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181. Keep PES6 Servers Open!

Konami have announced they will be terminating the servers for Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on the 2/2/2009.

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182. Please Buy a Left Back Celtic!

Traditionally, Celtic will not play with a decent left back to make the league exciting.

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183. Reform the CSA

In view of our recent early departure from World Cup Qualifications we feel that changes need to be made at several levels.

1) The Organization Review report prepared by Deloitte & Touche for the Canadian Soccer Association has been in your possession for almost 3 years. Start implementing it immediately.

2) In consultation with the Men's National Team players decide who is the best person to lead Canada forward as a coach.

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184. Keep McNabb

Mcnabb > Kolb

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185. Stop section 27

This is a petition to register displeasure at police using unneccessary measures to send football fans home for no reason using section 27.

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186. Fair go for football

For years football has been the target of journalists with an obvious aim of putting the game down for the benefit of their own preferred sport of choice.

Now is the time we say enough is enough, we are Australians and deserve the same respect and treatment enjoyed by rival sports.

It is fair to criticise when based on FACT but when a clear anti football agenda exists and certain facts are ignored it shows blatant discrimination.

Firstly, rugby league and AFL journalists are in no position to comment on the world game. It should be left to those who are. The likes of Simon Hill, Michael Cockerill and others can comment from a position of truth and no hidden agendas.

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187. Get Liam Dickinson back to Derby

This petition is to encourage the management of Derby County Football Club to give their loanee striker Liam Dickinson a chance to prove himself when he returns to the club.

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188. Don't let Cousins back

There have been numerous petitions calling for the re-instatement of Ben Cousins to WCE, however I'm yet to see one for him not to return to WCE.

In the interest of not being biased I believe all those who don't want Cousins to return should have a voice as well.

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Football grounds have become sanitised by the introduction of all seater stadiums.

We want a safe standing area at East End Park to accommodate those fans who want to bring the atmosphere back to a stadium who once proudly had the title of Best Football Ground in Scotland. Let's put some life back into this grand old lady.


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190. Capital Letters On Football Shirts

I don't know if its just me, but as I sit here watching Fenerbache V Arsenal, I'm finding it very annoying that the Players names on the shirts don't start with a capital letter.

I'm not overly fussy about grammar but for some reason this really bugs me. I Mean just because there footballers and think there cool, doesn't mean they are allowed to become illiterate!

So anyone else who finds this annoying, or really loves grammar, please sign this petition!!

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191. Rob Styles out

The FA Premier League and Coca Cola Leagues for football in England have all seen a severe decline in the refereeing standard over the past few years and we are calling for the correct body to act as soon as possible to remove poor referees from the game – in particular Rob Styles whose actions over the past few years have caused outrage throughout football and embarrassment for the Referees’ Association and his colleagues.

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192. Parity for Rangers fans

If you believe Rangers fans and our club are under a sustained and politically motivated attack, from biased MP's and equally divisive media establishments, then please take a moment to sign our petition.

Rangers fans took the unusual step of protesting outside the BBC in Glasgow recently, due to this corporation being duped into a false and utterly appalling tale about the "Famine song".

Compare and contrast the media coverage one week later when other supporters are caught red handed singing songs in support of banned terrorist organisations.

Rangers fans do not ask for favouritism or preferential treatment, but we do demand that we are given parity of esteem. We also demand that Michael Matheson SNP MSP, is disciplined by the Scottish government, for his biased and ludicrous statements on the Hokey Cokey song. Once again, bigots with an agenda attack Rangers fans, for no reason, other than their own prejudices.

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193. Talk Celtic, Lower Matchday Ticket Prices

Celtic home tickets 25 to 30 pounds need to be cheaper.

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194. Bring Back The (XFL) Xtreme Football League

The XFL was only around one year and after seening the XFL for the very first time it was the best ever football.

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195. Get Gillet And Hicks Out

It's the broken promises and the delayed stadium that ppl are annoyed with.

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196. Keep Kimmorley with the Sharks

Against his wishes, Brett Kimmorley earlier this year signed with the Bulldogs for 2009. This is a great shame and needs to be rectified.

All Kimmorley wanted was to finish his career with the Sharks, and he has been repayed in this atrocious manner, especially after playing great football and helping the club achieve so much this season.

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197. Please don't trade Alan Didak!

Refer to the many reports that have been written up on the subject.

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198. Show your support for the new breed of Eagles

Firstly, my dissappointment that other West Coast Eagles supporters have a lack of faith in the clubs new players and direction for the future.

Petitioning to get the player back, who was largely responsible for the unwanted and mostly negative attention to the club, I find to be detrimental to the club's vision for the future and disrespectful to all our current players.

Understanding what we as supporters have had to endure by consistent negative off field behaviour & media attention, has resulted in watching a respected club, players and supporters alike, becoming a laughing stock within the football community.

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199. To Re-instate Ross County's, Dunfermline's & Dundee's Youth Teams

Ross County, Dunfermline and Dundee have been expelled from the elite level of the SFA's Youth Football initiative league due to administrative errors.

None of the three clubs were allowed an appeal process or time to rectify the administrative error.

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200. Stop the Old Firm bully tactics!

As you will have seen in the press. This season, Rangers and Celtic sent proposals to all other SPL clubs asking them to pay a 5% surcharge to distribute tickets to their own supporters for away matches.

i.e If Celtic played Hearts at Tynecastle last season. Hearts sent tickets to Celtic and Celtic sold them. The money for these tickets then went back to Hearts.

This season Celtic would only send 95% of that money back.

All of the SPL clubs disagreed with these plans.

This morning (1st August 2008) Dundee United have stated that they have had to accept this 5% charge as Celtic have told them "If you don't pay, we don't take ANY tickets!" which stands to cost United £100,000.

In other words. The two biggest clubs in Scotland are now standing together to BULLY the smaller teams out of money that most of them can ill afford.

It's time for the 10 other clubs to test the resolve of Rangers and Celtic. If they threaten to send no fans. Fine! Sell those tickets to your own fans. Create an atmosphere that is as biased as the ones you face at Ibrox and Parkhead. Or close those areas of the ground that they normally take up saving money in policing and stewarding costs.

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201. GBYF Petition to use High School Football Field for Game Days

Grand Blanc Youth Football a non-profit community tackle football program has been denied use of the High School Football Athletic Field for Home football games.

The Grand Blanc School Adminstration has provided the reason of safety concerns for physical education student s and high school football players.

In the Interim the Grand Blanc Youth Football program will be playing our 3 home games outside of the Grand Blanc community.

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202. Soccer facility improvement in Kingston, Ontario

Participation in soccer within the greater Kingston area has grown exponentially in recent years, but there has not been a corresponding increase in the number of available soccer fields. As a result, the fields are severely overused and in very poor condition. Clubs will have to limit enrollment in soccer because of the shortage of fields.

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203. Support Christian Kisuka and his family's residency application to the UK

Christian Kisuka and family fled the Democratic Republic of Congo and are living in Glasgow. They are still waiting for a decision on his asylum application five years after having fled the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with his mother and sister.

Kisuka is quoted as saying, "We had to leave the Congo because it was dangerous and they were shooting people.”

Kisuka has been compared to the Chelsea and Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba. After starring for the Scottish Premier League side's under-17s and scoring 46 goals for his Glasgow-based youth team. But he is unable to take up the two-year contract Aberdeen FC (AFC) want to offer him until a decision is made on his immigration status.

Christian Kisuka has been described by Leonard Taylor head of AFC youth policy “one of the best youth football players in Scotland at his age”. Ross Mathie, Scotland's youth coach, stating that Christian would be picked for the country.”

Kisuka is quoted as saying, "I would love to represent Scotland one day and am becoming fed up because I have seen other guys I have played football with signing contracts at Aberdeen and other clubs while I have to wait for a decision.

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204. A new manga of football

i want new manga or anime japanese of football how holly and benji (capitan tsubasa) and hungry heart wild strike(la squadra del cuore in italiano)

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205. No fine for Chaddy End FC

Following on from a children's football tournament held at New Barn Playing Fields, Shaw, Oldham (5th and 6th July), Oldham council have fined the club £1,500 for repairs they have had to make to the playing fields (reseeding).

Over that weekend over 60 teams took part in the tournament and I feel that the council have let the children of the borough down by imposing such a fine.

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206. Get the NRL to listen to the fans!

The NRL won't listen to the fans...they think the game is in a perfect state, when week in week out teams are getting robbed by shoddy refereeing decisions.

It is only worried about teams in Sydney when it is the NATIONAL Rugby League.

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207. Invite Ben Cousins back to the Eagles

Ben Cousins (as an AFL football player) has been deregistered as a player for bringing the game in to disrepute.

Ben has not been charged with any criminal drug offence but has admitted he is a user but did not affect his sport in any way.

Ben returned to Perth WAFL football club for club training on August 4th to endevour to return to a team enviorment.

He has served a 12 month suspension and can play in 2009 if he passes certain health tests.

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208. Jonas Brothers for next Super Bowl Half Time Show

People are getting bored with the half time shows that the NFL have been putting out recently since the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake fiasco. Nobody watches the game anymore.

If the Jonas Brothers were to perform i can gaurantee and amazing turnout of the likes that the NFL have never seen before.

The Jonas Brothers are super hot right on the charts and the small screen and you can trust them to not pull anything stupid on stage. They would never do that to their fans.

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209. Rename Whitley after the best right in the world

Every day is a Habib Beye day! He's the saviour of the Mags back four, the most committed member of the squad (and he didn't even want to come), the new Rob Lee, and the only member of the current squad I'd consider putting on the back of my shirt.

In homage to our fantastic right back, we think we should rename our coastal town in his honour - Whitley Beye!!

*P/S don't forget to leave your e-mail adress to be kept informed on the movement's progress!!

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210. Granville Soccer petition against cancellation of rounds

Granville Soccer have decided to cancel Rounds 10 and 4 after they have been washed out.

Many teams need these two games as they face easier teams and need the points in order to progress to the semi finals.

We are signing a petition to signify a peaceful demonstration against Granville Soccer's decision.

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