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61. Unblock Websites on School Computers

Lately, many of the sites at our schools have been blocked. While the school board claims that this is because of teachers abusing sites such as Facebook during school hours, there were no grounds for blocking other sites such as Grooveshark, Miniclip, etc.

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62. Pledge of the New Generation v 1.0

We, the undersigned, understand the depravity and deterioration of social structures and graces with the advent of the cellular phone and the connectivity culture.

While we understand that relinquishing technology altogether is impossible, we also understand that a change needs to occur, and that change happens at the level of the individual.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, pledge to personally observe the following uncommon courtesies:

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63. Keep the NBN owned by the Government

NBN Co Limited (NBN Co) was created to design, build and operate the infrastructure that will enable advanced digital services to be provided to the nation.

On 24 November 2007 Australians voted in a new Labor Federal Government led by Kevin Rudd. As part of the party’s policy platform the new government proposed a national broadband network for all Australians.

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP Prime Minister and the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, announced the formation of the wholesale-only NBN Co on 7 April, 2009 to enable the delivery of superfast broadband to Australian homes and workplaces.

The company is wholly-owned by the Commonwealth represented by two “Shareholder Ministers” – the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and the Minister of Finance and Deregulation.

Michael Quigley was announced as Executive Chairman to the NBN Co Board and Chief Executive Officer on 25 July 2009. Other Board appointments were announced on 6 August.

The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy announced on 6 August, 2009 that McKinsey-KPMG had been appointed as Lead Advisor for the National Broadband Network Implementation Study.

The government plans to sell the NBN after 5 years of operation.

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64. Expand Melton Exchange

With the expansion of the Shire of Melton there has been an increase in demand for ADSL internet, this has caused severe congestion which results in slower than dialup speeds during peak hours.

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65. Lamar University Students against Campus Internet Downgrade

Starting August 15th, 2010, Lamar University Student Services changed how the dorm’s internet access would be provided. Residents will be provided Internet service from Time Warner Cable. The basic or free download speed provided to residents is 50 times slower (2 Mbps vs. 100 Mbps) than what residents had access to before.

The free speeds that they are providing do not even meet the FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) definition for broadband internet aka high speed internet. This is occurring despite the fact that all students have to pay a “Technology Fee” which has been raised by almost 5% when compared to Spring 2010 as well as a 7.5% increase in our housing cost. You have the option to pay for faster speeds, but Time Warner will not guarantee that you get the speed you pay for. But if a resident were to go to the library or any other building on campus they would have full access to the extremely high speeds (100 Mbps vs. 2 Mbps) provided by Lamar University.

The goal of this group is to organize students to pressure Student Affairs to make them do something about this. So please join this group and sign the petition. Also I encourage you to email Barry Johnson the President of Student Affairs and voice you displeasure. He can be contacted at

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66. Build Australia's Broadband Future

Australia is in dire need of a New Broadband infrastructure as the current network is not adequate for home and business use. By not implementing the NBN you are holding back Australian businesses from achieving there best in a worldwide marketplace.

The Labor Government has said The NBN will be Australia’s first national wholesale-only open access, high speed broadband platform. They will use Fibre Optic Cables which will replace the Old existing Copper Telstra Network. Labor has pledged to set up online consultations with GPs, allowing regional patients to see a doctor without leaving their home, while NBN Co chief Mike Quigley revealed last week that the NBN would be capable of internet speeds of up to 1Gbps, 100 times faster than originally believed.

The Coalition has proposed investing in a combination of technologies, including fibre optic, cable and wireless, to bring a minimum speed of 12Mbps to 97% of Australians. $1 billion public grant funding and additional, undisclosed private funding for building a wireless network for rural and regional areas
$1 billion on building a metropolitan wireless network focussed on outer metropolitan areas. Rural and Regional Areas would miss out on Fiber Optic and only be provided with Wireless or Satellite Access.

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67. Tighter Control or Shutdown of Internet Chatrooms

Internet chat-rooms have risen to prominence in the past decade or so. Initially they were a great thing, and one of the shining examples of the internet bringing people together.

However, as with many applications of the internet, it has been abused in as many capacities as it has been for good. Of course there are still thousands of chat-rooms on the internet today that are useful, and should remain in their current form, but there are some that should be looked at very carefully - specifically, those aimed at children or teenagers.

There have been very public calls for Facebook to include a panic button to allow young people to report suspicious activity, and as a result of this public outcry the feature has been installed. The tragic case of Ashleigh Hall was what was needed for some to wake up to the dangers. However I believe that there is a far greater danger that has gone un-noticed, and that is the chat-rooms that still exist today, which have become a haven for people who may try and prey on young people. In most cases, the sites are not completely to blame – it is often very difficult to identify these people, and when they are, a lot of the sites don’t have the facility to keep them away.

Luckily there have not been any stories like the one that brought Facebook to heel, but the potential is there. Although there was a level of media scrutiny in 2005 when Yahoo’s chat rooms were shut down, the same has not occurred for the many other major chat sites which operate to this day.

There are a few methods by which this problem could be combated or eradicated, and I believe it is up to the Government to enforce these. I believe that any website that allows young people to communicate (whether privately, or in a chat-room environment) should have to pass strict tests on their security, and how they deal with people that shouldn’t be there. If they cannot be 100% sure of the safety of their visitors, then they either improve their service, or they are shut down.

This level of service should either be provided with constant moderator presence, or even, in this day and age, an automatic method of moderating. I believe that this level of computer intelligence is both possible and applicable to this solution, and would help massively in keeping malicious parties out. Although it is a viable option if a website cannot guarantee its security, shutting it down should be the last resort, as getting rid of all instances of these sites would unfairly censor a young person’s internet usage. Young people should still be able to communicate with others online, without worrying about their identity.

Chat-rooms should still be a part of their internet lives, but an urgent review must be carried out to make sure these sites become safe havens for many younger generations to come.

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68. Outlaw All Internet Porn And Scrap .xxx Domain

Ubiquitous, explicit internet porn is a never ending spam issue on forums and in emails, it degrades women and reiterates a young man's frustration, making him more dangerous and/or disinterested in human beauty outside the sexual realm. If someone started posting pornographic pictures through your letterbox, you'd call the police, wouldn't you? Yet, internet porn companies are allowed to roam the web freely, spamming our emails and forums.

The internet is a kind of collective consciousness and so we should respect it as such. If we are going to treat it as one mind, then it should be a respectful mind, not polluted with explicit liberties. This online public sexual freedom that's been granted has noticeably made people more sexual in the real public environment, when it is not welcome.

Many of us who feel an intimate relationship is unlikely to be realised make it a priority to disassociate ourselves from sexual content so as not to intimidate ourselves, hence why many who are celibate become monks, isolated from mainstream society. It is thus immoral and unfair that those who take sexual relationships for granted be allowed to display and distribute their experiences publicly as if to say any other person "should" expect to take it for granted also.

Furthermore, portraying a false majority vote that there is a real need for limitless and ubiquitous, free, explicit internet porn is highly detrimental to an individual's ability to believe that there is a spiritual alternative to one's sexual frustration. Removing internet porn would reverse this misleading portrayal and in turn encourage spiritual growth.

Internet porn doesn't prevent rape, it encourages it. It spreads hate, jealousy, racism and all kinds of incitement. Furthermore, not only do the government themselves claim that pedophilia is on the rise as a result, but even leaving content online in order to catch a pedophile means you need to generate fresh content as bait and the idea of any content remaining online, even for that purpose, is not a healthy thought. It's an unethical waste of space.

The more and more society becomes hooked on porn, the harder we will find to tune into our spiritual veins and experience the true beauty and freedom found in love.

Many single individuals have expressed concern that they had no porn addiction or interest prior to the internet and that the recent ease of access to ubiquitous free porn has enticed their addiction.

Furthermore, since 'sex' is the most searched keyword on the web, where 25% of total search engine requests are porn-related, and 70% of those searches during the working day, then whilst ubiquitous porn is merely one click away, the more likely society will become unable to harness its inner ability to seek the spiritual, since the spiritual requires gradual kindling, whereas porn is an easy, but detrimental distraction.

Internet porn is child abuse regardless of the porn's content since it is wrong to put any sexual content within easy reach, sight or even hearing of a child. The moment a child touches his mouse, he thinks of all the other people in the world and what they do when they touch theirs. The situation is no different to having an orgy in your lounge whilst your child is forced to listen at the door. In turn the government are representing themselves to children in a sexual manner.

According to government technology advisors, it is impossible to completely censor out porn to protect children and that Internet porn is something we must learn to live with instead. Yet even if this were the case, shouldn't Internet porn then, as an industry, be made entirely illegal? Hence this petition is a call for law reform.

In our opinion we should return to the days of mail order films and top shelf magazines, making the web a porn free zone and in turn making the background to our daily lives free of pollutive thought.

We shouldn't have this huge cloud hanging over our web - it's very bad news.

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69. Fast Access in Noble LA

We, the people of Louisiana, grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political, economic, and religious liberties we enjoy, and desiring to protect individual rights to life, liberty, and property; afford opportunity for the fullest development of the individual; assure equality of rights; promote the health, safety, education, and welfare of the people; maintain a representative and orderly government; ensure domestic tranquillity; provide for the common defense; and secure the blessings of freedom and justice to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution.

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70. Time Warner Cable in Rural Girard Pennsylvania

The people on Mill Street in Girard, PA are "unservice-able" by TimeWarner cable, or any other provider for that matter, TimeWarner being the closest at less than 1,500ft. Anyone that has dropped a land-line, is no longer allowed to get a new one with the old provider, which means no phone, or internet.

If TimeWarner would bring the cable 1,500ft down to the end of the road, they would be servicing 8 new households, and 22 people, 7 of which are in school and need internet for research/work.

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71. Verizon DSL Internet Service to John Wolford Road Waterford, VA 20197

Residents living on John Wolford Road Waterford, Virginia, currently have no access to high speed internet services other that "dial-up" or sattellite internet.

Our modern lives now require us to access and use the internet for school, work, or leisure.

Without high speed internet at low prices, we are unable to use the many benefits that the internet has to offer.

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72. Stop Youtube from blocking videos

It is a kind of discrimination that in some countries many videos are unavailable due to Sony (or other's) content. It is so disturbing to read "This video is no longer available in your country."

What makes the difference if I'm American and am allowed to watch the video or if I want to watch the video in some other country (for example Germany)?

YouTube is a site where people can watch videos and as long as they don't hurt other people's rights, they should be available for everyone all over the world!

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73. Petition to Protect Online Neutrality

As Students Understanding Rights For Online Neutrality (SURFON) we are concerned about the future of our internet.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and large corporations in Canada are threatening to alter the internet from its current state to a hierarchical, “gatekeeper network” whereby information will be filtered to the user based on its source, ownership, and destination.

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74. Find And Punish Those Who Destroyed Trinity's Memorial Page

Please join our campaign to have action taken. This petition will be tabled and forwarded to Senator Conroy who is the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate.

We need to stop the sick and twisted individuals who have been defacing Facebook groups that are set up for the memorials of children and others. These people need to have their whole IP Ranges banned and Senator Conroy needs to hear about it, so he can push for Facebook to take greater responsibility.

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75. PETITION of The Residents of the City of Rutland, VT.

 Repeated pornography issues in & among the Rutland City Police Department.

 Lack of leadership & morale of/in the Rutland City Police Department.

 Lack of action as is required to do “on behalf of the City and betterment of the community,” by the Police Commission.

 Lack of transparency within the City government & offices.

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76. Call of Juarez

Call of Juarez is a Western-themed first-person shooter from the Polish developer Techland. First released for Windows in 2006, it was ported to the Xbox 360 on June 5, 2007.

The North American release of the PC version is one of the first games to utilize Microsoft's DirectX 10. It was released on June 12, 2007. Its prequel Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood was released in 2009.

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77. FIFA must video review the Ireland vs France Qualifier

On Wednesday 18th November Ireland was robbed of its chance to qualify for the world cup by a blatant and obvious foul.

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78. Criminal Justice Exams @ Virginia College Online

We, the students of Virginia College Online Education who are enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program, under the Director Dr. Charles T. Kelly, Jr. petition the Administrative Staff to freeze the “…restriction of time frame on taking exams down to 20 minutes for a fifty-question exam….”

We believe that this new exam process would be discouraging, and a great injustice to the “online students” overall education. We also take great offense to the possibility that under this new direction Virginia College Online as relinquished the fact that we are students that are not applying for positions which would require “…split-second decisions…” and as a learner would benefit greatly from the ability to have the necessary time to concentrate on the questions being asked.

Being afforded 1 to 2 hours for mid-term, and finial exams would also give the students a successful opportunity to successes in the program.

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79. Request to increase network speed in Copper Beech Townhomes, Kalamazoo MI Branch

The internet connection currently being provided for the tenants at Copper Beech Townhomes in Kalamazoo, MI is insufficient for the number of tenants living in this complex.

A single 30mbps (megabit per second) connection is being divided among several hundred tenants, with no option to use your own ISP (internet service provider).

This is unacceptable, as the majority of the tenants in this complex are college students at KVCC (Kalamazoo Valley Community College), Kalamazoo College, or Western Michigan University and require an internet connection for their schoolwork. This is having an impact on the ability of these students to do their coursework.

We are requesting the managers of Copper Beech Townhomes, LLC. to increase the connection speed dramatically or to allow tenants to aquire their own internet connections in exchange for a rent reduction.

A minimum speed of 1.5mbps per tenant is a typical minimum speed for high speed internet services, and this would be acceptable to the undersigned. To clarify, this speed is per tenant, not per household.

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80. Make Myspace Chat Available Again

At one time, Myspace had a feature known as Myspace Chat, which allowed an extensive range of communication between many people.

Myspace Chat was divided into many different categories based on common interests such as Culture, Arts and Literature, Fashion, Religion and Philosophy, Automotive and many more such topics. Each of these "catagories" were further divided into even more specific subjects, allowing people to find others who were genuinely intereseted in the same hobbies or subject matter. If two people wished to further communicate, a link to their profile was available, as well as the option to block inappropriate users.

In the presence of such competition as Facebook and Twitter, Myspace has lost many of its original, unique features such as this one. In place of Myspace Chat, Myspace suggests that users use an app or application that allows for a very limited and more inappropriate chat room environment. Applications, of course, are one of the prominent highlights of Facebook, and further mark Myspace's fall from originality.

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81. We say NO to permanent ISP-level internet filtering

The Australian government's ISP-level internet filter is a step back into the dark ages, besides existing as overlord censorship. Here is why:

- permanent ISP-level internet filters will reduce internet speeds by 30% to 40%

- reduction in web speeds will make innovative online businesses, and web development businesses nearly impossible to conduct, thus forcing these companies to relocate overseas

- the Australian public will have no control over what is filtered out, which is akin to fascist levels of censorship.

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82. Upgrade the Nintendo Wii's Internet Browser

The Wii was launched on November 19, 2006.

On May 10, 2006, the Opera Software company announced plans to develop a web browser for the Wii.

The full version of the Internet Channel was released in April 2007.

Keyboard support was added in an Internet Channel update on October 10, 2007.

Since October 10th, 2007 The Nintendo Wii's Internet Channel has not seen a significant update.

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83. Protest against Ahmadinejad election coup in Iran - 13 june 2009

The tenth president election in Iran on June, 13th,
and the election coup, and the afterward events.

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84. Say No to "Cash for Clunkers" Bill

This program is completely voluntary. but the salvage yards will not be able to sell Engines, and Transmissions that could be used to maintain an older car.

Currently there's a bill called "Cash for Clunkers" which the government will proposed federal program that would encourage consumers to trade in gas-guzzlers or older cars for new cars that get better fuel economy, and that new cars are safer then the older cars.

The government will pay $2000 dollars to $4000 depending on the fuel economy of the new car compared to the older car, when the trade is made the older car will be crushed as well with the Engine and transmission and not be sold again! the Engines and transmissions will be crushed. which people can use in current cars of the same make and model that need engines or transmissions for their cars to run.

The government will send the money to the dealer via electronic voucher...

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85. Petitie om duizenden websites te blokkeren in Europa !!, die de goede zeden van minderjarigen overtreden

Petitie om duizenden websites te blokkeren in Europa !!, die de goede zeden van minderjarigen overtreden. (kindermisbruik-exploitatie-handel en uitbuiting):

Op Woensdag 29 April 2009, brachten gerecht en politie een artikel uit, die vermelde dat men actief werkt aan een zwarte lijst van internationale websites waarvan de inhoud de zeden schend, meerbepaald kinderporno, misbruik, exploitaie en de handel in kinderen. Wij hadden dit op Europees vlak willen doorgetrokken zien. Wat in eertse instatie een zeer goed initiatief blijkt, zal jaren aanslepen om op europees vlak effect te hebben. Die tijd hebben kinderen niet !!

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86. Fix Internet speeds for Griffith University on-campus students!

Star tech. Griffith University on-campus students shudder at the thought of the words. Many a pain has been caused by slow internet, lack of network, shaped downloading speeds, random drop-outs and inability to access the intranet, which is necessary in order to complete our courses.

We need a change. We need reliable, fast internet, preferably with a network. Otherwise, we shall resort to running ethernet cables throughout our flats, increasing the chances of injuries via tripping.

Download speeds of around 20kB/second are unacceptable when we were led to believe that we would be getting a speed of 512kBps (which should download at AT LEAST 50kB/s on a bad day. It should reach around 64kB/s normally.). This is an example of false advertising, and there was nothing mentioned in the terms and conditions that they could change the speed at any time.

Join us! Unshape our internet, make it reliable. As consumers, we deserve better.

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87. Swiftly Bring Back MSN Sharing Folders!

We do realize that Msn Messenger Version 9 has a "publish share folders online" feature located in the files drop down box, however, we all believe sincerely that the MSN Sharing Ability (without use of the Internet, with personal sharing between person to person) brought about on Version 8.5 was absolutely superb!

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88. Internet Crime Reform

Dozens of crimes are being committed and being undetected by Law Enforcement until its to late as in Craig's lists and others to date.

With more and more people using the internet as resource of Official business we need tighter controls on the internet with no laws we have no system of business.

To have access to the World Wide Web should be a Privilege not to be taken for granted as it is now presently.

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89. Civilians Against Online Predators in the School District

I am Matthew the C.E.O. and Lead Investigator for Civilians Against Online Predators asking all of you to help us educate our children about online predators and get the word spread that we are here to help.

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90. 100% Free Internet for Chicago

Are you ready to transform Chicago?

We’ll take that as a yes! Our mission is to give Chicago 100% free wireless internet. Become informed and sign the petition now if you believe you, residents, tourists, businesses, the CTA, the 2016 Olympics or anyone else in Chicago will benefit from:

• Free wireless internet throughout the city.

• Free instant access to updated weather, news, date, time and stock market information.

• Free walking and CTA directions and location lookup with the option of sending results to your cellular phone.

• Instant public announcements such as Chicago City events, Amber Alerts, homeland security updates, oncoming emergency vehicle information and more.

• Advertisements that can be quickly edited and changed to get the best ROI for customers.

Now you’re most likely thinking one of two things:

I want to learn more about this 100% free wireless internet thing.


Rock on! I want 100% free wireless internet in Chicago right now.

If you thought the first then we suggest taking a look at our website If you thought the second then you rock and sign the petition now.

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