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61. Military presence at schools

In response to the recent tragedy at Newtown, Ct. we as parents (and taxpayers) believe there should be a military presence at every school across the country until appropriate security measures are taken.

As secure as the current systems may seem, the holes have been exposed in this latest act of violence. In order to stop an armed gunmen, they have to be met with the same at the front door. Recent census shows that there are approx. 3 million total (active & reserve) U.S. Service Members and approx. 100,000 schools.

This ratio shows that this is possible with 30 members per every school and in all reality, to ensure safety there is only 1-2 needed. Our troops as well as our government are funded through our tax money and it is about time we have a say in where it goes.

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62. Bless Me, Ultima at the Rialto theater in Santa Rosa, Ca

Set in 1940s rural New Mexico, a boy struggles to understand good and evil, guided by an elderly curandera (healer) and the way of life in his village.

The film was adapted from the novel "Bless Me, Ultima" by acclaimed author Rudolfo Anaya. Screenplay written and film directed by Carl Franklin.

Set in the 1940s during WWII, it is about a boy named Antonio Marez (Tony) growing up in a rural village of New Mexico. His father is Gabriel Marez, a vaquero (cowboy) from the isolated ranches of the high desert plains of Las Pasturas. He dreams of passing this life on to his children or packing it all up and moving his family to California. Antonio's mother, is Maria Luna, a religious woman who expresses her wishes for Tony to become a priest. She descends from farmers in the nearby village of Puerto de Luna (Port of the Moon) nestled along the Pecos river valley.

Life changes when Antonio's parents bring an elderly woman Ultima to live with them. She is a curandera (healer) and midwife, relying on herbs and spirituality to heal the local people and cast away witches' spells. Antonio is conflicted by the wishes of his loved ones to determine his destiny and struggles to understand good and evil. He witnesses murder, drunkenness and debauchery, the effects of World War II that have come to his village. His maturity grows when he defends Ultima from condemnations of being a witch and from experiences in school and catechism.

Ultima teaches Antonio how spirit is present in everything around us. Through her guidance and his astuteness, he taps into the divine essence of life. She emphasizes to him how the smallest of good overpowers over any evil, and she teaches respectful and harmonious living. His father Gabriel shares with him that what most people call evil is just something they do not understand, and that we need more sympathy towards others before we judge so quickly.

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63. Require a Form of Class and/or License Prior to the Purchase of Any Firearm

When purchasing a firearm the requirements are lenient and lacking depth.

With recent tragedies we have witnessed the horrific events that are made possible when a firearm is placed in the hands of an irresponsible/under evaluated owner.

This petition proposes that as a nation we require a form of class and/or licensing prior to the purchase of any firearm.

Including, but not limited to, sanity evaluation, awareness, and of course gun safety.

With a form of testing in order to be licensed and able to purchase/possess a fire arm.

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64. Reform Immigration Now

William Paterson University of New Jersey should provide scholarships for 5 undocumented students who attended U.S. high schools with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and who can become legal citizens.

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65. Support Al-Hira Educational Centre

The Revised proposal offer a significant architectural and design benefits that will ensure that the Al-Hira Education and community centre will once again become a much valued facility and asset to the London Borough of Newham.

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66. Stop the Closing of San Antonio School

The Socorro Consolidated Schools Board of Education is considering closing San Antonio Elementary School, San Antonio, New Mexico.

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67. Help Save Our Kids' Lives from the Effects of Bullying

Too many young people are suffering from mental illness and committing suicide because of the effects of bullying and lack of control by our school system. It is believed that one in every four students in our Australian schools is affected by bullying.

Children who are bullied are three times more likely to show depressive symptoms. Bullying is the fourth most common reason young people seek help from children's help services. Children who were bullied were up to nine times more likely to have suicidal thoughts. These are just some of the statistics that have been researched but lets not forget those that lose the battle and end their lives.

The reason for this petition is My Daughter is 14 yrs of age has depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and counselling twice a week she comes home every lunch and recess from school because she gets bullied and has been for a long time through out her schooling. The schools remedy was to isolate her into A Block, so she could be looked upon by teachers whilst the Bullies get to enjoy the school grounds. They wont act upon their student incident report writing system because quote "The statements from the victim and the bully often differ and unless a teacher cites what happened no action will be taken."

My Daughter is not able to walk into the school grounds without feeling physically sick and that's just not good enough. The victim often becomes the problem at a school because the school does not Associate the child's depression symptoms with bullying and parents these days are only contacted when they owe the school money or a student has been suspended.

NO child should have to feel targeted by students or the system.

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68. Save Lou and Bill

Lou and Bill are two oxen that used to work on the college farm for ten years before Lou got injured and is now unable to work. Bill is unable to pull the plough on his own.

Although they now have other oxen as well, and an animal sanctuary has agreed to take them, the college are now planning on slaughtering these two oxen.

If this happens, their deaths may involve paralysis by bolt gun or electric tongs followed brutal killings involving cuts to their throats. Since the college plans on serving their meat on the site, they may end up as half-eaten meals thrown away in the college bins.

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69. Implement and Enforce Child Safety Programs in Georgia School Bus Transportation

Georgia leads the NATION in child-fatalities related to school bus loading/unloading zones.
(source: National School Bus Loading and Unloading Survey).

1. GA Law requires fewer qualifications, less training and certification of local school system Directors of Transportation than that of a School Bus Driver.

2. GA Local school system Directors of Transportation are not required to implement "Best Practice" safety recommendations and GA Code has no clear enforcement and consequence policy.

3. Local school system Superintendents and Boards of Education do not consistently follow ethical or recommended best practices in dealing with student discipline and school system employee personnel matters - making decisions without analysis, discussion or review of factual data and onboard camera recordings of actual events.

4. The State-level school bus inspection process and requirements of school bus safety equipment (i.e., air brakes, safety lighting and entry/exit points) is of concern. Local School systems do not adhere to a consistent inspection-reporting process, which is readily available to the public for review.

5. Published articles indicate there is evidence of School Bus Drivers who fear retaliation (i.e., loss of job) if they report bus-related issues regarding safety or mechanical problems. If a school bus driver is fearful to report an unsafe condition - this has a DIRECT impact on the safety of children and the school bus driver.

6. Georgia does not have or enforce a state-level review & approval process to ensure School Bus stops (loading/unloading) zones are SAFE for our children - minimizing street crossings and potential for child injuries/deaths.

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70. Put Spencer McIntyre on the bus!

Spencer Needs help getting to school. He lives the requisite distance from the school to qualify for bussing. The walk is 50 minutes across a busy, highway without sidewalks or bike lanes. It is not safe.

The school, the board, and the bus company are refusing to help. Their policy is "Pass the Buck". We need to get Spencer on the bus before winter sets in.

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71. Tower Hamlets : A Future That Works

Tower Hamlets Planning Committee was initiated by Tower Hamlets trade unionists, local Hands Off Our Public Services (HOOPS) group and local activists to help build the TUC demonstration in London on 20 October.

We seek to involve as many local people as possible in the fight against a Government that wants ordinary people to pay for the crisis.

We have organised a Rally on Thursday 11th October from 6.30pm at the London Muslim Centre, Whitechapel Road E1 1JQ with speakers from Child Poverty Action Group, Disabled People Against Cuts and Tower Hamlets Mayor.

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72. Hire More Teachers for P.S. 219 Kennedy-King

Class sizes at P.S. 219 Kennedy-King in Brooklyn, NY have reached as high as 28 students per class under the instruction of one teacher.

We need our children to succeed and they will be better able to do so with more one-on-one help, additional teachers and smaller class sizes.

Their current academic professionals need support from other teachers and para-professionals so that they can focus on enhancing their curriculum to the benefit of students and society.

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73. HRM, Fund Symphony Nova Scotia appropriately on an annual basis!

Currently the City of Halifax drastically underfunds its large arts organizations compared to other Cities in Canada. Recent annual grants were at approximately $18,000 for Symphony Nova Scotia compared to $500,000 in London, a similar-sized Canadian City with a similar-sized orchestra.

A City with a strong infrastructure for funding its orchestra ensures continued health of its arts community. This is a benchmark for attracting new businesses and citizens to the area. Without sufficient City funding, organizations like Symphony Nova Scotia struggle to make ends meet and cannot implement meaningful initiatives such as innovative programming and education programs for outreach to the youth of our communities.

With the huge financial gains HRM makes from having a vibrant and innovative arts community, it makes sense to create infrastructure for ongoing yearly appropriate funding that doesn't require ongoing re-application. HRM needs to fund at a level that ensures the lasting health and prosperity of such organizations as Symphony Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Film Festival, Brookes Diamond Productions, 2b Theatre Company, Dalhousie Centre for the Arts, Mermaid Theatre, Theatre Nova Scotia, Halifax Pop Explosion, Onelight Theatre, LiveArt Dance, Eastern Front Theatre, Music Nova Scotia, Neptune Theatre, Halifax Dance, Scotia Festival of Music and all local writers and publishers and visual artists.

You can share this petition by going to the top left of the page and clicking on "Tell" or forward this petition link to your email and social media lists. Thank you!

Your civic and email addresses are not visible on the internet.

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74. Stop School Funding Cuts

PARENTS already struggling with the rising cost of living now face increased school fees after the state government yesterday slashed education funding by almost $2 billion.

A total of 1800 jobs will go - bureaucrats, public school administration staff and TAFE teachers - while Catholic and independent schools will lose $116 million over four years and TAFE fees will rise 9.5 per cent.
In light of recent media coverage of the Government’s decision to cut funding to education we encourage parents and caregivers to band together to voice your concerns.

The executive of Maitland Primary Principal’s Association are planning to meet with Maitland’s Local Member for Parliament Robyn Parker on Thursday 4th October. In support of your children it is asked that letters of petition opposing the funding cuts are collected and presented to Robyn Parker at this meeting.

“Students in all New South Wales schools and TAFEs will be the losers as a result of the announcement made by the O’Farrell Government yesterday,” Dr White said. “Make no mistake: this decision will hit hard right across the education sector. For non-government schools, the four-year funding freeze means a cut of $116m. This will certainly have an impact on the services that we will be able to provide to students in the years ahead. I believe that our children deserve better.” (source media release education office 12/09/2012)

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75. Stop The Education Budget Cuts

The NSW Government have announced that they will be cutting $1.7 Billion from our education budget. This includes:

- Cutting 600 Support Positions

- Phasing out 400 Administration Positions

- Cutting 800 TAFE Positions

- Increasing TAFE Fees by 9.5% from January 2013.

We cannot sit by and just accept this, they must not this is not acceptable and that we will stand up for the rights of our children. They have a right to the best education and this will be affected by this budget cuts.

Taking away support teachers from those children who are most vulnerable is disgusting. Our children are out future and this government wants to make it harder for them to have that future.

NSW Government you are repulsive, try taking a pay cut instead of punishing the kids.

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76. Open letter to Michael Gove and Ofqual

This open letter was initiated in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

It has already got the support of the following people:

Julie Craig, Head teacher The King’s High School, Wakefield
Kai Sheldrake, Head of English Carleton Community High School, Pontefract
Sally Kincaid, NUT Secretary Wakefield NUT
Fiona Millar, education journalist
Michael Rosen, Children’s author
Prof. Gus John, Education Consultant and Associate Professor, Institute of Education.
Dr. Lee Jerome Head of Initial Teacher Education, London Metropolitan University
Prof. Ken Jones Professor of Education, Goldsmiths University of London
Christine Blower, General Secretary NUT
Mary Bousted, General Secretary ATL
Sally Hunt, General Secretary UCU

Please add your name and circulate far and wide.

For further information please contact 07904296701

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77. Stop the unfair exclusion of Sterre Ploeger


The principal of the college had a meeting with 2 governors yesterday 12th Sep. The result is that Sterre will be accepted back on her performing arts course from Monday 17th Sep. This is a great achievement. Now it is just about the college recognising that a disabled person cannot be flexible in his support needs and not putting up barriers for her any more.

One governor has asked Micheline Mason to be involved and give advise to the college. She says: “There has been many issues in the past of mistreatment and oppression of the family by the College, and there are still many issues to be sorted out but a step has been taken in the right direction. We should make the college aware that we will be keeping a vigilant watch on what happens, but that we recognise that a step has been taken in the right direction.”

The family accept Micheline's judgement and calls off the demonstration that was planned for today Thu 13th September.


​The meeting with the college on Monday 10th September 2012 did not go well. By enrolling Sterre has an agreement with Newham College to do the level 1 Performing Arts course, but now the Principal has overturned this decision. They made the excuse that Sterre needs to have assessments by a clinical psychologist in order to work out a good programme for her! She doesn't need to see a clinical psychologist! She doesn't need a good 'programme', she has already chosen to study performing arts and all she wants to do is take part on the course she has been enrolled on. Sterre looked forward to starting the course so much and the first week went so well – why is the Principal trying to make people believe that this isn't the right course for her?

We are having a demonstration on Thursday 13th September 2012 at 12.30pm at the front of East Ham college. Please come to the demonstration and ask other supporters to come as well. This disability discrimination has gone too far. If we let them get away with this then what hope do Sterre and other disabled students fighting for education have?


Thanks to a very successful campaign, Sterre was enrolled on the Level 1 performing arts course. She started last Monday and has had a great week.

However, yesterday the Principal attacked. She excluded Sterre from college until a meeting could be arranged between the college and Sterre's advocates because she argued that Sterre had brought her own pa's without permission of the college and had therefore breached college policy.

It was clearly agreed when Sterre enrolled for the course that she could bring her own personal assistants as that was the only way she would be able to communicate and achieve.

Sterre has been prevented from attending classes at a critical point in the year. The students are completing their initial induction assessments which will determine whether they can continue on the course. By excluding her now the principal would make sure that Sterre is unable to stay on the course after the induction period.

Sterre has not done anything wrong and so there is no justifiable reason to suspend her. She is only being punished for bringing in her own PA's, something she can't do without and so this is disability discrimination.

We must act now to make sure that Sterre can attend college in this critical period.

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78. General and Complete Disarmament in 50 years

When was the idea of GACD born and why it died?

The idea of GACD was born before World War II, within the League of Nations, which devoted much time and energy for disarmament, although many governments doubted that extensive disarmament could be achieved or was even desirable in this time. The inability of the League of Nations to prevent the Second World War led to its dissolution in 1946. For some time it seemed as if GACD was buried forever.

The new international organization, the UN shifted the emphasis from GACD to peacekeeping mission in the armed conflicts by control of certain types of weapons, especially nuclear and protection of human rights, and humanitarian aid, etc. Thus, the idea of GACD, per se, was in fact forgotten. The security was set as the cornerstone, which, as shown by the post-war history, cannot be guaranteed by any amount of weapons and their proliferation. The GACD was sacrificed to security. However, we know that security in the ocean of arms is a very fragile ship with constant leaks and the threat of explosions in general.

In the 60's, the idea of GACD was revived again as phoenix from the initiatives of the USSR. In the history of the United Nations, only in 1962, the World Congress for GACD was held in Moscow. Revival of the GACD idea was fleeting (1959-1962) and soon it went into oblivion due to its uselessness for industrial civilization. It was partly because of lack of understanding of its fundamental precepts and partly because of its intangible content. The GACD had no place in the UN.

Now the GACD idea is dead firmly. The concept of "general and complete disarmament" is not exists even in the modern world encyclopedias: Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc. In the last five decades, the GACD has been suppressed by ever greater oppression of the arms race, the cost of which, under the pretext of security, grows each year by an incredibly huge amount. In fact, the GACD has been quietly moribund by the military industrial civilization. The GACD is being undermined because it poses an easier and viable solution to prevent conflicts at the expense of the vast military-industry complex that depends heavily upon building the weapons of war. However, there is a silver lining for the GACD. The complete nuclear disarmament launched the United States and Russia in 2009 is a good sign for the revival of GACD, but still only an elusive dream. The proposed petition can turn it into reality.

The profound cause of helplessness and death of the GACD idea is military industry understanding of peace without recognizing the merits of GACD and completely excluding the idea of world peace. Their objectives are temporary peace supported by the threat of military force. Therefore, any talk about GACD is not needed. Military-industrial civilization lives on the old and false militarist slogan “If you want peace - prepare for war.” This slogan transforms peace into a time of temporary period of rest between the wars and in preparation for the new wars. It profits only the military-industrial complex eliminating the prospect of global peace and GACD. This principle subordinates peace to war, turning peace into a slave of war. So have been the periods of peace to this day. Since the military-industry civilization has no other perspective for peace to view from, the prospect of GACD died in it.

The universal peace depends upon GACD, whereas the universality and freedom of war eliminates the need and possibility of GACD.

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79. Ask Governor Brown to Sign SB1540 for Sikh Awareness and Education


SB1540 requires the State Board of Education to consider, by June 30 2014, the adoption of a history-social science framework. The draft framework includes information about SIkhs in seven distinct areas.

When completed, this will become an important tool which will be used in all California schools to increase awareness and knowledge about Sikhism and its followers.

This will help build a strong foundation of tolerance and respect for other cultures and diversity in our future generations. These are the same values which this great nation stands for and we want to ensure that they become a part of our children’s education.

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80. Bahraini Medical Students should not be denied access to their university in Saudi Arabia

During the period between the 14th of February 2011 till the 16th of March 2011, where the Bahraini revolution took place before authorities cracked down all the protests, we were not allowed to get in or back from Saudi Arabia as smooth as it was.

That’s why we had to stay over the weekend at the students housing although we used to get back to Bahrain to meet with our families. Ala’a and Zainab were in Bahrain during the weekend before the crack down took place on the 16th of March and could not get back to university until the 19th of March. However Zahra’a stayed there for more than two weeks because she had exams and was afraid if she get back to Bahrain she will not be able to get back to Saudi as all Shia were banned to get in.

On the 21st of March 2011 10:00 PM the director of Al Dmmam University housing requested us to take our personal belongings as an order came from the Higher national security counsel requesting to depart us from Saudi Arabia immediately. We asked for more clarification at that time, but we were told that our families are waiting for us at King Fahd causeway without even mentioning the reasons for that action.
Out of the students housing building which our flat is in, the Head of university’s office manager was waiting for us as he drove us in his private car to king Fahd causeway and he handed us to the Bahraini security Force. Around 50 masked police officers were waiting for us.

Until that time we were able to contact our families in Bahrain, but our contact them got stopped since we were submitted to Bahrain security Force as they’ve taken our mobile and they switched them off. They put us in a mini-bus and closed the windows and one of the policemen was shouting on us, belittling us and frightening us. We felt suffocated. We were concerned because our parents do not know anything about us. Please note that Zainab was in her 13th week of pregnancy as she was most of the time in Bahrain. The lawyer demanded three times the public persecution to release her because of her maternity condition, however, each time the request was rejected.

After that, we have been taken to the police station at king Fahd causeway for further investigation. At 4 a.m. from the 22nd of March Bahraini authorities took us to another temporary police station to stay the rest of the night there. Our families have had appointed Mr. Abdullah Al Shamlawi as our lawyer. At 11 a.m. we had been taken again to King Fahd causeway police station where they started the investigations all again with the investigator started screaming and shouting that we have lost all the years of study and we will get a sentence of life imprisonment. Also he said that we don’t deserve to get scholarships despite that we got the scholarship after we graduated with high GPA (98%) from secondary school.

On the same day, we have been presented to the Public Prosecution and the lawyer attended as well.
General Persecutions directed an accusation to us listed below:
1. Cursing the government symbols and leaders.
2. Incitement the hate toward the regime and demanding the over drawl the regime
3. Organizing protests at the university and at the university housing in Saudi Arabia
4. Contacting foreign TV channel and providing misleading information’s regarding the situation in Bahrain.

The lawyer asked the Public prosecutor to close the file, as there were no evidence against us neither by the Bahraini government or any known evidences provided by the Saudi authorities that would charge us.

Despite that, the Public Prosecutor had decided to imprison us up for 7 days while holding our case pending for further investigation in a police station called “Isa town police station for women rehabilitation”. We were among the first women to be accused and imprisoned after the crack down in pearl roundabout took place on the 17th of March 2011.

As per investigator decision we were supposed to stay in the custody for 7 days only. However, the custody duration expanded to 23 days until the13th of April.
Suddenly, the authorities have decided to release us where we were handed back to our families from the same police station we detained from. At that time, they let us sign on pledge that we will not participate in any activity against the government and the royal family, we will not contact any media and they have the right to call us anytime if they hand new evidence and by that he case had been closed.

On the 2nd of June Ala’a and Zahra received a call asking us to attend the military court. Zainab was not asked to go due to her maternity. We asked for clarification but what we have been told that we need to sign papers regarding our closed case. On the 6th of June we went to the military court and shocked that we were presented in front the military court judge were he accused us with the charge of participating in a protest in the Pearl Roundabout to commit crimes and breach of public security. None of the previous accusation was directed to us. We had appointed another lawyer called Mr. Mohsin Al Aalwi and procreated to attend court on our behalf. He attended 3 court sessions, when finally on the 21st of June we got the acquittal.

Later, when we decided to get back to the university, we where told from the Saudi authorities on the King Fahd Causeway that we were banned from getting in and we are not welcomed in the country anymore. We contacted the University to get a clarification regarding our studying status but they cleared that they have no authority to help us getting back and it was all directed to them from higher authorities. From that day until today we had communicated with all possible responsible parties both in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia that might help in our case.

Moreover, we reported the case to BICI (Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry), which one of their recommendations was to return all dismissed students back to their studying seats. The National Committee who’s assigned by the King to apply the recommendations duty was finished on the 20th of March 2012 without even reporting back regarding our case. Keeping in mind that we met with the president of that committee since they started.

Also, we communicated with all human rights defendant parties and committees inside and outside Bahrain. Last but not least, we met with many committees and missions sent by many countries as US and Ireland who visited Bahrain. Also we met with FIDH.

In Bahrain , we tried with ministry of foreign affair , Ministry of Education , Ministry of Interior , Supreme Council of women , Saudi Embassy in Manama , Bahrain Embassy in Saudi Arabia . Bahraini Member of Parliament Ahmed Alsaati . MOI in Saudi Arabia. University of Dammam . king Fahad causeway authority.

We applied for admission to the University of Arabian Gulf, but our request was denied for the reason that the Gulf universities operate within a single system .As a result, the Saudi authorities refused to allow us to complete our study there , the Arabian Gulf Univesity refuses to accept us as well as.

Al Wasat newspaper published a number of topics related to our cause.

Our Current situation, is unknown if we will be able to get back to Saudi where we need to complete the remaining semester (2 months. Otherwise, we need to apply to private universities where most of them we contacted requested us to repeat 3 to 4 years and on our own funding despite we used to have it as a scholarship.

We hope that your foundation could consider our case and help us completing our study.

With regards,

Aalaa Al-Sayed
Zainab Mohammed
Zahara Salman

Personal Information of Zainab:
Name: Zainab Mohammed Maklooq
Nationality: Bahraini
Occupation: Medical Student
University: AL Dammam University (King Fiasal University previously)
Year of studying: 6th year medical student, last semester (two modules to graduate)

Personal Information of Aala’a:
Name: Aalaa Sayed Shubber Mosin Majed
Nationality: Bahrain
Occupation: Medical Student
University: AL Dammam University (King Fiasal University previously)
Year of studying: 6th Year medical student, Last semester (two modules to graduate)

Personal Information of Zahra’a:
Name: Zahra Salman Mohamed Zabar
Occupation: Medical Student
University: Al Dammam University (King Faisal University previously)
Year of Studying: 5th Year medical Student.

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81. Reparation Petition for those of African descent in America

This petition is designed for reparations as Promised by the United States Government, by proxy, for those of African descent whose forefathers/mothers were forcefully removed from our homeland, deprived of their human rights, sold like cattle, treated without humanity, separated from their families for life, beaten, killed, raped, tarred and feathered, hanged, etc., given no compensation for the building of America and worst of all, programmed with the Willie Lynch doctrine which is still at work today.

The United States government has been instrumental in pressuring the German and Japanese governments into paying reparations to the people who suffered and survived the crimes and legacy of slavery endured during World War II. The United States government has also paid reparations to Japanese-Americans who were detained in concentration camps during World War II.

As African-Americans, we are entitled to, and the American government is indebted to us, and is therefore obligated to provide long and over-due Reparations to African-Americans for the atrocious crime of Slavery which is important to the future of ALL African-Americans.

Compensation through education.

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82. Speak Up! Speak Out! To Stop Sexual Abuse

Sharon R. Wells is a survivor of child sexual abuse. At age 14 she could no longer suppress the traumatic secrets of being abused. She felt alone, abandoned, damaged, guilty and responsible. The guilt and shame impacted her life in a very negative way. The deep embedded scars of abuse carried over into her adult life, causing much pain and suffering. Had resources been available for teens during that time, there is a great chance that she may not have experienced such life-long suffering. Sharon's story is just one of many who continue to suffer in silence because of sexual abuse.

There is an estimate of 60 million sexual abuse survivors that live amongst us in the United States of America. Because sexual abuse leaves victims feeling ashamed and guilty, most victims never tell. The secret torments them and causes life long suffering. Research has shown that the population of teenage abuse victims have been known to take their own lives, engage in drug and alcohol abuse, experience depression, rage, post-traumatic stress disorder amongst many others. If the trauma is not treated, some victims are doomed to repeat the cycle of sexual abuse.

The only way that we can save our future generations is by educating and empowering them to speak up and out. We must provide resources and support that will encourage them to break their silence and seek help and be aware of their surroundings.

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83. თბილისის სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტის ეროვნული სამეცნიერო ბიბლიოთეკა არ უნდა გაიყიდოს!

2012 წლის იანვარს, ეროვნული სამეცნიერო ბიბლიოთეკა გადაეცა თბილისის ჯავახიშვილის სახელობის სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტს, მისი უძრავი ქონება კი ეკონომიკის სამინისტროს ბალანსზეა. ცნობილი გახდა, რომ ეკონომიკის სამინისტრო ბიბლიოთეკის შენობის გაყიდვას აპირებს. საინვესტიციო შეთავაზებაში შენობის სარეკომენდაციო ფუნქციაა სავაჭრო-გასართობი ცენტრი.

ხელისუფლების გადაწყვეტილება გაასხვისოს ბიბლიოთეკის კუთვნილი შენობა აშკარად ეწინააღმდეგება საბიბლიოთეკო საქმის შესახებ კანონის მე-4ე მუხლს.


In January 2012 National Scientific Library, formerly an autonomous organization, was transmitted to Tbilisi State University, while its real property stays on the balance of the ministry of economy.

Recently it became known that the ministry has put the building of the library on the auction with the recommended future function of shopping and entertainment center. Government’s decision to privatize the building of the public library is against the Georgian Law on Librarianship.

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84. Stop Cap On High School Credits

Visit this website to read more about the Education cuts in Ontario:

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85. Catholic Secondary School for Ormeau, Queensland

The northern corridor continues to be the fastest growing area on the Gold Coast in terms of population levels, with three of the top five fastest growing Statistical Local Areas located within this region. This has resulted in a surge in residential development projects in the region over the last 12 months, according to the latest research from Colliers International.

Lynda Campbell, Gold Coast Research Manager, who compiled the report, said of the suburbs addressed in her research, which includes Ormeau, Jacobs Well, Norwell, Yatala, Pimpama, Stapylton, Steiglitz and Willow Vale, three are among the top ten fastest growing Statistical Local Areas in Queensland.

In 2007 the Ormeau population was 19,065 and it continues to grow on a daily basis. The size of Ormeau is approximately 24km2. The population in 2001 was 4,221 people and by 2006 had grown to 8,506 showing a growth of 96%. The predominant age group in Ormeau is 0-9 years. Households are primarily couples with children. Most are repaying mortgages with a 70% owner occupancy rate.

Of the 38 SLAs within the Gold Coast (C) LGA, almost 95% experienced population growth in the year to June 2009. As in previous years, Kingsholme-Upper Coomera was the largest growing SLA, with an increase of 2,100 people (9.9%), followed by Southport and Ormeau-Yatala, which increased by 1,400 (5.0%) and 1,300 (9.5%) people respectively.

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Please help us to reinstate the Ontairo Lieutenant Governor's Aboriginal 'Summer Reading' Book Drive! We are two sisters, 14 years old and 13 years old in Oakville Ontario, and we want to see the children and teens of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation communities receive these much needed books.

Their libraries are bare. They are 4 to 5 years behind in literacy skills and suicide rates are high in these remote communities. Most of these children and teens live below poverty line and they cannot afford to attend post secondary school. Some of these communities are 'fly-in' only and they are forgotten... but not now!

Help us to give them hope... please sign to reinstate the Ontario Lieutenant Governor's Aboriginal Book Drive!

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87. Open letter to Sally Hunt

Dear Sally,

We note the results of the ballot to effect constitutional change in the University and College Union as communicated by you in March. We believe this ballot was conducted in undue haste following your re-election as general secretary in pursuit of a narrow political agenda to stifle legitimate opposition within the union, including by elected national executive committee members. There was insufficient time to debate what are critical issues for members.

Subsequent to the ballot, we note that there has been a marked increase in “personal” communication between you and the membership on major issues – most recently the Universities Superannuation Scheme. As a union we would not tolerate management engaging individually and directly with our members and bypassing established collective and democratic machinery, and we are thus concerned about such an approach from our union. We are opposed to the individualistic turn that the UCU appears to be taking, since it undermines collective processes and is being falsely counterpoised to building inclusive and participatory activism in the workplace.

This year’s UCU congress voted to adopt motions 63, 64 and L5, which raise concerns about the misuse of membership surveys to bypass democratic structures and encourage “timidity and inertia” (in the wording of Motion 63), particularly in the absence of proper time for discussion within branches and committees. Motion L5 calls for union officials and structures to abide by congress decisions, and to use online surveys subsequent only to their debate by congress, sector conference or the NEC (and as sanctioned by the NEC).

Motions 65 and 67, in support of your proposal to reduce the NEC’s size, were defeated. However, as part of your congress speech, you promised to continue to campaign for the reforms regardless of the congress decision. This has worrying implications for union democracy.

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88. Preserve Transportation Funding for Arabia Mountain HS

Now is the time for PTSA Advocacy to ensure that the DeKalb County School Board does not cut transporation services to Arabia Mountain High School!

AMHS offers successful programs in Career Pathways, Environmental Science and Engineering and was recognized this week as a "Green-Ribbon School" by the U.S. Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The academic dreams and hard work of 891 Arabia Mountain High School students, over 1/2 of our entire student enrollment, are at risk.

These students depend on county bus transportation from the Satellite locations to pursue their academic goals. The elected members of the DeKalb County School Board have decided to eliminate the transportation lifeline for some of the best and brightest students in the DeKalb County School System.

Here are the facts:

AMHS is not accessible by public transportation services like the other high schools on the transportation elimination list.

There are no continuous sidewalks on Browns Mill Road for our students to walk to school, which may put an increased number students at risk along the 45 MPH speed limit state road.

Adding over 800 additional cars to the Browns Mill Road area will create unbelievable gridlock and chaos in an already congested area. Recall the congestion "road rage" incident that occurred last year at the school that resulted in a parent brandishing a weapon on school property.

From AMHS Traffic - Summary

Consider the safety of the students. With the elimination of transportation options, new and inexperienced 16,17 & 18 years olds will be driving to AMHS in an already traffic intense and congested area.

An increased number of students may remain on campus, unsupervised, at the end of the school day as they wait for parents to arrive after working hours.

Eliminating transportation to AMHS would effectively close our high school, or turn it into a neighborhood school.

The next opportunity for public input on the board plan is Monday, July 9, 2012 at 6:30 pm. Please sign the petition to show your support.

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89. Australia - Support students with Dyslexia

The following is the definition of dyslexia adopted by the Research Committee of the International Dyslexia Association in August 2002:

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurobiological in origin. It is characterised by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language that is often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction.

Secondary problems may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.

Dyslexia Australia's Definition:

Dyslexia is the capacity to process information differently, enabling innovative thought and perception. It is characterised by a visual and experiential learning style. Methods using this learning style allow dyslexic people to realise their capabilities and minimise the negative impact commonly developed by conventional methods. (concept by C. Fraser. Wording by B. Baird and C. Fraser)

People with dyslexia display some of the following signs:

Confused by letters, numbers, words, sequences, or verbal explanations.

Reading or writing shows repetitions, additions, transpositions, omissions, substitutions, and reversals in letters, numbers and/or words.

Complains of feeling or seeing non-existent movement while reading, writing, or copying.

Seems to have difficulty with vision, yet eye exams don't reveal a problem.

Trouble learning Sight Words (WHY? Click Here)

Reads and rereads with little comprehension.

Spells phonetically and inconsistently.

With the exception of New South Wales, Dyslexia is not recognised within the Australian School System.

This is not in line with other countries like the United Kingdom, or United States of America. Australia is behind and our children are suffering.

Dyslexia is a learning difference not a learning disability. It is only a disability because the current education system only recognises one way of learning. If you don't fit the "norm" then you have to adapt or get left behind.

It should not be a fight between parents and the school system. Teachers and specialists should have the knowledge and tools to be able to assist all children with their learning, whatever their style.

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90. Funding for Sharing Culture in Australian Schools

School are in need of an Educational Resource to teach Indigenous Cultures in the classroom in a respectful yet easy to use approach.

The new Australian Curricular places a heavy focus on Indigenous Cultural studies. Sharing Culture is an Indigenous Owned business that provides a voice to Indigenous Elders and ensures IP is held by the communities to which the knowledge belongs. The program provides a Two Way Learning opportunity but requires funding to extend the delivery of the service into ALL schools.

This petition is to showcase to the Government and funding partners the level of interest and need for Sharing Culture in schools.

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