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1. Improvement to Comber Road Cycle Lane

Cycling along the Comber road has become very dangerous due to the narrow road leading from The west winds estate to the dual carriageway and urgently needs looked at for cyclists.

Even along the carriageway, the cycle lane is full of potholes and uneven tarmac.

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2. A Pavement/Cycle Path for Harwood Hall Lane, Upminster

There are two schools in this road, and children wish to ride their bikes to school or walk which will reduce the traffic considerably.

Currently, this is not possible as their is no pavement or cycle path and it is far too dangerous for anyone to attempt this.

We would like a pavement and cycle path installed so that our children get this option.

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3. Participación ciudadana para señalización de ciclovías de Hermosillo

La ciudad de Hermosillo, por sus características geográficas, económicas y sociales, la hacen un excelente candidato para ser una de las ciudades mas amigables del mundo para ciclistas.

Su desarrollo urbano, en un terreno prácticamente plano, además de un trazado ordenado y recto, facilita significativamente el uso de la bicicleta como medio de transporte. Sin embargo, aún se requiere desarrollar la infraestructura, las ciclovías son inconexas, no están señalizadas, están sucias, o tienen alcatarillas verticales; así como una campaña de concientización que promueva una cultura de convivencia vial entre autos, bicicletas y peatones.

De acuerdo a estadísticas recientes, la señalización adecuada e información de las rutas para ciclistas, harían que un significativo número de Hermosillenses utilicen la bicicleta como medio de trasporte primario.

Tal como se ha visto en otras urbes del mundo (principalmente en Europa), cada ciclista representa un vehículo menos en las avenidas; lo que se traduce en menor contaminación del aire, más seguridad en las calles y una población más alegre y saludable.

Vamos por un Hermosillo de primer mundo! Una ciudad ejemplo de convivencia segura entre ciclistas, peatones y automovilistas.

Con tu participación sí es posible!

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4. Reinstate the Anti-Noise Laws in Florida.

In late 2012 a Judge overturned the noise laws in Florida. Police now cannot arrest a person for a loud exhaust or for playing loud music from their car. This affects every person that uses roads or lives on a road, basically everyone.

Whatever happened to DISTURBING THE PEACE and trying to live in peace? The rights of the tax paying public is being trampled underfoot to accommodate some street racers and public exhibitionists.

Please stand up and sign up.

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5. Allow Bicycles in Lahaina Skatepark

The Lahaina skatepark has recently been constructed with coping and angle iron on all the ledges to make it bicycle friendly. It is one of the 3 public skateparks on maui and is constructed entirly out of cement.

Bicycles and Skateboard have co-existed on maui for many years with skaters and bikers donating countless hours to help maintain and preserve these parks.

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6. Build Westridge a skatepark

The Westridge subdivision Youth are seeking to have a safe skate and bike park that resides on the current buildable land owned by the Bartlett Park District in the Westridge subdivision.

Bartlett currently has (1) skate park at the Bartlett Community Center that is located more than 6 miles from the Westridge subdivision, which is not a safe travel distance for the youth west of route 59 to easily access and safely travel to.

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7. Victoria Street Safety Initiative

Currently Pedestrian Priority (40km/h) in Victoria St is LESS THAN 40% of the week.

On SUNDAY, the BUSIEST DAY OF THE WEEK, the speed limit is 60 km/h ALL DAY.

60 km/h is TOO DANGEROUS a speed at any time for Victoria St.

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8. Bikes Belong in the West TSA

The draft Boulder City Open Space & Mountain Parks West Trail Study Area Plan (OSMP West TSA Plan) proposes continuing a decades old bike ban. Despite two long years of intense effort by BMA, even our modest requests for limited access have been rejected. None of the existing 78 miles of trails are to be opened to bikes and none of the approximately 17 miles of new trails will be either.

OSMP staff offers instead two presently unobtainable "future" opportunities: an access via the Eldorado State Park that, after 10 years of effort, is still opposed by the Park and possible use of the Chapman Drive dirt road, to which OSMP does not have legal access.

In addition, the staff has presented the traditional package of demonstratively contrived "environmental" and "user conflict" issues as justification for continuing the mountain bike prohibition.

Mountain bikers (and BMA) are the most engaged and service oriented user group in Boulder County. BMA has 20 years of volunteer service, trail construction, maintenance, patrolling, and visitor education. The staff's rejection of our modest requests and their lack of any realistic justification for the rejection leaves us no choice. We must speak out in opposition to the staff's unjustified opinions and to their misrepresentations of mountain bike issues.

Please do your part, sign this petition, and visit the BMA website ( to see what else you can do in the next month to defend Boulder mountain biking.

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9. Riding 4 respect: help drivers be more aware of cyclists on the road

We feel that drivers aren't aware of the dangers of cylcists on the road. They don't want to over take properly, they get to close. They also beep some times for no reason. Please sign our petition to help cyclists on the road.

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10. Increase Bicycle Lanes for Stockton Ca

There are two colleges that run between Pacific & Pershing, and from Alpine to Robin Hood. Yet there are only bike lanes directly in front of the colleges, and only on Pershing ln. Some bikers are forced into aggressive traffic.

For the safety of Stockton bike riders we are asking for extended bike lanes.

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11. Let Us Skate

Unfair treatment and threats like calling the cops. When most people see skateboarders they automatically think we are bad and most of us are not.

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12. Support The Growth Of Mississauga Challenge Bike Park

Over the past few years, the sport of "Dirt Jumping" has grown rapidly; especially among teenagers. Many of these teenagers have limited access to an enjoyable, safe, creative location to ride. When Challenge park was created, it provided few things for riders to enjoy. Now as it grows every year, we the riders would like to see large improvements. However challenge park has some very noticable flaws to many riders and there are things that can be done, to encourage more riders at challenge park, from beginner to expert.

We would like to suggest things such as a larger jump course with small, medium, and large lines. We feel that some freeride features such as skinnies, platforms, etc. Would be great enjoyment for all riders. To encourage the growth of other parts of the sport we would like to see a concrete or dirt pump track. Lastly we would like to see a foam pit put in where riders can enhance there skills in a risk free environment.

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13. Hesperia California Needs a Skate/Bike Park

Over the past two years Hesperia California has become a Bike and skate community, but lacks areas for enthusiasts to reach full potential, the clear answer would be a local skate/bike park.

Many adults and teenagers have began their pursuit in skating or biking but our community lacks the resources for locals to do what they love, as a result many people have began riding in city owned washes and property. The problem is that if people get injured they may want to sue city. I believe the answer would be the building of a local skate park, for this reason i have started this petition.

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14. Allow our Children to enjoy their Childhood!

According to a stipulation on the CC & R's - Children are not allowed to play with wheel operated toys in the blacktop area of our complex - HOWEVER - this was never mentioned to any prospective Buyer at the time of purchase. This clause was disclosed 2 or 3 yrs. later after the close of escrow when a Fine was sent to the Homeowners.

The Association restricts children from playing YET does not provide a Safe Play ground/area for them to use. Such regulation violates Children's Rights of freedom of expression through interacting with their neighboring friends.

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15. Stop Zone Change for SOM

Yale is seeking a zone change to allow the construction of a new facility for its School of Organization and Management. The building, designed by Sir Norman Foster, is grossly out of place in its context, New Haven's historic Whitney Avenue. The gargantuan building accedes the current zoning regulations in its height, side yard set backs and lot coverage ratios, and can only be built if the New Haven Board of Aldermen grant a zone change.

The City of New Haven's judgement that this incongruous design "sets significant standards for any subsequent development in this neighborhood" means that this development could have profound impacts throughout the Whitney Avenue area.

The project entails destroying all the existing buildings and trees, changing the natural landscape with major cut and fill excavation, converting open space on Whitney Avenue into an enclosed and private courtyard. The project adds a dangerous curb cut for cars to drop-off passengers. And it fails to fulfill Yale's own goal for enhanced and safe pathways for bikes and pedestrians on its north side.

NEWS LINKS:,0,1382356.story
Hartford Courant, December 13, 2009
Wrong Way On Whitney Avenue
Yale's Gargantuan School Of Management Building Would Be Out Of Place
The New Haven Register, February 5, 2010
BEACH: ‘Zealous few’ resist Yale’s use of bulldozer in the name of progress
By Randall Beach, Register Columnist

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16. Penrith needs a BMX track

Penrith bmx club was formed in 2009 to provide a bmx track for the benefit of the community.

We need your support please if you are interested and want this facility to become a reality sign our petition and get behind what will be the best opportunity for the youth of Cumbria to take part in a Olympic sport at grass roots level.

There's 300 thousands pounds of funding available for this project get behind us. Thanks Penrith bmx club.

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17. Mini-Bike Legalization in Michigan

This petition is for the legalization of mini-bikes, off-road trail bikes, mini-cycles, and electric scooters on public roads in the state of Michigan.

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18. New Skatepark for The Whitsundays

The youth in The Whitsundays from Bowen to Mackay have been lobbing their respective councils for improved skateboarding facilities and have been shut down by red tape and political infighting on fundings.

We youth have had enough and this is our only way to get noticed and stick it to councils to upgrade our facilities.

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19. Request for a skatepark located in Barnsley

Well you see, for a few years now me and my friends have been asking the council
to build us a skate park and they have never replied.

So we have been going for years having to travel to places like dev green in
sheffield and spending who knows how
much on train tickets.

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20. Kennet District residents against motorbikes racing on our roads

Finally, after many years of ‘sport bikes’ using the public highways in the Kennet district achieving the highest speeds possible without fear of prosecution, the rate paying residents now demand action to be taken.

This dangerous ‘game’ threatens the safety of local people, their children and animals - specifically horses that are bred and exercised here.

The already anti-social situation is made worse by the attitude and threats made against the residents of Avebury who complain of the noise and speeds outside the Red Lion pub and village outskirts.

Bikers currently operate under their own rules, boasting to residents that they
cannot be easily caught. Able to simply outrun police cars that pursue them,
their bikes are only equipped with one number plate that can be so small it is
barely legible. Add to that their ‘anonymity’, and we face an escalating problem of lawlessness. In addition, the bikes are often fitted with illegal exhaust systems to create maximum disruption, noise and offence.

The link below shows an example of two bikers that did not appreciate being filmed. They returned for the camera on several runs at speeds for which one would be imprisoned if in a car. The lime green bike has been seen on many occasions ‘baiting’ residents.

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21. Pedestrian Bridge to Ambuehl Elementary

Provide a pedestrian and equestrian bridge from bike path close to Paseo Esteban to North western side of Ambuehl Elementary.

Traffic has conjested La Novia during school hours. Many children ride bikes from neighboring houses South of La Novia/Calle Arroyo. They must commute all the way down the bike path across a narrow bridge that is shared with vehicles.

Eventually, bikes could be ridden to new San Juan Hills high school without the danger of riding on Ortega Highway.

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22. Allow bikes in Tinley Park Skatepark

Tinley Park has a free skatepark in which only inline skates and skateboards are allowed. All over the united states, skateparks are starting to realize that bikes should be inlcuded just as much as the other inliners and skaters. Bike riders have brakes on their bikes and know how to ride them as any skateboarder knows how to skate. Please help.

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23. Help Save The Earth!

President Bush and United americans:
My name is Jayla Lee, and I have relized, that one day our world will come to an end. I want to help the Earth stay healthy and exsist longer than it is planned to. To do this, I need your help, the world's help. People drive cars every day, and the smoke ruins the air, and it's exspecially bad here in Sacramento. What I need your help with is to follow China's ways--riding bikes instead of cars. Every human on Earth recieves a bike, and increase taxes by a couple cents to pay for the bikes. Please, let the Earth last longer, so humans in the future can enjoy Earth, and they'll all know that you helped it to be more healthy.

So please, take a few seconds out of your busy schedule, and sign this petition.
Thank you very much for your time.

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24. Allow bikes into Gwinnett County skateparks

There are currently no public skateparks in Gwinnett County that allow BMX bikes. With the growing rate of freestyle BMX in Gwinnett County, it would be safe to keep the participants off of the busy streets and into a healthy environment.

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25. Petition to Allow Bikes into the Plex Indoor Sports Arena

There is currently no bike-accessible skatepark in the Northeast Columbia Area. In Fact, there are only about three bike-accessible skateparks in the state of South Carolina. With the growing rate of freestyle BMX in Northeast Columbia, it would be safe to keep the participants off of the busy streets and into a healthy environment.

*EDIT* -- Now there IS A SKATEPARK! They do not allow bikes. This petition is now fully dedicated to allow bikes into this park. Visit to view the information, contacts, and park.

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26. Project1: skatepark for Elk Grove petition

This petition originated 10/02/03 at 11:00 AM and was started to build a skatepark for both bikes and skateboards so kids have something to look forward to and an activity for afterschool instead of getting involved in drugs and gangs, also to prevent further vandilization of city landmarks by skateboards bikes and rollerbaldes.

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27. Allow Bikes into Charlotte Public Skatepark

This patition is directed towards the access of BMX bikes into the new proposed charlotte skatepark.

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28. Get rid of the No Bikes Allowed laws in public skate parks in the USA!

Many skate parks are being made in the United States, and many of them ban bikes. Many people state that bikes cause destruction to the parks. They cause no more destruction than the skateboards do. Please, help put an end to these stupid laws.

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