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331. Hold FIFA Accountable

July 10, 2006

FIFA, the association that governs and regulates soccer/football throughout the world, launched its "No to Racism" campaign this year after an escalation of overtly racist verbal attacks on Black players in Europe (read more at,1518,424984,00.html).

Individual players have also organized to "drown out the racists" in a "Stand Up, Speak Up" campaign led by global superstar Thierry Henry (,

In the World Cup Final that took place Sunday, July 9th, French player Zinedine Zidane was sent off the field with a red card for head-butting an Italian player in the chest. Zidane's actions were reportedly in response to a racial slur made by the Italian player.

This petition seconds the request made by SOS Racisme ( to hold FIFA President Joseph Blatter accountable to his "zero-tolerance" policy towards racism in the World Cup by investigating this event and applying the sanctions he ensured would be carried out.

Please sign this petition to support fair treatment of all players in the world's most beautiful and most popular game.

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332. 5 spots to Conmebol for the World Cups

July 4, 2006

Conmebol has 9 world cup titles, and 4.5 spots in the qualifiers.

Africa has 5 spots and zero titles.

Asia 4.5 spots and zero titles.

uefa has too many spots (14).

And to add something more, the best football historically comes from Conmebol countries.

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333. Stop Anti-Italian Bias on ESPN

July 4, 2006

Stop ESPN's Anti-Italian Hatred Today!

We, the undersigned Italian Americans and Italian Citizens living in the USA, will no longer tolerate the anti-Italian bias in the World Cup coverage of ABC/ESPN.

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334. Ronaldo the hero

July 3, 2006

Is ronaldo a hero for his performance in the England Portugal game on saturday?

Come on of course he is.

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335. Stop Violence in Western Province Club Rugby

On-going violence in Western Province Club Rugby.

There are far too many incidences of violence in club rugby, specifically in the Cape Province.

Numerous requests have been ignored by yourselves to eradicate this violence.

The unfortunate death of a promising young rugby player, due to a vicious assault, has pre-empted this petition.

We demand that action is instituted against such persons who persist in perpetrating this dispicable behaviour

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336. Promjena državljanstva

June 22, 2006

Zbog sramotne igre naših reprezentativaca na svjetskom prvenstvu u nogometu 2006 godine i zbog usranih igrača poput kranjčara i njegovog oca cice mi želimo da promijenimo svoje hrvatsko državljanstvo u državljanstvo BiH jer su oni pokazali znatno bolju igru od naših bakica i obitelji kranjčar.

Otac je htio prodati što bolje svog sina i zbog same takve igre mi smo izgubili bodove protiv brazila i japana i australije u konačnici.
To je tolika sramota da se čovjek ne može pogledat više u ogledalo dok je hrvat.

Zbog toga mi mijenjamo državljanstvo u BiH

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337. New Zealand 2011 Rugby World Cup

June 21, 2006

New Zealand shouldn't be hosting the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

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338. Back to Saturdays

June 10, 2006

To the Board of Sligo Rovers FC:

We want kick offs brought back to Saturday nights.

The move to Fridays is ridiculous and unacceptable and was done without the consultation of the fans.


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339. Englandfans Misconduct

Updated: August 9, 2006

Members of Englanfans have been treated appallingly by the organisation, who have lied, spun and avoided answering questions over the handling of this years World Cup Ticket allocations and the amounts given to the Football Family.

This can be seen in the following report

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340. The G2 Pact

June 3, 2006

This petition aims to celebrate the services of an unsung hero in the England side. The player is Gary (G) Neville, who wears the numbers two (2) shirt for England, hence the G2 pact.

For a few years now a group of gentlemen in the north of England have held a pact. If G scores then a drinking session commences within the hour. As most of you are aware, this rarely happens.

The idea of this petition is to create a phenomenon. We want as many people as possible to sign up for the pact in the next 7 days, just in time for England's first world cup match. If you sign up, you agree to drop everything and commence drinking as soon as possible in the event of G netting a goal.

Hopefully in the next 7 days, with your help we can start this phenomonen and at least 2000 people will agree to get smashed if G scores. If you are keen, please sign up, then forward this address to as many people as possible.

You must be aware that when signing up, you agree to forget everything and join your comrades in a boozy do, regardless of prior commitments (next day at work etc).

If we're very lucky, the England team may even hear of our mission and let G take a penalty in an easy game, hence starting the boozy downfall of a nation.

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341. Let Us Fly The England Flag at any football match

June 2, 2006

This petition is to stop people from not letting us fly the England Flag.

The England Flag is not racist. The England Flag belongs to the English whatever colour our skin, whatever our religous background.

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342. Sack Ian Wright

June 2, 2006

The British viewing public has had enough of it's licence fee been wasted on the incoherent Ian Wright.

The final straw came on Tuesday 30th May when Ian Wright said Steven Gerrard's dive was acceptable. The BBC must act to stop Ian Wright causing further embarrassment in Germany at the World Cup.

Over the last few years as a BBC pundit he has taken our money and caused offence and contributed very little to the BBC image.

It is time we as the viewing public and licence fee payers made our voice and feelings known.

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343. Leave Freo / St Kilda game as a draw

May 01, 2006

Let's leave the game (Apr 30, 2006) as a draw. If the afl decide to give one team the game then we all better look out.

In the last couple of years umpires have made lots of mistakes. On several occasions they have admitted they made wrong decisions, that have cost teams a game, however the results were never changed.

If we start now where does it ever stop. When we no longer have this great game of AFL.

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344. Award Fremantle 4 points for St Kilda game Apr 30, 2006

Today we saw a debacle of the highest order at Aurora Stadium in Launceston, Tasmania in an AFL game between the Fremantle Football Club and the St Kilda Football Club.

At the completion of the game, the siren was blown with Fremantle leading by 1 point. Due to the siren being very low in volume, the umpire controlling the game claimed he didn't hear it, depsite the Fremantle players raising their arms in triumph upon hearing it, the St Kilda players dropping their heads in defeat, and another field umpire appearing to run in to rectify the error.

Play continued and in the ensuing confusion a St Kilda player scored a point before the game was officially brought to a close, with a draw being the result. Clearly the Fremantle Football Club were robbed of the win and were the true winners of the game.

We demand that the point scored by St Kilda be removed from the records and that the Fremantle Football Club be awarded the game and the 4 premiership points. In the ineterst of fairness and for the sake of preserving the integrity of the game and the AFL competition, this move is essential and must be irrevocable.

The following questions must also be answered for the public and supporters of AFL in Australia:

(i) How long was the final siren sounded for?
(ii) Did the Timekeeper sound the siren a second time?
(iii) When did the field umpire signal the completion of playing time?
(iv) If the field umpire did not hear the 2nd sounding why was the game stopped?

The integrity of this great game must be preserved and the correct club must be rewarded for its win in Tasmania.

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345. Keep the Bills in Buffalo!

April 7, 2006

By signing this petition, you will be showing your support for the Buffalo Bills franchise. Keep the Bills in Buffalo forever!

Please Ralph (Wilson), don't move the team!

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346. Thank you Reading FC

March 28, 2006

On March 25th 2006, the players of Reading Football Club secured promotion for the first time in their 135 year history.

This is to thank Reading Football Club from all its fans for achieving promotion to the premiership in 2006.

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347. FK Velez Mostar

March 24, 2006

FK Velez Mostar


Visokom predstavniku u BiH

Cijenjeni gospodine Schwarz - Schilling

Fudbalski klub Velež Mostar je jedan od najstarijih klubova na podruèju južne Evrope. Dugogodišnji je uèesnik meðunarodnih fudbalskih klupskih natjecanja. Njegove boje su branili nogometaši, koji su kasnije igrali za najpoznatije evropske klubove.

Sa poèetkom rata u BiH 1992.godine, FK Velež je protjeran sa svoga stadiona i uskraæeno mu je pravo koje meðunarodna zajednica garantira svim graðanima BiH - povratak na svoje ognjište.

Veæ 14 godina FK Velež nastupa na neuslovnom stadionu i samo uz veliku ljubav svojih navijaèa i prijatelja uspio je opstati kao klub i nalazi se pred povratkom u fudbalsku ligu najboljih klubova BiH.

FK Velež je tokom svoje istorije bio i ostao klub svih graðana svoga grada i šire, u njemu su igrali i igraju predstavnici sva tri naroda u BiH.

Cijenjeni gospodine Visoki predstavnièe,

svojim potpisom dole molim Vas da iskoristite svoj autoritet i pravo funkcije koju obavljate i donesete, èim prije, odluku sa zakonskom snagom kojom æete omoguæiti FK Velež Mostar ostvarenje njegovog prava na trenutni povratak na Stadion pod Bijelim brijegom u Mostaru...


Sehr geehrter Herr Schwarz-Schilling!

Fußballklub Velez gehört zu den ältesten Fußballvereinen Südosteuropas und hat an vielen internationalen Wettbewerben teilgenommen. In seiner Vereinsfarbe rot spielten die Spieler, die später auch für berühmtesten Vereine Europas angetreten sind.

Mit dem Kriegsbeginn in Bosnien-Herzegowina 1992. wurde Velez von seinem Fußballstadion vertrieben. Nach dem Krieg wurde ihm das Recht zurückzukehren, das allen Bürgern Bosniens zusteht und von Internationalen Gemeinschaft garantiert wird, entzogen.

Seit 14 Jahren arbeitet das Team unter schwierigsten Bedienungen und nur Dank Hilfe von Fans und Freunden ist er als Verein erhalten geblieben und befindet sich auf dem Weg in die höchste Spielklasse, Premier League Bosniens.

FK Velez ist durch seine Geschichte immer ein Klub aller Bürger Mostars gewesen und in ihm haben immer die Vertreter aller drei Volksgruppen Bosniens gespielt und noch immer spielen.

Hochgeschätzter Herr Hoher Repräsentant,

mit meiner Unterschrift weiter unten, bitte ich Sie höflichst Ihre Autorität und Rechte, die Ihre Funktion mit sich bringt, zu nutzen und die gesetzliche Grundlage zu schaffen, die es dem FK Velez ermöglichen soll endlich zu seinem Recht zu kommen um schnellstmöglich in sein Stadion „Bijeli Brijeg" zurückzukehren.

Danke in voraus
Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Dear Mr. Schwarz Schilling.

This is a plee of Bosnian football fans in Bosnia & Herzeggovina and worldwide. It regards the "Velez" - Football Club of Mostar.

F.C. "Velez" is one of the oldest football clubs in the southern regions of Europe. It has been, contestant of many international championships trougout its rich history. Its colors were representet by footballers who were, later, members of most famous clubs in Europe.

At the begining of the war in Bosnia and Herzeggovina in 1992, F.C. "Velez" was expelled from its own stadium and is being denied return to its own playground. This is a very sad fact since U.N. is granting the right of return to homes to all people in bosnia.

This right should apply to F.C. "Velez" also, - the team which has been forced to train and play at dire conditions of its present stadium and facilities. The club has been able to survive today only by the help of its friends and fans who are realy fond of their club.

F.C. "Velez" has allways been and allways wil be represented by the players from all Bosnian nationalities. It has allways been and it wil allways be pride of the city of Mostar.

So, dear Mr. Schilling we hope that you can use your respected authority and grant the rightfull return of "Velez Stadium" to its club, fans and its people.

Sencerily yours,
Sports-lovers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and worldwide.

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348. Keep Michael Shields locked up

February 27, 2006

There is a large proportion of people living in Merseyside who believe that this person, Michael Shields, DID actually commit the crime he has been imprisoned for.

Why should the justice system be different for him?

He can't prove he didn't do it. But the courts seemed to be able to prove he did. If this happened in the UK, what would we want the sentance to be? How would we like it dealt with?

If he IS innocent, then set him free now. But there's no smoke without fire as they say, and if he DID commit the offence, then he got what was coming to him.

I wouldn't want him to be walking the streets of my home town, Liverpool, not to mention blackening AGAIN the name of the club I support, LFC. Everyone knows if you steal in Saudi Arabia they chop your hand off.

Maybe he should have thought about the consequences before commiting the offence?

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349. Removal of Anthony Lee, Steve O'Hara and John Adshead from the New Zealand Knights Management

February 26, 2006

The New Zealand Knights dismal on field performances are not only put down to players, but to people who sit in positions of power.

John Adshead, Anthony Lee and Steve O'Hara have ultimately destroyed the New Zealand Knights as a footballing franchise. Not adherring to promoting the chances for New Zealand players to play in the A-League, yet choosing to pick 14 of the 20 squad members from overseas, which is too much for a New Zealand based club.

Lee and O'Hara should not be at the club as it is obvious they have no experience in running a football club, and they both hail from backgrounds completely irrelevant to help run a successful football club.

Adshead's managerial performance of 1 win, 3 draws and 17 losses in the inaugural A-League season was disasterous to say the least, and I (as a football fan), as well as many others believe it is in the best interests of the club that John Adshead, as well as Anthony Lee and Steve O'Hara should be removed from the New Zealand Knights Football Club in order to send our club forward, rather than continue in a downward spiral destined for failure.

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350. Stop Mourinho from turning football into a religion

Feb 08, 2006

This petition was made after realising that, like the Globetroters, Mourinho's too good for football's health.

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351. Stop Diving In Football

Feb 06, 2006

Over the past few years we have seen more and more cheating and diving going on during football matches.

Until someone at FIFA or UEFA does anything about this or listens to the fans it will only get worse.

Just watching slow motion replays shows that more 9 times out of 10 the player either:

A) Hasn't been touched; or

B) is holding a part of their body that wasn't touched just because it is easier.

Sometimes during a match a player could have seemingly have their career finished by a tackle, more than once, but still be able to finish the game and play next week.

I've seen players get a hand touch their face and go down as if they are dying. I've seen players screaming in pain after having their shirt pulled! How on earth can that hurt you.

There is no way FIFA, UEFA or any of the member associations can believe what they are seeing on the pitch is real but they still let it happen every week. So far the only real example of anyong getting punished is Rivaldo at the World Cup in Japan but even then he was fined the equivilent of £10.

The situation is so bad that on the UKs cult football show Soccer AM they even play clips each week of players falling over without being touched to the music if Platoon, but still none of the authorities want to do anything about this.

I've seen diving in league matches all over the world, in World Cups, in Cup Finals and during the Champions League but no one will do anything about this.

I want to get 1 million signatures for this petition so that we can make FIFA and UEFA listen.

I have a number of ideas to help drive this out of the game but no one in FIFA or UEFA or anywhere else is prepared to do anything about this.

Feel free to e-mail me at

Let's get as many signatures as we can to make them listen.

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352. Green Shorts for Portugal

January 14, 2006

After years of Portugal's football team wearing Red Shirts with Green shorts Nike and the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) has decided to give them all Red uniforms.,

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353. Kick Rob Styles out of the FA

This is a new petition as of the Arsenal vs Chelsea game on Sunday afternoon.

Quite simply the man is a joke and lacks most of the credentials needed to officiate important football matches.

These days, the premiership is becoming a boring, very predictable one horse race. And when one of the few teams capable of challenging the league leaders Chelsea are beaten by eleven men and 3 officials, it makes you wonder if its even worth watching anymore.

The referee in charge of the Arsenal game disallowed a perfectly legal Robin Van Persie goal, ignored two blatant red card challenges from his new favourite player Michael Essien (whom Rob Styles also shouldve red carded for an X-rated challenge on boltons Tel Ben-Haim who is consequently lucky to still have a footballing career), and bottled countless decisions against Chelsea.

I am not a bitter Arsenal fan, I am actually a Leicester City fan and I enjoy watching good football. Not the ultra defensive, 10 men behind the ball stuff you see at stamford bridge which nobody wants to see.

But the point of the topic is Rob Styles has to go. He is quite simply incapable and if any real football fans agree then pop your signature here and if we get enough it'll go to the FA and other leading football authorities.

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354. Megson Out

December 16, 2005

For the sake of Nottingham Forest Football Club Gary Megson has to go?

Yes, only 1 league away win all season. His tatics stink.

Time for a change.

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355. Fire Matt Millen

This is a Petition to show that people are tired of bad decisions made by upper management of the Detroit Lions.

Since the Lions will not allow the freedom of speech or the right to protest by the PAYING fans, we request that people sign this petition to have Millen removed.

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356. Disagreement of I-AA Playoff Selection Committee

November 22, 2005

Every year it seems as if a team deserving of a playoff spot is selected over by a team that is not as deserving of the playoff spot. Year in and year out it seems as if politics decide the final playoff spots than a teams strength.

Wofford, Youngstown State, and teams such as Georgia Southern having to travel in the first round when they are truly more deserving of a home spot.

I can go on and on about this committee but it serves me no good; I really don't know how to explain what I am saying but if you beleive this committee needs to get its act straight in its decision making; then sign this petition..

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357. We Want YSU To Consider Move to MAC

November 21, 2005

The YSU Penguins have had a great tradition in the I-AA and the I-AA Playoffs. In 1996 the Penguins finished 8-3 and did not make the playoffs; in 2001 YSU Finished 8-3 and did not make the playoffs; each year winning TWO Division II Games.

In 2005 The YSU Penguins Finished 8-3 and were Gateway Champions, they only had 1 Division II Game; and surprised many in the I-AA. Despite all that the Penguins missed the I-AA Playoffs again and now its becoming o so common to see this.

Is YSU'S Time in the I-AA Run out? We beleive so. We ask Ron Strollo, YSU Athletic Director, to consider an interest and apply to join the Mid American Conference of I-A.

It will present new rivalries for the Penguins in Akron and Kent and would increase attendances and monies.

If you beleive YSU's time has come to an end in I-AA and you would like YSU have a better opportunity of reaching the postseason; We encourage you to sign this Petition.

Thank You

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358. Canada vs. Canadian Soccer Association (CSA)

Nous, les amateurs de soccer du Canada, réclamons la démission de Kevan Pipe de son poste d'officier des opérations en chef de l'Association canadienne de soccer. Nous considérons que les décisions de M. Pipe nuisent au bon fonctionnement du soccer canadien, notamment en favorisant l'implantation d'une franchise de la Major League Soccer à Toronto et en lui garantissant l'exclusivité sur le territoire canadien, au détriment des autres clubs de soccer professionnel du pays.

De plus, nous trouvons incompréhensible que Toronto soit privilégié comme capitale du soccer au Canada, en recevant notamment la priorité sur l'organisation des matches internationaux, tandis que des villes comme Montréal et Vancouver ont fait leur preuve depuis plus de 10 ans.

Par ailleurs, nous dénonçons le manque de rigueur dans la stabilisation du soccer au Canada depuis deux décennies, se soldant par maints échecs, causés par un manque de vision des gestionnaires de l'ACS. Par la présente, nous demandons au gouvernement du Canada de faire preuve de leadership dans le dossier et d'analyser les retombées d'un projet de franchise de la MLS à Toronto sur l'ensemble du soccer professionnel et amateur au pays. Nous exigeons que soit retirée l'exclusivité de Toronto.

De plus, nous demandons aux groupes impliqués qu'un consortium soit formé afin que des décisions communes concernant l'intégration des équipes canadiennes à la MLS et l'avenir du soccer canadien soient prises.

Les amateurs de soccer du Canada

Nous vous invitons à faire part de votre mécontentement à M. Kevan Pipe :
237 rue Metcalfe
Ottawa (Ontario)
K2P 1R2
Tél. : (613) 237-7678, poste 223
Téléc. : (613) 237-1516


We, Canadian soccer supporters, demand the resignation of Kevan Pipe from his function as Chief Operating Officer of the Canadian Soccer Association. We consider that the decisions taken by Mr. Pipe go against the well-being of Canadian soccer, notably by favouring a Major League Soccer club in Toronto and guaranteeing to its operators exclusive rights to the entire Canadian territory, leaving the country's other professional clubs at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, we find it incomprehensible that Toronto would be priviledged as soccer capital of Canada, notably by being guaranteed priority for national team games, while cities like Montreal and Vancouver have proven their worth for over a decade. We also denounce the lack or riguor and stability of Canadian soccer in the past 20 years, with a long list of failures, caused by the lack of vision of those in charge at the CSA.

The current letter asks that the Government of Canada show leadership in the matter and that it analyses the consequences of this MLS project on the entirety of professional and amateur soccer in this country, We demand that the exclusivity deal with Toronto be rescinded.

Finally, we ask that the concerned groups form a consortium so that common decisions can be taken regarding the integration of Canadian clubs to MLS and the future of Canadian soccer.

The soccer supporters of Canada

We invite you to contact Mr. Kevan Pipe to make your discontent shown:
237 rue Metcalfe
Ottawa, ON
K2P 1R2
Phone: (613) 237-7678, ext. 223
Fax: (613) 237-1516

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359. Sven must go!

September 8, 2005

After very poor performances by the England team and ridiculous team/formation choices, it is time for Sven-Göran Eriksson to go.

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360. Let Gamers Challenge Plays After Viewing Replays Of Them On Madden Games

Gamers have never been allowed to challenge after viewing replays on Madden football video games, and that needs to stop.

I mean, what good is challenging the call if you can't review it yourself?

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