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1. Build The Cook County Peace Officers' Memorial In Cermak Woods

The Cook County Peace Officers Memorial has been in the planning stage for over nine years now without any progress.

We now need to apply pressure to those Cook County Commissioners and help educate the residents of cook county in seeing that the memorial becomes a reality.

We need to remember those 675 Peace Officers that gave their lives all while in the line of duty. This includes federal. state, county, area and city of Chicago officers.

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2. Citizens of Fitzgerald & Ben Hill County

Going before the Ben Hill County Board of Commissioners on April 6, 2010, is the 2011 SPLOST Referendum.

The Fitzgerald City Council voted unanimously in favor of the final proposal in February 2010, meeting.

We ask that the City Council to reconsider allocating $600,000 toward synthetic turf.

We are continuing to collect signatures as the referendum is planned to appear before the County Commissioners on April 6, 2010.

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3. No to sale of Blue Springs County Park

Blue Springs is a County maintained park in Screven County, Georgia. It has been in the history of Screven Countians for many years. It has been our heritage with many, many great memories.

The county is selling it at public auction in 3 weeks because "our" elected commissioners have determined it is an eyesore to the community.

This is WRONG!

This petition is for residents living in Screven County and non-residents whom have lived in Screven County.

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4. Support County Funding of University Extension Office and Sweetwater County 4-H Program

The Sweetwater County Commissioners have cut their portion of the funding to the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Office and will be closing all of the programs it offers to the county, including the local 4-H program.

The 4-H program has for generations, provided programs to the children of Sweetwater County, as well as contributing most of the exhibits and livestock at the Sweetwater County Fair. Children can participate in projects ranging from raising livestock such as beef, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry and rabbits to leadership, robotics, shooting sports, gardening, and many more.

Please help us keep this funding for the youth of Sweetwater County.

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5. Move Gateway West

We, the residents of Cassia County are strongly opposed to the proposed corridor of the Gateway West Project through private property.

We feel it should be placed on as much public ground as possible to protect our families, our homes, and our businesses.

We should not have to submit ourselves to undo risks when there are other alternatives. We support our county commissioners in routing the project through public grounds.

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6. Stop Giving Our Pets To Class B Animal Dealers

Montcalm County Michigan has had an alliance with a Class B Animal Dealer for 30 years.

Class B Animal Dealers are given pets from our animal shelter and are allowed to sell them to research facilities.

Animals sold to research facilities suffer through needless experiments and then die. This practice is barbaric and unnecessary.

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7. Recall the Community Mental Health Board

The Genesee County Community Mental Health Board is a board that is appointed by the Genesee County Commissioners. This board runs without term limits and has been jeopardized by the current management at Genesee County Community Mental Health.

They have made poor financial decision that have impacted our budget, reduced services available to clients and increased the job loss in this county.

Currently a decision has been made by the board that will impact the jobs of 40 staff and once again will place our clients at risk. Management continues to give themselves raises of 10, 20 and 30% while cutting services to our clients.

Please let your voice be heard and put a stop to your tax dollars being wasted.

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8. Kent Island Community Theater

May 8, 2006

Our goal is to obtain a Community Theater for the Kent Island Players and the citizens of Queen Anne Co. To be able to be entertained, as well as be able to help create live productions on Stage.

There would be workshops for both adults and children to learn and perfect their skills in play writing,
set design,acting etc.. We would also be able to utlize the theater for fund raiser and charitable events.

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This petition began when the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners allowed gay clubs in our schools.

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10. Remove Jim Wilson

The purpose of this petition is to have appointed Sheriff Jim Wilson immediately removed from office and allow the citizens choice of Sheriff to take immediate command of the Sheriff's Department. The department is in turmoil. Frivolous spending, very low morale, intimidation of employees, irresponsible changes and the 2005 budget are the main concerns.

Jim Wilson must be removed immediately to allow the newly elected Sheriff the opportunity to create the budget he will administer, not one created by Jim Wilson who does not have the communities best interest at heart. Jim Wilson states he is a public servant. If he is a true public servant, he will serve his public's desires of him not being in office and the new Sheriff installed. Jim Wilson can not offer any valid justification for remaining in office until January. It is strictly personal for Jim and not for the good of Williamson County. Jim must be removed immediately in order to prevent his further destruction of the Sheriff's Department, leaving a complete mess for the elected Sheriff to clean up. Please join us in sending a strong message to our County Judge, Commissioners and Jim Wilson.

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Our animal contol facility is a "kill shelter". Iredell County kills more strays than any other county in our area of the country and does not give adoptable animals a chance at a loving home. Our method of euthanasia is inhumane. We need your support to lobby our county commissioners for new ordinances. Please sign our petition below. Thanks you for your loving support.

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12. Paving Boyden Road located in Banner Elk, NC

Dust in the summer months creates an unhealthy living condition, and makes it impossible to keep a dust free environment. The land owners of Boyden Road should not be penalized because the Town of Sugar Mountain's Maintenance Department is located in our area. Since boyden Road joins a public golf course, we contend that paving Boyden Road will increase our property values, which in turn will generate revenue for Avery County.

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