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61. Fight Against Illegally Assisted-Suicide, Help Save Lives, Abolish Pro-Eating Disorder Websites

May 7, 2006

Each and every year, many women, of all ages, are killing themselves. These women and young girls are not committing suicide by hanging themselves or overdosing on pills. These women are suffering from anorexia nervosa. They are starving themselves to death.

However, these women are not doing it on their own; they are being aided in their slow suicide. This act of assisted suicide is illegal in 49 out of 50 states. With the help of pro-anorexia or, as they are more commonly called, "pro-ana" websites, visitors to these sites, usually young, female adolescents, looking to lose weight or who are already in the midst of an eating disorder, can obtain weight loss tips and tricks on how to hide their eating disorder from family and friends. These websites promote behaviors, which lead to osteoporosis, irregular heart beat, cardiac disease, seizures, nerve damage, heart attack and death.

Oregon is currently the only U.S. state, in which assisted-suicide is legal. Under the Death with Dignity Act, physicians are permitted to administer a lethal dose of medication to those suffering from a terminal illness. To qualify for physician-assisted suicide, one must meet a specific set of criterion. They must be at least 18 years of age, an Oregon resident, capable of making, as well as communicating health care decisions for themselves, and have been diagnosed with a terminal illness that will result in death in six month of less.

A terminal illness is an incurable disease, which is active, progressive and expected to lead to death. Anorexia is not a terminal illness. An anorectic showing up at an Oregon clinic wishing to receive assistance in ending her life, would be turned down, almost immediately, regardless of how much physical and emotional pain she was in, on the grounds that she did not meet the criteria of having a terminal illness. Though escaping from and living without an eating disorder may seem impossible to one who is suffering from an eating disorder, it is not impossible.

Anorexia can and has, many times, been cured. Though it is not easy to make a complete recovery, with the right treatment techniques and professionals, it is possible, even for those with the poorest of prognoses.

If suicide assisted by a physician is only legal in one state, and if anorexia does not meet the legal criteria, than the people who make these pro-ana websites, and those who offer these tips and tricks on "how to kill yourself", featured on these sites, have absolutely no right, legally, morally, or ethically, to be doing so. They are assisting others in suicide, which is something they have no right to be doing, seeing as we barely give medical doctors the right do so. Furthermore, to receive physician-assisted suicide, you must be of legal age to give consent.

Many of the girls who are visiting these websites are under the age of 18. They could not receive physician-assisted suicide if they were suffering from a terminal illness, therefore, it cannot possibly be legal for any stranger on the internet, who also may be under 18, to be assisting these young girls in their suicide attempts.

Research has shown that those who frequently visit pro-eating disorder websites spend more time in the hospital than those who do not visit these sites. These websites have very serious impacts on people. A young girl, thinking she is fat and needs to lose a few pounds, may stumble upon one of these websites. What happens next may be unthinkable. But, most likely she will look around the website, reading the various tips and tricks to drop weight quickly, but hide it from those around her. She will learn that you can eat whatever you want, but not gain a pound because you can purge yourself of the calories, using exercise, laxatives or vomiting. She will see pictures, or "thinspiration" of thin, rich, smiling, actresses and models.

What she will not see is pictures of emaciated bodies, with extremely dry skin and fine, laguno hair covering their bones. She will not see their eroding tooth enamel, or their ulcers, the dehydration or electrolyte imbalance. She will not see their thinning hair or heart arrhythmias. She will not see their hurt, their sadness and depression, or their broken hearts. She will not see their death. She will see the thin, glamorous models and actresses and wish to look like them. So, she will start to diet and lose weight, thinking she is in control of her actions. She will be recognized and praised for her weight loss, especially by the network of "friends" she has made through pro-ana websites.

They will encourage her to "keep up the good work" and not to "give in to the enemy (food) now". She will feel good about herself and think "I just want to lose five more pounds; Five more and then I will have the perfect body." However, she loses five more and the praise and positive comments and encouragement continue. Five turns into ten, ten into twenty, twenty into forty, forty into the hospital. All of a sudden, the young girl who just wanted to lose a few pounds and was in control of her diet, is now being controlled by her behaviors. She can't stop.

This is not one scenario, this is the course the majority of eating disorders take. This is the very reason why these websites need to be shut down. The rate of eating disorders is rising. The importance we place on beauty and our attitudes towards what we consider attractive, combined with websites such as these are contributing to the increasing prevalence of eating disorders. We must change our beauty ideal and shut down websites such as these, which are promoting self-starvation. Anorexia nervosa is a serious, life-threatening physical and an extremely emotionally painful disease that no one should ever have to experience.

Members of the pro-ana community may argue it is a violation of their rights to be censored. However, freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to help kill another person.

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62. LRW is a waste of paper & should be scrapped

May 03, 2006

Legal Research and Writing 3 is such a waste.

1. Waste of time.
2. Waste of energy.
3. Waste of PAPER - and do YOU think the markers will read in detail what you've photocopied??? They will be simply dumped as trash!

How many trees are cut down because of the assignment? This is so environmental unfriendly.

Sign the petition and protect against such acts !

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63. Deport Me Instead

April 16, 2006

Legal U.S. citizens in support of undocumented workers.

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64. Make Gay Marriage legal in the US

March 23, 2006

A petition to get gays and lesbians the right to be married.

If you agree please sign this petition. Thank you.

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65. End Legal Action Against Rancored_Elf!

Jan 30, 2006

This petition is an argument against the legal action taken by Wizards of the Coast (creator of the trading card game Magic: The Gathering) against Rancored_Elf (of

In it you'll find an argument against their case, as well as the means to sign.

By signing, you're asking WoTC to drop the suit against him.

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66. Tracey Hodgins and friends

We have set out this petition in regards to "NAME". Mrs. NAME entered the US ilegally but is trying with the upmost effort to become a legal US citizen. In the time Mrs. "NAME" has been in the United States, she has married and has started a family. She has three children ranging from age four to two. She is a stay at home mom, not earning any US money or taking away from any US citizen.

Her husband who is a US citizen is employeed full-time and provides for the family. After applying to become a legal resident, it was discovered as punishment, she would have to return to Mexico until the application process was completed. This time would range from six month to ten years!

We the signers below are petionting that this does not happen. If Mrs. "NAME" is sent back to Mexico, her family will be uprooted as Mr. "Name" will be unable to care for the three children.

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July 3, 2005

This petition is to persuade all the high up people who can change things to make it a legal requirement to have animals neutered.

There are far too many unwanted animals in the UK, either soon to be destroyed or are in small pens in rehoming centres. This should not happen. By neutering animals we are stopping more unwanted animals.

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68. Legalize fireworks in the states that fireworks are illegal in the US

Come on New York dont you think it is time to make fireworks legal.

Sure they may be dangerous but only if u handle them in an unsafe manner. What makes the other 43 states in the united states legal to light fireworks.

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69. End horse slaughter in illinois

This petition is to try to end horse slaughter in IL.

The method by which horses are slaughtered is cruel and inhumane and cannot be regulated to be humane. Dogs and cats are protected against slaughter and export to countries where their meat is eaten. Horses deserve this protection also.

According to the USDA, the two slaughter plants in Texas killed 49,235 horses in 2003 for human consumption and about twenty thousand horses were transported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. Together, these numbers represent about 1% of the total number of horses in the U.S., and the entire industry is only .001% the size of the U.S. meat industry. It is entirely foreign owned, and pays no corporate taxes or export tariffs. The horse slaughter industry is economically insignificant.

According to 2001 field studies conducted by Temple Grandin, 70% of all horses at the slaughter plant were in good, fat, or obese condition; 72% were considered to be "sound" of limb; 84% were of average age; and 96% had no behavioral issues. Slaughter plants do not want old, sick horses for obvious reasons. It is currently legal to transport horses in low clearance double-decker cattle trailers; legal to transport horses more than 24 hours without food, water or rest; and legal to transport horses without separating the stallions from the mares and foals. Approximately 30% of horses are injured from fighting and transportation.

According to federal law, horses must be rendered unconscious prior to slaughter, usually by captive bolt. However, some are improperly stunned, even with repeated blows, and are still conscious when shackled, hoisted by a rear leg, and cut across the throat. The USDA specifies that 10% live vivisection is acceptable! With their long necks and aversion to anything approaching their foreheads, many horses require multiple strikes.

The annual number of horses slaughtered in the US dropped from over 300,000 in the 1990s to less than 50,000 in 2003, with no special infrastructure needed to absorb the thousands of "unwanted" horses that were not slaughtered. Horses are being kept longer, sold to others, humanely euthanized, or donated to retirement and rescue facilities. The "surplus horse population" is a myth.

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70. No a los sistemas de protección abusivos

El sistema de protección anticopia Starforce resulta perjudicial para el usuario legal del software que lo utiliza, mientras que el usuario pirata tiene numerosas opciones para saltárselo y poder ejecutar ese software sin ningún tipo de problema.

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71. Lower Age for Legal Smoking Age

Feb 8, 2005

Maybe smoking kills but smokers are willing victims. I tihnk if you are old enough to drive, you can smoke a cigarette legally.

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72. Legalize Prostitution in Masssachusetts

Make prostitution legal, so it can be monitored, reduce crime and disease. By making prostitution legal, it will decrease the amount of sexually transmitted disease because the prostitutes will have check ups and will be more safe.

It will also reduce the amount of crime and will not be run by criminals. This will also help the economy by attracting more tourists.

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73. Younger working age !

For years tenagers (11, 12, 13, and 14 year olds) have not been able to get a legal job. For years (i am 13) i have wanted to have a job to learn responcibilty and work ethics. I also need money for things that i want suck at drums cd's ect.

There should be a lowered working age so all teens can be able to work for what they want not just wait for their birthdays or rely on a allowance.

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74. Introduce Legal Studies into the Abbotsleigh HSC course

Legal studies has never been introduced into the Abbotsleigh HSC course.

This has been a popular subject in other schools and we believe many girls at Abbotsleigh would like the opportunity to enrol in such a course.

The introduction to the study of law in commerce in year 9 raised a lot of interest among the students. We believe the school should offer the opportunity to continue the study of law in year 11 and 12.

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75. Gay marriage and adoption inequality in Australia

This petition is now closed. Thanks to all who signed.


May 27, 2004

This petition is to urge the Opposition Leader of Australia, Hon. Mark Latham, to reconsider his party's stance in supporting the Prime Minister, John Howard's, amendments to the Marriage Act that will re-inforce the legal definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and for the Government's decision to discriminate against same-sex couples from adopting children from overseas.......


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76. Make certain hacking organizations legal!!

I think that certain hacking organizations should be legal. Take Legends of Chaos for example. They hack a lot, but they hack porn sites and get information from countries the U.S. is at war at. I think that as long as you're a member of one of these groups, you should be allowed to hack, as long as you're only going to do it to illegal websites. That's all.

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77. Legalize the consumption of Dog Meat in California

Please add your signature to this petition to Governor Arnold Schwarznegger. The consumption of dogmeat is currently illegal in California. This discriminates against dog-meat consumers, although the consumption of other meats, e.g. pork, chicken, veal etc. is legal. Please help us to end this inconsistency.

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78. A Petition for Raising the legal tobacco use age to 21 years

As part of a lesson designed to teach how the Constitution of the United States of Amererica provides numerous opportunities for citizens to participate in the law-making process, the 8th grade social studies students of Ranchero Middle School in Hesperia California designed this petition in thier wishes to change the legal tobacco use age from 18 to 21.

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79. Legalize street drugs in the USA

My desription is for street drugs to be legal. People should be able to do drugs if they want to. Alcohol is legal and it's just as bad. Lot's of people are on drugs anyway. So they shoud make drugs legal.

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80. Cruizin-Exeter Legal Cruise

I am starting this petition to get a feel of who would be willing to...

A) Support a legal event like this and pay £2-3 at the entrance to go towards local charities?

B) Would you be willing to enter competitions such as Sound Off / Show 'n' Shine / Best Dressed / Best Lit etc?

C) Would you be willing to spend money if we had some general trade stands there?

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81. Make Pirating Music Legal!!!

It is now illegal in the united states to pirate (download) music for free. This petition is to try and make it legal again!

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82. Removal Of Anonymous_Digit

Removing Anonymous_Digit and his bots FOREVER.

We, the undersigned , members of Yahoo Help Chat:1, :2 and :3 ,and those seeking help, hereby request the removal of the individual known as Anonymous_Digit(with various dates behind it)and his bot programs from Yahoo. He has on more then one occasion broken the Terms Of Service of Yahoo and yet Yahoo Inc, in all its wisdom has allowed him to do so, and continues to do so. Due to his antics, many people seeking help, are unable to receive valuable help. If this petition is not effective enough to draw Yahoo Inc's attention, we will have no choice but to resort to legal action.

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83. Lower the drinking age in the United States

Time and Time again, there are always debates about people being a certain age to carry on in certain activities. One activity that has had the most debate is the legal drinking age in the United States of America. Between the 60's and 70's when America was at war, this issue came about. It came about because at this time, the Governent decided that 18 was the legal age to vote and make educated decisions about people's political future, as well as fighting in wars. Since the question "I am at a legal age to vote and protect my country, why can't I drink?" came about, the Government decided to lower the drinking age to 19.

Over the years, there have been many irresponsible acts of binge drinking, and drunk driving done by many young people, this is in turn enticed the Government to raise the age to 21. I'm petitioning this issue because I feel that it would be fair for people 18, who are considered adults, and over to be able to have access to alcoholic beverages. There are many places in the world like Jamaica, and China who don't have a legal drinking age, and they don't seem to have a predominace of issues like drunk driving etc. I feel that it would be beneficial socially if people who are 18 are allowed to drink.

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84. Presumed Shared Physical Custody Equals Happier and Healthier Children

Petition of Brian P. Lees, etal for legislation relative to a presumption of shared physical custody of a child is accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 1075. Support Senate Bill 1075 to promote presumption of shared physical custody of a child.

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85. Legalization of Hemp

Health wise I have been diagnosed with bi-polar. And when I used to get depressed I'd smoke hemp and I would No longer feel depressed. So it does help with depression. It does not impare judgement as much as anti-drug commercials say it does. We as citizens of this country have the natural born right to smoke it. And if they say it's dangerous then I say to them to close down the cigarette and alcohol companies and make them illegal too. Because more people abuse them than they do "weed."

There would be a lot less people in prisons if it was made legal. Once something is made legal then the thrill of doing it is gone. The thrill comes from the fact that they are taking a chance of getting caught.

Besides the government could make a very profitable business out of it.

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86. Abolish Substance Scheduling

Why don't we have the right to do as we please within our own homes? Why are substances scheduled as illegal? If someone wants to use one of these substances why can't they? The only person they are hurting are themselves. All of the less dangerous 'drugs' are illegal, yet alcohol and tobacco are sold every day and are far more dangerous and have a higher addiction rate than most illegal drugs. The government wants to make money by selling addicting products and these non addicting products would just ruin their business.

People should be allowed to do what ever they please within their own homes, except for murder and such of course. If these substances were legal, not only would crime go down because people arent getting in trouble for what they are going to do anyway, but then a whole new feild of business would open. The only reason "drugs are bad" is because thats what the government teaches you to believe. alcohol and cigarettes are just as much drugs as acid and extacy, so why are some legal and some not?

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87. No to Abortion and Prostitution

For years, I have listened to the arguements to keep abortion legal, because "a woman should have a right to control her own body". Being the fair minded person that I am, I believe that the logical next step should be to legalize prostition, "because a woman should have the right to do as she chooses, with her own body."

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88. Ban Legal Animal Abuse In Spain

Animal abuse in Spain has gone back years. Bulls are shameless slaughtered for sport, goats are dangled headfirst out of second-story windows, geese are tortured until their heads come off, and donkeys are tied to the back of vehicles until there strength is out, at which point they are dragged along the streets. All for sport. This cruel for of animal abuse is completely legal and attended like a sporting event for the people of Spain.

In short, it is not fun, it is not sport, it is gruesome slaughtering of innocent animals. Please help to put a stop to this.

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Due to the circumstances of our nation being threatened by international and internal terrorism, we the people of the United States wish relief from all would-be terrorists, illegal aliens, and legal aliens with no loyalties to the United States of America.

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90. Keep Abortions Legal

Abortion has been legal for over 20 years and we need to keep it that way. I understand how Pro Life activists feel but... abortions will continue to take place whether or not they are legal. With that said it only makes sense that they be available in a clean, sterile and safe environment performed by a professional.

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