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1. Federal Government reinstate $15 million for the FMC Neonatal ICU

The previous Labor Federal Government committed $15 million to expand the neonatal unit at the Flinders Medical Centre.

There was a commitment from the Liberals during the election campaign that they would not make cuts to health.

Unfortunately the Abbott Government have reneged on their promise and will not fund the much needed $15 million expansion.

This is a cruel blow to South Australians and the neonatal intensive care unit at Flinders Medical Centre. The neonatal intensive care unit has 11 intensive care cots and it is one of only two neonatal intensive care units in South Australia. Babies admitted are critically ill or very premature and require extensive care and specialised monitoring.

With a 20% increase in the number of admissions at the neonatal unit, there is an overflow into temporary wards, which has caused significant problems for health professionals and these vulnerable families.

It is appalling that the Abbott Liberal Government has cut health care for our most vulnerable newborns and the $15 million funding should be reinstated as a priority.

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2. Keep All Animals Safe

Did you know most pet store inspections are only looking at dogs and cats? Quoted here from, “Please note, however, some licensing inspections may only cover the care of cat and dogs (or just dogs).”

This means many other animals could be abused and they are not checked on my inspectors who are supposed to protect the animals.

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3. Stop a Care Crisis (Norfolk)


Norfolk County Council is planning further significant and potentially hugely damaging cuts to adult social care. For the first time the funding for personal budgets and care “packages” which provide care for vulnerable people is to be reduced and restrictions applied to the kind of care that people can ask for.

At the same time, funding for ‘preventative’ care services, which keep people well and independent, are being cut still further which can only add to costs in future years as peoples’ health is allowed to deteriorate.

The combination of shrinking budgets, an ageing population and increased demand for social care has caused many organisations to warn of a funding crisis. The Local Government Association, for instance, has calculated that many other Council services will have to be cut by 90% by 2020 if Councils are to be able to meet their social care commitments. Meanwhile, Norfolk County Council has assessed the long term care of older people as having the maximum possible level of risk.

It should be noted that Council Tax has been frozen for the last three years. While it is the case that this has made the Council eligible for some one-off grant funding from the central government, it has severely reduced available Council funding for future years.

Along with this, the present Labour/Lib-Dem administration at the Council has made infrastructure, which includes major road schemes, one of its three main priorities but has neglected to include any mention of social care in those priorities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


You can find specific details of each cut proposed by Norfolk County Council here. The cuts that this petition refers to are included under those numbered: 31, 33, 34, 35 and 37.

Once you've signed the petition, we would also encourage you to take part in the Norfolk County Council consultation on proposed cuts which you can find here.

Thanks again!

Please note, addresses are required for the petition to be accepted by Norfolk County Council. Neither these, nor the email addresses, will be publicly accessible online or used for any other purpose.

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4. Health Care funding through intellectual property reform

Health care costs are quickly outpacing the ability of ordinary Americans to pay for them.

As a result, Americans are suffering from an unprecedented drop in their standard of living.

The following initiative will achieve two objectives: first, being more progressive with respect to the protection of intellectual property rights and, second, providing a fund for the payment of health care costs.

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5. Minimize Restraints in the NHS

The use of physical restraints in the Niagara Health System is an issue of growing concern due to the goal of patient-focused primary care.

Typically, physical restraints are implemented as a cost-effective method of ensuring staff and patient safety (Harmers, 2005; Lewis, Heitkemper, & Dirksen, 2010; Potter & Perry, 2010). Until recently, the use of restraints has been viewed in an ambivalent light; although they deter patient autonomy, ultimately, they were presumed to result in the “greater good” for all involved.

However, recent research has demonstrated that restraint usage is associated with detrimental effects for both the patient and the health care system (Bradas, Sandhu & Mion, 2011; Eaton, 2000; Evans, Wood, & Lambert, 2003; Sandu et al., 2010). The use of physical restraints has been linked to risk of physically and emotionally maladaptive processes.

Such processes include:
- Increased infection
- Increased falls
- Increased social isolation
- Increased functional/physical deterioration
- Increased injury/pressure ulcers
- Increased death.

Thus, restraint usage result in billions of dollars of expenditures in wages and supplies needed to manage these sequelae.

This petition proposes that the Niagara Health System investigates cost-effective alternatives to restraint usage (i.e., employing patient-watch personnel, placing mattresses on the floor near the bed of those who wander). Further, the process of restraint application should be minimized, with efficient screening to ensure all other options are exhausted prior to their usage.

The use of restraints minimizes patient autonomy, health, and emotional well-being. Taking measures to minimize their usage can promote cost-effective, patient-centered care.

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6. Stop DFS Lies

DFS lies and provides false allegations to the court system to obtain and keep children in foster care away from their homes and families.

Each year children are abused, neglected and even die in foster care.

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7. Stop killing feral cats in Switzerland

Killing feral cats is not only cruel but also useless. Other cats will take the place. Cats are useful animals, regulating the mouse population etc.

Too little is said about cats being beneficial to human health, in particular regulating blood pressure and heart problems in general.

Feral cats can become friendly with people and end up becoming house cats. Why do we have feral cats? Because of irresponsible humans, abandoning them!

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8. Help stop Animal Slaughter houses

Animals are fully conscious when they are slaughtered; the majority of the time they are not given pain killers to help.

The animals that are kept in cages, sometimes not even as big as their body, are living in fear, pain and suffer.

Do we really want our dinner to be an animal that has suffered for us?

If we speak out, we can make a difference, we can help.

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9. Stop Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Exchange Grants

The US Government is forcing every state to implement a health insurance exchange program by January 2014 to support the Affordable Care Act.

In order to help the states cover the cost, the government is going to provide them with grants. Since there is a chance that the Republicans may take office next year and kill the program, I want all grants for the Affordable Care Act stopped for the next 12 months.

The country cannot afford to throw money at a program that may not be around in a year.

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10. Bowen Continuity of Care Petition

- during pregnancy (antenatal care)
- during labour and birth (intrapartum care)
- after birth of your baby (postnatal care)

Seeing the same caregiver or small group of caregivers throughout pregnancy, labour and birth and afterwards is called continuity of care.

Midwifery continuity models are popular with women, provide improved birth and satisfaction outcomes, are cost-effective and are common overseas. For these reasons Australian governments are committed to increasing women's access to these models as outlined in the National Maternity Services Plan and actioned by the Queensland Government with the commitment to provide 10% of public birth care in these models. Continuity models also have advantages in the development and retention of a skilled workforce which is responsive to day-to-day demand.

These models provide each woman with care from a known midwife/s, usually to 6 weeks postpartum. To meet the needs of women and be sustainable for midwives, continuity models are innovative and flexible in relation to place of care in widwives' working arrangements. Women with any level of complexity of care, and midwives consult and refer to guidelines and clinical need.

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11. Save our NHS

The Government is planning the biggest re-organisation of the NHS since it began in 1948.

Everyone wants to see the NHS improve but not at the expense of its founding principles - good patient care, free at the point of need, not the ability to pay.

Whilst these changes take place health services in Hastings and Rother are left in limbo; with wards closing and services, like our maternity services threatened.

The current reforms are opposed by the Royal College of GPs, the Royal College of Nurses, the Patients Association and many other groups.

But this is bigger than party politics: it is about protecting our local health service and stopping the creeping privatization of the NHS, cuts to the Conquest Hospital and loss of health services.

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12. Put a Humane force in Las Vegas

Many states have a NSPCA humane force A.K.A animal cops. Las Vegas does not have one. We need one desperately. We need one NOW! The abuse has become so bad that even my next door neighbors are doing it.

It seems left and right animals in Las Vegas are hurt and abused for no reason except for a persons sick fantasies. I'm not asking for money im just asking for help so if you can contact any major officer (mayor, governor, president etc.) please send this to them.

I may be only 15 but this is what I want to do, defend animals of Las Vegas and let them have a good life.

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13. Open family courts to the public to see the truth

There are too many lies and corrupt courts in the world, the courts need to be open so we can see that justice is done properly like the criminal courts, as child abuse should been seen as criminal and not only judge but jury and then they would be a fair hearing part of our human rights as children are taken away from loving familys and this causes more abuse to children.

John Bowbly child psychologist stated it will do more harm than good if a child and mother is separated, research shows children in care are more likely to end up criminals themselves and ASBO.

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14. Parental Alienation by Social Services in Ire: & the UK

Parental Alienation Syndrome vs. Parental Alienation:
Which Diagnosis Should Evaluators Use in Child-Custody Disputes? when a child has been taken into foster care, should Social Services be allowed to use a Victim of PAS evidence against them.

To help you decide please visit my Website PAS by Social Services

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15. Demand palm oil be labeled!

Today palm oil is used in lots of shopping products, some of which includes pears soap, pringles, most peanut butters, clover, ginsters, haribo, Good fellas pizza, warburtons and much more. Unfortunately I wouldn't be mentioning this if it didn't have such an affect on the environment.

The palm oil industry is responsible for destroying thousands of acres of deforestation in other countries. Currently 300 football fields are destroyed in south east Asia every hour for palm oil. And it's not just the vegetation that is being affected! The animals that rely on the forest (such as orangutans) are affected, many orangutans have no place to go when the forest is destroyed. 20 years ago their were more than 300,000 Bornean orangutans in the wild, now their are less than 45,000 in the wild. Orangutans only give birth once in 6 - 10 years therefore it is hard for them to breed as much as they are dying out due to deforestation.

Please go to for more information on orangutans.

But worst of all the industry does not even label palm oil! Most palm oil is labeled as vegetable oil, therefore many people are unaware that it is in their food. This is taking away our freedom to know what exactly goes into our food, it takes away are choice of whether or not to eat palm oil! This is wrong, they should label palm oil and deliberately point out if it is palm oil free!

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16. Review Imminent Threat to Sheltered Housing Funding

The proposed cuts to the 'Supporting People' funding for A2Dominion Sheltered Housing sites within the borough will adversly affect the physical, mental and practical support for the elderly and vulnerable residents resulting in the loss of their Sheltered Housing officer (Warden).

The residents currently believe that their well-being, safety on site, site management (housing stock), mental and physical health are greatly cared for under scheme as it currently stands. That the Care Line system is not adequate to replace this, that the quality of support will diminish rapidly and be another faceless representation of community care.

The consultation deadline is 31 October 2011 so this is URGENT please. The council must receive our views so you can sign this petition and /or write to Representations, Supporting People Team, Third Floor Orange, Perceval House, Uxbridge Road,Ealing,London W5 2HL or by

THANK YOU, we really need and value your help.

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17. Full Time Care Support for Type 1 Diabetic Children

Bassetlaw Hospital are only funding a Paediatric Diabetic Specialist Nurse (PDSN) for 15 hours/week. National Institute for Clinical Excelence (N.I.C.E) guidelines recomend that a PDSN should have no more than 70 patients under their care.

In Bassetlaw there are 60+ children with Type 1 Diabetes, almost the maximum that a FULL TIME PDSN should care for. We need your support to get the local MP and officials to fight for the care our children should be getting.

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18. Prevent the Smart Bus from Charging Personal Care Assistance

As of August1, 2011, Smart is going to be charging Personal Care Assistance to ride the smart bus!

This would mean that someone that requires an assistant would still be able to pay a dollar each way because of their special fair, but their assistant would be paying 4 Dollars each way.

Many people with disabilities have to be taught how to ride the smart bus, and they are taught by a mobility teacher throughout the years of Kindergarten through twelfth grade. There are a lot of mobility teachers, and they each have many students that they have to teach. The company that the mobility teachers work for, for example, the MISD, has to pay a dollar each way for each student that is taken on a bus trip, and now they will have to pay 4 dollars each way for the mobility teacher.

This could eventually become impossible with all of the budget cuts! There will be people not getting taught how to ride the smart bus, and when they are older, and they have to go somewhere like a job, and no one is available to take them, they won’t know what to do!

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19. Save the CDC Subsidized Program

The UCR Child Development Center released a letter to families participating in the subsidized child care program in mid April 2011. The program has provided more than a 70% reduction to low income families to allow their children the opportunity to a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment – an opportunity that most of the families would not have otherwise had.

The letter stated the subsidized program will no longer be offered to faculty and staff families (student staff will remain on the program) effective June 2011 giving the families less than two months to come up with an alternative plan for their children.

If action is not taken these families will not have the quality child care needed to continue to nourish their children’s education and social skills.

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20. DWP 'Projects'

DWP Tribunal Reconsideration Project with Her Majesty's Courts (& now Tribunal Service). Incapacity BenefitS Transition Project. DBD420 "Look again" at DLA Mobility/Care +/or attendance allowance Project.

It is time automatic rejection of claims by some or all of DWP / Benefits & Credits assessment officers ceased. It is time appeals be facilitated and not frustrated to avoid descendants & taking of responsibility by the Departments. Reconsideration erodes rights, wastes time to avoid legal challenges, and all these practices combined deny many vulnerable (including non-disabled/incapacitated) claimants and families access to their lawful entitlements.

The emphasis and responsibility for correct assessment lies with DWP & Benefits and Credits, not with the claimant. Automatic award at lowest levels ("chancing the arm") is equally deplorable. A government which should protect the vulnerable should not itself endanger them to exploitation, nor itself exploit such persons / families.

Civil Servants are paid well to do a job well, not to achieve 'statistics' and being able to place of quantity and lip-service over quality must cease. If quality increases then the Unions will be able to further justify the need to stop cuts in the Civil Service.

Get it right first time. A maxim is fine, but the culture must adopt and accept, not merely recite it.

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21. Save Cowal Hospice

The health board, supported by the leader of Argyll and Bute Council and the chair of the Hospice Trust, will this month ask its Cowal Plan Project Board to replace Cowal Hospice with an ‘information, support and therapy centre’.

The Hospice is Needed in the Cowal area for Pallitive Care. Cowal Hospice, which was opened by pubic subscription 13 years ago, should not be closed.

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22. Protect Norfolk's Care Services

Please sign this Norfolk-wide public petition today for the protection of crucial social services. Some are facing potentially devastating cuts of 50% and others, such as the Sensory Support Unit, could almost be withdrawn completely.

The petition’s aim is three-fold: maintain prevention services, maintain the Sensory Support Service, and maintain care for those with 'substantial' needs.

Services under threat include: home care for people who have an inability to carry out the majority of personal care or domestic routines; Specialist Support Workers who make it possible for sensory impaired people to live independently and access public and community services; grants to voluntary organisations who provide supportive services such as day care; assistive technology for the elderly and disabled; and Homeshield, a service which flags up potential problems at an early stage.

As numerous studies have shown, preventative services save money and resources in the long run by preventing deterioration in the health of the elderly and vulnerable. For example, Swifts & Night Owls is a call out service, used to prevent the need for hospital admissions. Cutting the budget to this service will mean that far greater financial strain will be placed on the NHS, a bill that will inevitably be picked up by the taxpayer.

Cutting support for people with substantial needs is against government advice, which also points out that it tends to lead to a longer term rise in the demand for social services as people's needs become critical as a result of not receiving earlier care. The council have indicated they may not make this particular cut this after all, but it’s important to keep up the pressure so they stick to their word.

There may be ways to save the threatened services – for instance, the Sensory Support Unit could be operated as a shared service with other authorities. However, the cuts are coming so deep and fast, that a nationally recognised service such as this is not being given the chance to find a way to continue. This is surely scandalous.

Please give your support today by signing our petition. Thank you!

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23. Stop the cut in mobility component of Disability Living Allowance

Removing the Mobility Element of Disability Living Allowance for people in Care Homes.

This will have a huge and regressive impact on the independence of thousands of disabled people. Disabled people in means-tested residential care are already forced to manage on incredibly low incomes, often receiving just £22 a week in the form of a Personal Allowance to meet all of their personal costs.

DLA mobility component provides absolutely vital support for people to remain independent and to meet some of the additional costs of getting out. The average payment per person the government plans to cut is £33.40, although actual payments to each individual are either on the lower level of £18.95 per week or the higher level of £49.85

Removing DLA mobility component from people in residential care will have a devastating impact. People will not have the money to meet additional mobility costs such as a powered wheelchair, accessible taxis or a Motability car and this will seriously impact on their independence.

Whilst in some cases limited transport provision is included in residential care fees, this covers only communal or very limited independent transport. It does not provide the freedom offered by mobility DLA. This will result in people being trapped in Residential Care Homes.

We estimate that over 74,000 people will be affected by this cut

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24. Change NHS care for bereaved parents

Have You Ever Lost A Child ? 

Well we have. The care some of us have received from the NHS is lacking in so many places we believe that this should and must be put right.

The majority of mothers of still born babies are left on delivery wards. 

To under go the emotional heartache of hearing the joyous celebration of other families as they welcome to the world their new arrival is unbearable to those who have just lost their baby.

Mothers and fathers of babies lost under 24 weeks are left with nothing to remember their babies by, as it is classed as a miscarriage.

After care counselling is not always available or there is an extremely long waiting time. Bereaved parents need help immediately after their loss.

Medical staff need to READ peoples notes thoroughly to stop the heartache of the mother having to explain over and over again what has happened.

Better training on this area to be given to all medical staff.

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25. Stop Derbyshire County Council's Attacks On Social Care

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) has announced plans to drastically change social care provision for vulnerable residents, particularly elderly and disabled people.

The planned changes include closing two thirds of all care homes in the county, making all service users pay up to £200 a week for care which has always been free at the point of delivery, changing the criteria for qualifying for care so that only those subjectively judged to have substantial or critical needs may access services, making those with stairlifts pay a further £122 a year for a 'warranty' and to remove the automatic top-up grants necessary to enable anyone who needs major home alterations to access district council funds.

DCC announced these changes before Central Government's Comprehensive Spending Review and despite the Council's wealth, as it has in excess of £85 Million in resources. Taking these two facts together, it seems clear that DCC's attack on these vital services is motivated more by elitist ideology and a desire for privitisation by the back door than it could be by necessity. DCC claims that "no decisions have been made yet", but their 'consultation' appears not to have been very widely advertised and ends at 5 p.m. on 5th November 2010, comments can be made via the online form at

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26. Protect Reading's elderly and vulnerable people

The new Conservative and Lib Dem administration in Reading have announced plans to review the eligibility criteria for the care they provide to elderly and vulnerable people such as those with learning difficulties. Elsewhere in Berkshire where this has happened thousands of people have lost much needed services.

The Local Green Party believes that the cuts will affect thousands of Reading families who rely on these services to support them in living their day to day lives and it is essential that we fight to keep these services.

Recent local news articles on the proposed cuts can be found on line by following the links below.

If you or anyone you know are concerned about how these cuts might affect you, please have your say by signing the petition.

If you would like to get more involved in campaigning against these cuts then please get in touch with Rob White or Melanie Eastwood through the Reading Green party website.

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27. Human Rights & Mental Health / Capacity - Stop Abuses

I have worked in the general field of mental health for 35 years. As a therapeutic practitioner and as a manager (Psychosocial Therapies). During that time, I have successfully worked with people with serious mental ill health, learning disability, autism, brain damage and dementia.

I have been concerned about the prescriptive treatment of people with these kinds of problems and the tendency to make judgements against their wishes, without adequate sound evidence to support those decisions. Too many assumptions are made that impact upon personal freedom, dignity, informed choice and self-expression.

I have also witnessed many misdiagnoses and very unsound decisions, within Health & Social Care services and in the Law Courts and Child & Family Courts. The health, wellbeing and lives of my clients / families have been seriously affected these poor decisions. Many other cases have been reported to me.

Although I have met increasing numbers of skilful, person centred psychiatrists, therapists and social workers, there is still a tendency for the institutions to rely on outdate, erroneous assumptions about the cause, nature and resolution of these problems. Many practitioner are being constrained by ‘local’ policies & decisions.

My concern is that there are many contraventions of people’s Human Rights every day, on the most spurious interpretation of the use of special powers. It has become evident that the decisions are biased towards social control, rather the therapy. Local Institutions are very risk averse, protecting their position rather than client’s interests.

Most cases I have worked with, where there is psychosis, agitated behaviour and ‘behaviour problems’, there has been clear evidence of childhood & adolescent trauma and abuse. This may be at home, in social care and education institutions. Adults are also distressed in this way by ‘domestic / relationship abuses’.

This can be anything from physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse, through ‘culture shock’, to bullying in home, school or work. Although I have been able to demonstrate this in individual cases, aided recovery and have successfully challenged most misdiagnoses, it has been difficult to get general attitudes changed.

I am campaigning for a thorough World Health Organisation review of Psychiatric thinking, theoretical foundations and health and social care practices. The evidence of organic causes are very rare and yet psychiatry largely works of the assumption of ‘mental incompetence’, due to genetic, or organic failings.

The social and clinical treatment have as many negative effects as they have benefits as they do benefits, especially when used indefinitely and on the basis of misdiagnosis and false assumptions.

The influence of psychiatry and forensic psychology, within the Law Courts is very dubious. The ‘expert witnesses’ are often the worst examples of clinical psychiatric practice and the Law is far too reliant upon their unsound assumptions and judgments. There is a very unethical aspect to psychiatric ‘expert witnesses’;

“Who is the patient and what are their rights here?”

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28. Save Honeylands respite unit from closure

Honeylands Children's Centre Exeter is a centre of excellence for special needs children with various levels of disabilities. It provides respite care to the families of such children. The respite wing is under threat of closure.

This petition is in support of retaining this vital resource to the parents of these children and must not be closed as it will have a huge knock on effect to the children of other not only Honeylands but Meadow Park and other care establishments across the city.

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29. Stop sending money to Israel to kill American citizens

Israeli forces killed humanitarian activist Rachel Corrie who was trying to stop destruction of a doctors home in Palestine.

They killed humanitarian activist Furkan Dogan who was a member of the freedom flotilla and onboard the Mavi Marmara. He was killed in international waters near Gaza while attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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30. Social Care Should be a Government Priority

Millions of people are affected by Social Care in the UK, whether as users, relatives of users, workers providing services or volunteering time and money to social care.

The cost of providing social care is more than £16 billion, much more than is spent on more prominent issues, such as immigration.

Yet social care is often given a low priority by Government policy and ignored by much of the national media.

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