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31. Support Charter Schools in Ontario

A Well-Kept Secret: Whatever Happened to Canada’s Charter Schools? Paul W. Bennett04/10/2010 By Paul W. Bennett - See more at:

Charter schools have coexisted with private schools in Canada for over 15 years. Yet they remain a well kept secret. Outside of Alberta, you would never know that they existed, especially if you depended upon Canadian public education sources for your information about the school choices available to families.

Are Canada's charter schools set for a comeback?

While North American charter schools may be modelled after private, independent schools, they are actually public schools. To be more specific, they are publicly-funded, autonomous schools which are formed to “provide innovative or enhanced education programs that improve the acquisition of student skills, attitudes, and knowledge in some measurable way.” (Alberta Education, 2010).

Since the premiere of the new documentary film Waiting for Superman, charter schools are becoming much better known. It has taken the educational world by storm and sent shock waves through the normally serene Ontario educational establishment.

Here in Canada the film has been greeted by our educational authorities with, for the most part, a stoney silence. Anyone who might suggest that it has any relevance to Canada is simply dismissed with the usual rationalizations. We have such a fine public school system, so the line goes, we have little to learn from the film.

Twenty years ago, a Canadian movement for charter schools stirred up quite a commotion. It was driven by concerned parents demanding more from public schools and looking for more parental choice within the system. Many were acquainted with Canadian private and independent schools, but lacked the means to enrol their children in schools charging tuition fees. Seeking higher quality public schools led them to become advocates for charters.

Since the early 1990s, the official reaction to charter schools has been apoplectic. When the Alberta government of Ralph Klein authorized Canada’s first charter schools, the core interests in Canadian education (school superintendents, education faculties, and teachers’ unions) closed ranks and successfully fended off charter schools everywhere else. Instead of fairly evaluating charters as a means of broadening school choice, public school authorities clicked into siege mentality mode, condemning the “privatizers” and casting aspersions on the motives of charter school advocates.

The first Canadian charter schools in Alberta were the result of the tireless campaigning of Dr. Joe Freedman, a fiercely determined radiologist from Red Deer, Alberta. Since their advent in March 1994, Alberta remains the only province to authorize charters. Today, Alberta continues to embrace “School Choice” in public education and to support 13 different charter schools. (

Following the breakthrough in Alberta, education reform groups favouring “School Choice” mounted a campaign in Ontario and in Atlantic Canada. The Ontario Coalition for Education Reform, the Society for Quality Education, and the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies (AIMS) all embraced the cause. Inspired by Dr. Freedman and American advocates of charters, the groups held conferences and published pamphlets proclaiming Charter Schools “an idea whose time has come.”

The frenzied activity peaked in 1997 and then stalled when educational authorities closed ranks and out-flanked the proponents by embracing a domesticated version of student testing and accountability. The Vancouver-based Fraser Institute, normally an ally, undermined the whole effort by publishing a “Freedom Index” suggesting (erroneously) that Canada’s public system already had more educational choice than the United States.

In Alberta, the existing Charter Schools have survived, but still face surprisingly strong institutional resistance, fuelled by the teacher unions. A recent January 2010 Canada West Foundation report, “Innovation in Action: An Examination of Charter Schools in Alberta,” put it best: Alberta’s chartering legislation is a straight-jacket which amounts to “the equivalent of clipping a bird’s wings and then asking it to fly.” (

“If Canada has a “school choice capital”, it is Calgary. Three of Greater Calgary’s top schools are Strathcona Tweedsmuir School, Rundle College, and Webber Academy, all catering to affluent and upper middle class families. The city also boasts six charter schools, enrolling 5,930 of the 7,161 students attending charter schools throughout Alberta. The number of students in Calgary charter schools has more than tripled over the past decade. Compared to the Calgary Public Board’s 99,680 students, the numbers remain small, but their evident success in improving student learning stands as a valuable lesson for other provinces.

Living as we do in a North American cultural universe, Waiting for Superman may just give charter schools a new lease on life here in Canada. Here is one “little Hollywood movie” that exposes ordinary citizens to the type of specialized, quality schools previously limited to parents who can afford such school options. If Canadians do embrace charter schools in greater numbers, public school standards may rise and so will competition for students.

[Dr. Paul W. Bennett is Director of Schoolhouse Consulting, Halifax, author of The Grammar School (2009), and online editor of EduBlog at]
- See more at:

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32. Don't unfairly penalize this family: K-12 Home Schooling/Angel's Education VS Cal-Works Program/Merced Human Services

April 24th, 2014 Re: Patricia Freeman, enrollment with CAVA/K12

To whom this may concern:

My name is Kelly Peterson and I am a teacher with the California Virtual Academies & K12. I am writing this letter in reference to Patricia Freeman and her involvement with our school. Her daughter, Angel Calhoun, enrolled with us on 2/11/14 and I am her teacher. My job is to make sure that Angel stays on track with her work and provide any support needed for her and for Patricia as Angel’s learning coach. Angel is a required to have 100% attendance with our school, which is Monday – Friday (with the exception of holidays and traditional school breaks) for an average of 6 or more hours per day.

Patricia’s role as a learning coach is very crucial to Angel’s involvement with our school. It is a requirement that Patricia supervises Angel every day to make sure that progress (lesson completion) and attendance are entered daily into our Online School. Patricia is doing most of the teaching with Angel, while I am available to give any extra support that may be needed. Patricia is also required to be available every day in case I need to contact her and she needs to be available to meet with me in-person every quarter to check on Angel’s progress.

I have attached our enrollment requirements so that you can have all of the information on what is expected of the students and learning coaches with our school. This gives a very detailed description of what our requirements are and how important Patricia’s involvement is.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also call our main office at (805) 581-0202.

Kelly Peterson



County of Merced

Notice Date: 04/17/2014
Case Name: Patricia Freeman

Patricia Freeman your cash aid will go down on 05/01/2014 , as we told you it would in the Notice of Action sent to you.

After talking to you and/or looking at information you gave us:

• We decided you did not have a good reason for not doing your Welfare to Work assignment; and

• You did not agree to sign a compliance plan as required.

State Hearing: If you think this action is wrong, you can ask for a hearing.

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33. Bill Nye for Farm Fest

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been sharing with us his burning passion for science for decades, and continues to act as a liaison between the scientific community and the bulk of our generation. What better person is there to help lead us into a more environmentally sustainable future.

We need guidance and education, so we can reduce our carbon footprint and slow global warming. So we can build a sustainable agricultural system, away from gmo's and out of the hands of corporations.

Lets petition Bill Nye to come to Farm Fest to educate us on the problems our generation is facing and the new scientific developments that will help lead us into a more sustainable future.

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34. Oppose Academic Budget Cuts to Mount Washington School

The International Baccalaureate and Ingenuity programs provide rigorous academic courses that prepare City school students to compete and thrive in high school, college and beyond.

The I.B. program in particular emphasizes service within the community; an integrated approach to the study of all core subjects, as well as arts, languages and physical education; and an exposure to cultures around the world that will help students compete in a globally connected economy.

Because of the I.B. and Ingenuity programs, Baltimore City families know they can obtain the highest quality secondary education for their children without having to consider moving to a private school, or moving out of the City entirely.

Mount Washington School provides the I.B. program to all students in the middle grades, across the academic spectrum. It launched the program in 2011 through a strong partnership with City Schools that relied on the district and the school community to share in the financial support of the program.

The Mount Washington community is grateful for the school system’s strong support for this high-quality educational program, and calls on the Board to maintain and strengthen that commitment.

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35. Save the Cork Life Centre

Cork Life Centre is a voluntary organisation offering an alternative learning environment to marginalised young people.

The Centre and its staff offer students 1:1 tuition in Junior and Leaving Cert subjects and support them in their preparation for these State Exams. The approach to education is a holistic one. The value is on the social education of young people as much as on the academic. The Centre provides students and teachers with:

- An open and friendly environment.
- Positive trusting relationships with peers and staff.
- Continuous support with issues and challenges a student might face during work.

With The Centre many young 12-18 year old early school leavers have achieved formal school certification. The success of the project is the mix of nurturance, individual programmes, educational certification, stimulation, fun, hard work, mutual respect and expectations.

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36. D.C. Residents In Support of Neighborhood Schools

D.C. Residents In Support of Neighborhood Schools is a petition that will be presented to the D.C. Deputy Mayor of Education, the DME's Advisory Committee, the mayoral candidates (Bowser and Catania), among others.

It is in support of neighborhood schools and opposes city-wide lotteries and mini-lotteries.

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37. Support the Education of VUSD

The Vista Unified School District (VUSD) has a stockpile of $44 million dollars saved up. The only thing this money is being used for is saving; not education or teacher raises, which has not been raised in 7 years.

Also, the class sizes are not getting bigger, but smaller. From a small classroom of 25 kids to an over run class room of 40+. These problems must be put to an end. Please help support the future of the Vista community.

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38. Give us our Chosen School or No School

We are a group of angry parents who have children currently in schools across the UK who have received confirmation there is no primary or secondary school places available at our chosen and current school of which our children are already attending, due to the government changing rules there are only 30 available places and many parents have received letters stating no available place for their child.

This petition can cover all regions but I am starting with our local region which is Stockton on tees Cleveland and our target school is Frederick nattrass acadamy school.

We currently have around 30 children without a primary school place in our catchment area, these children have been singled out because other children have been given priority over our very disappointed and heartbroken children.

Many of us have used the chosen school for generations and consider this as very unfair when our chosen school is taken out of our hands. To be told now they haven't got a place has extremely upset us all as many of us are not willing to put our children through any more upset and disruption by taking them away from their little friends and sending them to different schools.

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39. Elwood College Masterplan. Building for our children's future.

Elwood College has developed a smart and sustainable Masterplan to add new buildings and innovative learning spaces - to make OUR community's school the very best it can be for OUR children's future. T

he ALP State Government committed to fund this Masterplan in 2010 just prior to the State Election which it subsequently lost.

We need your help now to urge the current State Government and the ALP to announce funding for the Masterplan.

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40. Concussion Education and Baseline Testing in Youth Sports

The Concussion Education and Prevention Agency is a comprehensive concussion education and testing firm created by athletes for athletes. Our aim is to bring awareness to the wider community on the devastating effects of concussions, not only in sports but in their degenerating effects on long term human health.

What is a Concussion? A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a fall or a blow to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. – 2013 Center of Disease Control

Concussion Safety and Preventative measures need to be implemented into Youth Sports; unfortunately, these important measures are often overlooked. Educating youth athletes, parents, trainers and coaches on concussions, specifically proper sideline management protocols is the first step we as a community can implement that will help protect our youth athletes of today and tomorrow.

Baseline Neurocognitive Testing is considered to be the cornerstone of future concussion management; without a baseline, athletes are at a high risk of returning to their respective sport too early which can lead to life altering consequences such as Second Impact Syndrome, Mild Cognitive Impairments, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, and Post-Concussion Syndrome.

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41. Bring Christian Teaching back into UK schools

A petition to the UK Education Department to seriously consider making Christian Teaching mandatory in infant, junior and secondary schools throughout the UK.

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42. ΑΙΤΗΣΗ Διεύρυνσης του νόμου για την κατ' οίκον εκπαίδευση

Κεντρικός άξονας της αιτήσεως αυτής είναι η διεκδίκηση του δικαιώματος των γονέων να επιλέγουν αυτοί τον τρόπο εκπαίδευσης των παιδιών τους, καθώς και την απαλλαγή των παιδιών από την υποχρεωτική τους φυσική παρουσία στα εκπαιδευτικά ιδρύματα του κράτους.

Η αίτηση αυτή έχει κυκλοφορήσει και σε έντυπη μορφή για τη συλλογή υπογραφών σε προσωπικό επίπεδο και βρίσκεται σε εξέλιξη. Μέσα στον Μάρτιο του 2014 όσες έντυπες αιτήσεις συμπληρωθούν με υπογραφές θα αποσταλούν στο Υπουργείο Παιδείας και Θρησκευμάτων και σε άλλους φορείς.

Παραθέτουμε το κείμενο με τη μορφή συγκεκριμένου αιτήματος παρακάτω και καλούμε όλους τους πολίτες που ευαισθητοποιούνται στο θέμα της εκπαίδευσης να υπογράψουν.

Το κείμενο είναι αναρτημένο και στο ιστολόγιο "ΕΝΩΜΕΝΟΙ ΓΟΝΕΙΣ" >
για όποιον επιθυμεί να το εκτυπώσει και να μαζέψει υπογραφές στην 2η σελίδα, και να μας το στείλει στην διεύθυνση που έχει το ιστολόγιο.


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43. Review health benefits of underutilized medicinal plants growing invasively across Ontario

Invasive plants have been deemed to negatively impact our environment and food system. They can thrive in unprecedented numbers, threatening crop yields, food security, native plant populations and biodiversity. As a response, biological and chemical controls are often employed, which compromise the health of our soil, our food, and our bodies.

Many of the same invasive plants have important medicinal and nutritional applications. With enough interest, we can help mobilize their usage instead, offering a more eco-friendly strategy for controlling and managing invasive species across Ontario.

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44. Stop Islam influences in Australian schools

Stop Islamic influences in Australian Schools.

Our children should be able to sing OUR anthem at our schools. They should be able to say Merry Christmas at our schools.

Stop Islamic teachings to our children.

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45. Increase U.K. Progressive Taxation to Significantly Improve the Welfare State

The Welfare State, that the whole U.K. population is rightly proud of, is being systematically eroded by cutbacks and privatisation ( or 'outsourcing'). It needs to be directly funded by a more graduated form of progressive taxation that significantly increases revenues from people earning over £150,000 per annum as a family and multinational businesses which make their large profits in the U.K.

F.A.I.R. R.A.T.E. = Fundamental Alteration to Inland Revenue to Raise Additional Tax Earnings.

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Two years ago, I was 14 years old and I decided to make a petition to bring back Millsberry. While over 5000 signatures was a tremendous amount of support, we need more. Thanks to everyone who signed the last petition and continue to sign it.

Now we must reach a much higher goal of signatures if we want to save a newer generation. This program was amazing for my childhood and gave me so much knowledge that I wouldn't have known otherwise. Millsberry was a educational fun place where you learned about life, giving back, philanthropy, history, morals, ethics, and how to continue to be a kid while living in positive neighborhoods to suit your style.

Many teenagers and tweens today still wonder about the website that cancelled. We don't know what happened but it's time for them to BRING IT BACK or make a new one.

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47. Provide Japanese audio guides at Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is a memorial to the Jews murdered during the Holocaust. It contains the world's largest collection of Holocaust-related information and a museum which receives up to 10,000 visitors per day.

Museum exhibits have written explanations in English and Hebrew. Visitors can also rent headsets with audio guides in Hebrew, English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Russian: a total of just 7 languages. It's a very moving and educational museum for those who understand the explanations. For everyone else the museum is a series of graphic WW2 images.

Yad Vashem should memorialize the Holocaust for all people, not just speakers of the 7 languages listed above. Yad Vashem should increase the number of audio guide languages available to tourists. In particular, this petition is for the addition of Japanese.

Yad Vashemはホロコーストで殺されたユダヤ人にとっての記念館です。ここは世界で最大のホロコーストに関する情報が集められている場所で、1日最大1万人の来訪者を迎えている場所でもあります。


旅行者達に対して、Yad Vashemは音声ガイダンスの言語数を増やすべきです。具体的に、これは日本語の追加に対する嘆願です。

עבור יהודים ושאינם יהודים בעולם כולו, יד ושם הוא המוסד הרשמי המנציח את זכרם של היהודים שנספו בשואה. ביד ושם ישנו האוסף הגדול ביותר של חומר הקשור לשואה ומבקרים בו כ 10,000 איש ביום.

ההסברים למוצגים במוזיאון כתובים בעברית ובאנגלית, ומבקרים שמעדיפים הסברים בשפות אחרות יכולים לשכור לעצמם אזניות שמע עם הסברים בעברית, אנגלית, ערבית, צרפתית, גרמנית, ספרדית ורוסית; סך הכל שבע שפות. המוזיאון מאוד נוגע לליבם של אלה שמבינים את ההסברים ותורם להשכלתם, אך עבור כל האחרים הוא רק עוד מוזיאון שמציג תמונות ומוצגים ממלחמת העולם השנייה.

יד ושם צריך לאפשר ליותר תיירים לקבל הסברים בשפה שלהם. העצומה הזו היא ספיציפית להוספת הסברים בשפה היפנית.

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48. Education Reforms through more Research and Advocacy

Education Reforms through Research and Advocacy. This petition calls for at least a 10% Budget increase in the Education Sector of development Head in Sindh Province Pakistan.

Pakistan is spending 1.8% of GDP on education which is lesser then any developed country, even somewhere equivalent to Sub-Saharan Countries while in case of Sindh Province, only 9 billion are allocated in the recent budget (2012-13) for education.

If we compare the budgetary allocations for education with the total provincial allocations, it is clear that educational allocation have remained between 7-8%, which is nevertheless higher than the national average of 4-5%. On the other hand we look at the challenges and issues of education sector, then there is a need to give importance to the education and increase budget of those area where enrolment ratio is very low.

This allocation and expenditure is directly and indirectly associated with the quality of the education. At provincial level the budget comes from ministry of finance. PIFRA (Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing is responsible for the check on regulation of funds. These funds are allocated for province at the time of budget approval. Then at the set tenure the expenditure bills are submitted and next instalment is requested. Similarly the process trickles down to districts and at lower administrative levels.

Unreasonable allocation of budget for primary and secondary education is an issue but it is also issue that allocated amount is not properly utilized which is undermined by the Civil Society organizations because of lack of evidence based research and convincing advocacy campaign. Proposed project is based on such research and advocacy. Following is strong justification for the proposed initiative.

i. The government lacks the systematic publication process that translates the heavy budget books in the language of common man. There are heavy volumes of budget copies published but not reached to people. This reduces the level of confidence of public on government. Public feels ignored.

ii. There is no system available that is put in to carry out an analysis on regular basis that shows from per child investment to trends of variations in expenditure with reasons. And that analysis is easier to comprehend.

iii. The school specific budget is still an activity on its way to be realized in the province. Although government through Reform Support Unit (RSU) Sindh is trying to put in a system of school specific budget.

From this there are few strong needs emerging:

a) Strong voice of people to influence the policy makers and make them realized for increasing education budget and develop system or defined procedure that immediately disburses the funds to districts from provinces and then to schools on time.

b) A public friendly publication of accounts’ status and analysis of expenditure even up to per child investment in public sector.

From the general context if particularly seen, Government of Sindh needs a big support in implementing such a policy that helps in bringing public closer to their responsibilities of facilitation in educational process and financial transparency, besides the actual problem of releasing the funds on time and as per allocations.

This is most faced by primary education in Sindh. According to Government of Sindh, Ministry of Education and Literacy there are total 44,500 primary schools with a total enrolment of 3,285,218 and a total primary teaching staff of 96,243 teachers across Sindh with following notable statistics ( source: ):

Boys Primary Schools = 18, 454

Girls Primary Schools = 7, 452

Mixed Primary Schoolschools= 18, 594

Boys Enrolment = 1,970,777

Girls Enrolment = 1,314,441

Male Teachers = 69,489

Female Teachers = 26,754

The specific problems include:

1. Delay in the release of budgets, under utilization of the released budget, no proper justification and need assessment of the development schemes. New dimension can be explored that what should be done when resources are limited but these should be used properly. This can be linked with ASER study that private schools having same per child expenses are performing better as for as their learning achievements are concerned ( ). Expense per child cannot be tracked despite right to information laws in the country.

2. There is no school specific budget for primary schools as yet. The funds come in pool for whole Taluka/Tehsil under Assistant District Education Officer (ADEO). The male decides for boys and mixed schools whereas female for girls schools. The funds are awarded as per needs of school and influence of individuals. Unfortunately this even happens late. Funds arrive with delay and by that time the actual needs either gets worse converts into another.

3. There is no such analysis available or at least is not available for authentic use that can be referred to see the trends of budget expense during a year. There are variations noted and published for accounting purpose to see the expenditure flow but their effect on the quality of education is not seen or connected. Late release of funds causes an inappropriate spending and lapse. This must be recorded and its effect must be seen on the education.

4. Public level information of expenditure. Common man does not know where his money goes that he pays in direct and indirect taxes. The government may publish a half yearly supplement in the newspapers to show what exactly went where making it simple for people to at least be able to understand what are the uses of their money specially in the field of education.

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49. Not livetext

For the past couple of years, students as well as faculty and staff have been mandated to use livetext.

This program is designed to store portfolios of students' work however the program is not user friendly.

There are several tabs and places that you must store your document(s) in addition to an overwhelming amount of information all over the site. Most students end up duplicating their attachments just to find out that they are still attached in the wrong place.

Professors have to search and find all of this information while performing their other duties such as grading assignments in a timely manner so they are reported immediately.

Professors, faculty and students find it very difficult to use and the program is not efficient for anyone. It's also a complete waste of time and money.

Most students have to pay over $100.00 to access this site only for it be non-functioning.

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50. Revise the SEVIS Law

A school may be approved for attendance by nonimmigrant students if it has both instruction in the liberal arts, fine arts, language, religion, or the professions and vocational or technical training.

In that case, a student whose primary intent is to pursue studies in liberal arts, fine arts, language, religion, or the professions at the school is classified as a nonimmigrant under section 101(a)(15)(F)(i) of the Act.

A student whose primary intent is to pursue vocational or technical training at the school is classified as a nonimmigrant under section 101(a)(15)(M)(i) of the Act.

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51. Irish Department of Health should compensate vaccine victims

My son was injured by H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine, as were many others, encephalomyelitis, resulting in many side effects, movement disorders, sleep & Breathing disorders, muscle disorder, and more. He is now 17.

He wants to go to college, he wants to work. But Irish Dept of Health who administered vaccine refuse assistance and compensation.

Medical costs are in the thousands per year.

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52. Ptsd Support & Global Awareness Campaign


We are an International community of advocates working together to educate and create global healing.

We are committed to being the force behind movement to stop the traumatic cycling of Ptsd, through education awareness and advocacy and we need the world to stand with us.

The enormity of PTSD's pervasiveness Internationally most certainly makes it a Global Crisis that can no longer be ignored.

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53. Dyslexia Friendly Schools for Scotland

A group set up to petition the Scottish Parliament for Dyslexia Friendly Classroom Accreditation for EVERY school in Scotland.

Research suggest that the 30% of pupils at risk of literacy failure can be reduced to 3% with effective dyslexia friendly classroom teaching and “compensatory interaction”.

Dyslexia Friendly Classrooms are an integrated, all-inclusive way of teaching which benefits all pupils and not just the dyslexic students.

One of the basic principles of becoming a dyslexia-friendly school is the expectation that teachers take immediate action when faced with learning needs, rather than refer for assessment and wait for a ‘label’. In a dyslexia-friendly school all teachers are empowered, through training, policy and ethos, to identify learning issues and take front-line action. The focus has changed from establishing what is wrong with the child in order to make them “better”, to what is right in the classroom in order to enhance the effectiveness of learning.

This method of teaching can help the dyslexic student remain in the classroom and improve their learning experience throughout their school years.

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54. Stop corruption in education in Zimbabwe

Let me say that those in power have a tendency of showing favoritism in our educational sector through appointing of their relatives to jobs such as teaching resulting in poor results in and for our country.

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55. STOP the Ysgol Llanbedr Consultation

Ysgol Llanbedr is an English Medium, Church School in a Safe Rural Setting.

Denbighshire County Council School review in the Ruthin area aims to:-

1. Ensure the sustainability of high quality education provision;
2. Improve the quality of school buildings and facilities;
3. Provide the right number of places, of the right type in the right location.

Ysgol Llanbedr Facts:

1. The quality of education at Ysgol Llanbedr is very high, with results always exceeding the Denbighshire and Wales average;
2. The school buildings and facilities are one of the best in the review;
3. Ysgol Llanbedr is a fast growing school attracting many new families in a fabulous location.

The flawed proposal has not taken into account the rapidly growing number of pupils registered to attend Ysgol Llanbedr in the coming years.

The proposal is to close Ysgol Llanbedr and transfer the pupils to Ysgol Borthyn (the other English medium Church in Wales school in the area) This proposal has not taken into account the growing number of pupils registered to attend Ysgol Llanbedr. The proposal is to sacrifice Ysgol Llanbedr, The Jewel in the Crown, to draw down funding for other Educational Projects in the County.

Ysgol Borthyn uses a mobile (portakabin) classroom and does not have off road parking for the safe transport of children to school. Ysgol Borthyn would also be at risk of closure in a couple of years should a new school be built in Ruthin. The majority of pupils who go to Ysgol Borthyn live very close to the likely site of this new school. The disruption of two school closures for primary school children should not be underestimated.

The Local Development Plan has 70 new houses proposed for Llanbedr. Once these houses have been built the demand from the village for the local village school will further increase.

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56. Drop Charges against Tonya McDowell, for wanting better education for her child

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57. Save Abbie Loveland Tuller School

Abbie Loveland tuller is rich with history, and is the only Abbie Loveland school left of the 17 spread around the nation that were established by Mother Abbie and ran by 40 nuns. In 1954, Mother Abbie moved to Tucson, Arizona for health reasons. In 1955 she bought a wonderful property called the Merry Weather Ranch that had been built in the early 1900’s.

The ranch came complete with several quaint Spanish style buildings that the school still uses today. Mother Abbie changed the name of the ranch to Abbie Loveland Tuller School and converted it into a convent and private boarding school. Over the years people have donated their surrounding homes to the school, bringing the school to its current total of ten buildings on approximately 7 acres.

The school has now converted the buildings into classrooms, guest homes and even a library. Abbie Loveland Tuller is unique, and the only school of its kind in Tucson Arizona, and maybe even the nation.

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58. Stop Common Core in New Jersey

The implementation of the Common Core is illegal.
The Constitution’s Tenth Amendment, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the General Education provisions Act and the Department of Education Organizational Act expressly prohibit the federal government from directing and controlling education.

Here is a little background on Common Core:

Adoption Process
-Contrary to proponents' claims, the Common Core Initiative is not "state-led," but rather the Common Core (CC) standards were created and funded by special interests. States had little to no input.
-The federal government has coerced states into accepting the CC standards, by tying their adoption to Race to the Top funding, No Child Left Behind waivers, etc.
-Under the constitution, the federal government has no role in education policy. Moreover, three federal statutes prohibit what the federal government has done with CC and the attendant assessments.

State/Local Control and Governance
-The federal government is funding the creation of the tests that will be aligned with CC and what's on the tests will dictate what's taught in the classroom. The inevitable result will be a national curriculum controlled by the federal government.
-A state must accept the CC standards word for word. It may add 15% content but may not subtract anything. Anything it adds will not be included on the national tests.

Cost of Implementation to the States/Localities
-The states' costs of implementing CC will be substantial and will include new textbooks, teacher re-training, technology, etc. One study estimates $16 billion nationwide in implementation costs alone.

Privacy/Data Sharing
-As part of the CC process, the federal government pushed states into creating massive databases of very personal student and family information, which it can now share with other federal and state agencies.

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59. Save Our Space

We are currently temporarily occupying the space at the old Vintage Warehouse at 84-88 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 1EH.

We wish to make this occupation a permanent one. Our primary use for the building would be to use it as an education facility for young people in the Arts and it is also our intention to provide many smaller spaces that are rentable at low cost to Nottingham based designers/craftespeople/artists and performers within this buiding.

The idea is to nurture young creatives through the difficult process of learning their skills and provide them with enough support to set up their own creative businesses which can be incubated through the low cost rent of the smaller spaces. The main part of the building would be a flexible hub for creative entrepeneurs and other members of the public as well as a performance, exhibition and retail space.

The building needs to be granted a change of use from the current retail only use to a multi-functional one and needs major investement from the Arts Council to make it fit for purpose. As a smaller company and not one of the Arts Council's National Portfolio Organisations we need your help to petition the City Council for the change of use and to persuade the local Arts Council that the facility is needed.

Please sign here to support local artists and businesses.

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60. Demand SOLS Be Removed

We petition the government to work with the Department of Education to remove the SOlS. The State and Federal governments should be the one's in charge of students education. It would also help the economy because then you wouldn't need a "Department of Education".

Under the "No child left behind" Act students have been pressured to only pass SOLS, have had courses on how to pass them and even students scores affect how much (if any) of a pay increase teachers get.

We Demand that SOLS be removed and speak for the overwhelming majority of Americans that want to get rid of SOLS.

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