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61. Fire Todd Haley

Since Haley has become the Steelers offensive coordinator, the Steelers have missed the playoffs and have started with a losing record. If anyone were to have this type of performance in the real world, this would most definitely lead to termination.

In essence, if the Steelers were a business and Haley was one of their employees, Todd Haley would be in theory costing the Steelers more money than he is worth.

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62. Get Rid Of Schaub!

Matt Schaub has on numerous occasions failed to lead his team to victory when the victory was well in reach.

Matt Schaub has consistently thrown the opposing team numerous interceptions leading his team to countless losses

This kind of action can not be allowed. Houston fans demand excellence from all Texans players not just the few.

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63. Make MLB and Topps Accountable

While the Topps Co. has the longest standing, and most storied history in Sports Card Collecting, their recent acquisition of an "Exclusive MLB Licence" has really steered the baseball card to a turn for the worse.

In the past few years, Topps has continuously pushed back release dates so MOST products don't even release during the season.

Combine that with lackluster card design, horriblel, near-worthless value in the product being sold, and disgraceful Redemption turn around time: it is now time to give all companies an MLB Licence. When Companies compete, consumers win.

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64. Support the 'The Loyalty Contract Ruling' (((SAVE THE GAME)))

In 1995 'The Bosman Ruling' was granted by the European Court of Justice - a ruling that allows out-of-contract footballers to leave their clubs without the clubs receiving a transfer fee.

Details on The Bosman Ruiling here:

Now that greed has embedded itself into the 'Heart and Soul' of the 'Beautiful Game', it is now time the clubs and ultimately the fans receive similar protection from football players (and their agents) who in most cases are awarded enormously huge salary increases half way through already highly paid contracts!

Common Scenario:

• A football player signs for a club on a four year deal worth £40,000 per week
= £2.08 million per year
= £8.32 million per contract term

• The player performs as he is paid to do so and after a successful first season (perhaps two), the player attracts offers from other clubs who have excessive amounts of cash to spend.

• In order to hold onto their player, the player's club rewards the player with a new deal worth a staggering £120,000 per week!
= £4.16 million ‘EXTRA’ per year!
= £6.24 million per year!

• One season plus £4.16 million ‘EXTRA’ later -the player and/or his agent/s states the player now wishes to leave the club (Normally fabricating excuses such as it is the players desire to play for a bigger club and/or to play in a competition such as the Champions League)

• This leaves the club (and the fans) in a very difficult situation, especially after the player stated and committed his ‘Love for the Club’ and received an extra £4.16 million that season for doing so! -and will subsequently receive an extra £4.16 million each year if he continues to ‘Honour his Contract’.

• In most cases, the club (and the fans) don’t want a so called ‘Unhappy Player’ at the club hence the club has little choice but to sell the player = PLAYER & AGENT/s WIN!


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65. Support Naming our Football Field for Ron Grovesteen

From the Wisconsin Coaches Hall of Fame: In 1973 Ron and his family moved to Evansville, Wisconsin, where he continued his teaching/coaching career at the high school. He was defensive coordinator under Bob Berezowitz from 1973 to 1981.

He then became head football coach and that year won the Rock Valley Conference Championship. During the 1982 football season he was the defensive line coach under Forrest Perkins at UW-Whitewater. In 1983 Ron returned to Evansville as head coach and has remained in that capacity to the present day.

Head Coaching Honors include: WFCA District Coach – 1996; Shrine Bowl Coaching: Assistant coach - 1989; head coach – 1995; Rock Valley Conference Coach of the Year - 1981, 91, and 96; Rock Valley Conference Championships - 1981,91, and 96; WIAA Football Playoffs - 10 years; WIAA Football Playoffs Level 4 Games-1987, 93, and 96; Career Record - 141 wins 55 losses 10 second place finishes in the Rock Valley Conference.

Head Track Coach for twenty years - 1983 Rock Valley Conference Championship; and three individual State Champions. Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach for 25 years and 9 conference championships.

Ron is a WIAA basketball and baseball official, is the WFCA District 17 Representative, is a member of the National Education Association, the Wisconsin Education Association, and the Evansville Education Association.

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66. Bluebirds Unite - Conserving CCFC's Identity

Bluebirds Unite was formed by a group of Cardiff City fans in March 2013 amidst rumours of even further change and rebrand at the club.

Decisions had been made during the season without any consultation between the club and its fans.

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67. Alan Mcdonald statue and stand named after him at new stadium

Alan Mcdonald was a player for Queens Park Rangers in the 1980s - 1990s. He was one of the most popular players to ever put on the hooped shirt, an old fashioned defender who you wouldn't want to mess with.

Sadly he passed away suddenly in June 2012 but his memory will live on forever.

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68. Campaign For Access

I am proposing a plan to obtain disabled accessible seating in the student section of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Currently, physically disabled students must sit in the accessible seating section for non student fans, including the fans of the opposing team.

A student section at a sporting event is one of the most visible and most vocal sections of the sports crowd. The student section is the most important part of the fan base and provides a significant advantage to the home team. Excluding students from participating in the student section is detrimental to the student's social growth and well being. Similar to students of different race, religion and political beliefs, disabled students suffer significant discrimination in many forms. By not including physically disabled students with their peers, is just one more form of discrimination.

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69. Give Tim Tebow an NFL Spot

This is Easy! Tebow is Forbes Most Influential Athlete in the World and has the ability to fill stadium seats and produce wins for Any Team in the NFL given the chance. It is time to stop hiding from the Truth and to let Fate decide.

Fate has chosen Tebow and it is High Time to allow Fate to Succeed in this Sport. It's not always what some scout has to say. What About Tebow's Combine where he far out performed a very good circle of talented QB's in the draft? What about Tebow's Ability to overcome all the critics and Win despite the constant doubt and Flat Out Jealousy of those whom prefer to stand in the LimeLight over Tebow!

Tebow's Light Cannot be just Turned off because it is a light that is magnified by the Grass Roots movement of the people whom love him and love what he is about, these same people believe in him and believe that he has the potential to be one of the Greatest NFL Players of All Time!

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70. Princes Park Master Plan petition for action

The area south of Visy Park at Princes Park (the Southern Sports Area) accommodates a range of community sporting activities, including cricket and touch rugby in summer, and soccer in winter. Council strongly supports sports participation at Princes Park, when sports grounds are used for competition and training throughout the year. Demand for the use of these sports grounds is increasing throughout the City of Melbourne and Council is currently unable to meet the demand for grounds in Princes Park.

The Southern Sports Area can cater for the demand for increased grounds and facilities for sports use with the redevelopment works described below.

In 2012 the City of Melbourne Councillors signed off on the Princes Park Master Plan after consultation with residents, sporting groups and other users of the park. The Plan includes the following recommendations:

- Upgrade sports surfaces within the southern sports field area to enable flexible community use. Works include regrading, irrigation and drainage improvements and best practice turf surfaces.

- Implement sports lighting around the perimeter of the southern sports fields in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.

- Install a multipurpose fully accredited synthetic sports surface on Crawford Oval. This will increase the carrying capacity for the same amount of sports area. Retain sports lighting and upgrade existing boundary fence.

- As a part of Council’s pavilion refurbishment program, review the capacity of the southern pavilion to accommodate increased usage.

- Develop a new turf cricket oval to the south of Oval One. Create low mounds between Oval One and southern sports field area to provide enhanced views of the ovals. Install seating and introduce additional tree planting for natural shade.

- Upgrade the cricket nets adjacent to the Southern Pavilion.

These works will dramatically increase the quality of the playing and training ground surfaces, which all sporting groups at the park share. These improvements are long overdue for clubs at Princes Park. With the projected increase in demand for sports fields, now is the time to make the plan a reality.

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71. Team Up Against Sexual Assault

In the wake of several high profile sexual assault cases that highlight how school officials, coaches and community members are willing to turn a blind eye when crimes are committed by those involved in their local sports team, we ask that the Commissioners of Pro-Sports leagues take on a Zero Tolerance policy towards players and teams that are involved in such crimes. Any player involved in any such crime is banned from pro-leagues for life.

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72. Sack or relegate Mark Halsey

Mark Halsey has made his last bad decision in the premier league and should be relegated or sacked.

A challenge in the Wigan Newcastle match could cost a player his career and this challenge went unpunished. He then dismissed a hand ball which was clear to every person on the pitch and the ground yet he chose to dismiss this.

The challenges throughout the match were harsh from both sides but he let this continue. This is unacceptable from a referee in the top flight and should be stopped.

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73. Request Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader, Courtney L to be Reinstated & Attend Superbowl with her team!

Baltimore Ravens 5 year veteran Cheerleader, Courtney L was given notice she would not be performing with her teammates at the SuperBowl XLVII. The director & front office explained they could only take 32 members of the squad and all 3+ year veterans would be going.

Courtney is a 5 year veteran and the only veteran on the team the coaching staff isn't taking. Courtney was featured in every calendar & chosen to attend many charity venues over the years and she has done every ambassadorial job with pride and class.

She was ranked 57 among 100 hottest Cheerleaders this season & is a featured cheerleader in many print articles.

Courtney announced she was retiring during the last home game at the end of the season which didn't go well with the director. She was told she didn't put in as many appearance hours this season as she did the past 4 yrs while in college. This season she earned her B.S. degree and got a full time job... Bad call. They also stated she struggled with weight on occasion & she had been benched for 2 lb weight gain during a game earlier in the fall, which is a absurd, unhealthy and a complete inaccurate measurement of a woman's "appearance" and size!

Courtney is beautiful & this organization that is supposedly out there to promote self esteem and healthy body image to millions of young girls and women nationwide has done a big injustice to Courtney & we are outraged! She deserves to be out on the field with her teammates, her family.

Since this petition started she was informed tonight Jan 27th to turn in her uniform by the team Director Tina Galdieri. She is no longer on the team because of the out roar we have caused! She needs to be reinstated and allowed to perform with her teammates at Superbowl.

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Whereas the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans are two NFL teams located in the same state who would be worthy opponents with a huge fan following, including families and friends who could be brought together (as well as torn apart) by an annual Thanksgiving Day battle between the two teams, we would like such an event to become a fixed part of the schedule each season for the teams.

This event stands to be a great monetary contributor to the economy of the state of Texas, as well as the two teams, by providing substantial ticket and other game related sales to both franchises, owners, and retailers in the state. Overriding all the aforementioned benefits however, would be the value of the entertainment contribution.

These two formidable opponents with the support of their dedicated fans, would provide a holiday of immeasurable fun for all!

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75. Stop the FFA

It is time for the FFA to stop being biased towards Melbourne Victory. It has been noted by many that they are Anti-Victory. It is also evident that Melbourne Victory are regularly assigned referees who have a bad history against Victory.

As an example, in the most recent game against WSW, the referee failed to allow a trainer on to attend to an injured player, who was later diagnosed with a ruptured ACL. This is a disgrace!

Please Note: This is not a petition created by anyone involved within Melbourne Victory FC.

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76. Sack Tony Romo

Too many times Dallas Cowboy fans have been victims of a Romo's late season interceptions or just a poor late season record. It may not always be his fault but let's look a the highlights.

2006 NFC Wild Card at Seattle (L 21-20) bad field goal hold.
2007 NFC Divisional vs. NY Giants (L 21-17) interception 
2008 Week 14 at Pittsburgh (L 20-13) omg interception 
Dec 30 2012 interception Redskins

There's many more bad games we should have, or needed to, win. In total losing 6 of 7 win or go home games. 1 of 3 in playoffs, 0 of 3 in regular season to get in playoffs.

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77. Hire Justin Wilcox for Head Coach at Auburn University

The football program at Auburn University is in need of a fresh start and new energy. In two short years Auburn has gone from the number 1 team in the country to the very bottom of the bottom. Our great reputation has been damaged by controversy and now is the time for a fresh start.

We do not need to be hiring other coaches who come with their own controversy or who have all failed to put together a winning team in their coaching careers. Let's get someone with the skills to coach and the energy and desire to win.

Justin Wilcox has been a huge success as a defensive coordinator and assistant coach. In just one season at the University of Washington he took his team from 116th in the nation in pass defense to 9th. Since his career began, every team he has worked with has made record improvement in defense.

Football is in his blood, his dad is Pro Football Hall of Famer, Dave Wilcox of the SF 49er's. He is ready to take the lead on a big program and Auburn is in need of a winning defense that Justin Wilcox can provide.

We can hire a new head coach who has HUGE success as an assistant, but who has never had the job as head coach. No record of failure and no controversy, together Auburn University and Justin Wilcox can create a winning football program for many years to come.

He's a young 35 years old and has the skills and energy to make Auburn University number 1 again.

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78. Bring back the Old Bonus Points system

After the introduction of the EA Sports PPI there has been many raised eyebrows as to the true reflection this statistical based system has the the performance of a player/players.

This includes Stewart Downing being awarded 1 bonus point for his performance in the Swansea vs Liverpool game, in which he played 76 minutes, and produced an extremely below-par performance, but was yet issued 1 bonus point ahead of numerous players that overshadowed the Englishman's performance.

There is a similar case to be made for Gnégnéri Yaya Touré, who was issued 3 bonus points for his performance in the 0-0 draw between Chelsea and Manchester City, despite not having any influence in the game what so ever.

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79. Support Chris Hicks's right to play in the NFFL

Chris Hicks was involved in an incident on 10/20/12 during a game in WV, where the opposing teams coach stormed the field and made verbal threats towards Mr. Hicks.

Chris Hicks was accused of making his own threats towards an official which he was then kicked out of the game and eventually banned from the league due to here-say with no clear cut evidence to prove the claims to be valid, whereas the opposing coach was allowed to coach the remainder of the game.

Chris Hicks has had no prior incident(s) in the NFFL which gives no right to permanently ban him.

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80. Please elevate Schneider to senior list - Not another Kennedy Mistake!

This is to plead to the club to do the sensible thing. It may seem a no brainer to us, but we should make sure we do something about this before its too late.

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81. Settle the NFL Official CBA now!

Since the collapse of talks between the NFL and NFLRA followed by the lockout and strike of NFLRA officials, the fans of the NFL have had to endure what can only be described as a farce with regard to the playing of professional football games.

The complete ineptitude and inconsistent judgement as well as the lack of knowledge of very common NFL gameplay rules by woefully underqualified and undertrained officials have affected the outcomes of games, compromised the safety of those that risk themselves playing in those games, tarnished the standards and integrity of the NFL, and have negatively affected the attendance of live events as well as the viewing of broadcasted events.

Football is my only spectator hobby. I care deeply about it and have made it a very large part of my entertainment choices, including television watching, attending games, buying merchandise.

Let's do more than complain in blogs and analysts mailbags, let's show the NFL and it's employee unions that we are more than listless, viewing masses that sit back and take whatever awful product that give us.

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82. Let Jake Play

Under a policy developed by AFL NSW/ACT, junior players may only play for senior clubs within their listed pathway. As a former player of St Ives Junior Football Club, Jake Fitzgerald, 15, was eligible only to play for either Manly-Warringah or North Shore Bombers, not Macquarie University.

But Macquarie president Luke Gemmill believes it is unfair to restrict a junior footballer from choosing where he wants to play as a senior. “It’s unethical to say to a child you will play where you are told and not where you want to play”, says Gemmill.

Despite rallying the approval of every junior and senior club involved in the process, the administration at Sydney AFL would not approve Fitzgerald’s transfer. Gemmill said, “the only people who seemed to have a problem with allowing Jake to play with his friends was the AFL themselves”.

Vice President of the Macquarie University club David Marsh backed up his President’s comments saying, “It’s a matter of principles. We believe the Pathways Policy is prohibitive in its nature and is counter productive towards the goal of growing the game at a grass roots level in New South Wales”.

Peter Fitzgerald, father of Jake, thanked the club for its commitment to his son’s cause and added that during this ordeal his son had confessed to him, “If I can’t play with this team, I’m never playing football again”.

Asked “what next?”, coach of Macquarie’s Under 18s team, Tim Cameron, summed it up best by saying, “We can only hope that our actions have not fallen on deaf ears and that the Sydney AFL will sit down and review a policy that prevents a child from playing football with his friends”.

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83. Stop the Blackout of WTHR to Dish Network

Dispatch Broadcasting wants to charge Dish Network a 350%+ price increase to carry their channels! Dish refuses to pass that fee on to their customers so they have declined Dispatch broadcasting's offer and now Dispatch Broadcasting has blacked out WTHR, Indianapolis' NBC affiliate.

Dispatch Broadcasting and WTHR claim that the consumers aren't losing out because we can acquire their signal for free with a digital antenna. This is NOT true as many people, including myself, get every channel but WTHR! They also claim that we can stream it online, and yes we can, but I for one am hearing impaired and there are no captioning options for streaming live TV.

Dispatch Broadcasting is putting greed over providing for their loyal viewers. They may be trying to punish Dish Network, but in the end its only the customers who lose out!

Dispatch Broadcasting runs free over the air channels and wants a huge price increase for a FREE channel! These channels are filled with commercials and advertisement which should MORE than provide enough income for them!

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84. Fight against NECYFL to save Chelsea Pride

The parents and children have been made aware of an incident that occurred during the 2011 season in which fraud was committed when a fifteen year old was allowed to play.

This information came to light following an email from the director of Chelsea Pop Warner to the NECFL. Although we question fully the motivations of the Director of Pop Warner it is clear that we should be and are disappointed in the actions of the Chelsea Pride Director.

We are equally perplexed by the NECFL's response to this action. Today we have been informed that our children will no longer be able to play football or cheer for this league. As parents living in Chelsea we all desire our children to remain healthy, play sports and avoid the violence, drugs and gang involvement.

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85. Get Bullock His Cheddar

Mark Bullock, known in our community (read: the United Fucking States of Amurica) as UK, UK Redskin, or @UKRedskin1 needs to get paid.

His work on Hogs Haven, Mocking the Draft and others is simply too good to be ignored, especially considering the state of his poor rainy country's NFL coverage. One of the largest sports networks in Britain, SkySports has some twat named Simon Veness running their whole US sports section. This is some limey douche who runs a travel site, and a blog titled "A Brit Guide to Orlando". I'll pause to let that sink in. In any case, that's horseshit.

Let's get Redskins nation together and tell those Sky execs they need to get a real American Footie expert on the airwaves. HTTR.

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86. Demand change at the Parramatta Eels

The Parramatta Board and coach need to go. Enough is enough.

The board has been making bad decisions for years now, and is tearing apart our club.

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87. No place for play

Four parks have been made in the locality recently, including one for pets, but not one for children to play any kinds of sport. Even reserve playgrounds, have been converted to walking/jogging gardens.

Children have no place but to come out on the street, thereby, getting them into all kinds of trouble.

There is one playground available, where the Bombay Municipal Corporation has a tunnel office.

Act now! Save our children! Give them a place to play! Before this too becomes a jogging track.

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88. David Beckham deserves to play for the GB OLYMPIC TEAM



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89. Stop Hull City Disabled Season Ticket Hike

In May 2012 Hull City AFC of the Championship put up season pass prices for disabled supporters only, by over 200% or £300.

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90. Petition to form a soccer club under Arizona Youth Soccer Association for the Rancho Sahuarita and near-by communities

USA Youth Sports is a recreational sporting league with over 5000 children registered yearly in four seasons.

We would like to form a soccer club called USA FC to represent our area, to provide a direction for recreational players to play competitively and to play in the Pima County Junior Soccer League.

It is our feeling that players and parents should be provided with the option to play competitive "club" soccer and no recreational teams shall be "harmed" while building or maintaining this club...our desire is to provide a method to further develop those players that wish to do so.

We have elected board members (13) and 8-10 teams waiting for AYSA to approve this request. We are NOT properly supported or represented by clubs from and like Randolf, Tucson Soccer Academy or the Fort Lowell SC as we are forty (40) miles South of Tucson and NOT in Tucson. The communities South of Tucson would like to play soccer during the Fall season to also play games SOUTH OF TUCSON as well as be able to call Rancho Sahuarita our “HOME” field for at least SOME of our games.

We have more fields in our area than any one area in Tucson and are currently forced to drive to Tucson for tournaments and league play.

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