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61. Increase Sentencing for Crimes of Abuse Against Children

Our judicial system is failing to protect children by continually handing out meagre sentences to perpetrators of vile and horrific acts of abuse. It is time for the enforcement of penalties that truly reflect the impact of these crimes.

In October 2009 a 24 year old Sunshine Coast man was sentenced to only nine years jail for brutally attacking a 2 year old boy in his care. The boy suffered life threatening injuries including a punctured bowel after being brutally thrown at a wall several times, kicked in the eye and jaw, raped and penetrated with a sharp object. He was then left in the alley where the crimes took place and would have died had he not been found.

The prosecution argued the man should be sentenced to 10-12 years. The Judge said that in his 15 years as a judge he had never come across an episode of violence towards a child so horrific and so shocking and yet he did not sentence him accordingly. The Hon Lawrence Springborg has called for the Attorney General to launch an appeal in this case, however something clearly needs to be done for future cases coming before the courts. Your signature on this petition will help to make that happen.


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62. Keep this baby-murderer out of Canada

In 2008, Steven Barker, his brother Jason Owen and his partner, Tracy Connolly; were convicted of causing or allowing the death of a two year old boy, Peter Connolly. The details of their crime sickened the nation, causing outrage in parliament and widespread anger amongst the people of Britain.

Causing or allowing the death of a child is a relatively new offence in Britain, introduced to prevent child murderers simply avoiding responsibility for their crimes by blaming each other for laying the final blow. Naturally, Barker, Owen (who changed his name to try and disassociate himself from his brother) and Connolly all blamed each other, meaning that there was no realistic possibility of getting a murder conviction, so they were tried under the new law.

It sounds fairly passive, causing or allowing the death of a child, but their role in Peter's death was anything but. Barker moved in with Connolly, who failed to tell the authorities that he was living with her while Peter was on the child protection register, as she was required to do. Barker and Owen had a violent past, directing their sick fantasies at old and young alike, including torturing their own grandmother to make her change her will. Barker was also convicted of raping a two year old girl after being found guilty of causing or allowing the death of Peter.

From the day Barker and Owen came on the scene, Peter's days were numbered. By the time he died, after 17 months of torture, neglect and abuse, little baby Peter had 50 separate injuries on his body, caused by the animals he lived with.

Not surprisingly, the people of Britain despise these animals for their crimes, which has led to speculation that they will be granted new identities and anonymity on release, to protect them from vigilante attacks. It has been reported in the British press that Steven Barker, the child-raping baby murderer, has his hear set on starting a new life in Canada on his release.

We think that Barker should be barred from being able to settle in Canada or any other country for that matter. His crimes were committed in Britain, he is a British citizen, the Government of Canada has no legal or moral obligation to allow him to come here. Indeed, it would be grossly injurious to the reputation of Canada as a civilized and law-abiding society, and it would place at risk the most vulnerable people in our country, namely the very young and seniors upon whom Barker and his wretched accomplices visited their sick and violent fantasies.

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63. Support Jimmy's Bill

There are over 609,000 children abused every year. We are wanting to help make the laws for punishment more stringent to help stop the abuse.

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64. Life in Prison For Baby Killers and Baby Abusers

On Saturday, September 20th 2009 in Winnipeg, Manitoba a 23 year old man assaulted his infant 8 month old baby, and is now confirmed that the baby was stabbed near the eye, over a dispute between him and his 29 year old common-law-wife. Its been said by Child welfare workers that violence against children has increased dramatically in the past 20 years and that out of the recent 10 child deaths 3 of which were homicides.

And on top of that in the month of September there was 2 serious brutal assaults, the September 20th incident involving a 23 year old man, his common-law-wife and there 8 month old baby who was stabbed near the eye after an arguement, but just weeks before that in the same complex on September 1st a 14 month old baby was abducted from her home and was severely beaten by a 19 year old women. These are only the most recent violent incidents against children. This needs to STOP.

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65. Petition for a Government funded Child Abuse Awareness Advertising Campaign

Too often we are hearing of child abuse cases which have gone unreported and consequently ended in the death of a child. If all those who came forward with information after a child has died, reported their concerns before the child was murdered, then maybe some of these children would still be alive today.

According to the charity, Action for Children, a quarter of adults in the UK have worried that a child they know may be neglected, but over a third did not act on their concerns. Hence, the public must be made aware that through voicing their concerns, no matter how small they may seem, they could potentially save a child's life.

This public service advertising campaign should convey a message that child abuse MUST be reported. It should outline the warning signs of abuse and neglect so it can be more easily recognised, and it should provide information on how to report suspected abuse and neglect.

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66. If you could stop even one act of cruelty towards a child, would it be worth signing your name?

With what's being called 'The Baby P effect', we are seeing a record number of care applications made to courts by local authorities and with more than 5,000 children being placed into care since his killers were convicted in November (double the number for the same period last year), there is mounting evidence that the rest of society's vulnerable children are being left out of the picture.

Fortunately, it is now clear how we as a society can constructively help.

Evidently, it's not just about monitoring those at risk, it's about being aware of children equally vulnerable but not yet on the proper 'radar'.

With an average cost of £40,000 for each child taken into care resulting in massive Council bills where cuts are already being made, together with what were already unworkable case loads, it's small wonder that money and resources 'de-prioritise' vulnerable children elsewhere.

Jill Kirby from the Centre for Policy Studies says "There is evidence to suggest that the child protection register should be expanded. A recent Documentary on Channel 4 showed that more than 90% of children who died at the hands of a parent (or parent substitute) were not on the register."

I have been saying for some time now that this cannot stay a social service problem; it has to be dealt with as a whole society and one where our local Government, Police, Schools and Citizen Groups work together to find a way through without swinging from one extreme to the other (in this case from negligence to over-intervention).

Police in their 'Safer Communities' initiatives say things like ..."It has long been recognised that crime reduction and crime prevention are not the sole responsibility of the police. By working together with others, it is possible to have a greater impact in the fight against crime and tackling the causes of crime."

Well then, why cant we extend that to safeguarding children?

The NSPCC says there are indicators that help to identify households where children are likely to be at risk. Jill Kirby says that the 90% of children killed that were not on the register, in nearly every case conformed to those risk indicators.

So, why not teach us these within the 'Safer Neighbourhood and Community' groups - to help us be additional eyes and ears for Police and Social Workers?

Jill Kirby also says "The emphasis on integrating children's services has created a complex web of reporting structures. At the top of these structures will be a director of children's services whose background is nearly always in education, not child protection " ... and

... "The Audit Commission reviewing the work of local authority children's trusts found that the lack of clear direction and accountability of these bodies, and the confusion about their role, meant that they were hampered in their ability to protect children".

So essentially, we as Society's Parents need to (a) help with the debate on 'expanding the risk register' to include statistically proven vulnerable children not currently registered and (b) work with the Police and Local Government to help protect them in an informed, educated and cohesive manner.

If you think these two aims are correct, then please sign your name on the petition below.

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67. Bring Back Hanging For Vile and Evil Offences In The UK

The death penalty was abolished in britain in 1998. i think it should be brought back, not for the offences it used to be for, murder, high treason, arson in the royal dockyards and piracy with violence but for the things that make us sick to our stomachs like the abduction, rape, torture and murder of children or anyone else.

The people who do these things are sick people and plan their offences beforehand.

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68. Justice for little Shane Coffman!

It is clear why Don Gilson recived the death penalty. He is a child killer and abuser. He murdered 8 year old Shane Coffman. Some people are trying to argue the fact that Don Gilson was in a car wreck in 1993 and suffered brain damage and this in some way led to the abuse and eventually murder. This does not explain why while he was married to a woman named Ruby from 1983 to 1991, she and her children were also abused by Don Gilson. He broke his Ruby's nose on one occasion and would punch her daughter lynetta in the face with his closed fist. He would also beat her son Delbert with a board and he stated in court documents "it did not matter where he hit him." So his pattern of abuse was established long before the car accident. Don Gilson has no family history of abuse.

Ms.Coffman, the childrens mother did not receive the death penalty. Many believe she does deserve it though. The judge spared her life only to lessen the suffering of her children who had already been through so much. He stated killing her was to good for her, that she should go to bed every night and wake up every morning thinking about what she had done for the rest of her life. He said he should stay caged like the animal she is. Since she is biologically connected she has more guilty feelings over her children than Don Gilson. Don Gilson only showed remorse when he knew he was caught. He stated in numerous interviews with the FBI and law enforcement agencies that Shane just gave up on life. He said even animals have that instinct to stay alive, but he just quit. Well, little Shane did not just quit, he had the life beaten out of his little body. Don Gilson was the main perpetrator of the abuse of the Coffman children and the murder of Shane. He is the true definition of a monster.
For more information go to

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69. Justice for Katelynn Stinnett

On dec 3rd 2008, 2 yr old Katelynn Stinnett died in a Lexington KY hospital from injuries she received by being beaten, and raped. 18-year old Brian Crabtree stands charged with murder, rape, sodomy and sexual abuse.

Police say he attacked two-year-old Katelynn Stinnett inside an apartment on Cummins Court in November, while babysitting the child. Crabtree has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Katelynn was so badly beaten that it took over 400 staples and stitches to put her "back together" again for her funeral. At her funeral her head had to be covered by a bonnett to mask the massive head injuries she received.

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70. The legal removal of the metal cage and proper burial of Brianna Mariah Lopez

Baby Brianna Lopez was 5 months old when she died as a result of prolonged abuse and sexual assault at the hands of her father, uncle and mother. Brianna Lopez's family were sentenced to prison for their crime. No one laid claim to this baby's body after she had died so the community of Las Cruces came forward to lay claim to Brianna and honour her at her funeral whilst the Dona Ana county donated the funds for her burial site.

Brianna's remaining family held a small and quick burial in a private cemetery, excluding other family members. No headstone was placed at her grave, only a marker was placed on the site then the burial mound raked flat. People of the community came to honour this baby by laying flowers. As the family wanted her death to be quiet they ordered a metal cage be placed over the burial site to discourage people from honouring her. The cage has surrounded baby Briannas resting place for eight years. Unfortunately the family has maintained this as it is a legal right.

This petition will go towards supporting the District Attorney of Dona Ana county, Amy Orlando in achieving what baby Brianna Lopez is entitled to, the removal of the cage and a proper burial with a headstone.

Please email any messages to

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71. Introduce Mandatory Parenting Classes in High School

Child abuse is a huge problem in Australia. In 2006-7, 37,094 cases of child abuse were substantiated in NSW alone (see Many resources and interventions have been created and implemented to combat child abuse and protect children from known and sustpected abusers.

Now, it is time to do something about child abuse before it happens, instead of waiting until the damage is done.
Parenting classes should be incorporated into school curriculum as a mandatory subject, implemented before Year 10 (at which point children are able to leave school).

Parenting classes will enable individuals to learn what to expect when having children, and how to cope with the stresses associated with a new baby. Understanding why kids behave like they do will allow individuals to make better, more informed choices regarding parenthood and parenting techniques, including how to deal with problems tactfully, rather than physically or using ignorance.

Education in this area will reduce the incidence, at the very least, of child abuse case resulting from neglect.

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72. Enough is Enough! We want Children Protected

New System to prevent Neglect?

Times may 2008.
Figures from the university of Bristol - 91% of the time the children have been known to care authorities through cases being reported. Only with 42 per cent a result of “unplanned crisis intervention. Social workers waited until the child was under serious threat before taking action.

Some London boroughs applications to courts for “care orders”, which are legally required to take children into local authority care, have fallen by 75 per cent since the pilot began-Rosemary Bennett, Social Affairs Correspondent The Times.


Sheffield Services - Guardian online 27 June 2008
Tiffany Wright - 3 years old. Died in squalor, filth and degradation of malnutrition. wasn't found till two days after her death by her mother. Both mother and partner jailed for 12 years and 5 years.

Authorities knew about the danger as they warned mother to not leave children unattended in the living quarters.

Doncaster Authorities. faces inquiry over seven suspicious deaths. The times January 13 2009. Alfie Goddard- Three months old died of an head injury. His father pleaded Guilty to Murder. The social workers were warned numerous times about the father's violent temper. Nothing was done.

Amy Howson, who was starved and beaten before her spine was snapped in December 2007. Her father, James Howson, 25, was found guilty last October of the murder of his 16-month-old daughter. He was jailed for a minimum of 22 years. Her mother, Tina Hunt, received a 12-month suspended sentence after admitting child cruelty.

BABY P- Guardian 11 November 2008
The 17-month-old died after months of being used "as a punchbag" and then having his back and ribs broken, the court heard.

He was seen 60 times by health or social workers during that period, around twice a week. However, close to his death he became unrecognisable, had more than 50 injuries or bruises, and an attempt had been made to cover up the crime.

A postmortem examination revealed the boy had a broken back, eight fractured ribs, missing fingernails and toenails, multiple bruises and an injury to the inside of his mouth. He had also swallowed one of his own teeth. The court heard that his back had been broken by slamming him down over a bent knee or a bannister, which would have left him paralysed.

Birmingham authorities- Khyra Ishaq- 27/05/2008- The Telegraph
Social workers failed to visit Khyra who starved to death, despite her being withdrawn from school amid allegations that she and her siblings were being bullied.

Mr Mahmood, the Labour MP for Perry Barr, said the failure to try to contact the family again after the attempted visit constituted a "breakdown of protocols and structures".

There are more that have not been mentioned..

Please support this petition ..
The aim is to get a quick fast track service for children who may be at high risk and quicker response times to an allegation of child abuse.

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73. Minimum Sentences for Child Abuse

The Felony Child Abuse charge " Great Bodily Injury to a Child" This charge is a felony and carries a maximum of 20 years but carries no minimum sentence in South Carolina.

This allows a judge to ability to determine the sentence length himself and carries the possibility of the guilty walking out of the courtroom with a sentence of Probation only which is effect a slap on the wrist for comitting a crime of this magnitude. This was the case in the charge against Talisha Smith.

Talisha Smith struck Kendra Gaddie who was 7 months old at the time causing brain hemmoraging and possible life long effects from her act. During sentencing Judge Kennth Goode gave Talisha Smith a 10 year suspended sentance with 5 years of Probation only.

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74. Jared's Law Maximum Mandatory Sentencing In Crimes Against Children

Justice For The Innocent is a registered organization fighting for the right of children in the USA, UK and Canada.

Our Mission is:
"Justice for the Innocent acts as a protection and prevention for all children from abuse and murder. In our endeavor to protect and prevent, we are proposing and petitioning for a change in the law so that any person who commits a crime against a child receives a mandatory sentence of the maximum sentence allowed in the state which they are being tried. Ensuring children’s well being is paramount to Justice for the Innocent”

A report of child abuse is made ever 3.5 SECONDS! The average time served for crimes against children is 3.5years! Even to go as far as to beating to death a persons own children can land them as little as probation! When are we going to stop this? When are we going to save enough is enough!
60% of people reoffend in just the first thirty six months, 33% of victims repeat the cycle, and 56% of victims end up imprisoned for other crimes, which they hold the abuse accountable for.

Just think about the first two figures if there are 906,000 child abusers (we know there are many more now, but I will use this figure as out of the 3million cases these were the ones which led to a conviction) 33% would repeat the cycle which is 298,980, and 60% of the 906,000 of them reoffend, that is 543,600. Out of the 543,600, 179,388 will go on to repeat the cycle meaning that we now have 1,384,368 abusers and 1,927,968 victims. Now this is just assuming that the abuser has ONE victim.

Okay now let’s look if Jared's Law was in place, 906,000 abusers, locked up, but before they do they abuse 906,000, these children go on to repeat the cycle 289,980 will offend - 33% would repeat the cycle which is 98,663 which equals to 1,294,643 , this would decrease every year. So if Jared's Law as in place not only would it have saved 633,325 children from abuse, but the rate of Drug and Alcohol addictions would decrease,
Teenage pregnancies would
Petty crime would
As would violent crimes 30% of Abuse survivors are incarcerated for these crimes
The mental health issues drop.

We are needing people to get involved, there are several ways for people to help, we have an online petition at our website, we ask people to sign the petition and encourage others too, we also encourage people to hold paper petitions for your local communities, friends, family and even businesses and thirdly we are also raising funds to continue raising awareness about Jared's Law, we are currently raising funds to purchase Jared Band's (awareness bands) you can donate by clicking the “donate” button in the menu online.

We ask each and everyone to visit the website and support Justice For The Innocent. You will find over 800 memorial pages of murdered children on the website, each memorial is free of charge. We at Justice For The Innocent believe in keeping the memory of all these children alive. Learn from these children and prevent it from happening again.

Will YOU help?

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75. BABY P ABUSE - Sack Haringey Council and the Children's Minister!!

Baby P had head injuries, a broken back, nine fractured ribs, fingernails and a toenail missing, a severe mouth injury, a ripped ear and extensive bruising on his body. He was found dead in his blood spattered cot.

The child, who was on the child protection register, died in a blood-spattered cot last year after spending much of his short life being used as a punchbag.

Despite 60 visits from Haringey Social Services, this boy still suffered in silence and died in a blood splattered cot.


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76. Stop The Silencing Campaigns

Fathers' rights movements have continued to campaign against women and children speaking out about domestic violence and child abuse. They say that it's against fathers but if they didn't hurt anyone, what have they got to hide?

There are good men out there who do not beat their wives or abuse their children and understand that we need to know about these things so we can be there for those we care about that have been unfortunate enough to endure these appalling acts.

Unfortunately there are some that want us to be silent and to be forced to endure such atrocities alone and without help or understanding.

Awareness is the key to ending such oppression and is the very reason as to why we have the "freedom of information" as a human right.

Help us beat violence supportive attitudes so that one day all violence and oppression is apart of history and no more.

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77. Stop Judicial Abuse

Judicial Abuse


Judicial abuse occurs when the effects of law itself are damaging to the person access to justice. In the most severe forms, Judicial abuse often occurs involving the most vulnerable members of our world: Children. For some time, judicial abuse has occurred across systems and mostly against mothers and children. Considering that it was not that long ago that both women and children were seen and not heard, just as things were improving it seemed as though humanity was finally valuing each and every prescious human life. Out in the public, such things would and do cause enough outrage for a sense of "natural justice". Away from the public eye, these human rights atrocities occur almost unseen and unheard like a thief in the night.

There are laws that prevent survivors from speaking out about their experiences. Whilst it is "for the children", children are not allowed to speak about the proceedings either. The media have written too few articles on the family court. To bring the case to the media, participants must seek permission from the court itself or face imprisonment. Controversially, fathers rights groups were allowed to heavily voice their stories of "no contact", "falsely accused of child abuse and domestic violence" and few were allowed to challenge that except in utilizing generalist terms and evidence based research. We are aware that most of these stories are not the case at all but are withheld by law to bring the public the truth.
Family Court

In the process of seeking more time with children and promoting what appears to be the most noble cause, has entrenched the rights of mothers and children in their ability to seek safety from violence. Heads have been quoted in the media for stating that "family violence is our core business". The propaganda that is spread about the voices of children and their access to justice promotes the profitability in manufacturing child abuse and domestic violence. They can do something about it, but it is not within their best economical advantage to do so. This will continue until something is done.

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78. Revolving door - Monsters on the loose in America

CHILD ABUSE: Each week, child protective services (CPS) agencies throughout the United States receive more than 50,000 reports of suspected child abuse or neglect. In 2002, 2.6 million reports concerning the welfare of approximately 4.5 million children were made.

In approximately two-thirds (67 percent) of these cases, the information provided in the report was sufficient to prompt an assessment or investigation. As a result of these investigations, approximately 896,000 children were found to have been victims of abuse or neglect—an average of more than 2,450 children per day.
More than half (60 percent) of victims experienced neglect, meaning a caretaker failed to provide for the child's basic needs. Fewer victims experienced physical abuse (nearly 20 percent) or sexual abuse (10 percent), though these cases are typically more likely to be publicized. An average of nearly four children die every day as a result of child abuse or neglect (1,400 in 2002). Children of all ages experience abuse and neglect, but the youngest children are most vulnerable. Children younger than 1 year old accounted for 41 percent of all abuse-related deaths reported in 2002; three-quarters (76 percent) of those killed were younger than 4.

RAPE: Every two minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted. Rape is a serious problem in the United States today. The United States has the highest rape rate among countries which report such statistics. It is 4 times higher than that of Germany, 13 times higher than that of England and 20 times higher than that of Japan. 7.6 % of women in the United States have survived a completed or attempted rape. Of these, 21.6% were younger than age 12 when they were first raped, and 32.4% were between the ages of 12 and 17. (Full Report of the Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women, Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey, November, 2000) The FBI estimates that only 37% of all rapes are reported to the police. U.S. Justice Department statistics are even lower, with only 26% of all rapes or attempted rapes being reported to law enforcement officials. The National College Women Sexual Victimization Study estimated that between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 college women experience completed or attempted rape during their college years (Fisher 2000). One out of every six American women have been the victims of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.

Murder: Crime in the United States is characterized by relatively high levels of gun violence and homicide, compared to other developed countries.In 2005, 24% of the incidents of violent crime, a weapon was present.

Offenders had or used a weapon in 48% of all robberies, compared with 22% of all aggravated assaults and 7% of all rapes/sexual assaults in 2005.

Homicides are most often committed with guns, especially handguns. In 2005, 55% of homicides were committed with handguns, 16% with other guns, 14% with knives, 5% with blunt objects, and 11% with other weapons. # Per every 1,000 persons in that racial group, 32 blacks, 23 whites and 18 persons of other races sustained a violent crime.

In 2006 —-
* Per every 1,000 persons in that racial group, 32 blacks, 23 whites and 18 persons of other races sustained a violent crime.
* Black, white, and other races experienced one per 1,000 person rates of rape/sexual assault.

There is a reported 90 guns for every 100 people in the U.S. Out of the 875 million known guns in the world, the U.S. owns 270 million of them.

Within 3 years of being released 67% of the ex-prisoners are rearrested and 52% are actually re-incarcerated.

In 1995 the government allocated 5.1 billion dollars for new prison space. Every $100 million spend in construction will cost $1.6 billion in finance and operational costs over the next 3 decades.[12] Taxpayers spend $60 billion a year for prisons.

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79. Carson's Crusaders

On Sat. August 2, 2008, three year old Carson Chaney was taken to Colquitt Regional Medical Center and placed in ICU due to serious injuries sustained at the hands of his father, Colt and his stepmom, Amanda Chaney of Moultrie, Georgia. Colt and Amanda Chaney have since been charged with two counts of First Degree Cruelty to Children and other charges are pending.

Carson's injuries, as stated by the Moultrie Observer, are: 2nd and 3rd degree burns on numerous places on his body that had blistered and bled due to lack of medical treatment, bruises and abrasions on his face body. Also, Carson was locked in his room for a week for punishment. Carson has had it rough his entire life and he is only three years old. Please keep in mind that several months ago Carson had to be life flighted to a Tallahassee hospital because he allegedly fell off of a porch and cracked his skull. For more than a week it was unknown whether Carson would live or die. At that time, Carson was being cared for by Colt and Amanda Chaney.

As of now, Colt and Amanda are being held in the Colquitt County Jail without bond and we are fighting to keep it that way. Without the courageous action taken by a babysitter, Carson could have died from his injuries.

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80. "Close the gap" in Indiana law

We find it very disturbing that abuse can be over looked and ignored because of a “gap” in the law between the State of Indiana, the Department Child Services, and the Department of Education. Who is responsible for reviewing the rules concerning licensing? (IC 31-27-2-1 Indiana Code regarding Duties of the Department of Child Services and Child Care Institutions operated by Religious Institutions).

Hephzibah House is not-for-profit religious facililty that has fallen into the gap. No one is supervising the activities at Hephzibah House. None of their staff has yet to be held accountable for the abuse that has been taking place there for over 30 years.

*Strip searches and forced vaginal exams.

*Beatings leaving scrapes, blood, and bruises.

*Isolation from family and other students.

*Humiliation (Including forcing teen girls to wear diapers & record publicly the details of their bodily functions).

*Food deprivation or force feeding as punishment.

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81. Appeal process for childrens' protective services

I as well as numerous other families have had children's protective services not take action with a family I reported when I witnessed abuse.

Childrens' services has a long history of removing children who shouldn't be removed and not removing children who should be removed. Thousands of families have been devestated by their action and nonaction. There are many reforms which this agency needs to take action on. I believe that the first action needs to be to establish an appeals process for decisions made by childrens' services.

There is an appeals process for the court system, for determination of public benifits and we need one for the process of determining childrens' safety. Training is less than minimal in childrens' services and frequently decisions are based on personal biases and unless onre has the money for an attorney there is not much a person can do about these decisions.

An appeals process would at least give a family an unbias step in a process which hurts children as much as it helps them.

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82. We Deserve The Right To Live Pain Free

Child abuse is reported on an average of every 10 seconds and three children die every day as a result of such abuse.

Sadly, Colorado has one of the highest rates of child abuse in the country. According to the National Child Abuse & Neglect Data System (NCANDS), Colorado ranks 3rd in the nation for deaths resulting from child abuse.

Government funding does not support the full range of services necessary to assist families in providing safe, nurturing care and education for their children, or, when necessary, to develop an alternative permanency option.

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83. 100% prosecution rate for crimes against children

South Africa's endless rapes and violations of our country's children and babies and the child pornography problem that never yields any justice needs to be addressed.

We need to ensure that all our children in the present and in the future are safe from harm.

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84. Child abuse and sbcs or drunk driving

This is the letter if you want to use it that's fine.








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85. Chris Cejas Amendment to the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act to Include Apartment Managers

In August of 2002 my 12 year old grandson Chris Cejas was beaten to death in Sacramento California by his biological father and step mother.

From the information I have the judge stated the injuries Chris suffered were equivalent to a serious car accident. This torture went on for 3 to 4 days. In May of 2002 an upstairs neighbor called CPS. After 9 days the worker showed up at the apartment complex. Since the caller did not tell the apartment number at which Chris was located, the worker went to the manager. The manager told the worker she didn't know of any Chris in trouble there. The problem with that is the apartment where Chris died alone, on the floor with a blanket tossed over him was right next door to the manager's apartment.

If apartment managers were Mandatory reporters under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act in 2002 this manager would have been obligated to report the noises she had to have heard or face charges herself. Also there are protections for mandated reporters already placed in the law to protect them from law suits.


July 10, 2007

Update: This petition is now open to signatures from anyone across the United States.

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86. Child Abuse Prevention Act

This petition was inspired by a 4 year old little girl named Summer Phelps. Summer was basically invisible to everyone since she was only 4 and did not attend school.

Summer endured months of horrifying torture and abuse at the hands of her father and stepmother, who were eventually arrested and charged with her murder by abuse. You can learn more about Summer's case by going to these sites:,2933,258385,00.html

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87. Baby James' Foundation & Law

Children are placed back into the hands of their abuser to only end up being abused again, or worse, deceased. These abusers have more children, walk our streets, become babysitters, sometimes teachers and coaches, generally remaining a presence in our communities and in the lives of our young people.

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88. I, too, "am fearfully and wonderfully made"

At the close of the year 2006, there were 689 reported and confirmed cases of severe child abuse and neglect in York County, South Carolina. This includes only this one county, and doesn't account for the multitude of cases that likely went unreported.

Not a single one of these cases resulted in a prison sentence for the perpetrator greater than 11 years. More significant sentences have been granted for the abuse of animals, which is demonstrated by the attached documentation.

Child abuse and neglect is an epidemic in our country, and one that must be stopped. Most of us have heard the phrase "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" (Exodus 21:23-27). This idea represents exact retribution, insisting that the perpetrator should suffer exactly what the victim has suffered.

As we present this petition before the court and its people, we argue for exact retribution for all victims of child abuse. The effects of such abuse do not go away; they may be nummed, but follow an individual throughout the rest of their lives.

Thus, since the victim will suffer until their life ends, so should the offender. We insist that a fair sentence for such a crime should last for a lifetime as well.

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89. Child abusers should face felony charges

Child abuse has occured ever since humans have existed and is an overwhelming problem in our society. According to statistics submitted by government websites and historical records, children are dying by the hundreds every day from abusive caretakers, specifically parents or guardians.

According to a 2002 Fact Sheet provided by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, 1500 children died from maltreatment in 2002. Many child abusers end up facing misdemeanors instead of felony charges because of their good behavior and promises to change. Congress has the power to force child abusers to face stiffer penlaties if we can only provide support for this much needed law change.

Also, according to NC's child abuse felonies, Class C and Calss E child abuse felonies must be seen in Superior Court which meets only twice a year. If Congress would allow especially "serious" cases to be classified as Class H or Class I felonies, the district attorneys could plea for the cases to be seen in district court.

This change in setting would make the victim of abuse much safer because the case could be seen sooner.

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90. Joshua's Law

My son Joshua was shaken 10 - 15 times on January 1st 2006. He has suffered severe permanent brain injury; everything except his brain stem was permanently damaged. He had two front sub-dural hematomias, and an old bleeding in his cerebellum. He also suffered a skull fracture, and severe bilateral retinal hemorrhaging. The retinal bleeding was so severe that Josh is now only able to see shadows.

A feeding tube had to be surgically placed into his belly, due to the injury leaving him unable to coordinate swallowing with breathing. Joshua also ended up having two Craniotomies, and needed a Ventricular shunt placed into his head. The shunt is a tube with a one way valve that drains all reoccurring extra fluid from his head into his bladder so he can urinate it out. This way he doesn’t need to have doctors continuously going into his head, and giving him opportunities to get infections. Joshua’s overall prognosis is grim, doctors predict that he will keep getting ill due to his weak immune system, and will never live beyond his twentieth birthday. No Mother should have to look at her child and know that her days with him are numbered. Joshua was injured on January first 2006; it’s now over two years later and he is almost three years old. He was recently evaluated to be at a two-three month developmental level.

He cannot hold up his own head, sit, roll over, stand, walk, talk, or see anything more than shadows. Doctor suspect that Joshua will be frozen at this level and may not develop any farther. Even though Joshua didn’t die, he was still robbed of his life. He has lost the chance to enjoy playing with his sister and brother. I don’t get to tuck my baby in at night, because he needs 24 hour nursing care and has to live in a nursing facility. He will never be able to speak, I will never hear him say “I love you mom”. I will never get the chance to see him get married, and he will never have the joy of having children. He has also been robbed time for nurturing; I can not play with my baby.

He can not grow up in a loving home; instead he has to grow up with nurses and doctors. Suffering trying to do the simple things, like picking up his arms, and holding things. No mother should ever have to see her child on a respirator, evaluate her child’s quality of life, make a decision to sign a Do Not Resuscitate document, or have their child be given last rights for an injury that could have been prevented.

This is way I'm proposing "Joshua's Law." Joshua's Law would make all convicted child abusers become nationally registered. We have a right to know who is safe around our children and who is not!

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