricultural system, away from gmo's and out of the hands of corporations.

Lets petition Bill Nye to come to Farm Fest to educate us on the problems our generation is facing and the new scientific developments that will help lead us into a more sustainable future.

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6. Keep the New Barn from being demolished

The Council said I have impacted on the green belt by cutting into the land at one end by 80cm down to 4cm at the other end of the land to make the ground level to start building. The building is the same height as the old building.

I applied for 200 square meter of internal space which was granted by the council. The new building is 197 square meters external so I am within 200 square meters.

I have used recycled materials where possible, the walls under the cladding are recycled pallets and all power in the building lighting will be led. I have not impacted on the green belt. The new building looks so much better than the old metal framed barn, and is in keeping with the green belt. I live in the green belt and would not harm it.

This new studio will benefit local and international artists, video productions, recording artists who would like to record live as in the past, engineers and producers, and people in the music and film business, and local businesses, including Hotels, B&B, Pubs, Restaurants, take aways, taxis, and all other local businesses.

I didn’t want to play on the fact that I am in a wheel chair as I don’t think about it and all my friends treat me as just a mate with no disability, but the council have not taken into account that I have built this studio for people with disabilities with easy access to all parts of the building and easy parking.

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7. More K-POP to The Netherlands

Okay so, in these past years we've had I believe Jay Park and LedApple, which I went to myself, to The Netherlands. We had a promise of Hello Prince which got canceled at the last second.

This isn't enough for us, we need more! Where are all the K-Pop bands? Whether it would be seniors like Super Junior, juniors like MBLAQ or even rookies like Topp Dogg, we need them all!

They've been in France, in England, in Germany, but for some people that is just too far, we need them here, in The Netherlands! There are enough fans here, we promise!

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8. Start a student only concert band at SLCC

Salt Lake Community College currently only has a studio ensemble for students and is partnered with a community concert band (Murray Concert Band).

Although the community band is very good there is no student only concert band that may help students grow and mature together as young musicians while playing college level concert band literature.

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9. Demand the Original Kiss Lineup appear at the Hall of Fame

We Demand the Original Kiss Line up appear at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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10. Bring Taking Back Sunday to Ireland

This petition is to help get Taking Back Sunday to come to Ireland on there upcoming European and UK tour.

Taking Back Sunday haven't played in Ireland since August 2011, the launch of there self titled album.

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11. Name Jeff Gutt's Band - Jag Nation

Jeffrey Adam Gutt, the 37 year old runner up on Season 3 of The X Factor, hailing from the city of Detroit, has blessed us with his extraordinary voice and rock ‘n roll way of life. His social media following is loyal to a fault and growing exponentially and internationally!


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12. Bring Back the Music Groups section of

On September 12th 2002, the website decided to close down the section which allows music fans to submit stories about their favorite bands, groups or singers.

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13. Democracy NOW at the Folklore State Centre of Georgia საქართველოს ფოლკლორის სახელმწიფო ცენტრი

Clandestine and manipulative actions are currently being undertaken to put into place an unsuitable candidate as the Director of the Folklore State Centre of Georgia.

This is a result of yet another purge which threatens an emerging democracy. This petition calls for a clear, transparent and considered process to take place with consultation across a broad cultural community before any decisions are made.

The aim of the appointment ought to be to focus on the future of Georgian Folklore and how it is developed and represented on the world stage.

Taken from Rustavi 2 Broadcasting 26 Dec 2013
Staff rallies at Folklore State Center of Georgia
26.12.13 12:15.

The staff of the Folklore State Center of Georgia held a symbolic protest outside the office of the center today. They nailed the entrance door of the building with a banner today and presented their statement of five demands addressed to the Minister of Culture.

The staff of the center is objecting to the decision of the supervisory board of the center, which elected Giorgi Donadze as the director yesterday. They say both the staffing of the board and the election of the new director was carried out with violations and call on the ministry not to sign the decree on Donadze`s appointment.

The previous director of the center Giorgi Ushikishvili was dismissed from the position on the grounds of the violations revealed in the office by the state audit office. Giorgi Ushikishvili and the staff of the center assert that the processes are controlled by Anzor Erkomaishvili.

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14. Reinstate the Anti-Noise Laws in Florida.

In late 2012 a Judge overturned the noise laws in Florida. Police now cannot arrest a person for a loud exhaust or for playing loud music from their car. This affects every person that uses roads or lives on a road, basically everyone.

Whatever happened to DISTURBING THE PEACE and trying to live in peace? The rights of the tax paying public is being trampled underfoot to accommodate some street racers and public exhibitionists.

Please stand up and sign up.

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15. Pearl Jam to SA

Pearl Jam is one of the top bands never to have come to South Africa.

Hopefully this will get them to come here.

It has been a long time coming.

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16. Put Anna Kendrick on Glee

Glee needs new talent.

Anna Kendrick is the perfect choice.

It would be a perfect match.

Put Anna Kendrick on Glee!

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17. #JArmy need James Arthur back on Twitter!

Over 2 Million fans world wide, our idol music star James Arthur has come off of twitter due to hate tweets and constant insults - the only way we could really connect with him was via twitter!


We support james on any decision he makes but want him to know how much we need him back and perhaps reconsider.

James has always been polite, caring, and passionate through hes tweets to hes fanbase !

Like any human being would, he defended himself against the abuse and in turn hes words have got totally taken out of context and mis understood.

What would you do if u were bullied online..? several fans feel he was unfairly pushed out of twitter and are very angry about it.


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Young English went on an indefinite hiatus in late 2012 after releasing only 8 songs.

8 songs was not enough, so this petition is to show them everyone wants them back together so they can provide us with more awesome jams.

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19. W.A.S.P. for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

Sign this petition if you would like to see the metal rock band W.A.S.P. inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The metal rock band *W.A.S.P. released their first record 29 years ago in 1984. Opening the door for the rock and roll hall of fame induction process in 2009.

W.A.S.P. started as Sister with Blackie Lawless and Randy Piper working together in Piper’s rehearsal studio Magnum Opus in Buena Park, California in 1979. In 1980, they changed the band name to Circus Circus and to W.A.S.P. in 1982. They signed their first major record deal with Capitol records in 1984 with Blackie Lawless, Randy Piper, Chris Holmes and Tony Richards and released there first self-titled album W.A.S.P. August 17, 1984.

W.A.S.P. has demonstrated for 31 years that they have influenced an entire genre of music titled “heavy metal” with massive sounds, heavily amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, and emphatic beats.

They demonstrated unquestionable musical excellence in 1985 by supporting The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protecting the Freedom of Speech and Expression against the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) who wanted to censor their lyrics. W.A.S.P. continued to distribute albums without censorship by being the first group in music history to apply a warning label to their record that reads, “The lyrical content of this record may be considered offensive”.

W.A.S.P. contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll include dual guitars, stage antics, shock rock themed images, lyrics and the shear energy of the stage live shows. Also, an exceptional contribution is Blackie Lawless’s innovation and superiority in style and unique technique in his vocals that have spawned other artist’s for three generations worldwide.

About the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Criteria
The induction criteria for performers in the Rock and Roll Fall of fame are as follows: Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. Criteria include the influence and significance of the artist’s contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll.

We need to hear from millions of W.A.S.P. fans worldwide. Pass on the word to your friends who love W.A.S.P.

After you sign this online petition, SEND A NOTE, with your full signature, urging the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation Committee to induct the metal rock band W.A.S.P. into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You may copy the petition below, word for word. Send your letter to the following address: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10104

*Disclaimer: Neither the group W.A.S.P., Blackie Lawless, Randy Piper, Chris Holmes, or Tony Richards are in any way connected with the creation of this petition. This is the result of independent W.A.S.P. aficionado’s who have taken the initiative to voice their choice of inducting the metal rock band W.A.S.P. into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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20. Maluma concert for Australia

Maluma is a great young Colombian singer and has become quite successful at his career.

Latino people living now in Australia would like to get a taste of their own music back to their life.

His music is great and it not only just appeals to Latinos but to other cultures as it is engaging music.

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21. Order an eighth season of Glee

Glee is not only an entertaining television show, but it is an inspiration to young adults across the country.

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22. Against the scam of the V.I.P made by weird-world

During the GazettE's show, two kind of places had been sold: regular and V.I.P. They both were expensive, however we absolutely wanted to put an end to this 6-year wait and to see at least this band live. We were joyful and very happy.

Some of us paid about 100 euros in order to have favours. We didn't expect great things, but maybe goodies or these kinds of things. We weren't expecting much, but not only a little cardboard around the neck and an hour earlier than the others.

I spoke to different leaders who told me that it was the group "weird-world" which was in charge of the organization in Europe. So I tried to speak to a man who worked for weird-world, and he was vague, bothered and he wasn't able to give me one explanation.

We can't blame it for the price, and we don't want a scandal which may scare the GazettE (after all, we are all eagger to see them again in our countries!)

That is why I decided to create this petition. In order to get an apology and explanations.

No matter if you had a regular or V.I.P ticket, if you didn't go to the concert or if you don't live in Europe. We only want support!

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Fresh from being shortlisted to the final 10 in the ‘Hotpress Lift Off Competition’, Champagne Animal are quickly becoming one of Irelands most exciting unsigned bands.

Siobhan Lynch (Lead Vocal), grand-daughter of Bobby Lynch of the Dubliners, founded Champagne Animal in 2010. Siobhan is a member of the Dublin Gospel Choir whose influence can easily be detected in her vocal presence. Her vocal ...styling has been compared to that of Beth Ditto and Cyndi Lauper.

After some changes in line-up, Champagne Animal eventually came to form with bassist Frank McKenna, originally from the depths of hard rock, and Daragh Armstrong, a drummer of unique talent and skill who attends the Brighton Institute for Modern Music in Dublin.Together they have set themselves the challenge of world domination!

The unique, yet accessible, sound of Champagne Animal stems from their eclectic tastes and experiences in music, which range from rock to gospel, pop to classical. This broad spectrum of styles result in a sound that is fresh, punchy and emotionally charged.

Having been likened to artists such as Florence and the Machine, Adele, Portishead, The Gossip, The White Stripes and even Led Zeppelin, Champagne Animal have come up with their own twist on the indie soul sound. Just like the iconic artists above, Champagne Animal are putting their own stamp on the music world.

While they have been together for only a short amount of time, they have managed to pack in a lot and have secured themselves some much sought after slots, such as appearances at Electric Picnic, Indiependence, Vantastival, Strawberry Fest, Cahersiveen Music and Arts festival, The Ruby Sessions, The Sunday Roast, Balcony TV, Whelans, The Workman’s Club, and many other gigs across the country.

The Animals are busy completing EP number 2 and look forward to presenting their first single from it to the public this coming November. Check back for official details soon..

‘Their live set up is just something else. Siobhan struts about the stage belting out spine-shudderingly exceptional vocals while the rest of the band are tight and complimentary, the machine to her Florence’

-James Hendicott, Goldenplec

They may have met at the Dublin Gospel Choir, but there is nothing happy clappy about them...soaring vocals reminiscent of heart welded to Cyndi Lauper, atop a heavy guitar-rock squall that takes no prisoners. This is all gloriously OTT stuff that demands to be played at maximum volume.'

-Jackie Hayden, Hotpress.

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24. Review APRA music fees

An email outlining new fees as of 1 August 2013 from APRA/AMCOS - Music in Your Fitness Centre.

1. Background music used in your centre on any device including background music systems, radio, TV's, iPods, CDs, hard-drives and cardio machines. $0.825 per member or regular user of your fitness centre.

2. Music from any source for use in Fitness Classes including (but not limited to) aerobics, zumba, cycling, yoga and pilates. You need to choose Tariff A or B at the commencement of each licence year. This tariff will then apply for the year duration. Tariff A: $2.50 per class Tariff B: $1.50 per class for each class with 10 or fewer participants and $3.50 per class for each class with more than 10 participants.

3. Copying music for use within the fitness centre (so you can copy music on to an iPod, mp3player, smartphone or hard drive for use as background music in fitness classes or as music on hold in your centre).
$145.54 to copy up to 500 tracks; $242.55 to copy up to 1,000 tracks; $97.03 for each additional 500 tracks or part thereof.

e.g. Fitness centre of 500 members x $0.825 per member = $412.50 +
10 exercise classes a week at $2.50 per class x 52 weeks a year = $1,300 +
$242.55 to copy music to a device (up to 1,000 tracks)
Total cost is $1,955.05.
This used to be just $194.73 per year!

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25. Bring Back The Glee Project

The Glee Project was recently cancelled by Oxygen after only two seasons and its unfair.

It was such a unique show and wasn't like the other singing shows, it was so much more. There was diversity and the contestants were real and easy to relate to.

Please sign if you want to see this show back on the air!

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26. Y.H.T - Bringing Creativity Back Into The Community

Y.H.T- (Young Hidden Talent) is a campaign designed to raise awareness about the lack of creativity in the community of Hillingdon.

We're aiming to give young people an outlet to express themselves; whether it's through, music, dance or drama in after school clubs.

We at Y.H.T believe that creativity is such an important quality to have and we feel that due to the high costs of performing arts school many young people aren't fortunate enough to express themselves through creative ways.

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27. Bring 1D to Alamo Dome in San Antonio, Texas

My friends and I have been huge fans of One Direction for the past two years and on both of their tours, they went to Dallas and Houston and not San Antonio and we want that to change. For the Up All Night tour in 2011, we travelled to Dallas and this year for the Take Me Home tour we went to Houston.

We'd like to have them come to San Antonio Texas because we know that they have a lot of fans that travel countless hours to see them and that would love to have them come here.

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28. Boycott the Kardashians

Kim Kardashian said Is a Lot That's Wrong With American Morals. after she produced the controversial sex tape which was considered a promotion of loose moral fibre. Kim is giving our young girls a negative impact of what women should be like.

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29. EXO Fandom Name and Color

As fans of EXO, We feel that after over a year, we deserve to be given an official fandom name and color to identify with. Having a fandom name and color is important to many fandoms in Kpop, as it makes fans feel more bonded and unified to share a single identity.

Also, having an official fandom color will better encourage fan support for their idols. Such as, having a specific colored light stick to represent our fandom at concerts and such.

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30. Darker than Black Season 3

With the ending of the phenomenal second season of the called anime series Darker Than Black, many loyal viewers were disappointed with the lack of answers given to the amount of questions generated by it’s ending.

So we, disappointed but still loyal fans and viewers, come here to state our point and to try to have BONES and the director Tensai Okamura to listen to our only wish.

We agree that not only the ending was too unclear and left too much in open, but also showed us a new tipping point in the story that had origin in the ending chosen for the 2nd season, and which is still a hidden incognito for all the DTB fans around the world. We see in this, a very new opportunity to improve the story and to develop the concept within it, as new mysteries peeked in the very ending of Season 2, and they seem to be just waiting to be revealed. Such a mysteries that had origin through the following facts told at the finishing part of Season 2:

- America invaded Japan, in hopes of regaining their status as the World superpower.

- Misaki, Madame Oreille, Mao and co. formed a group to resist to the Americans, called The Syndicate.

- A child woke up inside Hell’s Gate and is seen to be able of killing many humans.

- It’s assumed to be the child of Izanagi and Izanami, Kagutsuchi, the prophesied disaster to befall the World.

- Hei is alive and has his powers back.

• Through this topics, we find that the story was never completed, as we don’t know how this battle against Kagutsuchi ended. If the humans were save or how the child of Izanagi and Izanami was killed.

• Looking for other points and questions, we found out that although the whole 2nd season was all about it, no one actually figured out for sure who was Izanagi. If he was Hei or Shion we would only know if we saw Kagutsuchi.

• Other hidden points in the story were Yin’s wish and the fact that we never got to know if she really died, if Hei was able to kill her, or he just rescued her.

Also a very important fact, but this one related to both seasons:
- We still don't know what happened on Heaven's Gate. - What was Hei's link with Amber?
- How he got involved?
- How he got his powers?
- Why it's said that what happened in Heaven's Gate was BK201 fault? Hei's fault? His sister's fault?

All this, takes us to the same conclusion: There’s no reason why an anime as successful as Darker Than Black, should be shoot down by BONES when it has now the greatest opportunity to conquer more fans with a whole new season.

That's why we are here. That's why we are spreading this petition through internet:

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