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1. Stop Crime in Geraldton NOW

We, the citizens of Geraldton, W.A., are afraid for our families, our homes, and our businesses. While we have contacted our state and local government on many occasions, we feel we are being ignored.

Our local politicians seem to pass the blame, yet one thing continues to grow... crime.

Crime in Geraldton has been rampant and increasing steadily. Drugs are out of control, children are being trained by adults to commit crimes, vandalism of schools is happening on weekends only to be found by staff on Monday mornings.

Car thefts, arson, breaking and entering, shoplifting, public displays of indecency, public drunkenness, bullying, and truancy by children who are "working" at night to aid parents with their next "fix" are all centre to the problems here.

We need help now to regain control of our city and eliminate drug trafficking via our port city.

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2. Proposal for speed reduction at Langbank roundabout

Langbank roundabout, whilst rural in appearance, has the traffic levels usually seen on an urban dual carriageway. This junction has caused us, the residents, a decade of motoring misery. We are here today, largely due to the extra precautions we practice and a basic survival instinct. We to date, have compensated for the increasing trend of bad, inconsiderate drivers. One example is, drivers leaving or entering the village, often have to brake suddenly and give way whilst on the roundabout!

Recently we observed and recorded video footage. On playback, we noticed an alarming trend, the majority of drivers on approach failed to apply brakes at all. During our short observations, of the small minority who were forced to slow down, it begs belief, that some exhibited clear signs of "road rage" at drivers attempting to leave or join the carriageway.

We propose the following.

Reducing driver visibility to the right will reduce approach speed to this roundabout, which currently allows drivers excessive visibility in both directions. We feel this often results in high entry speeds, potentially leading to more accidents, of greater severity.

Studies have shown on dual carriageway (divided highway) approaches where the speed limit exceeds 40mph, limiting visibility to the right with suitable screening in the central reserve, until the vehicle is within 15m of the give way line, is effective in reducing speeds. The screening needs to be high enough to block the view of all road users (suggest a minimum of 2m) and could be man-made or evergreen vegetation. The costs associated with the latter solution will be minimal.

I should point out firstly, we had recently lost the only local shop serving the village. Secondly, with a growing village population, coupled with many, having a new need to drive to a shop, where they previously were able to walk.This now means residents are now having to drive 4.2 miles in order to buy daily essentials. This results in more circulating traffic onto the roundabout and has subsequently increased the associated risks further.

We, the residents along with our friends and families, surely have the right to feel safe when navigating the roundabout. In reality this can be a traumatising start to the day, even for the skilled drivers among us. The feelings among some of the aged in our village is "they would rather sell their car or not drive as the roundabout causes them too much stress and upset" With this in mind,

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3. We Back Hewett

To parents, pupils, carers and ex-pupils, the value of the Hewett School is incalculable. With its dedicated staff, extensive grounds and excellent facilities it offers a safe and welcoming environment for children to enjoy their school years and reach their full potential.

In 2013 Ofsted judged The Hewett School as “good”. Yet little more than a year later, they put it in special measures. While this inevitably raises questions about the whole Ofsted process, it is true that, as with almost any school, there are improvements that can be made.

We believe that Hewett, in its current status as a foundation school fully accountable to the local community, is in a position to make those improvements. With the full backing of the County Council, we believe it can successfully promote its unique educational offer and, once more, face the future with confidence.

Some extra explanation on the background and context behind the petition is provided here.

To understand further why there is such a high level of concern over this issue, you might like to read this article from the local press.

Please note: addresses have to be provided for the County Council to accept the petition. Neither house numbers or email addresses will be displayed publicly and, though it is preferable to give your name, those signing the petition have the option to remain anonymous. Details will not be passed on to any other organisation.

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4. Take action against the Chirn Park Death Trap!

The Chirn Park Community needs the local government to take ACTION now to fix the death trap intersection of Turpin Road and Robert Street in Labrador.

For several years Chirn Park residents have pleaded with local council to make the intersection safer. The residents have volunteered their own time, labour and money to contribute to positive change.

Apart from the trimming of a tree which was well overdue nothing has been done. No action has been taken and as a result we have seen several accidents in 2014, one involving a child being run down in a horrific hit and run and now on the 23rd of October 2014 a mother has been rushed to hospital after being cut from her car, following another tragic collision.

If action is not taken immediately it is sure to result in fatalities.

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5. Justice for Lucy Fisher

Lucy is 24 and has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and learning disabilities. She has minimum speech but is able to communicate her feelings with her behaviour. I want to share her story to let as many people know the frightening control the council have to make decisions on your behalf when you live under their care.

Lucy currently lives in a home that she has been conditioned to thinking is acceptable. I and her family know that she could have a much betterand she deserves it.

The problem is, as Lucy lives in a care home, her parents have no say or control over matters concerning their daughters life. Lucy has been deemed incapable of making such a decision for herself so the council have full control. Lucy is being denied the right to live close to her family and friends.

Please sign this petition by 1st September if you believe this is wrong to show support for Lucy and all other people with disabilities who are having decisions made for them without the support of their families.

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6. Xolji l-Kunsill Lokali ta' Haz-Zabbar. F'isem id-Demokrazija sejjah elezzjonijiet godda.

Din il-petizzjoni qed tissejjah wara r-rapport tal-Bord tal-Governanza tal-Kunsilli Lokali

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7. Save Great Yarmouth's Boating Lake and Gardens

Since the closure of the Great Yarmouth Boating Lake, there has been no maintenance of the site by Great Yarmouth Borough Council. This has caused the Lake and surrounding Gardens to fall into decay. If this is allowed to continue then there will be no way back to restoring the site for public use.

Without any income from the Lake and its Coffee house there is no money available to invest in restoring the Lake and Gardens, it is essential that this be rectified. Since June 2012 we have been in contact with GYBC to try and reopen the Lake and Gardens so that the site can be saved and restored. Unfortunately two years later we are no nearer getting GYBC to agree to any proposals put forward.

Please help us save this historical local attraction by signing our petition.

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Quoting Councillor Shawn Pankow
April 15th/2014

"After about three years of debate, it appears the wrecking ball is headed for the home at 140 Elmsley Street. The property was bought years ago by the previous council with the intention of tearing it down and expanding the parking lot for the new Memorial Centre.

In 2011, it was suggested by a former building inspector that the building was actually in very good condition, contained some beautiful heritage elements and was really too good to tear down.

With demands for space at town hall, council decided to repurpose it as a new location for the Chamber of Commerce and a Welcome Centre. The cost for this was estimated at $35,000, or not much more than the original $30,000 estimate for demolition.

Discussions with the Chamber dragged on causing a delay in that plan and eventually, with the police moving out of the municipal complex, there was no longer a need to move the chamber.

The building was properly winterized in 2011 but for unknown reasons (staff involved are no longer employed by the town) proper precautions were not taken in 2012 causing damage to the hot water heating system and plumbing. The new projected cost for repairs soared to about $87,000, including a completely new HVAC system and ductwork and restoration of the original two storey porch on the front. However, many of the repairs are cosmetic and the extent of the damage is not yet known. Much of the house has already been re-wired and a new 200 amp breaker panel has been installed.

A divided Council deferred any final decision on it in 2013 and there is no money in the 2014 budget for renovations or demolition. It appeared council had agreement at the time of the budget passing that we would sell it, but that no longer appears to be an option.

I have been in the building and have renovated old homes in the past. It is a beautiful old home that could serve many purposes. It would be a shame to tear it down and I would prefer council find a new purpose for it. I had suggested it could be a home for the Centre for Youth but they would prefer to use the hall in the Youth Arena (something council will have to discuss in the near future).

Some members of council are reluctant to have it as a family home once again as they would have no control over how that area would look. Although, our property standards bylaw would have influence over the site.

Perhaps the zoning could be changed to commercial and it could be turned into a nice office. Yes, commercial taxpayers pay about double the tax we collect for residential properties. Perhaps it could be given to a charity or not-for-profit and made into something that will contribute back to the community for decades to come.

The majority of council - Mayor Staples and Councillors Brennan, Cummings and Graham have all stated they want it torn down and the site turned into green space. However, with a $30,000 cost of demolition plus a number of trees to be cut down and stumps to be removed along with the other landscaping required to turn this area into a park, I assume the total cost will be around $50,000. With no money in the budget, I'm not sure how this will be paid for.

The building has sat vacant for years and once it is gone, there is no bringing it back. I don't understand why there is such a rush now to tear it down and create that large of an out-of-budget expenditure when leaving it for now leaves the door open for all possibilities.

All of this on the same evening The Hub approaches council looking for additional financial support for "our" community pool. I wonder if members of council will be as anxious to provide the additional support needed here as they are to spend $50,000 to tear down this classic old building?"

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9. Save NE Lincolnshire Youth Centres from Closure

Cleethorpes MP, Martin Vickers, has launched a parliamentary petition in the fight to save youth centres in North East Lincolnshire.

Six youth centres across North East Lincolnshire, including two in the Cleethorpes Constituency, are facing closure due to a decision by the Labour-controlled council.

Those facing closure include: Western Young People's Centre; Nunsthorpe Young People's Centre; Trin Young People's Centre; Clee Young People's Centre; Whitgift Young People's Centre; and Immingham Young People's Centre.

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10. Prevent the irresponsible actions of dredging the Wollondilly River

A number of residents in the Eastgrove area of Goulburn are wanting the Goulburn Mulwaree Council to dredge the Wollondilly River to 'prevent' damages from floods in the Eastgrove area. They have good intentions, but dredging the river is not the answer.

This will simply make the water flow faster when it does flood, resulting in a flash flood. Flash flooding is proven to do exponentially more damage both economically and environmentally than a typical flood over a period of time. If a flash flood does occur in Goulburn, the physical devastation would take many years to recover, let alone the death rate and psychological impacts of such an event.

So think to yourself, is this really what people want to occur in our town? If your answer to this question is no, then please, sign the petition.

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11. Stop the proposed closure of Oakwell CCSC Service

Oakwell CCSC is a residential unit for older people affected by dementia. We offer varied types of care to suit the needs of every individual.

We support vulnerable people to be the best they can in a safe and caring envirment. If these consultations are to happen by DEVON COUNTY COUNCIL the vulnerable people in our care will not be able to access what they need i.e. basic care nowhere to hoist or change and THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


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12. Stop closure of llanrumney play centre

The Barn has provided FREE play opportunities for children for over 35 years.

The council want to cut the whole service leaving children with no where to go learn and develop essential skills in life.

There are between 30 or 40 children that access this free play centre that otherwise could be hanging around the streets with no where to go. Please help us to keep the children of llanrumney the right to access this facility.

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13. Community Safety Forum for Warragamba and Silverdale

With an increase in crime in our area since November 2013, we the community feel that a community safety forum needs to be held in order to discuss the issues between Council, Police, Local Politicians and the local community and other stakeholders.

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14. Renaming Rockhampton's Northside Skatepark to Rueben Kelly Barnes Memorial Skatepark

Rueben Kelly Barnes was born on the 7/8/93. He loved Skateboarding and hanging out with his friends. Living only across the road from the Nortside Skatepark, Rueben would spend almost every afternoon after work/school Skateboarding.

Rueben passed away when he was only 16, on the 18/11/2009, his death has rocked the local skateboarding community's ever since and each year a large group of skateboarders meet up to remember this dude. Recently hosting a skate competition in his honour.

The effect Rueben has had on the community is huge and has only been proved every year since his death with the support of his friends, family and local businesses. We are asking to rename the Northside Skate Park to Rueben Kelly Barnes Memorial Skatepark, to keep the spirit of Rueben alive.

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15. Glen Innes Skatepark Upgrade

This petition is to go to the Council of Glen Innes.

For many years the youth of Glen Innes have wanted an upgrade to Glen Innes Skatepark and we are hoping this petition will hopefully make the Council do something!

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16. Stop a Care Crisis (Norfolk)


Norfolk County Council is planning further significant and potentially hugely damaging cuts to adult social care. For the first time the funding for personal budgets and care “packages” which provide care for vulnerable people is to be reduced and restrictions applied to the kind of care that people can ask for.

At the same time, funding for ‘preventative’ care services, which keep people well and independent, are being cut still further which can only add to costs in future years as peoples’ health is allowed to deteriorate.

The combination of shrinking budgets, an ageing population and increased demand for social care has caused many organisations to warn of a funding crisis. The Local Government Association, for instance, has calculated that many other Council services will have to be cut by 90% by 2020 if Councils are to be able to meet their social care commitments. Meanwhile, Norfolk County Council has assessed the long term care of older people as having the maximum possible level of risk.

It should be noted that Council Tax has been frozen for the last three years. While it is the case that this has made the Council eligible for some one-off grant funding from the central government, it has severely reduced available Council funding for future years.

Along with this, the present Labour/Lib-Dem administration at the Council has made infrastructure, which includes major road schemes, one of its three main priorities but has neglected to include any mention of social care in those priorities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


You can find specific details of each cut proposed by Norfolk County Council here. The cuts that this petition refers to are included under those numbered: 31, 33, 34, 35 and 37.

Once you've signed the petition, we would also encourage you to take part in the Norfolk County Council consultation on proposed cuts which you can find here.

Thanks again!

Please note, addresses are required for the petition to be accepted by Norfolk County Council. Neither these, nor the email addresses, will be publicly accessible online or used for any other purpose.

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17. Help Save Tillys Temptations & Celebrations

Helen, owner of Tillys Temptations & Celebrations lives in close proximity to Market Drayton and previously ran her business from home. She decided to make a move into town and showcase her business further. She decided to use the Pop-Up shop now known as Buttercross Village for this.

Since opening her shop, she has received criticism from the council for not opening all 5.5 days of the pop-up opening week and has also been accused of writing an untoward message on her facebook profile (this was not the case), and has been asked to leave the pop-ups. She has been served notice and has till the end of the month.

Helen also has a disability that can sometimes imit her ability, but still wants to bring her business into the town and she have been able to use the popup to do this. The council are wrong to treat her the way the did.

Please help support this lovely local lady and lets keep her business thriving.

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18. Evict Wrexham Council not Keith Gregory

Keith Gregory has stood up for abused kids in care as well as his community as county councillor for Smithfield. He has also challenged Labour's cuts agenda in Wrecsam, saying the mayor should be axed before any essential local services. Out of the blue he gets a letter telling him he's a squatter in his own home... he now faces eviction.

Unfortunately for the council, this bullying won't work. Keith's got a lot of friends who won't let him get kicked out of the house that was adapted for him due to his disabilities.


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19. Start a yearly hard waste pickup in the City Of Hume, Australia

Recently I attempted to book a free hard waste pickup with the City Of Hume council in Melbourne, Australia. I was told that there was only so many pickups that could be booked for any year as the work was completed by contractors on the council's behalf. This number had already been met and so I would have to wait for the next year to book it.

As we are paying high council rates in this area this is unacceptable - we are receiving very little in the way of benefits for our money whilst councils in bordering areas have much lower rates, but do have a yearly hard waste pickup for all households.

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20. Save Metro Cottage

The local council has indicated they don't want a commercial enterprise on park land. They have decided to demolish a building - No 1, Cornish Street, Payneham, Adelaide.

This property butts onto a dog friendly park. We want to open a CAFE in this location, that targets dog owners.

Two kindergartens (commercial entities) and a communal veggie patch also butt onto the parklands as well as a community hall /function centre which is rented out.

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21. Allow Vickie Dywer to rescue more animals

Vickie and her Partner Justin work tirelessly to save and re-home animals and ask for little to no help or funding.

Vickie and Justin 40+ animals (Cats, Kittens, Dogs, Puppies, Horses, Birds, etc) have been rehomed, (including the loving Cat purring on my shoulder right now) this year alone. With out them most of these animals would more then likely no longer be with us, Today (17/07/2013) Vickie and Justin were approached by a Kempsey Council Ranger telling her that if she did not re-home 8 of her 10 dogs they would be seized, we don't think this is right, if Vickie and her family did not help these animals in the way they did, the Rangers would have a lot worse of a problem on their hands.

PLEASE sign the petition and share with your friends, so we can get past the politics and worry about helping the animals!

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22. Vote NO at referendum on local councils

The referendum to have local councils recognised as local government in the Commonwealth Constitution is a sham aimed at being able to have the Commonwealth fund local councils directly from Canberra in order to bypass and undermine the States.

It must no be allowed to happen.

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23. NO To The Developments In Sheerwater!

In Summer 2013, Woking Borough Council announced that over 1,000 new homes would be built in the Sheerwater area of Woking despite opposition from people concerned at the scale of the development and associated disruption.

Residents now face upheaval, and the community faces being broken up. Local people are not against change for the better but the sheer scale of the project is too much and the new developments will price locals with little or no money out of the housing market. In turn, they will be shipped off elsewhere - including the most vulnerable members of society for whom changes and upheaval are the last thing they need.

Woking Borough Council has NOT listened to the people of Sheerwater, and has treated 'dissenters' as no more than dirt.

We therefore demand the following:

* The plans to redevelop Sheerwater either be re-drawn or scrapped altogether

* Woking Borough Council be FORCED to apologise for upsetting residents in Sheerwater about the redevelopment

* Any future redevelopment to involve PROPER consultation and not be forced through undemocratically.

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24. Save the San(d)ity of Glenelg Beach

This is a simple plea in-spite of the Millions to be spent shifting sand artificially along the Adelaide Coastline. While there are other, more effective and long term solutions being washed up on Glenelg Esplanade.

Noone could artificial develop anything as environmentally friendly as this sand-trapping solution, ingeniously invented to the beach by a storm. Let alone as cost effective.

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25. Stop the victimisation by Richmond Council

Mr Vella has been a resident of Richmond Borough for 30 years and owns a family run business that has been operating for over 60 years selling ice-cream in the local area. He has repeatedly requested to be licensed by Richmond council to sell ice-cream out of his van.

Every application he made was refused without valid reasons. The council seem to issue licenses to most if not all applicants. He has even been fined twice by the council for selling ice-cream, to the tune of over £8000, and has offered to donate 20% of his profits to the soldiers that have lost their arms and legs in the recent Afghan conflict in order to assist the cause and get the license.

Unlike some other operators who won't consider the safety of children, Mr Vella is extremely experienced at his job and ensures all his customers are safe and treated with respect - and at times even gives free ice-cream away to children who can't afford it.

"...They have taken away my livelihood and victimised a hard working local trader. We have been here for two generations. I am only trying to make a living selling ice-cream, been doing this since I was 7. They give licences to everyone else all around Richmond apart from me..."

We have already received 2,000 signatures. Help him get 10,000 to take it to central government to get a judicial review and perhaps finally get a licence. Help him find out the REAL reason why he has been refused a license for over 5 years.

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26. North Sydney Council - PLEASE support your Business Community!

‘Vivid’ is a light and entertainment festival run over 17 days in Sydney which, last year attracted half a million people to the city, enhancing community spirit and supporting business and trade operators.

On 8 April this year North Sydney Council agreed to fund the expansion of the Vivid festival to include North Sydney with a $100,000 contribution in 2013 to the over-$1million contribution being made by Destination NSW to this development. Expanding ‘Vivid’ to North Sydney would bring an estimated 350,000 visitors to our shores – to our cafes and restaurants, to Luna Park , our art galleries, small businesses one and all, and bring great economic benefit and much needed ‘life’ back to our region, especially important in the colder months and outside business hours.

Last Monday 15th April at an Extraordinary meeting, the Council rescinded this decision, denying any funding and thereby any potential for economic benefit in North Sydney. We were at the meeting and heard all the arguments as to why the Council should not participate, however, there are many better reasons for this project to be supported.

North Sydney Chamber of Commerce has written an open letter to the Councillors explaining why we think they should support Vivid – and now we are asking for your support. We believe that businesses in North Sydney LGA have been ignored for too long and that it is time that we stand up and demand to be heard.

The North Sydney Chamber of Commerce is absolutely apolitical about this – we only want the best for business in North Sydney LGA and international events such as Vivid are about much needed economic stimulation. We hope we can count on your support.

And Vivid is just the beginning - we need more and more activities of this nature and we need to tell that to Council!

If you would like Council to be more supportive of business and listen to us when we ask to be heard, please sign this petition. Time its tight for this project as we would like to present this petition to Council on Monday, so please don’t delay – and please pass this on to your business colleagues.

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27. Stop the Workplace Bullying within Down District Council

This petition has been started to support the Down District Council workers who are alleging that senior council managers are engaged in bullying tactics.

On 13th March 2013, the Down Recorder, a local paper highlighted the bullying culture within Down District Council. Senior managers of Down District Council are accused of bullying staff, showing a lack of respect and treating workers with disdain.

Staff from the Cleansing Department (Binmen and Street Sweepers) have resorted to protesting outside the Council depot in order to have their concerns addressed over the bullying within the organisation.

One particular ex-employee has already been pushed to the brink by the Senior Managers of this local authority. This unfortunate individual, who had been diagnosed with Mental Health Problems, was remanded in custody for 6 weeks at Maghabery Prison and then as it was considered he was too dangerous to live in Down District, he had to move out of his home for 5 months. Thankfully this man has now been exonerated, as reported in the Belfast Telegraph of 19th November 2012, however it was interesting to note that "Nobody from Down District Council was available to comment." This tyranny, by whoever those employees are within Down District Council, is disgraceful. An investigation into the practices of this PUBLIC FUNDED SERVICE should be immediately undertaken.

The Down Recorder reported, on 20th March 2013, that Councillor Patrick Clarke has been aware, since May 2011, of the staff concerns and the cavalier attitude of some senior managers.

Well done to the Binmen/Street Sweepers for standing up and taking action on a wider platform.

This warrants investigation at the highest level in the interests of the Ratepayers and ultimately justice.

It is time for Down Councillors and relevant Northern Ireland Government Representatives to get to the bottom of this debacle.

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28. The Rhodes Community Precinct site should be reserved for outdoor activities, NOT buildings

Canada Bay Council has lodged a Development application (DA89/2013) to build a Council Office and Site Office on the park which has been designated as the “Community Precinct” for the Rhodes Community (30 Shoreline Drive Rhodes. This is the new park on the water near the corner of Shoreline Drive and Gauthorpe St).

This site was subject to a previous application (DA 630/2008 Development Application for Open Space & Public Domain) for the construction of Community facilities including Tennis Courts, Children’s Playground and paved areas. Council later had this DA amended to allow for construction of the current park without the listed facilities.

The Council is now applying to use this land for a Council Building rather than the outdoor Community facilities originally planned for the site.

The Council has further suggested that in the future they intend to use this site for the construction of permanent Council offices, rental halls and commercial properties such as Cafes.

The Rhodes Peninsula when completed is expected to accommodate a population of many thousands of residents and will be one of the most densely populated areas of Sydney outside of the CBD.

One item that most residents of the Rhodes Peninsula lack and need is a back yard. As council has continued to approve building of increasing density, it must also compensate the Community with open space. The Community Precinct has already become the suburb's “back yard” and this is what the Community wants more than anything for this area.

The area is currently used on a daily basis for sports activities, ball games, children playing, personal training, dog walking, social group meeting areas, tai chi, flying kites, etc. To use this wonderful waterfront location for the construction of Council buildings, further impacting on density levels, would result in a disservice to the Community and would be at odds with the purpose of the site, which should be, and currently is, for the benefit of the Community.

We call on the Council to work with the Community to develop the site for its original purpose of outdoor Community facilities, NOT buildings.

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29. Ashfield No Bedroom Tax Evictions

The Bedroom Tax, which started in April 2013, is a tax on tenants on low incomes needing to claim housing benefit in order to be able to pay their rent. Added to the background of widescale cuts already affecting the poorest in society, the Bedroom Tax further attacks poor and vulnerable people by snatching 14% or 25% off their already tiny incomes.

For Ashfield social tenants this brings an increased risk of eviction and homelessness as things stand.

This is an attack not just on those unlucky enough to be unemployed in the current economic climate it also affects those with jobs - in the past few years approximately 90% of new Housing Benefit (HB) applications have been from people with jobs!

Contrary to the political rhetoric blaming claimants for being 'greedy', the high cost of Housing Benefit is due to landlords charging very high rents and employers paying very low wages. Politicians claim that the Bedroom Tax is about cutting the 'welfare bill' and reducing homelessness, but if those were genuine aims the government would re-introduce rent controls and build more council houses. Instead of these simple and fair measures, the Bedroom Tax further impoverishes the poorest people and paves the way for further privitisation and landlord profits.

Ashfield Homes Ltd and Ashfield District Council can choose to evict tennants falling into arrears through Bedroom Tax or choose instead to assist them in various ways:

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30. Allow another colour for private hire drivers

A row about rules which mean Dudley borough private hire cars must be painted white came to a head at a meeting of the authority's taxi's committee last month.

Councillors threw out an application for a relaxation of the rules from the Dudley Private Hire and Taxi Association, who argue white has become a popular colour for car buyers which has increased demand and pushed up prices.

The Dudley Private Hire and Taxi Association, which has around 600 members, says white cars can cost up to £2,000 more than similar vehicles in other colours.

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