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181. Retire number 9 at Larissa FC!

Antonio de Nigris, a Mexican footballer who played for Larissa FC, tragically died on November 16, 2009. He died because of a heart attack while sleeping on that fateful night.

De Nigris played with #9 at the club. We want Larissa FC to retire the number in memory of him.

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182. Support NCAA Division I-A Football Playoffs

As we all know, the BCS system for determining the Division I-A National Champion has never allowed for schools from the lesser publicized conferences to really have a chance to win a National Title.

During the '90s, Marshall University and Florida State were the only two undefeated teams in the nation, yet Marshall was only ranked at #7 with no chance to prove themselves. More recently, Boise State has also not been afforded that opportunity.

This year could produce as many as four undefeated teams and two will also not be afforded that opportunity.

We therefore propose the following petition to the NCAA to eliminate this discrimination.

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183. Introduce Video Technology for Soccer/Football

Video Technology must be introduced into Soccer/Football. The player's want it, the manager's want it, and the fan's want it! The only people who do not are Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini!

There is evidence across the globe on a daily basis as to why it must be introduced! If everyone gets involved, then surely the governing bodies must listen!

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184. Greater Team Power in Football

The blatant cheating the French national team inflicted on the Republic of Ireland in Wednesday's (18/11/2009) Play Off Game.

Darren Fletcher's Red card against Arsenal 08/09 Champions League.

Chelsea vs Barcelona 08/09 Champions League Semi Final 2nd Leg refusal of Penalties.

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185. Replay Ireland vs. France World Cup Qualifying Match

On November 18th, 2009 Ireland took on France with a chance to qualify for the World Cup.

In the final seconds, however, France was allowed to get away with a blatant handball that caused Ireland to lose the game and any chance of qualifying for the World Cup as well.

Since then many surveys have been taken, all with the overwhelming majority crying for a rematch.

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186. Support Football Video Referees

This petition is a response to the injustice felt by the lifeblood of football, the people who support their club/nation, the people who sustain an industry with their tireless support, the people who own the game, the football fans.

We are seeking to eliminate the cheating which is blatantly obvious to the majority of people watching the game, but all too often goes unnoticed and unpunished by the referee and their assistants.

“Winning is without value if victory has been achieved unfairly or dishonestly”. This is an extract from the Fair Play Golden Rules, and does not seem to tally up with many examples of victories achieved unfairly and dishonestly such as; Thierry Henry handling the ball and leading to a goal which ultimately stopped the Republic of Ireland reaching the world cup - Rivaldo’s play acting which lead to the sending off of Hakan Unsal and a winning penalty scored by Rivaldo, and Ultimately winning the World Cup – Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ which knocked out England and ultimately led to Argentina winning the World Cup.

Surely a great deal of value was gained by France, Brazil and Argentina in the above instances of unfairness and dishonesty.

Players have a duty towards their own country/club and therefore can only be expected to do everything they can to win. If the option is there for them to make a split second decision to cheat in order to gain an advantage, it is inevitable that they will take the chance.

Something must be done to both deter and correct this.

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187. Move the Detroit Lions to Windsor, Ontario, Canada

For years, Canadians have wanted to go see a live NFL game but walking in an American city would be too dangerous for most Canadians.

I believe that if the Detroit Lions were moved to Windsor, Canadians would be able to watch a live NFL game in their own country. It would be superior to CFL football and most fans would be able to identify with the players more.

Americans would still be able to access the game by mass transit. The city should pay for 40% of the cost of building a new stadium, the Detroit Lions should pay 40%, and the NFL should pay 20%.

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188. FIFA must video review the Ireland vs France Qualifier

On Wednesday 18th November Ireland was robbed of its chance to qualify for the world cup by a blatant and obvious foul.

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189. Land of Hope and Glory

Every country have their own national anthem. When it comes to football, we would like England to have Land of Hope and Glory. Scotland have the Flower of Scotland, and Wales have the Land of My Fathers.

We should only use GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, when we are in the Olympics as one NATION (Great Britain) (The Queen) Your Majesty please do not Interpret this as an act of TREASON.

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190. Let Greg Jennings go!

The shows' instability to score over 88 points is due from the dead weight known as Greg Jennings.

Greg Jennings has a big name and put up great numbers last year but as for this year his only real contribution was in week one.

He is quickly turning into the 2009 version of the 2007 Braylon Edwards.

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191. Boycott Carolina Panthers NOW!!

Carolina Panthers fans are tired of the weak excuse we have for a starting quarterback in Jake Delhomme. We are tired of watching him throw interceptions and entire games without being benched.

We are tired of the terrible playcalling of the Panthers coaching staff, and call for the immediate firing or resignation of Coach John Fox. There is not one single team we should not have been able to stay with or beat this season if we had a competent quarterback and coach, as a Carolina Panthers PSL owner, season ticket holder and fan since inception, I am urging every Carolina Panthers fan to boycott going to any more home games until the coaching and decision making skills of this organization are changed.

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192. NFL Should have the team with the best record host the Superbowl

The NBA and The NHL have their deciding games hosted by the team with the best record. Baseball has game #7 of the World Series hosted by the league which wins the All Star game.

Unfortunately the NFL has the Superbowl at a neutral site stadium. We the undersigned believe the Conference Champion with best won-loss record in the regular season, should host the Superbowl in front of their fans.

If that means the Superbowl has to be played in a blizzard in Green Bay, Buffalo or New England so be it.

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193. Bring Rosenior Back

Liam Rosenior is a right-back that signed for Reading in 2007. Although he lived in the shadow of captain Graeme Murty, he was capable cover throughout the remainder of the 06/07 season and also going into 07/08 season.

He was one of the players that decided to stay at Reading despite relegation and growing interest from Premier League clubs. He was an integral part of our promotion push which soon failed in the Play-Off semi-final.

At the start of the 09/10 season, there was apparent interest in Rosenior from Hull City but said he wanted to stay and Reading and try and get them back to the Premier League. This provoked a great response from the fans and was also one of the candidates for the captaincy at one point. Only to be let go days later on deadline day to Ipswich on loan and to sign a player in Shaun Cummings who is nowhere near the quality of Rosenior.

The reason for his departure was the Premier League wages and as his contract was running out at the end of the season. The simple answer was to give him a new contract but Reading Football Club refused too. Its not too late and you can help by telling all your family and friends to sign up and try and get Rosey back!!

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194. Do NOT sell the Cleveland BROWNS!

We have one of the best owners in the NFL. He has lots of money and is (and has always been) a BIG Browns Fan!

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195. Put The Football League Show On earlier

The Football League Show is on too late at night, let's campaign and get it on at a decent time.

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196. Browns: Please do three way trade for Michael Vick

Michael Vick would make a great addition to Cribbs in the wildcat formation. Both can pass as well. Cribbs was a quarterback for Kent State. Davis and Harrison RB. DA and Quinn aren't the answer.

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197. Fire Mangini

With a bad record and only 2 winning seasons under Lerner, please fire Eric Mangini.

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198. Bring Mel Johnson Back to QPR

Mel Johnson achieved great success at Queens Park Rangers as Chief Scout. He recommended excellent players to Ian Holloway that not only delivered on the field, but later produced revenue that helped to keep the club afloat as the club fought the possibility of extinction.

Mel was responsible for recommending current captain Martin Rowlands, who has been a superb servant to the club, as well as the likes of Danny Shittu and Lee Cook - two massive favourites among the fans. He also helped to bring in players such as Stephen Kelly and Lee Camp at crucial times in the club's climb back to the Championship.

Mel had a great time at QPR and only left because Spurs recognised his capabalities and made him an offer he could not turn down. Spurs have now released him, essentially throwing away four-and-a-half years of worldwide scouting experience he has gained while working there. That is an astonishing bank of knowledge that QPR could now tap into.

Indeed, Mel's effect is being felt at Loftus Road even now - he spotted Adel Taraabt while playing Under 17 football and recommended him to Spurs. He describes Adel as a classic QPR player - a footballer in the Marsh/Bowles tradition who QPR fans really appreciate.

We know that Mel has done brilliantly for us in the past and he is now available with a wealth of knowledge and experience that could really help QPR's quest for Premier League football. He won't be on the market long. Let's get him now before someone else steps in.

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199. Bring FIFA World Cup to England in 2018

Not since 1966 has England hosted a football World Cup.

The game was invented in England and the Premier League is clearly the best league in the world.

In 2018 the World Cup should be in England.

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200. Boycott of all three of Arsenal's awful 09/10 shirts

Football supporters love their club. One way to show this is to purchase and wear with pride a replica shirt in your team's colours. Clubs have become increasingly aware of this and often release new shirts each season to cash in on this inherent need to belong.

But Arsenal FC has gone too far.

The red home shirt lost the massively recognisable white sleeves last year (and looks like Charlton).

The new away kit is quite simply all blue (and looks like Chelsea).

The third kit is white with with dark shorts and resembles a baseball shirt (and looks like Spurs).

Now whilst the players have no choice in what they wear on the pitch, I cannot believe the club has been so short-sighted as to think that its fans will be happy to wear the colours of other, rival, London clubs.

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201. Arsenal to sign Lorik Cana

Arsenal have recently been linked with Marseille's captain Lorik Cana. I have seen him play on many occasions and I firmly believe that Arsenal would benefit from signing him. He is a tough tackling defensive minded midfielder and is very aggressive, many Arsenal fans believe this is what has been lacking since the unfortunate departure of our former captain, Patrick Vieira.

I would like all Arsenal fans to sign this petition, the more the better, I'm not asking for donations. Once i have the required amount of names then I'll send it to Arsenal, this is not a hoax.

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202. The Steel City Derby Is One Of The World's Finest - So Give The Coverage We Deserve!

On the 16th Oct 1893 Sheffield gave birth the the Steel City Derby, being considered widely as one of the most passionate and hotly contested football games in the history of the sport with it's ability to place an evident divide down the middle of our fine city as the fans from both Sheffield teams pledge their allegiance in their own club.

In excess of 115 years later and 123 games later the Steel City Derby is still as passionate and as big as it ever has been in the city and surprisingly no real team has any real bragging rights or can claim to be dominant over the other as in total Sheffield United only lead Wednesday by 3 games in the total number of games won.

I'm not going to go into it much but over the history of the Steel City Derby the fans of both Sheffield teams have witnessed some pretty memorable games, and in the nineties the two teams competed down at the old Wembley stadium in a cup semi-final which believe it or not saw an attendance of roughly 75,000 people travel down to the capital from our fine city.

Sooooo.........I ask you this! Considering the significance of The Steel City Derby which is widely renound as a passionate affair and great entertainment for even the neutral spectator, Why do we only find our games between the two clubs televised once a season??? When sky clearly show favouritism when opting for coverage of less significant games and even Derby games which in theory aren't even genuine Derby games showing teams who play many away from each other??

This needs to change, and the only way we can make Sky take any notice of us is for the people of Sheffield to join forces together in Support of The Steel City Derby and to show just how much it means to us, and how significant we feel it is for them to give us the coverage that we deserve!

Therefore please take a minute to sign this petition which will be presented to Sky TV when a significant amount of Signatures have been collected!

Come On Sheffielders lets show Sky what The Steel City Derby is all about and just how much it means to us as fans and to our fine city!

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203. AF2 Arena Cup X Location

Recently fans have been told that there may be a change in location regarding the 2009 Arena Cup. Currently the final playoff game is held at the higher seed teams home field. The new rules would change this game to a neutral location.

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204. Save Killicomaine Football Pitch

Please sign this petition to stop a new community centre being built on the football pitch in Killicomaine. If this goes ahead there will be nowhere left in the Killicomaine area for children to play safely and they will be forced to play on the streets.

This pitch is used for Youth Football in the summer.
How can an area the size of Killicomaine be left without a football pitch?

At present Brownstown Park has 2 pitches with a brand new 3rd Generation pitch soon to be developed there.

Portadown Public park has 3 pitches.
Corcrain have a pitch also.

We simply can't allow this to go ahead and you must sign this partition as future generations will grow up without in the estate.

Please sigh this partition if you want your children/grandchildren to play safe.

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205. Ban ITV from Football Coverage

Surely the 2009 Champions League Final was the final straw for ITV. We have had to endure a terrible period of Premiership highlights, the frankly stupid scenario of the Liverpool V Everton cup tie goal and now the graphics cock up on last nights final. This coupled with their terrible pundit line up must surely spell the end for ITV coverage of football.

Don't let them know the sport exists!

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206. An Alternative Infill Solution for New York City's Synthetic Turf

The New York City Parks & Recreations Department is leading the way in discussing new initiatives and enacting new lesgislation that protects the health and safety of our communities by limiting the amount of hazardous materials used in construction of playgrounds, recreation areas, sports fields and landscaping.

Synthetic turf surfaces that use crumb rubber infill will no longer be installed, and current installations are under pressure to replace or remove their infill materials.

Finding a suitable alternative infill to maintain the quality, safety and performance of these fields has become an important issue for New York City residents including city officials, architects, engineers, coaches, parents and athletes.

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207. Restore Post Study Work Visas

This is a petition requesting all international graduates from UK Universities to fight for rights for the post study work visa. So many international students have been rejected the post study work scheme because of shortfall in funds which was not clearly explained. This is unfair and seriously questions the credibility of this rule as it is intentionally meant to rob students of their post study work permit. This is discriminatory and racist.

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208. No More Unnecessary AFL Rule Changes!

Over the past few years the AFL has begun implementing a ridiculous amount of new rules and interpretations. These new rules are not all bad but many are poorly thought through, fail to achieve their objectives and negatively impact the game that we all love.

An example would be the rule relating to a player who dives on the football or drags the football into himself. All this rule has done is created a situation where the defensive player's number one goal is to hold the football in so he is rewarded with a free kick. In essence, this penalizes the player making a legitimate attempt to get the football and not only rewards, but encourages the tackling player to keep the ball from spilling clear of the contest. This rule goes against both the spirit of the game (rewarding and protecting the player who’s focus in the ball) as well as the purpose for which it was created, that being to keep the ball moving and reduce stoppages. The removal of this rule would see fewer stoppages and fewer frustrated players and fans. This rule achieves nothing positive. I have many more examples, as Im sure you do, of rules that have been implemented that do not achieve their purpose and erode the quality of our great game.

My biggest concern is just what this game will look like in 20 years if the rules continue to be changed at the current rate. Only three or four new rules or interpretations each year and we're looking at 70 or 80 new rules by 2030. Will our kids and our kids kids get to watch the game we know and love or will it have morphed into some kind of hybrid soccer / basketball combination that satisfies the AFLs goals of being very fast, very safe and very marketable?

In the near future, maybe we will see a reduced number of players on the ground to reduce the number of contests and collisions. Perhaps like netball, players wont be allowed out of their particular ‘zone’. A limited number of players within the 50m arc at kick ins? The banning of heavy bumps and recklessly flying into packs for a mark as the risk of head injuries is too great. These are potential changes that I fear the rules committee may see as ‘opportunities’ to legitimize their existence.

I love the sport of AFL and want it to remain the fair, tough, unique, exciting and entertaining spectacle it has been for over 150 years. I am asking for a call to arms. Please sign this petition so that we can bring an end to the endless stream of knee-jerk rule changes.

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209. Championship Manager 01/02 for Mac

Eidos have released a free version of seminal game Championship Manager 01/02 for download from the games' website. However, this download is incompatible with Mac OSX without downloading further software.

Given the large numbers of mac users requesting the game and the lack of second hand copies available to purchase, it would be foolish not to release a version for these dedicated fans of the greatest football management game ever.

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210. Encorage All Football Broadcasters To Implement The BBC Offside Flag Graphic

Watching a game on TV is in no way as good as actually being there at the ground yourself.

You are limited to what you can see, and in many cases are at the whim of a director who absolutely HAS to have that close up shot of Ronaldo running with the ball the second he lets one fly. Or when Steve Gerrard beats his man and puts a brilliant ball into the box for… as the camera quickly pans out… no-one. Or watching that super slo-mo of David Beckham wincing for no apparent reason and missing a huge penalty appeal in the meantime.

Not content with having to deal with someone who thinks he’s directing a live version of Eastenders, and attempting to squeeze as much emotion in as possible at the potential expense of MISSING THE GAME, we have to put up with the nature of the television screen itself.

Even when the camera has panned out as far back as possible you can only see perhaps a quarter of the pitch if you’re lucky. We all must remember on occasions getting excited following a quick break only to discover the linesman has had his flag up for several seconds (the commentator being as focussed on the ball as you are).

We became resigned to it happening. It was one of the downfalls of watching the game on TV. And as the game became a worldwide event, as every level started to receive more coverage, we became accustomed to watching the game from our living rooms.

After all, it might be much better to see the game from the stadium, but if that involves arranging travel to a stadium hundreds of miles from home to pay £50 for a ticket to a match you don’t really care who wins your warm inviting sofa is going to seem a lot more appealing.

But it still frustrates you that so much is going on that’s beyond the visual boundaries of televised football.

And then one glorious day…

You happen to be watching a game broadcast live on the BBC. As one team breaks a small icon appears in the corner of your screen. You notice it’s a small flag, like a linesman would carry. You think nothing of it, but then it happens again. The commentator hasn’t said anything, everything is going on as usual, but this flag keeps appearing whenever anyone strays offside, and before too long your loving it!

You’ve got phone calls from excited friends; text messages have been sent around the country… this is the most exciting innovation in televised sport since the Instant Replay!

You watch games on other channels, hoping they will introduce it, but no! Sky have the Red Button, HD broadcasts, every gimmick possible that you require to watch the game, and several others that are completely pointless, but use up a bit of time when you get a bit bored watching at home.

It’s been years now, and the other broadcasters haven’t taken it up! Are they jealous because the BBC beat them to it? Does the BBC have some kind of copywrite on its use? Well I’m prepared to be the one who gets these questions answered.

But not only that – I’m going to go further. I’m going to lobby that the TV companies compete to introduce any new innovations they have to expand our view of the game beyond the visual constraints of our TV sets!

And I hope you will join me. TV companies pay a lot of attention to petitions and the like. Remember, its OUR game, that for the time being they have control over but just because WE PAY FOR IT!

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