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331. Greater Football (Soccer) Media Exposure in Australia

As we all know the A-league has been a great success in the first season and in the second season this success has continued evidence of this is the 50,333 fans who turned up to watch Melbourne Victory take on Sydney FC at the Telstra Dome.

Unfortunately we do not get our fair share of media coverage.

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332. Bourgoin v. Munster

333. Implement BCS Playoff

I have started this petition to start a movement to change the format used to select the teams that play for the national championship at the end of the year.

The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) selects the teams that will play for the national championship by using a calculated method that takes into account three polls comprised of many different voters.

When all is said and done, two teams are rewarded while many deserving teams are denied entry to play for the title based on who happens to be voted higher by which person is voting.

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334. Attn WVU: We Want Rich Rod

WVU Needs to Step Up. This is a 24 hour petition drive, starting 8:30am on 12/6/6.

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335. No Maze Stadium

This is to keep the home stadium of Northern Ireland Football/Soccer in Belfast and not where it is far from the bigger areas of Northern Ireland. Up the Belfast Stadium.

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336. Kosova forum or sub forum on

The Kosovar people deserve a forum of there own not just one thread that is used for there leagues NT and other things.

They need their own forum or a sub-forum in the Albanian forum.

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337. Newcastle United - Freddy Shepherd Out!

Freddy Shepherd, Newcastle United chairman, is dragging the club under!

The club needs a new chairman to take it further, and to get out of the current rut that Shepherd has put us in.

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338. Get Davy out of Huddersfield Town Football Club!

Questions asked to Ken Davy are "Where is our money going?" Huddersfield Town had a target to be in the top 30 clubs come 2008.

Unfortunatly this is an un-realistic target now with HTFC been a mid table team in League 1! After plenty of fans insist for answers Ken Davy cannot do anything but lie and lie! Are Huddersfield Town and Huddersfield Giants been run seperatly? Davy insists they are, but everyone knows its a lie! Ken Davy stated "They [the fans wondering where Huddersfield Town's money is going] insist on creating an atmosphere which is potentially damaging to Huddersfield Town Football Club."

But surely when fans come to watch their team week in week out they deserve proper answers? When they are spending money on watching Huddersfield Town, who are not acheiving, surely they deserve to know where the money is really going?

Answers are not coming and not going to come because Davy has thrown our money away! Get him out!

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339. Save Scarborough Football Club

We hereby urge Scarborough Borough Council to lift the covenant on the McCain Stadium and allow Scarborough Football Club to re-locate to its chosen site at Eastfield.

We believe this to be the only way for the club to survive and that this move will be of benefit to the local community.


Please make sure you include your name. Signatures with no name can't be counted.

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340. Student Petition for Football Team at C.U.S.

We think that a school team could be created without interferring with other school activities which was the case in transition year.

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341. Petición a la Corporación Popular Deportiva Junior

La Corporación Popular Deportiva Junior está siendo manejada de una forma inadecuada. Es bien sabido que el equipo tiene dueño pero también representa una imagen, una ciudad, una región y a nuestro parecer debería haber un mejor manejo.

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342. Media Coverage of Youth Football in Australia

Youth development is the future for Australian football, we need to start taking it more seriously and one step to taking youth football more seriously is to have a better coverage from the media.

The 2006 AFC Youth Championship had no telecast on either radio or television in Australia, the Young Socceroo's, Joey's and Olyroos received nothing in terms of telecast in their tours of South America or Asia.

So how seriously is Australia taking youth development with little recognition in the media? This is a question I pose to you.

In countries like Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, Korea and many more countries, youth football gets broadcasted on television or at least radio. If Australia is to become a world power, we need to give our youths the media coverage they deserve.

A better broadcast will allow the football loving public of Australia to open our eyes and it will allow for an easier scrutiny and analysis by the media and coaches of the direction of our youths.

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343. Reinstatement of Sky Sports News

The reinstatement of Sky Sports News on Fox Sports News starting at 11 30pm and running through to 5 30am.

The program was a helpful way to keep up with all the sports news from overseas, mainly the football results on a weekend.

Football in this country is growing and as such needs as much exposure as possible, this program gave it a kick start.

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344. Dump Karl Dorrell, UCLA Football Head Coach

We are graduates of UCLA.

The detailed letter below outlines why a replacement is needed for Karl Dorrell, UCLA Football Head Coach.

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345. Let's kick Blatter out of football

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has further infuriated Italian fans by apologising to Australia for the Azzurri’s World Cup victory.

The second round match was goalless and heading for extra time following Marco Materazzi’s controversial straight red card when Fabio Grosso fell over a Lucas Neill challenge.

Francesco Totti stepped up to convert the stoppage-time penalty with the last kick of the game on June 26 and send Italy on towards their eventual Final triumph.

Australian supporters were angry at the decision by Spanish referee Luis Medina Cantalejo and the FIFA President stepped out of his official role to make a bizarre announcement.

“I agree with them and I would like to apologise to our fans in Australia,” said Blatter. “The Socceroos should have gone into the quarter-finals in place of Italy, because they were up to beating Italy.”

The Azzurri went unbeaten throughout the entire tournament, notching up four wins and two draws in the 90 minutes – seeing off Germany 2-0 in extra time and beating France on penalties in the Final.

Blatter had already caused controversy with his comments after the July 9 Berlin match by stating it was “a tragedy” to see the World Cup assigned on a shoot-out.

This was the second time the trophy had been decided this way, as in 1994 Italy lost to Brazil in Pasadena.

The FIFA President also failed to hand over the World Cup to Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro. He was in the stands, but UEFA President Lennart Johansson took these duties instead. It has never been clarified why the change was made.

"I think the referees were not at their best," continued Blatter. "I think they were too well prepared or not looked after the right way. They were in a military camp situation. And I think there was too much cheating on the players' side.”

Yet Italy also felt aggrieved by the refereeing in the Australia match, as Medina Cantalejo showed Materazzi a straight red card for a late, but by no means violent, tackle on midfielder Mark Bresciano.

He didn't have time to apologise for the Azzurri's exit in Korea/Japan...

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346. 2010 World Cup should stay in South Africa

Rumours have been circulating in the media for months that FIFA are looking for an alternative host country because of concerns South Africa had fallen hopelessly behind in their preparations.

Some also say that South Africa is too dangerous for tourists.

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347. Bring the Football Team Back to CSULB!

UPDATE as of 7/20/2009: Sorry for the lack of updates, but I do check the petition regularly.

Thank you everyone for signing. Please continue to let others know of our petition! Our goal is to get as many signatures as possible, so please tell others about this petition! We need at least 5,000 signatures before I will submit the petition to President F. King Alexander, which I believe is absolutely possible, as there are 35,000 students on our campus.


Simply put, having a football team will not only bring unity to our school, but will also bring in money for our campus, as well as putting our campus on the map.

Reasons why there should be a football team:

1. We are sick of having to cheer for another school.

2. We are sick of seeing people wearing other schools' jerseys/shirts on our campus.

3. Our school has 35,000 students, which makes it a large campus, yet it doesn't have a football team?

4. Bringing football back will benefit the whole school, not just the football players, as people previously have thought. For instance, having a football team will bring back the marching band, and the money earned will benefit the WHOLE school. We'll be able to afford to improve our campus, which will boost our students' morale.

Sign the petition if you haven't already, and forward it to your friends and family, even if they don't go to our school!


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348. Increase the capacity of the new Football stadium in Melbourne to at least 30,000 seats!

The State Government of Victoria has commited to build a 20,000 seat rectangular stadium for use by Melbourne Victory Football Club & Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club.

Melbourne Victory FC is already getting crowds well above this figure & with Football participation rates at junior level the highest of any sport & the growing popularity of the game in Australia, this size stadium is too small & allows no room for growth at the elite level & will leave many fans unable to watch live Football in Melbourne & greater demand for seats could push the price out of reach for your average fan.

Football fans in Australia have for too long be sold out by politicians & the media trying to protect boutique sports & stifle the growth of our game.

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349. Paul Hart Petition


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350. Junior Raider Football

-Junior Raiders 3rd to 6th grade represent the community.

-Rest of NCKL junior football programs play on high school fields.

-These kids generally weight 100 pounds or less, so the statement that we are going to tear the fields isn't accurate.

-Outside organizations have used USD#320 facilities in the past for our children, e.g. Manhattan Basketball Association had basketball tournaments at all of our schools last year. These were ran and organized by coaches/parents of the school district.

-Additional money to the community through visiting teams and parents.

-The self-esteem that will last forever for these kids to play where the big boys play is tremedous.

-Let's the community come out and support our children.

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351. Return the Integrity of the NFL

Click the link above so you can review for yourself the actual footage of the blatent, obscene and obvious favortism that demands a petition such as this one. It doesn't stop at this game.

The NE Patriots not only used these tactics in 2001 but also during the last few years to defeat many playoff caliber teams to get to the SuperBowl.

This petition will be sent to the NFL comissioner's office as proof many football fans are well aware of the obvious corruption involded in the NFL concerning referee favortism towards specific teams.

How many more NFL games including the Play-offs & SuperBowls are we going to have to listen to the League and Commissioner apoligize for the referees blatent favorable game deciding bad calls that completely change the outcome of the whole NFL season?

It's not a coincidence that the Patriots have been in and won 3 Super Bowls in the past 5 years with such medioca statistics and so many contraversal games.

Since 2001 Robert Kraft the owner of the NE Patriots has lead negotiations of over $30 plus Billion dollars worth of NFL contracts. He is involved in every aspect of the business and holds a chair on every important NFL comittee. His influence has reached the football field.

Robert Kraft was also involved in the 2001 Referee association contract negotiations, I have to believe that would be a major "Conflict of Interest" as an owner of an NFL team. And now it makes perfect sense why the Patriots have been in so many controversial games.

There is only one way to pay for a brand new privately owned $ 800,000,000.00 Stadium, and that is to build and secure your fan base. The only way to accomplish that is by winning football games. Robert Kraft is an accomplished business man who knows how to succeed and will settle for nothing less than a return on his investment.

It's not a coincidence the Patriots just 10 years ago had an NFL worst averaging only 17,000 tickets sales per game, and now after Mr. Kraft has brought Billions of Dollars & contracts into the NFL, he now has 3 SuperBowl Rings, a packed Stadium and the highest priced tickets in the NFL...were else can go to a football game & pay $175.00 for standing room only ?

Sign this Petition to let the NFL know that we are tired of listening to their apoligies every single year, and let both teams on the field play by the same set of rules instead of favoring 1 team over another and the referee's controlling the outcome of the season.

If you Love Football, let this petition make the NFL, Robert Kraft and the other owners be aware we are all concered about and questions the integrity of this sport.

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352. Reform European football

European football is becoming more and more elitist. Our beloved sport is being transformed into a game for the few rich and famous, while the neutral football fan and thousands of other football lovers around Europe are being ignored and cruelly let down by UEFA.

The Champions League was instated in the early nineties to become a tournament where domestic champions of all European countries would face each other and battle for the title of European champions. After a couple of seasons, UEFA saw the financial values of their new tournament, and started allowing vice-champions of the biggest leagues into the tournament. This unfortunately was not the ending: soon the rich clubs put more and more pressure on UEFA, which resulted in a transformation of the Champions League set-up into a tournament allowing even the numbers 3 and 4 from the biggest leagues into the tournament.

As it stands currently, the number 4 of Italy has it easier to qualify than the actual domestic champions of countries such as Lithuania, Hungary, Ireland or Cyprus. And to make sure the big clubs don’t risk missing out much money, the losers of the third qualifying round have the UEFA Cup to save their European season (whereas the vice-champions of leagues such as the Icelandic or Latvian have to play two qualifying rounds).

The way it is going now, UEFA is killing its own sport. Not only the rich and powerful teams have an easier route qualifying, the bigger leagues also have more teams in the Champions League where the big money is. So while 4 Italian teams can enrichen themselves every year, only 1 Cypriot or Bosnian side can (if they manage to get through the qualifiers, that is). Also, victories in the UEFA Cup result in less points for a country's coefficient than victories in the Champions League: this means top countries have much more chances of earning points than smaller leagues, because the bigger leagues send more representative teams in the Champions League where most coefficient points can be earned: this means the coefficient of bigger leagues will always remain bigger than other countries' leagues, which in its way keeps the multiple Champions League slots for the biggest countries intact. It's a vicious circle and a system truly set up to keep the power and dominance of the already wealthy teams intact. This proves UEFA cares about little more than publicity and money, rather than about 'football for all'. The system just exists to protect the power of the biggest clubs and to further extend their power.

UEFA this way has totally raped its own tournament, transforming the Champions League into an elitist tournament where always the same clubs participate. This is totally uninteresting for true football fans who also love discovering new teams and new stadiums (which is an essential aspect of the charms of European football) and causes a huge deja-vu feeling to any football fan not involved with any of the participating clubs. UEFA just turned its own gala into an elitist happening where the wealthy and famous clubs dictate the law. The already wealthy and powerful clubs have it much easier to qualify, thus they will further enrichen themselves in the Champions League. The financial gap between these clubs and the rest of Europe, will grow so big that it will never be closed. It means every season the same clubs compete, resulting in an utterly boring and highly predictable tournament where only the fans of these happy few teams are treated with top football, but sooner or later even the most fanatic neutral football fan will have enough of seeing always the same encounters.

The gap with the rest of Europe will grow so big it won't ever be closed again. This goes against the 'football for all' principles of UEFA. Thousands of football fans from countries like Moldova, Georgia, Finland, etc are being robbed from their chance of ever seeing a top game close to home. Allowing the champions of smaller leagues into the Champions League however, would mean they have a chance to actually grow and develop: experience in top football would make the teams stronger, the financial incomes would also mean these teams can further strengthen their squad, the fact that top football games are hosted in countries such as Albania would trigger a bigger public interest in local teams. This will result in a bigger fanbase for the domestic leagues of these countries and in a better level of play, and soon Europe would see a few new top teams rising. There would be more potential winners and they would be better spread geographically (allowing more people from all over Europe to enjoy top football), and the European cups would be highly unpredictable, which is much more pleasant for neutral fans than always seeing the big clubs over and over again.

If we leave the Champions League as it is now, it will eventually kill European football ; if we reform it and give the smaller teams a fair chance again, it will soon enough result in bigger public interest in all domestic leagues, better level of play in all domestic leagues, more potential winners for the European cup, and more unpredictable games in Europe. If we want to save the future of our beloved sport, than we need to boycot the Champions League as it is now, and eventually restore it to its original set-up where only true champions are allowed.

If we leave the Champions League as it is:
- we will see always the same participants, until the whole world is bored of seeing always the same names and faces over and over again;
- the wealthy clubs from bigger leagues are protected in their status of superpower, and they will further enrichen until the gap with the rest of Europe cannot be closed anymore;
- only the fans of the happy few big clubs can enjoy top football, whereas football fans in Latvia, Iceland, Wales, etc are stuck with amateur leagues and never seeing any good game in their country;
- domestic titles in bigger leagues lose their value: in the past, Manchester United would be angry and ashamed for finishing second behind Chelsea, since the CL is open to non-champions the big clubs consider a second place in the league almost equally good to a first place.

If we reform the Champions League back to its original format:
- we will see a rise in experience and financial means of clubs in smaller leagues;
- this will eventually lead to these teams becoming stronger and playing a role in European football;
- this will lead to a bigger public interest in their domestic leagues rather than in fans travelling to England or Italy for games;
- there will be more potentials winners for the European cups, and the potential winners will be better spread geographically;
- the European cups will be less predictable and more sensational;
- football fans from all over Europe can enjoy top football without having to travel to Milan, Barcelona or Manchester;
- domestic titles will get their full value again, as the second place in the Serie A or Premiership would no longer be enough for qualification for the 'money-making' Champions League.

If we reform the European football now, we can save our beloved sport from becoming elite-esque, and make it a true football party for everyone, regardless what country they are from. We are tired of seeing always the same classic teams, and want the original charm back: a team from England travelling to Kazachstan instead of facing another 'deja vu' team from Italy.

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353. Reclaim the Royal Blue for Chelsea Football Club

Chelsea Football Club and Adidas have introduced a black kit for this season's Champions League campaign.

Chelsea have played in blue for one hundred years and should continue to do so.

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354. Kevin Nolan for Ireland

To all Irish Football fans - help Kevin make up his mind.

Staunton still hoping to land Nolan
From - Wednesday, 09 August 2006 2:13

Steve Staunton is still hoping that Kevin Nolan will don the green Irish jersey. Republic of Ireland manager Steve Staunton is hoping to cut through a mountain of red tape in a bid to lure Kevin Nolan into the fold.

Staunton and Bolton captain Nolan have discussed on several occasions the prospect of the midfielder pulling on the green of Ireland.

Staunton is eager to recruit a player of Nolan's calibre, yet there remain obstacles, even though he qualifies to play for the Republic via the grandparents' ruling.

Nolan has previously played for England at under-21 level, albeit in a friendly, and featured in a competitive game for the under-18s.

There is a precedent as Everton's Tim Cahill played for Samoa at youth level, yet now represents Australia after lodging a successful appeal with FIFA.

Staunton is not giving up just yet as he said: 'There's a lot of issues surrounding this one.

'Once we cut through the red tape then we will know where we are, and I cannot say much more than that.'

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355. FIFA Injustice and Bias

July 21, 2006

Selfish Zidane has fooled Fifa

Arrogant French legend has sullied his own legacy

Article by Paul Doyle
Thursday July 20, 2006
Guardian Unlimited

Zidane's chestbutt was excusable. Lots of people do stupid things when they're angry. And if he'd simply apologised for losing and misusing his head and accepted his punishment, Zinédine Zidane could have been forgiven. But instead he decided to play the victim and, in doing so, has cheapened the legacy of one of the game's greatest ever players: himself.

Throughout his sparkling career, Zidane has been hailed for his humility. We've constantly been told that he's just a timid family man who's never let success swell his ego and never forgotten where he came from. But his behaviour since the World Cup final has been disingenuous and self-serving, suggesting that this supposedly modest hero puts his own pride before the good of the game that made him.

Article continues
Zidane complained that Marco Materazzi insulted him and should be punished. He stressed that the insults were not racist, religious or political. In other words, they were the sort of playground taunts that have been heard in every sporting contest at every level since the dawn of time. Zidane has surely been on the receiving end of such insults throughout his life and career; and it would be incredible if the 34-year-old has himself never taunted or insulted an opponent. Indeed, it has been widely reported that he called referee Jorge Larrionda a "son of a bitch" during France's semi-final win over Portugal. In football, such vacuous insults have rarely been taken seriously, certainly not when between two players - they've merely been treated as relatively harmless valves through which players vent frustration, or crude ways of winding up adversaries. So did a dunderhead like Materazzi really manage to concoct a jibe so extraordinarily disturbing that it justified Zidane's attack and his demand for Fifa to take unprecedented action?

Or is Zidane simply too proud to admit that the pressure and emotion of the World Cup final and his last ever game led him to make a big drama out of the most humdrum of happenings? Is he arrogant enough to try to fool the world into believing that he, who had previously accumulated 13 red cards in his career, is of such impeccable moral fibre and professional rectitude that it would have taken something unimaginably heinous to blur his focus? Well, insofar as it prompted silly Fifa to retrospectively impose a two-game ban on Materazzi, Zizou's selfish ruse has worked.

Indeed, such is Zidane's mystique that he even managed to convince the French Football Federation to contradict themselves and speak to Fifa in his defence. This is the same FFF that last year appealed against one of its own disciplinary committee's decisions after Fabien Barthez, who had spat on a referee during a friendly, was dealt with leniently after explaining he was provoked. The FFF insisted the goalkeeper serve at least a six-month ban. The word 'hypocrisy' must be featuring heavily in Barthez's conversations tonight.

As for Fifa, now that they've been hoodwinked into declaring that swearing at someone is only marginally less objectionable than physically assaulting them and should be punished even if the referee doesn't hear it, how does the world governing body propose to eradicate harsh language? By making every player wear a microphone during matches and employing a squadron of eavesdroppers to monitor their utterances? If so, which jibes merit a yellow card and which deserve red? For how many games will a player be suspended for insulting an opponent's sister as opposed to, say, his cousin?

Conniving Zidane handed Fifa a jagged can-opener, and the clowns have released the worms.

Please sign the petition to bring justice and eliminate bias from the governing body FIFA.

Please click on the links to view the decision by FIFA and other information, and note that both players stressed the insults were not of racial nature.

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356. Save Michael Gardiner's Career

July 18, 2006

The Eagles treatment of Michael Gardiner is harsh, uncaring and unforgiving.

It is also downright hypocritical!

Regardless of having the best midfield in the competition, it is a simple fact that no football club has ever gone all the way without key position forwards producing the goals.

The Eagles won two premierships with Suma up front, and the only other time they looked dangerous was when Scott Cummins won the Coleman.

Despite this, the Eagles had failed to recruit the forwards needed.

They went into the Grand Final with no recognised forwards! Gardiner was thrust into the role, under the most pressure imaginable, and when he failed to produce was made the scapegoat for their loss.

Is it any wonder that he suffers from Depression.

Both Ben Cousins and Michael Gardiner failed to fully answer questions regarding their alleged involvement with alleged criminals.

Several Eagles have committed off-field "indiscretions," including Ben Cousins and Ashley Sampi. Why is Michael Gardiner the only one to have his career ended.

When confronted with a booze bus, Ben Cousins ran away. At least Gardiner stayed around for the cops, and has promised to make restitution.

Michael is apparently suffering from depression, an insidious illness not fully understood.

The Eagles response: "we're going to support Michael…by destroying his career.."

I am asking all WA football fans to sign this petition.

I am also urging all Eagles Member to "GO GREEN" for Michael at the round 17 game with Adelaide. Please take, wear and wave everything GREEN that you have. You can still scream for the team, but the GREEN will also show your support for Michael.

Thanks for your support.

Big Aus

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357. Zidane: coup de chance pour la France

15 juil 2006

1989 : Zinedine Zidane joue en Première division pour la première fois Zinedine / Zidane débute sa carrière professionnelle. Son premier match en Première division l'oppose au FC Nantes, au stade de la Beaujoire.

1994 : Zidane est sélectionné pour l'équipe de France
Zinedine Zidane est sélectionné pour la première fois en équipe de France. Les Bleus sont opposés à l'équipe de la République tchèque. Zidane marque deux buts qui permettent à la France de conclure la rencontre sur un match nul.

1996 : Zidane participe à la finale de la coupe de l'UEFA. Avec les Girondins, Zinedine Zidane va jusqu'en finale de la coupe de l'UEFA. Mais c'est le Bayern de Munich qui s'impose à l'issue de la rencontre.
Zinedine Zidane signe chez la fameuse Juventus de Turin
Zidane entre à la Juventus. Après des débuts difficiles, Zidane prend ses marques et perfectionne son jeu. Il remporte avec la Juve deux titres de champion d'Italie (1997 et 1998) mais connaît la défaite en finale de la Ligue des champions (1997 et 1998).

1998 : Zinedine Zidane est élu meilleur joueur de l'année par la FIFA (1998, 2000 et 2003)
Zinedine Zidane reçoit le Ballon d'or
Zidane est élu Ballon d'or.
La FIFA décerne à Zinedine Zidane le titre de meilleur joueur de l'année en 1998, 2000 puis 2003.

JUIILET 1998 Les Bleus champions du monde
A Saint-Denis, lors de la finale de la coupe du monde de football au stade de France, les joueurs français accèdent pour la première fois de leur histoire au titre suprême de champions du monde. Les deux buts de Zinedine Zidane dans la première mi-temps et celui d'Emmanuel Petit à la 90e minute ont eu raison de l'équipe du Brésil pourtant championne du monde en titre. Les joueurs d'Aimé Jacquet sont élevés au rang de héros nationaux. Des millions des français sortent dans les rues en s'écriant "Un, deux, trois, zéro!!". La France vit un moment historique.

2000 : L'équipe de France gagne le championnat d'Europe des nations, un doublé historique
Deux ans après avoir remporté la coupe du monde, l'équipe des Bleus réitère l'exploit. Ils remportent le championnat d'Europe des Nations en 2000. Aucune équipe n'avait jusqu'alors gagné coup sur coup ces deux titres.

2001 : Zinedine Zidane rejoint le Real de Madrid
Après cinq ans passés sous le maillot turinois, le meneur de Bleus est transféré au Real de Madrid. Le coût de son transfert dépasse tous les records (montant de la transaction: 506 millions de FF soit plus de 77 millions d'euros).

2002 : Avec l'équipe du Real, Zidane gagne la Ligue des champions
Zidane et les "galactiques" du Real de Madrid décrochent la victoire de la Ligue des champions 2002.

2004 : L'Euro 2004 échappe à l'équipe de France / Août 2004 : Zinedine Zidane met un terme à sa carrière internationale

2005 : Sur la demande du sélectionneur Raymond Domenech, Zinedine Zidane accepte de revenir en équipe de France en vue de la coupe du monde 2006.

2006 : la France perd contre l Italie en finale de la coupe du monde.

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358. Strip Italy of FIFA Gold Medals 2006

July 11, 2006

It is the question on every football fan's lips.

What did the Italian footballer say to prompt Zinedine Zidane's shocking headbutt in the closing moments of Sunday's World Cup final?

The answer, it has emerged, was a vile stream of racial and personal abuse.

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359. Hold FIFA Accountable

July 10, 2006

FIFA, the association that governs and regulates soccer/football throughout the world, launched its "No to Racism" campaign this year after an escalation of overtly racist verbal attacks on Black players in Europe (read more at,1518,424984,00.html).

Individual players have also organized to "drown out the racists" in a "Stand Up, Speak Up" campaign led by global superstar Thierry Henry (,

In the World Cup Final that took place Sunday, July 9th, French player Zinedine Zidane was sent off the field with a red card for head-butting an Italian player in the chest. Zidane's actions were reportedly in response to a racial slur made by the Italian player.

This petition seconds the request made by SOS Racisme ( to hold FIFA President Joseph Blatter accountable to his "zero-tolerance" policy towards racism in the World Cup by investigating this event and applying the sanctions he ensured would be carried out.

Please sign this petition to support fair treatment of all players in the world's most beautiful and most popular game.

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360. 5 spots to Conmebol for the World Cups

July 4, 2006

Conmebol has 9 world cup titles, and 4.5 spots in the qualifiers.

Africa has 5 spots and zero titles.

Asia 4.5 spots and zero titles.

uefa has too many spots (14).

And to add something more, the best football historically comes from Conmebol countries.

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