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1. Allow part time dog access to beaches in Randwick LGA

There is a complete ban on dogs on all beaches within Randwick LGA at all times of the day and year. Councillors recently voted down a motion to commission a report into the issue despite strong community support.

Council is failing the large proportion of their constituents who are dog owners by persisting in a blanket ban rather than managing the different needs of residents.

Dogs do not pollute water by swimming in it and waste issues are easily overcome by providing bags and bins and by policing compliance.

A compromise on this issue needs to be reached.

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2. Save Malabar Riding School and ANZAC Rifle Range

Finance Minister Penny Wong, wants to close down the ANZAC Rifle Range and Malabar Riding School.

Keep History!

Keep our kids local activities alive!

Keep local small business and jobs alive!

Help us save our local Riding school and Rifle Range.

Please write your name, address, phone number or email address and signature below.

We thank those who have made the effort to sign this petition as it has raised awareness; however, we will need everyone to resign the approved petition so that we can submit it to Parliament.
The petition can be found on facebook "Save Our Horses"or email to request a copy.

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3. Save Malabar Police Station !

The NSW government is considering closing down Malabar Police station on Anzac Parade, without any consultation with the local population.

Malabar Police station is the only police station remaining in the area. It services the communities of La Perouse, Philip Bay, Little Bay, Malabar, Matraville and Chifley, i.e. an area too large to be covered by the Maroubra or Randwick police stations.

This is an area with considerable policing issues; theft, vandalism, car hoons, antisocial behaviour, underage drinking and drug taking in public places are all affecting the community on a daily basis. Bus drivers have been attacked and are feeling unsafe in the area at night; buses are now being followed by security guards to protect them.

It is also an area where the population is on the rise through large property developments at the Prince Henry Hospital and the future development of a large shopping and housing complex, with 81 units, in the centre of Matraville. Philip Bay, Little Bay, Malabar, Matraville, Chifley, South Maroubra and adjoining areas are all more populated and are visited more often than in previous years. La Perouse, Little Bay, Malabar and Yarra Bay receive many visitors at week-ends; our many beaches, clubs and pubs attract a large number of visitors. There are many schools and a large population of elderly people. Despite these facts, the State government wants to reduce the Police presence.

Years ago, Malabar Police station was downgraded and has been functioning since with only one police officer 24/7. In view of the increase in population and visitors to the area, Malabar Police station not only needs to stay in place but should also be returned to its fully manned, operational status.

The Station is important to make the community feel safe, and to act as a deterrent against criminal activities. It gives the elderly and the community at large the reassurance that there is still policing just around the corner. The current preferred mode of policing by police is quick vehicle drive-through. This mode is based on a definite lack of positive connectiveness between the police and the community; this leads to diminished trust in the community and the feeling that the police will not turn up in a timely manner when people need them.

It is a very bad idea to close a police station so close to a major jail (Long Bay Jail) and in an area of strong population growth. Research has shown that close connection and cooperation between police and the community is crucial in preventing and managing crime.



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