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1. Allow officers to rescue pets in hot cars

There are currently only 17 states that have laws to protect animals from being left in hot cars. Michael Vick is trying to make it 18.

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback will meet with State lawmakers inside the Pennsylvania legislature and lobby the Democratic caucus. School children from Harrisburg will accompany Vick. The goal is to pass an important animal welfare bill and teach children the political process along the way. State Representative Jake Wheatley, Jr. and State Representative Ed Gainey from the Pittsburgh area are hosting the legislative visit.

Vick is pushing lawmakers to pass PA House Bill 1516, nicknamed the “Pets in Cars” bill. It would give police officers more authority to save a dog or cat in distress if necessary. An officer who removes a cat or dog from a hot car would not be held liable for damages.

On an 80 degree day, the temperature inside a car can reach 99 degrees in just ten minutes, and 114 degrees within thirty minutes. Animals do not sweat like humans, so they have difficulty cooling themselves down in hot conditions.

Vick is determined to continue his advocacy even after his NFL career. He wants his fans to become animal welfare advocates too. Vick is encouraging his fans to sign this petition for the Pets in Cars bill on his Facebook page.

He will deliver the results of the petition to lawmakers in hopes of getting the bill to become a law.

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2. Support Parking Restrictions for Moreland

The suburb of Pascoe Vale South, Victoria, Australia is a thriving, highly livable community. But in recent years population has grown and the number of cars in the area has increased dramatically. Not only are there more cars driven on the roads but more and more are being parked on-street.

This high density of parked vehicles is causing strain on the community due to poorly defined parking restrictions. The residents of the community are calling for council to employ more parking restrictions to minimise the number of parked vehicles on street. This petition is focusing on one street at the moment, namely 'Grandview avenue', although more are expected to be tackled in future. There are various reasons that changes need to be made to parking laws on this street.

Pascoe Vale South has large elderly community many of whom receive services such as meals on wheels and regular nurse visits for treatment such as dialysis. With parking space taken up on the street it is extremely inconvenient for these people to access these essential services. It is also important the ambulances can easily access homes in case of emergency as such the street must be kept as clear as possible all hours of the day.

There are also a number of young families in street and kids, as they do, play on the street. The number of parked cars on the street make visibility difficult for both through traffic and the kids themselves. Removing many of the cars would allow for better visibility and safety .

The streets in the area are quite narrow. With cars parked on both sides of the street some trucks including rubbish collection trucks can not physically maneuver through the street. This prevents access to services to the community.
Traffic flow will improve and residents will also be able to reverse and access parking in the area if these changes are made.

We call on all members of the Pascoe Vale South community and beyond to sign this petition as better defined parking rules will better benefit the community of Pascoe Vale South making it safer and more convenient for all.

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What better way to keep the memory of 'Fast & Furious' actor, Paul Walker, alive, than for Madame Tussauds to create and display a life-like figure of the Hollywood actor.

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4. Keep Clarkson Off Air

The BBC have suspended Jeremy Clarkson and this petition is in response to the petition to reinstate him.

The BBC should stick to their principles and Keep Clarkson off air - permanently.

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5. Restore Parking Spaces on Boynton Street in JP

This past year, the City imposed new parking restrictions at both ends of Boynton Street that pose real stress on JP residents. Already in the past couple of weeks, parking in this area has been made significantly more competitive – even in this relatively quiet month of August.

In September, the population will increase, as people return from vacation, which will undoubtedly add to the competition for parking.

Even worse, the winter excess snow will undoubtedly eliminate more parking spaces, posing an additional stress to residents who rely on street parking.

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6. Don't change openings hours in the Motor Trade Industry

We believe that there is no reason to change the opening hours in the motor trade industry We tried this many years ago and didn't work.

In fact there should be less hours as people are doing all the research online now before coming into the dealership, instead of going to 10 dealerships to find what car suits there needs.

I believe that by changing the opening hours that you wil lose a lot of professionals that have been in the industry for many years.

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7. Legalise street racing

We request that minister of road and safety to provide us a road (modderdam road) on a Saturday night for street racing or park offs. Reason being street racing has been coming on for years and no matter what the Ghost squad tries to eliminate it, it wont go away.

there is a sport and recreational policy which supports all kinds of sport and encourages it to the fullest.

Motor racing is a sport and should be given the same rights as any other sport.

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8. Electronic Arts need to fix the Hacks (NFSW)

I started playing Need For Speed World in 2011, back then the game was Okay to play regarding Cheaters and Hackers. I recently reinstalled the game after a year and a half or so of not playing, purchased boost to buy cars etc only find out that the game is ridiculously overwhelmed with Hackers & Cheats.

More than 50% of the races I have been in are riddled with cheats, being Auto Finish, Speed, Tank or whatever else there is out there. After doing some research on this I found people are simply downloading 2 applications, one for Boost and one for Cheats and I also found so many videos and websites showing how to cheat/hack.

How can such a big software company create a game that is this insecure, I don’t believe EA's developers are doing all they can to fix these issues and I don’t think it is fair for people to continue buying Boost to be walked all over by cheats on such a high rate. Furthermore I have added so-called cheats to my friends list and reported them for cheating. After over a month I have seen these cheaters return, they have NOT been banned, nor deleted from my friends list as I expected.

There are so many people on the forums complaining about the same thing for so long now, I wanted to show EA how many people this affects!

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9. Reinstate the Anti-Noise Laws in Florida.

In late 2012 a Judge overturned the noise laws in Florida. Police now cannot arrest a person for a loud exhaust or for playing loud music from their car. This affects every person that uses roads or lives on a road, basically everyone.

Whatever happened to DISTURBING THE PEACE and trying to live in peace? The rights of the tax paying public is being trampled underfoot to accommodate some street racers and public exhibitionists.

Please stand up and sign up.

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10. Stop Landlord from billing Jenro's Diner for matters out of the diners control

Support for this campaign is mapped below:

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11. Repair the church lane and road between Addlingfleet and Ousefleet

This is a petition for the roads listed above to be re-tarmacked so that it is easier for bus companies and the general public to use the the roads as they are dangerous to use at the moment.

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12. Fix Avra Valley Rd for Miners and Contractors

The last 5 miles of Avra Valley Rd in pima county is so terrible, that some of the workers have had to replace certain parts on theirs vehicles prior to the average repair date. As car parts are rather expensive along with the repairs it is very costly for the workers to maintain vehicle stability.

Some workers have commented that they have to get alignments every couple months to prevent vehicle breakdown. The road can be considered dangerous for drivers to drive down as there are many holes and uneven paches in the pavement.

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13. Make more Camaros

The Chevrolet Camaro is an automobile manufactured by General Motors under the Chevrolet brand, classified as a pony car and some versions also as a muscle car. It went on sale on September 29, 1966, for the 1967 model year and was designed as a competing model to the Ford Mustang. The car shared its platform and major components with the Pontiac Firebird, also introduced for 1967.

Four distinct generations of the Camaro were developed before production ended in 2002. The nameplate was revived again on a concept car that evolved into the fifth-generation Camaro; production started on March 16, 2009.

Source: Wiki

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14. Allow another colour for private hire drivers

A row about rules which mean Dudley borough private hire cars must be painted white came to a head at a meeting of the authority's taxi's committee last month.

Councillors threw out an application for a relaxation of the rules from the Dudley Private Hire and Taxi Association, who argue white has become a popular colour for car buyers which has increased demand and pushed up prices.

The Dudley Private Hire and Taxi Association, which has around 600 members, says white cars can cost up to £2,000 more than similar vehicles in other colours.

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15. Save A&K Auto Repairs from closure at current location

Planning permission and appeal was refused for the workshop at Unit 1, West Pitcorthie. Fife Council are forcing the business to cease trading from 31 January 2013 or be prosecuted.

As there are no other premises in the area available at the moment this seems criminal!! There is no other reason for the business to close as it is doing well serving the local community many of which rely on A&K Auto Repairs for their mobile businesses.

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16. Make pre-1988 cars tax exempt in the UK

In 1998 the government froze the tax exempt laws to cars made pre 1974 and it NEEDS to be updated, so make cars made pre 1988 (25+ years old) tax exempt!

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17. Freedom Roads: Improve traffic flow in Brisbane

Any road, which has an increase in traffic volumes, which is not a secondary or primary arterial road, is to be upgraded to secondary arterial road status as soon as practicable.

All impediments to free flow of traffic movement are to be removed as soon as reasonable and the road widened as far as the topography allows.

Traffic growth is to be seen as an indicator that the road needs an upgrade and opening up to allow free flow of traffic.

The rights of the motorists and the number of motorists who are taxpayers are to be considered in any forum, which presents itself as championing itself as being for impeding traffic flow.

That the normal growth of the city be considered necessary and supporting that growth is freedom to use roads lawfully and reasonably is a right of all motoring public.

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18. Change Driver Training and Laws for Safer Roads

In the UK one in five young drivers are involved in accidents in the first year of driving. The percentage is higher in young male drivers. This can be attributed to various factors. Lack of experience, driving too fast, lack of concentration due to distractions while driving, insufficient training for bad weather driving and no motorway training what so ever.

There are also issues regarding experienced drivers. We are in a situation where you can pass a driving test at 17 and not be reassessed until the age of 70.

Currently at 70 you can apply on line to renew you licence and only require a medical certificate for medium and large vehicles. The above also contribute to road accidents.

Not only do some accidents change lives for ever especially if the accident is fatal. There are both financial and man power strains put on our emergency services.
With a few simple law changes we can reduce road accidents and fatalities in the UK Another positive could be a reduction in insurance premiums. Less accidents equal less claims which in theory should equal lower insurance costs.


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19. Ask Toyota Canada to stop promoting their product with the abuse of animals!


Website in question:

- Toyota vehicles are great but there is no need to promote their products by giving away free trips to the Calgary Stampede where animals are brutally abused and die for entertainment.

- Toyota Canada is having a promotion where you can enter to win a new Toyota truck or a trip to the Calgary Stampede

Full list of animal deaths at Calgary Stampede

Rodeo is a brutal sport , please watch

Horse dies Calgary Stampede

Another Horse Dies

- Tell Toyota Canada on Facebook , email or phone that you don't approve of this promotion. Promoting their product along side the killing and maiming of animals is not acceptable.

- Email them politely and ask they stop this vulgar promotion immediately , Contact page:

Or phone them

For more information On Rodeo Cruelty please visit

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20. Request for Public Inquiry into Child and Family Services Authority

Workers within all branches of Child and Family Services Authority in Alberta have been maliciously abusing their powers and misinterpreting their mandates.

The Minister responsible for those branches is as guilty as the workers for blatantly closing their eyes on the partial list of the following issues:

usage of threats,
usage of coercion,
intimidation tactics,
fabrication of evidence,
dismissing complaints,
breach of human rights,
breach of constitutional rights,
breach of laws,
inadequate investigations,
not following their own protocols,
various forms of discriminations,
direct harassment,
internal and external collusions,
parading children to adoption candidate prior to Court procedures,
Court orders rendered without effective council representation.

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21. Rescind road tax on classic cars

In the United Kingdom Classic Cars were exempt road tax after reaching 25 years age but that privilege for keepers of cars made after 1973 was revoked which operates unjustly on the keepers of cars made after that date who are obliged to pay the full vehicle excise duty for classic cars that do not cover many miles on public roads each year.

That is a punitive tax the government is asked to review and remove from vehicle keepers who by keeping classic vehicles provide a service to the community by preserving historic cars for its enjoyment.

Typically many owners of such cars will themselves be veterans unable to pay with ease full road tax for a car that is hardly ever driven on roads but required to display a fully paid Vehicle Excise Licence when on the road whereas those made before 1973 do not. That is an injustice that should be put right.

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22. Keep Formula One coverage on the BBC for ALL races from 2012 and stop F1 going to Sky Sports

Formula 1 is going to sky sports denying a lot of fans the chance to watch the races.

It was announced on 29 July 2011 that Sky Sports and BBC would team up to show the races in F1 in 2012, but that there will be free to air restrictions. Sky Sports will show every single race as well as practice sessions and qualifying sessions ad-free, while the BBC would only have limited coverage, some of which will be delayed and not live.

This petition is calling on the UK Parliament and F1 to ensure that F1 remains LIVE on free to air Television.

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23. STOP Fines for Defects

VEHICLE owners hit with defect notices will have to pay new on-the-spot fines, expected to rake in millions for the State Government.

The new fines - $120 for a minor defect and $250 for a major defect - will apply from July 1.

Minor defects include bald tyres, faulty brake lights and broken windscreen wipers, while major defects include faulty brakes, illegal modifications and faulty suspension. Defect notices do not currently incur a fine, although a vehicle owner must pay $26 to have the notice removed after repairs are made.

The Motor Trade Association's SA president, Colin Clark, said a blown light bulb was an example of a fault which would incur a $120 fine and a defect sticker.

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24. Support Free Charity Cars

Free charity cars is an organization that helps people in need to get donated cars. These cares are given to families who need them.

We need help letting people know and to help in some way. Please share this.

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25. A86 Barriers between Roy Bridge and Tulloch

Every week, during ALL driving conditions, people lose their cars, and sometimes their lives on the short stretch of road between Roy Bridge and Tulloch.

These accidents could be reduced with some strategically placed barriers.

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26. We Need A Fence On Our Highways To Protect Our People From Hitting Large Animals Like Mooses



Shediac RCMP (District 4 South East) are investigating a fatal motor vehicle collision that occurred Saturday on Highway 11 in Shediac Bridge.

RCMP said a passenger vehicle travelling in the southbound lane collided with a moose around 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

The driver, a 29-year-old man from Dieppe died at the scene of the crash. His wife, a 26-year-old woman from Dieppe was rushed to hospital in critical condition. She later died in hospital on October 3, 2010. The only survivor from the crash was their 2 year-old son who sustained minor injuries.

An RCMP re-constructionist was called to investigation the crash. The investigation is ongoing.

The names of the victims were not available last night.!/group.php?gid=159544877408840

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27. Brian Menzies deserves to be on Oprah let's make this happen!

Brian Menzies is the CEO of Charity cars inc. Let's all get him on the Oprah show as we have been trying to for months now sign the petition and pass it along!

The Original Charity Cars (DBA Free Charity Cars) is a 501-C-3 non-profit charity, EIN 59-3362703. Established in 1996, our founding mission is to provide refurbished donated vehicles to struggling individuals or qualified entities. Considered the pioneers of the free car-ownership concept, our entrepreneurial organization is totally self-sufficient and succeeds without a penny of government funding. Year after year, our charity leads the nation in awarding free vehicles to deserving candidates across America (over 4000), many times paying for the down-payment for auto insurance, as well as the tag, title and registration fees. Additional auto related assistance provided may include mechanical repairs, body-shop repairs, roadside assistance, warranty purchases, parts purchases, rental cars, or even the down-payment for the purchase of a new or used car.

The Original Charity Cars has enjoyed an avalanche of local and national publicity, including being featured Montel Williams, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, and Two Guys Garage. Articles about the program have appeared in a host of publications including People Magazine, Women's World Magazine, Motor Trend, The Non-Profit Times, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Among its many awards, our organization is honored to be a past winner of the prestigious Walt Disney World Outstanding Community Service Award.


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28. Review Cash for Clunkers

The Government is proposing a Cash for Clunkers scheme, where owners of pre-1995 cars can trade in their old cars and receive a $2000 cash incentive when they trade-up to 'green cars'.

The cars that are traded are then proposed to be destroyed/crushed, which could result in a reduction in the availability of parts for restoration and maintaining old cars.

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29. Fair Registration for Modified Vehicles

The NSW RTA is proposing changes to the current registration system for modified vehicles.

These changes will mean that the majority of modified vehicles will be classified as individually constructed and will have to comply with the ADR's current on the day that it goes for registration.

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30. Enforce Laws on vehicles to use Indicators when mobile

In the early 70's, I passed my driving test for a car, I was taught to use Indicators for overtaking parked vehicles, at junction's and round-a-bouts.

Up to present day, if you take your "HGV or BUS" lessons and Test, you must Indicate at all times, when needed. Over the following years the rules have changed and new car drivers are told its no longer needed to indicate.

This is not acceptable, as it is common decency to show your intentions of direction, when mobile. For Paramount safety on our Roads.

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