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At the request made by the mother of a child sexual victim, the Judge at the High Court in Sri Lanka (Case No 39/2004), made a recommendation to the Attorney General to withdraw the indictment.

After considering all the facts involved and in view of the sheer severity of the damage that could cause to the victim in this particular case, the AG agreed to withdraw the charges. Unfortunately the news papers published the details of the case including false information violating the child's right to privacy and confidentiality, totally destroying the intentions of the courts and causing immense damage to the victim and her family.

This secondary victimization has severely damaged the victim without giving her the opportunity to rebuild her life.

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122. Support the Friends of Huntington Park Playground

A collaborative effort is necessary to move the renovation of Huntington Park Playground through the City process.

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123. Learn Together in Germany: eliminate segregated schools

Even in 2012, physically disabled, learning disabled, emotionally troubled and chronically ill children are still educated in separate schools, with just 13% of those pupils attending mainstream public schools, compared to Western Europe's 79%.

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124. End the One Child Policy in China

The One Child Policy in China allows families to have only one child, with few exceptions, in an effort to control the population. For example, if a mother who already has a child gets pregnant and the government somehow becomes aware, the women will be whisked away for a forced abortion and likely sterilization.

There are many documented cases of pregnant mothers being kidnapped, imprisoned and beaten, then forced to abort, as late-term as up to nine months. The government should not be involved in family planning.

Below are some articles that give a clear picture of just what is going on: (Copy and paste)

The facts:

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125. SOS for Open Space

A coalition of north county community organizations has initiated a grassroots campaign to save some of the priceless natural lands of Carlsbad. These natural lands are a key part of what makes this such a special place to live, but many are under immediate threat of development.

We need to preserve the best of what we have left- places like the Buena Vista Creek Valley with the sacred El Salto waterfall. Places where we, our children, and future generations can reconnect with nature, take a bike ride through rolling hills, take a quiet walk or hear the sound of a creek or the call of a bird. Open space gives us a high quality of life and preserves our property values. It is good for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

In 2002 the voters of Carlsbad passed Measure C to allocate some of the City's existing reserve funds to preserve open space. It has been 10 years and the Carlsbad City Council has not allocated these funds or spent one dime to acquire any natural open space in Carlsbad.

We have initiated this campaign to petition the City Council to allocate some of their existing reserve funds for open space acquisition and trails. Please sign the petition and help make that happen.

We need to encourage the city council to follow through on the voters' mandate as they revise the city's general plan.

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126. President Obama: End mistreatment of American children; Ratify the CRC!

Three former U.S. Presidents have denied children their basic human rights, and Obama will too unless we demand action. The CRC, The Convention on The Rights of the Child, is an international treaty that has been ratified by every country on Earth except the U.S. and Somalia. The CRC can change childrenʼs lives by finally giving our children their basic human rights.

These two children are paying for this:
Cristian Fernandez is a 12-year-old boy who faces life in prison.
This 6 year old Texan boy was hospitalized after a school paddling.

Thousands of children in America suffer in similar ways! But Obama has the power to stop this by ratifying the CRC!

What does the CRC guarantee American children?
•The right to play.
•The right to be safe.
•The right to practice the religion of their choice.
•The right to an education without physical punishment.
•The right to be tried as a child, and not sentenced to life in prison without parole.

In 1995, President Clinton signed the CRC, but he didnʼt send it to the Senate. It is time for our President to take real action. Obama says heʼs committed to improving the lives of our children. He says he values their well-being. He says itʼs an embarrassment that the U.S hasn't ratified the CRC.

Enough talk, Mr. President. It’s time for action!

Over 200 non-profits support the CRC, yet a small group of people are afraid of children having rights. They think parents should have 'fundamental rightsʼ over their children, to include the fundamental right to be criminally negligent parents.
. Here are a few of the crimes that will start to disappear:
. Child beatings occur in schools in 19 states more than 200,000 times a year.
. Approximately 6 million cases of child abuse go unreported annually.
. At least 200,000 children are sexually trafficked across the U.S. annually.
. The U.S. is the only country on earth to imprison children for life without parole.
. America is the worst offender of child abuse in the Industrialized World.

It is time to end the hypocrisy, and give children their rights. It is time for our President to do the right thing.

Please also sign the petition on

For more information about...
The CRC:
Corporal Punishment:
Imprisoning children for life:
Child Abuse:
Take a Stand for the End of child abuse:
Child trafficking:

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127. Save Early Years Professional Training at UEA

UEA has plans to withdraw from the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) regional training consortium, and to end its Early Years training programme from February 2013.

This will result in the compulsory redundancy of staff involved, and represents a loss to the children and parents of this region, as the course provides professional training for staff in nurseries across Norfolk. The closest training centre is at UCS in Ipswich, some distance from Norwich.

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128. Allow Safe Second Hand Car Seats

On January 1st 2012, new Transport Canada legislation regarding car seats and booster seats came into play. Manufacturers have had almost 2 years to adapt their products to meet the new Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety standards (CMVSS: the standards that regulate the manufacturing and safe function of car seats and booster seats) and in many ways, the changes have been positive.

However, the new Transport Canada legislation also came along with a link to the new Health Canada’s Hazardous Products Act: the Consumer Product Safety Act of Spring 2011. The primary confusion lies in the relationship of the two laws to each other and whether parents should be lining up to buy new car seats.

Health Canada representatives explain that that there is no need to replace a car seat that is currently in use unless the seat was involved in a car crash or is past the expiry date. But Health Canada reps also confirm that the Act states that that no product can be sold OR GIVEN AWAY unless it complies with the applicable standards [the CMVSS] on the date it is SOLD or GIVEN AWAY. Supposedly this means that parents can keep using the car seat they bought last year, but they can’t sell it or give it to their sister unless it meets the 2012 standards.

The contradictory message from Health Canada is that these seats are still safe to use if you already own/use one (barring ones that are expired, damaged or recalled) but you can be sued or fined if you give away or lend it.

We (the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada) feel that this act is unwittingly harming Canada’s high risk populations, those in the lowest socioeconomic strata as well as the working poor. The low income sectors in Canada typically rely on receiving car seats and booster seats from neighbors, friends, relatives and good hearted strangers. By fining or threatening these persons with legal action, we feel the children of low income families will be placed at risk.

→ Parents may not have a car seat or booster seat available due to the cost of purchasing a brand new seat;

→ they may not have one available for all their children and may have to make choices over who can ride in the car seat;

→ agencies or groups who assist low income parents by loaning good used car seats will have to destroy their current stock and see families without;

→ persons who have good, safe car seats to give away may choose not to do this in fear of reprisals from Health Canada and in conclusion;

→ Canadian children may be unsafe on our highways and provincial child passenger legislation maybe ignored due to the higher cost and greater fear of repercussions from the Consumer Product Safety Act.

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129. Public Enquiry needed to look into scandal where children's organs have been stolen

In January 2012 a new scandal hit families of dead children. Childrens organs have been stored in hospitals for up to 15 years and now being returned to families.

No family were aware these organs were kept in jars when post mortems were performed and no one seems to know the reason, due to the organs mainly being brains of which cannot be used for organ donation.

This is nothing other than theft, after the Alder Hey scandal in 1999 this practice still seems to be rife and needs to stop, so we the public are demanding a public enquiry into this awful disgusting practice.

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Historical Overview to raise funds to re-open the Youth Life Skills Training Centre

A collaborative outreach programme between Magistrate Hennie Strydom of the Germiston Child Court, Social Welfare and the Germiston business district of Gauteng occurred, begun in 1985, with the following aims:

• to remove the underprivileged and / or abused youth from the streets
• orientate such youth to a more normal, home-like environment
• give youth instruction in life-skills and –orientation
• rehabilitate youth, utilising natural elements and extra murals
• give youth practical work skills and training for potential future employment
• instil a sense of self-worth and moral principles in the youth to enable them to become valued and productive members of their communities

Using positive re-enforcement methods, the training centre evolved into a full time commitment and an independent, semi- private institution with experienced staff and care givers to meet the challenges ahead.

Learners benefited from sponsor donations and service agreements. Skilled learners leaving the training centre were in demand by various industries due to their practical experience and training received, whilst still being monitored for an additional year by both business management and the training centre’s social welfare officers.

In 2010, with its associated social ills partly due to the FIFA World Cup event, the industry of crime and drugs became problematic for us. The penetrations of drugs into the training centre lead to some false allegations being made to divert attention from a problem amongst some of our learners. This was brought to the attention of the police and SANCA by ourselves. Their immediate intervention and assistance legally was sought by us.

SANCA (South African National Council for Alcohol & Drug dependence) complied with their legal requirement and in line with our requests.

However things went wrong because of several factors.

Due to the issue being emotive, and minimal to no investigation on the part of the South African Police Services being made, the false allegations of 3 learners, likely based on incitement, self-preservation and misinformation lead to the centre’s demise, with sponsor / donor funding coming to a complete standstill (as did the entire facility and training centre).

Now two years later, an acquittal on all charges has been received judicially.

Wrongs affecting the Centre, then current and prospective future learners, the Centre Principal and staff member/s need to be corrected, restitution sought and the training facility (Youth Life Skills Training Centre) re-opened.

Web Site Contact:

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131. Stop Football transfers & salaries costing MILLIONS

Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid - €93.5 Million
Zinedine Zidane from Juventus to Real Madrid - €75 Million
Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Inter to Barcelona - €69Million

€28 for YEAR it's enough to feed an African child

Highest paid - by Year:

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, €12million)
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United, €11.5million)
Lionel Messi (Barcelona, €11million)
Yaya Touré (Manchester City, €10,8million)
Samuel Eto’o (Inter ,€10,5million)

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132. Request for Public Inquiry into Child and Family Services Authority

Workers within all branches of Child and Family Services Authority in Alberta have been maliciously abusing their powers and misinterpreting their mandates.

The Minister responsible for those branches is as guilty as the workers for blatantly closing their eyes on the partial list of the following issues:

usage of threats,
usage of coercion,
intimidation tactics,
fabrication of evidence,
dismissing complaints,
breach of human rights,
breach of constitutional rights,
breach of laws,
inadequate investigations,
not following their own protocols,
various forms of discriminations,
direct harassment,
internal and external collusions,
parading children to adoption candidate prior to Court procedures,
Court orders rendered without effective council representation.

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133. Support a Tax Write-Off for Cloth Diapering Families

In 1988, over 18 billion diapers were sold and consumed in the United States that year. Disposable manufacturers say energy usage is the same for cloth or disposables, but the fact is that throwaways use five times more energy than reusable.

*The instructions on a disposable diaper package advise that all fecal matter should be deposited in the toilet before discarding, yet less than one half of one percent of all waste from single-use diapers goes into the sewage system.

* About 5 million tons of untreated body excrement, which may carry over 100 intestinal viruses, is brought to landfills via disposables. This may contribute to groundwater contamination and attract insects that carry and transmit diseases. In 1990, 18 billion disposables were thrown into United States landfills.

In 1988, nearly $300 million dollars were spent annually just to discard disposable diapers, whereas cotton diapers are reused 50 to 200 times before being turned into rags.

No one knows how long it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose, but it is estimated to be about 250-500 years, long after your children, grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren will be gone.

Disposable diapers are the third largest single consumer item in landfills, and represent about 4% of solid waste. In a house with a child in diapers, disposables make up 50% of household waste.

Disposable diapers generate sixty times more solid waste and use twenty times more raw materials, like crude oil and wood pulp.

The manufacture and use of disposable diapers amounts to 2.3 times more water wasted than cloth.

Over 300 pounds of wood, 50 pounds of petroleum feedstocks and 20 pounds of chlorine are used to produce disposable diapers for one baby EACH YEAR.

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134. Parental Alienation by Social Services in Ire: & the UK

Parental Alienation Syndrome vs. Parental Alienation:
Which Diagnosis Should Evaluators Use in Child-Custody Disputes? when a child has been taken into foster care, should Social Services be allowed to use a Victim of PAS evidence against them.

To help you decide please visit my Website PAS by Social Services

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AID Kenya Foundation, a nonprofit, and humanitarian aid and development assistance charitable foundation in Kenya.

The foundation is working with local communities, and collaborative partners to build the Kitutu Community Resource Center to empower rural-urban orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), teenage girls/mothers, and in and out of school youth in the areas of education, health-care,sports, talent development, mentorship and vocational training.

Already, The Foundation, through the Humanitarian Aid & Development Assistance Program, supports hundreds of orphaned and vulnerable children and teenage mothers to access educational opportunities, shelter, health-care and psychosocial support; It further supports many teenage girls to get regular supply of sanitary towels just keep them in school and increase their self esteem; Kenya is currently experiencing a societal breakdown, where in every household, there is a teen mum some at the age of 12 with a baby or two.

The Center shall cater for OVCs and teen mums from across Kenya, and will have an a Community Outreach Program.

As a matter of urgency, the Foundation is building the Kitutu Community Resource Center/Kitutu OVC Center, with the following objectives:

1. Teaching teenage mothers on motherhood, nutrition, parenting and reproductive health;

2. Rehabilitate teenage mothers involved in alcoholism, drug and substance abuse;

3. Offer vocational trainings like tailoring, hairdressing, computers and ICT, arts, and Embroidery;

4. Create awareness on dangers and risks of teenage motherhood, HIV/AIDS and STIs;

5. Provide quality health-care to both the mother and child;

6. Distribute sanitary towels and pampers to schools, homes, and in public;

7. Offer a back-to-school reintegration program to embrace formal education by providing scholarships;

8. Provide guiding and counseling and psychotherapy;and

9. Build self-esteem, confidence and courage.

The Center will also host the Kitutu OVC Center for the kids of teen mums and support those OVCs who are enrolled in public schools supplying kids with pens, pencils, shoes, back packs, books, crayons, etc.


For feed back or volunteer, partner or donate, contact, Tel. +254 729 32 44 29 or E-Mail: or < > or .

DREAM TEAM: The following is the Dream Team Managing and Coordinating the Project:

1. Armstrong Ongera, Jr.-Executive Director
2. Patricia Kadesa- Project Manager
3. Melissa Cheruiyoti- Corporate/PR/ Communications Manager
4.Seba Nyakundi-Program Manager/Volunteer Coordinator
5. Sheila Shinto- PA & Chief of Staff


1. MPESA-0729 32 44 29


AID Kenya Foundation
P. O. BOX 5956-00200

NOTE: A volunteer or supporter, can donate time, and expertise, in creating awareness about the Center, as well as mobilizing resources, or volunteering on the ground.


Any Voluntary Donations can be sent by WU or wire transfer to the following Bank Account:-

A/C No. : 082-1430151
Swift Code: BARCKENX
Branch: Haile Selassie Avenue,Nairobi,Kenya

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136. The NFL Must Tackle Human/Sex Trafficking

Gov. Mitch Daniels signed the Human Trafficking Bill into law January 30, 2012, saying he hopes it will “put up the ‘Don’t Try It Here’ sign in Indiana” just in time for a game that Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says has a history of attracting increased activity in the commercial sex trade.

“Let’s hope that the law has a deterrent effect,” Daniels said, “and that these criminals will take their horrible business somewhere else.”

The law, which took effect immediately upon the governor affixing his signature, closes loopholes that have made it tougher for Indiana to prosecute those who have helped sell children into sexual slavery.
It also strikes a provision of state law that required prosecutors to prove that those who are accused of coercing children into sexual slavery used or threatened to use physical force to do so.

Advocates said it was the one step Indiana absolutely had to take before the game.

He know now the following statistics:

* Each year 1 million children are exploited by the commercial sex trade according to the U.S. Department of State, The Facts About Child Sex Tourism: 2005

* 100,000 to 293,000 U.S. children are in danger of becoming sexual commodities, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

* 12 is the average age of entry into pornography and prostitution in the U.S., according to The US Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section

* 33% of a sample group of female commercial sex workers in Chicago began in the sex trade between the ages of 12 and 15, with 56% being 16 or younger according to an investigation conducted by Schiller DuCanto& Fleck Family Law Center.

With the Super Bowl comes this crime-sex trafficking

We ask the Commissioner of The National Football League "if your part of the problem, your against the solution" ! Be part of the solution and promote awareness of this global problem that follows the Super Bowl by advertising against the insidious crime that comes to large sporting events like the Super Bowl

Go to my Facebook link send a Like message to your friends:

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137. Social Services Reform in regards to Parents in America

Social Services has no boundaries, social workers are allowed to bully parents around while using the excuse "for the sake of the children" There's a clear difference between enforcing good parenting habits and using authority for the sake of self-gain.

These actions need to stop. There is no punishment for these workers who unjustly abuse their powers. When there is no clear punishment for childish behavior, then it's allowed to flourish and survive. If being in a position of responsibility is too much for these workers and acting with maturity is out of the question, then they should be fined in order to remind them that they shouldn't get complacent with the fact that there is no punishment for immature and arrogant behavior.

A standard should be implemented and Social Services should be obliged to it, to ensure equal and fair treatment for parents going through such a difficult ordeal. Having no obligations to it's own contracts of reform enables immaturity and arrogance. This needs to stop.

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The law of NZ says since 2006, if parents of babies born in NZ are overstayers their children cannot be recognised as citizens because parents do not have legal permits.

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139. URGENT - Coroners Laws - we the bereaved deserve justice

Families of Sudden / Tragic deaths are being failed by inadequate investigations! Lack of forensics, DNA, Toxicology, Photographic evidence, wounds, bruises samples etc. Police records missing, witnesses misled & manipulation by the Police Forces which are key evidence, fact!

The rights of the bereaved not being given yet this is required by Law. Along with Coroners intimidation & the I.P.C.C lack of independent monitoring, ( over 100 honest lawyers walked out because of their corruption, lies & non impartiality ).

The police failure creates a domino effect in these Sudden death investigations which then snowballs to the pathologist, coroner and returns to the I.P.C.C. as a complaint. The perverse power to protect their own is unbelievable / unforgivable.

Bereaved families should not be subject to this abuse / lack of duty of care by HM departments! The only crime that they have committed is to lose their loved one!

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140. Stop Parental Alienation

The Honorable Justice Gomery of Canada stated: "Hatred is not an emotion that comes naturally to a child. It has to be taught. A parent who would teach a child to hate the other parent represents a grave and persistent danger to the mental and emotional health of that child."

Resources About (PA):
Baker, A.J.L.(2007). Adult children of parental alienation syndrome: Breaking the ties that bind. NY:W.W.Norton.

Clawar, S.S. & Rivlan, B. (1991). Children held Hostage: Dealing with programmed and brainwashed children. Chicago, IL: American Bar Association

Darnall, D. (1998). Divorce Casualties: Protecting your children from parental alienation. Lanham, MI: Taylor Trade.

Rand, D., Rand, R., & Kopetski, L.(2005). The Spectrum of Parental Alienation Syndrome Part III: The Kopetski Follow-up Study. American Journal of Forensic Psychology, 23(1), 15-43.

Warshak, R. (2001). Divorce Poison: Protecting the Parent-Child bond from a vindictive ex. NY:HarperCollins.

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141. Our Silent Crisis - Our Missing and Unidentified Persons

I have been working with the Missing and Unidentified for the last 9 years and well aware of this crisis.The last statistics are 100,000 active missing persons and 40,000 to 60,000 human remains.

Many of these remains are in unmarked graves with no name or laying in coroners or medical offices.There are many,many others out here waiting to be found and get their names back.Daily people are disappearing everyday and many are homicide victims. Many of their killers are still out here repeating crimes and taking more lives. Human remains are being found often when someone stumbles upon them. The statistics change as more go missing and some are being found.This is in every State in America.

I am in full support of Billy's Law-The Help Find the Missing Act
(H.R. 1300 and S.R. 702)

... Billy's Law would link two existing databases maintained by the Department of Justice:
1.FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and,
2.Department of Justice’s National Missing Person and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).

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142. Ask the United States to support UN Resolution 1325

In an attempt to balance perspectives on gender-related conflict, in October 2000, the United Nations' Security Council adopted Resolution S/RES/1325. This resolution aims to increase participation of women in conflict resolution and humanitarian response.

Some background:
*At the turn of the 20th century, 5% of war casualties were civilians
*In World War I, 15% were civilians
*In World War II, 65% were civilian
*By the mid-nineties, 75% of war deaths were civilians
*Today, 90% of the human war toll are civilians--the majority of these victims are women and children

UN resolution 1325 calls on all parties to conflict to take special measures to protect women and girls from gender-based violence, particularly rape and other forms of sexual abuse, in situations of armed conflict.

The United States is currently taking steps to create a National Action Plan to realize the resolution's goals.

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Parents are faced with impossible and unfair circumstances. If a child runs away, violates truancy, threatens or attacks their parent or parents the parent must in turn, continue a cycle of back/forth.

Our children’s defiance has grown out of control with disrespect and sometimes violence because the Dept of Social Services, Children’s Division has enabled this behavior at the cost of the parent. Everyone is intimidated by something or someone, but the kids have no rules set before them and are out of control.

A good parent goes above and beyond, doing whatever it takes to get their child inline; however, several parents are being faced with impossible unfair situations, while rearing or attempting to discipline their children. Some children believe they can fight their parents or run away and there is nothing the parents can do. Which at this point is very true. If a child runs away and the parent closes the door its neglect or abandonment, if the child isn’t attending school the parent can face criminal charges to include being placed in jail, etc.


Please take part in giving parents a voice and ask that the Officials over the Department of Social Services Children’s Division revise their goal to include better assistance for parents in need, rather than parents feeling threatened or numbed by these same goals set forth for the children.

For more information on the Dept of Social Services Children’s Division, Child Abuse and Neglect Goals go to:
or go to your local states webpage to review.

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144. Stop Forced Adoption of Innocent Children

Children are being forcibly removed from innocent families and being put up for adoption at an alarming rate, our children are snatched at birth, from our homes with police presence and from school/nursery.

Social services have targets to reach and for each child successfully taken, social services receive £50,000 per child. Social services lie under oath, falsify evidence, and brand families with so called illnesses and mental health problems.

Children are systematically being physically, sexually and mentally abused when in foster. This needs to stop and it needs to stop now. Please sign this petition and help stop this. Just look on the web you will see the heart-breaking stories. This really does happen.

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145. Fence for 36th Battalion Park, Leichhardt

36th Battalion Park is frequented and enjoyed by many families with young children.

The perimeter does not have a fence, therefore children can get on the road, with the worst place being the blindspot behind the hill, round which there is a children's cycle path.

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146. End the Hate! Stop the Bullying Worldwide!

Bullying. The term has been synonymous with school children and teens. This is not always so.

What happens when bullies graduate? They sometimes become even bigger social deviants. (spouse abusers, thieves, corrupted leaders, etc, etc...) That's not to say that all bullies become a problem for society.

Ever since the beginning, there has been depression, hatred, anger, sadness, illness, racism, personality disorders, poverty, and even death attributed to bullying. This is unacceptable! Bullying trends on the human rights of nearly every demographic on Earth.

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147. Petition to Greatly Reduce the Psychiatric Drugging of Vermont Children and Elderly

in the Spring of 2008, current Governor Peter Shumlin and former Lt. Governor Brian Dubie held a press conference stating that Vermont needs to investigate the heavy use of mind-altering psychiatric drugs prescribed to children; and

at that time, now Governor Shumlin said that the state needs to get active in stopping the sole reliance on antipsychotic medications for treatment of children and teenagers, just as law enforcement has cracked down on the use of these drugs for recreational use; and

the issue is bipartisan in that Governor Shumlin(D) and former Lt. Dubie(R) were political opponents yet still desired to fight together against the heavy psychiatric drugging of children; and

the use of psychiatric drugs on Vermont children is still alarmingly high; and

Vermont nursing homes are often putting the elderly on dangerous antipsychotics with warning labels on how they greatly reduce the life spans of dementia patients; and

nobody is ever put on psychiatric drugs without first being given a stigmatizing mental disorder label;

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148. Pedestrian Crosswalk for the Intersection of Arlington Ave and West 21st Street

A new school has just been built and open for session early this year, you would taught the city of los angeles would notice that and put in a pedestrian crosswalk for the safety of children going and coming out of school.

Parents have to be dodging cars in the busy mornings and afternoon dropping off and picking up their children from school. THIS BUSY INTERSECTION IS LOCATED AT WEST 21ST STREET AND ARLINGTON AVE IN THE 90018 ZIPSODE.

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149. School Safety Patrol - Hinckley Road, Burbage

At present, the site of a long standing school safety patrol on Hinckley Road, Burbage, remains unmanned. This is a result of the retirement of the previous incumbent in the summer.

Shortly after half term, and following the appeals of parents, another safety officer was redeployed to this site as the crossing had become impossible to negotiate safely. This person resigned within weeks as a result of the behaviour of a minority of parents and residents, who refused on occasion to cross with her, and as a result of cars mounting the kerb where she was sited, putting her and children in significant danger.

This road is an extremely dangerous one. Our children have to cross in poor conditions, facing a blind bend on one side and the flow of speeding traffic (including HGVs) through the village.

It is so concerning, with so many at risk, that we cannot allow the crossing to remain unmanned and no other alternatives to be put in place. Burbage Community Speedwatch has clocked drivers doing in excess of 60mph through our village - these drivers would be unable to stop for a child, nor parents and childminders with prams and buggies.

Please help us by signing our petition! Let's make our village safer for all - and prevent the needless injury or loss of life to pedestrians desperately trying to negotiate this road.

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150. Senate must pass Family Law Bill 2011 NOW to protect children

Protecting children from violence and abuse must be the paramount consideration, not secondary to the rights of the parent to have contact with the child. Too many children are being cruelly separated from their protective parent – usually the primary carer they have known since birth.

These parents may have raised allegations of abuse and violence against another party. Instead of investigating the allegations from the child protection point of view, the courts (often via single experts and ICL’s advice) label the protective parent ‘delusional’ or worse. The courts remove the child from that parent’s care and place them in an abusive situation with no review or follow-up to check on their welfare.

Children are being removed or forced into coerced shared parenting arrangements which are inflicting permanent emotional, psychological, physical and sometimes sexual damage on them.

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