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91. Bring the Spice Girls to Australia!

The Spice Girls announced on February 2, 2008 that they were going to cancel their Australian tour due to "family and personal commitments".,22049,23147750-5001021,00.html

Sign this petition to try and bring them back sometime in the near future! Show them that they have loads of fans down under too!

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92. Ashley Tisdale, Mika, Rihanna Concert !

Ludziska ,

jeżeli chcecie , aby ASHLEY TISDALE lub MIKA lub RIHANNA wystąpili w naszym cudnym kraju - WPISUJCIE SWOJE IMIE , NAZWISKO ( ALE PRAWDZIWE) ( Gdy nie chcecie , aby było widoczne - kliknijcie anonimous)
I w komentarzu komentarz oraz nazwe gwiazdy.

My postaramy się , aby dana gwiazda zagrala w Polsce...

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93. Pétition for THE VERONICAS to come to France!

Pétition for THE VERONICAS come to France!

To give a concert and do other things!

For French fans!

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94. Dream Theater Australia 2008, Venue change for Perth

Dream Theater are performing an Australian tour early next year (2008), with the following dates:

25th Perth Showgrounds
27th Adelaide Showgrounds
29th Melbourne Festival Hall
30th Sydney The Horden
1st Brisbane Riverstage

They start the tour in Perth, on the 25th at Claremont Showgrounds. It is feared that the show is intended to be held at the Showground's Robinson Pavilion.

It is a general consensus of the metal community, among many other fans of the band, as well as fans of other genres who have seen other acts/bands there, that the venue "Robinson Pavilion" is unsuitable for Dream Theater's performance, mostly on the basis of the sound quality of the venue, compared to the nature of the bands on-stage act.

It is believed that such a venue would taint the quality of the performance to the ears of those who would attend, hence it is proposed that the Perth date for the Dream Theater tour, be moved to another venue. Possible suggestions include: Challenge Stadium, Burswood Dome, Metro City.

If you agree that that Dream Theater should be at a different, more suitable venue, please place your signature on the petition.

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95. Avril Lavigne to come to abu dhabi or dubai

For pop sensation Avril Lavigne to come to either Dubai or Abu Dhabi for an instore signing, or a concert.

We beg you to sign!!!!!

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96. The Veronicas - To Dubai!(or abu dhabi)

We want the Veronicas to come to Dubai or Abu dhabi! It can be an instore signing or a concert!

We are ignored, but there are fans everywhere.

Give us a chance.

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97. Get Hilary Duff to Adelaide!

Hilary Duff is an international music sensation, and theres no doubt that her fans would love to see her with her new music from her album Dignity.

But, seeing as her tour dates are out for Australia, and Adelaide is NOT on the list, it looks like a petition has to be started!

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98. Iron Maiden - Somewhere Back in time, world tour 08 ICELAND

Iron Maiden, Somewhere Back in time fer í kringum heiminn á næsta ári og við þurfum að fá þá aftur, sumir mistu af þessu síðast, sem var hræðilegt og þess vegna að geta fengið þá aftur væri frábært, það er enginn vafi að það myndi allt troðfillast, síðast mættu 4%(kringum 12.000 þúsund fólk) af íslandi!!!!! og þeir vilja spila hér aftur.

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99. Stop High School Musical Paper Waste

I think that the High School Musical shouldn't use the confetti blow at the end of the next concert. It is is a waste of paper. All of the people in the stands will collect the paper and take it home with them, so they can't take it back and recycle it.

Think of all the show across the country with all of of those paper confetti blows. So lets stop them with this petition before they do it again with the High School Musical 2 Concert!

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100. McFly 4 Germany!

A petition for GERMAN Fans who would come to to a McFly concert !!!

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101. HYDE to play in the UK

Hyde has been a more-than-successful artist in Japan, being in a band known as L'Arc~en~Ciel for longer than 15 years. He was an idol for the young with a unique voice and charisma to boot.

He has toured America since his succession but didn't seem to impress the audience... tru fans would actually encourage his performance! He needs to be appreciated in Europe too!!!

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102. Concert of One Tree Hill in France

Bethany Joy Galeotti plays in "One Tree Hill". I want to take this petition to Wilmington to meet the actors of the series and see if Bethany will do a concert in France.

This requires much organization and it's risky, so please sign.

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Darren Hayes is a very talented singer and he has lots of fans in Egypt who wish he would perform in Egypt.

He has never been here before although he is really popular !

He said lots of times he wants to come but still, he never did!

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104. Bring Bullet For My Valentine To Perth/West Coast Of Australia

Bullet For My Valentine Are Having Their First Tour Of Australia This Year (2007), But Are Only Touring Brisbane, Melbourne And Sydney, But Not The West Coast Of Australia.

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105. Take That Ticket Fiasco

The information is there to be seen by anyone looking on Ebay or Ticket Sales site.

It's time to stop the Ebay money grabbers from laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of fans.

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106. Petition pour un dvd live de Septic Flesh!

Le groupe Septic flesh nous a quitté il y a maintenant près de 3 ans nous laissant comme dernier chef d'oeuvre l'indétronable Sumerian Daemons, mais à part le clip de "The Eldest Cosmonaut" aucun une autre vidéo du groupe n'est sortie, ni même un Live de leurs concerts...

The band Septic Flesh have left us for 3 years now, leaving us their last masterpiece Sumerian Daemons, but apart of "The Eldest Cosmaunot" no others videos of the band was released, not even a live of their concerts...

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107. Green Day in Venezuela (Green Day en Venezuela)

May 29, 2006

Months ago, not many, a rumor ran saying that Green Day was coming to Venezuela to the Caracas pop festival, the biggest event ofthis kind in Venezuela, but they never came. I really wanted to go to a concert of Green Day.

(Español)meses atras, no tantos, se corrio el rumor de que Green Day vendria a el Caracas pop festival, pero ellos nunca vinieron. Yo de verdad queria ir a un concierto de Green Day. Esta peticion es para que el sueño de muchos fanaticos suyos se cumpla.

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108. Remove Seating Facilities for Concerts at S’pore Indoor Stadium

February 7, 2006

This is a Petition to request for action on the removal of seating facilities for Rock & Pop concerts (S'pore Indoor Stadium).

I attended my very first rock concert in my teenage years. In my opinion, it was one of the best concerts that ever took place in S'pore. The energy exuded by the 1000+ fans were truly an amazing sight. It was a METALLICA Concert & at that time, they were one of the hottest Metal Bands around (& they still are!!).

Although I absolutely enjoyed the unforgettable event... but what disappointed me utterly was the inclusion of seating facilities. I was extremely surprised (or rather, Shocked!) that there actually were seats for a Rock concert. What a Travesty it was.

The seats were absolutely redundant & a major obstacle for the fans to have a great time. For Goodness sake... this is a ROCK Concert. Nobody will ever seat down during a Rock Concert.
I really do not comprehend the reason for placing seats in the main arena. I did not pay $150 to seat down at concert events. Apparently, everybody were not utilising the seats at all.
The fans were either standing or using the seats as standing-stools (including myself & my friends).

In 2001, I attended the COLDPLAY/TRAVIS Concert. The concert was excellent, but the seats (again!) were a major disappointment. Then there were also ushers demanding fans to take their seats. This is unacceptable as those at the rear will not be able to see their favourite band perform because the fans in the front were standing up & obstructing the view.

Hence, those fans behind have to stand on the seats to enjoy the concert & get their money's worth. The concert tickets cost over a $100 each & i bought 4 tickets for my friends so we would have a enjoyable night.
However, we were deprived of having good clean fun.

I understand the need to have seating facilities for shows/films, theatrical performances & plays as i do attend these events as well. (eg. Cirque du Soleil, Cabarets, etc )
Nowadays whenever there are any concerts (like the upcoming Franz Ferdinand & OASIS concert), i would think twice about spending money to attend the event where i have to mandatorily take a seat to enjoy the concert.

I'm very sure many others out there would share my exact sentiments.
Thus, I write this petition to appeal to the authorities & organisers to remove the seating facilities for all Rock/Pop Concerts in the future.
I always believe this action will undoubtedly please all fans & concert go-ers.

Furthermore, more eager fans would not hesitate to buy tickets to see their favourite artistes/bands perform.
This will definitely be a win-win situation.

The cost of setup would be lower as there will be significantly less maintenance of the seats & manpower to arrange the seats prior to the event.
Please do your part & sign the petition to put a halt to all these unreasonable decisions to place seats in the arena.

Kindly send this petition to all your friends & relatives who believe in this cause as well.

On completion of the signature inputs, this petition will be sent to all relevent authorities pertaining to concert events organisation. (Ministry of Information & The Arts, SISTIC, etc). Thank you very much for your kind & generous support.

Yours Sincerely,
Kenneth Fan Kei Lim

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109. McFly to play a consolation concert.

McFly have had to cancel three of their summer concerts due to one of the concert promoters going into administration.

£30,000 was needed in order for the concert to go ahead yet it could not be raised in time.

Seeing as McFly can't dig into their own pockets, we want them to play a concert ANYWAY in Christchurch Park Ipswich, as a consolation seeing as we won't receive a refund.

Music matters - don't do it for the money but for the fans.

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110. Glassjaw come and play in Australia

I want to see Glassjaw live! I've heard that if they do tour that this will be their last tour, so last chance for all the GJ aussies to get in there and bring them down to us.

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111. Stop online auction sites being used to "tout" concert tickets

Ebay is starting to be used to sell tickets to concerts bought by touts on credit cards and then sold on via ebay at inflated prices, stopping real fans seeing bands they wish. Whether just ebay is at fault here though, I am not sure.

I feel it is also up to companies such as Ticketmaster to do more to stop re-sale of tickets. This is starting to become a major issue (it was covered this week in New Musical Express)and I think this could be a way of making ebay and the promoters consider the ramifications of easy re-sale.

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112. Hilary come to Western Australia

Many people want Hilary to come to Western Australia. So Hilary come to Western Australia for you next concert.
This isn't to force Hilary to come this is to show her that she has a lot of a suppot in Western Australia.

Hilary we love you as much as the other states and were sad that we missed out! Please come and stop here next time.

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113. Getting MEST to Australia

This petition is designed to get some Australian tour dates on MEST's tour calendar.

There are many fans of MEST in Australia who would love to see them live in concert, but sadly so far, have not had the chance.

We hope that this petition can change that, because from everything we've seen and read, MEST are a stand-out act in all they do, from performing to being interviewed, and we here in Australia would love to experience this for ourselves.

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114. To allow all ages to Muse concert in Brisbane

British rock band Muse plan to tour Australia on numerous dates in September. One of these dates being September 11 in Brisbane where they will be playing at The Arena. However, this concert apparently is for over 18s only! (The Arena said via email) However The Arena website stated "Over 18 unless advertised elsewhere" well numerous sites have said the concert was for all ages.

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115. CMA speak out please

We at the voice are sick and tired of only hearing from those who think all of America is stupid but them... We want to hear from those artists who love our country.

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116. Mcfly to tour with Buted in Nov/Dec

As you know the best band ever BUSTED are doing a concert this year in Nov/Dec 04 - which is gunna rock, but sadly other band mates Mcfly wont be there supporting them or performing with them on tour. This petition is to get Mcfly up on stage with Busted in nov/dec! So please sign this because they have got to be there, BUSTED AND MCFLY! wow!

Please tell all your mates about the petition!

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Madonna has only been to Holland 2 times with a tour: Whos That Girl Tour and The Blond Ambition Tour. Since 1990 we havent seen her here...

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118. Concert des BfLb!

Nous BfLb, jeune groupe de musique électronique, nous voulons organiser un concert dans notre ville natale, Longuyon, début Septembre, dans le cadre de la fête de la jeunesse. nous voulons nous servir de cette pétition pour appuyer notre demande

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119. Jay Chou's concert in Indonesia

We want to see Jay Chou's concert in Jakarta!!!!!

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120. S Club en France !

Vous en avez marre d'être fan du S Club sans les voir ? Vous etes un super fan et vous voulez les voir en concert en France, les voir chanter, les voir dans les magazines... Alors signez la pétition ! Si on est nombreux on y arrivera, je compte sur vous !

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