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1. Make Victoria Safer during the Bushfire Danger Period

This petition will be presented to the Hon Jane Garrett M.P. Minister for Emergency Services to ask that the Country Fire Authority Act of 1958 be amended.

The amendment is required to further insure the safety of Victorians living in Bushfire Prone areas from the negligence of people who cause fires. Fighting fires is a high cost exercise that the public pays for and the burden should be partially paid by those that start fires. Not only do we pay with our taxes but if you build in a bushfire area you wear the cost of building construction relative to the level of risk (BAL).

A person that starts a fire by negligence is not charged, fined or pays any costs unless it damages buildings or causes death, why? The law needs to be amended to provide a deterrent against negligence activity that causes fire.

For example, people that start a fire during a fire danger period (without a permit) that requires the emergency services to attend should bear part of the burden of cost as well as penalty points.

People that light camp fires in regional parks during a total fire ban that cause the loss of many hundreds of hectares or bush which can have devastating consequences to biodiversity should also be charged.

Fire is our responsibility and we need not only to increase resilience in buildings or communities but amend laws to cover those that ignore the law and light fires.

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2. Don't axe our firefighters

‘LIFE-THREATENING’ plans to cut the jobs of eight full-time staff who man South Devon’s only hydraulic firefighting platform have been condemned by MPs and hoteliers as well as firefighters and their officers.

Firefighters say the round of cuts, aimed at saving the newly-formed Devon and Somerset service £1million, will put lives at risk and substantially reduce their ability to tackle major high-building incidents quickly and efficiently with its ‘Bronto’ appliance.

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3. Local Volunteer Firefighters Should Carry Their Gear

A Community Member Petition.

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