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301. Bring Back Coach Arminio

Coach Arminio was dismissed as head coach of Perry Hall's Varsity Football Team.

No explanation was given for this decision by the Baltimore County Department of Education nor was due process followed.

This has had a negative affect on his players, family, and community.

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302. For flags and banners to be allowed indside the London Road terrace

Adding colour and noise to the London Road End.

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303. Anti Reid Protesters - Shut Up

John Reid, a very high profile politician, has been appointed as the new Chairman of Celtic Football Club.

As a result of this, many people have decided to take a moral stance against the appointment of this supposed "war criminal".

We support the appointment of John Reid and would like the anti-Reid campaigners to accept the decision and button it.

Your protests will make no difference.

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304. Reprimand AC Milan's goalkeeper Dida

The fact is that AC Milan goalkeeper Dida should be severely reprimanded for his actions following a confrontation with a fan at Celtic park on the night of 03/10/07.

The incident occurred after Scott McDonald scored the winning goal in the 90th-minute in Celtic's 2-1 victory over the defending champions on Wednesday.

The fan jogged past Dida and appeared to tap him gently around the neck or shoulder. The Brazilian turned and started to chase after the fan, then suddenly stopped and fell dramatically to the ground clutching his face. He was carried off on a stretcher with an ice pack to his cheek.

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305. Bring back "stick it in"

The song "stick it in" has been banned from hokie football games because of the lyrics "oh oh oh oh oh oh stick it in stick it in stick it in".

The song is played when tech gets into the redzone and its a football chant that was created by the Marching Virginians 10 years ago and its named after a old hokie football play.

They say this is vulgar how ever Ohio state when playing Michigan chants "We dont give a damn about the whole state of Michigan because we're O-hi-o" this is a chant and it pumps up the crowd as well the song "stick it in".

The song has kind of became a tradition and its now being banned after being played for 10 years.

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306. Sack Smith Petition

In 2006/07 Perth Glory had its worst season ever finishing 7th on the A-League ladder with as few as 5 wins.

Ron Smith simply didn't perform. Perth Glory's name is gone as one of the best teams in Australian football.

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307. Stop Rip off Football Clubs

Sick to death of clubs charging over the odds for ticket prices? Normal fans are being fleeced and priced out.

For instance birmingham are charging man united £45 for tickets in the away end yet they are charging bolton £15 for the same seats.

Clubs seem to think because the clubs are rich that the fans are rich. It's like me going to the cinema and paying a fiver and the guy next to me paid £1.00. Just not on and something needs to be done otherwise football will lose its identity.

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308. Ontslag Henk Ten Cate


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309. Call it Football

Every country should call the world game Football.

Let's abolish the name of soccer and call it as it should be "football".

"Soccer" should no longer exist and it should be called football, as used by a majority of countries.

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310. Keep Martin Jol at Spurs

There has recently been talk that Tottenham Hotspur manager, Martin Jol, may be sacked in the near future due to the team's poor performance in the first 2 games of this premiership season.

Despite the fact that he has gotten the team into the top 5, and into Europe, for 2 years running.

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311. Secure Standing Areas In Football Stadiums

Wasn't it great when you used to be able to stand at football matches...

Unfortunately, that is no longer allowed, and we want to try and get safe, secure standing areas re-introduced into stadiums. It adds to a great atmosphere and we think will make it a better spectacle.

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312. Bring Back 3:00 Kick Offs

A return to the more of the traditional kick off times please.... due to sky and now setanta sport apparent world domination of televised football and dictatorship over times of games we the fans now want to fight back.

Please return our games to 3pm saturdays well at least 8 have your sunday afternoon and monday night but you are now taking the mickey out of us fans. Case in question a 5-15pm kick off for Newcastle Vs Aston Villa at st james's park well reason why come on cant you see we dont arrive home till midnight and then some have another 150 miles after that.

All you lot care about is money not the fans so i urge you now return our games to 3pm and stop ruining the sport in this way. Think about teams like Portsmouth who are a coastal team having to travel all the time...

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313. Sky Sports' Blue Score Bar To Be Moved Back To The Top Left

For the 2007/8 season, Sky have redesigned their on-screen graphics and moved the info bar containing the score and time to the bottom left of the screen, from the top left where all other broadcasters have it.


SUCCESS! The bar has been moved back to the top left!

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314. English Premier League Anthem - Old or New?

The English Premier League has released a new anthem for the 2007/2008 season entitled "My Saturday Self" by musician Peter Lawlor.

You can hear a shortened version of the song on Peters MySpace:

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315. Leeds United's 15 point penalty is bad for the game

Six years ago Leeds United reached the semi-finals of the Champion's League and finished forth in the Premiership.

Now they find themselves in the third flight of English football in financial turmoil.

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316. Fire Jack Warner Now

Recently Jack Warner the Vice President of FIFA issued a statement containing
as key points:

"If the World Cup were to go to Europe, I'm quite sure, with the English luck as
it is, they won't get it," Warner told BBC World Service.

"There are moves to give it to England. I must fight that."

"Nobody in Europe likes England. England invented the sport but has never
made any impact on world football."

This has already caused a massive uproar on the BBC's 606 messanger boards
and all over England. It is percieved as racist, wholley inappropriate and a
disgrace to FIFA.

In 2006 he was involved in a scandal which even FIFA admitted violated their
code of ethics and no action was taken except to impose a fine totalling the
profits he made from the scandal. He has still only payed a quarter of this fine
despite constant reminders from FIFA and still no action has come.

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317. Let TC Sorell Play Football

Trenton Sorell had gotten into some trouble this summer. No one was hurt by his actions. He is a juvenile and he made a stupid mistake. Trenton is paying for his mistake by community service and probation.

The School Board has voted not to let him participate in football this upcoming season. Our problem is that policy has not been followed the past four years when situations like this occur. We feel that Trenton is being made an example of in this matter.

Football is his life and he keeps his grades up to play. By taking away football, they are taking away his education. Should there be a one strike and your out law for this school, or should these juveniles get a second chance and learn from their mistakes?

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318. Coventry City Council has a duty to make the CCFC takeover happen

Coventry City managing director Paul Fletcher has raised the prospect of the club going into administration as the proposed takeover hits the buffers.

Calling on Coventry city council to do a deal for its share of the Ricoh Arena with prospective buyers Manhattan Sports Capital Partners he told the Telegraph: 'We are at a very important moment in Coventry City's history and until we have some like-minded people sat round the table who are going to say, 'right, how can we get a stable football club?' we have got problems.'

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319. Fans for the Revision of Division-I Football Championship (BCS)

This petition was developed to demand the revision of the current BCS system by replacing it with a 16 -team playoff.

Whereas the BCS is an exclusionary and unfair system that only allows pre-determined teams from certain conferences to participate in revenue making events.

Whereas certain conferences within the NCAA corporate umbrella have become autonymous and are self-regulating beyond the rules of the NCAA.

Whereas the BCS is a subjective system designed to pit the top 2 ranked teams in the country despite not having a democratic system which allows a larger sample size to participate.

Whereas a 16 team playoff would be a true representation of the larger sample size of the 119 teams.

Whereas a playoff would eliminate the possibility of more than 1 team finishing the season undefeated and making claim to national championship.

Whereas a playoff would preserve the integrity of bowl games by incoporating them into playoff venues.

Whereas the educational impact of a playoff would not be compromised due to the event occurring during fall break.

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320. Keep Louth United Football Club in Louth

This petition is to gain support and fight against the proposal by the committee of Louth United Football club to move the club out of Louth.

This club belongs to the people of the town and should not be moved to Salfleetby or any other location outside the Louth town boundary, now or ever.

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321. Fire Steve McClaren from the England job

Since coming to the job of England Manager, Steve McClaren has done close to nothing in terms of achievements - the only competitive tournament of his to date has been the current euro 2008 qualifiers - and look what's happening there.

Here's the biggest question - how did he get the job in the first place?

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322. Fairness for Fabio Capello

The Real Madrid president would like to sack the football coach Fabio Capello.

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323. Leave Capello we want him to stay

I was highly disgraced the way our management sacked coaches that even brought glories and values to the club.

Last time they sacked Del Bosque who won five trophies and since then we haven't won even a spoon.

So leave him and see what he may bring to the club.

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324. Capello should continue to be the coach of Real Madrid

I think Capello should continue to be the coach of Real Madrid because he has won the LA LIGA which the team has struggled to win for the past four years.

Apart from that, the team has been constructed by him. Then the team will loose money which can be used for other purposes.

Finally, if sacked,the team will go back to square one because Schuster, the proposed coach is inexperienced as compared to Capello.

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325. Manifiesto por la continuidad de Fabio Capello

Manifiesto de los Fans del Real Madrid

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326. Ian Holloway for England Manager

This is to get the legend that is Ian Holloway installed as England national football team manager.

First off he can't do a worse job than the last few, secondly he not going to carry on with Svens policies like Maclaren and finally he would be hilarious being interviewed at World Cup etc

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327. It's football not soccer

We copy America enough let's call the greatest sport with the proper name, football.

FFA govern football in Australia hence Football Federation of Australia. Football NSW govern it in New South Wales.

So let's all call it football not soccer.

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328. Hands in the back rule

At the commencement of the 2007 season, the AFL Rules Committee made a change to the interpretation of the rule relating to the positioning of a player's hands in the back of an opponent.

They decreed that any form of contact made by the hand in the back of another player, whether to push or just position in a marking contest, was to be penalised with a free kick.

This was a change from the last twenty years, when a free kick was only awarded for a visible and forceful push in the back of an opponent.

The justification for the rule change was to ensure a fairer contest and promote the scoring ability of forwards.

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On Wednesday night, Liverpool 'fans' once again brought shame upon English football. The last time that they were punished, everyone else was punished with them meaning that clubs such as Everton, Wimbledon, Coventry etc missed out on the chance of a lifetime.

Rather than blame UEFA, the Greeks or anyone else that comes into view it's time for the people who run our game to be proactive and take the difficult steps required to bring the Liverpool fans into line.

The pre match statements of Rick Parry appear to show a tacit acceptance at the club that this kind of behaviour is not only accepted but is almost seen as a badge of honour.

Sort out ticketing etc by all means, but sort out the truly guilty ones first.

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330. Australian FA Cup

Australia has an FA Cup style competition for many decades but there seems to be no discussion at the moment by the Football Federation of Australia to implement a similar competition in the near future.

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