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61. Replace the BC RCMP with Provicial Police Force

The BC Government is in negotiations with the RCMP to renew their contract in 2012.

With all the problems with RCMP officers being charged with criminal offenses and being suspended with pay for years while it works it's way through the courts and then through internal RCMP discipline committees the BC Government and the people have no say in in the mandate of the RCMP only Ottawa has jurisdiction, it's time to replace them with a provincial and municipal force.

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62. Stop BC RCMP renewal contract without public consultation

The BC Government is in negotiations with the RCMP to renew their contract for policing in 2012.

With past performance of RCMP officers being charged with criminal offenses and rising they are reassigned to desk duty or to sit at home with full pay until all court cases have been dealt with, most cases take years and if convicted they then go through a RCMP internal review (1 year at least)before discipline If any!

There is another petition to oust the RCMP altogether from BC,

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63. Pour Le Respect Des Institutions Ivoiriennes Et La Souveraineté De La Cote D'ivoire

La Côte d'Ivoire est un pays souverain. Sa Constitution est le texte suprême régit son fonctionnement comme pour tout pays. les institutions d'un pays sont les garants de cette loi fondamentales. Les renier revient a renier le fait même d'exister en tant que nation!

Ivory Coast is a sovereign country. His Constitution is the supreme text governs its functioning as for any country.

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64. Campaign to End Corruption within FIFA

The expose by the British media and the BBC Panorama programme on the 29th of November 2010 of the corruption within the FIFA Executive and the fact that they are largely ignoring it.

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65. Protect inmates and their families from harassment and corrupt prison officials

Through the years letters have been written to the Wardens at the Beamount Prison, Regional office of the BOP, Washington D.C. offices concerning the corruption of the guards and how they break the rules and change policies and procedures to meet their needs.

The officers work together for organized crime then accuse the inmate and their families of bringing in contraband to the facilities. When complaints are made the officers are re-assigned to another location in the prison and the problem is never fixed instead a band aid is placed over the sore.

Through the years fake investigations have been done to hush up the family members.

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66. Impeach Sepp Blatter

Since becoming FIFA President in June 1998, Sepp Blatter has committed innumerable crimes against the sport of football, blatantly disrespecting the game, its players, its supporters, and its officials.

Blatter has been involved in several scandals:

1. Allegations of corruption and financial irregularities (

2. Blatant sexism towards female footballers in 2004 when he suggested that women should "wear tighter shorts and low cut shirts... to create a more female aesthetic" and attract more male fans

3. Refusal to implement modern goal-line technology to take pressure off referees and ensure fair play

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67. Limit Tenure of Council Chief Executive Officers

The position of a Shire Council Chief Executive Officer is demanding and influential. After six years with the same organisation, CEOs are generally either burnt-out and needing new challenges, or have failed to implement their reforms.

Change at the top is beneficial and necessary in order to stimulate ideas, provide energy and diversity and limit the potential for corruption and cronyism.

Currently in Victoria there is no legislated limit on the duration of tenure of a Council CEO.

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68. Laws and regulations related to inheritance changed IMMEDIATELY and RETROSPECTIVELY

Listed are the points raised with Ministry of Justice on 21/05/10:

1. The Wishes of Alan Edward Hindley regarding his estate are to be put in order and adhered to. (The will submitted is a forgery, signatures too).
2. A fully transparent and comprehensive investigation in to all matters relating to AEH’s demise and the mishandling of his estate (must include all parties involved at the time and since).
3. Investigations must be overseen by Government at ministerial level.
4. The law must penalise ALL those parties who have aided and abetted Wendy Hindley.
5. Laws must be changed now so that a Last Will and Testament is followed to the letter.
6. A person’s Human Rights to continue after death: If someone abuses the trust by misappropriating a persons belongings or wealth it is an offence; this stops after your final breath.
7. Severe penalties put into place so that abusers of executorships are punished by the state (criminal offence as well as civil).
8. Forgery of Wills to have appropriate Laws and very severe penalties, which are enforced by the state.
9. Changes to the inheritance laws to be retrospective.
10. Ministry of Justice to hold executors responsible.
11. Solicitors and other parties are now taking money under false pretences when they draft a will and do not advise their clients that executors can and do act as they wish; therefore they do not adhere to the deceased wishes and will. A will can be said to be not of merchantable quality because it is not fit for its purpose. The Law Society and solicitors to immediately stop advertising their services for drafting a will under the pretext that when they draft wills, they are resolute. (At present this is blatant misrepresentation because they know it is not so). Any will can be ‘broken’ within minutes should the executors wish it. Therefore it contravenes normal consumer laws.
12. Create a Central Bureau where wills can be deposited should people wish.

• Police – Are not answerable to anybody and nobody takes responsibility allowing corruption to take place at all levels – Police State!? Incompetent and/or corrupt officers must be brought to book. The same must be said for those members of the IPCC.

• IPCC – Are NOT independent (police officers investigating their own colleagues cannot possibly make them independent). This needs to be changed to fit its description.

• Bristol Probate Office - needs scrutiny; it has proved itself obstructive and unethical at the very least.

• Undertaker, Coroner and Doctor involved, also need close scrutiny.

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69. The Florida Open Carry Initiative

Throughout our history, the ability to be armed for self defense has been essential to our liberty. Today, the Florida state legislators have stripped the people of the ability to openly carry arms. This policy is inconsistent with that of a free society. The elimination of an open carry arms policy leads to corruption, the loss of liberty, and to a state of perpetual tyranny.

Here are a few thoughts that our forefathers left us with in regards to a well armed people.

“The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
-Thomas Jefferson

“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.”
-George Washington

“The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
-Thomas Jefferson

A free people ought to be armed."
- George Washington

“To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them” .
-George Mason

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70. A Call for the States to do Their Duty!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Did you know it is the CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY of your state to protect your right and liberties? We are in EMERGENCY MODE now! Washington is not listening to us, it is time our state governments earn their keep.

Sign this petition, then print it and deliver it personally, by email, by fax, by petition and any other way you can to your state legislators. Tell everyone you know to do the same.

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71. Gatvol vir Misdaad

Tired of crime in South Africa...!?

Join "Gatvol vir Misdaad" on Facebook and sign this online petition.

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72. Cancelar el Premio UNESCO-Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

EG Justice Necesita Tu Ayuda. Firma esta solicitud hoy para cancelar el Premio UNESCO-Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

En el 2008, la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura (UNESCO) creó el Premio Internacional UNESCO-Obiang Nguema Mbasogo para la Investigación en Ciencias de la Vida, en honor de y financiado por el presidente autocrático del Guinea Ecuatorial, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

El premio pretende reconocer "los logros científicos que mejoren la calidad de la vida humana." Mientras tanto, la calidad de vida hoy en Guinea Ecuatorial es pésima.

A pesar de haber alcanzado el más alto PIB per cápita en África sub-Sahariana, el 60 por ciento de los Ecuatoguineanos vive con menos de 1 dólar al día en condiciones comparables a Haití o el Chad. El Presidente Obiang está desechando la oportunidad de invertir los recursos disponibles para mejorar los servicios sociales básicos, lo cual está resultando en un descenso en la tasa de asistencia de la escuela primaria, bajos indicadores de salud, y una pobreza excesiva.

Un premio de la UNESCO en honor a Obiang equivale a una aprobación internacional de este régimen cleptocrático y abusivo, y socava la misión de la UNESCO de promover la educación, la ciencia, la cultura y los derechos humanos.

¡Tu Puedes Ayudar, firmando esta solicitud a UNESCO!
Digámosle a UNESCO que la corrupción y el abuso no deberían ser premiados, y que el dinero utilizado para crear este premio debería ser reinvertido para beneficio del pueblo de Guinea Ecuatorial.

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73. STOP the UNESCO-Obiang International Prize for the Life Sciences

EG Justice Needs Your Help. Sign the petition now to STOP the UNESCO-Obiang International Prize for the Life Sciences.

In 2008, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) created the UNESCO-Obiang International Prize for the Life Sciences, named for and financed by the autocratic and abusive president of the oil-rich West African country of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

The prize is said to recognize “scientific achievements that improve the quality of human life.” Meanwhile, the quality of life in Equatorial Guinea today remains abysmal. In spite of having attained the highest GDP per capita in Sub-Saharan Africa, 60 percent of Equatoguineans live on less than $1 a day in conditions comparable to Haiti or Chad. President Obiang has neglected to invest available resources in basic social services, resulting in declining primary school attendance, poor health indicators, and needless poverty.

The UNESCO Obiang Prize is a cynical ploy to co-opt the worthy name and reputation of UNESCO to enhance the image of a notorious dictatorship. The prize amounts to international approval for this kleptocratic and abusive regime and it undermines UNESCO’s mission to promote education, science, culture, and human rights.

You can help, by signing this petition to UNESCO!

Let’s send a message to UNESCO that corruption and abuse should not be rewarded and that funds used to create this prize should be reinvested in the people of Equatorial Guinea.

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74. Be the KEY to Freedom

The practice of slavery has plagued the human species for over 5,000 years. Yet here in the 21st century, slavery is more prevalent than ever before with an estimated 27 million people enslaved worldwide.

Even in the U.S slavery continues today. The U.S government estimates 14000-18000 people are trafficked into the U.S annually and put into some form of modern day slavery.

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75. Any police officer with a criminal record should leave the force

Convicted Police Officers - How can he or she give evidence?

A person who upholds the law cannot be seen to break the law.

Our police image must be improved they must be a pillar of society; the police should be open and transparent.

Should you know in your area how many police officers have criminal records? If you want to find out, you are entitled under the "freedom of information act".

If you are not happy with the answer, get your local MP involved.

Most Police officers do a very difficult job. The one,s with criminal convictions have no place in the Force. They make it difficult for the decent officers to gain the respect they need to assist them in there role as law enforcers.

The paper petition is going well we have over 2000 signatures. In the last month some police officers families have signed because they want the good name of the police improved.

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76. Bring back ORANGE drink at McDonalds

When current inventories of ORANGE drink are finished it will be replaced by COKE ZERO. Whether McDonalds understands this or not ORANGE drink is a vital part of their menu. Many customers will be forced to consume brand name products with little or no appeal, including their biggest customers being children.

We feel that McDonalds has forgotten their core values and has pushed customer satisfaction to the side. ORANGE drink cannot be replaced and must be returned to the menu.

Please sign and lets remind McDonalds how important ORANGE is to us and to them.

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77. Boycott General Electric

Whereas, the mutually beneficial relationship between President Barack Obama and General Electric is not just about shared ideology, but, increasingly, it is being revealed about how one of the largest corporations in the world may have bought the Presidency of the United States.

Whereas, CEO Jeffrey Immelt decided in 2008 to give an all out effort for Barack Obama by doubling the millions contributed to the Democratic Party making General Electric the number one lobbying company. In the 4th quarter of 2008 as the company’s stock fell 30%, GE spent $4.26 million on lobbying - that’s $46,304 each day, including weekends, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In 2008, the company spent a grand total of $18.66 million on lobbying.

Whereas, when General Electric acquired NBC they promised as a condition to the acquisition to keep NBC autonomous from the parent company and now literally 24 hours a day MSNBC commentators unabashedly and self admittedly promote - without attribution - the Obama agenda and GE’s ‘green’ business goals.

Whereas, recently the New York Post reported that CEO Jeffrey Immelt and NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker were critical of CNBC commentator, Rick Santelli, for Obama bashing, which many have said confirms the official corporate policy of unwavering Presidential support.

Whereas, the possibility that GE is using its news division to influence public opinion to favor Obama in the hope of gaining government contracts is a major breach of journalistic ethics.

Whereas, the troubled financial company GE Capital promptly received a bailout guarantee of $139 billion shortly after the election of Barack Obama.

Whereas, the Obama administration is planning to put in place regulations for new Cap and Trade laws regarding carbon emissions and GE’s investment in ‘green’ products such as wind turbines would benefit from this cap-and-trade legislation, potentially bringing in revenues approaching $700 billion. Many analysts say that General Electric must get these contracts to survive.

Whereas, Immelt was also named to Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board in February, despite GE’s poor performance, prompting many to question the appointment. Immelt was ranked as one of the Five Worst Non-Financial-Crisis-Related CEOs of 2008, by the FEAOX in December 2008.

Whereas, more evidence of a possible "quid pro quo" was Obama's stimulus package which included $11 billion for a "smart grid" technology to be built into our national electrical power grid system. Estimates are that, ultimately, a "smart grid" for the entire country could cost, at the very least, a half trillion dollars and GE is the company that is the primary leader in such a technology…

Whereas, GE sold infrastructure equipment to Iran, a country that is a recognized state sponsor of terror and was supplying Iraqi insurgents with platter charge improvisational explosive devices, also known as Explosively Formed Penetrators, that were maiming and killing American soldiers.

Whereas, Immelt defended his business dealings with Iran by saying “The issue of whether to conduct business in certain countries is complex; we must take into account not only the views of the U.S. Government but all relevant stakeholders.”

Whereas, General Electric, as a corporation, appears to be actively involved in influencing the Obama administration for its own benefit.

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78. Support Human Rights and good Governance in Moldova

Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, both the EU and the US have halfheartedly overlooked Moldova. A quarter of its four million citizens population is working abroad: the Moldovan Intelligence and Security Service has estimated that 600,000 to one million Moldovan citizens has emigrated, of which only about 80,000 are estimated to be in their destination country legally.

Having a high corruption rate and being the poorest country in Europe, the microscopic Eastern European state is struggling with political tensions for eighteen years, since its 1991 proclamation of independence.

The large majority of the Moldavian population feels that the country is moving in the wrong direction. The Institute for Public Policy in Moldova registered that, in March 2009, 59% of the population disagrees with the government; more than three fourths of this pool complains on key fields of the social and economical situation of the country: salaries, employment, living standards, agriculture, industry, fighting against corruption, pensions, health care. The 65% of the sample pleads for accession to the European Union.

The trend of the Corruption Perception Index increased from 2,1 in 2002 to 3,2 in 2006, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime .

These data throw light upon the protests raised against the government after the results of the elections, as well as the protests of the Moldovan opposition for vote recount instead of a second election process. The majority of the citizens democratically chose to claim their opinion and right to protest, and invite each other using social networks and free Internet based services - tools which were largely used even during the campaign of Mr. president Obama.

The involved citizens spontaneously committed themselves to speak up their suspicion of fraudulent elections and to denounce corruptive activities of the actual government. They strive for the freedom of speech, the right to be fairly represented and the trust that they will receive substantial assistance from the European Union as their guarantor of human rights.

As global and responsible citizens, not only Moldavian people found the current situation unacceptable, but even citizens of the European Union and the U.S.A. On April 16th 2009, Washington officially expresses concerns about the “mistreatment of [citizens] detained by Moldovan authorities [and on] students and journalists [who] have been intimidated by government officials” .

The majority of the protesters who gathered the second day after the parliamentary elections were younger than 30. Students and youths have been threatened by 15-year sentences if they were caught organizing further actions against the current government .

Persecution of the media and the lack of freedom of independent not-governmental information are unfortunately well-known problems among the Moldavian population. By using tools of independent press such as blogs and publishing videos on Internet, the civil society is denouncing the abuse of police officers and of the state. Media are controlled by secret services and journalists risk up to 10 years of jail for their firm desire for freedom of speech and hope for a change in Moldova.

Moldova might probably figure among the biggest failures of the European strategy concerning social security and human rights. The European Commission, the governments of Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Germany, the agency for development from Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration of the U.S. and the Bureau d’immigration du Québec, Canada are actively collaborating with the International Organization for Migration in order to regulate migration and development in Moldova.

According to UNECE, major European destinations for seeking new opportunities are Italy, Romania, Portugal etc; almost every Moldavian family has at least one family member that left the country .

The present political crisis and severe repression seriously increases the risk of mass emigration from the Country, and consequently amplifies the phenomena of human trafficking and sexual exploitation connected with clandestine fluxes (issue taken into account by the IOM projects in Moldova). It is an imprecation that is devastating the youth expectations and is shortcutting the future of the working population.

Moldova was classified as lowest rank under the U.S. Trafficking Victims Protections Act in 2008; the U.S. suspects the Moldovan government is involved in human trafficking.
A solid concrete intervention of the EU as guarantor for human rights is necessary to achieve the EU members’ objective for stabilizing migratory fluxes. Taking no tangible action would mean counter-trafficking goals that are not achieved due to incoherent geopolitical behavior and lack of leadership.

Moldova might probably count among the biggest failures within the European Neighborhood Policy. The ENP aims indeed “to involve a […] deepening of political co-operation”, as stated in the “EU/Moldova Action plan” . Within the EU organs, the recommendation of strengthening the civil society dimension was already emphasized, and specifically it is underlined that the civil society is vital for the overall success of the ENP and that member states and the Commission need to work together to strengthen the involvement of the civil society in the ENP.

Consequently, a non-elusive intervention of the EU as guarantor for the freedom of expression and protests raised by the civil society in Moldova is expected. It is a matter of the integrity of the ENP.

Moldova might also result in a failure of the multilateral co-operation and trans-sectoral approach of economical programmes within EU and ENP members.
As an example, the overall objective of the Kyiv Initiative 2006-2006 focuses on improving good governance and reinforcement of the role of the civil society, building trust among the different regional communities, and consolidating the shared understanding of common cultural values. The mission aims to “promote a democratic and participative society in an area of peace and prosperity through integrated policies based on the Council of Europe values.

Having the Council of Europe among its partners, it is therefore the responsibility of the EU to intervene and to liaise with the partner national authorities when the role of the civil society is so compromised and the goals to be reached are so far from being achieved.

The lack of freedom and the unhealthy level of governance, shown with evidence by the international press, by organizations such Amnesty International, and furthermore by the liberal expression of citizenship, affects the economical development of the country and will have consequences on many key economical issues (such as the implementation of Investment and Trade Policy in the Western Balkans promoted by OECD: the economic security in Eurasia; and the standardization of trade).

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79. Allegiance to the U. S. Constitution by We the People

What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!

Patrick Henry - March 23, 1775

We the People, believe that the true power lies with the private citizens of the United States. We believe the founding fathers intentions were, according to the Constitution; for “the People” to control the government, not for the government to control “the People”. Government exist only for the People, only by the consent of the people.

We the People do hereby set forth the following list grievances and convictions, to all elected officials of the United States Government, in defense of certain inalienable rights, and moreover in defiance of the disregard of the principles laid forth in this petition.

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80. Impeach Governor Blagojevich

On Tuesday December 9, 2008 Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested and charged with blatant political corruption. He can no longer govern and, for the sake of the people of Illinois, needs to be removed from office as soon as possible.

The Illinois General Assembly is convening in a special session starting Monday December 15th, and must immediately impeach Governor Blagojevich and remove him from office, as provided for by the Illinois Constitution.

If impeachment is not completed in the next month then it can not be started until after a new General Assembly is convened on January 14th.

Please sign this petition and send a message to your legislators that they must act now to end Illinois' shameful political nightmare.

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81. Alleviate Pollution and Poverty in Delhi

There is a government body called Delhi Pollution control committee existing in Delhi called DPCC basically established for controlling pollution in this national capital region (DELHI). I being an environment friendly citizen applied for a unit in prime industrial area of New Delhi only after installing and successfully running the required systems for controlling pollution and treatment of Water.

Inspite of giving all possible proofs to the department they made our consent application a big issue and keep on demanding huge amount of money from us which due to no other option we keet on giving them the amount whenever demanded from them. Since I had refused them bribe when they had their first visit after the application, they were exploiting us all the time. In the mean time they were providing consents to the people which were not having systems for controlling pollution installed at their polluting units at a nominal bribe of 12000 This procedure of providing consent to operate polluting manufacturing units after getting bribe and not installing pollution control measures is till today's date ie.27-06-2008 is kept on followed. I complained this matter to CVC (Central Vigilance Commission ) and CBI but of no use.

The member secretary Mrs. Naini Jayaseelan whose office is in secretariat building was continuously abusing me with words I have never heard. She even was torturing me of what kind of science graduation I have attained in front of excise commissioner and then deputy commissioner of DPCC Mrs. Debashree Mukherjee. She was agreeing sometimes and abusing me and my family other time.

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82. Removal of Court of Queens Bench status from the Workers Compensation Board

Section 12 of the Workers Compensation Act of Alberta states in sub section:

(1) that The board has exclusive jurisdiction to examine,inquire into, hear and determine all matters and questions under this act or regulations and the action or decision of the board thereon is final and conclusive, and is not open to question or review in any court,

(2) no proceedings by or before the board shall be restrained by injunction, prohibition or any other proceeding or process into any court, nor shall any action be maintained or brought against the board or any member of the board in respect of any act or decision made in the honest belief within the jurisdiction of the board,

(3) The board has the authority to reconsider any matter it has dealt with and to rescind or amend any decision or order made by it.

(4)each matter shall be decided on the merits and justice of the case and the board is not bound to follow any previous decision or ruling of the board as a precedent in reaching its decisions or making its rulings.

(5) the board has the same powers as the Court of Queens Bench for compelling the attendance of witnesses and of examining them under oath and compelling the production and inspection of books, papers,documents and things.

(6)The board may cause depositions of witnesses residing in or outside of Alberta to be taken before any person appointed by the board in a manner similar to that prescribed by the Alberta rules of Court.

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83. Stop Judicial Abuse

Judicial Abuse


Judicial abuse occurs when the effects of law itself are damaging to the person access to justice. In the most severe forms, Judicial abuse often occurs involving the most vulnerable members of our world: Children. For some time, judicial abuse has occurred across systems and mostly against mothers and children. Considering that it was not that long ago that both women and children were seen and not heard, just as things were improving it seemed as though humanity was finally valuing each and every prescious human life. Out in the public, such things would and do cause enough outrage for a sense of "natural justice". Away from the public eye, these human rights atrocities occur almost unseen and unheard like a thief in the night.

There are laws that prevent survivors from speaking out about their experiences. Whilst it is "for the children", children are not allowed to speak about the proceedings either. The media have written too few articles on the family court. To bring the case to the media, participants must seek permission from the court itself or face imprisonment. Controversially, fathers rights groups were allowed to heavily voice their stories of "no contact", "falsely accused of child abuse and domestic violence" and few were allowed to challenge that except in utilizing generalist terms and evidence based research. We are aware that most of these stories are not the case at all but are withheld by law to bring the public the truth.
Family Court

In the process of seeking more time with children and promoting what appears to be the most noble cause, has entrenched the rights of mothers and children in their ability to seek safety from violence. Heads have been quoted in the media for stating that "family violence is our core business". The propaganda that is spread about the voices of children and their access to justice promotes the profitability in manufacturing child abuse and domestic violence. They can do something about it, but it is not within their best economical advantage to do so. This will continue until something is done.

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84. Support President Musharraf: PLEASE don't go!

This is a petition drawn up in light of the recent events in Pakistan. It seems the opposition parties after winning the majority of seats are intent on making President Musharraf resign. Through this petition ordinary Pakistanis make an impassioned plea to President Musharraf to NOT RESIGN!

As ordinary Pakistani citizens it is heartbreaking to see that former political leaders such as Nawaz Shareef and Asif Ali Zardari back in power. It is these same people whose previous rule was characterised by intense corruption, mismanagement and dazzling incompetence. They looted and plundered the country.

Nawaz Sharif’s incompetent government and Benazir’s corruption (wife of Mr. Zardari who is popularly known in Pakistan as 'Mr. 10%') left Pakistan in a dismal state. Thus prior to Musharraf’s debut on the stage of Pakistani politics in 1999,

* The country was almost bankrupt;
* Pakistan was on the verge of being declared a “failed” and “terrorist” nation;
* It was listed as being the second most corrupt nation in the world (the first being Nigeria)
* During the time of Benazir and Sharif, the KSE 100 index was less than 1300. Now it is over 12000.
* Atrocities such as judicial killings of opponents took place shamelessly throughout Pakistan, particularly in Karachi, for which Benazir and Sharif were both primarily responsible.

During President Musharraf's rule Pakistan's economy has seen unprecedented growth. Corruption is at an all time low and large-scale development is taking place all over Pakistan, with a significant amount of construction going on in Karachi and areas of Baluchistan. Moreover, Musharraf is the only leader of Pakistan who has taken a strong stance against religious extremism.

This is a crucial stage in Pakistan's history and we need Musharraf to help us through this phase. We, the people of Pakistan are sick and tired of seeing our national wealth looted and our country mismanaged by incompetent and satanic politicians such as Zardari and Nawaz Shareef.

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85. Stop the Corruption in Portugal! Acabem com a corrupção em Portugal!

This petition is for those who are against corruption and want to see portuguese prosecutions: Valentim Loureiro, Avelino Ferreira Torres, Isaltino Morais, Fátima Felgueiras e Alberto João Jardim! help portuguese people!

Vamos acabar com a corrupção no nosso país! Assim, esta petição, pretende a rápida prisão de criminosos corruptos em Portugal, entre os quais Valentim Loureiro, Avelino Ferreira Torres, Isaltino Morais, Fátima Felgueiras e Alberto João Jardim.

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86. End this game of "might is right"

we want freedom, Freedom of expression, Freedom for development, Freedom from Corruption, Freedom from injustice, Freedom from poverty...

Freedom Freedom Freedom ... there is much that can be illustrate in the context of Freedom.

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87. We oppose the National Reconciliation Ordinance enacted in Pakistan

Following email message for Geneva chief prosecutor Daniel Zappelli was sent to (the only address for Swiss Justice Ministry available) on 19 October 2007 and having not received any acknowledgement in this regard again the email was forwarded to same address with a copy to (the Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver, BC, Canada) with a humble request to direct my email to the concerned Swiss authority and also requested an acknowledgement receipt to this message, but till today i.e. 6 November, 2007 there is no response from any Swiss authority.

All readers are requested to:

1- Please speak out and let your voices be heard world wide.

2- Remember "The best Jihad is speaking out in front of a tyrant".


4- Support this online petition.

5- Please also email it to concerned Swiss authorities on above mentioned email addresses or, if known, to more appropriate Swiss or Spanish Govt. email addresses.

The email message which was sent is appended as under:

This email is for Geneva chief prosecutor Daniel Zappelli, sent to the address above, as I could not find his direct email address.

Mr. Zappelli, I read on the web today that Swiss investigative Judge Vincent Fournier has wrapped up his report in the long running case of alleged money laundering by former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ms Benazir Bhutto and her husband.

I have also read that the report compiled into the whole affair has been passed over to the Geneva chief prosecutor Daniel Zappelli. Sir, you are going to make a decision as if to further prosecute or close the file because President Gen Pervez Musharraf has granted an amnesty to protect Ms Bhutto from corruption charges at home.

President Musharraf, who has been consistently declaring for over 8 years Ms Bhutto as the "biggest plunderer and looter" of the national wealth, but has now issued this amnesty as a political bribe to extend his undemocratic rule.

Pakistan is a signatory country to UN charter agreement on anti-corruption and I believe that your country, Switzerland, is also the signatory to this. No matter how the political expediencies in third world countries force the law enforcement to look the other way or unjustly victimize the opponents whenever convenient, but the western societies obey the justice system even if the alleged criminal sits at a very high pedestal in the society.

Sir, I urge and plead to your to uphold the justice and proceed with this case, no matter the Govt. of Pakistan has backed out. If you need a complainant then I being A Pakistani Citizen currently residing in Canada standby the original complaint of corruption and money laundering against the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Ms Benazir Bhutto and her husband.

I request you to consider this email as a formal complaint. If you require any personal information about me or a signed petition requiring a minimum number of complainants, in order to pursue this matter to its ultimate conclusion, then please let me know of any such requirements and I shall provide it to you at the earliest.

Sir, I humbly request you, please do not let this corruption and money laundering case go to a cold storage or dismissed because of non perusal by the Govt. of Pakistan. I believe in innocence of a person charged of a crime until pronounced guilty or otherwise after due process. That is why I again humbly request you to let the justice prevail at all costs and let us all bring this matter to an end in such a way that the whole world would see the JUSTICE SERVED THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE SERVED.

Thanking you,
Ahmed Mahmood
Surrey, BC, Canada

For any questions you may contact me at

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88. Support Musharraf: Emergency was required

People are encouraged to read through and sign as this is NOT a petition in favor of outright military rule, but one that supports the measures taken by Musharraf to eradicate corruption and place Pakistan on the right path to democracy. As Pakistanis, we must appreciate a man who has confronted corruption and created a system under which the voice of the people can be heard.

Pervez Musharraf has been the centre of a lot of criticism lately, and this petition is an attempt to show support for his vision and rule in Pakistan. We understand some actions by the current government in Pakistan are drastic and some may argue against them, but it is up to us to realize the ground realities and act responsibly in deciding who to support. Opposition parties are exploiting the mass public by using democracy as an excuse to regain power and destabilize a government that has achieved a lot in the last eight years. Religion is also being used by some in the media to incite the public, which has gone about its daily routine with no interest to come out on the streets. Objectivity amongst reporters on international broadcasts of Pakistani news is rare. This is an attempt to show that there is a large movement that supports the President. Outlined below are highlights of Musharraf’s achievements, there is a section on reasons for imposition of emergency rule as well.


Nawaz Sharif’s incompetent government and Benazir’s corruption (wife of Mr. Zardari who is popularly known in Pakistan as 'Mr. 10%') left Pakistan in a dismal state. Thus prior to Musharraf’s debut on the stage of Pakistani politics in 1999,

* The country was almost bankrupt;
* Pakistan was on the verge of being declared a “failed” and “terrorist” nation;
* It was listed as being the second most corrupt nation in the world (the first being Nigeria)
* During the time of Benazir and Sharif, the KSE 100 index was less than 1300. Now it is over 12000.
* Atrocities such as judicial killings of opponents took place shamelessly throughout Pakistan, particularly in Karachi, for which Benazir and Sharif were both primarily responsible.


Under Musharraf’s regime since 1999, Pakistan has experienced tremendous growth and seen record improvement in its overall condition.

* From being #2 on the list of corrupt nations, Pakistan is now #138 – a remarkable improvement.
* Compared to being nearly bankrupt less than a decade ago, Pakistan now has reserves of close to $16 billion, and is still growing.
* Corruption has been virtually eliminated from the upper levels and significantly reduced in the lower levels.
* Musharraf actively confronted terrorism in Pakistan and employed several schemes to eradicate it from our country.
* Large-scale development is taking place all over Pakistan, with a significant amount of construction going on in Karachi and areas of Baluchistan. Previously, these areas were largely neglected, with Baluchistan left to the mercy of warlords for much of the history of Pakistan.
* Tax recovery is at an all time high.
* Pakistan’s media has flourished with Musharraf’s permittance and encouragement.
* Devolution of power- Musharraf brought the Nazim System and gave powers to the local representatives at the lowest level.
* Women's representation used to be 3.2%. Musharraf made a landmark decision and appointed 33% seats to be reserved for women in all three tiers of the local government and 17% in the national and provincial legislatures. (This also resulted in Pakistan being recognized as the country with the greatest progress in women’s representation within parliament in a comparison study of South Asian politics.)
* President Musharraf was awarded the White Ribbon Man of the Year Award 2006, in recognition of the tremendous support to the cause of women’s rights in Pakistan.
* Pakistan’s relations with India have also significantly improved. Previously, India refused to acknowledge the territory of Kashmir as a 'dispute'. As a result of Musharraf's diplomacy, Kashmir is today acknowledged as a disputed territory and both sides are working towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

These are remarkable achievements in an 8 year timeframe. This is not to say that things are perfect; much work still needs to be done. But, Pakistan, under Musharraf, has been heading towards the right direction and this momentum should continue. He has addressed the root cause of problems in the country thus building a foundation for democracy to prosper. The measures taken under this regime are an attempt to reform Pakistani society with a high emphasis on education. One cannot educate a nation overnight; it takes time and honest commitment. We cannot let corrupt politicians ruin 8 years of hard work.

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August 26, 2007: Greece has been burning for three days now. The government has been unable to save hundreds of Greek villages all over the country from the fire. The number of the victims is rising constantly. People have lost everything they had.

The corruption of the Greek parliament has finally reached its peak with one of the worst fire disasters in centuries. Why the government fired the firemen?? there are 3000 empty firemen places...Why the other political parties allow them do it??? Where are our forest keepers?? where is the environmental education and care for our lands??

It's time to react radically against the corruption and reestablish the love for our lands.

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90. Fire Jack Warner Now

Recently Jack Warner the Vice President of FIFA issued a statement containing
as key points:

"If the World Cup were to go to Europe, I'm quite sure, with the English luck as
it is, they won't get it," Warner told BBC World Service.

"There are moves to give it to England. I must fight that."

"Nobody in Europe likes England. England invented the sport but has never
made any impact on world football."

This has already caused a massive uproar on the BBC's 606 messanger boards
and all over England. It is percieved as racist, wholley inappropriate and a
disgrace to FIFA.

In 2006 he was involved in a scandal which even FIFA admitted violated their
code of ethics and no action was taken except to impose a fine totalling the
profits he made from the scandal. He has still only payed a quarter of this fine
despite constant reminders from FIFA and still no action has come.

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