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211. Protest the South Australian parliamentarians for passing a defamatory motion

South Australian Parliament's Legislative Council passed a motion on 25 March 2009 recognizing the so-called “Armenian Genocide” as “one of the greatest crimes against humanity”.

The motion, which is based on groundless and debatable Armenian allegations, while condemning the events of 1915 as “the genocide of the Armenians” also calls on the Australian federal parliament “to officially condemn the genocide of the Armenians”.

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212. Thank Senator Ferguson for his remarks in the Senate

On March 18 2009, the Hon. Alan Ferguson, Australian Liberal Senator for South Australia delivered a speech in the Senate criticizing Michael Atkinson, the Attorney-General, Minister for Justice and Minister for Multicultural Affairs in the Labor government in South Australia for the latter's slanderous remarks during the opening of a so-called "Pontian" genocide plaque in Adelaide, Australia. The Hon. Ferguson said that Mr. Atkinson’s remarks were ill-judged and damaging to the excellent relations between Turkey and Australia.

In his speech Senator Ferguson also commended the achievements of the Turkish-Australian community living in Australia. He also referred to the unforgettable remarks of the founder of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to the mothers of the fallen ANZACs at Gallipoli.

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213. Stop new anti-bikie laws in NSW!

"PROPOSED laws in NSW will put the power to ban bikie gangs in the hands of a Supreme Court judge, Attorney-General John Hatzistergos says. Mr Hatzistergos and NSW Premier Nathan Rees on Sunday outlined tough new legislation calling for jail terms of two to five years for bikie gang members caught associating with one another after the gang is banned.

Mr Hatzistergos said a NSW Supreme Court judge would decide whether a bikie group should be banned after an application from the police commissioner.

"The judge will be the one who will make the orders, and those orders will be both in relation to the group and the individuals,'' he told reporters.

Mr Hatzistergos said the NSW approach would differ in several ways from the strategy adopted in South Australia's anti-bikie legislation.

"In South Australia the orders are different - the order is only made in relation to the group by the attorney-general, but individuals who then constitute the offence have to be the subject of an order by a magistrate.''

Bikies who continued to associate with each other would be given no warning before charges were laid, he said.

"We're not proposing to have a system of warning like they have in South Australia,'' he said.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty said the proposed laws were "very appropriate'', noting that NSW had a particular problem with bikie gangs because half of the nation's 40 outlawed groups reside in the state.

NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell welcomed the laws, saying it was time to stop "pussyfooting around''.

He said the move could finally give the police the tough powers needed to smash outlaw motorcycle gangs and put an end to them.

"With parliament about to take a break until May, it's important it deal with any legislation this week so that police have the powers needed to shut down the criminal bikie gangs and their activities,'' he said.

"We have to stop pussyfooting around.

"The violent and criminal activities of these outlaw motorcycle gangs requires a strong response which is what the Liberal/Nationals have been urging for weeks.''

The new laws have been proposed following last Sunday's fatal brawl between the Hells Angels and rival gang the Comancheros at Sydney Airport."

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214. Jonas Brothers 3D Movie in Imax Theater in Sydney Australia

It would be AMAZING,AWESOME,FANTASTIC if the Jonas Brothers 3D movie was playing at one of the BIGGEST movie screens in the WORLD, right?

RIGHT!....... so i need your help to get this to the IMAX theater it's self, so it WILL show!

We have to wait all the long time till MAY! so why not get the BEST out of it?! and have one of the most awesome experience's of your life

PLEEEASE, tell all of you Jonas Brothers fanned friends to sign, we need ALL the help we can get, to get them to play it!

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215. Demand Alan Ferguson apologise for Genocide denial

On March 18 2009, Alan Ferguson, Australian Liberal Senator for South Australia criticized the Hon Michael Atkinson for stating that "The nationalist Turks led by Mustafa Kemal's forces and their frenzied followers began to persecute them through beatings, murder, forced marches and labour, theft of their properties and livelihood, rape, torture and deportations."

Alan Ferguson goes on, in reference to the above comment, to say "We can all rewrite history" calling the issue "debatable" and stating that the Pontic Greeks and Armenians are "trying to put today's moral judgement on events that took place 100 years ago."

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216. Kyle and JackieO are the Best

Austereo’s Today and Triple M Networks have maintained solid results in 2008, paving the way for a strong 2009.

Sydney’s breakfast team Kyle and Jackie O finished the year with an audience share of 10.2 per cent maintaining their number one position and 2Day FM increasing listeners to stay number
one FM.

Kyle and JackieO broadcast Australia's number 1 interactive Countdown the hot hits which has number 1 since 1998.

Kyle and jackieO are on Australia's biggest station like 104.1 2Dayfm, 101.9 the fox, b105, 92.9, SAfm, 104.7 and NXfm.

They are also on other good stations across the countrysuch as Starfm and Snowfm.

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217. Create Cat Laws in Australia

There are currently NO cat laws in Australia.

Cats a getting out of control.

They destroy our native wildlife, wander the streets, getting into garbage, Breed excessively, fight with other cats, males 'spray' in other people's yards to mark their territory from other cats, even if that person does not own a cat or dog. They run across people's roofs & fight.

They are also a danger to themselves, by running across roads, getting attacked by dogs, getting trapped in small confined spaces or up trees & power poles.

Irresponsible owners allow the cats to wander, fail to have them desexed & quite often own a large number of cats, well in excess of over 2 or 3 cats. When this occurs, the odor of cat urine on the property or neighbouring properties is disgusting & annoying, they fight in neighbours yards, kill birds & other small animals & become a nuisance to everyone.

Cats are not required to be licensed. There are no cat laws for a cat that is constantly noisy or meows a lot or if a cat is mistreated.

The animal laws in Australia are way out of date, far behind & need updating to include cats.

Thousands of cats become strays, are run over on busy roads or are put to sleep every day.

ONLY IF YOU LIVE IN AUSTRALIA, & you believe there should be laws for cats, then please sign this petition.

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The original lineup of Limp Bizkit (i.e. Fred Durst, Wes Borland, Sam Rivers, John Otto and DJ Lethal) are back together!

So far they have announced tour dates for the UK and Europe. It's time for us Limp Bizkit fans to shout out loud and tell the dynamic five that we want an Australian tour!

The mere fact that the first Melbourne show for Linkin Park sold out (with the second show not being far behind it) as well as the 2008 Big Day Out selling out when Rage Against The Machine were headlining is a clear indication that the love for nu-metal and rap/rock alike are very much alive and well in Australia.

The best way to make this happen is to first invite ANYONE you know who is even remotely interested in nu-metal and/or rap/rock to this group.

Second you should contact members of Limp Bizkit and let them know, as an Aussie fan, that you'd really like them to tour Australia. Here are some of Limp Bizkit's and individual members contact details;

DJ Lethal's Facebook page:

Limp Bizkit's My Space page:

Send the bikkie boys a Twitter message:

Send Gabe (dude that works closely with Limp Bizkit) a twitter message:

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219. Reduce Business Taxes in Australia

Australian businesses are slugged with some of the highest Tax rates in the world. Australia has a flat business tax rate of 30% which is much higher than following countries:-

UK - 21% (starting)China- 25%Austria-25%Bulgaria-10%Uzbekistan-12%Slovenia-22%Belarus-24%Spain-25%Russia-20%Slovakia-19%Switzerland-13%Cyprus-10%Croatia-20%Czech Republic-21%Denmark -25%Estonia-21%Finland-26%Greece-22%Hong Kong-16.5%Iceland-18%Hungary 16%South Korea-13%Malaysia-26%Netherlands-25.5%Poland-19%

We should specially be worried about Singapore (18%- to be reduced to 17% next year), Malaysia (26%), China (25%), Hong Kong (16.5%) and Korea a mere 13% (starting tax)

These countries are Australia’s nearest competitor in Asia-Pacific and their reduced tax rates will affect Australian companies especially now that we are in worst recession of all times.

Similarly, Australian Government should learn something from Russia which is getting stronger day by day with a mere 20% tax rate thereby becoming an attractive destination for FDI’s. Why would people invest in Australia or build bigger businesses if close to 1/3rd of their profits are going to government?

Why is that Hong kong doing so well as compared to say a city like Melbourne?

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220. Change Trivium's Perth Show To All Ages

Trivium have been to Perth 3 times in the past, all shows were announced as 18+, except for one, The black crusade, which was changed to All ages due to overwhelming demand.

It is time for All ages gigs to start becoming more popular in Perth, many many fans are missing out because of the promoter always choosing 18+ gigs.

Trivium could certainly fill The Robinson Pavillion, where they played previously on the Black Crusade Tour.

If you want to attend this gig, be you 18 and over or younger, please sign this petition as it will allow a much better show for all.

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221. Recognition of Australia's Solar Sectors

Australia has the technology to be able to run the whole of Australia of solar power.

The scientists have not had any backing of the Australian government to fund this venture for over 20yrs -
But the solar sectors believed in themselves & clean renewable energy enough to go ahead with their research anyway.

Australia and one of our solar sectors have developed a concentrated solar cell - That takes up less space then the other solar cells. It has been one man's own development , & thinking ahead for Australia, with no support from the Australian government .

Our past prime minister John Howard , Stated in his 2008 re-election speech , He stated
- He would try to reduce the emissions
(didn't mention witch emissions )
That would have no impact of loss of jobs in the coal industry,

That's all they cared about - job loss !
John Howard Actually said it him self.
And with him saying that,
If jobs were offered in the solar sector , Same wage lesser duties - No reteaching ..... I don't think the coal miner would object to the same pay with lesser, liter duties. And are apart of a sustainable future in renewable energy .

Non-Renewable energy - Has got us so far , Pulled us out of the dark ages , But it is like we are still in the dark ages, In thought.

NON - RENEWABLE = coal is like a sponge , that over thousands of years have sucked the carbon from the air . When we burn it to fuel our energy consumption .
We are just releasing and putting the carbon back in the air - Everything has a purpose .
Coal & even tree are carbon sponges - that we keep ringing out , back into the environment.

Climate change is trying to tell us something .

The next power source has already been developed.
It just a matter of us giving the credit where its due.
And let Australia pioneer as the first country to be run entirely off RENEWABLE , SUSTAINABLE Energy.

If the big smart educated people don't act. Then it is up to us - we'll have to take it in to our own hands and make them acknowledge OUR BRILLIANT SOLAR SECTORS - AND AT LEAST GIVE THEM A GO ....

CLEAN COAL = Is a filter, That doesn't eliminate carbon emissions, Only reducing it. And coal still is being mined all the same. Nothing Clean about it.

Let's Pioneer As Australians and revolutionise the future for our children - As the elders its our responsibility to be responsible .

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222. Abolish Plastic Bags And Polysterine

Plastic shopping bags and polysterine packaging and products promote wanton destruction to our environment due to their lack of decomposing in our environment.

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223. Paramore to Australia

Australia Wants Paramore Here.

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224. Trade Unionists For Palestine


1. Over 900 people have already been killed and Israel is committed to continuing the mass murder. (If Gaza, with its population of 1.5 million, were Australia, population 21.5 million, that would be over 10,000 dead.) With Israeli elections due in two months, all Israeli leaders are competing over who is the toughest and who is ready to kill more in Gaza.

2. Most of those killed have been civilians. The figure of 60 civilians which has been given out is nonsense, based on the exclusion of all male victims from the dead. Thousands, including children, have been injured, many of them seriously, with loss of limbs, eyes etc.

4. Despite letting in a little aid one day this week, Israel is maintaining the most severe blockade seen anywhere in the world for over 50 years, which starves Gaza of food, medical supplies, water, fuel and other essential resources.

5. United Nations commissioner-general, Karen Abu Zayd, says the situation in the region is desperate: "There's no fuel, there's no power plant, there's no electricity working now."

6. Medical services in Gaza, already depleted by the Israeli siege over the last year, are close to collapse, with doctors and nurses only able to deal with the most serious cases, many injured left to die in hospital corridors, the morgues full and ambulances not working for lack of fuel and spare parts.

7. The UN, on which under the Israeli siege most people in Gaza depend for food, has stopped distributing food because its agencies have run out of fuel for vehicles. Nine out of ten Gazans live below the poverty line, with many families forced to eat grass to survive.

8. The infrastructure in many areas has been so destroyed that residents have no access to water or electricity. The UN says the Israeli blockade has resulted in Palestinians receiving running water only once every five to seven days

9. Israel is in breach of many Geneva Conventions and international laws amounting to war crimes, including wilful killing, extensive destruction of property not justified by military necessity and collective punishment.

Israel is only able to act in this barbaric manner because of the support it gets from governments who habitually turn a blind eye to its war crimes.

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225. 100 per cent renewable energy for Australia

Australia must immediately transition from non-renewable energy resources to entirely renewable energy resources.

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226. Legalise Same-Sex Marriage In Australia

Although we are extremely happy that the General Law Reform Bill 2008 will come into effect by January 2009 , we still want same-sex couples to be able to get legally married.

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227. Ban Top Gear Australia

Top Gear Australia is a show hosted by 3 buffoons who are crass, banal and boring. The lack of wit, creativity, chemistry and originality is the most extraordinary and disappointing aspect of this show.

It has permanently sullied the good name of Top Gear in this nation and will bring shame and ridicule to this nation and its proud motoring history if/when viewed overseas.

The insulting of people with disabilities is offensive. The show chiefly consists of footage of cars doing spins, fence sitting reviews of unparalelled blandness comprising mostly of footage of a car in a tunnel and the bagging of French car manufacturers. Very cliched and completely against the spirit of Top Gear.

Note to Steve, Stevie Wonder may struggle to design a car but at least he can entertain.
Note to Charlie, you gesticulate like a early 90's rapper, it's bizarre. What Australian calls someone a 'git'? Such a try hard.
Note to Warren, you are dull.

Jeremy, James and Richard would be turning in their graves if they were dead and will probably die of embarrassment if they ever see an episode.

Therefore people of Australia, please sign this petition to end this disgrace before we become a laughing stock of the world and the three proper Top Gear presenters' lives are put at risk.

SBS, you must end this travesty of a show or at least sack the entire crew and cast (even The Stig) and hire people with flair, humour and passion for motoring instead of a pack of drongos. Destoy all copies made to absolve the nation of this shame. The country's taxpayer dollars are being washed down the drain.

SBS, to paraphrase an idiot - "What were you thinking?"

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228. Stop The Kangaroo Cull

A controversial cull of hundreds of kangaroos at a defence site in Canberra has begun, despite the pleas of animal welfare activists for it to be called off.

Dozens of kangaroos today were herded into pens before disappearing behind hessian screens, where some were apparently euthanized.

Despite no official confirmation of the cull, witnesses at the site said the tranquillising and killing of the animals had begun.

The stop-start cull of about 400 eastern grey kangaroos on the former naval site in suburban Belconnen has attracted international media attention.

The Department of Defence says the cull is necessary to protect native grasslands and threatened species, and avoid starvation among the kangaroos.

The planned method of slaughter is to tranquillise the animals with the use of darts and then kill them with a lethal injection.

Onlookers said they saw animals being herded into a fenced-off pen and a covered trailer was seen arriving and departing the area.

A nearby worker, Stewart Darville, told AAP he believed "eight or nine" of the animals had been killed by early afternoon.

He and other onlookers said kangaroos were being moved in lots of about half a dozen into an secondary pen surrounded by hessian material.

AAP witnessed at least three jump the nearly three-metre-high fence around the area where the animals were to be darted.

Another roo, which possibly escaped after being darted, was seen lying lifeless on the ground.

I may be only 16 but killing off hundreds of animals because someone can't be bothered paying OUR tax money to simply re-locate them is completely just idiotic and frustrating.

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229. Faster, higher quality internet for Australia

Whirlpool users asked for it and I provided.

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230. Blaze Bayley Australian Concert Tour

Blaze Bayley, former lead singer of British heavy metal bands Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden and now lead singer of his own band Blaze Bayley has never toured Australia.

After I contacted the band and their management about a possible future tour I have received an indication that they would like to tour the Southern Hemisphere.

As such I am running this petition to allow the band and their management to see the support they have here in Australia for a concert tour.

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231. Play Tokio Hotel On NOVA

On behalf of The Official Australian Tokio Hotel Street Team we ask anyone who wants Tokio Hotel to be played on NOVA to sign this petition.

Also anyone who has had the joy of having Tokio Hotel in their country and had the pleasure of them being played on the radio to also sign this petition so we can share your happiness.

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232. Bring Tokio Hotel To Australia

On behalf of The Official Australian Tokio Hotel Street Team we ask anyone who wants Tokio Hotel to come to Australia to sign this petition.

Also anyone who has had the joy of having Tokio Hotel in their country and seen them live to also sign this petition so we can share your happiness.

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233. Fight for Gay Marriage and Civil unions in Australia!

We live in a country that is surposed to be full of dreams, ours have yet to come! We do not yet have the legal right to same sex marriage in Australia. Gay and lesbian aussies deserve repect and rights and we love just as heterosexuals love.

We want to get married just like heterosexuals want to get married. So please sign this petition in hoping same sex marriage! .. or even civil unions will become legal in the near future! The closest thing we have is a relationship registry in only 2 states!

Come on Australia, we can do better than that! This petition will be forwarded on to the PM and all head of states! Human Rights = Equal Rights!

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234. Call for Fair Pricing on Sony PS3 console, games & accessories in Australia

In Australia the current RRP (recommended retail price) of the 80GB console is $AU699.00. If we compare that price to what our fellow gamers in the United States - $US399.00, I'm sure you'll agree that we are not getting a fair deal in Australia on PS3s. Somehow we are incurring an 'Aussie Tax'!

Using a FAIR $US/$AU exchange rate of $0.70 (70c), we should only be paying $AU570.00 for the current 80GB model. In reality, we as a country are only being valued at $0.57 (57c) compared to the US dollar. (399/699 = 0.57)

The exchange rate at what Sony Australia values us as a country has actually worsened since launch of the PS3 console. The 60GB console in the US was $US599.00, whereas in Australia we had a RRP of $AU999.00, an effective exchange rate of $0.60 (60c). An absolute injustice at the time, our fair pricing situation in Australia has actually worsened by 2c since the newer 40GB model was released!

Current PS3 Games also have a 60c exchange rate (somehow!), using Metal Gear Solid 4 as an example, the US RRP is $US59.99, whereas in Australia, we have a RRP of $AU99.99.

As well as the Console & Games, Accessories also have an Aussie Tax! A common Dual Shock 3 controller is priced at $US54.99-59.99 in the US, whereas in Australia, they're priced between $AU89.99-99.99!

EDIT: in light of recent Aussie Dollar fluctuations, i've changed our target price drop value to $AU599.00

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235. Fix the Pacific Highway

The communities along the north coast of NSW have been waiting 20 years for the Pacific Highway to be upgraded to dual carriageway since two tragic bus accidents in Grafton and Kempsey claimed 55 lives.

An NRMA audit of the Pacific Highway in 2007 revealed that the highway's accident rate has increased in the past five years. There have been almost 10,000 car crashes on the road in the past decade in which 326 people have died and 3778 people were hurt or maimed.

The Pacific Highway upgrade needs to be fast tracked and delivered as soon as possible to reduce the road death toll and relieve the handbrake that the Pacific Highway places on regional economies.

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236. Start an Anime Channel in Australia

TV has been in Australia since 1930s view information at

But no Anime channel has been ever started in Australia.

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237. Stop the pollution of coral reefs in Australia

Open your eyes people! Coral reefs of the coast of Australia are DYING! This HAS to stop, or Australia will have NO coral reefs anywhere!

Fish will die, so will turtles and dolphins and all the other marine wildlife that dwell in these beautiful places!

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238. Get The Jonas Brothers To Australia

These 3 boys have inspired so many fans in Australia that they dont even know of. They create the best music and are the hottest guys ever.

Everyone is talking about them and listenin to their music 24/7 and half of Australia have their rooms full of jonas brothers posters.

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239. Bring CABAL Online to Oceania (Australia)

CABAL Online ( Developer: Est Soft - ) is a new Free-to-Play Massive Multi-player Online (MMO) game that is changing the way MMO's are played.

Quote; "CABAL Online from ESTsoft builds on over a decade of experience with
massive network traffic management to deliver a New-Age Stylish Action
MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game). This 3rd person 3D role playing game puts gamers in a graphically vivid world of non-stop hack & slash action."

Currently, CABAL Online is only offered in the following regional locations;

Europe, Americas (incl. Canada), Brazil, Singapore (incl Malaysia), Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand.

This excludes Australia - IP Blocking software is in place to prevent region crossing in game

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240. Brigitte Stavaruk was unfairly evicted from Big Brother

Tonight Big Brother 2008 - voted off Brigitte Stavaruk Most Popular housemater on Big Brothers Polls - of over 7 weeks.

Brigitte Stavaruk was evicted from the Big Brother house, minutes before Pamela Anderson went into the house.

There have been rumours asking why Rory Ammon wasn't evicted!!!! Is it because they consider the entertainment of Pamela Anderson and Rory to be viable!!!

Rory was voted the least popular housemate on the polls and was sure to go!!!!

Australia has nominated Rory at least 3 times trying to get rid of him, with him being the second most popular to go in percentages in the last eviction.

Why has our most favourite housemate gone? and the least favourite stayed? just because Pamela Anderson has gone in.

Please sign your name if you think Brigitte was unfairly evicted and if you think the voting system was rigged!!!!!!

Please note: Profanity is a violation of the Terms & Conditions of Go Petition. So please refrain from abusive comments. IP Addresses will be monitored.

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