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61. David Beckham deserves to play for the GB OLYMPIC TEAM



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62. Stop Hull City Disabled Season Ticket Hike

In May 2012 Hull City AFC of the Championship put up season pass prices for disabled supporters only, by over 200% or £300.

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63. Petition to form a soccer club under Arizona Youth Soccer Association for the Rancho Sahuarita and near-by communities

USA Youth Sports is a recreational sporting league with over 5000 children registered yearly in four seasons.

We would like to form a soccer club called USA FC to represent our area, to provide a direction for recreational players to play competitively and to play in the Pima County Junior Soccer League.

It is our feeling that players and parents should be provided with the option to play competitive "club" soccer and no recreational teams shall be "harmed" while building or maintaining this club...our desire is to provide a method to further develop those players that wish to do so.

We have elected board members (13) and 8-10 teams waiting for AYSA to approve this request. We are NOT properly supported or represented by clubs from and like Randolf, Tucson Soccer Academy or the Fort Lowell SC as we are forty (40) miles South of Tucson and NOT in Tucson. The communities South of Tucson would like to play soccer during the Fall season to also play games SOUTH OF TUCSON as well as be able to call Rancho Sahuarita our “HOME” field for at least SOME of our games.

We have more fields in our area than any one area in Tucson and are currently forced to drive to Tucson for tournaments and league play.

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64. Change Football Points Award System

With the current European leagues coming to a close, the nature of awarding the teams based on performance in the league system has been in use for long and has become redundant and out of time.

In this petition, I intend to introduce new points system that will reward football clubs that perform well in league games at the same time give as expected to poorly performing sides. Basically, this will create a fair award system.

Specifics include;
4points-Awarded to a team that wins without conceding a goal
3points-Awarded to a team that wins but concedes a goal(s).
2points-Awarded to teams that draw but have scored a goal(s)
1point-Awarded to teams that draw but do not score in the match
0points-Awarded to teams that lost the match but scored a goal(s)
-1point-Awarded to teams that lost a match and did not score a goal.

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65. For fair Football

I’m starting to be disappointed with football. The reason: Thierry Henry handball against Ireland - France vs Ireland 1:1 - World Cup Qualifier 2010, who illegally put France in the World Cup leaving a sad and powerless nation Ireland very disappointed with the game.


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66. Another Season For Alessandro Del Piero

Juventus, need to improve quality up-front next season. Juventus, Serie A and Champions League next season. Alessandro Del Piero, provides quality, leadership, and experience on and off the field.

Juventus, butuh meningkatkan kualitas lini depan untuk musim depan untuk berlaga di Serie A dan Liga Champions. Alessandro Del Piero menawarkan kualitas, kepemimpinan dan pengalaman di dalam dan diluar lapangan.

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67. Reinstate Sean Payton

Roger Goddell, NFL Commissioner, has suspended Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints Head Coach, for the entire 2012 season without pay as punishment for the "bounty" program implemented by former Defensive Coach, Greg Williams. There is no evidence Coach Payton was an active supporter of this program. His only offense was in not shutting it down when he did learn of its existence.

Throughout the history of football, every team has implemented incentives to its defensive players. While the motivational words to these defensive players was harsh and insensitive to the health and welfare of opposing players, not one Saints defensive player was fined or penalized for personal fouls on any of the identified "targets". There is no evidence to suggest that these particular players suffered more or were hit any harder than any other Saints' opponents.

The punishment handed down by Goodell is extreme and unwarranted when compared to the much more egregious conduct of the head coach of the New England Patriots, who over the course of several years, orchestrated a scheme to steal, and did steal, an opponent's game strategy in order to claim a play-off victory.

Goodell and the NFL are currently involved in litigation with former players over the NFL's failure to warn players of the potential for serious and permanent brain damage, and it is apparent NFL owners know they were wrong, and in an attempt to preemptively mitigate the future loss at trial is using the New Orleans Saints as a scapegoat in order to convince a jury player safety is top priority. Top priority is now, and has always been, PROFIT!

Throwing Sean Payton under the bus in order to avoid profit loss is strictly business and has absolutely nothing to do with concern for player safety.

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68. Support National Athletes

Lebanese National Football Team Historical Data according to The FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking

Highest Ranking: Dec 1998 - 85
Lowest Ranking: May 2011 - 178
Average Ranking: 120.138
Ranking Today (03/02/2012): 114

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69. Support Jwlur Premier League Bodoland (football)

"We the undersigned,want the administration to start a professional football league in our region for the development of sports". "Safrwm boro subungni twiao Jwlura sitabpananwi dong".

Nwngswr malaba tal kalamdwngna Football hwnna bungbwla nwngni gwswa eba twia esblabw gorom jayw.. nongwo saprwm boro subungnannw jayw... Da bwtwra pwibai jwng jwngni singao takwmananwi tanai rwngotikwo buhumni subungpwrnw dintinaini... orai boinibw singao tabnangnai Boro hariya da udangsrini lamayao,mwnse geremsa hari danaini lamayao,Jwng pwtayw Jwlur gelenaya beni takai gwbang hepajab hwgwn...Gubun haripwrkwo jwng bughwnw hagwn.. BOROPWRA jwbwt football gelenw rwngw hwnna..... Beni takainw jwng nwngsiniprai Orai gaham hastainaikwo lubwyw....

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DTA Chartered Architects have been appointed by East Kilbride Thistle Community Football Club to pursue a planning application which will involve the redevelopment of the Showpark, East Kilbride, to form a new community sports hub for the club including:

- one 3G 11-a-side pitch
- two 3G 7-a-side pitches
- 500-1000 seater stand with associated works including parking, lighting etc

S.F.L. Third Division side Clyde FC are jointly involved with the application and it is their intention to relocate to East Kilbride, establish a permanent home in the town, and jointly share the facilities between the various adult and youth teams which form both clubs.

The addition of new stand and pitches which can be used by both clubs' senior teams as well as the youth teams is a marvellous opportunity for all concerned and we would hope that you would lend your support to this development as it goes through the Planning Consultation Process.

Details of the proposals can be found at

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71. Stop Football transfers & salaries costing MILLIONS

Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid - €93.5 Million
Zinedine Zidane from Juventus to Real Madrid - €75 Million
Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Inter to Barcelona - €69Million

€28 for YEAR it's enough to feed an African child

Highest paid - by Year:

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, €12million)
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United, €11.5million)
Lionel Messi (Barcelona, €11million)
Yaya Touré (Manchester City, €10,8million)
Samuel Eto’o (Inter ,€10,5million)

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72. The NFL Must Tackle Human/Sex Trafficking

Gov. Mitch Daniels signed the Human Trafficking Bill into law January 30, 2012, saying he hopes it will “put up the ‘Don’t Try It Here’ sign in Indiana” just in time for a game that Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says has a history of attracting increased activity in the commercial sex trade.

“Let’s hope that the law has a deterrent effect,” Daniels said, “and that these criminals will take their horrible business somewhere else.”

The law, which took effect immediately upon the governor affixing his signature, closes loopholes that have made it tougher for Indiana to prosecute those who have helped sell children into sexual slavery.
It also strikes a provision of state law that required prosecutors to prove that those who are accused of coercing children into sexual slavery used or threatened to use physical force to do so.

Advocates said it was the one step Indiana absolutely had to take before the game.

He know now the following statistics:

* Each year 1 million children are exploited by the commercial sex trade according to the U.S. Department of State, The Facts About Child Sex Tourism: 2005

* 100,000 to 293,000 U.S. children are in danger of becoming sexual commodities, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

* 12 is the average age of entry into pornography and prostitution in the U.S., according to The US Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section

* 33% of a sample group of female commercial sex workers in Chicago began in the sex trade between the ages of 12 and 15, with 56% being 16 or younger according to an investigation conducted by Schiller DuCanto& Fleck Family Law Center.

With the Super Bowl comes this crime-sex trafficking

We ask the Commissioner of The National Football League "if your part of the problem, your against the solution" ! Be part of the solution and promote awareness of this global problem that follows the Super Bowl by advertising against the insidious crime that comes to large sporting events like the Super Bowl

Go to my Facebook link send a Like message to your friends:

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73. Get Robbie Savage off the BBC

Since retiring from football in May 2011 Robbie Savage has found his way onto several radio and television programmes on the BBC.

Robbie Savage is a airwave and screen pollutant, his unique brand of football punditry adds nothing of intelligence to the shows in which he has participated. He has shown himself to be an ignorant, small-minded, rude, arrogant, offensive and downright unamusing in his work as a 'pundit'.

I have had enough of his presence on our airwaves and screens, and have been forced into action as a result. I would prefer the BBC to spend our money hiring an inanimate object or small furry mammal that would provide an equivalent footballing insight without being so very offensive, this would also save the tax payer a significant amount of cash.

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74. Update M.M. Robinson's Field to Artificial Grass

For years the condition of the fields at M.M. Robinson have been appalling.

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75. Stop over penalizing NFL players and coaches!

Dear Mr. Goodell,

The fans of the NFL respectfully request that you reserve fining players and coaches for very serious offenses only.

Fining a coach $75,000 is egregious and offensive to the fans of the NFL.

Handing out a $10,000 fine for wearing orange colored cleats is offensive to the fans of the NFL.

Fining a player $15,000 for retaliating against another player's dirty play (who was only fined $7,500) is offensive to the fans of the NFL.

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76. Sepp Blatter step down as President of FIFA

He's been President for 13 years. He's been involved in corruption scandals and telling women football teams to wear 'tighter short's'.

Mr. Blatter had suggested racism should be solved with a handshake. In any game of football discrimination, racism, race, colour, & sexual orientation should not be tolerated!!

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77. Set Joe Paterno's Legacy Free

When Mike McQueary confronted to his superior, Joe Paterno, about what he saw of Sandusky, the old genius did what he had to do. In most cases, we are taught to report such workplace-related complaints according to the reporting structure outlined in the policy and complaint procedures the institution has in place (for exampled, sexual harassment reporting structures). None of us bothered to know what policies were in place for Joe to follow. The board of directors acted to save face, and Paterno being in love with the institution, he chose not to fight it.

In most workplaces, there is a written and sometimes unwritten policy. If someone brings a complaint against another employee, this cases should be taken to the superiors to deal with. You cant jump the steps and run to the cops, otherwise you bring the institution a lot of 'unwanted' attention. Mike knew this, that's why he told Joe, who in turn did the right thing by following the very policy that most of you would have, and that is to tell the superiors. Those failed as they never did anything about it. Now, do you punish Joe or Mike. No. Joe wasn't even an eye witness. Had he told Mike not to tell anyone, I would sign a petition to let him be stripped of his perfect reputation. But he did what most of us would have done.

Now that things didn't go that well, we all are quick to judge him. Are we that righteous? Joe only had 2 options: Advise Mike to call the cops or inform his superiors of what he was told. He chose the latter. His superiors should have summoned Mike and after hearing of the offense from the man himself, then take the necessary steps. Joe was supposed to be the middle man, so why is he being punished for doing his job?

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78. Remove Sep Blatter

Since becoming FIFA President in June 1998, Sepp Blatter has committed innumerable crimes against the sport of football, blatantly disrespecting the game, its players, its supporters, and its officials.

1)Mr. Blatters wildly inappropriate requests for womens football shorts to be made tighter border on the sexist.

2) There have been constant reports of vote rigging, financial corruption and financial mismanagement within FIFA with Mr. Blatter at the centre.

3) Allegations of corruption and financial irregularities (

4)Refusal to implement modern goal-line technology to take pressure off referees and ensure fair play.

5) More recently, remarks made by Sepp Blatter condoning racism on the football field.

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79. Blatter should quit

FIFA president Sepp Blatter told CNN Wednesday that on-field racism was not a problem in football. In his remarks Blatter told CNN World Sport anchor Pedro Pinto that players who have been abused should shake hands with their opponent upon the final whistle and move on.

Racism is not acceptable on the pitch or off the pitch and to tell people that they have to ignore and accept racial abuse reveals his true attitude to the serious issue of racial discrimination everywhere and more especially in football.

FIFA deserves a leader who is principled and respects the rights of all humans. Blatter has contributed all he knows to FIFA ,surely there is a more principled person to led FIFA into a new era of transperancy and decency.

Please sign this petition so we can give FIFA a chance to improve. All people of colour deserve respect and will not be told to shake hands with those who disrespect and insult them.

If you have ever admired players of colour for their skill, sign our petition and give players the respect they deserves for their abilities not insults.

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80. Keep the Vikings in Minnesota

1961-2011. 50 years. That's how long the Minnesota Vikings have been in the Twin Cities. 2016. 5 years from now. The year the Vikings will be moved to Los Angelos is we don't build a new stadium.

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81. Bring Back LMU Football

Loyola Marymount University had a Nationally ranked football team from 1911 until 1950, ranking higher than USC and UCLA. During the 1950 season Western Texas University and the Board of Reagents did not allow us to play them because it was against their rules to have an African American play for or against any team in their division. This was over 60 years ago and times have changed. It is time to bring back LMU football and boost school spirit.

1. We are sick of being unknown as a University compared to USC and UCLA just because we don't have a football team.

2. We are tired of seeing people on campus wearing apparel from other schools/stores having apparel for every other school except LMU just because LMU is not as well known.

3. Bringing back football unifies the school with spirit and contributes to the college experience as a whole.

Sign the petition if you would like to support the cause and have a football team at LMU again!

Go Lions!

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82. Make it harder for rich businessmen to take over football clubs

I am making this petition to persuade the FA to make it more difficult for wealthy businessmen to take over clubs and give them an unfair advantage.

A good example of this was the takeover of English club Manchester City FC by Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan in September 2008. The club have become a top club in the world signing some of the most skilled players in the game, such as Robinho, Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Edin Dzeko, Mario Balotelli and Samir Nasri.

Manchester City FC do not have a history of great success, whereas clubs such as Manchester Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal do. But Man City were just taken over and suddenly become one of the best teams.

Aston Villa used to be one of the most successful teams, winning the league, FA Cup and other competitions, but now they are less successful and normally slipping into the top half.

Please sign to stop football teams getting unfair advantages by takeover by rich businessmen and the signing of quality players.

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83. Let Darin Gantt Cover the Carolina Panthers!

With all due respect to the current Panthers beat writers with the Charlotte Observer and Gaston Gazette, Darin Gantt's coverage of the Carolina Panthers is sorely missed.

His insight, connections, wit, and skill as a sports journalist were second to none, and an asset to Panther fans and the Charlotte and Carolinas community.

Due to budget cuts by the Rock Hill Herald's parent company, McClatchy, Darin was taken off the beat to cover Winthrop University sports. While I'm certain he is welcomed to that small sliver of alumni and bored Rock Hillians (Hilliards? Hillites?) his eye for the story, analysis, and brutally honest objectivity is far too big league to waste on anything less than the big league.

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84. Sell Coventry City FC to The Gary Hoffman Consortium

In 2007 Coventry City FC narrowly avoided administration when Ray Ranson and hedge fund managers SISU took over the club with twenty minutes to spare.

The promise of investment has never materialised and now the club finds its self deep in debt, having to mortgage assets even to survive.

Gary Hoffman, former Vice Chairman of CCFC, has today 23rd August 2011 presented an offer to purchase the club from SISU.

this petition is to get as many people as possible to back Gary Hoffmans bid.

I will be handing the petition over to Coventry City Football Club on Thursday 1st September 2011


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85. Pat Tillman Hall of Fame Induction

Pat Tillman
Born: 11/06/76
Died: 04/22/04

Pat Tillman was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the 1998 Draft. After his rookie year he was offered a 5 year $9 million contract from the Rams. He turned them down due to his loyalty to the Cardinals.

May of 2002, 8 months after the 9/11 attacks, and after playing the 15th and final game of the 2001 season with a salary of $512,000. Pat Tillman turned down a 3 year $3.6 million contract with the cardinals and inlisted with the United States Army. He began Ranger School on 09/03 and graduated on 11/03. Pat served several tours of duty in the Iraq war, war on terrorism, and the Afhganistan war. On 04/22/04 Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire while attempting to support his fellow troops under heavy fire.
Awards and Decarations.

Silver Star, Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Achievment Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Army Superior Unit Award, Global war on terrorism serivice medal, Global war on terrorism Expedtionary medal, National defense service medal, and the Army service ribbon.

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86. Stop obscene wages for premiership footballers

It is obscene that some Premiership players "earn" wages in excess of 100K+ a week. A wide majority of these so-called "superstars" do not justify this, and a lot of them are cheats and cry-babies, particularly the foreign players.

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87. Gol TV Canada in HD

Gol TV Canada has been available for about 5 years now and still does not offer their service in HD and now they are getting people to call their cable companies but nothing seems to be happening from it at all.

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88. Support Rugby Merger Talks (League & Union)

Rugby league and rugby union are currently battling it out in a downward spiral of falling popularity, relentless tales of off field barbarism and vulgarity, scarcity of financial resources and a shrinking base of on-field talent.

The two codes are also beleaguered by inherent flaws, which detract from them as spectacles in an ever increasingly competitive sporting market.

Ironically, many of these flaws, such as scrums in Rugby League and constant kicking in Rugby Union, are unique to each code. However, attempting to rectify these flaws would require the game’s administrators to make rule changes which would bring the codes closer together.

The separation of Rugby League and Rugby Union represent a 110 year old pay dispute.

The source of this dispute is long gone. Both codes are now fully professional at their elite levels and are paid large sums from the same source in Foxtel.

Of course, it would be difficult to come upon an agreed set of rules for the game, as well as the acceptance by other countries. But change is difficult to accept.

Sometimes it just has to occur.

A combining of the codes would assist the following problems for Rugby League;

* lack of international appeal and meaningful international fixtures
* risk in expansion within Australia
* it’s lack of professional media presentation
* need for a more revitalised and more entertaining style of play

Benefits for Rugby Union in its present form would be;

* domestic club rugby would be re-born using a revamped NRL structure as the base
* large expansion of junior territory and resources
* improved pool of players at international level
* a more revitalised and entertaining style of play

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148 New Jersey high school football teams played during the 2010 Thanksgiving Day/holiday period.

These 74 games represent approximately 25% of school districts statewide in 19 counties with tens of thousands attending consisting of student-athletes, cheerleaders, marching band performers, students, alumni, families and local residents who gather together on this national holiday.

Certain teams have established annual rivalries since 1906!

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association,
("NJSIAA"), is strongly considering plans for adoption of legislation to expand its state football tournament playoff schedule to crown a single champion in each of the four public Groups (I, II, III, IV).

These plans would require scheduling additional calendar periods allowing more teams to be bracketed.

To accomplish this near term goal (2013) certain conversations, discussions, schemes and proposals have included the elimination, unilaterally, of any and all existing Thanksgiving Day or holiday football games.

What's the explanation for terminating these games and traditions?

Thanksgiving Day games occupy a strategic calendar period that could be used to schedule state playoff games.

For some Thanksgiving Day games and traditions are "old-school", passe and meaningless. Thanksgiving Day games are an obstacle to those who seek to "modernize" and monetize interscholastic athletics.

But at what cost?

Thanksgiving Day high school football for many schools and communities is a prized cultural asset, providing an identity and a beloved element of the local quality of life.

Traditions should not and can not be trampled, dismantled or legislated into extinction by outsiders who have neither the respect, appreciation or sensitivity for these 148 distinct communities.

Thanksgiving Day high school football should not fall victim to the greed, administrative arrogance and egos of those who need to expand playoff calendar brackets.

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90. Keep The Green Brigade at Celtic Park

The Celtic board are trying to stop the Green Brigade season tickets for next season. Ask all Celtic fans to sign please.

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