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241. Save A Tree

The issue is that we are losing trees at a very fast pace. Without trees we can expect more runoffs of topsoil, the temperature of the earth to change, extinction of animals that rely on tree’s to live, and irregularities in the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Some might think that this won't affect us, but it can/will create a reaction on the earth that will affect other resources in the area. By saving the trees we are creating a better future for ourselves and our future children.

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242. STOP largest polluter of the Netherlands, the one in Curaçao

Curaçao’s refinery, Refineria Isla (Curaçao) BV, is the largest polluter of the Netherlands, the largest single polluter in Curaçao and probably the largest polluter in the European Community (EC).

The Netherlands and Curaçao governments turn a blind eye to the plea of 25,000 locals, who live under the worst circumstances, all this just to please PDVSA, Venezuela’s state refinery that operates this outdated oil factory. (1915).

They have a binding contract with the Curaçao government till 2019 unfortunately. This is the reason why MSi asks not to extend the contract beyond this date and to close the refinery at the end of the present contract period. Please take this decision NOW! This year! Don’t wait any longer. Not extending the contract and guaranteeing the closing in 2019 is a clear sign to developers. It will reduce our double digit unemployment immediately.

Meanwhile instruct and order PDVSA to operate according to our environmental laws. Check control and start measuring the emissions of CO2 output and if PDVSA can’t operate clean, levy heavy fines and close them down till they have cleaned up their act.

If PDVSA threatens to leave, let them leave. The waterfront property can be used for better and cleaner industry, generate 25 times more income than PDVSA is paying us now.

Curaçao receives no major benefits from the refinery. Get no riches. The population doesn’t even get quality products. PDVSA supplies the worst diesel. PDVSA pays a pittance in rent. (About 3.4 dollar cent/square feet/month).

The refinery once employed over 12,000 workers. Today less than thousand people find work in the refinery. Another 600 are employed by supply companies and contractors.

Pollution is deadly. A game only a few powerful people and handful corrupt officials play to fill their pockets. It benefits them, it benefits PDVSA, it benefits Venezuela, while our people in Curaçao starve and have to live with all kind of pollution related illnesses.

18 people die prematurely every year! 25,000 people live under the worst circumstances. High ranked Curaçao politicians are employed and paid by PDVSA.

Please give serious attention to the failure of our national refinery and our own government to comply with our environmental laws. Our government also fails to regulate and control the refinery. Refineria Isla has been demanded in court three times to clean up their act, but pollution continues to foul the air and threatens the health of neighborhoods west of the refinery. This has been going on for more than 20 years.

Fence communities like Habaai, Wishi, Marchena, Veeris and Buena Vista are home to many of our most neglected people. Our largest nursing home for the elderly is situated right under the smoke of the refinery. 6000 school children and teachers go to school under polluted smoke and gasses and have to endure foul smells to attend classes. Only when black clouds shoot excessive soot in the air, are these schools ordered to close.

People take great pride in the humble little homes they have built over the years with hard earned money. They can’t move. Children can’t go to other schools and the elderly have no choice. They are trapped and don't even know it. Nobody told them.

It is these communities that ask that the refining industry stop polluting the air immediately and stop releasing deadly gasses into the air. They ask YOUR help. PLEASE listen to them and act, even if it is far away from your home.

MSi (Fundashon Movementu Solushon Isla)

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243. Stop The War





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244. Stop Global Warming

Climate change may be a big problem, but there are many little things we can do to make a difference. If we try, most of us can do our part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere. Many greenhouse gases come from things we do every day. As we have learned, these greenhouse gases trap energy in the atmosphere and make the Earth warmer.

Driving a car or using electricity is not wrong. We just have to be smart about it.Some people use less energy by carpooling. For example, four people can ride together in one car instead of driving four cars to work. Here are some additional ways you can help make the planet a better place!

Learning about the environment is very important. There are many good books that will help you learn. To get started, ask a teacher or a librarian for some suggestions. You also can look at the Links page to find other good web sites with information about the environment and climate change.

Save Electricity
Whenever we use electricity, we help put greenhouse gases into the air. By turning off lights, the television, and the computer when you are through with them, you can help a lot.

Bike, Bus, and Walk
You can save energy by sometimes taking the bus, riding a bike, or walking.

Talk to Your Family and Friends
Talk with your family and friends about climate change. Let them know what you've learned.

Plant Trees
Planting trees is fun and a great way to reduce greenhouse gases. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air.

Recycle cans, bottles, plastic bags, and newspapers. When you recycle, you send less trash to the landfill and you help save natural resources, like trees, oil, and elements such as aluminum.

When You Buy, Buy Cool Stuff
There are lots of ways we can improve the environment. One of the ways to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the air is to buy products that don't use as much energy. By conserving energy, we help reduce climate change and make the Earth a better place. Some products – like certain cars and stereos – are made specially to save energy.

Some Things to Think About
Did you know that you can help the environment if you buy recyclable products instead of non-recyclable ones? Look for the recycle mark – three arrows that make a circle – on the package. Recyclable products are usually made out of things that already have been used. It usually takes less energy to make recycled products than to make new ones. The less energy we use, the better.

Solar Energy
Imagine that it's a hot summer day. You put a scoop of ice cream on the sidewalk, and it melts. Why? Well, you probably know that the sun causes the ice cream to melt. But you may not know that the sun produces solar energy. Solar energy is a fancy way of saying "energy that comes from the sun." Solar energy can be used to heat homes, buildings, water, and to make electricity. Today, more than 200,000 houses in the United States take advantage of the sun's energy.

Cars are an important part of life for most people. But cars also cause pollution and release a lot of greenhouse gases into the air. Fortunately, there are some cars that are better for the environment. These cars can travel longer on a smaller amount of gasoline. They don't pollute as much, either. Using these kinds of cars can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air.

Many things, like computers, TVs, stereos, and VCRs, have special labels on them. The label says "Energy" and has a picture of a star. Products with the ENERGY STAR® label are made to save energy. Buying products with ENERGY STAR® labels will help protect the environment.

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245. Make Copenhagen Count

Climate change is the challenge of our generation. A challenge that will define our legacy. This is the moment to meet it. For our leaders to represent us and our children to respect us.

Adding your voice to this petition will help sway the decision towards a sustainable future. We'll deliver it, amplified, to the negotiating table in Copenhagen on the 30 November 2009.

Thank you and please pass this on to your friends.

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246. Belgrade Calling: Save the Christmas Trees!

Last year Belgrade started with unique ecological project: “Save Christmas trees”. Namely, we recognize terrible fact: millions of Christmas trees are being killed every year, in the name of Christmas. For example just in our capitol Belgrade last year we devastated one half of million Christmas trees. Unbelievable! In the name of Jesus, we are killing the planet !

We started to think how to solve this problem and we (NGO Return beauty to the rivers) started with realization of a marvelous idea (originally made by Vesna De Vinca).

Our idea is to teach kids how to educate their parents to buy Christmas tress with root, how to give water and nourish them during Christmas days, and after Christmas holidays are over, how to plant them together, making a new park. So instead of tree cemeteries, we will have in the cities wonderful new parks, and children playgrounds.

But above all we are teaching children how to start a new year, with a wonderful new energy by planting every year a new Christmas tree, and also celebrate life together!

That’s why when we finished planting, we organized a performance: a small concert of children quire, special children karate exercise, a famous singers... Then we invited everybody to send wonderful emotion to the planet for one minute! And most important for the beginning, everything was covered by every TV station, and newspapers in Serbia. We had enormous, unexpected media coverage.

NGO Return beauty to the rivers, Belgrade, Serbia; Media Education Centre (International Organization), Media Laboratory (Belgrade, Serbia) with EKO Portal Stari Grad; International Youth Media Summit, Centre International du Film pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse and many other organizations like to invite all of you to support our movement and to help us to safe us much is possible Christmas Trees. And not just Christmas trees! We have to safe every tree in the Planet.


More about our other activities you can find at our web sites and portals:

And we will have leave streaming in real time from SAVE THE PLANET - PLANT A TREE
CHRISTMAS TREES performance:

3rd of January 2010 at 12:00 (Belgrade time). If you like to screen video clips please find link to our BELGRADE CALLING TV at

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247. Keep the Forest in Forest Hill!

The area of land at between Tyson Road and Honor Oak Rd in Forest Hill should not be developed into flats. We think that this wild area is a valuable area of natural beauty and important for Forest Hill in retaining it’s biodiversity.

This open green space is extensively wooded and has many old trees under preservation orders. This area is one of the oldest and most established green sites in Honor Oak as it was once a Georgian garden. To retain the character and identity of Forest Hill, we are strongly opposed to the devastation of this area, which as an open space enhances the standard of living of residents in the area, not to mention the many schools and resident families surrounding the site.

We have seen the proposed plans and architect’s model of the flats and in my opinion, the development is unnecessarily large, over-dense and ambitious for the size of the site. This can only lead to a feeling of over-cramped living conditions in the local area. The existence of a 77 space car park will generate traffic problems in an already busy area, not to mention an increase of cars in a dangerous road with two schools.

The scale of the development is completely inappropriate for the area: the height of the buildings will completely compromise residents’ privacy and disrupt many currently beautiful views of Victorian and Georgian buildings and trees. The nature of the development is such that we feel it will cause total disruption in the area, not only to residents, but more importantly to the abundant nature in this spot.

Please object to the Council by sending an email to quoting reference 08/70207 in the subject line, and include your name and address.

More info on the application is here

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248. Protect Jerrys Plains from coal mining

Jerrys Plains is a beautiful and historic farming community located in the Hunter Valley, NSW. 'Jerrys' has a unique combination of wineries, horse studs, beef cattle and lucerne farming, in addition to being located at the foothills of the world heritage listed Wollemi National Park.

Coal mining companies Wambo, Resco and Doyles Creek Mine have announced plans to mine Jerrys Plains and surrounding areas of Appletree Flat and Doyles Creek.

Coal mining threatens to destroy forever the social fabric of Jerrys, in addition to the irreversible environmental destruction and decimation of its existing valuable food growing areas through loss of underground water, land clearing and mine subsidence.

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249. Co-sign Letter To Obama from one of Earth's Leading Ecologists

Please sign and forward on to demonstrate your support for these basic, but necessary national priorities for Barack Obama's presidency.

The objective of this petition is to organize citizens who support Stephen R. Carpenter's position of saving human life support systems, emphasize the urgency of the situation to the Obama administration and draw attention to the seemingly unnoticed 1,300 leading scientists' Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Reports (

Names will be submitted to President-Elect Obama promptly with a copy of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Reports ( already donated by Island Press.

This letter is used with permission of Stephen R. Carpenter.

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250. Abbotsford to Vancouver Train

The highway congestion from the Fraser Valley to Vancouver during rush hour is a terrible state of affairs. The pollution caused and time lost by thousands of workers stuck in traffic, is a problem that needs to be addressed. A frequently running commuter train is the easiest answer to this.

In the 1950s there was an existing passenger trainline that ran from Abbotsford to Vancouver, and as traffic becomes worse and the environmental condition worsens, it is time that money be invested to re-instate such transport.

The West Coast Express only operates five trains during weekday peak periods and it is simply not enough and does not offer the convenience of commuter trains in the United Kingdom or Europe, of running regularly and everyday. The stations are only convenient for a minority of people and there needs to be a more comprehensive service.

Studies show that people who use public transport, such as trains and buses, to commute to work have less stress in their lives, and have more time to spend with their families and loved ones. The price of travel is less than constantly filling a fuel tank and maintaining a vehicle. Businesses lose less employee time due to traffic reasons and commuter problems. The environmental impact of running one train versus many individual vehicles is far less. In summation, a commuter train from the Fraser Valley into Vancouver makes economic, environmental, business, and social sense.

To contact the Ministry directly:

200-1065 Columbia Street
New Westminster, V3M 6H7
(604) 660-8300

Perry Dennis,
A/District Manager

Kurt Edmunds,
Operational Program Manager,
Lower Mainland

Brian Atkins,
Operations Manager,
Sunshine Coast,
Sea-to-Sky and Upper Levels
Chilliwack Area
45890 Victoria Avenue
Chilliwack BC V2P 2T1
(604) 795-8201

Barry Eastman,
Operations Manager

Therefore there is no reason that a commuter train should not be established.


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251. Save Carr House

Carr House is a historic rural building which has been repaired in a environmentally responsible way. It is ‘Off-Grid’, generating its own energy, and could provide affordable housing to local people.

Eden District Council has ruled to disallow planning permission at Carr House and enforce its partial demolition. The Council’s and Planning Inspector’s rulings indicate that both the current and emerging planning policy framework is worded and/or interpreted in a way which prevents sensible proposals like Carr House.

We consider that Eden District Council’s LDF Documents, including the Core Strategy which is currently out for consultation, should be amended to make clear that proposals like Carr House are supported by policy and the Council.

You can read more about Carr House and the Planning Application at

You can read about the Council’s Core Strategy Development Plan at

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252. Mandate biodegradable plastic bags for consumers

This petition is to voice frustration and anger by the general public concerning the lack of availability of biodegradable plastic garbage bags and other plastic containers for purchase in major grocery and retail chains throughout the world.

Knowing that the pollution caused by these plastics is an ever growing threat to the health of the planet and the worlds oceans and wildlife.

Recently there were several stories reported in the news about a debris field of plastic garbage in the Pacific Ocean which is now the size of the state of Texas!!!!

This is unacceptable and is horrendous environmental tragedy.

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253. Keep Macedon Ranges Rural

Please help and support us to protect Macedon Ranges and keep it rural! We are calling on the Victorian Legislative Assembly to protect Macedon Ranges so that this precious environment and the area’s rural amenity are safeguarded.

World Famous Hanging Rock

Background To The Petition

Macedon Ranges, home to iconic Mt. Macedon and Hanging Rock, is the ‘lungs’ of Melbourne and a vital component of Melbourne’s liveability. It is an area of State environmental significance – that means all Victorians have a stake in what happens in Macedon Ranges.

This sensitive environment is a unique combination of natural features and resources valued by the people and state of Victoria: striking natural beauty; high quality rural landscapes; significant geological features; drinking water catchments; groundwater and recharge areas; headwaters of important rivers; high quality agricultural soils; gold rush and rural heritage; natural recreation; State forests and parks; rare flora and fauna; high quality native forests.

Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 – Macedon Ranges and Surrounds [the ‘Macedon Ranges policy’] was introduced in 1975, supported by State legislation. Its purpose is to protect Macedon Ranges’ environment, towns and rural land from over-development.

Three areas around Melbourne are of similar environmental significance, and all have Statements of Planning Policy: Yarra (Dandenong) Ranges, Mornington Peninsula, and Macedon Ranges. Yarra Ranges also has a Regional Strategy.

The current Victorian government has included Yarra Ranges and Mornington Peninsula in the Green Wedges and has strengthened their protection with legislation as well as in the State section of the Victoria Planning Provisions (Clauses 57 and 53).

Before its election in 1999, the Labor Party (now the Victorian government) promised:

“Labor will protect Melbourne’s green belts and sensitive areas such as the Dandenongs, Macedon Ranges and Mornington Peninsula…” Labor Position Paper On Planning Policy, August 1998

However, despite residents’ campaigns and a 2004 Council resolution calling for the Victorian government to act on this election promise, Macedon Ranges still only has Statement of Planning Policy No. 8. The policy itself is no longer underpinned by State legislation and has been downgraded to local policy in Macedon Ranges planning scheme.

The Department of Planning and Community Development [DPCD] has now ordered, without public consultation, that the ‘Macedon Ranges policy’ be deleted from our planning scheme.

For 35 years, Macedon Ranges’ residents have said in survey after survey they want Macedon Ranges to stay rural, as indeed has Statement of Planning Policy No. 8. The Department’s action will guarantee the suburbanization of Macedon Ranges.

This beautiful, irreplaceable natural asset cannot be allowed to be squandered in such a wasteful and unsustainable way.

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254. Ban plastic bags

Are you sick of plastic bags that only cause bad to our environment? Do you hate that no one can't just stand up and say i want plastic bags banned?

Well, if you are that person, please sign this petition as it is very important for us. We want a well-treated environment, not bags all around.

So I now say, let's make a difference now or never!

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255. Make the Film *A Sacred Duty* Your Sacred Duty To View

Millions of people who eat meat and other animal products are in denial about anything and everything having to do with animal farming. They know that it must be bad, but they don’t want to look at any part of it. So all of it stays hidden and the abuses flourish—to animals, workers and the environment. If you never thought that eating meat was an environmental (and by extension, political) issue, now is the time to rethink that position.

According to a little-known 2006 United Nations report entitled “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” livestock is the major player in climate change, accounting for 18 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions (measured in carbon dioxide equivalents). That’s more than the entire transportation system! Unfortunately, this incredibly important revelation has received only limited attention in the media. It turns out that nearly every aspect of the huge international meat trade has terrible environmental and health consequences, with global warming at the top of the list.

The few commentators who have taken on the connection between meat consumption and global warming ignore the most obvious solution: not eating meat. Al Gore was even afraid to point out in his film *An Inconvenient Truth* that the livestock industry is the number one cause of global warming. The benefits of the vegetarian option are rarely on the agenda of meat eaters and governments that support and promote the live stock industry even when the environmental effects of the meat industry are under discussion. Because vegetarians enjoy lower levels of blood cholesterol and suffer less frequently from obesity and hypertension, their life expectancies are several years greater. From a sustainability point of view, what’s really needed is for people to understand the connections between factory farming, meat eating and environmental impacts.

Governments throughout the world should be sponsoring major mass media campaigns to convince people to eat more fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Cutting down meat consumption should be a public health priority everywhere!!

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256. Help save our critically endangered habitat

The petition refers to the illegal clearing of remnant grasslands in the Wyndham shire in May/June 2008. The clearing occured just outside the urban growth boundary to the west of Werribee. This area contains the largest mapped patch of federally listed critically endangered western plains grassland on the Keilor_Werribee plains. The removal involved The ~375 ha with approximately 50% moderate to good quality rocky remnant native grassland. Plants and tussock in remnant grasslands could be in excess of 100 years of age.

A large rolling machine went over it in May, pushing rocks, surface vegetation including grassland, about 5cm into the soil. Bare earth paddock resulted which has been sown to crop which about 1 – 2 cm high on the 14th of September. This activity is illegal pursuant to clearing controls (52.17) part 1 in Section 5 (Particular provisions) of the Planning and Environment Act. The landholder is most likely claiming that an exemption under the clearing control table exemptions (52.17-6) applies and any vegetation under 10 years old previously used for agriculture is exempt of clearing. However this exemption only applies to land previously used for agricultural hence this landholder should face prosecution as 50% of the area bulldozed was remnant grassland that has never been worked and the majority of flora on site would be well in excess of 10 years old.

This type of activity is not new to the area with 3000 hectares lost per year with most removal having no applications to remove applied for under state or federal jurisdiction. This rate of removal was calculated in the mid 90's and has most likely accelerated.

With respect to the clearing control act only the respective Council, the minister of planning and environment (Justin Madden) or his office are authorised officers able to prosecute the land owner pursuant to section 126 of the Planning and Environment act. It applies to owners and occupiers and states that it is an:

Offence to contravene scheme, permit or agreement;
(1) Any person who uses or develops land in contravention of or fails to comply with a planning scheme, or a permit, or an agreement under section 173 is guilty of an offence.

This act allows for criminal charges be laid and a rediculously low offence of up to $126,000 paid.

Interstingly, concerned individuals or state bodies such as DSE are able apply for an enforcement order pursuant to section 114 of the Planning and Environment Act. This section states:

“any person may apply to the Tribunal for an enforcement order against any person specified in subsection (3) if a use or development of land contravenes or has contravened, or, unless prevented by the enforcement order, will contravene this Act, a planning scheme, a condition of a permit or an agreement under section 173.

Although no criminal charges can be laid an order of restitution can be made perhaps using Paul Gibson-Roy’s method for restoring grasslands and effectively block any future development on this site as per section 119-b(iv) which states:

“to do specified things within a specified period (A)to restore the land as nearly as practicable to its condition immediately before the use or development started”.

This impost will be far greater felt to the land owner than the maximum offence carried under section 126 of the Planning and Environment Act as no doubt the land owner is speculating over positioning of the UGB in the next few decades and on current market value that would cost him $1,000,000 per hectare in land he can no longer develop.

Hence not only should section 126 be enacted with Council and/or The Minister enforce planning controls but a body such as DSE, charged with protecting such habitat under the Fauna and Flora Guarantee act should also prosecute by enacting Section 114 of The Planning and Environment Act. Unfortunately no resources have been given to DSE to prosecute such cases and as a result DSE will likley not prosecute. This short coming has been highlighted and although aknowledgement has been made no funds have been made available to DSE. The Minister for Planning and Environment needs to rectify this immediately.

Obviously if DSE prosecuted utilising section 114 of the planning and Environment Act then would be speculation would be stopped and irresponsible landowners put on notice.

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257. Be environmentally friendly and get rid of the Olympic Flame

There should be no Olympic flame at London 2012 because they are banging on about this will be the most environmentally friendly games but the flame is the most polluting part of the stadium.

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258. Cotonelle Can Go To Hell


 Every year millions of trees are cut down to make disposable paper products

 If every American household replaced just one 250-count package of virgin fiber napkins with 100% recycled ones over 1,000,000 trees would be saved

 By replacing one 70 sheet roll of virgin fiber paper towels in every American household with 100% recycled ones 544,000 trees would be saved

 Over 424,000 trees would be saved if every American household replaced one 500 sheet roll of toilet paper with 100% recycled t.p.

 The Kimberly-Clark corporation is one of the world’s largest paper company, manufacturing more than twelve of the best known consumer brands, made over 18.3 million dollars last year. But their products do not contain any recognizable amount of post-consumer waste (recycled matter) in their products.

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259. Stop the Solar Rip-off

Electricity companies have used the introduction of the South Australian solar feed-in premium laws to make a windfall profit at taxpayers’ expense, at the same time as ripping off households who produce power from the solar panels on their roof.

Before July 1 2008, when the scheme commenced, companies like Origin and AGL paid households 16-24c/ kilo watt hour (kWh) for the electricity they produced from their solar panels. Since July 1, when the 44c/kilo watt hour premium came into law, some retailers have chosen to replace what they were already paying to households rather than making the new premium additional.

So instead of earning 20c/kWh from the retailer plus 44c/kWh from the solar premium = 64c/kWh, many people are only getting the 44c/kWh passed on by their energy company. This makes a huge difference to the payback period for solar panels.

Electricity retailers were quite happy before July 1 to pay for the power generated from household solar cells (which saves them the cost of buying electricity from the wholesale market), but now they are choosing not to pay a cent for the electricity they are receiving.

This was definitely not the intention of the scheme. The feed-in incentive was intended to be on top of, not replace, what the electricity retailers were already paying.

The cost of the 44c/kWh feed-in premium is shared across all South Australian households. Therefore, ordinary South Australian electricity consumers are effectively paying almost half of the feed-in law benefit directly to the big end of town, not to the householder with the panels.

This will potentially deliver a windfall profit of about $350,000 (and possibly much higher) to big energy companies - money that should be going to households as an incentive to encourage more people to install solar panels, not as a subsidy to big energy retailers.

Companies like Origin and AGL are collecting windfall profits while expecting the rest of the community to pick up the tab for climate change action.

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260. The banning of Motor Racing

My name is Taylah Walker, and my friend is Tayla Robertson. We believe that the racing of vehicles as a sport should be banned.

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261. Save Bells Rapids

The Developers (Peet Ltd) have a proposal to develop approx 1050 acres above Bells Rapids. The last remaining natural part of the Swan River.

For more information please visit

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262. Leave the Roycebrook Golf Course Zoning Alone

The current owners of the property commonly known as the Roycebrook East Golf Course in Hillsborough NJ are trying to change the current zoning and land use of the property to close the sale of the property to the Erickson Retirement Communities (a $1B company).

The proposed development consists of 3 "communities" that each include a community building and 4-6 residential buildings. The proposed residential buildings will be 4-5 stories tall. Where possible, they claim the buildings will be 4 stories high in front and 5 stories high in the rear.

Incorporated into the project is a 264 unit apartment building with 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments of affordable housing.

Please keep in mind that the details of this project have changed several times and to date there has been no detail site plan provided.

To make this project happen, the property will need to be added to the Local, County and State Wastewater Management Plan. It will require a DRASTIC ZONING and Land Use Change.

This property has several MAJOR environmental issues and characteristics that are the primary concerns of the community.

The Roycebrook Watershed runs directly under this property that feeds drinking wells nearby and is an environmentally sensitive resource. You can read extensive studies of this natural resource at

The property has several wetland areas within it's borders. Neighboring areas have a history of flooding issues dealing with storm water runoff and a very high water table around this property. Streams that take the water off this property are direct tributaries to the Millstone River.

What will be the true impact of this project on the Roycebrook Watershed, our roads, our traffic, our sewage capacity, our flooding problems, our high water table, our schools, our taxes, our home values and ultimately - our quality of life?

Our organization strongly believes that this project is not a good fit for this environmentally sensitive site!

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263. Protect the Persian Leopard

The Persian or Iranian Leopard is a secretive animal, like all leopards, and is seldom seen in the wild. Residing in hilly and forested areas. It is a solitary feline that faces a variety of threats in it's natural habitat and is struggling to survive in nature.

There are fewer than thirteen hundred Persian Leopards in the wild today and the highest number are in Iran with around six to eight hundred reportedly existing. There are some conservation projects underway, at the moment though, this magnificent animal is classified as Endangered. This is due to poaching for fur, trophy hunting, poisoning, fires, and habitat and prey loss, also continued warfare within it's geographical range.

The Leopard is a flag species, and it's presence shows the health of the entire ecosystem.

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264. Global warming solution - Green cities

My friend, Ben Hope, who lives in Switzerland, and I have developed a concept of Green Cities. The concept is simple. Build modern new cities with modern public transportation like subway (called “metro” in Europe). The same trains that run in New York subway can run on the surface, transporting hundreds of passengers at a time.

Most of the people in Green Cities would not need personal automobiles. The solution is cost-effective, because people will save a lot of money on cars, maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc. The air in our cities will be clean, and we would reduce global warming.

We would save many thousands of people who die every year in car crashes.
We would save thousands of soldiers who will die in this Iraq and future Oil Wars.

Let’s admit it: we can not drive with water in our fuel tanks, and that is why we are in Iraq, - to secure reliable supplies of oil.

Ben Hope and I have contacted all major environmental organizations, but none of them have supported the idea of Green Cities. The reason is that nuclear energy will be needed to power trains, but environmental organizations are against nuclear energy, even though the facts say otherwise. Nuclear energy is the most safe and environmentally friendly source of energy.

We are entering a Peak Oil era, when Oil Wars will be conducted on a global scale. The only solution is to gradually replace gas-powered automobiles with nuclear-energy-powered public transportation.

Everyone should read “The Nuclear Energy Option” by Bernard L. Cohen, Professor Emeritus, University of Pittsburg. The book is free to read on this web site: Please read the book and sign the petition.

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265. Make public transport in the UK free

In my opinion the Government made a good decision when they increased fuel prices. It's obviously something that's going to make people think twice before they turn they set off in a car.

What the Government has failed to do, however, is provide an affordable alternative means of transport.

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266. No to Ski Village in Himachal

Hello Everyone,

This Petition aims at stopping the unsustainable Proposed 300 million dollar Ski Village in Himachal. Please read the text below and sign the petition, which after reaching 5000 would be forwarded to the President and other related Agencies. If you really feel for this issue, we would request you to circulate the Petition to as many people as possible.

The communities of villages in Kullu and environement action groups in Himachal Pradesh have been opposing the Himalayan Ski Village project in Kullu since 2005. People's organisations particularly the Him Niti Campaign and Jan Jagran Evam Vikas Samiti (JJVS) have been at the forefront of these struggles. In 2008, Him Niti Campaign, Jan Jagran Evam Vikas Samiti (JJVS) and EQUATIONS Bangalore ( an action group working on toursim related issues) collaborated in a fact finding report (upload link which reaffirmed the serious concerns that the peoples organisations and movements have been raising about this mega project.

These include grave concerns about the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Himalayan Ski Village Limited (HSV) and the Himachal Pradesh State Government, the violation of the most basic democratic process of informed consent and consultation and the complete disregard for the likely negative impacts ( environmental, economic, political and cultural )that will result if such a project is implemented.

Clauses for concern in the MoU
1. Assistance to the company in acquiring land
2. Exemption from Section 118 of the HP Land Reforms Act
3. Granting of rights over common property resources
4. Unequal access to and denial of right to information
5. Minimal obligations for the Company

Likely impacts of the Project
1. Ecological and environmental concerns - links to community access to natural resources and livelihoods
2. Cultural and Spiritual Concerns
3. Issues of procedure, transparency, rights of communities & lack of information in the public domain.

Based on the facts mentioned below, this 300 million dollar project which could indeed be the most ecologically harmful project executed in Himachal till date (excluding the construction of dams).

1. A considerable area under consideration for construction falls under temperate forests of Cedar, Fir, Rhododendron, Birch and alpine grasslands. Construction on these slopes will not only lead to ecological disturbance but can also initiate landslides. These Alpine medows are home to many medicinal plants and wildlife like the Monal Pheasant, Goral, Musk Deer and EVEN SOME SNOW LEOPARDS

2. Ski toruism is increasingly coming under regulatory scanner in Europe and America. A recent publication by The Guardian: The final call; in search of the true cost we pay for our Holidays by Leo hickman provides evidence of the extremely disturbing trends of winter tourism.

3. In a city which is overburdened by the water, land and electricity demands of the tourist population, this project involves the construction of 166 acres (approx.) of Apartments, hotels, entertainment and shopping complexes, etc; and cafes in Himachal and that too upstream of Kullu where a project of such magnitude cannot be executed without large scale deforestation.

4. Tourism and related construction activities are likely to cause soil erosion, slope destablization, flooding and landslides.

5. Deforestation of hill slopes will impact the livelihood of thousands of villagers who depend upon these slopes for their livelihood including fodder, fuelwood, grazing and herbs.

6. The 2 nallahs which this project is likely to tap are the source of drinking and irrigation water for downstream villages.

7. Creation of flat surfaces for construction and formation of ski slopes will not only lead to slow disappearance of springs which feed the rivers in the region but will also lead to reduced water entering the soil leading to slope instability and landslides.

8. The DPR of the Project is not available to the Stakeholders

9. The project requires 1200 KLD (Kilo Litre/day) water (equivalent to water consumed by approx. 8,000 people in a day) and 22MW power; which is nearly 10 times the average use. One wonders if this project in itself might initiate the need for yet another dam in Himachal.

10. The Project gives rights to the Company and its invitees water rights in the project area, including tapping of unused nallas/ground water and for building retention ponds for snow making and supply to resort village.

11. To those who care about the forests and ecology of Himachal, this project is certainly not good news as it would bring 6,000 acres of pristine forests under tourist influence.

12. And to top it all Acrylic would be used to create artificial snow which is known to pollute water sources. This will impact not only Himachalis but also the people in the plains because the main rivers in North India originate in the Himalayas.

13. In terms of land, the project would impact the hinterland of 60 villages which depend on these slopes for fodder, herd grazing and fuel; thereby, impacting nearly 39,000 Himachalis.

14. Water and power required to create artificial snow will severely impact local irrigation and needs of local population and though the local NGOs have opposed it since the very beginning, not much seems to have impacted the Environmental Clearance panel for the project which is still considering the matter.

15. The Project provides exemption to owners of Ski Village to sell land to Non Himachalis (something which is not permitted anywhere else in the State)

(Source: Himvani; Based on excerpts from a copy of the Detailed Project Report referenced at Forest Department's Office in Kullu; Disseration of M.Tandon, University of Leeds; and report on Ski Village by Equations, Bangalore)

Committee, taking into account the petitions sent by the groups and movements involved in the struggle has recommended a special EIA and public hearing. We believe this is a positive first step of acknowledging the serious concerns that have been raised. A State level committee has been set up by the Government of Himachal to investigate the issue further.

Him Niti Campaign, Jan Jagran Evam Vikas Samiti (JJVS) and EQUATIONS along with other members of civil society are seriously concerned about these developments and its effects on the ecology, livelihood, and rights of local communities.

Together, we the undersigned, express deep concern over the Ski village project which is currently under study for environmental clearance and request that such a project be banned from disturbing the peace and equilibrium of the Himalayan State.

See Newspaper Articles and reports at:

Also see the following photos, one, two, three, four, five.

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267. Maroondah City Council to provide safe walking streets

TELL Maroondah Council it is time for action to make our streets safe for walkers.

The Council was informed about the unacceptable situation with illegally parked cars and numerous obstructions on the nature strips/footpaths in Loughnan Hill area and didn’t take any action.

We will quote Harold Scruby the Chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia Ltd.,

“Clearly, your Council has decided to turn its collective blind eyes to the offences of parking on footpaths, nature strips and in driveways, amongst others.”

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268. UNCW Needs to Conserve

Are you a North Carolina resident, or do you know any NC residents who would rather their tax dollars pay for higher education, and not be wasted on the power bill?

UNCW often leaves lights, computers, etc. turned on, even though no one may be using them. This is a wasteful use of electricity.

Recently, it was estimated that over $4,100 could be saved each year in DeLoach Hall, by practical energy conservation methods. This is only one building on campus! UNCW needs to be more responsible with our precious natural resources and our money.

Help us send a message to UNCW, the UNC System, and college administrators across the state!

Although we appreciate everyone's support, we recommend only NC residents sign.

Listing your email address increases the credibility of your signature. Note: your email address remains anonymous to the public. We take confidentiality very seriously.

Thank you for your support!

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269. International Peace Conference

قاطعوا مؤتمر استكهولم حول العراق وطالبوا بعقد مؤتمر دولي ذو اهمية كمؤتمر يالطا السياسي لان الحالة ليست تتعلق بالعراق وحده وانما نرى أن كل المنطقة تلتهب , فلسطين وافغانستان والعراق .

أن ازمة العراق لم تحل الا بحل ازمة فلسطين وافغانستان خاصة ان ازمة فلسطين مر عليها اكثر من ستين عاما ثم أن جيوش بعض دول مجلس الامن لم تتمكن لا من تهدئة الوضع في تلك الدول المعنية ولا منع القوات الاسرائلية من هجماتها العسكرية المستمرة باسلحتها الثقيلة على شعب احتل واضطهد أكثر من ستين عاما خرقا لكل الاعراف والاتفاقيات الدولية , و العراق وافغانسان أصبحت مسرحا للمناورات العسكرية والحربية لتجربة قواتها واسلحتها المتقدمة هي نفس الاسلحة التي تباع من قبل الدول المتحاربة والمساندة لها من بينها البلد الداعي الى هذا المؤتمر .

أن مسألة فوز الجمهوريين واستمرار سياسة بوش لها اهمية بالنسبة لحزب المحافظين اليمين الذي يقود الحكومة السويدية الان وله اهمية لحل ازمة اللجوء المعقدة التي يعاني منها السويد خاصة بعد رفض مسئولي كردستان لاتفاقية الحكومة العراقية - السويدية بخصوص اعادة اللاجئين العراقيين الى منطقة هادئة والذي أقلق الحكومة السويدية تبعها تورط الشركات السويدية في فضيحة النفط مقابل الغذاء , أما ديون العراق الى السويد التي تصل الى مليار وربع فهو موضوع اخر . عسى ان لايخلط العراقيين بين الجريمة والعقد .

فحروب جورج بوش لاقت دعم من قبل السويد هذا البلد الذي يتاجر باسلحته ويدعم اسرائيل بنفس الوقت يدعوا من خلال حكومته البرجوازية الى هذا المؤتمر , حكومة يتراسها رئيس وزراء Fredrik Rainfeldtمن المحافظين اليمين ذو سياسته لم تجرب سابقا وحتى يفتقر الى خبرة في السياسة الخارجية فهو في الحقيقة جديد كرئيس حزب وجديدكرئيس وزراء لم يمضي على حكومته الا سنة وتسعة اشهر بعد فوز الاحزاب البرجوازية الاربعة في انتخابات سبتمبر 2006 فهو ضعيف كالمالكي .

واذا اراد تجربة سياسته فان أبواب العراق مفتوحة له على مصراعيها لكنه شخصيا يعرف مقدما فشل مثل هذا المؤتمر فهم لم يتمكن من عقد مؤتمر ذو وزن كمؤتمر يالطا ومقتع بحضور وزيرة الخارجيته المسكينة التي نجدها دائما على سفر دون ان ينتج عنها شيئ كما يقول المثل , ركض الواوي بالزرع , وهو ضعيف كالمالكي والاحزاب البرجوازية التي تتكون منها حكومته تتكون من احزاب تقدس اسرائيل وامريكا , الحزب المسيحي الديمقراطي الذي كان يحلم قائده بمنصب سفير سويدي على اسرئيل ويجن جنونهم اذا وجه شخصا ما انتقادا لاسرائل والكلدوالاشوريين السريان يمنح اغلبهم اصوتوتهم الى هذا الحزب , ومن حزب اخر هو حزب الشعب الليبرالي الذي ايضا من الذين يقدسون اسرئل وكان رئيسه Per Ahlmark يهودي عمل المستحيل في سجن رئيس راديو الاسلام المغربي احمد رامي , والحزب الذي يقوده رئيس الوزراء كان أيضا يقوده رئيس يهودي اسنه Ulf Adelsohnفنجد اغلبهم ابواقا للسياسة الاسرائلية وحمايتها ويوجد هناك سويديين متقاعدين مستوطنين . زد على ذلك نجد هناك عدد كبير من العراقيين المقيمين في السويد منظمين لنلك الاحزب . أحد تلك الاحزاب التي تتكون منها الحكومة البرجوازية هو حزب الوسط .

وأزمة اللجوء التي تعاني منها السويد خاصة مدينة سدرتالية المكتضة بالكلدوا اشوريين السريان وسمعة المدينة السيئة جعلت احدى سياسي البلدية وهو سويدي ان يتوجه بوفد خاص الى امريكا و امام الكونغرس الامريكي القى كلمةمؤكدا … أن سدرتالية ليست هي التي شنت الحرب على العراق وانما امريكا …. على امريكا ان تتحمل مسؤولية اللاجئين العراقيين . فبعد اصدر قرار رفض اللجوء يختفي البعض وتجد الشرطة هناك صعوبات في تنفيذ قرار الطرد بحيث كلف تسفير احد اللاجئين نصف مليون كرون سويدي. فهذا الشخص السياسي هو من الحزب الاشتراكي الديمقراطي السويدي المعارض للحكومة البرجوازية . منافسة بين الحزب الاشتراكي الديمقراطي الذي فقد السلطة بعد 12 سنة من الحكم وفي الحقيقة مازال لم يهضم سبب هزيمته في انتخابات 2006 .

ومدينة سدرتالية يحدث فيها اطلاق النيران على الشرطة ورمي الباصات وراكبيها بالحجارة , بطالة هائلة , عمل اسود , متقاعدين كثرين لم يعرفوا اللغة السويدية , بارات ومطاعم ومحلات بيع الذهب وتصليح الاحذية وهي مدينة فيها كنيستهم وفي تلك المدينة عقد السريان العراقيين والاتراك والسوريين مؤتمر طالبزا من خلاله بحكم ذاتي لهم في العراقي . ومشاكل المدينة جعلت سكانها من السويديين الاصليين ان يحتجوا على الوضع وتوقيف استقبال اللاجئين العراقيين الى هذ مدينتهم ومبادرة اللقاء بالكونغرس الامريكي.

اللاجئين المقيمين في بلد ديمقراطي كالسويد أو مقيمين في بلدانهم , هل يسلكون هو نفس التصرف ؟

حزب السويديون الجدد De Nya Svenskarna تأسس في السويد سنة 1998 من لاجئيين سياسيين من دول تونس والعراق وفلسطين واليمن انتخبنا عراقية السيدة عبير عبد فيصل السهلاني رئيسة للحزب بحيث اعتبر اول حزب تقوده امرأة في افريقا والدول العربية ونائبة من فلسطين وامين صندوق من كردستان .وركزنا في عملنا على المساواة ومنح المرأة ثقة في ادارة حزب معظمه من الرجال الاجانب الغير متعودين لمثل هذا العمل التضامني والمساواة والاختلاط خاصة اننا جئنا الى بلد ديمقراطي تحكمه النساء لكن من بلدان تحكمه الدكتاتورية جئنا مستقلين لتجربة تعاون فريد من نوعه ليس فقط بين نساء ورجال وانما سياسيا ضد العنصرية وايجاد فرص عمل للاجانب وعدم الخلط بين اللجوء السياسي والانساني وربط الصلة خاصة ان سياسة اللجوء واللجوء السياسي فقد معناه عندما بدأ الاجنبي يخضع ويكنس زبائل وسياقة التاكسي رغم المستوى العلمي بالاضافة الى ذلك فان السجون السويدية نجدها مكتضة بالاجانب وحتى اللاجئين مسجونين والمحامي السويدي الذي يدافع عن حقوق اللاجئ نجدهم يتماهلون في ذلك بحث فضح مؤخرا بانهم لايعرفون كيفية المطالبة بحقوقهم منها الاقامة والتي مدلولها حتى المحامي السويدي الى جانب طرد اللاجئ وهذا عمل غير انساني واذا اصبحنا نشبه سياستهم بخليط من الانسانية والبربرية .

هدف الحزب هو التضامن أي اننا كلاجئين قدامى تمتعنا بحقوق الانسان علينا خلق صورة وانطباع جيد عنا كي لا نضر بمصلحة اللاجئين الذين يأتون من بعدنا , كي لا يتضرر اجيالنا التي ولدت في السويد نتيجة اخطائنا بالاضافة الى مبدأ الاستقلالية بما اننا كنا من ناحية السكن والاعالة معتمدين على والدينا ومقيدين داخل الاحزاب ومن قبل حكوماتنا وبسبب كثرة البطالة لم نعمل او لم نجد عمل او يستغل من قبل صاحب العمل بالاضافة الى الاعتماد العشائري والديني جامع ام كنيسة ومنظماتها الدينية وحتى في الاجوئ الاعتماد على المهربين ولما حصلنا على الاقامة الاعتماد على بيت المال وحتى الاعتماد على الاحزاب السويدية بحيث فقد التضامن والاستقلالية اهميتها . على ضوء ذلك رسمنا سياستنا وخرجنا كحزب اجنبي مستقل كبقية الاحزاب السويدية الاخرى . وهدفنا ايضا سلمي من خلال جمع شمل مختلف الطوائف والقوميات وشعوب الجاليات خارج اوربا والسويديين اهلا وسهلا بهم اعضاء في حزبنا . خرجنا في انتخابات 1998 وانتخابات 2002 بالاضافة الى الانتخابات الاخيرة 2006 لكننا للاسف لم نحصل على اصوات كثير . الاسباب عديدة وهي

كما هو معروف تحصل جمعيات الاجانب في السويد منها جمعية 14 تموز والبيت العراقي واهل البيت والمنظمات الكردية الفيلية وغيرها الاورية والكلدانية والسريانمية والسنة والشيعة والاكراد والتركمان بالاضافة الى الجمعيات النسائية والشبابية الدينية والغير دينية والتي هي تتمثل بالقوائم العراقية على مساعدات لدعم التجانس من البلديات السويدية المقيمين فيها . فنتذكر في الانتخابات السابقة سألنا احد اعضاء الجمعيات العراقية حول التصويت فاجاب : ادفع ايجار الجامع منحك صوتي .واذا الديمقراطية اصبحت بهذا الشكل فالماذا نعترض على الدكتاتورية ولهذا السبب او احدهما الذي جعل العراق يتحول الى هذا الشكل . فهي تعطي اصواتها الى الاحزاب السويدية اما عن طريق فتوى من جامع او كنيسة أو الذين في الجوامع والكنيسة ومظماتها هم اعضاء في الاحزاب السويدية وهذا هو عمل نحن ندينه يتعارض مع الديمقراطية.

السيدة التي اختفت كالدخان , وتبين مؤخرا بام رئيسة حزبنا السيدة السهلاني خلال احتفائها اصبحت عضو في حزب سويدي , حزب الوسط , بنفس الوقت عضوة في حزب اشتراكي ديمقراطي في العراقوبهذا تحما ايدولجيتين متعارضتين اشتراكة - برجوازية في ان واحد . ونجدها بها تروج للمساواة والديمقراطية في العراق سوية مع رئيسة ماريا ليسنر , رئيسة حزب الشعب الليبرالي السويدي المقدس لسياسة اسرائيل كما ذكرنا سابقا التي تحمل الان لقب السفيرة الديمقراطية .

وباختفاء السيدة ذات طائفة شيعية اختفى ايضا امين الصندوق ذو قومية كردية وهكذا شلوا عمل الحزب والتضامن والمساواة .

ليس هدفنا التشهير بشخصية العراقي أو العراقية , نحن يؤلمنا جدا ما يحصل للعراق من قتل وتدمير لحضارة عريقة وتهجير شعبه . نحن مؤيد ما كتب سابقا على صفحة الحوار المتمدن على ان الحكومة العراقية هي حكومة منتخبة وليست دكتاتورية , انتم انفسكم ارتم تغيير العراق من الحكم الدكتاتوري , كنت تتعطشون للديمقراطية وتطبيق اتفاقية حقوق الانسان واحترامها وناضلتم من اجلهما . أما المقاومة بالسلاح خلال مرحلة تحول العراق للديمقراطية , فأن هذا الاتجاه أما لا يفهم الشريعة الاسلامية ام لا يفهم الديمقراطية ومعارض لها. وعليه اما العمل على تطبيق الديمقراطية والخروج باستفتاء شعبي لاخذ رأ ي شعبكم حول بقاء او اجلاء القوات الاجنبية عن العراق أو المطالبة بعقد مؤتمر سياسي دولي له وزنه كبير كمؤتمر قمة يالطا شارك فيه شخصيات على مستوى عالي شرشل , روزفلت وستالين ناقشوا من خلاله السلم , رسم الحدود,اسس الاحتلال ,اللجوء والتعويض بالاضافة الى مستقبل الامم المتحدة .

السويديون الجدد - استكهولم.

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270. A New Global Warming Bill

Do you know why we should alert the government or global warming? Do you know why we should pass another bill helping to stop global warming?

Well, I know there are some considerate people on Earth's surface that care about Mother Nature but do NOT know what to do. The least we can do is spread the word. Well, one person can't turn our people's habits around completely, but one can make a difference. Don't be ashamed of not having the ability to do it yourself, because global warming is more than just one problem. Let me give you a few examples:

What is global warming =
&Rainforest clearing
&Polar ice cap melting
&Warmer winters
&Stronger hurricanes
&More drought
&Extreme flooding
&Oxygen shortage
&Greenhouse effect
&Coral bleaching
&Ozone holes
&More asthma
&More allergies
..............................& more + + + +

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