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31. Petition For New Sports Complex in City of Yarra Melbourne

The aim of our campaign is to convince the State and Federal Government to help fund and build a new sporting facility in the City of Yarra. The facility will cater to various sports including Basketball, Netball, Futsal, Indoor Cricket.

Accessible to a wide ranging socio economic spectrum, the complex will provide a centralised sporting infrastructure in the area that will service the City of Yarra’s needs, and put it in line with other municipalities.

The campaign aims to have the facility become a sporting and social hub to develop stronger community ties and promote health and fitness as a lifestyle.

A facility that the City of Yarra’s community can be proud of.

There has been a contribution of $3.25 million dollars by the City of Yarra. The flow of funds though is heavily reliant on future State government backing.

This is where the public can help sway the government by voicing their support for this sporting facility for our community.

By signing this online petition you are helping lobby the State and Federal government by showing demand for the sporting complex and the needs of the local community.

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32. Support for UBC going NCAA

Since 2008, UBC’s administration has been considering joining the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) as the main organizing body for the university’s varsity sports. Currently, UBC is a member of CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) in the Canada West Region.

Membership in the NCAA would help UBC attract academically qualified student athletes from across Canada and the US, who would otherwise choose NCAA affiliated schools. This allows the university to build a top-tier varsity athletics program, to match its top-tier academic reputation.

A decision is expected on this matter by April, 2011, in advance of the next NCAA Division II application deadline of June 1, 2011.

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33. Το Αλεξάνδρειο Μέλαθρο να μετονομαστεί σε ''Νίκος Γκάλης''.

Νίκος Γκάλης.

Ο καλύτερος Ελληνας καλαθοσφαιριστής. Από τους καλύτερους στον κόσμο. Ένας καταπληκτικός αθλητής.

Ο Νίκος Γκάλης ήταν εκείνος ο οποίος προώθησε την ελληνική καλαθόσφαιρα περισσότερο από οποιονδήποτε άλλον, όχι μόνο με το ταλέντο του αλλά και με το χαρακτήρα του, παρακινώντας έτσι τα μικρά αλλά και τα μεγαλύτερα παιδιά να ασχοληθούνε με το άθλημα αυτό, αλλά και με τον αθλητισμό γενικότερα.

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34. Keep Coach Lafevers

This is a petition is keep Coach Lafevers as our Coleman Baseball/Basketball Coach. We as his players would like to keep our coach!

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35. Make Wakefield Road courts Street Ball Central!

Basketball is a globally loved sport which brings all cultures together. Basketball only needs you, a ball and a hoop to play!

There are kids, young men and women who love to play and mimic those stars they see on the television. There are small courts scattered all over Adelaide but most of them are old, weathered and in poor condition. This hardly motivates more people to join in playing this fantastic game.

Wakefield Road, Adelaide in the parklands hosts 4 basketball hoops and 4 full length courts. Some 50 plus young people spend hours honing their skills on these courts until the sun sets.

Unfortunetely, these courts have cracks through them, mud and leaves all over them and the nets missing from the rings.

Adelaide needs one world class basketball venue which is free to access, 24 hours a day with lighting so players can practice their game until they cant run any more!

This location is prime for this. So, please Adelaide Council, spend some money and make this location a central hub for all those who love to play basketball.

Re-surface, re fence, add 4 more hoops, add permanent seating, power supply and lighting.

Unite all those ballers at one fantastic venue where they can strive to make their dreams come true!

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36. Send District 113 Girl's Basketball to Arizona

Recently, Illinois school district 113 canceled a trip to Arizona for their girl's basketball team. Assistant Superintendent stated, "The trip “would not be aligned” with the school's “beliefs and values,” and later stated "Arizona is off-limits, at least until it’s more clear how the state’s new law, which makes it a crime to be in the country illegally, will be enforced." (This is actually an existing Federal law that Arizona has chosen to simply enforce, they did not create a new law stating it is a crime to be in the country illegally).

The Highland Park basketball team has worked hard to raise money for the trip by organizing bake sales. This is their first conference title in 26 years and are now being denied an opportunity to play. Without asking parents or taking a vote the school district has taken the matter into their own hands.

Lets' help these girl's get to Arizona so they can enjoy what they have accomplished and worked so hard for.

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37. Stop Punishing Innocent Collegiate Players and Fans

The NCAA is placed in the difficult position of having to punish collegiate athletic programs for rules violations occurring in the past. One tool commonly used is to ban a program from post-season play and/or take away player scholarships.

Schools often self-impose sanctions, hoping it will lessen the wrath should the NCAA act on its own. The most recent situation involves the men's basketball team at USC. The school has sanctioned itself by removing itself from post-season play. This only harms the current players and coaching staff - both of which had nothing to do with the rules violations.

Punishment should be better directed at the people with responsibility for the violations, including the athletic director and designed to affect the schools as a whole to better encourage the prevention of future violations.

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38. Removing the NBA age limit rule

Rule requires player to be 19 years old and 1 year removed from high school.

Takes away the right for the player to make a living.
Player could get injured in college possibly ruining chances at a professional career.

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39. Raise the NBA Age Limit

The NBA age rule states that a player must be nineteen years of age and one year removed from high school in order to be drafted. This was proposed by Commissioner David Stern.

The age limit was instituted in 2005 through negotiations with the players union. Now, he has expressed the desire to raise the age limit to twenty in the next round of collective bargaining.

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40. Petícia za nové basketbalové ihriská v Prievidzi

V Prievidzi neexistuje ani jedno plne funkčné basketbalové ihrisko, čo je prinajmenšom smutné vhľadom k tomu, ako sa prievidzský basketbal v ostatnom období rozbehol a jeho popularita v meste Prievidza je jednou z najväčších na Slovensku. Záujem detí o basketbal je obrovský a tie nemajú kde hrávať.

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41. Get Riding Back!

From most kids houses there’s no where to ride. But, These Game wardens are posting everything and fining us. For what?! Riding? We aren’t hurting anything. And they wonder why people are calling cops on us for riding roads. You tell me where is there to ride where it’s not posted? I’m pretty sure a kid doesn’t want to pay ANOTHER fine.

One place, the rock dump which isn’t that big and we still have people yelling for the dust. So what is the problem with us on trails? We aren’t hurting anything we aren’t tearing down trees or making new trails. We are just riding. They are fining us for riding? But, they aren’t catching the people down at the PARK doing drugs, And they wonder why kids do drugs in our town. What else is there to do? There’s a park two actually. But who wants to sit at a park?

The basketball courts are all cracked and all dipped in. Plus you can only stay till eight or you get a fine! And what else is there? We don’t have one arcade. Not one Public Pool. We have BARS instead. That’s so fun. NOT! We can walk around town but what’s fun about that. Drugs all around you? That about all that is in our small town. There is nothing for the kids to do. Ride? But there’s a problem about that but they just blow off the kids with drugs. That doesn’t make sense. This town doesn’t! So we the kids and adults are going to get riding back because we don’t want to do drugs and our parents don’t want us to, we would rather ride!!

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42. Telstra and Network Ten to Sponsor NBL

THE National Basketball League faces a television black-out by pay television partner Fox Sports after losing both the Sydney Kings and Brisbane Bullets to financial problems.

Similarly Hummer, a division of General Motors, is reviewing its position as the league's naming-rights sponsor with the NBL now reduced to just 11 teams, and with West Sydney's shift to Penrith, has no major presence in the harbour city.

A spokesman for Premier Media Group chief executive David Malone said the network was awaiting a new season schedule of matches before any final decision was made on broadcasting matches next season.

Harmison is looking to the Henderson Report, a commercial review due to be presented to the NBL to provide some guidance on how to avoid more teams falling over.

"What I expect to come out of the investigation is to have criteria set in place that will allow the teams to be a fighting chance of breaking even or turning a profit," he said.

"Whether you call it a franchising agreement or a licensing agreement, we need to develop a set of criteria that is going to stop the boom-and-bust cycle we've had over the last 30 years.

"Our sport has seen a number of teams come and go, be successful for a couple of years and then fall over.

"Whether it's due to mismanagement, or under-management or a lack of resources, we need to get to a stage where we don't have that any more.

Harmison is working on a revised draw which is to be released at the end of this month.

"But it's a fact of life and we've got to live with it. The teams that are remaining in the league are strong. They're going to play some great basketball."

Harmison said the NBL had held high hopes for both the proposed ownership groups for the Kings, but ultimately when it came to crunch time, both failed to produce the necessary backing to proceed.

"The league did make a last-ditch attempt when it became apparent that both bids were faltering to bring the two groups together, but those efforts have been in vain."

"It's a sad day for Sydney basketball fans that's for sure, but at the end of the day the two bids didn't stack up financially."

"What we needed from the group that remained at the end of the day was a financial or bank guarantee and that wasn't forthcoming."

The Kings had their licence revoked last month after failing to meet overdue player payments while Brisbane owner Eddy Groves handed in the Bullets' licence after running into financial difficulty and failing to find another backer.

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43. Keep Coach Shumway!

Coach Shumway has always tried his best to do what is right for Juab High School. He trys to get his players enough time in the gym anytime he can.

Coach Shumway has helped Juab Basketball more than anyone I know.

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44. NJ Nets preseason games at The Prudential Center

This petition is intended to show the NJ Nets that their fans would generate a massive amount of interest in the three preseason games played at the Prudential Center.

We are particularly targeting the teams CEO Mr. Brett Yormark. Which stated "I'm open and willing to consider any venue for some preseason games, if it's fiscally sound and gives me an opportunity to tap into a new consumer base -- it has nothing to do with us going to Brooklyn,".

Our intention is to bring a new consumer base from New Jersey, that would give our fans a closer perspective of the team that you are building. Thank You.

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45. Equal play time for Sub Varsity Sports

A lot of the families in our area have not been happy by the way the coaches are playing our kids in Sub-Varsity levels. So a bunch of us have been taken minutes on the court.

What we clearly found is that the kids with the right last name or the coach knows a parent, they get to play a large number of minutes. While the other chidren are not involved.

We have talked to several kids which are frustrated and have quit sports because of it. One ex. This happened the whole season. We had 16 kids on the basketball team. There were 6 kids that were favored (not the kids' fault). Those 6 kids played an average of 9 to 21 minutes per game. (note: 24 minutes in a game). The other 10 kids played an average of 1 to 4 minutes, and they were garbage minutes. (1 minute in and then take them out and so on). This is in all sports.

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46. Let Luol Deng play for the Great Britain basketball team this summer

LUOL Deng is out of Great Britain's European Championship campaign after an insurance company refused to cover his £37.8 million club contract.

The news marks a sickening blow for coach Chris Finch and the entire national team programme as it continues to build towards the 2012 Olympics.

Deng, 23, signed a lucrative new deal with the Chicago Bulls two weeks ago after passing a battery of medical tests.

But the NBA's New York insurance company, which must cover all NBA players before they can play for their national teams, has refused to insure that contract because of an old back injury.

Deng missed three games in November with a minor back problem and the insurance broker's decision is based on an MRI scan taken then.

Under an arrangement with world governing body FIBA, the NBA is obliged to release any player who wishes to play for his national team but only if insurance requirements are met.

Although Deng is not the best-paid international NBA player, in terms of annual salary in 2008-09, he does currently have the largest value left remaining on an existing contract and, therefore, represents the biggest risk for an insurance company.

His absence will be a major setback for GB as they try and reach the 2009 European Championship Finals with qualifying games against Israel, Bosnia and the Czech Republic next month.

GB officials were last night exploring their options and preparing to lodge an appeal with the NBA - a step which sources claim would be futile.

The only other alternative would be for the GB federation to negotiate with the Bulls and insure Deng's contract themselves which is likely to prove impossible after the insurers decision.

Deng, who is currently with the GB team as they play a warm-up tournament in Sardinia, declined to comment last night but is understood to be devastated by the news.

Great Britain Basketball have also declined to elaborate beyond a statement made earlier today that Deng remains unavailable for this week's games in Italy.

The loss of Deng will leave GB severely depleted after it appeared that Finch would be able to field a team capable of becoming a genuine European force this summer.

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47. please don't leave shilpa

please don't leave shilpa...i really don't want you to leave the she Dil Mil Gayye...

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Ovo je peticija da ne sruše Jazine, Dom košarke, Zadra i Tornada! Iako umjesto njih žele tamo staviti muzej sporta, Jazine već jesu muzej sporta same po sebi i mislim da je to svima jasno i zato treba potpisati peticiju! Fala puno svakom tko se potpiše.... =)

Evo i na engleskom sažetak, čisto formalno....

This is a petition for keeping Jazine, The Home of basketball, Zadar and Tornado. I hope many of you will sign and I thank all of you in the name of the whole Zadar, I believe! Thank you very much! =)

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49. We want Black as a school color

A bunch of old people are trying to get rid of the black uniforms and the students and players of today's society love the black.

Some of the elders don't like the black because they say it is not a school color. If black became a school color, they wouldn't have anything to complain about.

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50. Skatepark for Pittston

Pittston needs a skatepark so there will not be any kids in the streets, damaged properties, or fines.

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51. Make a play area for the children

We ask for a safe area for the children to play sports and a playscape for the younger children.

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52. Saving the Knicks: James Dolan, please step down

James Dolan, since becoming Chairman of Madison Square Garden in October 1999, has led the Knicks into overpaid mediocrity.

Here are some management decision that have the Knicks under pressure:(some may have been forgotten).

-Signed Allan Houston to $100 mil contract, when no other team offered him more than $75 (not even)
-Sprewell (the heart of the Knicks at the time) traded for Keith Van Horn
-Traded Ewing (instead of waiting for his contract to expire)
-Traded for Steve Francis in exchange of Penny Hardaway's expiring contract.
-Signed Jerome James to a massive contract
-Signed Clarence Weatherspoon to a less massive contract than James
-Buyouts of Jalen Rose, Shandon Anderson, Maurice Taylor, Allan Houston (without using the "Houston rule"), Jerome Williams
-The hiring/firing of Larry Brown.
-The sexual harassement charges against MSG and Isiah Thomas

NEW GOAL FOR PETITION: 19,763 signatures, enough to fill the World's Most Famous Arena (so please spread the word!)

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53. Musgrave Park Swimming Complex Campaign

Musgrave Park Swimming Pool Complex is a community facility used by multiple groups for the purpose sport and recreation.

It is one of Brisbane’s most spectacular environmentally friendly sites which contributes to the health and well being of thousands and production of elite athletes.

It is now at risk of being over run by approximately 5000 SqM of concrete for a combined Tennis Court and Basketball Development.

It will dramatically reduce our green public space and hinder future community driven development to enhance facilities for all user groups.

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54. Re-Hire of Coach Janet S. Eleazar

Coach Janet Eleazar of Eastlake was wrongfully terminated as the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. The community of Eastlake is behind and supportive.

She has won 12 league titles, Div. I CIF title and was named Coach of the Year for 2006. She works with the community and schools by providing a safe haven for kids to learn the fundamentals of basketball through her feeder club.

She has put countless hours into the sport, the program, the community and her school.

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55. Don't Paralyze Nathan Scott!!

Nathan Scott is one of the main characters on One Tree Hill, and his relationships with his family and friends as well as his character and personality have a lot to do with his love for basketball.

The show has a core, which is basketball, and since our other main character Lucas Scott has already lost his shot at the game due to heart problems, it would be awful to pull that foundation from the show by taking it from our other main star Nathan.

Viewing would decline severely as people couldn't bare to see their poor Nathan in a wheelchair. Paralyzing Nathan will do to this amazing show what killing off Mischa Barton did to The O.C.!!

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56. Junior Raider Football

-Junior Raiders 3rd to 6th grade represent the community.

-Rest of NCKL junior football programs play on high school fields.

-These kids generally weight 100 pounds or less, so the statement that we are going to tear the fields isn't accurate.

-Outside organizations have used USD#320 facilities in the past for our children, e.g. Manhattan Basketball Association had basketball tournaments at all of our schools last year. These were ran and organized by coaches/parents of the school district.

-Additional money to the community through visiting teams and parents.

-The self-esteem that will last forever for these kids to play where the big boys play is tremedous.

-Let's the community come out and support our children.

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57. Basketball arena named after James Tanksley

February 15, 2006

After Many Years of Service and Dedication of James Tanksley and due to his unlikely death we the citizens of this great City and County are aking that a Basketball Arena be named in his Honor at our County Community Recreation Center located in Sylvania, Georgia.

We the citizens of Georgia and supporters elsewhere support this request.

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58. Put all Children in the Hammond City League draft

January 27, 2006

We the parents of the 9/10 year old basketball team feel that it is unfair to allow a unified private school basketball team into the Hammond City basketball league without going through the draft as other children were required to do.

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59. Petition to keep Coach Molten for Varisity Girls Basketball

This petition is to keep Coach Dan Molten, as Girls Varsity Basketball Coach. I believe he should stay as the coach.

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60. Zapoceti reforme KSSCG - start reform of KSSCG

September 21, 2005

Reprezentacija Srbije i Crne Gore nije uspela da se kvalifikuje za cetvrtfinale Evropskog prvenstva 2005 i to nakon citavog niza uvredljivih poraza na tri medjunarodna turnira za redom (EP 2005, OI 2004, EP 2003).

Stoga moraju - u svakom slucaju - biti zapocete ozbiljne reforme Kosarkaskom savezu Srbije i Crne Gore.


The national basketball team of Serbia&Montenegro has failed to qualify for quarter finals at the European Championships 2005 in a row of humiliating losses at the last three international competitions (EC 2005, Olympics 2004, EC 2003).

There must - under all circumstances - be started serious reforms in the Basketball Federation of Serbia&Montenegro.

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