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331. Save the Music Department at Cape Coral High School

Recently, the Cape Coral High School administration has decided to remove the music department from the school.
The administration's reason for removing the program was becasue there weren't enough students signed up for the classes.

The music teacher and her students acted immediately, set up a table in the cafeteria, and got a considerable amount of students to sign up. There were at least 104 students signed up for classes such as guitar, piano/keyboard, musical theatre, drums, and the special education class.

Although they had less than two months to accomplish the task in recruiting more students, they achieved the goal.
The administration claims that there were only around 40 people who signed up.

Every student has the right to learn about different fields which interest them, and removing the music department from Cape Coral High School is denying at least 100 students from that right. Removing the music department would be just as unfair as telling the football players that there wasn't going to be any football next year, or telling painters that art class wouldn't be available to them anymore.

Would you like it if you were told that you were unable to participate in the classes that pertained to your hobbies or possible career? No, nobody would. Therefore, we ask the Cape Coral High School administration to change their decision, keeping the music department part of the school.

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332. Midas help my club

Psychic Dean Midas Maynard has a huge reputation for helping many sporting teams including Reading, Leeds United, Macclesfield Town and Wigan Warriors and now he is looking to get a role with a british football team for the 2007/2008 season.

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333. A better Australian Home End for Socceroos matches

A petition for a better Australian Home End for Socceroos matches.

A football team’s home end should be the focal point of support for that team. It should be filled with loud voices and songs of encouragement. It should be visually impressive. It should be a source of inspiration to the home side and intimidating to the opposition.

We the undersigned are a group of concerned Socceroo supporters from around the country who believe that the Australian Home End created by the FFA, while well-intentioned, is not fulfilling its potential.

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334. Put a "save of the month" on match of the day!

Match of the Day has had a goal of the month for ages; some of the goals are spectacular, and it is interesting to watch, but it's time to have a save of the month as well.

Strikers are not the only match winners, goalkeepers are often just as vital in winning the match, and with great goalkeepers like Petr Cech, Paul Robinson, and Shay Given in the premiership, making great saves, it is time they were recognised and rewarded too!

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335. Say no to FA Cup semi finals at Wembley

Holding FA Cup semi finals at Wembley Stadium will devalue the prize of reaching the final and take away some of the magic of the FA Cup.

The FA claim their decision is to allow more fans to attend the semi finals, yet this season both semi finals saw empty seats in stadia with less capacity than the new Wembley. They should respect the fans as we are not stupid.

The FA's decision is purely based on recouping some of the money they wasted on the stadium overspend and the wages that are still being paid to Sven-Goran Eriksson. Wembley is for Cup Finals, always has been, always should be.

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336. Time to Go

As you may of Read in the LEP and other Media. OUR club Preston North End, isn't happy about Stay away fans, not happy that we the Fans are voicing OUR Concerns that the Lack of ambition by the Board is costing us big time. Fans have been calling for the Midfield to be sort all season, and its fallen on death ears.

Well we are in a playoff place at the Moment, we are fast moving down the league with constant bad performances. Relegation elected teams are walking over us big time. Its been Asked whos to blame, and Derek Shaw has come under strong blame. So lets have our Say.

**Those that don't want to sign don't put your name to it or a silly name, let's have a fair reflection of opinion. They will be removed **

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337. Fight against the antitrust NFL monopoly

In 2004 there was a very high profile lawsuit against the NFL filed by Maurice Clarett, an Ohio State football player, who wanted to participate in the NFL draft even though he was still a sophomore in college.

This dramatic lawsuit brought national attention to the issue of NFL eligibility. Clearly, the restrictions on eligibility deny people their rights to choose a profession they want to pursue. As a result of these restrictions, athletes should be able to enter the NFL draft immediately after graduating high school.

The Maurice Clarett lawsuit is an example of the problems that can result in restrictions on NFL draft eligibility. In his case, he argued that antitrust laws were broken as the NFL has a monopoly on professional football. And he further argue that he, as a professional seeking to begin a career, was restricted and had no alternative companies for which to work. This concept of the NFL monopoly also is a violation of American free market beliefs wherein one is free to pursue the career they choose.

The NFL is the only league for professional football players and, as players are successful at young ages, they should be able to become professionals as soon as they want.
Like all monopolies, the NFL will continue to dominate the market and will take advantage of athletes, their contracts and the way they are regulated. Prices will be unfair and competition will be unbalanced because of the restrictions to age. This will be an industry not regulated by free market practices but by one dominant monopoly which seeks to make as much profit as possible.

The problem is that young talented athletes may lose precious years of their careers to these regulations. Furthermore, the competitiveness of the market will be distorted because the best young athletes will not be allowed into the game. This violates antitrust laws in egregious ways.

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338. Justice for thugish behaviour on a football pitch

I feel that I have to contact you all regarding the deplorable scenes that I witnessed at White Hart Lane on Monday 19th March 2007. Firstly, I am a Spurs fan, and will freely admit that we were outplayed and out passed in the game last night, and Chelsea deserved the victory.

I thought that they took both their goals very well, and we did not seem to be at the races for long periods of the game. I haven't got a clue why, probably it is as simple that Chelsea are a better team than us.

But I feel that I have to speak out at what I saw after the game. I sat in block 33, row 26, and it is the same block that the fan came running out of and approached Frank Lampard. I am NOT condoning what he has done, and hopefully get what he deserves, a life time ban from the Lane, and a prison sentence. I have to tell you from what I saw, he was only reacting to what Frank, Ashley Cole, and John Terry did. It comes down to responsibility from them.

I do not know if you know White Hart Lane very well, but the away fans are positioned next to the Park Lane faithful, the 'diehards' if you want to call them. So, I can understand that the Chelsea team would want to go over there and celebrate. But, and it is a big but, while they are running towards there fans, there was no need for them to gesture to us fans in the Park Lane. I saw John Terry, Frank Lampard, and especially Ashley Cole, gesturing to us fans in a provocative way i.e. 'come and get us if you think you are hard enough' way, so that we reacted to it, and the more we reacted to it, the more that they did it. I can understand that they were just reacting to the amount of abuse and stick they were getting through out the game, but don't they have a duty of care not to react to these type of things? Frank came over to our side when he took and a corner, and got one hell of a barrage of abuse. He just smiled and got on with it, now that was the professional way to handle it. So why, at the end of the game, do a stupid thing like that and provoke the response that they got? I have no idea.....

To make matters worse, and I am sure that the TV pictures will back me up on this and there has been pictures printed in the national press, Didier Drogba should be done for assault on the fan. I blatantly saw him STAMPING on the fan when he was being held on the floor by the stewards! What the hell was that all about? You do that on the street, you go to prison, end of story! Why should it be different with him. Ashley Cole was seen kicking him, again in my book, that is a criminal offence. The second fan that came onto the pitch came from the Chelsea section, god only knows what he was doing.....

And now I have just found out that there will no action taken against any of the Chelsea players that were involved in the incident. I am asking each and every supporter of a football club to sign this petition and stop this thugish behaviour that happens on a football pitch. Something was done when Ben Thatcher elbowed Pedro Mendes, so why is it different for when a Chelsea player stamps on a supporter I ask you? We need to something about it, please sign this petition, and make sure that something is done!

To quote:

"When a Stoke fan attacked QPR goalkeeper Simon Royce last season and landed a few blows before the Rangers squad fell on him, QPR got a fine for failing to keep control of their players and reserve goalkeeper Jake Cole picked up a ban for administering a good shoeing while the bloke was on the floor. Step forward a year and a Spurs fan, clearly so drunk that even fat Frank could evade him, finds himself buried under a heap of Chelsea players. Of these, Ashley Cole and Didier Drogba, amongst others, are performing a strange dance not unrelated to the Hokey Cokey. We can only hope the unfortunate fan wasn't in their way. And is the FA feeling the collars of those Chelsea players? Or the management team that failed to control them? Apparently not. Double standards, anyone?"

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339. Bring back State of Origin

State of Origin belongs to Australian football. Interstate Australian rules football games have been played since 1879. Games were played under State of Origin rules from 1977 to 1999 and since 1990, chosen mostly from the Australian Football League (AFL).

Passion for these games were unrivalled, particularly between Victoria and South Australia, but also with Western Australia and Tasmania. These games would regularly sell out at Football Park in Adelaide and also in WA. They produced many of our game's memorable moments. In 1989 a crowd of 91,960 people attended a game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between Victoria, featuring greats of the game such as Gary Ablett, Tony Lockett, Jason Dunstall and Terry Daniher, and South Australia, featuring Andrew Jarman, Stephen Kernahan and Craig Bradley.

Pursuing a national club competition, the Australian Football League decided representative football was not in its interests and deliberately downplayed the importance of state of origin games once it gained control of our game nationally. This has resulted in it declining relative to Origin games in rugby league. There were an increasing number of withdrawals by AFL players, who were under increasing pressure from their clubs, concerned by the risk of injuries. The final death knell was when "Mr Football" EJ Whitten died. Since 2000, all matches have been between teams representing the second-tier state or terriorial leagues. A token charity event each year at the Telstra Dome featuring has-been footballers is simply not good enough.

Now that the AFL has ballsed up the International Rules Series against Ireland (which was in itself Gaelic football posing as an almost farcical "compromise" of our great game), our elite players will be starved representation and reconition. We need it for our game to be truly national. In recent polls, players and fans alike have voted almost unanimously for the return of the series !

State of Origin gives players greater opportunity for lucrative endorsements and helps market their clubs. It gives states with underperforming AFL teams the opportunity to still achieve a level of success in our sport.

The AFL may be a national competition, but we want to see Barry Hall and Jonathan Brown pull on the Big V and play side by side. We want to see the best players in the country on the big stage, the ultimate spectacle.

Furthermore, we want every state represented. The "Allies" concept is a farce that helped take the passion out of the series and reduces it to exhibition match status. More than ever before, NSW/ACT and Queensland are competitive enough to contest against the likes of Tasmania. A two division format would be sufficient withe the following rough qualified rankings.

* Victoria
* South Australia
* Western Australia
* QLD / NT
* Tasmania

The AFL should begin with State of Origin in 2008 to celebrate interstate football's place as part of the 150 years of Australian Football and make it an annual series.

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340. Sack Steve McClaren

'Second Choice' Steve Mclownen should never have been appointed England manager and will without doubt lead the team to failure.

He lacks the bottle to drop supposed big name players who consistently underperform in an England shirt, i.e. Lumplard. Whereas players who play their heart out are unceremoniously dropped (Beckham). He is tactically inept, uses unfamiliar formations and persists to pick players out of position.

Furthermore he was chosen as England manager on the back of a lucky run in Europe with a boring Middlesbrough team who finished 14th in the league, a campaign which included a 7-0 loss to Arsenal.

In summary; McClaren is a incompetent manager incapable of bringing the pace and style of the English Premiership to the national team and his only achievement thus far is to win the "Mickey Mouse" Cup (League Cup). He should be removed from the job with immediate effect if England are to have any chance of qualification for the European Championship.

Football fans unite and act now for the good of England!

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341. A uniformed style of policing at football matches across Europe

Dr. Clifford Stott of the School of Pschology, University of Liverpool has filed several reports on policing, crowd dynamics and Public order at International football tournaments.

His findings supported the idea that a specific style of policing is required in order for football supporters to behave appropriately. If implemented by police across Europe at football matches, violence amongst football fans will drop dramatically.

Policing at football matches in England is of a very high standard. These techniques need to be taught to police in other areas of Europe. By introducing a uniform style of policing at football matches across Europe, policing would have to follow strict guidelines and meet certain standards.

Recent events in Italy indicate why a uniformed style of policing needs to be implemented across Europe. A policeman was killed during riots between Catania and Palermo. Better policing techniques could have prevented violence from escalating to such a level.

Other deaths will occur across Europe unless action is taken. That is why this petition is so important.

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342. Unite the Clubs Petition to City of Edinburgh Council

For more than 60 years, Edinburgh’s community-based facilities for football and other traditionally low-entry cost sports have been allowed to deteriorate to a truly shocking level.

Changing facilities are typically out of date, substandard, neglected, damp, unhygienic and at times hazardous.

Many pitches are badly drained, rutted and verge on unplayable for large parts of the year as a result of poor maintenance. Goal posts are often bent or broken.

Despite their shortcomings, pitches and facilities are also expensive to hire. Facilities based on school premises are costly to hire too, and at times difficult for community-based clubs to gain access to.

A number of community-based clubs, run entirely by volunteers, would be keen to develop their own facilities in return for long-term leases, but have been unable to do so. Many of our clubs are simply struggling to survive.

For this situation to be allowed to continue at a time when Edinburgh is trying to assert itself as one of Europe’s most active cities is insupportable.

Clubs across the Capital and throughout the Eastern Region have finally decided that enough is enough and that it's time to do something to stop the rot.

This petition will be delivered to the City of Edinburgh Council, City Chambers during the course of the Unite the Clubs march through Edinburgh City Centre at 1:30pm on 14th February 2007.

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343. Unite the Clubs Petition to the Scottish Parliament

For more than 60 years, community-based facilities for football and other traditionally low-entry cost sports have been allowed to deteriorate to a truly shocking level.

Changing facilities are typically out of date, substandard, neglected, damp, unhygienic and at times hazardous.

Many pitches are badly drained, rutted and verge on unplayable for large parts of the year as a result of poor maintenance. Goal posts are often bent or broken.

Despite their shortcomings, pitches and facilities are also expensive to hire. Facilities based on school premises are costly to hire too, and at times difficult for community-based clubs to gain access to.

A number of community-based clubs, run entirely by volunteers, would be keen to develop their own facilities in return for long-term leases, but have been unable to do so. Many clubs are simply struggling to survive.

For this situation to be allowed to continue at a time when we should be encouraging young people to participate in sports as part of our bid to shed our unenviable reputation as a 'nation of 'couch potatoes' is insupportable.

Clubs across Scotland have finally decided that enough is enough and that it's time to do something to stop the rot.

This petition will be delivered to the Scottish Parliament at the end of the Unite the Clubs march through Edinburgh City Centre at 1:30pm on 14th February 2007.

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344. Get some goals for Denham Cricket Field

We need some goals at the field so that we can play football.

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345. Michael Voss statue for the Gabba

Michael Voss is one of the greatest sportsmen that Queensland has ever produced.

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players to play Australian rules football.

During his 289 games for the Brisbane Bears/Lions, he has won the Brownlow Medal - the national competition's highest award.

The Brisbane Lions captain lead the club to 3 consecutive AFL premierships, a feat which has been equalled only two other times in over 100 years of competition.

He is the captain of the Queensland Team of the Century.

He has captained Australia and was an All-Australian 5 times.

He won his club's best and fairest 5 times and the Most Valued Player in the AFL two times.

Voss put his body on the line for his club and country, playing through debilitating injury during his career.

His off-field reputation is exemplary and he is widely recognised as one of the fairest players ever in the competition and is a statesman for Aussie Rules in Queensland.

Vossy's feats are comparable to the Emperor of Lang Park - Wally Lewis - who has rightly a statue in his honour at Suncorp Stadium (Lang Park). We believe that "The Boss" also deserves a statue in his honour at the Brisbane Cricket Ground - a ground that Voss helped to make a fortress for his club.

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346. Tasmania needs its own AFL team

We want a Tasmanian side in the national competition and we want it now !

Tasmanians have had enough of non-blockbuster games between neutral sides from other states.

We have watched the AFL pour money for over 25 years in non-traditional Aussie Rules states while football in the Tasmanian heartland suffers.

Too many myths have been bandied around by the AFL dismissing Tasmania, a traditional football state, from its right to be represented in the national competition :

1. Tasmania doesn't need AFL - Tasmanians will always love Aussie Rules
FALSE. Sure Tasmanians are mad about football, the state has the second highest participation rate and it has been played there longer than just about any other state BUT statistics show local football in Tasmania is suffering badly at the grass roots and participation and crowd numbers are stagnant or in decline for local leagues. Soccer is making big inroads and a new franchise there is a strategic priority for A-League. Without a team in a national comp to barrack for, who could blame Tasmanians for backing a soccer side just like the Canberra people turned to the Raiders and later Brumbies to the detriment of the AFL in the ACT.

2. Brisbane and Sydney give better returns for the AFL
FALSE. Let's not forget the subsidisation of the Sydney Swans for nearly 25 years and the Brisbane Bears for over a decade, with the AFL pumping millions into these clubs just to keep them alive. Lets not also forget that the AFL subsidises at least 3 Melbourne based club to the tune of millions. The AFL is still pumping millions into Sydney and Brisbane in an effort to get kids playing footy. Whilst this is working in Brisbane due to multiple Brisbane Lions premierships, the larger amount has been spent in Sydney and there has arguably not been a solid return on investment.

3. Tasmania doesn't have the population to support it
FALSE. Tasmania's population is the same as the Gold Coast, which is touted as being the next location of an AFL team.
Tasmania's population is two and a half times that of Geelong which still has a home ground at Kardinia Park that is regularly filled and has a majority of Geelong based members.

4. Tasmania's population is in decline
FALSE. Tasmania suffered a brief period of decline in the 1990s which was a highly publicised reason for the rejection of an AFL bid at the time.
However, this is no longer the case Tasmania’s population returned to growth in early 2001, with the population growth rate being near the national average for five years of consistent steady growth in population.

5. Tasmania's economy is stuffed
FALSE. Tasmania has shown positive employment growth since 2001. The Tasmanian economy has performed better than the national average.

6. The Tasmanian television audience doesn't count
FALSE. It may not be part of the OZTam ratings at the moment BUT it does not mean that the population does not watch television and OZTam will be extending their measurements to regionals in the near future.
OZTam ratings should not be used as a reliable measure of the AFL's popularity as it does not include significant regional populations in Queensland, New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

7. Tasmania is too far away
FALSE Launceston is less than a 1 hour flight from Melbourne which costs less than a flight from Melbourne to Sydney. It is an 24 hour trip by ferry from Melbourne and a 48 hour trip from Sydney with direct flight routes from Adelaide, Brisbane, Broome, Cairns, Canberra, Christchurch, Coffs Harbour, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hamilton Island, Mackay, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Proserpine, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Townsville.

8. Tasmania does not have any corporates or corporate support
FALSE Tasmania is home to Boags and Cascades - two of Australia's most popular brewers. There is also the Federal Group which owns the two casinos. Wrest Point is Australia's first legal casino and still very popular, they currently sponsor the Tasmanian Devils.
Gunns Limited is a huge forestry company.
The Tasmanian government backs Hawthorn and has significant investments in the local tourism industry. The Spirit of Tasmania would be an obvious tourism backer.
Even without the local companies, companies from the mainland invest millions of dollars into the Tasmanian economy.
The Tasmanian Tigers cricket team attracts sponsorships from Cascade, the Tasmanaian government, Vodafone, Coca Cola and the Commonwealth Bank. There is no reason why an AFL team could not do the same especially with its ability to attract larger crowds and television audience.

9. Tasmania doesn't have a good enough stadium
FALSE Aurora Stadium is bigger in capacity than Manuka or Marrara stadium and equally as big as Carrara and only slightly smaller than Kardinia Park. It is a modern stadium that is arguably better equipped for each of these and easily suitable for AFL matches. What is more is that the government is prepared to invest $$$ to keep it up to standard. The government proposed over $30 million for Glenorchy stadium in the 90s. Whereas the AFL has pumped millions into Carrara and would have to continue to do so if a team ever happened on the Gold Coast

10. Crowds in Tasmania would not be big enough
FALSE. It has been filled on occassion when Hawthorn plays there to over 20,000. It regularly draws bigger crowds than the Gold Coast, Darwin or Canberra and comparable to Geelong and both Sydney and Brisbane in the 1980s. Keep in mind that the AFL does not schedule blockbuster matches for regional cities. The Tasmanian Devils average the largest crowds in the Victorian Football League and have attracted home crowds in excess of 10,000 on occassion in what is a much less supported league.

11. Aurora Stadium is too far away from the capital Hobart
Tasmania is a big island, but Launceston is central to most parts of it, only 2 hours by road from many of the main population centres

12. There is a North/South rivalry that stops anything from happening
FALSE. There is probably some sort of friendly rivalry, but apart from the beers they drink, it is largely a myth. The truth is that Tasmanians would get behind a football side regardless of where the team is based. The Tasmanian Football League was fine until the AFL split it into north and south. In context, there is a much bigger rivarly between Sydney and Melbourne which prevents football from ever making inroads into the Sydney market. There is also a South East Queensland, North Queensland rivalry, but that doesn't stop people from supporting both the Broncos and the Cowboys when either is on top of the ladder ....

13. There are not enough quality home grown players
FALSE. The AFL has a number of Tasmanian players including many high profile players, as many as have come from highly populous places such as Sydney and Brisbane. Many of the legends of the game have come from the state. Tasmania used to be represented in State of Origin until the AFL created the "Allies" concept, who could blame Tasmanians for not getting behind a team which also represented parts of the country that are over 2000 miles away. Sadly the number of home grown players has fallen with the fortunes of local footy.

14. Tasmania has a history of sporting clubs dying
FALSE. Yes the Hobart Devils demise in 1996, BUT that is one club for an American sport which is failing in Australia - how many clubs has the Gold Coast seen come and go in the past decade ? Not to count the failed Melbourne VFL/AFL clubs like University, Fitzroy, South Melbourne ... or the number of NSWRL/ARL/NRL that have fallen along the wayside all around Australia over the years.

15. A competition can be considered national without a Tasmanian side
FALSE. A competition cannot claim to be truly national without a team from each Australian state.

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347. Ban Graduation in a Church

The idea of graduation in a church imposes on personal belief and the decision to practice religion as an individual. The new principal, Sid Bailey, is a member of the Phoenix First Assembly.

The idea that our football field is too small to hold a graduation is false. Football games alone have been known to hold over 2,000 fans. Administration has refused to accept reasonable solutions to the issue and have listened yet not taken into consideration of what the students would prefer.

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348. Keep Christ in CHRISTmas

Well there are many evidences in today's culture, that point to pushing Christ out of CHRISTmas. Just recently Macy's and Wal-Mart have replaced Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays.

The problem is they are large companies that have such a huge say in our country and economy and not just ours.

So below are some sites that point to excluding Christ from CHRISTmas.

I think that we as Canadians should be allowed to say Merry Christmas no matter what others think. If I choose to say Merry Christmas and someone is offended than their response should be whatever they choose. In other words, if you choose to respond by saying Happy Holidays then so be it.

It used to be that in other countries you would have to worry about what you stood for when it came to your beliefs about Jesus; but now we as Christians and even those that are not Christians but still believe in God are the ones that have to worry. I shouldn't be forced to change my beliefs b/c of what other's believe. I respect their beliefs and I think our beliefs should be the same on respecting other beliefs. If you choose not to partake in saying Merry Christmas than don't. Say whatever you feel.

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349. Greater Football (Soccer) Media Exposure in Australia

As we all know the A-league has been a great success in the first season and in the second season this success has continued evidence of this is the 50,333 fans who turned up to watch Melbourne Victory take on Sydney FC at the Telstra Dome.

Unfortunately we do not get our fair share of media coverage.

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350. Bourgoin v. Munster

351. Implement BCS Playoff

I have started this petition to start a movement to change the format used to select the teams that play for the national championship at the end of the year.

The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) selects the teams that will play for the national championship by using a calculated method that takes into account three polls comprised of many different voters.

When all is said and done, two teams are rewarded while many deserving teams are denied entry to play for the title based on who happens to be voted higher by which person is voting.

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352. Attn WVU: We Want Rich Rod

WVU Needs to Step Up. This is a 24 hour petition drive, starting 8:30am on 12/6/6.

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353. No Maze Stadium

This is to keep the home stadium of Northern Ireland Football/Soccer in Belfast and not where it is far from the bigger areas of Northern Ireland. Up the Belfast Stadium.

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354. Kosova forum or sub forum on

The Kosovar people deserve a forum of there own not just one thread that is used for there leagues NT and other things.

They need their own forum or a sub-forum in the Albanian forum.

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355. Newcastle United - Freddy Shepherd Out!

Freddy Shepherd, Newcastle United chairman, is dragging the club under!

The club needs a new chairman to take it further, and to get out of the current rut that Shepherd has put us in.

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356. Get Davy out of Huddersfield Town Football Club!

Questions asked to Ken Davy are "Where is our money going?" Huddersfield Town had a target to be in the top 30 clubs come 2008.

Unfortunatly this is an un-realistic target now with HTFC been a mid table team in League 1! After plenty of fans insist for answers Ken Davy cannot do anything but lie and lie! Are Huddersfield Town and Huddersfield Giants been run seperatly? Davy insists they are, but everyone knows its a lie! Ken Davy stated "They [the fans wondering where Huddersfield Town's money is going] insist on creating an atmosphere which is potentially damaging to Huddersfield Town Football Club."

But surely when fans come to watch their team week in week out they deserve proper answers? When they are spending money on watching Huddersfield Town, who are not acheiving, surely they deserve to know where the money is really going?

Answers are not coming and not going to come because Davy has thrown our money away! Get him out!

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357. Save Scarborough Football Club

We hereby urge Scarborough Borough Council to lift the covenant on the McCain Stadium and allow Scarborough Football Club to re-locate to its chosen site at Eastfield.

We believe this to be the only way for the club to survive and that this move will be of benefit to the local community.


Please make sure you include your name. Signatures with no name can't be counted.

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358. Student Petition for Football Team at C.U.S.

We think that a school team could be created without interferring with other school activities which was the case in transition year.

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359. Petición a la Corporación Popular Deportiva Junior

La Corporación Popular Deportiva Junior está siendo manejada de una forma inadecuada. Es bien sabido que el equipo tiene dueño pero también representa una imagen, una ciudad, una región y a nuestro parecer debería haber un mejor manejo.

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360. Media Coverage of Youth Football in Australia

Youth development is the future for Australian football, we need to start taking it more seriously and one step to taking youth football more seriously is to have a better coverage from the media.

The 2006 AFC Youth Championship had no telecast on either radio or television in Australia, the Young Socceroo's, Joey's and Olyroos received nothing in terms of telecast in their tours of South America or Asia.

So how seriously is Australia taking youth development with little recognition in the media? This is a question I pose to you.

In countries like Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, Korea and many more countries, youth football gets broadcasted on television or at least radio. If Australia is to become a world power, we need to give our youths the media coverage they deserve.

A better broadcast will allow the football loving public of Australia to open our eyes and it will allow for an easier scrutiny and analysis by the media and coaches of the direction of our youths.

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