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91. We seek support from rest of India

J & K Governor Gen, Sinha surveyed condition of pilgrims of Amarnath yatra & found that people have to relax in open tents and therefore he signed a project for constucting permanent shelters for pilgrims and alotted 100 acres (800 cannals) of land to shrine board after passing it in J & K assembly.

The Forest Minister in the Cabinet was from the PDP, a coalition partner in the government. Yet they (the PDP) refused to accept responsibility for the joint decision (of allocating forest land to set up temporary structures for facilities for Hindu pilgrims during the Amarnath Yatra) Then PDP and some Pro-pakistan parties started agitating against decision with anti nationalist slogans and ransacking public property.

The Congress sans PDP minority Govt took decision back and surrendered in front of these anti nationalist and fundamentalist forces. People of Jammu started agitating against this anti national, anti harmony decision with all groups together. Later jammu muslim comunity supported agitation through a press conference. When Omar Abdullah gave statement in parliament that his people will not give an inch of land to pilgrims or shrine board ; emotions n sentiments of jammu people ran high and one of the protesters KULDIP DOGRA commited sucide in front of 500 people.

At 3:00 am next day police took his body after beating his family, AND STARTED cremating HIS BODY BEFORE SUNRISE AT 4:00 AM WHICH IS AGAINST HINDUISUM. one of the family member used local temple loudspeaker and informed people, Anger rose high and people started beating police .Police hit back and violent agitation turned into massive rallies with more than 40,000 people. Police killed 2 protesters days after. Latest opression is that Local Cable TV as well as SMSes have been banned in Jammu.

Most sadly these people are not getting required support from national media against such dictatorship and their lonely battle is still ON.

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92. Say No to a global economic recession

Are we in danger of talking ourselves into a negative global situation?

Are we already in a recession?

I think the media made this happen. If you agree sign up and be counted!

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93. Support Chanel 31

Chanel 31 is cultural, informed, unique and has helped a lot of young people to be professional.

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94. Support Durham Public-Access Television & Community Media Center

Recent changes in state legislation have opened an opportunity for Durham to have its own Community Media Center and Public Access Television channel. We are the first major city in North Carolina to take advantage of the new legislative promise to invest and support local media and community technology access and training.

For the last decade, Durham Public Access has been managed by Time Warner Cable because previous laws required them to do so. The result was that the channel did not meet the needs of the community or fulfill its potential as a true accountable, community-driven operation. Durham now has an opportunity to change this dynamic and create a public-access television channel and community media center which would be truly reflective of its culture and diversity.

Public-access television was developed to provide local and diverse content to programming on cable systems. Functioning like a soapbox for communities, programming ranges from local news, events and entertainment, to inspirational, youth-oriented, and educational shows. The need today is even greater with the loss of locally owned and operated television, radio and newspapers due to media conglomeration.

Besides offering space (and a voice) on the cable line up, Community Media Centers provide training, access to equipment and facilities, and serves to build community through the production of media. Nationally, Community Media Centers and Public Access programmers produce 20,000 hours of new programs per week – more new programming than all the broadcast networks combined.

There is no one model for a Public-Access Television and Community Media Center; each reflects the needs of that particular community. However, one thing is consistent - they advocate for and maintain tools for creating media, provide media services and create venues for sharing community voices and showcasing creativity. Through technology, they provide a space to communicate in ways that are not available through traditional outlets.

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95. Take Back the Airwaves! Community Reclaim 88.1 FM!

CKLN 88.1 FM is a community radio station broadcasting from the Ryerson University downtown campus in Toronto, Canada. This campus and community radio station has been in operation since 1983.

For 25 years this alternative media outlet has served as a key point of dissemination of independent and grassroots news, views, music and culture in this diverse city. Within the past year many organizational and structural changes have taken place which have been non-inclusive, non-transparent and in violation of the governing by-laws.

In response, community members, volunteer staff and students came together and organized a Special General Meeting carried out on February 23, 2008 which resulted in the removal of the non-student members of the CKLN Board of Directors as well as the dismissal of their contested and controversial appointed managers Mike Phillips and Tony Barnes.

In retaliation for said meeting and member-led volunteer and community elections, about 25 CKLN volunteer programmers have been locked out of their programs since early May of 2008. Many of these dedicated and long standing volunteers received a one paragraph letter from Mike Phillips discharging them from the station stating that "their services were no longer needed".

The petition below is to Ms. Paula Boutis from Iler & Campbell, legal counsel for CKLN Inc., asking her to cease representation of the dismissed management and removed board members and to start fulfilling her duties on the side of the legitimately elected board members.

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96. Supporting Strong Libraries in Portland Public Schools

To: Portland Public School Board Members and Portland Public Schools Superintendent

The Oregon Library Association (OLA), the Portland Area Information Literacy Group (P.A.I.L.), and the undersigned Oregon librarians and library media specialists want to express support for libraries, teacher-librarians and library media specialists in all of Portland Public School libraries. The OLA is a statewide association of over 1,000 members composed of academic, public, and special librarians from across Oregon. P.A.I.L. is a group of Portland area librarians from public, school, college and university libraries in the Portland area. We advocate for Information Literacy for all of our library users and students.

P.A.I.L. has met over the last three years and found from the very first conversation that we had a common concern: “Students seeking a post-secondary education lacked the requisite knowledge to do high quality research using the multitude of resources available in today’s modern library.” From our discussions we discovered that support for professional teacher-librarians and library media specialist (LMS) in Portland Public Schools had been waning over the years. It was a stunning epiphany for all, especially the college librarians.

We write to you in support of staffing your school libraries with professional librarians and support staff, providing equal and equitable access to both a qualified librarian and a professionally developed library collection. The role of administering a library program and library media center also involves someone who is an expert in curriculum and provides high quality resources teachers and students need. Research has consistently shown that school librarians and strong libraries correlate strongly with student success and retention. They also prepare students to succeed in post-secondary schooling and to become critical thinkers and well-informed citizens.

We understand that you recently created a new position in the district, one that can help to renew the role of librarians and school libraries across your district, and we applaud your acknowledgement to address this need. We wish to encourage your continuous efforts to bring Portland Public School libraries into the 21st century, and to become the leader for school libraries in Oregon.

Robert Schroeder
Coordinator of the Portland Area Information Literacy Group
Assistant Professor and Reference Librarian, Portland State University

Sarah Beasley
Oregon Library Association. President
Associate Professor, Education and Social Science Librarian, Portland State University

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97. Help Save America From Our government


America- Put down your guns and listen to us for a while.

America - I think your wrong.

America- I will turn off my T.V. i don't need your insane messages anymore.

America - I have my own thoughts i would like to explore now.

America - Why do you want me dead.

America - I don't think we should block our borders. I don't want to live like this

America - I think you are the breed of terrorist in the world.

America - Why do you want me to hate man.

America- I know what your up to and i don't want to be know as you

America - If i was god i would look at you as the devil.

America - You have gone to far I can't listen to you anymore.

America - Why do you look at the word love as a four letter word

America - I think it's time we all leave you. We are having a bad relationship it's not good for the children.

America - I hope after we are gone one day you will find all of us and maybe then you will be one of us.

I think it's time we all should start being proactive and assertive in taking our civil liberties back. We can start with that, then we can work on getting other things back from the government. Peace

~ Max The Happy Hippie~


It is time to fire the liars.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is
for good men to do nothing" .
--Edmund Burke
U.S.C. TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 47 § 1001.
(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, WHOEVER, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully—
(1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by ANY trick, scheme, or device a material fact;
(2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or
(3) makes or USES any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry; shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.
(b) Subsection (a) does not apply to a party to a judicial proceeding, or that party's counsel, for statements, representations, writings or documents submitted by such party or counsel to a judge or magistrate in that proceeding.
(c) With respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of the legislative branch, subsection (a) shall apply only to—
(1) administrative matters, including a claim for payment, a matter related to the procurement of property or services, personnel or employment practices, or support services, or a document required by law, rule, or regulation to be submitted to the Congress or any office or officer within the legislative branch; or
(2) any investigation or review, conducted pursuant to the authority of any committee, subcommittee, commission or office of the Congress, consistent with applicable rules of the House or Senate.


The Bush administration and their friends in the media want this story to go away. More than want it to go away, they are in a panic, and will do everything they can to stop it. They will use every dirty trick, every paid shill, every presstitute that they can. Already there is a report that the Michael Jackson jury is "expected" to reach a verdict just before the Conyers hearings.

So, I want YOU to copy this article off, post it everywhere. This article is placed in the public domain. Mail it to your friends. Then send it to your local media and your Congresscritters and have everyone you know do the same. Get on the phones. Flood their offices.

The term is "Viral Marketing" where you get the people who need a product to market it for you. Well, this nation NEEDS this "product". It needs to know that this war was started with lies. INTENTIONAL lies. And they need to know there is something they can do about it, and that is to start pounding on the doors of power.

Because when a flood of such messages reaches the Congress and the media, what they will hear is that there is no more time. Either they will deal with these lies and the liars, in full, or they will lose all credibility as a government and as media.

A government that lies to the people cannot be the legal government of this land. Make sure that they understand that YOU understand that the Constitution does not allow the government to lie to the people. Calling themselves the government does not make it so if they act unconstitutionally and illegally. The Constitution is the original "Contract with America" and a government that lies stands in clear breach of that contract.



“… the Pentagon findings on Halliburton overcharges are likely to fuel the allegations of favoritism, especially since it was revealed that the firm had been granted the contract to manage Iraq's oilfields, valued at up to $7 billion, without competition and without any bidding. Cheney's name inevitably surfaces

“Cheney(‘s)… links to Halliburton… have drawn intense scrutiny because he ran the company for five years and was given a $33 million payoff when he left to run for office. Before joining Halliburton he was secretary of defense, and in a position to know about and grant Pentagon contracts. Halliburton's military work has expanded over the past decade...

“During the decade of Halliburton's extraordinary growth, Cheney was the defense secretary for four years, from 1989-93, and then the chief executive of the company for five years, from 1995-2000.

“As vice president, Cheney has maintained his contacts with energy-industry executives and solicited their views in developing US energy policy. The secrecy of those contacts - which the White House refuses to divulge - is the subject of a US Supreme Court lawsuit.” - Halliburton Unscathed by Overcharge Flap


In October of 2004, Bunnatine Greenhouse called the Halliburton Middle East contracts into question…

“… Greenhouse said that when the Pentagon awarded Halliburton a five-year $7 billion contract, it pressured her to withdraw her objections, actions which she claimed were unprecedented in her experience.

“… the Army gave the no-bid contracts to Halliburton's subsidiary KBR for political reasons. Greenhouse charged that contracts were approved over her reservations, some of which were handwritten on the original contracts, and extensions of contracts were awarded because underlings signed them in collusion with senior officials without her knowledge.

“Greenhouse claimed the Army… violated ‘the integrity of the federal contracting program as it relates to a major defense contractor’. ‘Employees of the U.S. government have taken improper action that favored KBR's interests,’ Greenhouse wrote. ‘This conduct has violated specific regulations and calls into question the independence’ of the contracting process.” - Halliburton Contracts Illegal - But Bush Busts The Whistleblower

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98. Support the Only Independent TV in Georgia

The government of Georgia is trying to appropriate Imedi TV, the only independent TV Company in the country.

The TV Company, "Imedi”, owned by late businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili, was a famous independent media organization for many years. Following Patarkatsishvili’s death, members of a close governmental circle within the ruling party are taking control of the TV Company. Ina Gudavadze, the widow of the late businessman, stated that the station was seized from them and was assigned to a person who is not an heir of Badri Patarkatsishvili.

We are reacting to the uncertain situation about the TV Company ,,Imedi” and considers it as nothing more than an attempt of the Georgian Government to control the media and appropriate private property.

The Georgian government has been persecuting independent media organizations since 2004; that means censuring, shutting down and dispersing media companies. The attack on ,,Imedi” on November 7, 2007 by Special Forces police was particularly cruel. This ended with the closer and later suspension of its broadcasting. The fact that ,,Imedi” is deprived from the legal owners (the family of Badri Patarkatsishvili) means that the TV Station will continue to be suppressed by the government.

Consequently, it will become the trumpet of the Georgian Authorities and the protector of their interests, like other Georgian TV-companies. It is noteworthy, that Badri Patarkatsishvili was suppressed by the Georgian government to give up his TV Company during many years and now, after the death of the businessman the government wants to take control over Imedi.

Ina Gudavadze: “The government does not want a resumption of broadcasting of the TV Company “Imedi”. Self-proclaimed people who pretend to be the owners of the “Imedi” managed to bribe the government. They did not have the right to act in such as way because my family and I are the legal owners of the TV Station. We will appeal against all kind of attempts to appropriate strange properties in court. Since my family and I do not wish or intend to be involved in politics, I did not have chosen not to complicate the tense political situation in the country even more. All this time I tried to reach some sort of compromise with the government and negotiate with high-ranking officials, as well as with the chairperson of the Georgian Parliament. However, I have not received any reply yet. I am daring enough to resume the broadcasting of the TV Company “Imedi”; the international independent Media Company and cooperative management of the Board of Trustees will be the guarantee for the impartial activities of the TV Station. Badri said that “Imedi” is a trumpet of the free expression; it is an achievement of Georgian people and it belongs to them.

It is my duty to realize the kind will of my husband. The freedom of expression is guaranteed under the Georgian Constitution. Every Georgian citizen has the right to express his/her opinion and the independent TV Channel is the best source for them.”

Imedi TV, still the only TV station not controlled by the government is still off the air.

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99. Americans Against Media Censorship of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

Since the debates began in 2007, in preparation for the 2008 presidential election, the media has routinely failed to give 2008 presidential candidate & Texas Congressman (R)Ron Paul, either equal time as afforded all others, or in most cases, censored him via preclusion; and to such extent, that as a result, many Americans never knew of him.

This is a blatant attempt to influence the outcome at the polls, and should neither be allowed, condoned or tolerated.

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100. Petition in support of GE

General Electric is an outstanding company, and has been for over 125 years. Motivated and inspired by Thomas Edison, the company has been recently helping countries and people all across the world.

GE not only contributes to the medical field, the first company to ever be assigned to its 50,000th patient, but also helps developing countries and war veterans. GE values creativity and imaginative thinking trying to improve the world one step at a time. GE makes environmentally friendly products, which are also energy efficient.

By exploring alternative energy sources and reducing gas emission by 30% this company is making great strides. The expansive growth in other countries also contributes to opening new jobs and markets to people in need. GE follows the principles in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, meaning they believe in fair conduct of all workers and taking steps to make that happen by taking special precautions for its workers, making an environmentally safe and impact free work environment. GE is also the lead provider in advanced medical equipment, making them a necessity around the world.

GE, this year, has donated 2.1 million dollars to different organizations helping in Darfur. Overall, GE contributions to Africa exceed 20 million dollars. Each year, hundreds of employees from GE gather together to make communities better. These projects take place here in the U.S and over seas.

The employees reach over 1 million hours of volunteer work throughout the year, helping to once again better our communities. GE has started a Volunteers foundation, which works with local charity organizations and local communities. Recently GE has coordinated Paintfest, the largest volunteer effort ever underway.

By painting hospitals and clinics GE employees teach their customers to imagine. As well as numerous hours of volunteer work, GE also has a Disaster Relief Fund. GE has also been helping to “clean up” Asian countries. They have started projects to help clean up the rivers. GE also employees over 6,000 veterans providing for those who have served our country.

GE is very helpful to not only the United States, but countries all over the world. They provide, help, and give to those in need and have been for over 125 years. Not only does GE serve the medical and appliance industry, but they serve the people.

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101. Make Music not War

War propaganda threatens to corrupt U.S. media. Why waste time, money and our men?

Those men can be anything they want to be and they are using their time to defend our country.

Billions of American dollars have been used to fight this war. The money can be used here in the U.S. for greater things.

So, I fell that if you want to invest money into something effective, make music, not WAR!

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102. Against Danish papers printing blasphemous cartoons

I am against the causing offence to other religions.

In this case the Danish media is causing problems for the common citizens of that country by having Danish products and services boycotted by People of Islamic faith.

We do not need to breed more hatred against the West; we have had too much violence in the last decade.

We want to live in a harmonious society and peace. The Danish media must accept responsibility in which they have caused offence and had initially caused the problem in inciting certain individuals who have passion and love for their faith.

The Danish media is to blame.

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103. Give Jimma Times license for its independent Afaan Oromo newspaper in Ethiopia

We, Oromo and other citizens of Ethiopia, demand that the Ethiopian government allow Jimma Times to have license for its independent Afaan Oromo newspaper in Ethiopia.

We are very disturbed about rumors and stories in Finfinne that Jimmaa Times has not been given license despite filing application for many months. The fact that the only Afaan Oromo newspaper in Ethiopia is still the government controlled “Bariisaa” newspaper once again shows how Oromo people CONTINUE to be marginalized and oppressed in the country!!

According to the habesha/Orthodox calendar, it was in the year 1999 that oppressed people of the country saw the Jimma Times website become a rare Ethiopia-based media that is independent, allowing diverse views and news. It would be another BIG mistake by the Ethiopian regime to ban the country’s first independent newspaper that would also distribute News in the ONLY language 35 million Oromo people understand.

Unlike some other newspapers in Ethiopia that are established by politicians, all friends of the newspaper know that the Jimma Times newspaper is owned by NON-Political businessmen and philanthropists. Despite the undemocratic and restrictive nature of the country’s “Press Law,” it is more depressing to witness even newspapers planning to obey the “Press Law” are being denied license by the government!

We, the undersigned, demand the regime to stop denying the Jimaa Times workers their basic rights and to grant them their license as soon as possible!

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104. Sack Peter Roebuck from all Australian media positions

Peter Roebuck has written several articles which are deeply objectionable to many Australian cricket fans.

Please see these links:

Who does Roebuck nominate to replace Ponting

Drama was needed to shake the tree

Ponting 'must be sacked'

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105. Stop Ban on Live Broadcasts in Kenya

Due to post-election violence in Kenya all media houses were banned from holding live media coverage.

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106. Fair and Unbiased Reporting From Media For John Edwards

The media networks like CNN, Fox News, and many others seem to not report on Former Senator John Edwards, and if they do by some chance report on John Edwards it’s always negative.

I mean for example just recent CNN, MS NBC, and many others, reported on Barack Obama placing 1st in the Iowa Caucuses, and they also reported Hillary Clinton placing 3rd in the Iowa Caucuses, but they never really reported on John Edwards placing 2nd, The only thing they did say was that Edwards was out of the race for President.

Once again after placing 2nd in Iowa, they still reported negatively on John Edwards. I think it’s all because John Edwards is willing to take on the big corporations and their lobbyist and I think that scares them just a little, but that does not give them the right to report biased and unfair on John Edwards.

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107. Save Democracy, Save Pakistan

Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), a non government, non-profit organization working for the development of independent media and strengthening of democratic institutions as well as civil society in Pakistan, has issued a resolution condemning the tragic assassination of PPP chairperson and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Ms Benazir Bhutto.

In the petition (attached with), CMD has raised concerns regarding post-assassination law and order situation. The resolution demands independent probe into the assassination of Ms Bhutto.

CMD, a torch bearer of fundamental human rights, will try its best to keep you updated about the changing political situation in Pakistan whereas the visit of CMD International Election Observer Group to Pakistan would be rescheduled as soon as election issue is resolved.

You are requested to send us your comments, suggestions and opinions regarding catastrophic situation in Pakistan. It is also an open question how Pakistan can make over its fight against terrorism and how the democratic process can be taken forward in this country.

Your opinion in this regard would also be welcomed.

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108. Essential Conditions for Free and Fair Elections in Pakistan

Background can be found on Wikipedia:

This is a statement from Boston area students, academics, professionals and citizens to voice their concern for the current constitutional and political crisis in Pakistan.

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109. Encouraging media to accentuate the positive

We claim we want to increase positive contributions made by those in our world, but yet we don't protest when our media presents 99 percent of its broadcasts and papers filled with war, crime, and violence.

While it is true that these things are occurring and we need to know about them to encourage change toward peace, why can't we hold our media accountable for showing a more realistic view of us. I request you sign this petition to encourage all media to be required, through their license in journalism, to dedicate at least fifty percent of their contents to positive actions and events in the world. The reasons your support of this petition is crucial follow.

One. It has been shown that media heavily influences our behavior. If its contents continue to accentuate the negative, our young people will learn to value violence. However, if we encourage the media to dedicate at least half of its contents to positive events and actions, we will promote higher quality values of peace and kindness.

Two. It has been scientifically proven that optimism improves health. If we hear more positive news everyday, it will improve individual health, increase mood, and inspire us to act in kindness and peace. Thus, improving the health of our society by requiring media to report positive news daily.

Some other reasons include:

One. Showing positive role models.

Two. Increasing the number and willingness of volunteers.

Three. Maintaining and improving the life and services of charitable organizations who help improve quality of life for those who need assistance.

Four. Promoting peaceful conflict resolutions (right now all the media seem to be showing is crime and use of guns for this. We need to encourage the showing of positive conflict resolution through medium.)

Five. Increasing self-respect and respect for others.

In conclusion, I request that you sign this petition in support of requiring the media, through requirements of journalism licensing, to dedicate at least fifty percent of its coverage to positive news and events. In doing this, we will promote peace, values, respect, altruism, volunteerism, health, and a more prosperous world.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this petition.

Thank you for your support to require the media to accentuate the positive for the improvement of our world.

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110. Objection against Musharaf and the government of Pakistan!

Black period in Pakistan's history...


* disrespected the constitution of 1973
* declared emergency
* suspended and dissolved the judiciary
* banned media


* 1000's of people been detained
* 1000's of people harassed and beaten up
* demonstrations trough out the country


* 10,000's of people detained
* 10,000's of people harassed and beaten up


* Imran Khan arrested, harassed, humiliated by the police


* Under extreme pressure from Musharraf and the
government Geo News and Ary Oneworld has been shut
down late Friday night


Since the imposition of the emergency in Pakistan, Musharaf have not allowed people to hold demonstrations, public gatherings etc.

When ever or who ever have tried to organize a demonstration have been detained and harassed by the police - not only the organizers but also children, women and elders who are participating in the demonstrations are harassed and detained.

The media are not allowed to show the truth - they were approached by Government to sign a agreement on what they could show on TV - GEO and ARY refused, today, on the 16.11.2007 after tremendous pressure from Musharaf both channels has closed!

Musharaf is doing what ever he can do to hide the truth!


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111. Cancel GEO subscriptions

1. Dis-Honest reporting.
All the reporting since last couple of months has been negative for Pakistan. Not a single time any thing positive reported through this channel. It is to the extent that since last 2-3 days in their english tx they are persuading Western public that they should stop all the aid to Pakistan.
Our opinion: No matter what ever rifts are within ourselves we never ask foreign countries to hurt Pakistan financially and economically. Only enemies of Pakistan will do this.

2. Disseminating Anarchy/Chaos/ Confusion:
Since last couple of months. As you can notice even in last 2-3 days all they have reported about protests and only views of people talking against present govt. We agree that Emergency/Martial Law are one of the most dangerous and horrible actions taken by any govt. We all condemn this BUT it does not mean that the so called media portrays like there is major unrest in Pakistan (when it isn"t) and it is at the brink of collapse. This is giving a very alarming and negative picture over here.
In fact you can realize yourself that all these Jalsa juloos are happening in front of the courts. Only a fraction of lawyers are involved or might be majority of lawyers may be involved. There is no other opinion that what ever is happening over there is not good. But on the other hand 99% of the country is open, school, colleges, factories, offices are open. Public seems to be not involved up-until now. This news can only be obtained if you call your home where you will find out that nothing is going on in the cities. We have not seen a single report which says that majority of Pakistan is calm and quite.

At this difficult time we need to advise the civil society / political parties / govt to resolve issues within themselves and join hands with each other to first fight this cancer of religious extremism and fanaticism and hold elections ASAP.

Actually media should play a positive roll to resolve the situation instead of puting more fuel in the fire. Instead media specially GEO TV is determined to de-stablize Pakistan at any cost to please their masters we don"t know where from.

The GEO reporters and anchors are physically and verbally persuading public to come out on streets. This is not the job of media to give an opinion. Their job is to report all the aspects without any prejudices and reservations.

We the concern American Pakistani citizens of USA therefore as the first action choose to UNSUBSCRIBE the anti Pakistani Channel GEO TV with immediate effect and announce to form a watch group to monitor other pakistani channels closely. Please join us in efforts to save Pakistan from this yellow journalism and blackmailing.
We will send a copy of this e-mail to Geo TV and ARY also.

Again, it's good to be a wise ulloo than a stupid loomri. (majority of us have PTV at our homes Al-Hamdolillah).

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112. Support Musharraf: Emergency was required

People are encouraged to read through and sign as this is NOT a petition in favor of outright military rule, but one that supports the measures taken by Musharraf to eradicate corruption and place Pakistan on the right path to democracy. As Pakistanis, we must appreciate a man who has confronted corruption and created a system under which the voice of the people can be heard.

Pervez Musharraf has been the centre of a lot of criticism lately, and this petition is an attempt to show support for his vision and rule in Pakistan. We understand some actions by the current government in Pakistan are drastic and some may argue against them, but it is up to us to realize the ground realities and act responsibly in deciding who to support. Opposition parties are exploiting the mass public by using democracy as an excuse to regain power and destabilize a government that has achieved a lot in the last eight years. Religion is also being used by some in the media to incite the public, which has gone about its daily routine with no interest to come out on the streets. Objectivity amongst reporters on international broadcasts of Pakistani news is rare. This is an attempt to show that there is a large movement that supports the President. Outlined below are highlights of Musharraf’s achievements, there is a section on reasons for imposition of emergency rule as well.


Nawaz Sharif’s incompetent government and Benazir’s corruption (wife of Mr. Zardari who is popularly known in Pakistan as 'Mr. 10%') left Pakistan in a dismal state. Thus prior to Musharraf’s debut on the stage of Pakistani politics in 1999,

* The country was almost bankrupt;
* Pakistan was on the verge of being declared a “failed” and “terrorist” nation;
* It was listed as being the second most corrupt nation in the world (the first being Nigeria)
* During the time of Benazir and Sharif, the KSE 100 index was less than 1300. Now it is over 12000.
* Atrocities such as judicial killings of opponents took place shamelessly throughout Pakistan, particularly in Karachi, for which Benazir and Sharif were both primarily responsible.


Under Musharraf’s regime since 1999, Pakistan has experienced tremendous growth and seen record improvement in its overall condition.

* From being #2 on the list of corrupt nations, Pakistan is now #138 – a remarkable improvement.
* Compared to being nearly bankrupt less than a decade ago, Pakistan now has reserves of close to $16 billion, and is still growing.
* Corruption has been virtually eliminated from the upper levels and significantly reduced in the lower levels.
* Musharraf actively confronted terrorism in Pakistan and employed several schemes to eradicate it from our country.
* Large-scale development is taking place all over Pakistan, with a significant amount of construction going on in Karachi and areas of Baluchistan. Previously, these areas were largely neglected, with Baluchistan left to the mercy of warlords for much of the history of Pakistan.
* Tax recovery is at an all time high.
* Pakistan’s media has flourished with Musharraf’s permittance and encouragement.
* Devolution of power- Musharraf brought the Nazim System and gave powers to the local representatives at the lowest level.
* Women's representation used to be 3.2%. Musharraf made a landmark decision and appointed 33% seats to be reserved for women in all three tiers of the local government and 17% in the national and provincial legislatures. (This also resulted in Pakistan being recognized as the country with the greatest progress in women’s representation within parliament in a comparison study of South Asian politics.)
* President Musharraf was awarded the White Ribbon Man of the Year Award 2006, in recognition of the tremendous support to the cause of women’s rights in Pakistan.
* Pakistan’s relations with India have also significantly improved. Previously, India refused to acknowledge the territory of Kashmir as a 'dispute'. As a result of Musharraf's diplomacy, Kashmir is today acknowledged as a disputed territory and both sides are working towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

These are remarkable achievements in an 8 year timeframe. This is not to say that things are perfect; much work still needs to be done. But, Pakistan, under Musharraf, has been heading towards the right direction and this momentum should continue. He has addressed the root cause of problems in the country thus building a foundation for democracy to prosper. The measures taken under this regime are an attempt to reform Pakistani society with a high emphasis on education. One cannot educate a nation overnight; it takes time and honest commitment. We cannot let corrupt politicians ruin 8 years of hard work.

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113. Review Radio Programme "The Late Show"

Changes of programming on local radio.

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114. Stop superconglomerates from monopolizing the media

Chairman of the FCC, Kevin J. Martin, has plans to repeal, in two months, a restriction that currently prevents a company from owning a newspaper and a television or radio station in the same city.

This necessary regulation prevents large conglomerates from monopolizing public access to information. Some major conglomerate executives such as Rupert Murdoch have been lobbying for years for reform on these restrictions.

You can view more information on the FCC website:

And at LBN E-lert: (if the article is not on the front page, search the archive).

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115. Call to promote free press and media development in Ethiopia

This millennium petition is inspired by the unity of Ethiopians following the massacre of 65 Ethiopians by the ONLF rebels and by our courage to face numerous other rebels who are ready to massacre Ethiopians instead of joining the peaceful opposition parties inside the current Ethiopian parliament.

This petition is motivated by a dwindling but surviving hope that international watch dogs are able to one day re-evaluate what role they are playing in the progress of democracy and freedom of press in Ethiopia.

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116. Media Should Stop the Sectarian Divisions of Iraq

In the last few years we have noticed a disturbing tendency among media outlets, both western and Arab, to divide Iraq into groups based on the religious affiliations or other sectarian lines.

For example, when Saddam Hussein was taken into court, almost all media outlets referred to the victims as "148 Shi'a," rather than "148 Iraqis", as if the Iraqi government was prosecuting for one side and not the other.

As another example, when the Iraqi national soccer team won the Asian cup in 2007, the media focused on the religious affiliations of the players, as if these religious differences are what matter most in the context of the sport and the victory of the team. All of the players are Iraqis, and they are defending Iraq on the football field where sectarian definitions are irrelevant.

As Iraqis from all over the world, we would like to express to the media that this incessant focus on sectarian divisions when it comes to Iraq reporting is anathema to many Iraqis who really look at Iraq as one nation - not a divided land - and we think that in order to heal Iraq’s wounds, we must stop dividing Iraqis into sects and groups when it is not relevant to the story, and should make every attempt to report on the people and their tragedy as one nation.

As Iraqis, we maintain that most of the violence in Iraq is committed by people who do not care about Iraqis - whether Sunni or Shi'a; they care only about destroying Iraq and exploiting the country economically and/or structurally in order to achieve their goal of dividing the Iraqi people among themselves.

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117. Eliminate the abuse of human rights in Sudan

A petition against human rights abuses in Sudan.

A petition to enable security forces to intervene so that citizen's rights, democracy, freedom and civil rights are upheld.

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118. Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) awareness in the Media!!

This petition is dedicated to the memory of every adult or child who lost their life to Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).

1 out of 85 babies in the United States of America are born with CHD. **Correction by Dr. Diana Bernshausen of Euless, TX**

Every 15 minutes one of those children pass away from CHD.

1/2 of all CHD babies do not make it to their 1st birthday!!

Congenital Heart Defects are present at birth, and can involve malformations of the heart, valves, arteries, and any other part of the heart/lung area. Congential Heart Defects are not usually discovered until the child shows physical signs or it's too late.

Most pregnant woman are not even told about CHD by their doctors.

This petition was started so that someone in the United States Media would take note and help some of these families and survivors start telling their stories.

Whether it be in television interviews, pubishing or book deals, movies about CHD, or newspaper articles the people of the United States of America have a right to know about the most deadly defect in their country!!

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119. Homeless Petition for REAL AID

WE THE HOMELESS OF AMERICA, seek justice and reform in social service programs and grants offered up by the government which are currently involved within the issue of the Homeless. We seek also reform within criminalization of those without homes, those who are staying in cars because of lack of housing, lack of money and or money not being used to obtain real homes for those on the street so that they can get a real start again in America.

The Homeless are forced into the street, are being told when there is no shelter programs available that they can not go into parks and or stop anywhere on the street without criminalization.

Because they get no money and are afforded nothing within the same measure as United State Programs allow those from foreign nations we are seeking that a special investigative panel be appointed to investigate allegations of fraud mishandling of state and federal grants and also place more money into housing aid and financial assistance without bias, and or creating criminalization via identifying those on the streets which has make homelessness a label to criminalize instead of offering real assistance.

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120. Setting The Daily Record Straight

Hitz Radio UK is an internet radio station based in Ayrshire, Scotland founded by Ryan Dunlop in January 2006. The station has become infamous for the publicity it has gained in United Kingdom national newspapers, and for claims that it is fully licensed for internet broadcasting, that it has hundreds of thousands of listeners, and that it employs over 40 people. The station has also claimed that it has a projected turnover of £37,000,000.

Many of Hitz Radio's claims have been disputed, and many of them have been proven wrong by a variety of media communities.

Hitz Radio was launched as a single-stream, internet-only station by Ryan Dunlop on January 16th, 2006, branded as "Hitz Radio Unsigned". In order to launch the station, Dunlop used £20,000 of his father's money and a £250 grant from the Prince's Trust.

Since the station's launch, numerous additional streams have been added, including Hitz Radio Glasgow, Hitz Radio London and Hitz Radio Xtra, the latter being an indie station, although most of the output on each stream is the same.

In February 2007, Hitz Radio begun to gain exposure in the national press, with the Daily Record reporting on February 26th that Hitz Radio had become a radio empire "with five million fans".

The following week the Sunday Times reported that Hitz Radio had roughly 250,000 unique listeners, and that the station had 40 employees. In the Scotsman newspaper, however, the station was reported to have "five million listeners at any one time" Dunlop also appeared on BBC Scotland, Scotland Today and BBC Radio 2 to promote the station. In early March 2007, just after the original articles appeared, the station's website had only 25 forum members.

The forum was quickly scrapped after this became known. However as of 24th May 2007, the Hitz Radio UK MySpace site had attracted less than 1700 profile views and just over 200 friends since early March 2006. This suggests the claims of the number of people visiting the station's website, listener numbers and general public awareness of the station to be false.

In May 2007, Ryan Dunlop was awarded the "Business Hero 2007" award by the Daily Record for his work on Hitz Radio, and is the Shell Livewire "Young enterpreneur of the year" finalist for the Dumfries and Galloway area, although allegations his claims may be fraudulent are currently being investigated by Shell Livewire.

His eligibility for both awards is disputed due to his frequently changing his stated year of birth on both his personal website, and articles on other sites about him. The terms & conditions for entry to the Shell Livewire competition also includes the point that the business "must be legal".

As of 24 May 2007 inquiries are ongoing into the names of the Company's Directors and the age of Mr Ryan Dunlop. Even if the company is found to be compliant with various legislation for private limited companies, it has been proved that the radio station has been operating illegally since, by breaching copyright or trademarks from various sources.

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